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Best of Broadcast: Dr. Brown Confronts the Black Hebrew Israelite Deception

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 8, 2019 4:20 pm

Best of Broadcast: Dr. Brown Confronts the Black Hebrew Israelite Deception

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 8, 2019 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/08/19.

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It's time to confront the deception of the Black Hebrew Israelites stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown friends Michael Brown here in Toronto today. This is a special edition of the early Jewish Thursday because of the travel schedule and ministry schedule here I am audio only today also get to be answering questions judicially.

The questions that have been posted on Twitter so not giving up the phone number out now.

But this is gonna be a rich show opening of Scripture and exposing the deception of a very dangerous group is a dangerous in the worst sense of the word because they twist Scripture. They bring people into bondage. They are full of hatred. They do not have the spirit of God. Now there are black Jews today. Some of them are Orthodox Jews.

Some of them are more secular Jews and some of them like my friend Sarah Masiello who has been on the broadcast. A couple of times is a messianic Jew, a black messianic Jew, all right I am a white messianic Jew. He is a black messianic Jew not disputing here that there are black Jews not arguing here that there are some tribes or groups in Africa that can claim legitimate Israelite dissent, not arguing that and to me, ultimately it's not an issue whether Moses looked African over the Moses looked Indiana with the most is the Chinese over the most of the Caucasian.

The same with Jesus.

All of us.

All of us spiritually that related to God is our father and Jesus is our Savior always have to recognize our primary identification is spiritual was a woman do with the fact that Jesus is male. Can she not relate to him fully because he is male and end because he was not all of the above. In other words, he was not Native American he was.

He was not Chinese he was. Not he was not Nigerian. He was not American currency was.

Not all different ethnicities and all different skin colors at the same time that everybody has to relate to him a certain way. That's different.

Okay I we we we understand that so our identification with the Messiah is not based primarily on skin color or ethnicity.

It is based on a spiritual connection so again if Jesus was a black man a white man a Native American man if he was an Asian man if he was a Caucasian man, none of that is an issue when we emphasize his Jewishness.

It has to do with his spiritual heritage and his connection back to Abraham back to David.

That's what's important in that respect. Does he connect and that way to group of people today who are still called Jews. Yes he does. In that way and, therefore, that group of people must welcome him back to Jerusalem and that group of people is living in Israel today and known as Jews disable what's with these Hebrew Israelites of his Black Hebrew Israelites fruit for decades. I would see them on street corners in New York City or was it the mid 90s or early 90s. I confronted them with some of their lies and deception so your preaching religion of hate. Jesus preached religion of love, but I didn't calculate and isolate one they were going to need each other to be on the bottom of the barrel. Blacks and Jews and women need each other rather than hate spurring hatred is for love. What I failed to calculate was that not only was I a white man speaking to these black gentleman who had the loudspeakers in the microphones but I was the only white guy in the crowd switch free To Chad death to America, death to the white man of the soul but but over the years here and there still is called the show. I'd welcome costs and infect our building next Thursday if you're listening is as a Black Hebrew Israelites you want to call me and challenge. Managing us a great and hopefully we can set up some formal debates with some of their least got a new leader. It's got to be with someone who's recognized in their circles, it's got to be someone who has the respect of their peers or otherwise was the usage of the debate what why would you debate someone on the other side they can't rightly represent their position.

In any case you want you want to be fair to to the sides right but but all that to say this Black Hebrew Israelites claim that they are the original tribes of Israel. They claim that they are the original tribes of Israel and one of the great proofs as they alone fulfill the curses in Deuteronomy 28, which by the way there's not a worse place they can go than the last verse of Deuteronomy 28 to prove that they cannot be the original Israelites not done a worse place if it is the worst possible Scripture for them to quote a completely undoes their entire position you find websites offer you always know the money if you can prove that they are the ones of Deuteronomy 28 and will get into that theology a little bit deeper in a moment, but but understand this.

