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Is It Right for a Rabbi to Debate a Messianic Jew?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 1, 2019 5:30 pm

Is It Right for a Rabbi to Debate a Messianic Jew?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 1, 2019 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/01/19.

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Woman Orthodox Jewish leader wants to shut down my debate next week with relish mood I'll tell you why he's wrong stage for the line of fire, your host activist father international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome rents to days thoroughly Jewish Thursday ruckus Michael Brown delighted to be with you always especially look forward to our Thursday broadcast a lot of ground to cover, but phone lines are wide open 866-34-TRUTH 784866-34-TRUTH any Jewish related Hebrew related messianic prophecy related Israel related question you got usually questions give me a call 866-34-TRUTH not extended invitation again even though I've done it. Scores of times and we virtually never get any takers hardly hardly ever but for those of you who attacked me daily online who lie about me who lie about Israel, who falsely accuse the Jewish people post every type of anti-Semitic trope imaginable who misrepresent the Bible and misrepresent Jesus you missed even even misrepresent rabbinic writings give me a call.

You got free airtime for the whole world to hear your amazing position. Tell us why the Jews are so evil why Israel is so evil why I'm so evil, tell tell us why I'm not a real believer in Jesus because a semi-Jewish we were Jesus going to call phone lines are open for you and in fact when it when ever the rare the rare rare rare rare rare times that some is actually willing to call in at present there critical viewpoint for every 10,000 100,000 critical, so could posted on a social media pages. Maybe we get one personal call of a phone lines are open for you but for all the times I give out the invitations, almost nobody ever takes me up on it, they'll feel free to call, you don't have to be a critic.

Phone lines are open for the non-critics as well. All right this coming Thursday nights or one week from today, August 8. I am doing a debate with my good friend, genuinely good friend dear friend Rabbi Shmuel Lee Potala known as America's Rabbi or Rabbi to the stars are America's most famous Rabbi and he and I will be doing a debate in New York City probably done more than 20 debates thus far we've done a number in New York City. We've done them in Phoenix and Pittsburgh in Boston done. I think it was Montréal in Canada we done in London. We did at Oxford University done radio TV.

This is the first time, though, that the whole debate will focus on the subject is the New Testament anti-Semitic it in and of itself, is it anti-Semitic. It's one thing to misuse its misquoted.

Is it inherently anti-Semitic. The way presents the Jews, or you are of your father the devil, or your synagogue of Satan. Are these accusations against all juices.

That is New Testament self anti-Semitic.

That's what he and I will be debating any one of the greater New York City area. Please join us details on our website.

Well this is been reported in various Jewish news outlets Jewish press, which is an Orthodox Jewish outlet talk about the debate speaking well of Rabbi's really obviously not of me or of Jesus we expect that that they talked about it. Jerusalem Post has an article talk about it.

Well, I was sent a link earlier this week, an Orthodox Jewish writer wasn't familiar with.

Previous to this his name. I may be mispronouncing Moshe Mordechai Ben Sweden. Not exactly strata pronounces last name but he came out with an op-ed in the times of Israel and is entitled Orthodox rabbis must en masse condemn this dangerous meeting before it happens. He's not speaking in our name again by Moshe Mordechai Ben Sweden so times of Israel has printed my response to Moshe Mordechai Ben Sweden. I appreciate very much them doing it. It's titled why you should support my upcoming debate with Rabbi Shmuel Lee Potala's accredited times of Israel for letting me post my op-ed piece in response. But what I want to do is go through the points one by one that had been raised as to why this debate should not take place on should hear them really go through them one at a time so number one pieces. We have an old tradition to postpone any dispute with Gentiles for after the ninth of off him relish will be volunteering to do this before the researcher break with tradition that is rabbinic title to be taken away. An alternative would be to declare him insane but cookies. Obviously, this fellow writes with a bit of hype. I'm not a rabbi I'm not a traditional Jew, so I can't comment on the rightness or wrongness of it relish motion, but as an Orthodox Jew I think he knows the calendar while he knows traditional what's the ninth of off Tisha b'Av is the date on the Jewish calendar, which coincides with many calamities in Jewish history Jews in an all non-baptized Jews being exiled from Spain in 1492 the destruction of both the first and second temples, 586 BC in 70 A.D. it if that's of the exact date on which they're destroyed.

