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Roe Is Overturned!!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 24, 2022 5:50 pm

Roe Is Overturned!!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Mark, the day when a the way has been overturned for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown worth little past 10 o'clock this morning. Supreme Court issued its much anticipated ruling officially overturning the monstrous unconstitutional 1973 decision which was taken even further. In 1992 role the way has been overturned is the rarest of rare that we will preempt the Friday Q&A show when you call him with all your questions.

You've got questions. We got answers, but this is one of those days where it is just so important that we talk about the significance of what's happened that we put things in a larger context that we give you spiritual insight that we talk about how we move forward that we look at at what is unique about what is happened because it's not just a massive important ruling, but it is extremely unique in American history and in the context of the whole world. If you want one article rightly. The South you can share with others. It's on the website ask Dr. SK DR asked her to you can read ensure the article.

In fact, I encourage you to do Susie a break grab hold of it and share it with whatever means is best for you to share.

I'm hoping to bring on a couple special guests with me been on the front lines of the pro-life movement. As you can imagine their schedules are packed there during interviews by the moment.

They are involved in all kinds of special meetings but hopefully we get a couple of them to join us as well. So last night I get a voicemail from my pro-life friend Pat Mahoney right and I want you to hear what Pat left on the voicemail for me all about 1015 last night I would rather not Mahoney how are you America Supreme Court crying right now but give me a call when your character really interesting information I need prayer over okay so I called Pat back and it turns out he was given information inside information.

He's been on the pro-life front lines from us 50 years he's been arrested for various causes over 100 times, those born $25 million in fines.

He, like many others have paid a price over the years to fight for the lives of the unborn and to help bring us into a culture of life. So the information indicated that there would be a ruling released attendance went on my mind when nothing happened yesterday than it had to be Monday. I was expecting Ms. ruling to release today. The the text that he received that was a bit cryptic and he had to decipher. Is it accurate or not but but here is why he thought it was really going to happen and that the Lord was just being gracious to him a year ago Pat Mahoney and we talked about this on the year he felt led to driving to DC from Virginia on Friday. He doesn't like to do that. Why, because traffic gets so intense on Friday than to get that to get home is three hours miserable, bumper-to-bumper traffic, but he felt the Lord told him go to DC on the front is but a year ago and pray for the Dobbs case that this is the Dobbs read Jackson case from Mississippi. It had been submitted to this to the court a year earlier and frozen their stop there rights of Mississippi passes pro-life law it gets it gets held up women's clinic plan for a abortion clinic opposes it.

Anyway, it's just frozen nothing's happened. It sat there Supreme Court to have a suggestion or will you hear from us dear he feels like to go to DC on a Friday to pray that the court will hear this again set out for year that Monday. Frank calls Pat, have you heard the courts committed he couldn't believe he could not believe that an end to him though that was super significant.

Why, because if the Supreme Court said let it lie Roe V Wade is laudable and KCB Miller is the law of the land.

Let it lie. That's the reality and vote. The lower court has ruled against this pro-life legislation so little I so this is why even here in the first place. If the court is going to but it lie may be maybe the courts can say hey we saw the Dobbs but all along the pro-abortion activists, and legal scholars and others were saying no no no, this could actually threaten Road directly and then the Atty. Gen. Mississippi rather than say hey we bitterly cautious ear laid out a very clear articulate argument against Roe just dismantling it say that there is no constitutional or legal basis for this.. So overturn Roe. So of course remember what happens when Gwen someone, presumably of 99% sure someone on the left leaks this decision on precedent or have they been found out yet no unprecedented leaks this to politicos as this is Justice Alito's decision and this is what is going to happen. This is what is coming down a row is going to be overturned.

What we understood was that Justice Roberts was a hey I'll vote with you. 623.

