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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from NYC

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 7, 2019 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from NYC

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 7, 2019 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/07/19.

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Hey friends, I am in New York City one day before my big debate with Rabbi Willie and we are live and the phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, it is a delight to be with you today on the line of fire. I am in my hotel room looking out on the streets of New York City which are pretty dark right now we were to be out on the street actually going to try to do a live stream on YouTube and Facebook from the streets today, but if thunderstorms it's it's dark out as if it's early evening right now in the afternoon, but tomorrow the big night. My debate with Rabbi Shirley will attack on the subject is the New Testament anti-Semitic and a whole bunch of other things I want to share with you some important updates and of course talk about what's happening in America but the phone lines are open 86634.

That's 866-348-7884. Any saying under the sun. You want to talk to about any question you want to raise any point you want to make the ties in with subject matter of the line of fire. Phone lines are open 8663 freight 74. This is a great day to call and if you try to get through on a Friday or sometimes on a Thursday and have a hard time doing it because the volume of calls phone lines are open and we have a rare thing we open the phone lines we have some open lines that I'm looking at right now. Okay, if you were wondering why I didn't spend a lot of time on the year yesterday and the day before. So Monday and Tuesday talking about the tragic shootings in America talking about the upheaval that were in talking about all of the various political ramifications. The reason I didn't is that I was ministering yesterday and the day before at a retreat center in Maryland with very spotty Internet service and access, but I was ministering there to college workers, especially the Ivy League campuses. Great couple of days ministering to them and because yesterday was the release day for Jezebels war with America, we pre-recorded two shows two to really get to the content, hopefully to edify you to encourage you to build you up and to inform you, so we prerecorded no-shows, but I was writing articles alright so I posted several articles I think three in total that tie in directly with what's been going on. One article right after the El Paso shootings and as were still processing things from there in Dayton Ohio and didn't know at this point that the shooter in Dayton was it was a liberal socialist apparently who who supported Elizabeth Warren and the shooter in El Paso.

Of course a white supremacist who supported Pres. Trump's look we don't know everything going on yet but this much we can say we know that the subject of white nationalism, white supremacy is going to come up, so I immediately wrote an article.

I am not dreaming of a white America I'm dreaming of a God-fearing America. The site based on color that's not based on ethnicity. That's based on coming together as Americans honoring and fearing God and living in a culture that would reflect that I wrote that article I wrote another article indicating that that America is very very sick and that we need to put everything on the table. Let's discuss everything from mental illness from breakdown of family and fatherlessness to two bans on assault weapons to the presidents rhetoric to the media's rhetoric was put everything on the table. Let's bet everything that's fine, let's let's look at it but avoid being in New York City. There was police cars going by and fire engines gone by with sirens blaring. So if you hear that in the background. It's not in your neighborhood. Maybe it's never been fearing it. Now it's in my neighborhood here in the head. Okay, but I wrote this article is if I let's talk about everything. If something is relevant.

Five. It's not relevant funder so so many issues like with her so much pain so much hurt not only the shootings help El Paso in Dayton, but the same weekend this past weekend.

25 people were were shot and killed and four hours in Chicago just with the ongoing violence there so ultimately what I said was our only hope is to is to to look to God that our only hope is revival.

I wrote that article and then I wrote another article so you can read these there there all it asked Dr. and other websites where we we publish them.

You can read these articles in the most recent article I said look, the president has categorically said that we need to renounce racism and bigotry in white supremacist that some say were wonderful. He didn't need to do that because that's always been a stance.

Other say I don't believe him. He's he's been provoking the problem so you have both extremes. My position is a guy take him at his word.

I got a hold on to his word in August. Say as Americans. Let's make a fresh start. Together with the reset button but that understand that the rhetoric is not healing anyone that is people grieving and morning and in shock that that the rhetoric is not healing and with the rhetoric is not helping any one so as it is only inflaming the divisions and deepening the divisions in inflaming the passions so instead let's agree to gather to work together to fight these evils in America and to marginalize those who are the haters on either side of things on any side of things. So you can read the articles and quick update on the adjustable book.

Again, if you got a question of any kind or comment one way in on your views about what's happening in America today, 866-348-7884 that is the number to call. Okay, I'm looking right now on Amazon. now the book is available on all your online booksellers. Excuse me Amazon and Barnes & Noble Books A Million Christian book and it should be at your local bookstores as well, but the preorders were were so big.