It's close to it. This is the a day of fasting in the morning commemorating all these tragedies before in Jewish history he say look, you don't have a dispute with Gentiles because will hang out. I'm not a Gentile anyway and this is not to be some negative dispute gets his first recent second reason is this, if he wins the reaction will be.

His opponent was weak. Relish movie wins rash will be this opponent was weak. What will thankfully both relish really.

I can can represent our positions well absorbed in over 20 debates together.

If he loses the Jews will have lost is not just soon as these is not seen as just Jew he seen as a representative what he wants it or not, who was seated there selling our name will actually sir relish really believes that if traditional Jews and Jews in general pull away from the marketplace of ideas if they are afraid to have public exchanges they were ready lost number one relish really can handle himself just fine. Number two if coach he loses the negative perception that the Jews lost because I am there is a Jewish believer in Jesus, I am there as a Jew, myself, and the question will be what is New Testament. She said in reality. The goal of this ultimately is that both of us make clear that if you call yourself a true Christian you cannot be an anti-Semite. If you want to be a real follower of Jesus, you cannot be in at the summit.

I believe we will both agree in shouting that out right.

His third point is this. Point number three for me Jews for Jesus form not a religion or are not Christians. From what I've seen of the non-expert seminar to sporadic their leaders often seem less than honest and sincere true Christians are rather proud of their beliefs and see more frankly try to sell the Jews for Jesus.

Pretend, for Jews that they do a sort of elevated Judaism.

Heaven forbid he goes on and says what tax opponent.

That's me presents himself as an expert on Judaism or by his own admission, never learned any of it. He exchanged hard drugs rather than Judaism for Jesus so first thing is Jews for Jesus. That's pretty plain incident Jews for Jesus. We are hated by many in the Jewish community because of our association with Jesus issue. We are hated because we boldly and loudly proclaim Jesus is the Messiah of Israel the Savior for his it's pretty self-evident. Some of us are part of messianic variation. Some of us are part of churches. All of our basic fundamental beliefs or gospel beliefs which is why we work with churches around the world and why minister as a follower of Jesus in churches all around the world, but I didn't stop being Jewish.

When I put my faith in the Jewish Messiah as to present myself as an expert on Judaism. I don't have books.

Of course, ran track with Tom and explain what Jewish people believe is a serious student of Judaism represents are present accurately but never claimed to be an expert on Judaism or Talmudic scholar or something like that in a exchanging hard drugs were Judaism. Thank you sir for posting my testimony a link to my testimony.

Let everyone hear the story. Here's the deal.

Judaism didn't save me the Jewish Messiah saving okay. Here's his next reason number four. Even if they would lose me our site.

This gnosis thing as bad publicity. They would when still he gives them credibility by debating them they need to debate. We don't they want to ready by having a debate actually we don't need the debate below about Jewish believers in Jesus all around the world and I've had debates for years and we have all kinds of platforms we have massive TV shows and radio shows and things that by God's grace reach millions and millions of people will need the debate it's about publicity. Actually, sir. Writing your blog draws more publicity to the debate so you help get the message out and it is a message against anti-Semitism. Okay, next reason that he has five such a debate must annoy bona fide Christians for the reasonable classically Christians believe in biblical literacy. They don't have the myriads of commentators, the Jews have agreed to fuse an explosive text and authorizing speech about revenge.

Not so say improve our sages.

This means compensate people you entrance up. This was why, why annoy billions of people with this debate. Why get the Christians mad because of relish really says the New Testament is itself anti-Semitic skimming at the Christians bed positive for the Christians there say relish really. We love you we love the Jews because of the New Testament we wait the more you speak, the more we love the Jewish people, the more it stirs our passion to show you that by reading it because we literally believe the New Testament. That's what we stand with Israel. That's what we bless Israel this is a book about the king of the Jews born the King of the Jews die, the king of the Jews issue of the Messiah, son of David, son of Abraham.

That's the subject of the New Testament as many Christians said to me, how can you be a Christian and be anti-Semite. At the same time right. Here's what he says next number six so the debate is a lose lose for the Jews to protect Lindsay's anger billions of Christians.

