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Is California Introducing an Antisemitic School Curriculum?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 15, 2019 5:20 pm

Is California Introducing an Antisemitic School Curriculum?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 15, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/15/19.

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Is it true that California is about introducing educational curriculum. It's blatantly anti-Semitic stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome more thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast everyone watching on YouTube and Facebook. You can see where back in studio, which is wonderful. Feels wonderful. Thanks for all of you that you did on radio listen to our audio broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube. We are on the road, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 any Jewish related question of any kind. It's good today about the modern state of Israel about Israel and America politically about the Jewish people and anti-Semitism about the Hebrew language about Judaism and Jewish beliefs. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, so all your Jewish related questions. Welcome 866-34-TRUTH and for the trillions time audits naturally, but once again the critics, the Israel bashers the anti-Semites the ones who post nasty comments by the second honor, social media outlets call in and enlighten us. Tell us what we don't know if you so sure that you got the truth on your side. Don't be a coward, to the like put it on the table.

If I believe you're wrong. I'll tell you all right let the facts speak loudly and clearly okay California I was at a conference in Toronto earlier this week. It was an international conference focusing on Jewish evangelism and gentlemen came up to me to ask me if I knew about a particular curriculum that was being put forward in California it is called its abbreviated the let's get it right if you're headed in front of the wrong page the ES MC. It is ethnic studies model curriculum ES MC know basically, as I understand it, the state educational organizations and California coming together or organization to say we want to introduce curriculum that will give insights into the situation of minorities of different people from different background be African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc. to make sure that their perspectives are brought in to the classroom. That's the intent of this all they happened to leave one minority out Jewish Americans got all these others on the list. Okay, many of them with percentages of the population, way, way higher than the Jewish population of America or California. There left out.

So when it comes say to Arab American perspective. You are going to have a militantly anti-Israel perspective, a perspective supporting BDS boycott investment sanction of Israel, a perspective that supports Palestinian activism and basically paints, Jews and Israelis as the bad guys. So a radical leftist curriculum that would be introduce that's what the students would be taught children in schools. What about the other print bad enough to introduce that at all because it's not accurate and, and it's not unbiased and it's not fact-based, so much of it is driven by bias and bigotry and hatred and exaggeration and misinformation, aside from his benefit. Introduce it all.

There is not.

The other side of the story. Five.

You want to say here's here's aside from from us the viewpoint of Palestinians or some Arab Americans use aside from Israel's reporting Jewish Americans it and have them side-by-side. That's one thing you gonna have that already 83 pro-Israel and antidiscrimination organizations have petitions the state's education department to reform its ethnic studies model curriculum ES MC, this is Adam Kriegel, reporting on free weekend outrage. The headline says in Jewish pro-Israel community after anti-Israel activists hijacked curriculum.

I want to read a quote to you. All right, this is from someone taking issue with this curriculum and this is part of the radical leftist mentality. Are you ready for this. The anti-Jewish, anti-Israel bias of the proposed TSMC curriculum, including its implicit portrayal of Jews in Israel as part of quote interlocking systems of oppression and privilege boy you got the language down to 11 agenda and its endorsement of the anti-Israel boycott investment sanctions movement is a form of quote direct action or quote resistance that students are encouraged to engage in clearly exposes the politically motivated and directed nature of the curriculum and its drafters. These are from the organizations speaking against it. That, surprisingly more than one quarter of the model curriculum advisory committee members appointed by the State Board of Education to draft the ES MC have publicly expressed animus towards Israel and its supporters, but some members openly supporting BDS that this is going to be in a children's curriculum. This is how they are going to be educated is biased.

It is not even it is not fair. It is not accurate.

It is not right. Is it any surprise that the NEA national education Association is militantly pro-abortion is militantly pro-LGBT activism and comes to issues of Israelis versus Palestinians is on the opposite side as well.