The biggest we've had for any book I've written, which to me tells me sums gone on to me that's that's symptomatic that that we struck a chord. We hit a nerve.

Something is happening. People are recognizing it it's it's been the number one bestseller in Christian spiritual warfare for for several weeks and and this again is Esprit publication. Never had that level of of ongoing interest in a book reports come out, but what the so many orders were placed that Amazon is now posting. Usually ships within one to two months forget that forget that. Forget it if if all of the extra books that were ordered are not physically there going out from their warehouses.

They are being processed in their warehouse okay.

Everything was shipped and Amazon just has the wrong info there so don't get worried someone already wrote to us at once. I don't wait for but don't worry about but on the other had, that's a good sign to me that there's this much interest. This is much passion II did an interview yesterday for Dan Cecilia in his financial network but is also passion about pro-life and other issues. I did an interview with him and I don't know that I've ever had an interviewer more enthusiastically endorse my book.

I mean he was pushing it with more enthusiasm than I was, and telling ever need to get he read the whole book. His wife read the whole book he was telling everyone get a copy for yourself and get a copy for your pastor and if you have the book as soon as you been able to read and of course you can download the Kindle or whatever the e-book you get instantly and insert releases have a chance to read it. Please post a review on Amazon and elsewhere you post your same review in several places that will encourage others to get it and and if you believe in the message of the book post something on social media take a picture of yourself with the book or if you got one of the advanced sign copies for me post a picture of that and encourage others to tweet something outpost and Instagram whatever issues my goal. My goal is to expose Jessica my goal. What I suggest about you understand what I'm not the ghost of Jezebel or her human spirit. But the same demonic forces the same coalition of demonic forces that operated through same principalities that operated through her operating again today.

The more we expose the enemy. The more we put the enemy to fight, the more we expose the enemy, the harder it is for the enemy to hide behind lies it you know it's like it would it would be like it in the old days of cigarette commercials that as the person of the smoking smoking the cigarette you're the marble madness.

Big strong man out on his steed and Barbara country yes it's true he died of lung cancer. It is true at the Met's solder Summit whatever one of his relatives that I read elsewhere confirm that I read that there were several different people play the role of marble men. They all died of lung cancer with one for sure. And it it instead of just seeing this big strong man instead of if, as he smoking you saw the effect on his lungs at end and you did a a a a a a fast-forward of 10 or 20 years and there is dying of lung cancer. Tragically, or you know shirt you're showing the you know the latest delectable meal in all like 9000 unhealthy calories in your you're looking at data and out of the TV screen that that they next show somebody dying of a heart attack at the age of 45 because of gluttony or you know here is that the picture pops up you going to a sports website a news website here some scantily clad gal and there she is in and get a work or interview.

Click on some link and it's still all we got all these ladies waiting for whatever the junkie hasn't annual looks all she so pretty she's smiling at you and you see the reality you see the reality of of a broken life with a broken family and a broken marriage if if we could see the author reaches. I was told by the final and the final consequences we live differently today. We would live differently today in the same way if we could see the demonic forces at work behind the scenes. If we could see the fangs behind the smile if if we could see the anger look. There are people conmen murderers pedophiles evil people who when you meet them are charming and and gracious, and the kind of person that you trust. And it's all a demonic fa´┐Żade say my friends as we see what's happening in the society around us.

We recognize this is Jezebel. And as we confront and cast down Jezebel. We can see change, beginning in our own personalized art.

I got some really interesting things to talk about relative to the debate taking place tomorrow night. I think you will be encouraged to hear it. There will be a live stream me on Facebook asked if Facebook on twitter are Michael L. Brown letter that lifestream is watch the race and privacy number five gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual illusion here again is Dr. Michael Brown last week I've had editorials, op-ed pieces published on the times of Israel website and today in Jerusalem post their published on either those in front of that I've ever tried to before, but I appreciate both of them allowing me to write responses to articles that were written referencing tomorrow night's debate with Rabbi Shirley Potala on the subject is New Testament anti-Semitic and in both of the editorials people came after me.