I'll vote with you to stand with Dobbs, which will got row but I won't vote with you to overturn Rose, let's modify this little but that's what we understand was happening. In any case, this theory was that by releasing this, it would put the justices that were voting overthrow under such pressure to create such an uproar that it would it would shift one of us would have with KCB Miller, where Justice Kennedy shifted at the last minute and instead of overturning Roe back in 1992 should've happened because there is no constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion. It does not exist in our Constitution must be read into it in a way that is very very wrong effect. Just quote what Justice Alito said in the ruling in Justice Alito's own words row was egregiously wrong from the start it's reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision is had damaging consequences for from bring about a national settlement of the abortion issue Roe and Casey have inflamed debate and deepen division is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people selected representatives knows what happened now the court decision did not ban abortion throughout America. It said let the people decide by voting in each state that's busily voting for rope were against Roe voting for abortion against abortion but voting for elected officials who will that's okay. Based on you putting us in power.

We are going to pass laws that protect the lives of the unborn, or you can pass laws that give the mother the right to abort the baby up until this point to that point right up until one of childbirth. That's what house it goes back to the states and estimates are that right now 26 states will immediately have pro-life laws now enforced because Roe is no longer there to shoot them down roads that the legislators would say we passes the people voted for people who would pass them so that the voice of the people was stuffed out stuff that snuffed out now through the people to decide the mobile talk about this. What this means.

With the consequences or going to be right so the what's interesting is that many feel that with the decision being leaked galvanize things at end and now the word was out even more and the more you intimidate and scream and yell and threaten the more these justices they will bring to its right. What kind of precedent would be set if the Supreme Court's about to release a decision in word somehow gets out sick. I would just threaten to kill them all will like that it and then you have mob rule.

So if this was meant for evil was ultimately used for good memory told your friends. Remember, we told us it is to encourage 2022 was our year to take background to take back moral and cultural ground out again. It must be prayer based gospel based, otherwise it will just be us try to assert ourselves over others is a letter you doing here were saying let the people decide it was understood in American history up until the year 1973. Abortion is always many reports is another thing abortion existed in the ancient world. Abortion existed most primitive cultures that may be accepted may be condemned, but it's it's been done.

People found ways to to get rid of unwanted babies in the womb I so abortion is been here is been illegal, it was understood that is not a constitutional right and there only a few states that legalized abortion before Roe V Wade and then with Roe V Wade. It is spread now it's across the nation in any state and out state after Stacy not in our state, not in our state now. This means that we need more and more pregnancy crisis centers than we've ever had.

We need pregnancy crisis centers, not just in states like New York state of New York is the abortion capital of the world. States like Virginia, Maryland, California, which have made their laws now some in anticipation of this day and others just going this direction before they have made their laws, the most pro-abortion we've ever had some at it's even been argued legally now make infanticide of the 30 days possible under certain circumstances. Of course, of the sub will will deny that those that are proportional to not it. In any case. In any case, we need just more more pregnancy crisis centers all over but not just in the states that will become the pro-abortion states not just in those states, but also the states were abortion will no longer be legal or civic Texas after six weeks. It's not legal. While the vast majority of abortions can be performed after six weeks of just of conception because the mud is just barely finding out she's pregnant at the time so there are more and more pregnancy crisis centers that need to be there that women can go to's okay here are my alternatives and how can the community stay with me and all the more time for the church to say let's make this something we talk about an end that if there's an unwanted pregnancy is a matter of rape or something's happened. Hey don't hide the corner but we got women here that that love you and will spend time with you and help and we got a support system.

If you adopt the baby if if if you want to have your child that you need support in different ways, but the church we the church in this church recognize that a lot of the anger in becoming an violence. This can be coming is because of people who are deeply hurt and the pain inside of them becomes anger all right a whole lot more to come your way on this special one of our boys just waiting for this for a long time in my joint privilege support and help leaders on the front line of the pro-life and they've been waiting for this very line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Wade Sibley now across America different states laws are being triggered that were previously shut down because of role now there's nothing standing in their way, initially looks like 26 pro-life states versus print 24 pro-abortion states and I will reach you.