In other words, on the side that is so pro-Palestinian that it is Israel bashing to the point of miss representation in this, I repeat, is what is going into the curriculum. Unless there is a push back against especially if you live in California get online all right want once more ESM see my giving had correctly. TSMC ethnic studies model curriculum get online edger comments there's still time to weigh-in across the country. You can land this perfectly fine now. Along with that. Another article this is from, California's proposed ethnic studies curriculum laws ill hot Omar initiated sleep so it holds up these women with their militantly anti-Israel views holds them up as people who should be praised in the Arab American community so children will be taught to look to these women is some type of role models promising everything about them is evil when it comes to their views on Israel is that what you want to get into your kids in school, which leads to the last item of interest. Again, want to get your calls got a lot to talk about today 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Israel has decided to deny entry to representatives Omar and to leap okay. They were going to Israel in fact-finding mission, etc. in Israel said no because you're promoting BDS because you're promoting actively anti-Israel movements you are working to the detriment of our country were part of a destructive resistance that's trying to hurt us nationally, you can't come in. Did Israel make the right decision. While on a PR level international PR level it makes Israel look bad and it adds to the notion of Israel being somebody that can't tolerate criticism and so on. Now if the myths were true, the comments about Israel that the Jews control everything. I was to the Jews are not doing a good job of controlling so the education system in California, among other things, because of the anti-Semitism of the ugliness that is creeping in and growing by the day, but but what about just this. Israel's decision, if in fact they were on an honest fact-finding mission, and they were going to go representatives to leave and Omar were going to go and and tour in such a way that they could get a balanced perspective and even spend a couple of weeks they could pull away from the responsibilities and end and soak things in from varied viewpoints on the one thing some friends of ours took what was about 10 young people, millennial's from a number of different nations brought them over to Israel and they spent a lot of time meeting with Palestinian leaders meeting with those who were absolutely militantly anti-Israel wide range of Palestinian leaders outspoken government people individuals people on street one after another after another after another to hear their viewpoint met with Israeli leaders met with individuals met with those the Army in back-and-forth Christians, non-Christians, Muslims, they they spoke with a wide array of of people each side giving their case each side presenting their case, and the kids at the end said boy Israel's in the right here Israel is acting much more righteously than the Palestinians that was their conclusion. If this was a legitimate fact-finding mission as opposed to something that's just going to be used to further fuel the fires of anti-Semitism then I would think Israel should've let them get a look at this from a distance. I'm just speculating here talking through this issue with you trying to get both sides of the story okay but but if if in fact they were going in and say look where were being exposed to one side when you get exposed to the other side. We want to get more educated want to learn more so that we can be more balanced in our viewpoint or have our views reinforced will then expose people, you shall both sides, you dear best to put your best foot forward to dispel myths and rumors and misinformation. If Israel is convinced that they were coming in with your preconceived notions and whatever time they spent there was can be used to reinforce their preconceived notions as I've seen others do and I'm sure people do it on all sides and then again come back several we went there we saw firsthand that perhaps Israel was right. I can say is not my decision. This is Israel's decision to make but if Israel is simply saying if you attack us as a people.

Certainly, if you encourage people to try to undermine us as a nation. If you support BDS. If you compare us to the Nazis and you do it in the halls of Congress.

Sorry, sorry.

Our country is not open to, I can fully fully understand it. Okay. Did you hear that there was an attack that was foiled on the synagogue in Las Vegas did you hear about that attack that was foiled synagogue in Las Vegas, Molotov cocktails of the things it can be used to try to attack and bomb.

Do you know which messianic synagogue. It was all I just tip my hat.

It was a messianic synagogue. Yeah, that was widely reported the news. I just found a couple days ago I sent you synagogue is the other Jewish believers in Jesus with this bill Jews that makes them evil. Yeah, I will be back with your calls, 86637884. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I yes I forgot that Jewish music folks on YouTube.

Somehow we were not screaming your way.

Looks like we got that fixed. So welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 784 30 Jewish Thursday any Jewish related call.

That's great. Usually question he related question, go for it. Let us go to the phones and will start in, hang on, hang on art somehow I am unable to get our folks up here. Let me try once more. There we go Patrick in California. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you and welcome have a quick in the general. Can we consider all of God's punishment and judgment to be curtain well can you define curses while that part of what I'm to do another word. In other words, any time God pronounces judgment whether it occurring at the time or it's going to occur in the future. Would it be proper to consider that occurs obviously there the imprecation they can play and then once it fulfilled.