I appreciate Tom's original Jerusalem post allowing me to respond address the issues and put them on the table so I want to fill you in on that little bit more. Give your preview of what's happening tomorrow night and your calls, 86634.

We store in Oregon with Victor. Welcome to light a fire. I you got your you got your radio on right so you give you second. However, your listening whatever you turn that down and just talk to me directly. Hopefully will get this together right are you there Victor, okay whatever is going on Howard. As soon as you get a break will find out what happened with Victor. Let's go to Beaumont, Texas Dawn, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown got a question concerning mental health in relation to the Bible and look at the resort as well. I got a friend suffering from borderline personality disorder and in the Bible. I read about how you know Jesus cast out demons from people and am wondering to what extent are a lot of these mental disorders, human or demonic oppression recollecting and so that's a multipart question.

Part of Arctic concern that the other thing is I like to know if you can point me in the direction of any churches that have seen verifiable results in stores.

You know, casting out demons, and in a situation like this feature to the known tracker right okay so a few things done. It's it's interesting you mention that exact diagnosed condition because I've been interacting with someone online through email and I was saying look just to something in your communication that that's wrong and that you're missing things and you don't seem to have a filter on what you're saying and a civil I have thus in such finance borderline personality disorder and get out of the how broad a category that is but let me say this, there are certain things that are purely physical and it just like a broken bone. You fall down and you break a bone and there is right or you know your you miss with a hammer you're hit your finger your thumb boom okay there it is black and blue and pain. See, there are certain things that are simply physical. There are other things that are simply emotional that someone is scared about something in the triggers of memory and they're scared and it's purely emotional and there other things that are purely spiritual it is. It is a demon that must be driven out and there other things were it can be a combination. In other words, that the physical symptoms can relate to a demonic attack or the emotional responses can relate to a demonic attack. So in the case of your friend.

It's hard to say there can be something wrong with the chemistry of the brain. I'm not a medical doctor, a psychologist, but we understand there can be certain things that are literally wrong with the chemistry of the brain and God can heal that or through medication. Sometimes it can, it can be modified on some level, and there other things where there is no rational medical explanation and it's a purely spiritual thing and when the person is set free, then a change comes transformation comes in again. Sometimes it's a combination of of different things.

Let me let me encourage you just to check out one website all right. I'd I don't recommend specific churches in an things for for quite a few reasons but typing the word restoring the foundations restoring the foundations you see restoring the this is a Christian ministry that we have friends that have been trained in it. Over the years and they when they minister to someone I think they started specially ministering to leadership couples but they look at things in terms of your own background and family history.

Your spiritual history. Potential demonic strongholds, potential areas of of of of spiritual curses, things like that and then try to diagnose what's going on and minister to people through counsel, through biblically-based counsel and prayer to see homeless, and it might be the kind of thing that that Don has some deep spiritual roots. Again, I don't know. It could be something that's physiologically explained but reach out to the folks there sure the situation and as as far as his fortune from one. One quick question on document again.

I don't have the capability of diagnosing unlikely try to do it on the air, but does your friend want help recognize that there is a need and they want help recognize that there is a need for whether to what degree this person one so sometimes it felt me. Other times I don't need help. I don't know that mastering into the condition.

I suspect demonic oppression or something like that. Whatever we read from the Bible talk about the Bible are present the gospel or anything along those line this is a person that grew up reading the Bible going to church but though the question will say, well, did you really not a cross or even really suck for the crossover you sometimes things like will cancel things in the Bible. It's all been changed because the government did you know blah blah interesting so so this person is not not solely a believer that I would say just a lot of guys are there background got it yet will obviously the biggest thing of all is for them to come to the Lord in your seeking to minister to them and that way but be be confident on that.

Your prayers to God are powerful and that is you cry out to God to deliver your friend.

God can do it God can touch him. If there is repentance if there's pride or stubbornness if it's just this person's trap by the devil.

Your prayers are the greatest weapon you have and Scripture. Of course, so may the Lord give you wisdom and again check out restoring the Thank you for calling and for those of you listening that have had mental health struggles.