What my colleagues, John's American Jason Jones predict will happen in these different states of theorists special significance to this ruling because it books a trend of where society has been going. Please understand friends even though America's abortion laws are some of the most liberal in the world or were were were some of the most liberal in the world. America also had by far the strongest pro-life movement pushing back, pushing back, pushing back of their there has always been resistance primarily starting is Catholic, then joined by evangelical to abortion in in America when I was a part of the Catholic and evangelical. I mean, in the last 50 years and because of that we had a unique situation in America, with his been pushed back you around the world.

Other countries in the pro-life movement where we got even decent matzoh Christian is tiny is tiny, so America's been unique in terms of of the pushback but there's a book by legal scholar Stephen Prothro is a professor brilliant legal scholar and Kim on 2016.

The title is why liberals when the culture wars even when they lose elections. History of the religious battles that define America from Jefferson's heresies to gay marriage today. Any any argued that our culture wars have always been religious wars progressing through the same stages of conservative reaction to liberal victory eventually benefit all Americans so in other words, things continue to shift left things continue to shift liberal.

That's because liberalism is more inclusive, and so on will obviously there's a backlash because obviously abortion is not inclusive in terms of the damage done to the baby and ultimately the damage done to the mother and the father and the family and the society but this has bucked the trend of decisions going around reciting some of the biggest, biggest, biggest, and there than others along the way with the Supreme Court as pushback, pushback is a will. That's what we're seeing now because as Donald Trump. You don't want to run again in 2024 as Donald Trump that this happened now interestingly, when Trump was asked about this. Did he play a role fought a pox news asked him he said this was God's decision. So here as one call he said to me of the most arrogant president acting in the most humble way of sure the presence of an argument as well, but interesting. That's what he said God's decision didn't take credit for it. In point of fact, God used him, and that by the way was the number one reason Vaught why voted from 2016 and voted to begin 2020. He kept his promises about Supreme Court justices is the number one reason why voted from. I still would rather see someone else running 2024 that will represent pro-life, profamily, pro-Israel, antiterrorist, etc. I'd still rather see someone else run than him, but I'm grateful for what he did and I do deeply appreciate and think of how unlikely the whole scenario is you fire and more tailored predictive Trump presidency and that he be elected 2012 in the new 2.3 Supreme Court justices will get the years wrong. 2016. The 2012 and dewpoint three sprinkler justice. Mark Taylor also said that he be reelected. So on for four more years of course that didn't happen, but it's interesting is him importing three justices and one term. When did that happen before went to the happen, not none of my memory or knowledge and the only way he got the surgeon results of the critical vote here. Thus the swing vote ultimately intrusive one more person needed was when Justice Ruth Betty Ginsberg suddenly died in Russia should not be any of the Jewish new year and and then just in time. Amy Kleber was was able to push through. There's a reason not to to to appointer denominator and a pointer so she gets through. Right then the end of his presidency, Boehm happens and then then this case is being heard in indecision being made. It really is quite extraordinary. What's gonna happen from state to state what to give you a prediction in a moment, but got a note this morning from Misha. If you remember, Marty gets his music is often played symptoms with his daughter Misha on our Thursday shows will Misha wrote a song he felt it was prophetic felt that the tied in with the overturning of role in terms of God are rising and acting so I just want to play this way doesn't specifically mention role here, but I want you to step back and recognize that there is been prayer unceasing prayer. In some cases, 24 hour prayer over and over and over. Luke 18 appealing day and night for justice. Appealing day and night for justice.

Appealing day and I for just a sermon with the justice house of prayer set up in DC but my friend Lou Engle and they were they were praying 24 seven cry out to God, the overturning of Roe V Wade of and this is what 15 years ago was set up in houses of prayer that are going on before them, but there has been literally 24 seven prayer in certain parts of America for the overturning of Roe were in the midst of 24 seven prayer that has been a regular theme and this is the type of massive credits taken to overthrow something this massive, that we have to keep praying because there's so many of the things going on with this, but let's be encouraged that in the midst of all this. This is God at work was with part of what is happening in front of our eyes must continue to pray because there will be massive separation like we've never seen in our lifetimes across America. The spirit of Jezebel will be stirred up again violent, angry John Cooper from skillet shot me a note about that it's in my book Jezebel's North American fact of got the book right here if you've not read this book, Jezebel's worth America now is a perfect time to pick it up. You understand more of the spiritual battle and understand how we overcome because were not fighting people were not fighting people fighting for people on God's behalf, fighting for there will being, but there's a real spiritual battle to violence the hatred the anger and we want to win hearts want to change lives in the process. So John's American Jason Jones in their article on the stream dancing on Roe V Wade's grave the sword this is what's gonna happen.

