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What Does Judaism Say About Abortion?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 30, 2022 5:30 pm

What Does Judaism Say About Abortion?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 30, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/30/22.

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Line of Fire
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what does Judaism really say about abortion time for the line of fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much on the line of fire. Regardless of your own spiritual, religious background, so glad to have you listening or watching on YouTube or Facebook.

Great to have you here is number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Any Jewish related question of any kind by all means give us a call. You may want to challenge me on something different on something probe more deeply or just kind of random informational anything is welcome as Jewish related on Thursday through Thursday. 866-34-TRUTH also if you watching on Facebook to show us a note in the comments were you watching from and then click the thumbs up button that will just help it.

He shared with Morris watch on Facebook click on share. This will ensure it on your own Facebook page and when you don't want to keep it there, great, or you can remove it but get the message out to as many as we can so what about Judaism in abortion so I'm a messianic Jew, another traditional Jew. However, I do understand the sources of studied various things. There's a lot that's accessible with some good sources on the Internet and we say what does Judaism teach what abortion was like say what is Christianity teach about which branch of Christianity. Historic Christianity through the centuries of Christianity in the 21st century liberal versus conservative, etc. skimming the same with Judaism, but we want to emphasize what traditional Judaism has taught through the centuries, because that's been very consistent and then more recent branches of Judaism which are more liberal and rejecting of many of the traditions and even rejecting biblical authority.

Those are going to be more in tune with the liberal parts of society right through you look at that in a moment I was up planning to do this today anyway when I got an email from an old friend and it it was forwarding some tweets from someone that this a friend of the family knew and let's let's take a look at these and see if there's any truth disease or the Senate on twitter or Instagram so here's here's what the memes say first one Talmud the text which outlines Jewish law states that a fetus is quote near water for the first 40 days of pregnancy and not a person until its first breath out so the parents won't get that life begins at conception, as a Christian idea Christians have every right to make decisions about their bodies based on their faith, but they denied the right to make laws about what the rest of us do with our bodies right then another tweet Jewish law states that abortion is healthcare abortion is permitted in the life of the parent is in danger, abortion is required, saving the life of the parents is the highest priority and then customers of religious freedom to the Christians who fight for constitutional religious freedom actually supported for everyone or just for themselves, and then last week the philosophy that life begins at conception is a Christian one.

Many other religions hold different views about abortion is a violation of a religious freedom.

America is not a Christian nation right but start with some of the larger issues brought up there. This is not a matter of Christians imposing their religious views on the nation. We have laws like don't murder don't murder is one of the 10 Commandments is that Christians or Jews imposing their values on the society as a whole.

In point of fact, a lot of American law was derived from the Bible or legal thinking based on the Bible. The sources that were used were largely based on Scripture or many of them were philosophically based on Scripture so when we have laws that the country has agreed on.

We all agree should have laws against kidnapping while the Bible says don't kidnap, don't steal a person right and and the Bible says don't murder.

We have laws against that but we don't have a law against idolatry right in other words, is on a national law that you can't worship idols if you're Hindu in any of statues in your home, and they represent aspects of the deity.

You're free to worship that here in America is no law against it, but there is a law against murder. There is a law against kidnapping. There is a law against stealing and these things are either found in the 10 Commandments when other biblical laws as well. So what about separation of church and state is not an issue of separation of church and state is not an issue of the church taking over. This is an issue of moral law, and what is our basis for moral law. Well, there is various reasoning that goes behind that there is that which is good for the sake of the society and then the request Pacific Coast abortion is their constitutional right to abortion but my latest article you can read it on the website* Cascade your the latest article since role has always been bad law, there are liberal legal scholars who admit role was bad law. There was no constitutional right to abortion. It was created really out of thin air, misusing the right to privacy was when you read in the 14th amendment doesn't touch on abortion at all, and in point of fact, when the 14th amendment was drafted. What the 1800s, wherever that was the exact date then at that time abortion was illegal. Most of the states of America, but some of role was illegal at 46 out of the 50 states of the sewers that the framers and those that subsequently edit the amendments when they added the right to privacy had been the do with abortion and their months so it was, it was bad law, waiting to be overturned so on a purely legal basis. Forget for the moment what the Bible says forget with the moment. Religious groups say. But based plainly on the Constitution. There was no basis for abortion, then the question of when life begins is a scientific question in a philosophical question. The fact that their religious beliefs tied in with it that affects religious people, but you can be an atheist recent survey we talked about a couple days ago recent survey done by a PhD student, University of Chicago, found that over 5000 biologists were surveyed. The vast majority who identified as either atheists or liberals or pro-choice will over 90% said scientifically. Life begins at conception. So these are the related issues in the fetal viability of the point is that is the fetus. The baby in the womb viable. This is not a matter of religious people imposing their beliefs on others that's that's a myth and a misconception about Judaism.