I I hope the way I'm saying things is not offensive to you. II hope you understand that I'm not blaming you at the same time. I know there are people of all kinds of issues because of stubbornness and pride and other people have all kinds of issues because they open themselves up to demons and other people have issues because there is something physically not right with the chemistry of the brain or the physiology of their brain. In all cases though we we need to have compassion on those who struggle and pray for their wholeness and work towards it. Whatever weight can 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jonathan in Mississippi.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown how are you today I'm blessed man. Thank you. My question is, and some of our meetings and spirit filled meetings. Do you think fake Holy Spirit that some people are calling a condo leaning spirit is actually operating our people accused in the pains of the Holy Spirit of the involved you know what I'm talking about all yes I know very well.

Jonathan so allow me to explain the student to my listeners. First, okay, so some years now. There have been critics of the charismatic Pentecostal movement. Some within the movement, but most outside who say that what we claim.

This is the Holy Spirit moving and touching is actually this kundalini spirit. This spirit associated with demonism and Eastern religion so that if people shake a certain way or respond to certain way. That's not the Holy Spirit that's the kundalini spirit when we were in the midst of the Brownsville revival and saw God move powerfully in and people often overcome by the spirit and would fall to the ground shaking on the get up soundly say to having repented cried out to God afterwords received videos posted and then comparisons all none of this is the kundalini spirit, soul, number one, not everything that claims to be the Holy Spirit is really the Holy Spirit. We understand number two people can get emotional. People get worked up that can easily happen. Number three. There are demonic attacks and in demonic counterfeits but here's the big thing. Jonathan Satan is a counterfeiter. Satan mimics the real and now he can do other things are not just counterfeit, but he constantly counterfeits. That's where the Bible talks about counterfeit miracles, counterfeits, signs and wonders, so what I look for is not is the person shaking or not.

Because the Bible doesn't give us that as a test of the Holy Spirit. What I look for is what is happening in this person's life.

So here's what you look at Jonathan. If someone says they were touched by the Holy Spirit to have this unusual manifestation nearly fell fire in their hands or were they they they were shaking from head to toe or are they they collapsed under the power of the spirit and as a result of that encounter with God. They turned away from sin. They love the Jesus of the Bible. They love the Scriptures. Their living holy laws they want to reach their neighbors then you conclude that the experience was from above.

It's it's not it's not what it looks like outwardly. It's the fruit of the kundalini spirit cannot produce spiritual fruit, the kundalini spirit cannot produce holy spiritual fruit in harmony with Scripture that will exalt the Jesus of the Bible and bring people to repentance.

That's how you check. So yes, many are accusing the real working of the Spirit in their calling it a false spirit that's a mistake that there make a thank you so much. Called right back 866-348-7884 to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown looking out my window here in New York City were broadcasting live before tomorrow night's debate with rubbish really protest the subject is the New Testament anti-Semitic number.

Call with any question of any kind, or those of you who by the minute.

Sometimes by the second post nasty vial seeing ugly comments attacking us very angle on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere will call in call-in and and tell us why were so evil and bad, and deceptive. You know it's what's funny 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Howard the title of the new book, Jezebel's war with America. Yeah so I get bashed a lot because Assam a Jewish follower of Jesus. The anti-Semites will say we are not a true Christian confused our Savior do every generation. Christian also Paul and Peter and John and Matthew. In all, the first followers of Yeshua, who were Jewish believers in Jesus identified as such. They weren't true Christians got a good company. Well, so I could call for Christian I was, could call the fake Jew because I believe in Jesus stuff happen for Christian ever figured tell you being on the front lines for the Lord is never dull. Being on the front lines for the Lord is never a dull moment and and you know what I when I glanced some of the comments that come pouring especially on on YouTube. It seems to get to Morava of a hostile audience Facebook even though we have a larger following. There is a bit more in-house with a hostile stuff but but a bit more in-house. What's what's so interesting is is the venom the.

