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Jezebel At the Door

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 5, 2019 4:20 pm

Jezebel At the Door

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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It is time to take down Jezebel's stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends, this is Michael Brown you edified.

Encouraged today.

Just a heads up. I won't be taking call for sit back and enjoy the show as we dig into the Scriptures as we challenge and encourage. As we look at the spiritual warfare around us and understand God's strategies for victory. This is Monday. That means tomorrow, Tuesday, August 6. My newest book, Jezebel's war with America comes out now this is it's around book 35, 36, it all depends on how you count things because I co-authored a couple of books will most with Prof. Craig Keener with Pastor John Kilpatrick so you know, that depends on the account there, but some of between 35 and 37 depending on how you count it, and yet I honestly don't remember any of my books.

Having this level of anticipation before they came out that that means to me something's going on. You know what I'm saying there seems to be an interest.

It seems to be that we struck a chord that we had a nerve that what I'm saying. Many others are feeling that as they begin to understand that the contents of the book things are opening up for them. They're getting insight or there there telling me as one pastor did Pastor Mike Hayes good endorsement for the book shortly before receiving the request for more ministry hey what he like to write an endorsement of this book, God spoke to him to do a fresh study of Jezebel in the Bible and then no sooner does he feel that in his heart that he gets request from us to republish or ask if you like to an endorsement for this book on Jezebel's war with America. Something's up a lot of believers of said enough is enough. A lot of people waking up realizing they have to take a stand. It's a shame that things have to go as far as they do in our culture, sometimes in our personal lives before we really wake up and get serious. That's the sad thing that the positive thing is often it is the turning point in our lives. You know it's like someone who didn't eat well for decades and has a serious heart attack and almost dies but doesn't ends up changing his diet, changing her diet, change in lifestyle changing behavior changing the whole complex of of how they relate to food and exercise and things like that and they end up healthier than ever. They end up eating more healthily and exercise more diligently than their other friends who haven't had heart attacks and they live many many more years than they would have otherwise. Of course some people don't survive a heart attack. Some people have a heart attack and still don't make the necessary changes on talking spiritually now. If you get my drift and not.

I've often said that it's a shame that we wake up at a certain point tour to spirituality because often we paid a terrible price ready. Often things have gone to the point where it's almost too late know my analogy would be yeah I'm glad you realized that the people that we warned you about that. We told you really shouldn't take into your house because they're really not nice people there really criminals that that you now realize that the warning was true. Unfortunately, you and your family are now tied up and gagged and they're about to ransack your house and set on fire so yeah it's good that you realize that the people were bad people. It's a little late in the game. The good news though for America, for believers, listening and viewing around the world's not too late to wake up a lot of damage has been done to our society. We take a lot of hits. Our personal spiritual lives, but it is not too late for wicked. I want to give you a little background about the Jezebel book and how I came to write it in and why I believe it's relevant for each of you.

So was always on the air if I'm telling your personal story well okay sometimes it's a new person starting some funny just happen you know I'm on the way to the studio or traveling overseas and we finally got it ill and there's little anecdote that I think you be interested in because we are family. After all, when you do daily talk radio now over 11 years.

You develop a relationship with folks in which we never seen them you feel each other. It's just the way it is. But otherwise, if I'm to tell a personal story.

There's a reason for it that I hope is meaningful for you edifying for you important for you and if you haven't yet ordered your copy of Jezebel's war with America the plot to destroy our country about when you turn the tide of wealth since coming out tomorrow. Just go where you normally go to order if if you if you get your local bookstore should be there tomorrow release date. Otherwise, review order online.

If it's Amazon or Barnes & Noble Christian book just go ahead and order the book because it's going to be officially released tomorrow. Oh and and one request. We've gotten with different ministries, organizations, bookstores, Amazon, the biggest preorder surgeries ever seen him in one of our books again. Just tell me there's something's going on that the Holy Spirit is speaking not just to me, but to many others that were hearing the same thing at the same time feeling the same thing at the same time and I've been asked to do interviews on this in the widest range of shows you can imagine thoroughly charismatic and thoroughly non-charismatic all wanted to talk about these important spiritual, cultural, and moral issues, but something that would be of real help is as soon as you read the book go on Amazon if you found the book helpful and post a review it and just below my review of this book really blessed me or found the bid or whatever could help you.