Traditional Jews, we give you the short version 1st and then the longer version of them will look at some different perspectives within different Jewish groups.

Here's a short first is true the Judaism does see a state when the the baby is being formed, which is then up to the 40th day before would be considered and that sensate baby all right, but you also have to remember that almost no abortions take place in terms of willing intentional. Someone try to have abortion within the first 40 days woman is just maybe finding out she's pregnant in the first 40 days but went when I'm even talking six weeks in okay so if if that's your starting point, then right there almost all abortions are limited this verse that does the point that out. Second thing is yes the baby until it's emerging from the wound does not have that full person status and this is in in Jewish law where your you you have various states of life and various statuses that work status. In any case. In any case the baby in the womb because viability questions, and other things doesn't have the full stature of personhood until it's on its way out of the womb and the breathing is first breath. However, in less it is explicitly to save the life of the mother of question could be. To what extent does that tie in psychologically deal with settlements having a complete nervous breakdown that a pregnancy is throwing off the demand could could that be saving the life of the mother that would be more debate about that, but certainly if there was a case with women continuing to carry the baby would kill her right there played doctors to this is almost never happens today that virtually never happened and there are ways to to separate the baby from the mother give compassionate care to both the let's just say there was a legitimate case where continuing the pregnancy would fill them other than Judaism says you must take priority to save the life of the mother and and you have plenty plenty pro-lifers would say yes that would be a valid reason for abortion because we are pro-life and you have one definite life in one potential life in terms of them has emerged from the womb. Yet that you save the that the one life that is ready fully established, but that's that would be the extent of it. So let me take you to the website. So this gives you a traditional Jewish perspective. All right Judaism and abortion is speaking clearly this is just give you an overview. These are not legal rulings that you base life. The question of abortion is perhaps one of the most sensitive In Charge topics in the political sphere is often the case.

Judaism's view was quite nuanced and does not viscerally fit squarely in the side of the debate will try to present a basic overview of the Jewish approach to abortion are present in the main sources on the subject both the Hebrew Bible, as well as the oral Torah. This is Jewish tradition that Jews believe was given to Moses on Mount Sinai passed on and developed through the generations until today the altar of the first reference to abortion is in Genesis when no one his descendents are forbidden to murder suggests 961 sheds the blood of man through man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God he made man. The sages of the Talmud. Point out that the phrase one who sheds the blood of man through man is more accurately translated as one who sheds the blood of man within man basins.

Rabbi Ishmael learns that under ordinary circumstances dances the killing of a fetus is considered a capital offense for all descendents of Noah that is human, written isolation, one can conclude that abortion is akin to murder but things are not so simple as will read in Exodus should been quarreling the pregnant woman she miscarried, but there is no fatality. She should surely be punished when the woman's husband makes demands of him and he shall give restitution. According to the judge's orders. Cirencester obligates only a monetary compensation, but no capital punishment Torah seemingly views the fetus is property not as a human life diverse ways of reconciling these verses will agree, however, that under no ordinary circumstances. Abortion is prohibited.

And even that verse can be read differently to say if she delivers prematurely and is no fatality than is only a fine if there's a fatality in the primitive note was a miscarriage that was been because then it's life or life etc. here's how the article ends the Jewish approach to abortion. In short, under normal circumstances, it is forbidden to take the life of an unborn child, and it may be akin to murder depending on the stage of pregnancy and birth as well as the unborn remains a fetus does not have a status of personhood equal to its mother, and therefore may be sacrificed to save the life of the mother.