Do we consider that in fact occurs ghetto and in like in Deuteronomy 27 or it. I set before you curses and punishment you mean curses and blessings can we distinguish certain punishment away from curses. Is there any kind of his division there. Yeah it's it's an interesting question. The first thing is in the broadest sense to talk about the blessings and curses events in Deuteronomy 27 of Deuteronomy 28 Leviticus 26 then you could say that the the curses of bad things are going to happen in the blessings of good things are going to happen and in the broadest sense of the word and and that would be true.

However, we know that there are sometimes divine judgments that are disciplines. It's not his wrath, but it's his loving discipline and we are certainly not under his curse. In that sense were under his disciplining love that. Proverbs 3 speaks of the minutes quoted in Hebrews the 12th chapter. So there would clearly be some type of judgment chastisement, but certainly not a curse you, so you could say that other judgments when they're associated with God's wrath or curses or you could say that that curses would apply more to when something negative is spoken over someone that then hangs over them and is carried out so perhaps there is overlap, but many things that God brings in Scripture's judgment. He doesn't call them curses and and they're not associated with some type of imprecation or anything so there's overlap, but I couldn't make a blanket statement that all the judgments that come under wrath or called curses only because curse can just have some other meanings to it. If you follow me. Yeah yeah hello, thank you. Yeah, I appreciate it and I'm glad it's super helpful because were where we try to slice things it's I counted to divide a bucket of water. You know the slight it's it's movement it there. There's overlap and things like that but for sure though the various words for cursor implicate an inner exit rate in in Hebrew or are not always used in association with judgments, obviously, which is part of the reason for the question. All right thank you 866-34-TRUTH over in California. David, welcome to the line of fire.

I got right activity earlier on the end of that out here in California. Okay, great, chapel yeah great excellent direct data question in regard to the Temple vision at the end of the book. Yes I'm having a conversation with a friend and debating back and forth on the literal interpretation as opposed to a medical both virtual interpretation actually important conversation of Hebrews chapter 620 because my baptism right said that in the year they baptized him to get back I'd like one year on my back is a messianic competitor of messianic Gentile of the messianic congregation and you saying that you get… One year and I would like a frantic point on why disagree with that, I'll actually look about being more the depth of the main water and thereafter know where you old how you hold that document their. How literally take the temple vision and like sacrifices and are there going to be the blood back by like a lamb old and all… In the millennial kingdom. Because typically, where he goes the tingling and arguing about them not the Mosaic law, and whether or not we should keep in it today right okay so let's get several different subjects will focus in on Ezekiel 40 through 48 separate let limit limit to send this to David that there is there is not a custom messengers carnations to code be immersed or baptize once a year there's there's no such custom you have some religious Jews who go to is called the mikvah every single day. Okay. And that is just ritual purification.

Those ultra-Orthodox Jews other woman would go after her monthly cycle for ritual purification in the mikvah so that something we kind of immerse yourself and then there were other ritual washings and things like that that Would Take Pl. in Judaism and cleansing in different ways and there could be an immersion baptism for repentance.

So in that sense, there were numerous baptisms, immersions, but the the baptism of which we all speak upon coming to faith and turning from sin to God and knew she was name and calling out for salvation to be immersed in the name of the father son and Spirit that is meant to be a one time act was excessive and you do annually. Okay, so Ezekiel 40 through 48.

A very controversial portion of Scripture. If we take it in its plain sense that it was a temple vision that God gave to Ezekiel in its most obvious sense they were supposed to build this when they came back from exile when the Jewish people came back from exile in Babylon. They were supposed to build Ezekiel is even spoken of in in God single do this and you'll do that is as if they come back from exile that Ezekiel as a priest would be involved in the Temple services and of course there'd be blood sacrifices things like that will opposite inhabit and also the dimensions described are very different than the benches in the Torah, so how could you be doing that. If it was so different from what was in the Torah, so that's problem one okay will then we said that it's a future vision.

That's an excellent idea, meaning that many of the prophecies that God gave the prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, the things that were supposed to happen when the Jewish people came back from Babylonian exile, only some of them happened many others. The most glorious parts did not which would indicate it is still to come. It is still future in terms of fulfillment that leads to the problem will how can the be blood sacrifices again. If the work of Jesus on the cross was once for all. If the work can be shown on the cross, negated the need for future blood sacrifices. Why indeed, Weatherby blood sacrifices so they are there to answers that Christian scholars have often given one is that the whole vision is metaphorical. The whole vision is to be taken spiritual meaning Ezekiel as a priest is his speaking as a priest using the language in the vision that God gives him and that it's all metaphorical has to do with worship approach to God and cleansing and things like that and is not to be taken literally.