Of this was gonna happen in these different states of the me skip down all blue cities.

10 1210 toward Baltimore is the heading will tell you what will happen any state-by-state.

The parole board states will gradually get older poor more violent and less free. Believing that freedom begins and ends at the bedroom door. They will go choosing top-down socialist answers to basic economics should go on hurting the poor soft on crime policy soft on crime policies and intrusive social programs will remain your Band-Aids and gaping wounds caused by natural side effects of the sexual revolution. High percentages of nonwhite kids will continue to be aborted more communities remain stuck in the glue trap of government dependence by doubling down on the socially destructive legacy of the 1970s, blue cities will keep on going the way of Baltimore. Meanwhile, pro-life red states will become younger, richer and freer minorities. Minority communities will be devastated by 60%. Abortion rates the clinics cited to target them. Most black babies will get to be born alive but without the deadly backstop of an easy nearby abortion more young girls will make wiser choices about having sex with her. Still teenagers will see the rate of unwed motherhood flattened and declining as young men feel be good to go to Mary girls if they really want them. Rebirth of marriage and fatherhood is the unavoidable outcome restoring to the poor. One thing they need more than any handout intact families grow up in fact here's a quote from Stephen Mosley, African-American leader in project 21 and unborn child. He said now is a fighting chance at life. This is great day of joy, especially for us in the black community is abortion is the number one killer of black Americans stated the Declaration of Independence. We have the right to life today.

Those words ring true or for the on board I've seen abortion. Many others have is especially a technologist against next-generation but on black Americans and evil attack from the pit to destroy people that God wants to bring into this world with this culture of life sweep through the nation, stay right here. I will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a broadcast to talk about the significance of the overturning of Roe V Wade reminder again.

People respond with anger with her with pain with fear. We've had a couple of generations they'll grow up with abortion on demand being the law of the land in state after state and people just assume as part of the culture and part of a way of life and of all or some it's good for women and good for society, etc. so the traumas were real. The fears were a real and is were rejoicing on the one hand, one keep reaching out.

We want to keep reaching out and if there is violence, anger, intimidation one.

Overcome evil with good. One overcome hatred with love. We want to overcome darkness with light we want to overcome lies with truth. That's the way it's got to be right. Hopefully it we've got one of my pro-life friends, longtime attorney with the lines defense lines for defending freedom retired from the recently but was on the front lines. One of the senior leaders for many many years and will have some great insights worth his fishing line few injury drawers for the we were hoping pepperoni. I talking last night and then texting today hoping we get him on during this hour, but it's he swamped is beyond swamped so hopefully it will happen, but either way, your tongue more stuff to cover and go over here this article by Ben Seitz loft on daily wire. Here the wall businesses vowing to cover travel costs for employees with he calls abortion tourism. In other words, if you live in a state where you can get an abortion. There are various companies. Amazon has has said this other companies who said it looks like Dick's Sporting Goods may be Disney were this a look if you can't get abortion in your estate were were you one of our employees and we will pay for you to travel to another state. Levi Strauss center Limited.

Business leaders need to make their voices heard that you protect the health and well-being of their employees.