We always have people that hate what we do that come against what we do that post bogus negative reviews and haven't even read things are just out to attack us in a book like this is Guster controversy offered blesses you go to Amazon post a review.

It's a great way of teaming together with an author and and we make a difference together. Okay, so the background of the Jezebel book. I got stirred in prayer a year ago it was it was August of last year and I had some intense prayer times during which I got really really stirred about a number of different things. One is a book about the resurrection of the Messiah, which I'm just finishing out due out around Passover Easter of next year.

Another was about our ministry school fire school of ministry going online and then another was to get a book out about Donald Trump and evangelicals, and get it out in time for the midterm elections this it's August 2018. I'm a written book yet and I'm burdened not just a ready but to get it out before the midterm elections.

I felt led to contact one particular publisher did that said, let's do it within a week I finished writing all the new material and then took what about 100 of my most relevant articles on Donald Trump pro and con, reflecting my my feelings of years or so, maybe common problem that order and putting together and the book came out. Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical speaks his mind about the many supports Pres. and the book out quickly and a lot of readers let a good response set a whole. It made its mark in terms of the goal of the book. Okay, so I right that I'm working on that book and about the same time I see a clip of my friend Pastor John Kilpatrick. It's at the end of one of the services on a Sunday morning at his church church was presence in Daphne, Alabama, and he says Pres. Trump is being attacked by witchcraft. Jezebel's come against the president and he just said we need to pray for the president and look whoever isn't office were supposed to pray for yes. Whether it's Barack Obama. Whether it's George Bush, whether it's Bill Clinton, whoever it is, what is Ronald Reagan or the Jimmy Carter with this Donald Trump are supposed to pray for our leaders and we know the devil wants to destroy people, including our leaders. So regardless of where you stand on that. Amen we should pray and to pass Kilpatrick's shock. The clip going viral got played everywhere and within 48 hours of that prayer call. Donald Trump got hit with some of the worst attacks he did in his presidency, and it was really a week from hell. So I shot him a text saying to him, amen, that there really appreciate the prayer was really right on and and as he prayed publicly. He spoke in tongues and the afterwards a boy.

I realize this was going to go outside amount congregation or with oppression tongues in that setting it all and is there, the thing went viral. Like I said even the Jerusalem Post wrote an article about it interview Pastor Kilpatrick. It was actually a favorable article, rather than mocking with Jezebel which graphing so he shot me back a very gracious note, Pastor Kilpatrick. And I said listen I got this book coming out right before the elections on evangelicals and Donald Trump. If I can find a way to get down to carnation I would just love to have you folks pray for me any civil might lunch, take Sunday for me this is available us that'll work that'll work is can be like a week or two before the elections.

As I was praying about a message. What message should I bring the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the prayer the John Kilpatrick pray about this Jezebel asked spirit to date what I mean.

I mean, the same demonic forces with the same demonic principality that was in operation in Jezebel.

In biblical days that empower this wicked queen to the point that even the mighty prophet Elijah. At one point in his life after the greatest triumph and Ministry of his life were the greatest recorded triumphs in Scripture recall down fire from heaven.

Immediately after that he's running for his life in fear of Jezebel.

She was, not just a wicked woman. She was a demonically empowered wicked woman in the Bible associated with sexual immorality and sorcery.

King James is witchcraft and killing prophets among many other things. Idolatry and others so godly. The message on my heart to preach at that church about Jezebel, the prophets, Donald trumps a Donald Trump will tell you where the ties in in a moment, and after that some months later I was interacting with one of my publishers. They were talking about the next book that I was gonna write for them and I we were praying about this. So here are some of the things I'm thinking about going back and forth in one of the books yeah great, may we put that out in in in 2020.


And what about an in 2019 and I suggested well I preach this message on Jezebel wanted to listen to it and see if you think there's something in it while he listens to it.

Others on the team listen to it and they get back to me and they say we really feel the Lord is in this message is posted out on a national level that the next is needed such and such date will buy that. That's when the story gets interesting on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. This am talking to you today. My brand-new book comes out tomorrow. Jezebel's or with American. I will proclaim us loudly and clearly is a losing war. It is a losing war all Jezebel by which we mean the demonic spirits that operated through queen Jezebel 3000 years ago an operating entity or perhaps a principality demonic principality that terrible damages been done to our nation terrible damage has been done to the church, but ultimately Jesus triumphs, but ultimately Jezebel is defeated. We know that biblically, how can we take steps to suggestible defeated in our own life right so not taking calls today, but sharing how it is that I came to write this book. When you get your copy of Jezebel's North America again. If you have an orderly yet if you if you get at your local bookstore. It should be in your bookstores.