Not only are they saying that they are the original Israelites that that would not concern me so much if they were not preaching false things about who Jesus is, in their different groups with different levels of doctrine if if they were not preaching a dangerous legalism which many of them do if if they were not coming up with all kinds of falsehoods about history and if they were not attacking Jewish people. Today was such lies and such venom. Many would say that the white man is the manifestation of Satan, the Jews today are imposters and and this is where it gets ugly in many many ways, and in fact when I interviewed Rabbi Harry Rosenberg who I just met in Israel about the 10 lost tribes. We posted that interview whole month or so ago and so we are both Jews. We are both Ashkenazi Jews. It can be demonstrated genetically that we are not descendents of the Cozaar is this alleged conversion of the house are people and that's where modern Jews come from today are modern Ashkenazi Jews that's been debunked historically that's been debunked linguistically that's been debunked genetically over and over and again. It's just a myth is just a lie.

Now my concern is that some people speaking don't care about facts don't care about truth and and and if you can convince me that you care about facts and truth. You have to look at sources that may clear arguments and think them through, and then respond as opposed to just reject facts from geneticists and historians and things like that but like you were Israelites who claimed to like me all will see your white skin is white skin, devil, and so on. Right and you're just your false converts. You go back to the Cozaar is an and other ugly things like that again. There is zero spherical or generic support for that zero or in any any geneticists argue for is been soundly debunked by others right this really is really no debate to be had here, but they will argue that an and historically what was most geneticists agree with is that there is a smallish group. We could've come down to 20,000 people. That was in Europe and that has clear genetic dissent going back to the Middle East. Going back to the people of Israel and that those people then in Europe through intermarriage with other Europeans, other white skin. Your Caucasian Europeans.

They then converted into Judaism like Ruth did. They orchid to the people of Israel. They then converted into that and then that's why you have so many Caucasian Jews, but going back to the origins and to the father's these families and and to others.

There is a clear Israelites dissent. In any case, I I just want it read to you a tiny tiny sampling a tiny sampling of the venom and ugliness that's come our way.

Our discussion about 10 lost tribes acknowledging black Israelites acknowledging black Israelites strongly as as as part of black Jews acknowledging that we got less. In fact, I'm actually have to turn off comments for this video would have never done for video yet, but I may have to because of the level of trash and ugliness and profanity that we had to block so Harry Rosenberg is called little dirty Harry Blankenburg. You're not from the tribe of Judah you or convert you serpent another. These are Amalek-czars. These are another offshoot of Israelites white people. These are not real but Israelites real-time me and ends Rabbi Rosenberg real Israelites are Negro people, you can turn a person's nationality into religion, specially stealing the people's identity, the sons of blanks identity thefts on the highest level like death penalty word.

This kind of junk and garbage that's out there it's ugly it's ugly and this hatred must Overby be overcome with love and this this these lies. This venom must be overcome with truth narrative 613 commands to the real Jew Afro-Americans brought it out. These red fake red fake red blanks make me sick. Can't wait till God comes back where is your Bible devil.

This is all BS BS. These people not the child of the most high. These people are identity thieves. He don't know what the blankets talk about this video videos BS who how amazing when the light is turned on, the devil is still trying to save his little darkness.

The chosen light are on forever and ever more, even Hitler white devil like them said how can the Jew leave black and come back white. No wonder why he didn't hit hail hit like he was a prophet, as this is Secco stuff sicko stuff historian fake using Europeans did this to us Robin stealing rapists and that's what Joel did told the world you broke up the Amalgamated people history way of life and world were not hiding in waiting, and some are still in bondage control by considering figures Rothschild rock Rockefeller families and more.

We are called Negroes in Blacksburg where the real Hebrew Israelites.

Israel most then Dan halite's aren't Israel either Israelites for buying sure not going read your satanic book. The Talmud, you can czars don't believe in the Torah sit there looking like two demons Revelation 2939.

Read it. You say your Jews but your synagogue of Satan. Dr. Brown just got his blanking hypocritical racist two faces blanks lap right now because you, sir.

Dr. Brown blanks stain have a full video player anyway on and on sicko sicko ugly ugly ugly stuff so no white man is a Jew on and on it goes something I just have a little sampling a pull out to devils speaking about our Bible read Deuteronomy 2815 to 68 you'll know who they are and they know the truth.