The. The intensity of the hatred and the the absolute idiotic nature of some of the comments and correct copy job I have to ask him always candid with you just to be totally honest with what what frustrates me a little bit okay. What frustrates me a little bit is is that I love, truth, and I love to expose error. I love truth. I love to expose error. I I am a debater by nature. Your some of you if you see like a picture that's off-center on the wall you just want to fix it if you're driving somebody else's car and you some sounds funnier sick, but that's not right you know you just want okay so what it comes to truth when it comes to accuracy, information and things like that it's it's important to me that the people follow truth, so all sink that I want to jump in. You have to understand we get 1010s and tens and tens and tens of thousands of comments every month in social media, and I can't respond to refraction but I want to I want to write. I I absolutely want to respond and that what's that's what frustrates belittling people so smug and so arrogant and and get over it. It's like buddy you get, you have no idea how wrong you are and how in like three seconds we could completely demolish your position, but what is so striking is that people will not come into the light for their views to be challenged but here I I have challenged anti-Semites blatant anti-Semites spreading vial lies about the Jewish people and I said let's have a public debate. Let's have a public debate. Let's let's do a moderated formal academic debate and put everything on the table and see if what you say must Jewish people is true or not but I do it. Nope this is that interesting it out people's I wanted to break the spy cameras are likely to watch my doors been open doors been open for months for years and and one thing I appreciate about my friend rubbish will be our dear friends in the midst of deep, deep theological differences, passionate, deep theological differences that that we are dear friends and that she is always willing to come to the table in debate. We debated more than 20 times and he is always willing to come to the table and debate and put the issues on the table in his mind.

If you don't do that you've already lost the debate so no I can't debate everybody about everything on. I'm not capable of that. I'm not an expert in everything, and not every body is able have a debate I years ago, friends, years ago, all 10 years ago I was pretty early on radio bit on the daily for over 11 years. It was a ways back. I had a guy on and he was going to debate me on the gifts of the spirit being for today and he said he did all these moderated debates and so on similar list of everything so were on the radio and unexplained look radio is different. Radio is different than public debate. We know that time is shorter. The commercial break.

She gotta move a little more quickly and he was slow as molasses and he made his point and he would try to are okay bullet points or is not relevant. While I want to argue sir, it's not really all I am going to stay one more chance we gotta move it while I am good okay goodbye goodbye and ended so I want to be fair. If I'm doing the debate I want to be fair to the other side said that many times you've heard me say that many times so look if if if a six-year-old supporter of Bernie Sanders call social or six-year-old supporter of Donald Trump call social and they raise arguments, and I respond to their arguments and expose our role. That what did they pray proved absolutely nothing because it's a six-year-old, the same way if you sent me to debate Richard Dawkins on on biology and evolution, like a quote Scripture and I could give reasons that I don't believe that nothing, created everything, but they talk circles around me in a matter of seconds because that's not my field, so gives all debate just in a neutral to all debate you elf clicked just out of curiosity, a person is one follower probably their spouse or their dog you know and I can install properly all debate body anyway.

Anyway, all that this is I'm trying once again to get the critics of the haters to call him trying once again to get the mean-spirited people call and have a conversation. So the fact that they don't. The fact that they hide behind anonymity. Oh that's is the many of them use screen names right now it's perfectly fine to use screen names when you're in sensitive political situations or where everybody uses screen names and that's just the way it is. You know, everybody has a silly name, etc. but if you are going to make substantial comments and substantial criticisms and not identify yourself will why in the world but I want to interact with someone I know who they are. No, there is one website once local discernment. What website that would post one nasty article after another to see me and other leaders of every kind of praise for him and read the site, but friends would send me links of you seen this or that I have a credit of the great some of the graphics really funny unfortunately were being used in terrible ways, but I started interact with the folks on twitter.

I said if you tell me who you are, then I'll interact with you further. I'm happy to I been asked by critics to come on their shows. I love it I love it. I do the heartbeat and heartbeat is one of my favorite things to do to go on hostile territory and defend the faith or answer questions are so yeah you're right, that's a good point yeah we got a problem. Are you happy to do it.

Love to do it. Enjoy doing too many invitations to book but when I do I I go for the look friends. I told these folks on this one website have no idea who you are. You.

You might be a pastor who committed adultery was close to the money for the church was excommunicated of your denomination, and now it now your discernment expert are you might be 18 years old to start college and now your discernment expert or you might hold all kinds of weird beliefs. So unless we know dealing with very difficult to do things substance so I appreciate rubbish really.