It's a spiritual picture of what happened in the millennial kingdom. The other view says no sacrifices will be offered. Zechariah 14 the end of that chapter points to it some other passages may point to it within Ezekiel 40 through 48 dimensions blood sacrifices and those sacrifices will be looking back to the cross. Just like the sacrifices before it looked forward to the cross. I struggle with that. Personally, because of the once for all nature of the cross of Jesus and the fact that it brought to fulfillment. Everything that the Bible spoke about blood sacrifices yet right now where I stand.

After all these decades is I am not sure about how this will unfold. I see issues in the passage that make me wonder how this could be literally fulfilled based on the differences between this and Torah Torah law based on the teaching of the New Testament.

I see other things pointing to sacrifices in the millennial kingdom, in which case they would be looking back to the cross. Just as we take communion. Looking back to the cross except in that case were literally thinking about the cross, the body and blood of Jesus the son of David, the best thing to do is to say, not 100% sure. Just like with many other prophetic scriptures that we can't know exactly how they're going to unfold until we get closer to them.

But that being said, Ezekiel 40 through 48 in no way says that all believers today are mandated to observe the Sinai covenant. The Sinai covenant is something we are not under we are under a new and better covenant doesn't mean Gentiles become Jews. Jews become Gentiles does me throw everything in the Torah, it means that we relate to Torah law differently through the new code of the spirit and it means that much of what is written Torah has been fulfilled in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus, and ultimately we follow the model as laid out in the new covenant. I hope to write about Ezekiel 40 through 48 in the future. I'm praying for more insight. But right now I can say here are the possibilities all right right back 866-3487 84.

You got usually questions. Thank you for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly rebroadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you today you have a Jewish related question of any kind is a great time to call 86634878 a for you. I just saw a comment on our Facebook feed and Romans, Paul refers to Yeshua as the son of God and not God.

Actually that's not true that's not true.

Let's take a look in Romans the ninth chapter Romans chapter 9 and and in Romans the ninth chapter, there is a section Paul begins by talk about his broken heart for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and then he begins to talk about his people Israel, to whom the promises still belong.

Okay so Romans chapter 9 beginning in verse one, I tell the truth in Messiah. I do not lie. My conscience assuring me in the rococo dish in the Holy Spirit then says this that my sorrow is great and the anguish in my heart on ending front I would pray that I myself were cursed banished from the site for the sake of my people own flesh and blood loosely says, who are Israelites to them belong the adoption of the glory and the covenants of the giving of the Torah and the temple service of the promises to them along the patriarchs, and from them according to the flesh, the Messiah, who is overall, God blessed forever. Amen.

Now I want to read 952.

You in a number of different translations the end of it. Okay, so King James of whom is concerning the flesh Christ came, who is overall, God blessed for ever.

Amen. Then new King James, who is over all the eternally blessed God, so is he, God blessed forever is the God blessed forever new American Standard who is overall, God blessed forever. Amen. ESV who is God over all blessed forever. NIV who is God over all, forever praised. CSB the Christ to his God over all praise forever and ET the Christ, who is God over all blessed forever and LT in Christ himself was in Israel is for us as human nature is concerned, and he is God, the one who rules over everything is worthy of eternal praise and let's see and RSV, the Messiah, who was over all, God blessed forever and read from the chili salsa basically almost all modern versions, especially conservative evangelical recognize that Paul here is saying saying that Jesus is God in Romans nine as he does in other passages okay this just say some godly rest understanding of that this grammatical interpretation, exegetical interpretation that he is saying the Messiah is God over all blessed forever, 86634 okay, I will want to address a question about anti-Semitism from many of you will of heard me as as we were were talking about. As we were talking about racism over the years and worried existent doesn't exist in American and is the systemic racism in America etc. and having listened to some of the callers from so many different perspective and friends from different backgrounds. I came to a simple conclusion to the TARDIS and with anti-Semitism in a moment that white Americans often do not see racism when it is there. Is it from there on thing this race is a racist instance. It the flipside, many black Americans do see racism was not there as being racist, bigoted movement is not the case. In another words we can we we are both products of our environment are operating and we don't have perfect perspective because of which we sometimes see things wrongly, in correctly, all right. In the same way when it comes to anti-Semitism. Sometimes Jews can see it when it's not there sometimes Gentiles don't see it when it is there.