How can this fake Ashkenazi Jew tell us who Jew is. This gig is up for quite Jews the world knows the real Jews are black and that you are imposters with these two lying certain serpents LOL Effingham goose the real Jews of the Negroes in the Americas F out of here with your heresy. Gutter rats yeah that's that's probably why we will walk comments to this video, rather than have an endless stream of profanity we have to block later on will see we come back, go take a look at Deuteronomy 28 blowout of the Lord is the following white that's cursed that's leprosy as bad demolished downline list what Fred encouraged to follow the truth in Jesus name. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back friends to the line of fire, really wish Thursday not taking your calls today but I will be answering questions.

Usually the questions that have been posted on Twitter. Now let's debunk some of the black Hebrew Israelite nonsense deceptive destructive nonsense that's out there. Spread this widely we are audio only today but anyone can take issue with any point I've made will open the phones to why keep Israelites next Thursday. I invite you to call and challenge me in any point that I have raised factually, not emotionally, factually all right number one, Deuteronomy 28 Deuteronomy 2868 this is the last verse in the list of curses that will come on the people of Israel. If we disobey the Lord first. It's very bizarre that there people boasting look at how disobedient we bent. We have been the worst of all, that proves that we are the real Israelites that that's a boast.

Now we alone have been so Kurt will if you been so cursed is because you been so disobedient, so that's the first thing you're boasting a look at how disobedient we've been in history. I did know that was something to boast about, but if you're boasting about it that's that's a bad boast to have a point you to the cross. You can find salvation and forgiveness not only sell nowhere does it say in Deuteronomy that every single one of these curses has come to pass that the people of Israel disobeyed on a level sufficient for all of them to come to pass. But let's say they did come to pass, then the one group of people we know this is not referring to is Africans Blacks that we know why because of the last verse of Deuteronomy 28 which which says this because she called an Army scribe. So the Lord shall bring you back to misremember only about in ships but Derek Fisher, a modular thaw below to see fold zero tau. By the way, of which I sent you will not see it again. The heat MacArthur Pam Schaum Lloyd of Africa and you will sell your selves to your enemies you will sell your selves to your enemies. Okay that's that's what the Hebrew says you shall offer yourselves, it is the hit pile. It is reflexive.

So for the root my heart to sell. This is simple grammar. Anyone with a few weeks of Hebrew will would then understand the use of hit pile when you're learning verbal forms. That's how it's used here. All right, it is reflexive. Anyone can read Hebrew fluently.

There is no argument or debate you will sell yourselves a single be kidnapped okay is nothing he will be kidnapped and then after being kidnapped will will now offer yourselves known or not you will sell yourselves the heat MacArthur temp summer events and you'll sell yourself there to your enemies love a game for slaves/Josh Farhat for male slaves and female slaves. The Ancona but they'll be no one to buy you no one will buy you no one will buy you so let's look at the horrific African slave trade. Let's look at the centers of America and the sins of the Europeans against the people of Africa and of course the slave trade in Africa was a slave trade within Africa Africans enslaving other Africans and their African Christians who believe that the European and American slave trade of Africans was a judgment on the Africans for their own slave trade, and we in turn is American suffer the terrible judgment of the Civil War and and other judgments because of our mistreatment of Blacks are horrific are horrific and excusable mistreatment of Africans Blacks in our history right up to the days of segregation in some parts of America right up until today and excusable, sinful, ugly. Simple wrong.

That being said, this verse cannot apply to Africans were sold into slavery. First, in sell yourselves. Blackie resides in sell yourselves into slavery. You can say let's let let's he wants to bias and more importantly people. We, we, meaning Americans not mean, is it not as and I wasn't here. Might my Jewish descendents didn't get here from Russia until the turn of the the 19th, 20th turn of the 20th century, with nothing to do with that slave treatments as an Americas, a white American. We bought you okay we send and bought you had buyers you have had buyers around the world.

So Fisk Derek you're not there paperless dog or you are not the people it's talking about union sell yourselves and people bought you.

So the one verse you quote consciously cannot possibly apply to you and of that subject.. Not only so if you said okay will then who does this apply to.