So again that's how they're looking at this quote health and well-being of of the employees we have to keep coming with our pro-life arguments. This is a massive breakthrough today massive historic unprecedented breakthrough today, but now we have to keep making our case state-by-state life by life child by child. We have to keep making the pro-life case and my prayer is as John's American Jason Jones suggested is that the reaping and sowing the natural outgrowth of choosing life versus choosing death will make itself playing and that God is the prayer for that God will act in the midst of it in the book of Amos, he talks about how to wake Israel up is that I sent rain on one city and not another city here Pat is like okay this is Arianna. Bless the city. The city is this army of a minute judge the city and it is still in get it. They still didn't repent all right before we get into Justice Alito's actual ruling. There was a concurring decision written by Clarence Thomas and this of course has people pulling her out and say we told you we told her we told you this, Chris is ready take over was a Catholic take over or that this is what we been predicting Christian nationalism and Christian he Thomas consults his wife while she really Christian nationalism or what so you can bring all that in. But he said we've got to go back and re-examine previous rulings by the court that wrong imprisoned by the leaking eyes of the Gumby after going after same-sex marriage nexus and maybe so, because that never should've been decided by the court. States can make the decision. That's how America works and if estate for the people of the state vote to redefine marriage. I don't like it I think is wrong, but that's their choice. That's the way we operate as a state could pass a law that we find absolutely horrendous but they have the power to do that either way right the states right now that I've said okay based on are the people we put in an office. No abortions in in our state was without the people voted others that are pro-choice their outrage there flipping out now. How can I be what's that's the way it operates in the same way.

I'm deeply grieved over states like New York in the radical pro-abortion laws that were passed but that's how the system works. People vote in legislators and they make rulings and some we may find to be terribly wrong or immoral. That's our system works. It was wrong. The Supreme Court to redefine marriage such as that decision, the Thomases should be re-examined, but also the laws be Texas is not just a bridge felt with laws be Texas decision. This goes back to 2003 x 6 three ruling, the Supreme Court bizarrely found a constitutional right to sodomy. Yeah the sodomy American into more detail than that's prissy for your listeners. They found that right in the Constitution. How so this is what Justice Alito said when when when that that became a workman that became the law of the land described this year.

This is his quote, Justice Antonin Scalia 2003. If moral disapprobation of homosexual conduct. Quote is no legitimate state interest for purposes of proscribing that content, conduct what justification could there possibly for denying the benefits of marriage to homosexual couples exercising the debris protected by the Constitution. In other words, if you can say will we morally disapprove of this conduct and and as the people of the state.

We have moral disapproval of it.

Therefore, it should be illegal in all of this doesn't washer that makes an illegal was that while the things illegal moral disapproval things wrong, what is that goes here then he same unit of gay marriage so bozos things make perfect sense to me that is not the jurisdiction of the court overturn it as well as most insomnia were on the books in America be basing on the force is to say we recognize is wrong now. Now we got to the point around this one was grievous articles are written in years and bring a lot of grievous once painful wants to write. Go Melissa and Esther to Brown the k dear Brown, the Lord, after you read today's article and the significance of the overturning of Roe ensure that with others. After that, read the article about when when major companies celebrate gay sex this morning at the beginning of the content but boy have we come along with us on a set like that say more on the radio. This is to sickening. And for those that celebrate this. Although this is good and healthy, and wholesome God have mercy on your understanding. So Thomas is also said that laws allowing for contraception was married couples should be re-examined now is he saying that contraception is immoral, which would be a Catholic position as he saying that the Supreme Court ruling itself went too far in their own ways to address these things, obviously, can you see people discussing what you think will contraception at anything we abortion and then you think within six marriage you can understand why people are fearful and then think it was just Christian take over all it is scorpion court regardless of one's view on contraception. This just a call for the court to be the court and function the way it was intended to function with the states function the way they were intended to function. Let's with that lets up.

Let's take a look and let's look at some of the specific quotes from the justice Alito ruling okay and is an article, Fox news 10 key quotes from Justice Alito's opinion overturning Roe V Wade and before I read some of these to you. May I encourage you to go to websites, you may not go to that every different slants on things to go to liberal websites and read the news.

It's being reported on or policy has credit online. It had an article of a pro-life article saying this is the right decision.