If he loses his beautiful hate it would be great if there were billions of Christians there about 2 billion professing.

So God knows how many are genuine, but be great if there billions be great if they'll watch the debate slightly on likely but I say Rabbi Futrell is I can make a fool of anyone nor will I but there will be a united effort to oppose anti-Semitism, especially when it comes in Jesus name number seven Lord's debates with Christians always result in us being massacred. The matter who won the debate that happened in centuries past. Tragically, I been one of the number one figures in the church, exposing the history of Christian anti-Semitism with this on the case. This dialogue debates to have any for years and nobody is gonna get massacred number eight, when the city deserves a lot of credit for the goodies. There was a Rabbi problem is is use this credit to do something foolish.

We have no choice but to reject them as an outsider charlatan and an arrogant amateur rabbi with all the respect shut up or get out. The good news is that rubbish release got a lot bigger following than Mosher. Both live in Sweden. I hope that motion worth.

I sir had lost everything, every Rabbi Kristin everybody. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and please say oh save that becomes hosanna becomes a word of praise.

Interestingly, Hoshi on 00 save the King then becomes a word of praise comes into Greek's house on it into… With Amicus is not a show sound in Greek just by the way, 8663 freight 784 Michael Brown here any Jewish related questions of any kind by all means give us a call hate one quick note little over an hour from now hour and 12 minutes 04 30 Eastern standard really come back on YouTube. The Esther Gibran YouTube channel is could you around and do an exclusive Q&A chat on YouTube so if you're unable to call and we just prefer not to call that would rather post a question to be taking all questions that you stress related, but all questions, comments of all different kinds at 4:30 PM Eastern standard on our YouTube channel S.

Dr. Brown right before I go to the phones again. I wanted credit times of Israel. We just put up their homepage there, but the graphic up at times of Israel immediately said yes to running my op Ed piece and you see there is the front page online times it was. I go there often.

It's a highly recommended as a conservative website conservative political website. So there you have the top op-ed pieces and it's got mine there on top and then right under that Alan Dershowitz so even though the vast majority of their readers or this, let me say this because I'm sure that many Christian readers that appreciate times of Israel but of for sure many would not like a Jew for Jesus, a messianic Jew writing and an op-ed for them as it is a Jewish believer. It might've been different from something of a neutral subject, but but I I do very much appreciate the fact that they ran the op-ed immediately. Very warm and helpful to do it so I I appreciate that. I don't take it for granted. I don't know how often they done something like that.

But I do appreciate it and appreciate them willing to get both sides out all right.

Let's go to the phones will start in Charlotte North Carolina. Gary walking to the line of fire. Gov. Dr. Brown on her character. My call and I have a question concerning the coming of the Messiah. According to Jewish Orthodox Jewish perspective Caligula background study Bible study in the book the teacher and the preacher, you're probably familiar with but I don't know our conversation point where it was understood with the guys that the Messiah had to advance and I said well according monitor standards of one and that the end of time window, and the tone and go forward from there the conversation out pretty involved pretty heavily so I thought of you from a Jewish standpoint, what is the understanding of the return of the Messiah course obviously was rejected at gospel time. So why get your thoughts on an Orthodox Jew, of course, believes that the Messiah has not yet come. Orthodox Jew is not wrecking for the return of the Messiah, but the coming of the Messiah and Orthodox Jew does not believe Jesus was and so that they may have varied views on on who they believe he was but there are lots of different Jewish traditions now. One is that in every generation there is a potential Messiah was, there is a Jewish leader with the sole of the Messiah or or that the capabilities of Messiah and extraordinary Jewish leader and that this Jewish leader. If the generation will will be worthy mother was if if the generation of of Jews will be observant or observe the Sabbath.

A couple of straight weeks or will turn to God in repentance, then that person would be revealed as the Messiah. So you have speculation in generations past, could this person up in the Messiah or that person been the Messiah.