In any case where abortion may be necessary is of paramount importance to consult a lot of legal and medical experts as soon as possible. As an overview from the truth of his website to some other Jewish perspectives and phone lines are open for your calls, 866-348-7884. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on one flyer little less than an hour from now. So for 15 Eastern time. Lewis an hour from now will be back for exclusive weekly Q and a chat on YouTube so those, akin to NAS K DR Brown ask Dr. Brown right on YouTube or some of you are watching right now if you listing on podcast or listening by radio and you supply love to watch Monday mojo live stream on Facebook and YouTube. Esther could run a skid your brown. Both of those and everything is archived on our website is Dr. with YouTube channel on Facebook seek go back in and watch the shows if you like. And instead of just hearing the smile in my voice you can see the smile on my face any Jewish related Hebrew related Israel related question as Messiah related question of any kind. Review seen a counter missionary Rabbi online raising some objections. Maybe some things to challenge your faith may be try to figure out about the ship of believer and will and the law of Moses where that fits give us a call 866-34-TRUTH.

Okay, I'm gonna go over to the my Jewish learning site. This will give good representation of traditional views, but in a little bit wider perspective would get other aspects of Judaism as well and the article there abortion. Judaism says the Jewish position on abortion is nuanced condoning it more categorically prohibiting it.

Now you say why are most Americans use in support of abortion is because most American Jews are not traditional just like many American Christians are Christian in name only. The don't really believe what the Bible says they are not committed to Jesus. They they do not live by the Scripture.

So there many Jews in America who argues it ethically, and being Jewish is important to them ethnically, but not traditional then look to the Bible as an authority they they do not accept Jewish tradition is binding. Hence, these different views so I'll scroll down a little.

Is Judaism pro-choice or pro-life.

While Judaism takes a far less stringent approach to abortion than you may pro-life denominations of Christianity providing explicit exceptions for threats to mother's life rabbinic support for terminating a pregnancy and a host of the situations, there is nonetheless broad objection to abortion in cases without serious cause. In addition, despite the consensus that abortion is permitted with continuing the pregnancy poses a threat to the life of the mother. There is disagreement over just what constitutes a threat. One more paragraph from here.

Jewish law does not share the belief common among abortion opponents that life begins at conception, there is it legally.

Consider the fetus to be a full person deserving of protections equal those accorded human beings. Jewish law fetus attains the state of the foreperson only at birth. Sources of the Talmud indicate the prior 40 days of gestation. The fetus is an even more limited legal status with one public authority if a mode 60 9B asserting the prior 40 days.

The preschool near water elsewhere. The Talmud indicates that the ancient rabbis regarded the fetus as part of its mother throughout the pregnancy depended fully on her for its life view that echoes the position that women should be free to make decisions concerning their own bodies at the same time feet aside, is prohibited by Jewish law.

There was disagreement over the exact source of this prohibition, etc. mortgage reason teaches that the body is ultimately the property of God is merely along human beings. Multiple prohibitions in Jewish law, including prohibitions on suicide. Kenneth had to swing himself collectively serve to reject the idea that individuals enjoy the unfettered right to make choices regarding their own body. So again, not as stringent as is strongly pro-life, evangelical and Catholic believers would be nonetheless saying the. The ClearCase were abortion is justified and effectively required would be to save the life of the mother. The question is how far does that goal. Is it psychological, emotional as well as physical. But otherwise just say my body, my choice know that the some work in Judaism, traditional Judaism, or to simply say pavements is designed to work for us to have the baby know that doesn't work either. So although traditional Judaism without fully agree with pro-life Christians. It would be much more in the camp of being against abortion than in the my body, my choice Now. Here's a liberal perspective published in the forward abortion access is a Jewish value reaction to Supreme Court overturning Roe V Wade Cisco give the spectrum of different Jewish views Jewish counsel for public affairs said this prohibiting abortion access is contrary Jewish law traditions are principal value of saving a life enshrined specific religious imperatives in American law. Judaism compels us to stand for all life and prioritize the life and health of a pregnant person again to protect the life and health of a pregnant person not to terminate the life of the baby for any reason's ADL again. This can be liberal perspective since 1980 as a matter of religious and personal liberty. ADL has supported the right of women to full access to quote reproductive care what bogus term today's decision overturns 50 years of constitutional protection for an individual's right to determine whether the terminate the pregnancy of her child and then a good.Israel again from a more liberal perspective of you that is Israel of America welcomes Supreme Court overruling Roe V Wade excuse me say the opposite.