So here's one opinion is another sub brief is them doing that of the good or Huff or get all the left-wing websites political were there different ones daily beast or whatever there. There major ones out there and see what they're saying. Just so you can see what those who are not rejoicing or sitting with her talk about what they're fearing let's do our best to to minister to those concerns. So yes were rejoicing over not rejoicing. I have that done over rejoicing as a thank God for the unborn think-thank God for the mothers who been hurt by the abortion decision and fathers and families. Thank God. Think I'll think, and God have mercy. Lord, see this is an active of repentance for many in America and have mercy because his massive blood guilt in our hands massive blood guilt on our hands. We only are sustained by mercy right so Alito details how abortion was viewed pre-row. Not only was there no support for such a constitutional right to shortly before Roe, but abortion had long been a crime in every single state at common law, abortion was criminal in at least some stages of pregnancy was regarded as unlawful and could have serious consequences.

At all stages America law American will follow the common law and civil wave of statutory restrictions in the 1800s, expanded criminal liability for abortions of the time of the adoption of the 14th amendment three quarters of the states to ban abortion a crime at any stage of pregnancy and the remaining states would soon follow. So until shortly before Road. This was the reality national is or what about all the thousands of women who died with illegal illegal abortions will they want they want that that's a myth that every year thousands of women died because of legal back alley abortions even liberal websites have corrected that were there dozens scores certain cases, yes, that's terrible that that happened was still not right to take the life of the baby in the womb and how do you compare that to 50 60 million+ babies aborted at how do you compare those numbers.

Roe, egregiously wrong, we read that quote that that only deepened division.

Then Alito on the confusion over what the 14th amendment protects he said in interpreting what is meant by the 14th amendment's reference to liberty. We must guard against the natural tendency to confuse with the amendment protects with her own Oregon views about the liberty that American should enjoy is why the court has long been reluctant to recognize rights that are not mentioned in the Constitution to refute more quotes from Justice Alito again friends missed any part of the broadcast, chicken everything we've had to say I hope you funny and informative helpful for those listening that you're shaking her head like who are discussing the crazy member when angry like loading want everyone to embrace a culture of life by their own choice. Classical statistical review at that line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, holy last night saying that he got the cryptic text, but inside information indicating that the. The decision was to be released today.

I talked to attorney friend a few days ago with inside information from one of his attorney colleagues totally closely connected with the court that said nobody was moving that the justices that had decided to rule overturning Roe.

They were there were standing firm to do that so and that of course is what we been fully X expecting and continuing to pray for that that to happen for justice and mercy to prevail. So I just thought a case of discus post 7:10 AM this morning and I want to remember where I am at that moment you know there is a few things you remember in your life. If your soul time you remember where you were when used in the JFK was assassinated you in school, just an announcement comes over the PA start crying in this thing work picked up to it to go home and the treasury is not 11. Remember where you were. That happened sought wanted. Specifically, be ready and then I thought of probably want to write something soon after, but you normally not person and I am often going strong till three, sometimes four in the morning so I'm I may get up much earlier than that. I want to know is that I may get up from sleeping maybe four hours may respond to some emails and texts may reduce them couple things without go back to sleep. That's what happened this morning I got up early but maturely that I wanted to have gone to sleep past three last night and then I dozed off again and the next thing I realize what it is and I looked up souvenirs like tensile and see anything in the next condo's office 1011s ago, Wo 10, 11, and that's when the new space. He started to break. So as is basis. The first thing I saw because I looked a few minutes earlier and and nothing and then boom got got our got the announcement immediately wrote an article they have finished the article about 45 minutes got all hyperlinked annotated all that sent it out and soon after was posted our website now going all over sought article craft was sleeping in bed at that moment I would fall asleep for a few minutes as Wednesday's one worth the moment when remember where you were, how you felt all right. Justice Alito in his decision also dismisses the claim that the decision will lead to reversals on same-sex marriage and contraception out Clarence Thomas. It was reevaluate all those right.

This is probably the dissent suggests that our decision calls into question Griswold Eizenstat Lawrence of vertical and those last two being the correct sodomy and in the redefining of marriage but we have stated unequivocally that nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast out on precedents that do not concern abortion rev also explain why that is so rights regarding contraception and same-sex relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion because the letters we have stressed uniquely involves what Roe and Casey turn potential life.