Those kinds of things but the bottom line is traditional Jew every day, says a prayer formulated by Moses Maimonides part of a confession them. Obviously, from 1135 to 1204 saying I believe in perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah and even though we tarry away from every day expecting that he will come. So the coming will not be coming in the clouds. The coming will be that someone among us will be revealed as the Messiah will be revealed because who do various things will rebuild the temple help fight the wars of the Lord who regather the exiles who bring the Jewish people into obedience to to to God's commands and then we'll know for sure that's the Messiah now there is not a belief in two separate advents. Obviously we can make that case biblically and so that it is Jesus, but many traditional Jews believe in two messianic figures 1 of Messiah son of Joseph and the other Messiah son of David and the understanding would be that the Messiah son of Joseph will common fight for the children of Israel, but will ultimately die in battle will suffer and die in battle in the Messiah, son of David will finish the mission. There was one rabbinic scholar in the 910 centuries Rabbi Sgt. on who said that if Israel is worthy than they won't go through all the wars in the Messiah, son of Joseph. It will just be the Messiah, son of David, but many Jews can leave in two messianic figures at the end of the age. Again, we try to say this is not too different. Messianic figures it's one messianic figure with the first coming in the second coming. We try to open it up and in that way. Traditional Jews is waiting for the Messiah skews me to be revealed at the end of the age. I say what you say and do. That would mean I guess equivalent of the Revelation 19 era or something in the equivalent of when the tribulation process will start yet again there is always a law a lot of speculation sir about what's gonna happen in in the whistle the footsteps of the Messiah leading up to the messianic era, but but a lot of texts do speak of end time upheaval all kinds of war apostasy. So a lot of Christians will talk about is as a period of tribulation or with like all hell breaks loose on earth. There are rabbinic traditions that paint a similar kind of picture that it's going to get really really bad right and in the literary footsteps of the Messiah right before he comes on the scene so it's again Judaism focuses more on how to live. Application of Torah and things like that so there's a ton more in Judaism about say how to observe the Sabbath, then exactly what's gonna happen before the Messiah comes the bigger issue is how she views live to usher in the messianic error or be worthy of the coming of the Messiah or things like that so it's not like it's not as definitive but look here among Christians there. There is a lot of speculation and in their leathered differences about what's gonna happen at the end of the age.

But yes, in Andrew and many Jewish tradition, sir. There is that aspect of all hell's going to break loose right before the messianic error.

I just thought I understand you correctly, your under the impression that this Messiah, and will lose in battle first know that's that's only known executive return.

If if okay many traditional Jesus are just looking for Messiah son of David. And he's in the triumph is in a fight the wars of the Lord in Trenton went but there are other traditional Jews who believe there will be two messianic figures all at the same time at the end of the age. The first one will rise up and fight the battles of the war right he will rise up, fight the battles of the Lord, but then he'll be defeated in battle that's Messiah son of Joseph and then Messiah son of David will raise him from the dead and finish the work. So there many traditional Jews who believe in that scenario, but it's all at the same time, sir. It's not that first massage son Joseph comes and dies in a long time after that session of David comes know it's insulting to be basically at the same time but just with two figures. According to this belief all right okay got hurt right uppercut that auto item… I wrote her time. You are very very welcome 86634 before the back to the phone so there is a famous discussion in the Talmud and tractate Sanhedrin beginning at that the bottom of page 90 6B, and he continues for several tumbler pages is long pages which are a that's front side be that the backside and in in the traditional Tomlinson been studied through the centuries, there will laid out the same way SQL by page number in our Bibles record chapter and verse because every addition can be different in a what's that same page right, but a Talmud for centuries instead of the certainly city of front page back page and it they'll start on page 2.

Could you coming into an ongoing discussion and involuntarily learned and studied it properly, you misunderstand a lot of it but a lot of the Talmud is just different opinions.

Once assessments is that once is this one says that the after final look at what's definitive for what's believed ultimately. But there's a contrast given between two text Daniel seven which speaks of Messiah coming in the clouds of heaven.