I appreciate his willingness to do these debates he read an article in the Jerusalem Post, and guess the New Testament is inherently Semitic at anti-Semitic and it's given rise to Jew hatred through the centuries, and it demonizes the Jewish people as a people and that Christians today need to repudiate those passages and recognize that there later interpolations or there been generalized century know this, but some views we think about all Jews and Jews and Christians work together to fight anti-Semitism. Of course, Jews and Christians need to work in the fight anti-Semitism, but the greatest friends of the Jewish people. Evangelical Christians are the ones who take the Bible literally and believe that when it speaks literally should be interpreted literally, and yet there the greatest friends of the Jewish people so I reached out to Jerusalem Post and said hey rubbish really wrote his piece in any calls me a dinosaur for still wanting Jews to believe in Jesus. He thinks it's outdated the Christians have been beyond the ultimate dinosaur as it can I respond so to the Jerusalem Post discredit the post-credit. They let me respond. Might my op-ed went live today we posted it on Facebook and Twitter Sarid rubbish movies. I unlink it.

My and read mine and hopefully you'll find lighting a right to the phones in Odessa, Texas font eight. Welcome to the line of fire Roto-Rooter hello to wanted good good guzzlers or I have a question about all in the law recently started, reading through the Old Testament and came across familiar videos online. And all this is really helpful right now reading in the book of activist were not logical members of chapter 21 or 20. Paul is in the city.

21 and your home is always being accused of trying to leave the people to go against the teachings of Moses and the gentleman comes with rumors of all knowledge is all this detectives or man and you pay for this order. You get your head straight with them to Koval and in the Bible study.

The other brothers or sister that they talk to always being hypocritical and going to get other teachers on the law. On the surface to be that way, but I'm not exactly sure. So you sponsor limited the details yet. It's a great question and your friends make great points as well. And these questions are hotly discussed by scholars so I'll answer it. On the other side of the break asked 21 when Paul is encouraged by Jacob James the leaders of the Jewish community to pay for the sacrifices of others to take a bow on himself and to show that he does not teach the Jewish people turn away from Moses. Was he being a hypocrite when he is the line of fire with your host activist, author internationals and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866 prayer for Jesus to be exalted heart and anti-Semitism to be pushed back at our debate tomorrow night. Rubbish Willie and me will be posting links on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You can watch live stream. So Devante, here's the deal.

Paul never taught Jewish followers of Jesus to stopping Jewish were to stop living Jewish to the contrary, he wrote in first Corinthians 7 if you're circumcised when you called me a call to salvation. Don't become uncircumcised and if you uncircumcised. Don't become circumcised so he never taught Jewish believers to stop living Jewish lives and from what we can tell he continued to live a Jewish life and that's what he could enter into the synagogue and speak because he was recognized as a fellow Jew.

However, he strenuously told Gentile believers that they did not need to come under the law of Moses in order to be saved that to do so was to backslide and to stop depending on grace and that none of us are justified by the works of the law, but he never told Jewish people don't circumcise your sons don't follow the customs that we live by. He never taught that ever. He simply taught us to live in the newness of the Spirit, but his main polemics against the law in in his letters like relations are written to Gentiles. That's the issue there and in acts 18 without any coercion or anything it says that he took a vow that he took a Nazirite vow on himself.

So this is how he lived, and he was being completely consistent in doing that. That's why few chapters later, he could stand up in the Jewish counselor and say I'm a Pharisee as he was still identifiable as living a Jewish life. Among these people and yet he was the apostle to the Gentiles. So great questions, but in point of fact what he did was wholehearted and accurate.

All right you are very welcome sir. Great will keep studying and keep reading and keep thinking 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Rod in Tulsa Oklahoma. You are on the line of fire. Dr. Brown hello Rod, I'm a good guy. I'm the guy you might remember the critique Justin peters a while back and I like a woody interface background yes or right okay I recently did a response to the movie American gospel and have a little exchange with the director of the movie and he mentioned your name. Were you asked to do any kind of commentary for the movie. No you there hello Carrie, sounds like you just okay I can confirm that yes of this is public knowledge who was who was the director of the of the movie Brandon Kamber is the name Nando house last name spelled KIM DER I believe I know what I don't believe I was ever asked that note couldn't come to my staff or something, but normally they would present something to me. Okay, I don't on the following with the night with the name yeah okay I raise the issue that most all of the people in the movie were Calvinists and wondered why he didn't include any people who were opposed to the prosperity gospel, who were Calvinists and he mentioned your name. He says well you think Michael Brown would comment on a movie like this, or participate in the movie like that so I just wondered if you were even asked to participate with.