So that's his argument that that there is one thing specifically that Rose focused on this potential life in the room and you cannot take the potential life willingly. In the subject now have other cases been Roman rule could be, but that's a separate issue.

This Justice Alito's point Justice Thomas say let's look at others the Roman rule. Fair enough see where the argument goes, and of course if if same-sex marriage is overturned, then that creates massive societal problems because of all those "marriage and all those raising kids, and that in and sobbing about social social upheaval but social habits. We get things wrong in the first place. In any case, justice, loosing as far as the laws concerns for the ruling assist abortion because since it's what marriage doesn't touch on taking potential life Mr. contraception doesn't take a talk of taking potential of his life that they are yet right luckily after conception and Justice Alito said the courts allowed to impose its own theory of life on the nation. Our opinion is not based on any view about if and when pre-note prenatal life is entitled to any of the rights enjoyed after birth. The dissent's of the dissenting opinion by the other three justices, by contrast, or son number.

The other three justices will impose on the people particular theory about when the rights of person would begin according to the dissent, the Constitution requires the states to regard the fetus is lacking even the most basic human right to live at least until an arbitrary point in the pregnancy is passed. Nothing in the Constitution or in our nations legal traditions authorizes the court to adopt the theory of life… Rose decision. The Roe decision usurp power begin reading from Alito rose it on a collision course with the Constitution. From the day it was decided. Casey perpetuated terrors. Those errors do not concern some arcane corner of the law of little importance to the American people rather wielding nothing but raw judicial power. The court usurped the power to address the question of profound moral, social importance that the Constitution unequivocally leaves for the people than the last points relies on erroneous historical narrative and Alito emphasizes the Democratic consequences of Dobbs, Alito says he does not know how the US will respond to Dobbs. We do not pretend to know, or political system or societal response to today's decision overly real overruling Roe and Casey and even if we could foresee what will happen, we would have no authority to let that knowledge influence our decision.

We can only do our job is to interpret the law apply long-standing principles of starry deceases and decide this case.

Accordingly from Mr. Russell and their sorry we therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey must be overruled and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their representatives, and this is his conclusion abortion presents a profound moral question Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roy Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives. Thus, the Alito decision concludes again friends historic moments in our nation's history and with that finally order my buddies has broken free but Joe literally John Franco longtime attorney with allies defending freedom. We literally got two minutes. But why is this a day selling our great trust is enough content to talk about why from your perspective.

Take the last couple minutes. Why is this such a momentous moment in American history yeah yeah yeah I think that abortion is not a gift okay to have a light you okay to give the Democratic process were beating back in prevention of federal level, but we all have to now go along with the thing it brought below federal overly well with the root of many problems that we fight for those of us looking around like you know Lola don't hold your gullet when with the firm biochemical Planned Parenthood, 1992 in the pro-life movement.

There was Guam feeling like all know we are stuck with an outfit thing we can actually debate and talk about like them talk about some of the issue, but the viability will affect the children live longer that what the main and life more generally. What that mean for issues like position of the driven effort that they go back to the conflict like which the Supreme Court rejected what's going to come now. Other areas unlike the week of Christmas there. What we are image bearers of God that we all like that inherent dignity to think you want to do this talk got all kinds of how we treat elderly people will be pretty for special me know you I got the time and the station them.

You know 90 2030 earlier but that with eugenics publicly owned by the court upheld mandatory sterilization of the people there were partly like Margaret Bangor boarding valve philosophy everywhere, including the right aspect of that was that there was a gnawing of the divine that the image bearers that you know the effect of all error will that happen. You can start on that path. Not quite abortion follow engaging hyperbole when you have a few up with a light valuable with current value God created the image bearers that want one you all differently start down a different path.

You're often question the other way.

The statement of the nation will pervade you can have the vision you can advocate for them over to have a crush on what life wife have M 8 October and were pregnant. There were all kinds of things.

This adoption goal kind of thing. The covenant embarked on glue very, very difficult and limits on abortion now. Now is this extraordinary moment you know it was worth the wait to have you in saying today's now made culture of life, rise up in America. Thank God. Thank God be stiff today and thank you Joe for joining us. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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