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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 19, 2019 4:40 pm

All Your Questions Answered

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 19, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/19/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You've got questions, we've got answers phone lines are wide open stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown hey I want to give you an immediate heads up 86788 many times on Friday. The moment we start the show. All phone lines are already completely lit up meeting.

It's a bit of a challenge to get through. We have some open lines right now, which often does not happen so this is your data calling whatever question you have.

Whatever thing you want to probe beyond differ with me on 8663 for age 7884 and is always the earlier you call in on Friday, the better chance we have of getting to your questions, just to let you know unless there's some urgent issue that someone is addressing something I've just been talking about, and there's no way in and it's urgent and time sensitive. I simply take the calls in the order in which they came in.

The only other exception to that is if I see a major critical issue being raised.

A critic calling into attack.

We will give them priority as much as possible which indicates all the more so how can we virtually never hear from Americans.

The virtually never call. I mean, for those that post online for the thousands and thousands and thousands and tens of thousands that post hostile, angry, negative comments online compared to those who call it's one in many, many thousands which is disappointing because I like to talk to folks I'd like to interact. I like to tell them why what they're saying is wrong are accurate and allow them to challenge me. I love that I enjoy that.

866-348-7884. Go to the phones shortly. A reminder if you missed this yesterday. We are unable to live stream on YouTube right now because our video exposing some of the anti-Semitism and inaccuracies of Rick whilst true news our video on that which contains nothing hateful and nothing that violates community guidelines. In fact, it exposes things on the other side that could well contain hate speech or by the community guidelines on YouTube.

In point of fact, that video was removed by YouTube, we were given a strike against as you get three strikes you are banned for life posting on YouTube now again put things in perspective, YouTube, Google the Internet as a whole. All the nations on the earth like drops in the bucket compared to God and God's will and opens doors for us, God's will and closes doors whatever YouTube does God's can return it for good. But we appeal their decision said paint where the good guys who were exposing hate speech. I don't want Rick whilst true news to be censored, I don't. I'm not looking for that winter calls S for that. The semi position, title companies don't censor us for calling out error so that's under appeal, and we shall see what God does. We shall see what YouTube decides to do. Either way, by his grace to get the message out more loudly, more clearly, and we do it with your prayer support with your help, 86634 and let us go to Stephen in Kernersville North Carolina you are up first or a questionnaire about life, liberty, and the band of the night with Pastor Hagan and indicate in the discussion and say this but that the Jewish people didn't have to trust in Christ and Christ alone to fight them like anyone else in. I don't have any way to get his number so about being Jewish believer that you might have and fight into them. All I got I got I got direct insight here.

First, your concerns are valid concerns. In other words, I didn't hear the interview either but I understand why you had concerns that let me go through this is succinctly as I can.

First, I deeply appreciate Pastor Hagan solidarity with Israel. I deeply appreciate the voice he brings when Israel is under constant attack from all corners.

I appreciate the voice he brings as a Christian. Secondly, given the horrible history of persecuting Jews in Jesus name in Christian anti-Semitism. It's wonderful to have an organization like Kofi Christians United for Israel that are telling the world.

Christians love Israel Christians don't hate Israel. That's wonderful. That's positive number three pastor.

He came out with a book some years ago and and had a promo video for which he said that Jesus didn't come to be the Messiah and it anyway. It was horrifically erroneous.

One terrible chapter in the book.

I then got involved. I wrote a 22 page rebuttal to that Pastor Hagan's people then contacted me and said please don't publish this pastor Hagan would like to talk with you. We then had the first conversation with ever had in our lives.

It was extended explained to me very graciously.

The fine line he had to walk because he stands with Israel.

He believes that everyone needs Jesus to be saved, but he stands with Israel and Jewish people rightly or freighter proselytizing was the only reason you're standing with us is to convert us. The only reason that you're having these pro-Israel rallies. This is a secret way to convert us so he said he had to walk a very fine line there which I also appreciate and I promised I would give him input, etc. he then rewrote the chapter in question fell far short of the goal.

I then felt a need to make some statement so II condense what I'd written for 22 pages.

The two pages. He then felt that I betrayed our agreement by publishing something us and I wasn't about publish.