In Zechariah 9 to Daniel 713, 14. Contrast with Zechariah 99 Messiah coming week and will be running on a donkey and is a contrast will which is gonna be in the answer is liberal worthy karate on the class if one worthy of him running on the dock doesn't work those of both biblical prophecies both will happen first became running on a donkey at the end he will come riding on the clouds. One Messiah but with two aspects of his mission, 866-3487 84 is never call again anywhere in the New York area CS next Thursday, August 8 date with relish readmission back with your calls and some little updates on the inside of the great learning plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to visually question 866-34-TRUTH 87884 looking at a comment on the times of Israel, posted my rebuttal to the Orthodox Jew who did not want me to debate relish moving next week will did not want relish fully to debate me next week filling Zachary Zachary said y'all know that Jews for Jesus are crackpots that the vast majority of Christians think you're nuts right. Actually Zachary wonder what vast majority of Christians you are speaking for is Jews for Jesus works with churches all over America and all over the world, as do all the major Jewish outreach ministries and we are right part in the smack dab middle of the body.

Choose following Jesus side by side with our Gentile brothers and sisters following Jesus. Maybe Zachary are not quite speaking for the vast majority of Christians okay one more thing before I go to the phones that I will give you an update with AOC and some of her recent Israel comments you may have followed what happened with especially if you watch us on YouTube. We got banned from live streaming on YouTube for one week we got a strike against us from YouTube. After putting out more than 1800 videos but am getting a strike and three strikes and you're out for life on YouTube as their present policy, we were unable to upload the show's or new shows each day for a week and I appeal that immediately and said you got the wrong guys.

What happened was we put out a video exposing the anti-Semitism in an misleading hate filled rhetoric of true news and evangelical new station spewing anti-Semitic garbage and we put out a video exposing them in the video got out a lot of attacks from supporters of true news and in real Jew haters having real ugly stuff and somehow we got Brenda the bad guys and and and the video was removed and we previously had a video band or expose the anti-Semitism of Catholic scholar E.

Michael Jones, and in the many books he writes is going to have to be 26 page book where he references me 45 times and very calmly just expose the errors of that that got banned got a warning for that six weeks postdates with what you guys the resources we want someone else get censored a band, but we just exposing their hate speech there was violent community garlands were exposing it, so that's what happened with Rick file Rick Wiles video and for all you by the way that post violent, hateful comments and in all the Talmud bashing comments etc. again, I'm not a tumbler Jew. I reject the medical authority but with light about tell the truth anyway for you to post their day and night and accuse us call me wish you courage to bring things into what was the courage to have your Jew hating views challenged your conspiratorial theories challenged and all you folks who believe all these ridiculous things but no high lozenges can be beheading Christians call me it's nonsense tried to dialogue with folks about it. Leadership that are that are Christian leadership or messenger others. Making these claims. Are they Dr. Melinda dialogue with the publicly but call me. Bring out your charges put on table anyway.

I appeal the strike. The appeal was immediately acknowledged and we never got a response so we got banned for the week and so on and anyway, so we get back on broadcasting live daily, etc. and and then I noticed the video that they had taken down as backup as backup and and I thought what the world and get monetized Richmond. Is it suitable for all advertisers, so I reached out to YouTube and I said what's going on this again of the strike is removed as no one ever got back to me this additional strike against Israeli I have no idea what how they operate them and that we learned a while ago that you can't y'all I'll answer, but it could be a video. Dr. Brown wishes you a nice day. Have a nice day. A slight exaggeration, ever, that might have a nice day. God bless you.

Not suitable for all advertisers wife and then another one from interacting with with Piers Morgan about homosexual issues and that's fine privatized so you figured out but anyway we actually yeah we might, we might just do what we tell you what, here watch will record this today and and and I is a test when the shows done to record a short video that I wish everyone a nice day. The moment it is posted on our YouTube site. The instant the instant it is posted, it will immediately be flagged at and will take a screenshot showing all right sorts of guys.

We will we will do that met Kai. We will will do that. I does it happen if hemp have to request a review.

We will have to request a review of serious okay anyway, the strike is been removed to keep exposing Jew hatred. Anti-Semitism lies but we we put a special category now and asked her to website called videos too hot for YouTube, so we'll just have a place for them if if YouTube will have them will have and slows we can use YouTube to reach people redo it 24 seven. All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to our friend Michael in Puerto Rico always with good question sir, what's on your mind today. Thank you. Oh yeah, and an updated version compared to angelic pertinent any standard Bible based on the Masoretic certain verses that refer to judgment you don't have a positive redaction in the Masoretic text and I just want to comment that you don't Christians reading the Masoretic text would probably lean more toward the Dominion theology is not based on those that Israel at least analogically you know that the entered the theater of the church age so they would lean toward Dominion theology.