Okay, try to be as fair and honest as as I can when I was a boy my dad told me a joke and I'm not going to say it the way he said it because it was about a guy that had a terrible stuttering habit and it's just to say it into started through it almost sounds demeaning to other starters and not only so doesn't make the best radio okay so I am in is no demeaning way for those who had problems with stuttering must be very difficult and challenging, but the joke was one. My dad told me as a Jewish father to Jewish son as to how Jews could somehow make everything into anti-Semitism.

So the story is a Jewish guy goes with his friend and he he wants a job as a radio announcer but it's a terrible starter.

Suddenly, my dad told me of the guys trying to get get get get get the story out right and stuttering his way through. I'm going to go go go. You get the field get this job. I really think I'm the man for the job at such so he goes in for the interview. So obviously if you if you have a terrible stuttering problem. You're not gonna be a radio announcement should overcome right so there plenty things you know if if if you are if you're at 71 years old and obese and I can be a linebacker on the Green Bay Packers football team. You don't sense something is on a work anyway.

Anyway, the guy comes out of the interview and the Francis how to go how to go in.

The guy studies his way through the sensei while they don't like Jews, but he had nothing to do with you being Jewish.

And that's the joke.

So this was a Jewish joke poking fun at ourselves as to how we can make things into anti-Semitism that aren't really there. Okay. And we see it when it's not there.

That happens it happens and on the flipside, when it is there when there is demonizing of the people as a people. When there is demonizing of Israel as a nation when there is the spreading of exaggerated statements and in the blatant stereotyping and on and on and on.

When those things exist. Yes, that is anti-somatic. Now here's the really interesting on the videos were we expose the anti-Semitism of true news and Rick Wiles, which seems to go from bad to worse and for more absurd to more impossible those videos get a flood of anti-Semites comment the undisputed checks of art as as an example to do a little serving here.

I haven't checked this today, but I'm pretty sure I know what I'm Tennessee right so I'm gonna look at our recent videos.

Let's see.

Why do believers fall away. That was a couple days ago and that has 179 sums up to five thumbs down. Okay will not thank him for speaking truth will be more controversial hundred 53 thumbs up.

23 thumbs down. When I confronted a Black Hebrew Israelites in Charlotte North Carolina very controversial 1164 thumbs up 53 thumbs down.

Dr. Brown irrevocably debated his New Testament anti-Semitic 170 thumbs up. 23 thumbs down. Dr. Brown answers your most interesting questions are Friday show 83 thumbs up seven thumbs down old this look at another one how to respond to hyper criticism that just went up last night 96. Thumbs up for thumbs down so you get you get the feel okay. You see how overwhelmingly our viewers appreciate what were saying agree with what were saying we have critics we have others who way in but overwhelmingly Jezebel's North America hundred 75 thumbs up 14 thumbs down, and on the ghost within the file, and return 263 thumbs up 24 thumbs down. Just bought the door, hundred 99. Thumbs up 11 thumbs down so you you get the feel right all clear, so now I'm I'm going to I'm just gonna look for videos that we've done. We expose Rick Wiles true news art requires slanderous Israel, Jews 569 thumbs up 574 thumbs down as it was it a bad video though it's a video exposing anti-Semitism and the anti-Semites don't like it they come pouring in true news and Rick Wiles exposed 673 thumbs up 743 thumbs down and to me that proves the exact thing that we have been talking about when you expose Jew hatred when you expose anti-Semitism when you expose demonizing of the Jewish people. The anti-Semites come out of the woodwork with all of their anti-Semitic libels and lies and attacks and garbage nonsense and junk, some of which is beyond mind-boggling and it confirms the very point we are making a given example given example and this this can be an ugly example.

Okay right and folks with the YouTube team that's gonna watch this I am giving an example to expose hatred okay let's say you are a black man in your speaking to a bunch of white supremacists okay and and they say we are not to get it. We are not biased in this age people like you are trash and don't belong in America and you need to go back to where you came from and stay there. We should put you on a slave ship and send you back when not bigots. That's just what you deserve, will they just expose their bigotry their hatred.