There are times in Israel's history where this well could have applied for example very reliable scholarly source. The IVP Bible background commentary to the Old Testament notes Deuteronomy 2868 Assyrian kings of the seventh century. So this is crushing that the Israelites bring them into captivity in the eighth century, down the seventh century coerce their vassals into supplying troops for their military campaigns, one waited for Israelites to return to Egypt in ships would be in the Assyrian campaigns launched from the Phoenician coast which they were obliged to take part. This represents continued oppression by foreign enemies as the curses have detail. Another possibility would include falling victim to each of slave trade in Syria Palestine where the slaves were often transported by ship so there even possibilities and Israelites history and even nuances in some prophetic books they could easily point this direction we want to look up not not every slave was was bought at so there is some that weren't so warm one purchase Deuteronomy 26 inches nobody by nobody or by so in this case, people would say I just take us a slaves that and people still people still can. All right, let's let's get into this black white issue in Scripture while song of Solomon song of songs woman says. I'm black and beautiful and and don't look at because the sun is dark and median and so some of the other that.

In other words, she stood out as black as was a no-no that just shows that the Israelites were black and some would say well, and she could have been brown skin and even dark and more by the sauna sources is black by coming darkened debate that let's say find there were black Israelites listed five great. Let's just say that okay fine no problem. We know that there been mixed ethnicities in in Israel through its history but but let's let's look at some references to white in the Bible. This whole ideal see white leper God cursed Miriam her hand to her what I remember. If my hand turned white out something would look wrong. I would look like a severe albino and Emily say so is black if you actually had black skin, something would look wrong. So a black is not black and white is not white. When the Bible talks about some of Sandy white like leprosy now or over this severe skin disease. That's white that's extreme white okay that's extreme white not my skin. Just like when the Bible talks about something being blackened dirt. That's not the skin of a black man right but but let's look at verses about white how about Isaiah 118 were were God says that when our sins are forgiven that that will be as white as snow. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like crimson, they should be as well announcements as well as mean texture of war means collar of wall white once beautiful what is beautiful.

How about Daniel chapter 7 verse nine when when the angel of the Lord appears and and and then Daniel sees rather than a vision and he sees the ancient of days, he sees God sitting on from his clothing was why each like snow. Why white of white so bad and cursed, why white and the hair of his head was like white as well. Doesn't say the texture was like, well, it says that color was like whitest wall so you have angels appearing in in in in the Bible your Jesus transfigured on the Mount of Transfiguration and he is and he is white as snow. And then the angels John chapter 22 angels in white, and then ask one the Angels to manage white close and then and then what is it say what is it say about Jesus in Revelation 114 Blackie resides at see his hair was like well his hair is like Ropers is a black but no, no, it doesn't say his hair. The texture of wall it so maddening when people abuse the word and they shouted out angrily.

They mock others who don't have their interpretation when all they're doing is abusing Scripture twisting Scripture to their own destruction. Let's blow it out of the water friends. This is deception as such bad deception, it's deception, right in front of your eyes, but those where it says his head. His head and his hair were white like wool, like snow. That doesn't say the texture of his that that the texture of his hair was like snow now at some of the color his hair white like wool and snow but not this is if you are you anything that you have to argue that Jesus had his white. His face is white. This is not about what her skin color was. This is about the glory of the splendor of God shining out of him as he appears in his resurrected glory. All right, that's what it's talking about and to try to say was shows he had curly hair like well-known no-no, but shows anything that shows he was white enough with this garbage enough with this deception you say.

Dr. Brown you you sound upset.

I'm upset that people are slaves to lies and and and believing garbage and nonsense in a religion that fosters hate. I love the Jesus who died for every human being if he was a black man or an Asian man I love them just the same is not the issue he's God incarnate, he's the Savior of the world and everyone trapped in the Black Hebrews glycol call out to him today. You sure still saves he'll set you free. He'll deliver you, give you freedom filmmaker since the reddest scarlet white as snow Savior and Redeemer of us all black with I need I need to friend you need me the gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown estate. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you and we're going to have some fun now and answer some Jewish related questions that have been posted on Twitter. Tomorrow's broadcast were or answering a slew of slew of questions that that were posted on Facebook and Twitter. Fascinating questions review with I think you're really going to enjoy the broadcast. Before we get into that something very interesting in Israel taking place and and and in American American Jews so big Gay pride event in Jerusalem as always Orthodox Jewish opposition to it rightly so.