They recommend erratic, but if they were yelling doing probably lean toward a remnant theology so I was wondering what your views were on that end and do you think that the EL expects Authoritative Reading That That Could Be Used in the Bible.

All Right. Fascinating Question Michael Lisi First. I Have Never Look to the Comparison of the Septuagint, Which in Refer to Us and Sometimes That the LX Asked Is at 70 People Allegedly Involved, so I've Never Examine the Septuagint from That Standpoint in Terms of Its View of of Israel or Judgment or Dominion so I'm Gonna Ask You a Follow-Up Question on That in a Moment but First the Larger Things. Make Sure Listeners Are Following That the Hebrew Scriptures Given in Hebrew Originally Owed There. There Are Few Passages in Aramaic. There Are Two Words in Genesis 31 and in Aramaic There Is This One Verse. Jeremiah 1011 with the Verses in Aramaic.

There Are Some Sections in Ezra Nehemiah in Aramaic and Then in the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 Verse Four to Chapter 7 Verse 28 Is in Aramaic. The Rest of It Is in Hebrew so We Know As Originally Given It Was Given in Hebrew, and a Little Bit in Aramaic and We Know the Septuagint Is a Later Translation. In Some Cases It's a Thousand Years after the Words Were Given in Some Cases It's It's 200 Years after the Words Were Given to the Septuagint Translation and Therefore Secondary and Ended Brent in Which You Mentioned That's an English Translation of the Septuagint from Last Century There Some More Modern Translations Will Reprint This Is Still a Respected Translation of the Septuagint. So This Is Greek Speaking Jewish Scholars Translating the Hebrew Bible into Greek Doesn't Have Authority While the Early Church. The Greek Speaking Early Church Used It As Their Bible. So That's What They Became Familiar with. However, Written the Septuagint.

That's How They Read the Old Testament, so Obviously It's Carry Great Weight in Church History Here. So Where Can Actually Have Authority the Masoretic Textile Tradition Has Been Accurately and Carefully Preserved by This Not Perfectly Preserved. Thankfully We Have Many, Many, Many Other Manuscripts so We Have Manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls That Are over 2000 Years Old, Written in Hebrew, the Other Languages As Well, but Written in Hebrew, and Then Some of Them Have Variance Where the Masoretic Textile Tradition Says One Thing and the Hebrew Manuscript from the Dead Sea Scrolls Is Another Thing. And in Some of Those Cases What's Written There Is in Complete Agreement with What the Septuagint Says.

In Other Words, the Septuagint Preserves the More Accurate Understanding of the Hebrew, There One Little Example Would Be First Samuel Chapter 2 That It Mentions the Masoretic Tradition, Three Bowls, but the Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls Read a Three-year-old Bowl and Then You Read on the Text and It Mentions Sacrificing the Goal, Which Is the Three-year-old Bowl As Opposed to Sacrificing the Bowls so I Get Very Very Minor Differences like That but Michael, in Some Cases, the Septuagint Does Preserve the Original Best Hebrew Reading.

So in That Sense It's It's an Authoritative Witness to That Right so Sorts of Great Value and That's Why All Bible Translators Will Will Use It and Then Sometimes When You're Trying to Understand and Obscure Word What It Actually Mean We Look to See How the Septuagint Understood, but Can You Give Me One Prominent Example Where You Feel There Is a Clear Distinction in the Subject You're Discussing between the Hebrew and the Greek 28 in All. My Mother, You Can Look at That. If You Want. Isaiah 2817, It Talks about the Inn of the Judgment Overstated. Probably Don't Let Him Prosperity so I Was Referring Making Reference of Data to to Our Ecology, or Some People Don't Believe in a Dominion Theology Because They Think There Is Going to Be Good or Add It, Even Historically, You Know, Israel Came under Judgment and Only a Remnant Where Were Saying You Know As a Person.

It's Interesting Yes so so Isaiah 2817.

The Some TV Spot the Calm I See What Happened Here.

I See What Happened.