As of tomorrow Tuesday, August 6.

If you have in order to get them wherever you order online. Go ahead and place your order and you'll get the pizza e-book you get it immediately the next day.

Otherwise, it will be shipped immediately.

Can't wait to get it in your hand. I signed about hundred 70 something the other day.

These were numbered and signed preorder copy through a ministry just kind of accessible exclusive thing that that we do with each new book and praying over each book that it would impact you and and that God would stir your heart as you read it, but as I was flipping through pages here is what I was struck with that and I'm about to glorify God. Soon, so don't take me wrong. The book is filled with tons of documentation of shocking quotes of eye-opening illustrations of mind-boggling news items of intense websites and in Scripture Scripture Scripture Scripture and use okay what's your point right when the publisher contracted me this is front-line books a subdivision of Christmas when the publisher contracted an incident right. Dr. Brown would like you to write this book next for us to get it out in 2091 get out in the summer of 2019. Therefore, we will need the manuscript by this is such a date which I believe was January 31 of the same year. Of course, had written any of the book at all. Not not Alina but I preached a message on the cement written anything on so I I said okay I'm it may be submitted just a little bit late but I'll do my best to get you well friends during a break in December when I wasn't traveling I was back for my annual India trip. I didn't have to travel for little little bit right before Christmas. I got stirred the I'm used to writing stirred up some things I just work at zero by Job commentaries work at plug away work at Playboy that that comes out gobbling it this fall and no other things just your answer in Jewish objections to Jesus. Five volumes over 1500 pages Playboy every day working on more work you more. Other times I Crept I got stirred and and I'm writing by the hour. And what happened with this book is as I get to see him and next thing I'm writing for hours and in the chapters done and I can't tell you how many notes it at how many references it had, and everyone got fact checked the editorial team. They went on every single website.

They check every 'to make sure everything is accurate. It's okay. Sometimes things are misreported online or over a website has misleading information or this a popular myth being repeated detailed factor.

Everything an unfinished thing okay you're done take a break.

No school moved on with another theme and I wrote awry little. I felt like fire in my heads-up craft sup. Some critics went after Bella. His views claiming divine inspiration is the new Joseph Smith of the Morency cost. Don't you guys have anything better to do but I mean I what I was gripped I did I was I couldn't stop writing.

And I remember one night literally at 230 in the morning on a late night person still to third it's about time to wind up from right enough to sit and think okay, done this chill go sleep and out, literally. I'm laying down in bed until I got hit with the same elect pack to start writing it, and you know I Nancy, my wife Nancy knows I keep all kinds on hours, especially writing, but this this was intense and and about 70% of the core of the book he got filled out was written in an intensive six-day. And then, of course, sharpen, fine-tune, sharpen and fine-tune Intrepid fighter.

I got the manuscript in early. I was so gripped to write it.

And now that I'm on flipping back through the pages of of God. It got inherent in it had flipping back through the pages and and all the Scripture quotes in and the constant references and latest news and and and and illustrations and I mean it's it's chock-full why this sense of urgency. Why why this intensity is because the battle is really intense friends more than anything, it is a spiritual battle so so let's review for a minute Jezebel in the Bible she's associated with first she's a pagan princess right. Her father is his cane with neighboring country to be in Lebanon today right tire side and ancient Phoenicia be in Lebanon today. Her father is according to some traditions, the king would've been also a priest. And in the temple so that the daughter priestess that will know that for sure, but the speculation that Jezebel was a priestess in the temple of Baal bail but for sure she was a zealous worshiper of pagan gods and goddesses. Now she married a godless king of Israel, Ahab, he was originally he was already a center but now it is Scripture tells us that it's written in Scripture that she incited him to Dewey, so she's an idol worshiping pagan princess. She incites her husband to do even more evil. And even though historically, Ahab is considered to be a strong king on another Gabi can be a strong king. She's thoroughly emasculate seven you read one account in particular and you can see how she emasculate her husband for your argument. You all do it and and and is more wicked than he would be. He ultimately humbles himself in some level of repentance through this and see the full nature of the judgment for not her Sherman's brazen.