I thought he betrayed my understanding by not properly revising the chapter. All that to say our communication and that there afterwords I sat down with Pastor Hagy with Stephen Strang's publisher and with a couple of other leaders, face-to-face, North Carolina, and I asked him to choose need Jesus to be saved. He said yes. I spoke with his right hand man, a Jewish man named David Brock Davidson oh Hagy tells me all the time and the Jesus at the same time.

I've heard other statements that seem to indicate dual covenant, the Jews do not need Jesus to be safe.

So at this point I honestly don't know for sure I fully understand that if you want to stand with Israel politically or show solidarity with Israel. Other ways as a Christian that you can say the rabbis look, I'm not here proselytizing you was Christian.

I want everyone to be saved. I believe you need Jesus. But that's not why I'm here.

That's not what holding this rally fine perfectly fine, but the other issue is that pastor Hagan is separated from messianic Jews in Israel.

The money that he raises does not go into the hands of Jewish believers in Israel but into other organizations, some of which are quite hostile to Jewish believers so I appreciate the good he's doing on the one hand, I have serious concerns about his lack of connection with Jewish believers in the land and I remain very much unsure of what his messages concerning Jewish people, meeting Jesus, I can only say he told me to my face in the presence of witnesses that he believes Jews need Jesus to be saved hasn't communicated that publicly, clearly, that seems to be the big issue that's the the fullest best answer I can give user.

Thank you. Are you what you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to BJ and round rock Texas that that's sounds like a plan for Texas round rock go-ahead. BJ hi Dr. Brown hello I thought Akaka the header. What seemed to me at technical question about the Old Testament, the. You're the man we can try would make. I think it winter Matthew in a Bible study. We got to the exit today before the Passover, I started looking at… The date of the Passover and stuff going in Leviticus 23. Here here that here the question that on the 14th day you'll do the Passover at twilight in the next day for seven yo you'll start unleavened bread for seven days he won't work the first day of the last day what I was wondering was I think it hurt you and others talk about this but confusing the due date.

Do they start Passover and the 13th in the twilight meeting the 14th they know the Passover. It is not here's here's the focus.

It starts on the 14th. BJ Wright starts on the of the 14th and you just have to remember that the biblical calendar in the Jewish calendar. To this day starts with evening rights in Genesis 1 there was evening and morning the first day, so the Sabbath in a Jewish home begins on Friday night right so is from Friday night so it's from sun set Friday night to sunset Saturday night. That's the 24 hour. So the Passover begins in the evening of the 14th. That's the first day of the holiday.

This holy season arts the start of the 13th verse of the 14th now on our calendar.

If you can in English calendar right the day that is the 14th of starting in the evening on our calendar looks like the 13th. Just remember to starts in the evening and that's how Jewish calendar is going to reckon things evening morning night day. That's how it's calculated hate. Thank you for the call 86634 let's go to Anna in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you, thank you very much Dr. Brown. What about me album the Apocrypha or greater canon. You know how deep the Reformation books were not used by the time of Jesus that I'm sorry, go ahead and listen to the maker day what they were not used at the time by the Hebrews at a time at the and of the Orthodox Church that these books were used by the acute at the time that Jesus was incarnate here in our Intel you have any insight on the warranty used as Scriptures body. So there.

There was some debate about canonicity, about which books were the Scriptures.

There were some that were universally recognized that it was. There is no debate that the five books of Moses were Scripture, there is a debate that the book of Isaiah was Scripture that Psalm's words were scripture of these were received. But when the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible was made when that was done a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus. Also included in that were these apocryphal books in the first Maccabees was in there. For example, or Ecclesiasticus the wisdom of Ben Seward was in there. We know that that had a Hebrew original others were originally written in Greek, but were part of Septuagint.

However, when the earliest documents we have of Jewish decisions about what books were Scripture.

So that's in the first century in and immediately after the earliest descriptions we have say clearly that those women are not part they were not part of Canada's and never authors as authoritative scripts. They were there looking to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer got answers. By the way, I'd accidentally discovered today I was writing an article leading to Donald Trump. Evangelicals can you vote from Knoxville from etc. and happened to notice that my book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many sports president that the e-book of that was reduced from 18 $0.99-$0.99 so it's got scores and scores of my relevant articles on Trump over the years, so it's unbelievable. I $0.99. Take advantage of it over on Amazon Kindle have no idea how long that will last 866-34-TRUTH 784 you've got questions, we've got answers so Anna, just back to you. The Catholic Church believes the apocryphal books are also Scripture.