Okay so II Will I Will Set Judgment or Justice As Is a Is a Measuring Line, of Okay but the Septuagint Translates It with LPR, Which Is Hope Would Happen Is That the Root Cause of Vav with a Hey after That Cova Is Is to Wait Cheek of a Right T5 Is That Everyone Knows That the the Israeli National Anthem Is the Hope from the Same Root so Them That This Septuagint Translators Mistook Cough Which Is Lying for Something Related to Hope Which Would Be a Similar Route.

So If That's a Pattern Here of Experiences Not Aware of That Six of Septuagint Scholars Have To Say Is Very Different Judgment Hope. Fascinating Question Michael.

I'm Going to Have To Look into That. Thank You for Asking. If the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Looking to Thoroughly.

Thursday My Friend Paul Will Be Leading in Worship. Okay, so Only from Tonight 7:30 PM in New York City at 2 W. 64th St. It's Right near Central Park to W. 64th St., 7:30 PM, Which Is Free to Bring Your Friends Bring You Jewish Friends Who Don't Agree Is the New Testament Anti-Somatic Again. That Is 7:30 PM August 8 2 W. 64th St. Oh They Just Remind You Again. The New Purchase.

Most North America Comes out on Tuesday. We Have Never Had This Many Preorders of Any Book Ever Written. There's a Buzz.

Something's Going on.

It Looks like We We Hit a Nerve Here Right to to Get over $50 in Free Material, Including Three Free E-Books Go to Jezebels War with Take Advantage of It Now Because This Is Going to Go Away Once the Book Comes out to All Your Friends Take Advantages Were Given Stuff like Take Advantage of It. Jezebels War with Instructions. There for Pre-Ordering Right Going to Get an Interesting Clip on a Play for a Minute from Alexandria Because You Cortez but First We Go to Elizabeth in New York City Walking to the Line of Fire. Go Hello yet You're on the Dot. I Can't Believe It, or Are I Want to Ask Your Opinion, What You Think They're Going on and Actually Right in Front of Any Erodible Gettable War with America about What a Happy Life Yeah and I Know My Bible Might Well and I Want Your Opinion, the Rise of Mankind, Child of Holocaust Okay by and How It All by My Bed about It and Come out in the Daylight Looked at Me about It or Anything like That Don't Happen about It.

I Want to Know about It and down Honey and I like That and I Exploding in a Heartbeat, Very Deep Level. Unlike You Are Very Humble Educated Man and I'm Expecting Them Not.

I Have a Very Difficult Time with What's Going on and I Have a Jewish Star on My Left Arm Capital and I Can See the Look on People Think and You Owed. I Was Actually Fire from Company and I Have a Care in My Head Because I Went to Yeshiva.

It Was Really Kind of Thinking between What's Going on and for Women Are Unbelievably Filled with Petrified Because I Can't Walk Anywhere with Dark Company Never and Ably Mean, I Know You Are like a Hard-Core Believer. I I Love the Figure of Okay I Am Not Praying and I Want to Help You with That How You What the Right Is in Part What Happening All over Again Because It Would Never Happen Again. It Was One Holocaust and I'm Happen Again. Yeah, I Can Babble, No, No, Elizabeth, What You're Saying Is This the Salon in Your Heart Is on Your Mind and It's It's Coming out and in the Stream of Consciousness That Makes Perfect Sense to Me but Elizabeth First Thank You Enough for Calling in and Thank You for for Listening and You Have My Book, the Real Kosher Jesus and All Are Not.

I Would Not You're Afraid of I Mom Yeah I Was on Part and I Would Ever Want to Go Back in Time and Weren't You You That I Was Taught ER My God like Terrified by Alan Mike Going to the Child like I Was Terrified. I'm Afraid That Believing in Him Some Way in Idolatry and Getting Them Punished Full Innocent Guy Happened Because I Wouldn't Know That the Child, and I Can Get Rid of It. I Don't Know. I'm Terrified Will Elizabeth. It's Good to Fear God.

It Is, It Is Good to Tremble at His Word That the Bible Says, the Fear of the Lord Is the Beginning of Wisdom. So You Don't Want to Play Games with God at the Same Time. If God Sent Jesus Is the Messiah of Israel. We Don't Want to Reject Him so What You Need to Do Elizabeth to Say God I Just Want to Please You. I Just Want to Love You and Please You and, If Pleasing, Humans Rejecting Jesus As Is Idolatry. Then I Will Do That.