Orthodox perspective for him. Orthodox perspective of the Israel of America welcomes Supreme Court overruling Roe V Wade reprinted today's ruling will inspire all Americans to appreciate the moral magnitude of the abortion issue and to embrace a culture that celebrates life.

So in short, as you would expect if you are a traditional Jew, then you oppose abortion on demand for any reason and you are glad to see Roe V Wade overturned, because it swung the door open to the you would advocate.

However, the certain circumstances abortion is only justified but required right if you are a liberal Jew same as liberal Christian USA no. This is the woman's body is her autonomy and is not a full human being a real human being until emerges from the now one last point, split as pro-life believers, regardless of your religious background is pro-life believers, we do make a distinction between the baby in the womb of the child outside the don't we want whining.

Okay, if you knew that, down the block. There was somebody kidnapping children off the street grabbing toddlers out of nurseries and butchering them slaughter you. You would do it because the police can get there than you would get there with your friends and you would do whatever you could to physically stop that from happening right and you would be considered justified by the society. If you are armed and this person is about to start another toddler and you're able to take that person out you warned him drop the knife getaway drops can get away from the baby. It was like it and they didn't do it.

People would call your hero within the person before they murdered more babies and children right.

If you go shooting abortion doctor when you say that's wrong that you have the right to do that so even with our absolute opposition to abortion, we do say it's the killing of an unborn child is the story of a baby in the womb will always add those qualifying words right. The slaughter of the baby in the womb killing of an unborn child, and even Justice Alito distinguish between this this case Roe V Wade, which has to do with quote potential wife with babies live in the when we believe conception life begins at conception. Absolutely, biblically and scientifically. We believe that but we also understand that you can't guarantee viability. Obviously if if you miscarry three weeks is different than a one-month-old child dying so we understand those distinctions. Judaism takes them further legally because they have these different legal categories but were not really that far apart from traditional Jewish view, except for the life begin a conception issue and in the debate as to when an abortion would be justified. One thing I want to add in having just given these little summaries and really go to the phone so that's a great time to call because will get your calls right after the next break. There's an article on daily wire by Amanda Preston. Giacomo don't believe pro-abortion misinformation what to know about ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and more is people. So what about ectopic pregnancy and it's dangerous for the mother and so on. Will is not a legal's not illegal to terminate enough talked ectopic pregnancy and its nonviable. That is not a that is nonviable. As she writes in the topic pregnancy of fertilized egg implants and results of the uterus using one of the fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancies are never viable and always put them of his life at risk because the growing fetus converts the flipping from causing major internal bleeding. So that pregnancy is not a viable pregnancy from the start. Miscarriages are not illegal and some the same of you miscarried in your nerves like abortion. What and then other medically.

The set necessary treatments that could result in unborn child's death will not be banned pro-abortion activists and left-wing politicians were quick to spread ambiguous, for your post about abortion healthcare example something to be denied lifesaving care if you have cancer because the treatment you to your baby that a single pro-life law that seeks to criminalize this because not abortion forces intensely taken life of the child so distinct it to treat a woman for cancer with chemotherapy may have a negative effect on the on the baby.

But that's not the intent of the goal of it against very everywhere today that the Bible pregnancy really threatens the life of the mother.