Eastern Orthodox Church believes there also.

Scripture but as I was saying the earliest discussion we have. Among the rabbis as they only recognize the Scripture what Protestant Christians recognize the Scripture in terms of the Old Testament the same books are right, they did not believe the apocryphal was part of that and then when you go through the New Testament. You'll see things like it is written for us. As the Scripture states or the word of God can't be broken something like that and will have these different phrases.

And that's always used when there there quoting from the Hebrew Bible consistently or I'll use that. You never find that Ruth apocryphal you never find the specific reference to assaying or teaching in the Apocrypha.

That's in reference either with to explain a law were to explain something as God's will, so the apocryphal books are worth reading their edifying and helpful. They should be looked at is somewhere between the Bible and a really good book a but they are not to be read for doctrine, for authoritative teaching or anything like that when I was wondering what kind earliest date of the age of 20. Not a part of the Hebrew Bible.

What was that at that time. The okay so it's it it's dated to around 90 of the first of the year 90 of the first century rights other was about twice at the time of Jesus. Now the critical historian say we don't know if those dates are real is the reconstruction of something, but according to the rabbinic teaching. That's when you have those formal discussions where there debating a members only a few French things they want to bathing the apocryphal in any serious way. There were few things he does this, it is. It is this truly holy or not.

That's where the discussion was at and there's the famous incident in it where there was question about this. The song of Solomon song of songs share stream in Hebrew. Should that be part of the canon of Scripture because it was said that you had prostitutes that had memorized it would use the lines as part of their profession ill and that use seductive lines and things like that and the famous comment of Rabbi Keever that all of Scripture is holy, but share stream. The song of songs is the most holy of all. In any case, it's part of that famous discussion. Hey thank you Anna for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Claude in Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Cheryl try to bring brief and my concern. I'm sure you heard it before. I was referred to actually and calling Jewish voice this week will I support and with the same question. I was referred to as Dr. Brown who I wasn't familiar with a little by saying I'm not a political person not Republican I'm not democratic.

I am focused on you Sheila. I am focused on God's word. I am focused on the truth, I am focused on humanity and compassion in the way they Jesus would want to wait Jesus would behave the way Jesus's words would come out of his mouth. Okay, all that said I you. It is diametrically opposed by what comes out Trump's mouth. The dissension that he causes clearly and I get very disturbed and appointed Windows as yourself who are Christ centered in what you promote and sell for will. For example, today I saw a tweet of yours to get something like that chanting a again one individual well yet when I said yes so we just thrown a couple thoughts. Okay, first I fully appreciate your concerns. I was one of the president comes most outspoken conservative critics during the primaries of for all these reasons and many many more. I felt that his promises to conservatives can be trusted.

I felt that he was just using Evangelicals to get votes.

I did not like his sexist past. I did not like his crudeness and vulgarity and divisiveness. I put out videos wanting what evangelical should vote for him wrote many articles against him during the primaries said. Now if it comes down to him versus Hillary Clinton, then I'll reevaluate so this point there on that for a moment I just let you know I read the very beginning of your book. I think Donna tries know my Savior, so you rental and a guy stuff. I thought what went on 10/99.I went there and I just read what waited able to be read. I read the beginning and I heard. I thought that that became down to what your voting is shared between Trump and Clinton, Hillary, that kind of going to be viewed as the letter that you leave all the fun want to look like I didn't vote for either OKI Libra rights is to send my newly stand up straight, compassionate humanity.

I write right so suggested to the two combatants were second to explain what comes down to the slaughter of the unborn, more than 60 million more than 60 million unborn baby/the pendulum was 100% sure that Donald Trump would do better job or my great hope was that he do a better job of of saving babies lies the Hillary Clinton or any of the current Democratic candidates and in fact just with his appointees to the courts which you been staggering across the country is actually getting pro-life victories. He's actually getting money taken from Planned Parenthood Rigby decision California disking downlights Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals all do judges that Trump appointed unlike the way he does a lot of things I like the way he says a lot of things. A lot of things are an embarrassment. A lot of things are divisive and negative.

On the flipside, I see at least as much divisive.

This negativity from the liberal media and from the Democratic candidates, but when it comes to a vote. Jesus is my Savior.