The junk that you okay yeah so you get what I'm saying right ugly vile statements so when the people we expose anti-Semitism, the anti-Semites come out of the woodwork here. Let's let's just see what happens with our videos confronted the anti-Semitism of you. Michael Jones and I repeatedly said Sir you claim it on an anti-Semite. I claim you are. Let us have a public moderated academic debate as to whether your attacks on the Jewish people are anti-Semitic.

You will do it. He won't do it does let you know I can, bring things into the light okay or E. Michael Jones and Owen Benjamin telling the truth. 291. Thumbs up 333 thumbs down. Isn't that fascinating. So when we expose anti-so these are basically the only videos we've got what almost 1900 videos what's argued exact amount of videos that we have is over 1900s is right around the Solana videos. It is one other like we go after Black Hebrew Israelites who suffer some of that 1885 videos overwhelmingly, 99% of them overwhelmingly thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up in some thumbs down expose anti-Semitism exposes the ugliness we put our finger on it, comes pouring out. I'll give you a few examples of what comes pouring it on a daily basis. Anti-Semites consider yourselves expose the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the fourth big big reminder just with friends in Canada that are coming on the Israel trip.

One man he signed of the other about to we have room celebrity but were only filling two buses that sit only 100 people.

So now is the time to register may 2020, now's the time to get your deposit in the website asked her to Cascade your brown dot org. It's an amazing trip.

It's the trip of a lifetime. Really the everyone that's gone afterwards were amazed at how impacted their how thrilled are we we've had people just in the first three tours come twice already like what Charles Turner really want to go again once it again so it may 2020 call with holy fire in the hole and because get the benefit of a great tour in the day so all through the day. Great tour guide II add special teaching at certain sites right thing and really make a good contribution. Her friend Scott Voelker with you every step toward just just very very special fellowship. We have meals together at night solicit a different table hangout with folks every night and then those that want to do something in the evening so just want to crash we do Q&A sessions with live radio broadcasts sometimes have the guts of my heart to preach minister will bring in a guest or friend to minister of space, time of worship, so it's the best of both worlds and is not a political trip. It is not there to take political sides. It's there to make the land of the Bible come alive and when you're standing places like all this had this literally happened where I am your you're out worshiping in a boat on the Sea of Galilee. It's like that's the say that's the same see. Yeah, that's the place or what were looking down from Mount Carmel and Armageddon using places where history happened and were future histories yet to unfold. It's just extraordinarily powerful.

Alright, so here's the typical kind of stuff that comes pouring in from anti-Semites on a daily basis and from people with all kinds of bizarre ideas, let's pull up that tweet a recent comment on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Brown was a crypto Jew, whose role is to subvert Christian doctrine and Judaize Christianity. Do not fall for his tricks. You know the sad thing about that is that the person who posted that almost certainly believes that other trolls and people all kinds of idiotic stuff they just do. To be obnoxious, but my guy give people the benefit of the doubt. I assume that person actually meant what they tweeted or what they posted on YouTube and I put out this is a tweet it's so crypto Jew first, and you don't know what that means it's referring to two Jews say on under pressure, duress converted to Catholicism rather than be burned at the stake, or whatever the punishment was going to be banned or exiled and and they they did that, but they still kept a secret Jewish identity so I'm a crypto job where's the secret identity. Where's the quick where is the crypto anything on the Jewish believer in Jesus have been an open Vulgate vocal Jewish believer Jesus for over 47 years, almost 48 Whitsett what's crypto drive a crypto mustache drive a crypto nose driver, a crypto underbody MI crypto almost 6 foot strip me what's what's crypto.

In this idea that you 48 years ago infiltrated the church to Judaize lineage of Julius hey you know what I want I will I want the church of today is much as possible to recover the apostolic foundations of the faith which is being more Jewish than on what we do in church today because that's what Jesus and the apostles did. But I want a Jesus and for Jesus exalting faith. That's what I desire a Bible-based Jesus exalting, Spirit empowered faith that would be something that the apostles would feel at home, and if they were here to get us this what we start. We like this.