Most cases care can be given to both right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 348-7884 we go to the phones we start with Luke in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. A outgoing doing very well thank you so want to share like a little bit of my personal experience that I got a question for you. In my experience, really. My wife experience I'm going through with her. We had a lot of people be real mean and nasty thought are your opinion on abortion on Don being pro-life and not in trying to enter into debate the people still seem to be shoving out opinions on and it just cannot lead to some interesting discussion among me and my wife and a lot of pain. One of the gushing is that in the question I have for you is that you believe that the reason maybe people are looking even further in the Torah or into the Bible and trying to pull out these verses and I do totally agree that there are there are like exception to abortion with your work like the mother that they think that that's probably the one that clears for me for an exception but you think that people really are just crying for short conviction of the commander which that thou shalt not kill right so here's the thing I can I can judge someone else's heart, the more they do what they do right, but I can say that historically, there is been a debate about the interpretation of Exodus 21 when men quarrel in one strikes to the stoner fist and he does not die but has her to take his bed if you think it's up and walks out the worse it is that women strictly male-female and then verse 22 when what was right for the start when men fight in one of them pushes a pregnant woman in the miscarriage results but no other damage consumers will responsible shall be defined according as the woman's husband the exact for him him to be based on the reckoning. But if other damage and sues the penalty shall be life Wi-Fi for a tooth for tooth and print for front vertebra, one from Bruce Bruce so stunned that then the miscarriage is considered something that you pay a fine for but if if some happens to the woman's than then it's on fry tooth for tooth, etc. so that's a that's the Jewish publication Society version if I read from let's say that the ESV here. For example, Paris for the ESV when men strive together and hit a pregnant woman that her children come out, but there is no harm when he or she should be fine as woman's husband shall impose etc. but if there is harmony pillow for little words in the fight causes the woman to go into premature labor. She gives birth, but everybody's healthy then is just a fine, but if some happens to the baby. Then it's on fry tooth with you so there is a dispute in Jewish law. In biblical interpretation so that disputes been here for a long time before that the modern feminist movement for the modern pro-abortion movement. So when people debate that your text Luke, it is it is a genuine debate as to what the text says of course there are other verses in the Bible that establish the personhood of the baby in the womb, and an comp of cells is not filled with the spirit from the womb like Johnny Mercer was a clump of cells does not leap for joy when it in the womb when it is in. When the mother of Jesus comes in pregnant with Yeshua and and the comp of cells is not describes is Psalm 139 meticulously formed by God and went when Rebecca was pregnant with Jacob and Esau in God's house between nations and routers is a two sets of cells clumps of cells are there so that there other verses that the point to the personhood of the baby in the womb but but Luke say this when you have people so hostile so angry towards you or friends of the been involved in the pro-life movement for decades and have been effective abortion clinics for years sharing the gospel and telling women compassionately. There's there's another way they are so hated on and reviled in people mocking them and cursing them and sometimes physically attacking them think with that anger come from that that tells you the spirit that were doing the something wrong there a heavy, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Hey, it's our friend Jonathan and Israel. Welcome back to marijuana fire hello.

I will know tomorrow how you doing man Yana Todd hey did you ever hear from my friend that reach out to you on your okay but I figured why you called. You only let's find it all a little later on and I questioned the United dongle as well. Yellow: what you believe about calling Mike about Dolly and the monarchs Lord, December your pillow and you feel that. But, you did a good mood. I delight when we log the biological want to do good life unity of their bulging uncle may show the people who allow you the info on the phone like Bob modern job, the action okay now we are what hundred mile beach idolatry can be no school yet so big, bad life, so my question is no defined digital imaging flight and quote diamond necklace that you'll are you all right Eric that every century we've we've had many thousands who believe it's always been you people believe that you are not you like Christ yesterday and driving to you that we include the Sharon we had to only add problems we had all wanted advice on the life because most of their people called the hollow at all about what Christian the church that you don't like to learn of any doubt close by God, and you may want all church any one you know you will just be a great area you when I'm at if you'd like to do.

The value of being charged Tommy Mr. McCall, multi-Egypt you may all tell me to go to the lobby against drug history. Christian and Judy Gould because inventing new immuno dual-mode field so I get that right because I read an effect on you and that would not be there about giving Jill nothing there about an annualů I like but in reality the Inquisition will conduct all along what you needed to go. Trading what you choose to go out anybody you know about you, and you and you are lucky you knew that amendment your grade :-) did you know I great question so got some good answers for your first question for you when Chairman Mao in China carried out his murderous acts may be killed 60 million people was he being consistent with his teachings and his little red book we see implementing what he taught was this is the way we should live.

And then they went and did would you say that was the case not know actually was.

In other words, when you read the principles of Chairman Mao when you read fully what Marx and Lenin and Stalin advocated. They were living out their principles simply with Hitler) and his is Mein Kampf and all of that Hitler, Stalin and Mao always. They lived out their principles and that's what we got all this bloodshed. In contrast, as you just said no income is terrible things happen in the church is when Christians ignore the principles of Jesus when they violate was written in the New Testament when they do the opposite of what he teaches.