She was my Savior Miller.

He has my allegiance. He has my life.

I live and die for him. You will know my testimony watch my life.

One of my testimony, listen to my words examine it day and night and come to a conclusion as to voting for president is pragmatic to me if evangelical set out then we get some radical socialist who's gonna pose a religious liberty strums for for religious liberties Trump have the guts to move the embassy and to Jerusalem trouble. He was very important.

God site so I have I have no illusions about who is retired. I understand who is by far, far rather have someone that was godly and characterless, divisive, absolutely. But when it comes to a vote. I felt and I still feel that we are saving babies lies potentially and that the baby in the womb whose life is saved by vote for Trump will really not care if his tweets were divisive, or if he was a mean-spirited crude guy they say. However, one thing affect either and I am very much against what happened to extremely sell on a personal level. I will say from when I was very very young I had a bad situation myself as a child. Okay, so I'm telling you that I getting what I am saying is that the devil is very cunning and he will do things to say so because he's got some thought maybe the devil are you open to the possibility that the devil duped you here that you been deceived. You miss the forest for the trees that you are not inherently diving with what comes to his mouth and his administration so you don't.

Do not miss a on call and I'm trying to give you time, but your 100% sure that I'm wrong and you're right there's no possibility that you missed here between you.

Okay, so the Bible is very clear that we must save 80 o'clock because there's very clear.

The Bible says we must do what we can to save innocent lives. It doesn't say that if the ones who save innocent lives is a nasty person you don't vote for the person be president yes so we got at Holliston parent parent are a calling card so all you things you believe the liberal media on so you're saying you didn't call because you are open to have a discussion called to accuse me of being wrong is the problem. Maybe the devil duped you make. I look I understand your position. I was there at one point the children of the border. That's the Obama policy now being carried in under Trump and a lot of these kids are being trafficked. They are not the children of the parents.

They have to be separated until Fitbit's figured out let his children the rape victims to care about that you care about. It's an ugly situation, nobody's happy with it, but it's an inherited one that the Obama policies being carried out now.

It's a big problem. By the way, Trump has deported far less illegal immigrants than Obama did. Up to this point but are you aware that a lot of these kids are trafficked kids that all these kids are being tools being used brought here by people who are not their parents so that to in order to get in because the children so they have to be separated to sort things out devices because I can understand your position, that I respect you for setting for my son Chris is learning plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 487-8848. I've got one question for I have no problem whatsoever. No problem whatsoever with someone saying that they have a problem with Donald Trump saying this or this or tweeting this or this or his behavior whenever and no problem someone saying it no problem with the evangelical believer saying I differ with the present on this this this book, but here when the liberal media tries to shame you out of voting for president Trump when the liberal media says you are tarnishing your Christian witness when you vote for Donald Trump. Do you think they really care about your Christian witness using the liberal media is really thinking what we want your witness to the nation to be effective and we want written. We really want people to hear your message about Jesus and because of that were concerned it would be tarnished if you vote for technology don't care about the effectiveness of your witness and what your witness to fail they don't agree with our values. They just home watching foot for Trump because they want one of their candidates to get it. Leslie's put the cards on the table wrote about that earlier today should be out in a bit, 866-348-7884 is the number to call we go over to CJ in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to light a fire.

Dr. Brown hey I tried to attack and help with understanding what the apostle Paul is saying in Ephesians 13 with how we been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Scripture tell us how to access the if we ate it. If we prevent them now how we to accept them. I get that believers it's a fascinating statement. Ephesians chapter 1 verse three that the opening chapter of Ephesians and every verse is so filled with nuggets of gold truth. Praise be to the God and follow the Lord Jesus the Messiah was blessed us in Messiah with every spiritual blessing in the heavens. Not only so tells us in the second chapter of Ephesians that he made us alive with the Messiah. Even though we were dead in trespasses and together with Messiah Jesus. He also raised us up and seated us in the heavens. In Colossians 3 says that that we have died with him and we are seated with him in heavenly places. So it's utterly remarkable to think is you are talking right here living in this world right in this earth with physical bodies that if you pension it hurts and it night we get tired. Need to go to sleep in these physical bodies with the earth. Moral temptation around us, that's spiritually speaking, because we are united with Jesus we are seated with him in heavenly places. So the first thing I need to change my mentality. I need to renew my mind and take hold of the reality that I'm not just a person on this earth were dealing with conflicts with the world political conflicts world nation's nation conflict.