Understandably so.

I wrote about the coming ideological Civil War it's there it's been there through Israel's history. It's going to get greater in the days to come.

As the nation. The second nation very liberal. The religious part of the nation increasingly Orthodox, you're going to have a class that gets bigger and uglier so there are now rabbis are 200 ultra-Orthodox rabbis and Israel signed a letter to the condemning Gay activist minister condemning Gay pride event and things like that. Using very strong language. Now some rabbis in America. Liberal rabbis Gay rabbis yet are gay, rabbis have written a letter standing with Israel's LGBT community, including liberal Orthodox remedies it what's a liberal Orthodox rabbi that would be like a liberal evangelical and other wood.

Some of the claims to hold all the fundamentals of the faith but is on on the left side of it and many would question whether that person could truly be an evangelical anymore the same way. If you are going to support committed same-sex relationships. You could really no longer call yourselves Orthodox. You're now so fringe Orthodox you're really out of that camp at that will be very interesting to see how that plays out all right. Let me go to twitter all just another reminder if you are anywhere near Minneapolis, McCall Maplewood, Minnesota Senate anywhere in Minnesota you make it out this weekend it's going to be an awesome time worship with Paul Wilbur Bob Gladstone. Steve never heard Bob Gladstone speak.

He's one of the most dynamic gifted biblically-based speakers I know in the world, my friend Scott Volk passionate anointed hard for Israel all be speaking Maplewood, Minnesota. All the details so it's Friday Saturday Sunday I'll be speaking Friday night, Saturday morning as well. Before flying over to California for anywhere near Gilroy, California. Three. Sunday morning services on Jewish apologetics.

How often do I get to do that.

Asked to do that on a Sunday morning. Anyway, anyway. Join me go to my website Esther to and click on itinerary. Okay, let's get to your questions here okay. Oh, hang on and on. I clicked on the wrong part of twitter my friend John Sirach from from the stream brilliant and funny yeah I got one. Could you send a message via the global sinus pneumatic tube network to ask the Rothschilds for slightly cooler weather down in Texas.

Thanks in advance. I wrote back done art. John is a brilliant guy. And of course ripping apart the idea that there's this worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

The Jews control everything. So here we control the Internet that is the global sinus pneumatic tube network in the Rothschilds. These rich Jews that allegedly control the world.

We are controlling the climate self John we got that taken care of.

I hope the weather's eye. Maybe I'll even have a blizzard there in Texas today. I see Lori this marriage receives the favor and blessings of Jewish descendents by God. Okay, I don't understand the questions. Maybe there's more from Lori Jewish by race but doesn't practice the religion of the still considered Jewish is it considered extremely wrong to marry someone out of the Jewish race.

I read the questions in the wrong order with that person be disowned with the spouse children be disowned because not Jewish.

Will the children of this marriage receive the blessing and favor Jewish descendents by God. All okay got it totally clear number one to say your Jewish can mean both religion and ethnicity, or it can mean ethnicity by a can mean religion. I'll explain. There are some people who are Jewish by ethnicity who are atheists. They don't believe in God. There are Jewish Buddhists. There are Jews in every religion and cult and yet they're still Jews.