We like the set as follows. Do you it's Michael look at comments that came in after we expose the anti-Semitism of true news and by the way, I could do shows exposing stuff this and all the time but it's not worth it. And there there end up there that will disqualify themselves over period of time, but at some point, most likely in written form at some point I will rebut in-depth in a devastating way. Much of the misinformation that they put out as part of book yet, so stay tuned, but here are some comments Terry, do you rate children to the subway you're protecting the Satanist Talmud worshiping fake Jews. There are Satanists not Jews that these are the these laconic comments that they come in pouring liquid whilst spitting the truth. Wake blank up Gentiles see your stupid, ignorant Rick Wallace is right 100% is telling the truth about Zionism and Israel. Zionism will bring forth the antichrist and don't forget to mention that the non-Jews consider the beast of the field made to serve man the Jew in the time of those repeating all these laws about Talmud and and on and on and on so that it's your full of blank. The Jews run everything including the bank. So yes the Jews on your house you either a Jew or an agent.

The Jews have destroyed America minutes at endless hundreds of comments like that people believe this is what scary a question on YouTube was Ashkenazi mentioned in Genesis 10 is the grandson of of Japheth scissors often torments physical Ashkenazi that has nothing to do with Ashkenazi Jews today or Ashkenazi related to Germany, etc. it is probably sketchy and since different people different people with a similar name that were extinct. Many many many centuries ago, probably more than two millennia ago with different people group people but that's what doesn't fit different people group and mean ask the question of me why Observatory days like young people and things that that no were not under the Sinai covenant. I'm not under the Sinai covenant.

However, I recognize the spiritual importance of the biblical calendar and Yom Kippur is a special time for me to pray that God would open the eyes of my Jewish people to receive salvation and forgiveness through Jesus the Messiah. The biblical calendar is prophetic.

The spring feast pointing to the the death and resurrection of the Messiah. The outpouring of his spirit in the fall feasts, referring to his return and the cleansing of Israel. The ingathering of the nation, so they have prophetic significance, but I'm not under the Sinai covenant. It's perfectly fine for Jewish believer to whom these days have significant to celebrate them in the Lord, but only through the light of the cross and the resurrection will not celebrate them in the identical way the traditional Jew would because we receive forgiveness ready through the cross. But no, we are not under obligation to keep them as new covenant believers was a Jewish baby name one year old immediately after birth of Jesus would have been 29 he started his ministry to good source for this. What happens in Luke the first chapter that I was in Luke chapter 1, when the baby is born is named that a year later his name that right so that would've been the custom will and and what is the angel tell Joseph Miriam that that the baby's name will be issue right so that Emmanuelle is is obviously what he represents God with us, but you shall call his name Jesus issue. He will Yoshi he will save his people from their sins.

In Hebrew, so now when it says what his age was is about 30 he was about 30 right so let me encourage you we have a brand-new addition of her hands were stained with blood coming out the command in 1992. It has continuously been printed ever since. It is my most translated book and probably in terms of total sales. Over the years my best-selling book is a painful read. It's an eye-opening read. In the end it's an inspiring read. We have a revised, updated addition, after all these years we have revised and updated the sections did with Israel today to be completely up-to-date left in a lot of the shocking material and attitude. We've expanded on anti-Semitism in church history.

We've expanded on love for Israel and the Jewish people in church history.

We've added material expended on replacement theology of the Black Hebrew Israelites on other things like that and the classic nature of the book untouched except we've added expanded so to get your copy signed and numbered. Go to my website ask Dr. Brown W can order any real salon you normally order blue website this week Esther Gibran, ASCII, DR, Brown dot org see on the homepage so you can get a copy for yourself and me encourage you above all to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people that God would have mercy that God would open hearts the call with open minds that God would change lives that he would reveal Jesus the Messiah. No one no Jew or Gentile, can be saved outside of the shoe.

If we reject him, we reject the mercy of God. If we reject him.

We reject our atonement if we reject him our own good works are own repentance. These things are not good enough to get, and there is no Jew on the planet of gents on the planet is good enough to inherit eternal life without Messiah's blood. If we reject that blood. We are lost and under God's judgment. So even more important than praying for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray for the spiritual piece behind it.

God would open Jewish hearts Jewish minds and save Jewish souls essay that as a Jew we need Jesus to withhold Jesus from the Jewish people is to be anti-Semitic is not sharing the fullness of God would ask Dr. Brown or preorder your copy of the new edition of her hands were stained with blood coming out later

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