She's also associated with being a seductress associated with sorcery associated with murder told the prophets and she intimidated by fear. The Jezebel asked spirit that this demonic spirit associated with Queen Jezebel is not just a seductress or maybe different spirits working together in this way, but also an intimidator fear friends can be paralyzed. If you've ever dealt with panic attacks if if you've ever dealt with was just a dread fear hanging over you it's it's paralyzed you feel like you can't fight like you can't resist because hate your you're ready done it, you've already lost in fear of course is irrational you can you can be sitting in an open field next to three people and and get attacked with panic and how claustrophobic it doesn't matter that you're in an open field and only three people around you. Fear is irrational fear can be very powerful and very crippling.

So Jezebel crippled with fear and we also know from the ancient world. Let's think about it for minute.

We know from the ancient world that when you had pagan idolatry you very commonly had baby sacrificed out that's not listed in conjunction with Jezebel and Ahab, but to be quite candid, I would be shocked if there was not child sacrifice that went on during their lifetimes on a regular basis in Israel and and and I'd be surprised if they themselves did and participated in it. On some level now we know in the New Testament in Revelation the second chapter that Jesus and speaking to one of the congregations says you tolerate that prophetess that false prophetess Jezebel woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and your sin is tolerating her tolerance is not always a good thing and he says that she leads God's people into sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed Elsa once again you have the connection of idolatry and Raleigh. It's a very common connection Scripture. Think for example of numbers 25 Numbers 2224. There is the attempt to to curse Israel came about Locke Blalock of of Moab hires Balaam bail him to curse Israel and Baylor can do it. God turns the curse into a blessing, but we learn later that bail and then councils can bear like okay I could curse Israel. But here's what you do seduce them into sexual immorality and idolatry gobble curse gobble judge so what happens is this we see in Numbers 25 so right after Baylor leads Numbers 25 that the Israelites are seduced into what idolatry and sexual immorality with the Moabites, the Midianites, we we see it happen immediately, so that's a way to come under judgment and divine discipline, but more importantly, note the link that exist between the two and why does Jesus call this woman Jezebel in the New Testament is it that her name was actually Jezebel possible, but not exactly the kind of name you are aware, as a Christian right is very likely in most scholars would think this is the case that that was not her name that she was a false prophetess that she was leading the church into sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.

But that Jesus gave her that name because she was just like Jezebel in the Old Testament the same demonic activity then the same demonic activity. A thousand years earlier with Queen Jezebel the same demonic activity 3000 years later today really connect the dots to talk about being sons of Issachar right here on the line of fire. This is largely Jezebel's will for sure.

What are you, whatever the line of fire your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam review to be edified. Encourage strength in maybe Miller stretched today on today's broadcast, I'm not taking calls today were really excited with launch week here of Jezebel's war with America today, August 5, the book comes out tomorrow August 6. If you listening on podcast watch on YouTube if you days later than the books ready out this goer you get your books and order yourself a copy and hopefully reviews will start to be posted very quickly on Amazon from folks that preordered and got a picture from us little bit in advance and have had time to read the book.

The book blesses you, be sure to take a moment and post a review on

Just a great way to get the message out all right. You hear me introduced every day as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution is catchy but you know I'm absolutely serious about that.

Not the only voice God's voice for the out note. God has many, many, many voices and many many servants. Thankfully, millions and millions sharing his word and preaching his word and teaching it in there so many voices speaking in so many ways, but it is my calling my goal, my burden, my privilege to serve as your voice of moral, cultural, spiritual revolution on radio and in writing and on video than ever the means by which we can serve you. In other words, I know that many of the things that I'm burdened with your also burden to hear from you all the time. See you face-to-face tell me that all right something and you say, Dr. Brown, that's exactly rose feeling or might you said I wanted to say so in that sense because we have a great platform to reach a lot of people.

I can be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution by revolution remain gospel based change we mean Jesus changes us and we go through the gospel and bring about change around us. It means we shine as lights in dark places. It means that we overcome lies with truth that we overcome hatred with love means that God uses us together to make a difference in the world isn't the great commission on a certain level Jesus saying come with me and let's go change the world together is in the great commission going to all the world, making disciples of the nations as you go make disciples of the nations is, isn't that a call with the Lord Jesus is all authority in heaven and earth is given to me since long with you always, to the end of the age that were to say in between that between giving us authority saying that that he has authority we use in his name and that is with us to the end of the age was in between that therefore go and make disciples of the nations how we do it we we do it by teaching them everything that Jesus commanded us. We do it by immersing them in the name of the father son of the spirit.