When I got baptized. The Rabbi said to my father, so you know what your son is now. He's a baptized juvenile was once a Jew always do, because that is by ethnicity. However, if there is no religious practice what will generally happen is within a few generations all trace of Jewishness will disappear because of intermarriage, intermarriage, intermarriage so there's no trace of Jewishness any longer. Alright so that's that's the first thing a second thing is there are those who are gentiles who convert to Judaism and at that moment, they are considered juice even though there is no bloodline the moment they convert they are now practitioners of Judaism and are therefore Jews sincere Jewish can be ethnic only can be religious only and in most cases, this ethnic and religious you are ethnically Jewish and you are practitioner of Julius. If you marry a non-Jew and you're not a religious Jew these days it's very common. It happens in America probably 50% or more of Jewish weddings are to non-Jews. If you come from a religious family. You are cut off you or that is a serious violation. That is something absolutely wrong that is a betrayal of Judas. If the person the Gentile converted to Judaism and now married the Jew that would not be the issue. The issue is if a Jew married a non-Jew it would be in a religious home that would be something that would be very ugly. That would bring a terrible familial breach deep deep breach in the family absolutely. Now how does God look at it. Will God's looking first and foremost of those people know him personally, and if it's a Jewish believer in Jesus bearing a Gentile believer in Jesus that can be a holy union blessed by God and if it's a secular Jew marrying a secular Gentile. The big issue is do they know God will they come to know God and we pray for them to come to know that that's the greater issue. That being said, God is jealous to preserve the Jewish people so Jews marrying Jews and maintaining their identity is a good thing because God made lasting promises to the Jewish people, but how he looks at that in terms of now that's Jew and a Gentile. Now maybe the kids marry all gentiles that maybe those kids marry all Gentiles and is God looking 30 generations later.

In single you have a dropper Jewish, but here no I don't I don't believe so personally.

All right of is Isaiah 118. This is from Robert a comparison to leprosy. That is a wanted to repent that or rather a picture of cleansing. Overall, the chapter warns and promises choose life or death Nono to say in Isaiah 118 which interesting that you spoke of the early part of the broadcast reduces the risk of the be white as wool white as snow. This is beautiful this is wonderful, guts, and let's reason together. This is a beautiful wonderful promise their red like scarlet, though be white, like snow white like wool Nono. This is not something negative. This is not a judgment. This is saying if you listen if you will obey. If you will repent then your sins will be washed clean of so a carrot careen was a New Testament teacher freezes 1 to 3 were seated in heavenly places in our authority is their wall in Hebrew. We learned lower we get the better. All okay this not just in Hebrew thought.

This is an biblical thought, Old Testament, New Testament, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord God resists the proud, God exalts the humble James Jacob for first Peter five 1414 tells us that everyone who exalts themselves will be humbled, everyone who humbles themselves will be a base. This is exactly what it say you humble yourself. God raises up. This is exactly the same thing we humble ourselves by recognizing our need for God by confessing our sin by asking to have mercy on us and to wash us and cleanse us were desperate were were hopeless outside of him.

He forgives us and by his girl all by his grace, he raises us up and sees us in heavenly places. Because of which we are humbled forever and ever. Let's see Randy the Jewish people still offer sacrifices for Tom if they don't recognize Jesus as the once for all sacrifice when they do cover their sins. Randy you're asking this perspective in a great Christian way, meaning that you would so clear. Jesus is the only way it without his sacrifice.

We have nothing you're assuming Jews think the same way Jews would offer sacrifices of the temple was standing today.

They can offer sacrifices were there's no temple. The Samaritans living in Israel will still offer Passover sacrifice and things like that in the claim to be after Israelite dissent. But in point of fact.

Note Jews do not offer sacrifices because there's no temple standing but they they do not believe that blood sacrifices are the only means of atonement. They believe that repentance is the first and foremost means of atonement, repentance and change of life and that also prayer in the giving of charity that even suffering that you pass through would provide atonement. Now I differ with that I say that if we reject Jesus as the Messiah that there is no atonement for the nation based on Scripture but rabbis would say no. We have these other means of atonement and we can argue that scripturally as well.

Matthew my father's mother's grandfather, Frederick was Jewish of Syrian origins but wasn't practicing. Does that disqualify me from the covenants that God gave to the patriarchs and to the leaders of Israel of this doesn't disqualify you.

But you wouldn't have a direct connection as an Israelite, and in other words, with your mother and your father both being Gentile, and with only one relative on your father's mother's graph so you know your your Gentile, but all the promises of God are available to through Jesus, not a promise specifically given to it Israelite a specific time to secure a man there promises to women in the Bible right that that we can have so God asked for several promise the land of Israel to the Jewish people, but he promised the whole world talk to the rest of his followers. So rejoicing those things in every spiritual blessing of a promised Israel belongs to you in Jesus.