I need to step back and say I'm seated in heavenly places with Messiah that that our perspective is one of being with the Lord and looking down the messed up earth as opposed to being driven by the same forces that drive the world. That's one thing.

The second thing we access those by faith. For example, I truly believe that all the provision that we need to do the will of God.

Wisdom the connections, the finances all the provision that we need is is already there in that sense it's as if it was set aside by God. So my task now is to go to God fill my heart and mind with his word and believe him that what he has set aside in heaven will be available now so Lord I appeal to your greatness.

I look to your infinite resources to your infinite wisdom, rather than looking at my abilities and asking God to stretch me and add a little bit. To me, make me a little wiser and stronger, and that the biblical approach would be to look up to heaven to see that everything we need for life and godliness is there that we already spiritually resurrected with him and now to draw on that by faith, but I take hold of that by faith in Jesus name to take authority over the enemy.

Lord I draw hold of that by faith of wisdom for this difficult situation, but I draw a hold of that by faith. To overcome this this temptation and battle.

Lord I draw a hold of that by faith to see every need met and the things you've called us to do is by meditating on what it means to be in him, CJ. It's a great thing to do. Go through the letters of Paul, especially notice everything it says were in Christ in him and then mark those down, pull them out.

Put them in a file. Write them down and meditate on those and recognize this is who I am in Jesus.

These are spiritual realities in him very powerful life-changing and then the prayers that Paul prays like Ephesians 1 Ephesians 3 Philippians 1 Colossians 1 the prayers that he prays for others. Pray them for yourself.

Change the language from Paul pray for others is a father I pray this for me. They can also be life transforming. Hey thank you sir for the question, 8664 truth. Let's go to enjoy in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. I think that one will calling about the gun. Trump all that I have her ride my to criticize about that that thing a man a person is not not thinking man tremendous love and respect our country the way art and meant to be want to get it back on that track and I thoroughly do your job and I like you, I did not. I opposed him during the primary out of the Cruise is there that one after another, all the are ready against them dropped out like happening here in the morning when the one the primary okay and you demand that that were supposed to put off it at any everything is again.

Ken given the rapid anybody that the man that can dive and not that I have been a night in Greenbelt. I easily get the plight of women took the Lord's name in vain.

Right, and that let you see this I I am less idealistic now than I was before. In terms of the president. In other words why I'm looking at it more pragmatically. I I believe that Pres. Trump is the tremendous good. I believe he's also done damage that there's been a lot of collateral damage it in my book just bows war with America. We compare him followed others who have compared it to King Jay, who did a lot of good, but there is collateral damage that the bull in the china shop kind of thing. That's what I believe. I vote for him to get a heartbeat against any of the current Democrats in a heartbeat but it's a look at much more pragmatically. In other words, the old-line unit were voting for president, not a pastor I I I found that trite.

I didn't like it but I II more resigned to the fact that's that's reality in this world you know and and again the analogy of used is you've got some some dogs. I loosely say some Rottweilers will have rabies and they are running around your neighborhood and there there fighting children and children getting sick and children are dying and you don't have a dogcatcher so two candidates come forward one the nicest guy in the world happily married his kids love him and never use profanity, but he couldn't catch a dog if you give a nuclear bomb and the other guy you know is been divorced four times is full of profanities kids hated him, but in catch a dog with his own teeth like all right that's the guy I I understand that the there a lot of ramifications of having Donald Trump as president and that presidents are not dogcatcher, but when it comes to saving baby lies when it comes to getting good justices on the courts when it comes to protecting religious liberties when it comes to fighting back against radical LGBT activism when it comes to standing with Israel and pushing back against some of the other nations. Yet in a heartbeat, and Donald Trump against any of the presidential candidates on on on the left, so that's is his pragmatic reality. To me, but no one is to be able to say but look what I did when he does not like I say, I'd like us to anything streets racist Reese about it.

Like them, with her foolish the way he goes at look sometimes he goes after someone I have to admit I chuckle for a moment, but it's like this out right shouldn't to mean other people like that are mock, the mama, you know, whatever.