He was apparently saying was that that he understands that that are not a proponent of the prosperity gospel, but that he assumed a movie like that which might be taken is critical of the charismatic Pentecostal movement as a whole would be something that I wouldn't be part of. I put the best best understanding on it that she didn't reach out to me, thinking this would not be the kind of thing that would be part of, but he recognized that I reject the carnal prosperity message that I take it in a positive way that he knows my position but just didn't think I'd be at home in a movie like that and I was a little bit of it but when I saw Jimmy would be. I agree with some of the critique and then some things go too far and to me would seem to throw out the baby with the best one of these days I have to try to watch the whole thing and then be able to respond better to hear Rod thank you for calling for for clarification. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Kentucky. Brian, welcome to the line of fire. Are you there, I will tell you what I am a little for having any problem with her phone system is on remote today but Brian.

The question that I see on my screen is can a Christian vote Democrat based. Okay number one that is ultimately between each individual and God. That is, that is not for me to dictate okay. I could not vote for any of the current Democratic leaders because they are so radically pro-abortion because they are so radically pro-LGBT activism because some of them are very weak on Israel because others are basically anti-Christian. I could not vote for any of the current leaders with a good conscience, but now others say will. How could you vote for Trump because he is this and this and this and this.

So ever everyone. We were all voting for imperfect people.

Okay and I know godly Christians, some of whom vote Democrat.

I don't understand it. I don't get it, but then some say wow could you vote for Donald Trump or I could you vote Republican when there this or that another issues so everyone has to work it out between them and God right in and I under some of you listen, vote for Chuck.

No, you can't vote Democrat you know it's there to be all different sizes. I could not right. I understand others that are pro-life could not vote for Donald Trump in good conscience, and so everyone has to weigh it between them and God and ask themselves can I Can I look in the face of Jesus, and cast this vote, knowing with this individual stance.

Maybe there's a godly Democrat and by voting for that person. You can point things in the right direction, but ultimate outlook I've had. I've had pro-life Christians call me and tell me they voted for Barack Obama because they don't think voting is going to change anything in the Supreme Court's document changes cannot be changed grassroots so they were different for other reasons. I don't agree with it. I can't see it that's between them and thought all right in an that's how it has to work out each one between them and and got there certain things that that are so black and white that there's such as between you and others are right and wrong, and in other words, if you knew who Adolf Hitler was, what he was going to do, then you could not possibly vote for him and be a true follower of Jesus. All right, but other things are not could be as blatant.

I thank you for the call.

At the time for another caller to yes let me go to James in Irving, Texas, hang on, see if we get all right tell you what whoever is there offering the consul, could you put there we go get James on hey James, sorry for the delay. Welcome to the line of fire. Well, thank you Dr. Brown question for you.

Glad I have a number of books by Percy's role in their very strong Calvinists philosophy. I wonder if you could give me a good title for a book that would be Arminian basis similar level or alignment God yes absolutely. First let me refer you to this website Jepson to write with the assert okay society for evangelical Arminians this type that in society for evangelical Arminians and you will find a host of of resources.

There you'll find articles you'll find links to debates you'll find resources, books, things like that all kinds of things that you find very helpful. So take all the good you can from RC Sproul learn from him or you can and are not a Calvinist. I would differ with him on those aspects were you can learn from the one and not the so embrace the other remote it comes to office theology. Learn what you can from be blessed by which a cabin and if we differ a scholar who has baby written the most over the years about these is Dr. Roger Olson OL SEN some of his books more academic than others, but he's a strong theologian like RC exposes strong theologian, but he's Arminian and is written about the slots of Roger Olson OL ass EN and then last thing go to my website Esther to Cascade your and and typing James White, our friend and colleague James White, Dr. James White and he and I have done some Calvinistic debates where this where you can hear strong arguments from a brilliant Calvinist and my responses as best as I can opening the Scriptures so you can then hear us go back and forth and see what seems to be the strongest or weakest viewpoints from each one's position white friends once again tomorrow night. 7:30 PM Eastern time. My debate with Rabbi Shirley will task is New Testament anti-Semitic. It will be live streamed doubling.

So watch the live stream watching for posts on our Facebook page, a second round or on my twitter feed DRS.ER Michael L.

Brown the links watch the Lord be exalted

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