Let's see here we have time today what to read the question and answer than the other side of the break Greg watch the video or someone asked Ben Shapiro what he thinks of Jesus, and at first he tried showing common ground then started to say bad things about Jesus when pushed in a corner. She refers Jews and according to get a decision or focus on common ground right will answer that on the other side of the break.

I emailed Ben last year. Maybe a signal.

I assume you don't want to do this not because he be afraid or intimidated, not the bench appears brilliant and great debater and an well educated but I just I thought he wouldn't want to do this for a few reasons. And I said hey hi soon as I get asked a lot want to hear is that I love and he said no thanks to the left. If there was maybe one day we'll get The awesome I love. I asked the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to thoroughly stay on the line of fire answering Jewish twitter questions now, though not Jewish? Twitter but you're Jewish related questions posted on Twitter hate. Listen now is the time we talked about yesterday, but now is the time if you come in Israel with us in February. Now is the time to sign up. We make decisions very soon cut off point. How many people we can bring. With the size of bus those kinds of things so by all means, if you're thinking of coming the trip of a lifetime and I can assure you I can assure you the quality of what you're getting is worth every dime holy fire in the holy land. Find out about it on my website.* right on the homepage alright so to answer the question for Greg. I watched a video or someone asked Ben Shapiro what he thinks of Jesus in the first he tried showing common ground then started to say bad things about Jesus when pushed in a corner should be pushed Jews and according to get a decision or focus on common ground. Number one, I'd I don't believe that been said bad things about Jesus, but just as a Jewish man is an Orthodox Jew why he himself and why. Other Orthodox Jews don't believe in Jesus, but he didn't say he didn't badmouth him or speak ugly things about him, the way some Jewish traditions with us first thing a second thing thing was pushing a corner but just challenge more specifically on certain points and he gave forthright answers. But wherever we can find common ground for calming good we do it we can fight wrong ideologies. We can stand for pro-lifer we can support justice. We do that together gladly. Many years ago in Maryland when when we were circulating petitions to churches to ask a big food chain. That said, it was so family-friendly will then could you just take magazines like Cosmopolitan stuff and just put them in the magazine section rather than the checkout counters. It would you do that there was a mosque that signed on. We could get a lot of churches decide on the moss. It can be sometimes assure that's fine. So whatever you find common ground on certain issues yeah do it great and whatever we can find common ground in appreciation of said religious traditions great and you never want to make someone uncomfortable or persimmon in corner if you don't have the relationship to do it. That being said by all means let's highlight our differences by all means let's put on the table where we have disagreements and let's learn from each other and challenge each other and if you have the relationship with someone, someone you love them. It may be someone you love is destroying their their their lives they they are drinking heavily and and and their their destroying their lives.

If you love them, you will try to push them in a corner. If you love to sit with them and said look you can't you Plead with you can't live like this. You tell yourself you destroy your family. You can't do this. That's one thing that you just need someone to think I am pushing recorded answer. If you have the relationship of course not like to thank you for the question Tom. How do you make more Jewish friends have interesting after the other question to evangelize them.

There's a large Jewish community sit there like to start sharing the gospel with them. Follow-up the strategies for evangelism with Jews. Okay number number one number one you use the same principles for Jewish people. As for every body else you use the same principles for evangelism in terms of love people take an interest in their lives and evangelize them because you love them, don't befriend them in a superficial way to get there trust you can evangelize them that they don't listen then you cut them off.

No evangelize people because you love people right. That's where you start to get to know Jewish people in your community. Find opportunities.

See if you can do some work that brings you close see if you can work out the gym with with folks if you get involved in social events, or wherever you can cross paths do so right and then do and then send it as soon as you get to talk.

You see, I'm a Christian of you know I've got this great love for Israel great love for Jewish people exceeded you know and be forthright about who you are right and then principles of evangelism. If it's a secular Jew, your you're probably talking to someone just like a secular Gentile. But it may come up. The Jews don't believe in Jesus and church history, in which case might the first volume of answering Jewish objections to Jesus would really help you will.

Jews don't believe in Jesus of this, the basic superficial objection so I strongly encourage you to get volume 1 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus and start there. With this understanding the basic objections and how to overcome them.