So it's is just like Boris Goldstein, ultra-Orthodox Jew goes into a mosque and start slaughtering people and thinks he's doing in the name of Judaism rabbis would say no, no, that's not what we teach.

That's that's not what we believe.

Okay so that's first second thing how long was Christianity here before there was a crusade physical violent attacks on Jewish people. How long is the here or idea 500. Thousand years of the moment you model the first isolated your first crusade begins in 1096 okay and that was a war that was a war with Muslims and Jews were in the middle of it and it was this, this was Christians fighting back against Islam that was conquering cities and killing people. So was wrong, but it was it was it was a war against Muslims and Jews were in the middle of it and and then Krista started turning his use so the whole thing is you got a thousand years of history before you have this happen. And since the Crusades ended.

It hasn't happened again. You haven't had this march around the world taking territory with with the cross and things like that and Inquisition was Christians basically killing Christians. This of the Inquisition was within the Catholic Church and and it was Christians killing other Christians. So it's it's horrific. It's crazy and we get to the Holocaust. Remember, the only way to have this was to completely reject God and the Bible and true Christians were persecuted by the Nazis. While they may have used the words of Martin Luther, the may have used some of the rhetoric and is terrible but the people that the real Christians were the people like the righteous Gentiles that the ones that you celebrate in Israel. Those are the real Christians knowingly saving the Jews from the Nazis so I want to stick around for second serve, because in reality Christianity spread into the world is made the world a Better Pl. in Christian around the world to this day leads the way in education and healthcare hospitals reschedule for disaster relief necessary for us. There will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown less than 1/2 hour from now I will be back on YouTube SK dear Brown yesterday Brown channel on YouTube during our weekly live two and a chat. All right, back to your time in Israel. So was it one more thing and then get your response to it where a real form of the Christian faith with the messianic faith has spread around the world. It's done all kinds of goods raised education levels. So many of the hospitals that are been built around the world been built by Christian missionaries reaching out so many educational institutions may be 80, 90% of the first couple of hundred colleges and universities that were started in America started for Christian education around the world today.

There is no tragedy, tsunami, earthquake, something like that Christian relief organizations are at the front. It was Christians who abolish slavery in the United Kingdom and in Israel and in the ancient world of the ancient Greco-Roman world, a man could do what he wants to do sexually, but the wife had to be pure as Christianity spread the man had a be pure also. And it elevated women into a higher status as is well where you have Christians coming to faith in the Islamic world. It elevates women to a higher stated in right now.

Israel knows that the best friends it has in the world are evangelical Christians. This is been for decades now, so it's really seeing the faith were people practice with Jesus in the New Testament teach is beautiful and wonderful when they deviate. It's terrible and ugly but you have to judge the tree by the fruits okay let's let's see what the overall impact on the world has been over the centuries and that's actually very positive.

The impact of the whole Bible around the world has been very positive. So that's my answer to you that the people living on the principles of of land marks, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, they committed atrocities by being true to those principles. The people who committed atrocities in Jesus name were religious hypocrites who violated his principles, those who live by his principles have done good all around the world. I could take you to thousands, thousands and thousands of places all around the world where it's Christians leading the way in doing good, helping the poor, compassionate ministry, educating, helping with healthcare and so on and so forth. Because they love Jesus.

Therefore, they love people. So we think that's her while I go to Victoria that I am a little bit all alone by because that way but to go directly to God that you you you are you beginning when treated with alive or not. I the Coldstream which you do David and Maddie being a Jew there. You will know you looking toward the illegal control of their grandpa were about again logic is larger than you getting in your talking you walking their onion graining folding and great great larger. Most of the people or return of our very where getting their discharge that Eric PG that Julie kills unit and the journals are elevated but it will become dominant when the church they come out in the cottage with it are not the majority but again without a lot of you so so there is still done.

No, I don't agree with you that multiple people. But what eigenvalue you are you doing right and then everybody is equal to the angle that I will follow you like to go to get right where you only get one question though and you (American preacher, not so good by night schooled by the nuclear creature, no money and not on document that Joe is on the condom use by God level reading the Bible and but here's the thing you know for a fact that you can read the New Testament from beginning to end and it never ever tells you to hate Jews harms use or kill Jews. And it says if our current rate is not there so it's not a matter of interpretation.