That's how we go and make disciples. So it is a world changing mission and it's a revolutionary mission but not the way the world carries things that not with the weapons of this age, but with spiritual weapons weapons of the word, the weapons of changed lives, the weapons of of love and grace weapons of the power of the Holy Spirit at work supernatural. Now I've also said that it's our goal to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of all the world in massive confusion, a world that is out of control and chaos in a church that is all too often in compromise.

It is an urgent hour and it is our goal, according to first Chronicles 1232 to be like the sons of Issachar.

They were part of David's army first Chronicles 12 beginning in verse 32 glacis out that these were the troops the warriors the leaders that came to David Braun helped turn the kingdom to him from Cabrillo to Jerusalem to unite Israel behind them as he switched his capital city from Cabral to Jerusalem seven years have grown 33 years in Jerusalem for years raining over Judah than Judah and Israel. So there are different warriors that are there are mighty soldiers there battle tested people there large numbers sons of Issachar is the smallest it only mentions 200 heads of of of the. The tribes of the of the families and it doesn't mention there battle tested doesn't mention their skills doesn't mention their equipped with this weapon or that rather it says they understood the times and knew what Israel should do. They understood the times and knew what Israel should do. It's one thing to have a prophetic interest in the world around us and the science of Jesus is coming back or we getting closer to the end of the agent and Christians of asset through the centuries that's perfectly fine, but but it's more important to understand the times and instigate this is what we should do you ever watch a sports event primarily football or basketball, football, in particular American football and annual say all manner did a real bad job of time management that it used their timeouts well they did a bad job of time management. Well, we often do a very bad job of part time management because we we don't act in accordance with what's happening around us. We don't understand the time, some using this in a different term time management. We don't understand at times and therefore we don't know what we are supposed to do so. Writing Jezebel's war with America. I felt like the Lord wanted me to help take the veil of deception on so we could see what's really happening in that you know I have often pointed out that there may be some some beautiful picture of a seductive looking gal and she scantily clad in and she's smiling and some guy looks at that he thinks no she smiling at me. She's interested in me will all know behind that, spiritually speaking, it is a is a miserably ugly, vicious demon who wants nothing other than to destroy you and this gal could care less about you.

She's getting paid to pose, you know, it's like some sci-fi movie where there's some very attractive looking person but there is some demonic being inside of them. We look around in society and we often don't recognize what's happening spiritual sewing Jezebel's war with America began to connect the dots looking at Jezebel in the Bible in the Old Testament and mentioned prophetess named Jezebel in the New Testament or woman. Jesus calls Jezebel, and we look at what's happening in society around us and said second that's just it's like when you go to a doctor if you've ever had this happen. You got a condition issue over here this party your body and the doctors are not quite but now it's this part of the body and now it's this now. It's that are.

I remember once that I had shoulder should just go back a few years, I was working out when they want to do some shoulder all shoulder is really hurting and I think actually it may start with the left and went to a doctor and he said okay you need physical therapy. Thus, in such swallowing regularly.

Our insurance was covering it at that time I went regularly and got physical therapy and then to my shock. The sink shifted to the right shoulder. What in the world shifted from the left to the what happened so the therapist civil.

You must been overcompensating with the one and that's why jump to the other and see my great goddess therapist but anyway, my sister-in-law recommended a Christian chiropractor and she said not only will you work on your Hillel pray for wisdom as he works on and I told him what happened and he looked at. He said not know it's that's not what it was, it didn't jump from one to the other. That reason, he said, is another explanation for and began to work on it and give me some exercises to do, and prayed for wisdom because he said there was this little hard to isolate and after a while the thing went away completely.

Have had no issues since those there.

There was some else going on, and it seemed to be over here know over here and you go to the doctor with all the different symptoms and is is not about you not suffering from five different things. It's all the same. Here's how to focus on that one saying and deal with her this therapy are these antibiotics of the surgery. The one thing will fix it all is this all flowing from the same issue you may have at your house. You know them. Say you have had at your house where there's a leak here in the creates a problem there which leads to problem here which greatly problems there which is of something. There is like all you're trying to do is stick your finger in and in different holes in the dam where there is another issue going on. That's how it is Jezebel -like attack on America five or six or seven or eight different things that all seem to be so unrelated they are related.