Unlike that, but again, given the choices and given the fact that if we sit out and don't vote that a radical leftist is good to get into a post. Assuming the values of vote for him again if he came to that and it always sounded your question about my testament real quick. I came to Megan about whether I believe an venue that you candidates to combine and I met your father with you to talk to Rabbi and wondered did you let any of your other family members. Once meant you were like that that you are a Christ follower. Family members but wanted to look into the price thing to do and then come the very remaining at Jewish tradition yes so you and I for the first night I met that Rabbi will be briefly was January 24 of 72. I remember the date well and he and I became friends and that he challenge me for many many years as did many of the rabbis.

My mom and dad will actually come and hear me preach my dad off yeah was reading the New Testament and my dad used to help with his friends that we was senior lawyers in New York Supreme Court fact we are expecting a point to adjust the city and he wasn't truly before he died, but he's to refer to his son. The priest, but that's just it. Anyway, he would come here. He preached and he he actually started reading the New Testament and he said to me, your mama can feel something and then he passed away suddenly. So I have to leave that with the Lord's 100% receive me as a follower of Jesus, and Jesus did say whoever receives you receives me. He was open and that he passed away suddenly my mom had less interest in God or religion in general. She prayed a prayer with me many years ago, prayed the sinners prayer. I gave her a Bible to read, etc. I never saw evidence of her life being changed to her coming knowledge of God.

The same thing. She says told others about my faith filled in the use of this had a cousin that came to faith my wife, her sister and her cousin came others know it's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown right mix up we replay something, but didn't come up on the screen okay listen are not sure what happened there. My apologies friends but Jezebel's war with America comes out August 6 right.

August 6 goaded Jezebel's war with right now. Okay, Jezebel's war with go there right now. When you preorder the book.

It's really a bestseller on Amazon weeks ahead of a coming out by God's grace when you preorder the book. Amazon boards and will review get it. You will also get the e-book free. You get the e-book for playing with holy fire free another mini e-book free plus videos free over $50 in value free when you preorder the publisher just went overboard same one. Get this book out Jezebel's war with you just glancing at some social media comments. II gave one caller extra time to express views, but the problem was, there is not the ability to listen to.

I had to say. If a caller call and in early on Friday. I don't have as much time just so happened that we had a bit more freedom in the schedule with the phone that the foam is not being as instantly filled as normally happens, was filled since that but I cannot just allow someone to differ, but getting my viewpoint.

If you called my viewpoint and give it what I asked for is please listen to stylistic cause I've learned massively from cause I've change perspectives because of callers over the years. Honestly, I listen carefully. I reflect afterwards genuinely I just as people do the same if you're calling from my input. Please take it seriously and then way it evaluated fair enough, 86634 we go over to Irene and North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. I thank you shalom salaam I wanted to I wanted to make a comment. I'm from North Carolina and heard the account of people that were at the Greenville rally you and the champion only lasted for a minute on the defendant actually president Trump was upset by it and did not encourage it.

However, the media just keep harping on that one minute chant and build a very biased they never tell the whole story. If I wanted to point out I was one of those that the Christian I was rooting for Ben Carson. I voted for Trump just to keep Hillary out and has less – I was cited for unassigned is voted for Trump to keep Hillary out yet so I know I did what innovative policies because I believe in spite of the flaws that he loved the nation, and my parents were immigrants back in the early 50s and was hard to come to country. Yeah, you didn't get any of the handout you had to have money or someone to sponsor you and to you got on your feet, right right yet came to learn the language you were not here to get on the taxpayer dime and I think the Democrats have created invasion of illegal back in the mid 60s when they started their war on poverty and and and began to get up, stamp, infection aid and grants and yeah I had an uncle living in California at the time. In effect, in a pregnant Mexican women would come across the border because Montana child here whole family could benefit yeah and I left around yeah and look Irene there are genuine refugees.

There are genuine hardship cases and and we want to do our best as a prosperous nation to help those in genuine need. On the other hand, have to have laws like the Clinton administration deported way, way, way, way more illegals than the Bush administration. The Bush administration, when the Obama administration and the Obama administration with the Trump administration. He's deported less so for his presidency than Pres. Obama did in his but look, I I thoroughly believe Irene that if Ted Cruz or Ben Carson were president and they were model Christians in their behavior and their words that they get savaged by the media. Just the same. Just the same. No look did president Trump created an environment with the tweets that

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