It's not. It's simply not there. It's like saying last I learned, Talmud and and according to Talmud should violate the Sabbath notes is not there. If you violate the Sabbath. Every object in college. So if you if you harm Jews or hate Jews or kill Jews in rejecting the New Testament.

Note the big question you're asking is why why were so many Christians anti-Semitic. It's a terrible thing. It's a terrible thing I've written about it at length of a whole book that just talks about that.

It's a terrible thing. I don't deny it, but Paul warned about it in the New Testament, in Romans, he warned the Gentile Christians said don't become arrogant, but would still think while we replace the Jews.

So we are the new Israel.

He said no don't become arrogant if you do gobble reject you. So these Christians who were anti-Semites God was rejecting them. He warned about this in the Bible.

Paul said my heart is so broken for my Jewish people. I wish that I could be cut off and cursed.

There was let go judge me so that they could be saved and then he says that they may be our enemies.

In terms of the oppose the gospel, but there still loved by God. These are the words of Paul and Jesus was when your persecuted. Bless those who curse you and pray for those who who who persecute you, so that's always been the stance and what's happened over the years is that misunderstanding came in looking of the worst parts of the Talmud that seem to say that Jesus was an idol worshiper and he's burning and excrement in hell. So there Christian teachers who saw this and thought Jews curse Jesus every day, Jews say Jesus is burning in hell Jews curse Christian so these misunderstandings grew but but even so, sir, you mentioned the pogroms wonder though start happening at the 1800s right so even thought the I think the suspect as a Pacific term pogroms is late 1800s, but in any case, the idea that Christians on a normal basis. Heard sermons in church and went out and tried to kill Jews. It's a horrible terrible thing that it ever happened. But it's the exception to the rule.

That's the reality.

It's exception to the rule and those who really follow the teachings of Jesus. That's a matter so if if somebody rejects the teachings of Jesus and then goes out and does something in his name will there the sinners there.

The hypocrites, Jesus is not at fault.

If the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament themselves are destructive and bad. Then we reject them. So I encourage you to look at history little differently to recognize that there are two sides to this is all the good that Christianity brought to the world and then the bad ones.

The bad apples the ugly ones.

What they did is terrible. It's inexcusable, but cannot say something your account when I've taught about this after I Christians from dozens and dozens of nations in America and in other countries when I talk about anti-Semitism in church history there shocked, they never heard of it. They never knew such a thing existed. They never saw their churches.

They come to me, weeping and saying forgive us. We had no idea this ever happened in an exemplary good Indian be Christians there. They've never heard of this. What you talk, I've talked to Christians of the parts of Asia and in my talk about this or in Africa what he what you mean Christians hating Jews. They said to me. If your credit if you claim to be a Christian and you hate the Jews are not a Christian.

The NI civil this one said this and Martin Luther said this in Chris's Christmastime said this is former church leaders there shocked, they can't believe it. So that's my answer she wanted. Think about it okay and let me say this this one last thing the. The gentleman who reached out to you via email. You'll find them very safe to talk to and he's Israeli. He knows the a lot of of former curry deem so he understands your life.

Your background or culture right so reach out to him you were gracious enough to leave your email gave it to him only only have nobody else in our team are set hasn't just him as I promised you and and I know he reached out to so write a Mac is, I think you will like him, but is not call me again in a few weeks.

Right give this some thought. Call me again everybody listening and watching. Let's pray for your time to find out who the real Mysia fifth to encounter the truth about Yeshua and then for God to give them the courage and the faith. As a Jew to follow God and the Messiah hate units on. Thank you for the call can I tell you I'm honored from the heart. I'm honored that you listen to the show. I'm honored that you take the time to call. I'm honored that you so honest with me and that you find me to be a worthy partner of Convair for our chakra entire her back and forth or give and take. So it was some of the Lord richly bless you.

Thank you again for calling our friends rather time. This is why we do be sure you get my emails Esther Grant SK DR grounds alone, because so much want to send your way. Don't miss one will be back 15 minutes for you to feel NHS another program network

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