Jezebel associated with idolatry in the Bible is there not a massive rise in the American Society of attorney away from the worship of God and being caught up in the things of this world, including materials and greed which are gods themselves in obsession with every other entertainment. Ireland's everything else that gets her eyes off the one true God and takes her image is Jezebel. So I need more proof that all just getting started.

Jezebel's associate with seduction sexual morality new generation world history has ever had to deal with our generations issues now sexual temptation's always been here from the fall of man sexual temptation and many fallen by but with Internet with availability of porn to little kids can access it on cell phones know is a red to deal with this to get idolatry sexual morality rise of radical feminism in its ugliest man hating spirit and with that the war on gender 20 minutes women and women to men without the emasculating of man in the culture, the intimidating of the prophetic voices by fear the rise of which aircraft as it also associate with sorcery and witchcraft euros check on Amazon the other day and I think this seven of the most 10 red books on Amazon right now since I just bought the red on the how they compute red but they were there Harry Potter books so even with the innocent sorcery and then the outright rise and witchcraft. You put all these things together and in the demonic empowering behind owners more also but but this is enough and you put them together in chapter after chapter, we unfold them in the Jezebel book you think okay were not just dealing with different unrelated issues. The militant shout your abortion baby killing spirit that makes light of the taking of the life of the baby in the womb that laughs about it, that feels in some kind of sacred right. These things are all related. When we in Jesus name through prayer and spiritual warfare is released to personalize her life.

If not now exactly how the comeback is logically un-American. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the special broadcast launch week. Jezebel's war with America again who comes out tomorrow, August 6, so if you haven't preordered yet, just where we order your books is go ahead and get them or go to your local bookstore should be in stock as of tomorrow with the government little early and as I said before, I've never seen this level of interest in a book before he came out in one of mine that there's often anticipation we talk about a new book coming out and that that blesses me. I can't tell you how privileged I feel to write books that are important to you and that that you want to read means the world to me is God's called me to write up what else can I asked for, but readers interested readers, but there just seems to be something up more as I talk about this.

The interests they are that the anticipation so were were really excited about them, believing that the Lord's doing something so where is Donald Trump tie-in with Jezebel, not the please listen to you may be one of Pres. Trump's most loyal supporters you may be one of Pres. Trump's most strident critics you may be someone who says I don't understand how you can be a Christian and not vote Donald Trump you maybe wonder says I don't know how you could be a Christian and vote for Donald Trump to both of you to all of you and where we are in between what I'm about to say applies just the same with pastor John Kilpatrick's prayer year ago about Jezebel wanting to attack the president witchcraft come against the president that got me thinking about this, which ended up being to the theme of of me writing this book and when I was interviewing Jonathan Kohn last year have needed the day of the of the solar eclipse. As you remember that you have a great interview Jonathan that he was mentioning how Donald Trump is a J who kinda figured read about Jehu and second Kings. The essence conflict with Jezebel second Kings nine and what we see is that J who, like Donald Trump was an outsider. He was not a politician Trump, a businessman, of course, J who general, we see that he's described as is driving like a maniac or driving recklessly and I have headlines in the Jezebel book in the chapter that intersects with Trump used one little part of the book, but in the chapter that intersects with him. I have references to Trump being like a maniac or reckless the exact words used to describe J who have been used to describe Trump okay again by critics of both cases and we know that that J who did a lot of good. He was zealous for for for God's cause by the also did a lot of collateral damage was like a bull in a china shop. Since it very much seem like a trunk on a character and interestingly Jonah dab some of the summer break up who was a godly man and a moral man was a real friend of J who in some of like an Jonah dab to it to Mike pence figure not to say that Jake was a prophecy of Trump Nona but to say there. Interesting parallels J who will ultimately brings down Jezebel. So my thesis was simply this, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to see this that when you have a Donald Trump type person that the critics would point out his past you're being misogynist in his gross comments about women and and and being an adulterer and a Playboy. All of this, they would point out the negative is his supporters would point out the positive.

He's a strong leader.

He doesn't back out from anyone. He's pro-life, etc. either way, this type of leader is going to come into conflict with Jezebel. There is going to be a direct conflict with Jezebel with the radical feminist spirit right so what's happening with the Trump residence. Let me say it again, for better or for worse with you voted for him or didn't vote for him, which happened with this presidency is that this attitude, this Jezebel -like mentality the same demonic forces that have come out of the woodwork. You say Laban rightly provoked him to say.