All right if you're trying to more religious to bring up deeper issues which case you really need to educate yourself. Unless you just want to say hey I don't have answers for those things and I'll check out the real Messiah website.


You'll find lots of answers there, and debates there with rabbis and just pointing in that direction. That's great and and if you have specific questions that you you're trying to get the answers right to us.

Write to us and asked her to and say have got a question, reach out to Jewish people.

I've got a question and and the right. I don't have an answer to it were happy to help you in your outreach but then get educate yourself through my bookstore debates and materials of the real but more religious Jew's argument raise more arguments and objections and then maybe a little over your head, in which case, here we are ready to help, and we have the materials and the resources all right. Let's see the Milky Way wire the 12 tribes of Israel different between different books of the Bible. Here's the easy answer, here's the hard answer. The easy answer is that it depends on numbering you have Joseph right one person who then has two sons Manasseh and I fry them or Fryman Manasseh and then Manasseh, the firstborn data from getting the first blessing. So Joseph is one of the 12 sons of Israel. He then has two sons and Fryman, Manasseh.

So now you have these.

You have 13 but then Levi does not have a portion of land portion. Everyone else gets a land portion of the Levites, live among the rest of the 12 tribes. So if you just have a list of the 12 sons of Israel. You have Joseph and Levi. If you have the 12 tribes listed, then Manasseh and I fry them take the place of Joseph. This is in terms of inheritance. All right. And then Levi doesn't get a specific inheritance. That being said, that being said, what about the book of Revelation the seventh chapter that list. 12 tribes and doesn't list Dan. Why is that we don't know for sure. We don't know their different theories and none of them are compelling to me Laura can Christians who love and support Israel wear the Star of David, or is it frowned upon by other Jews. Jewish people are diverse people and I can tell you certain things you could do that would offend every Jew on the planet right like where swastika Lynn offend virtually every Jew on the planet there other things that you know a woman in a sugar many miniskirt as I can offend Jews what's good offender religious to religious Jewish male turned his back religious Jewish man will tell tell you don't come into our community dressed like that in Israel. On the other hand, some liberal Jew might say, hey, you look really hot. Following those Jews are diverse people so what about wearing the Star of David. Some Jews might think it's awesome.

The worst where stirred there.

The start talking to your manager's knowledge.

I just love the people of Israel of the Jewish people. I love to show my support. Awesome. The more friends we have the better you might talk to another Jew in this and what you pretend to be a Jew. Why do but look there's there's another thing.

There's another thing where there are Christians who wear a Star of David with the cross and the set offend you. Some Jews that really offends yes absolutely. Other Jews need.

What's that on the Christian who loves Israel so there's diversity there and if you want to do it. I think it's great to do this right to do and it tells of the Gentiles. You stand with Israel are WK when presenting the gospel to choose what approaches you found to be the most effective in being able to present you shall ensure they are trying to replace their Jewish identity with a Christian one of the reason the recently the best approach is to tell the truth, the best approach is to say like I am talking about the Jewish Messiah. I'm talking about a man named, you sure his mother is Miriam's disciples were men like with your Hernan and Jacob, and in fact shown show my video who cut the church all forms Jewish roots where we address these things and 5 1/2 minutes you buy all means by all means we are asking a Jewish person to follow Jewish Messiah was not Sabbath observance less between you and God. You'll find true rest in the Messiah, but you find that Messiah establishes God's principles and God's laws and God's truth, the Sabbath, if you been a Sabbath observant person you'll find deeper meaning Seesmic you will find deeper meaning now and Sabbath rest, and you may find some of the traditions you've had were were constricting but you find deeper issue find deeper meaning in the feasts and we never practice these things if it becomes on your heart to practice them great. You probably have a greater connection to the Jewish people than ever before. Given my book, the real kosher Jesus and my thoughts. He wire some of the Jewish racists towards black people, including Jews from Africa. Actually, it's a minority that are racist but there's racism among all people. Unfortunately, Jews fought side-by-side with with the black Americans in the civil rights movement and overall lack yes there are some races is fortunate in its ugly as sin and said friends Raven time back with you tomorrow. You've got questions, we've got answers

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