If Pleasing You Means Embracing Him As My Messiah and the One through Whom You Revealed Yourself.

I Want to Do That but I Want to This Elizabeth. What I Found As As a Believer in Jesus Yeshua from His 48 Years Now.

Is He Really Takes Away Your Fears Really Brings You into a Place of Just Absolute Harmony with God. You Know, Your Sins Are Forgiven. There's a Sense of Purpose and Destiny Safety. There's a Reason You're Alive Today.

There's a Reason Were Talking on the Phone. I Don't Know If There's Any Way That You Could Make It out to the Debate Next Next Week or 2 W. 64th St., Where Relish Will You and I Talk of. So I Would Love to Meet You at the Very Least, When This When This Phone Call Is over. If You Could Just Stay on the Line for a Moment and Howard Will Just Get Whatever Contact Info You You Want to Give Me Whether It's a Number Were Were Higher Friend or Female Friend Could Talk with You Privately, with It's an Address to Send You the Book so Please Stay on the Line Right after We Won't Won't Give This Information out It to Anyone Else and We Would Love to Continue This This Conversation Are All Right and and I Absolutely Respect Your Your Upbringing and the Reason That You Feel the Way That You Do. Let Me Explain This Though Anti-Semitism Is Gonna Be Here in One Form or Another until Jesus the Messiah Returns and Stamps It out Once and for All and and If You'll Notice If You'll Notice Because Mention Jezebel and All of This.

If You'll Notice That the the Democratic Party Is Radical on a Number of Issues. It Is Radical Feminist.

It Is Radical Pro-Abortion Is Radical Pro-Homosexuality. In Other Words, Things That Would Be Very Much the Spirit of Jezebel You Know in the Bible. She Was an Idol Worshiper. She Was a Murderer. She Killed the Prophets, She Emasculated Her Husband Ahab Seems like This Radical Militant Feminist in the Worst Sense of the Word. We Know the Baby Coming. Spirit Went along with Idolatry That the War on Gender Training Management Women into Men. This Is This Spirit of Jezebel Is Demonic Saying and That's Why You See the Same People on the Far Left Who Support These Things Are Also Anti-Semitic and Spewing All Kinds of Vile Things about Israel.

It's It's It's All Demonic and It's in Its Coming Together, but Elizabeth, Let Me Ask This Personally Because Were Just about Out Of Time and We Can Find a Way to Continue the Conversation. How Can I Help You Right Here and Now, over the Phone and We Just Got about a Minute before the Show Was out Can I Pray for You. What Can I Do to Help.

Right Now, As Were Talk Is Obviously Are Struggling on Your Inferior. I Don't Know. I Tried Thinking I All Right What We Have We Have Not Only Do We Have Answers We Can Point You to the One Who Is the Answer Himself. So Elizabeth Right Now. People Only Knows the Name and the City's Have No Idea Who You Are. There Are People All around the World Right Now Because the Show Goes out Live around the World That Are Gonna Be Praying for You Right Now and When the Shows over so Heavenly Father in the Name of Your Son, the Messiah, I Pray for Elizabeth the Today Be the Day of Her Salvation Today Would Be the Day She Encounters You Today Would Be the Day When Her Fears Are Taken Away, and When Her Life Is Flooded with Peace. We Know This World Is Hostile and Angry Full of Hate and Destruction, but We Know in You Is Peace and Forgiveness Rest Assurance That It's Not a Coincidence That Elizabeth Called Today Work in Her Life and When I Meet Her Face to Face, May She Be Naming with Joy That She's Discovered the Messiah and Found Forgiveness of Sins.I Pray in Yeshua's Name Elizabeth Stay Right There. Don't Go Anywhere. Howard Is Going to Get Your Contact Info If It's Just an Address. I Want to Send You a Book That Will Help You and God Will Be Pleased If You Really Could You Read It Honestly and Openly. If It's a Phone Number I Love to Chat with You off the Air and and Then Disconnect You with with a Another Jewish Woman in New York Who Would Would Love to Interact, Stay Right Here Howard Whatever Info Is His Publisher Friends. Let's Pray

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