Now they been provoked or righteous is whichever side of this, you like it you can't deny what's happened so you have that the women's marches immediately after his presidency, I mean massive organization marches around America around the world and I'm sure to see more of these in the in the months ahead as we get closer to 2020 elections and if he wins again. Then we'll see them even more pronouncedly in certain circles after some of the women are sincere women in a few very upset that Donald Trump is in the White House feel that is unworthy of the office and only hurts America and others are wicked women. They are, which is they are full of anger and hatred and venom.

They are radical feminists they they glory in the right to abortion. They are involved as well. And their voices are probably the more prominent voices right at and with this the angry spirit of of wanting to blow up the White House or or which is you, this is coincidence, which is cursing. Pres. Trump while other witches are cursing or hexane. The patriarchy in general are right that the male authority in general. Now you look at the wider seen in our culture.

The dumbing down of man, and in particular fathers in our culture, I'm 64 so many view my age lived with all little bit younger. Remember the shows that aired in the 50s in the 60s, the shows like father knows best, the shows like Ozzie and Harriet, the shows like Andy Griffith, the shows like Lassie never saw any of the shows there are readily available. Go back and watch some your thick no no no families were like that. Yeah, a lot of our families were like that and maybe a little idealistic here and there but the dad was responsible and that the dad was was was reasonable and the dad was was why is and so on and you go from that to to the Homer Simpson's of the world and only watched excerpts of Homer Simpson or The Simpsons in general, but if I'm correct, Homer Simpson is not exactly father knows best and and and everywhere everybody loves Raymond is at the crime scene that just reading about the, the, the, the emasculating of the father of of the man of the male. That's Jezebel is the same demonic powers that were talking about this one instance in in Scripture. In first Kings the 22nd chapter where were Ahab is going to to meet his demise there prophetic words that are spoken against him and and at that point he he's just humbled himself couple chapters earlier because of the charge of the prophet is given a message from God right that the destruction will come in his lifetime right but but what was it that led up to these things, Ahab is upset there's there's a vineyard owned by another Israelite.

It's right next to the king's property and he wants it, so he tells a God like your property and the guys acknowledged not selling its ancestral property to sell it were now stimuli your tribe and your family was unheard of. So what happens happens is that Ahab sulking to submit Jezebel's was what you sulking 40,000. Just take care act so she calls rodeo big gathering everyone together. You know, because with a special day. The special gathering and make sure that he's there and they both is is is there at the front of the that the table with the special guests and have witnesses denounced seminaries revile God and the king and kill them and they knew that there murder a guy in cold blood mentions a stay or go take your field that's got a woman that she was, but that's how emasculating it was to have a wife like this that she committed evil beyond his evil. It's… He instigated him addicted to commit sin. It's what were dealing with the society. This connection between the dumbing down of the dads for years in our culture and the shout your portion spirit. This connection. There's a connection between the seduction of porn on the one hand and the rise of radical feminism, on the other hand, you think you're so different. One is sexually objectifying women. The others are fighting yes it yet, but there's a spiritual connection because they they both have destructive effects on women and on.

So with Donald Trump. It is like the final Jezebel conflict discomfort.

It is right in front of our eyes. Question is how do we deal with and we defeat Jezebel to get into that gobbling on tomorrow's broadcast right I will be taking calls today or tomorrow, so sit back and enjoy all the content. If you miss any of the broadcasts immediately archived on our YouTube channel. Esther Gibran asked Kate DR Brown on YouTube. You can watch them there again you can watch them live on YouTube or Esther to branch out on Facebook. You can also subscribe to the podcast on MP3 so however you can take these in do so.

The last two chapters of the book we deal first with how to defeat Jezebel a personal level. The demonic forces and powers that you do with a personal about how to defeat Jezebel a personal level, and then how to defeat Jezebel on a corporate level and one thing that really blessed me with this book was that the editor work with Adrian and quite a few books with charisma. She's terrific editor with a great team that her two favorite chapters of the book with the last few chapters.

These are chapters of victory. These are chapters of hope you subtract is a strength of friends unless we recognize the battle unless we recognize with the enemy is doing. We will not be adequately equipped to push back against the evil one.

So we must stand together in Jesus name lunacy victory in Jesus name. Being forewarned is being for equipped and we put on the full armor of God, no demon, no principality, not even Satan himself can stand in our way in him in Jesus we are or are ourselves up as soon as I go ahead and coffee

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