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Dexter Van Zile Confronts Antisemitic Lies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 29, 2019 4:50 pm

Dexter Van Zile Confronts Antisemitic Lies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Which are about to hear is true disturbing unnerving but it must be heard on through juice Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday friends and we are going to have a very eye-opening port show today as I speak with Dexter Vance will introduce him in a moment, but the subject of anti-Semitism is very interesting and complex. On the one hand, it's easy to brand any criticism of the Jewish people any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism and I constantly see people blasting us new to the moment we bring up auntie so everything is anti-Semitism again criticizes words say every time I bring up the subject. It's not anti-Semitic to bring valid criticisms against the Jewish people Israel. So on the one hand, it can be brought up too much. The moment there is criticized as being anti-Semitic. On the flipside on the flipside, when we expose ugly anti-Semitism demonizing of the Jewish people delegitimizing of the state of Israel, spreading of libel spreading of slander against Jewish people as individuals or as a people because they are Jews, we do pointed out many are slow to see it where it's twisted Earth's fabled Florida Jews deserve it, which of course all of those are anti-Semitic positions as well. So we are going to look at this with surgical precision today will focus on one prominent Catholic anti-Semite as well. Dr. E. Michael Jones, for the record, was on the show with me then took offense to my saying his positions were anti-Semitic like me playing for the start that was my viewpoint and I've since challenged them by personal email and in public challenged him. Let's have a public debate as to whether or not your views are anti-Semitic and thus far it's been good number of weeks, months now. Couple months, but he has declined to even respond to my invitation to have a public debate unstable stop say my views are anti-Semitic. So let's have a public debate to discuss it. My guest experience I was going to help us sort out these important issues. 866-34-TRUTH as always number to call if you have a question for us only relevant to anti-Semitism today 866-34-TRUTH 784 without further ado, Dexter. Welcome to the long far thanks so much for joining us. Thanks so much for having me, not Dexter. But before we find out more about your own background, religious background and why Israel has become important to I came to know your work with great appreciation through camera so tell our listeners and viewers. What camera is and what exactly you do for camera camera historically has been known as the committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting in America and now we are calling ourselves. The committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting and analysis because we pretty much gone global, and essentially camera was founded in the 1980s to counter anti-Israel propaganda and anti-Israel bias in the American media and because one of the things that we did that they understood that the founders was that Douglas bias had a real impact on American foreign policy and attitudes towards Israel and as the years progressed, it became increasingly evident that it had an impact on people's attitudes towards Jews in the United States as well, and over the past decade and 1/2. One of the things we discovered or or had to observe is is that this is become a much more prevalent issue hostility towards Israel has become a fulcrum for hostility or formula for hostility against American Jews in ways that you want one of 15 and maybe the 1980s or 90s but now it's here yet it is this year's IQ shockingly so undeniably soul and will unpack some of that to give an idea of some of the things that the camera does. Let's let's use the example say of it of a misleading newspaper headline or of incorrect information in school textbooks give give our folks an overview of some of what you've done or give some specific examples and the results that you've gotten in the process or one of the things a typical headline about Israel will often be that Israel killed three Palestinian and what happens is that they don't mention that those three Palestinians prior to the attack Israel acts of self-defense and the tragic death of those Palestinians. These people might very well or you know about typically been terrorists who launched attacks against Israeli and then once this was a long time ago there was a historic. This was a big event. I Don't remember all of the details.

This was maybe 10 or 20 years ago there was a picture of an Israeli soldier standing behind a young man bleeding from his face. In the headline and that the caption perpetrated is if you these really sold rich obstructive person, when in fact this person had actually been struck by a Palestinian and Israeli soldier was protecting them and trying to get somebody to help and so what we see is is that there's an awful lot of tenancy in the media, New York Times, the Washington Post, and also on the major networks are now also increase fondly on YouTube and also on Internet news news outlet and so what we do is we will oftentimes contact our supporters and asked them to write letters to the editor and explain to them why their coverage is wrong and I deal primarily with the Christian world and one of the things that we will do with that one or the website or an article or publication offers up misinformation about the Arab-Israeli conflict all right a number of articles about it and also sometimes we will ask people to write letters to the leaders of the church as well to say, look, there's a problem with the way that you're dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict and also recently we have the New York Times been a perennial problem yet.

It's been a problem for years and years and one of the things that we have done recently is to put up a billboard right across the street from the office of the New York Times, raising concerns about their coverage just to let people know it so that as they go into their their job in the morning and when they leave their work in the afternoon or whatever whenever their shift is done. They see that that at and so in one of the things that we have discovered is that they may not correct immediately. They will kinda just stonewall there and try and brazen it out. But then the next time one of these outlets will address the same issue. For example, they'll say that it's Jewish only roads in the West Bank when in fact it's Israeli only roads were is in no Israeli Arabs can use those Road the next time Bill address that issue.

They will actually reported accurately. They may not correct in the past that their past record but going forward they'll get it right. And yes, you are not open for camera is making a difference of seen retractions and seen corrections so I again this is been well documented BBC's been guilty of it.

LA Times is been guilty of it that still be a headline three Israelis dead and it doesn't tell you that they were killed by terrorists, but then as the Israelis killed the terrorists.

Israel kills three Palestinian so that that the thing is very misleading if it changes the emotional outlook, but you also track things and textbooks as well. So this is what kids are reading in school about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Can you give us an example of the types of stuff that gets reported in in textbooks that is inaccurate. That has then confronted and began often with good results will now this is one of the difficulties you have to explain the people that there has been a concerted effort to basically implement virtually every aspect of American civil society when it comes to dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict and and and the public school and also private schools like I would suspect that the same thing.

Same problem but at and so what happens is is that we get complaints from parents and they will say look that that the you know, for example, they, they, you know, the teacher will omit any reference to the hostility towards Israel and Palestinian civil society and and also the role that the the Palestinian leaders promote hot use basically anti-Semitism as a way to unify their their people.

It's a unifying political agenda and we have a problem right here in Massachusetts with the new school system in that there's basically a fair number of biased educators that don't want to speak the truth and so what we've done is we've basically educated public about the aspect about the problems with the curriculum and we got gone and looked at the curriculum and it will omit basically you know the attacks in the Six-Day War alert that the permit and just start with the occupation that will be and it will be a historical and so and we've had some real success in basically strong attention to the problem and over the long haul. What happens is that eventually teachers will come around. Even if they are unhappy about the. The attention that is being directed at, and I think that's one of the things that we we've really worked on the basically just push the most of the time you'll find the one. The bigger problem is misstatements of fact. It's just omissions of fact. So would be basically you and I are in a boxing match and and you hit me three times I bought to the punches take one straight on the nose. I punch you back on the nose and the headline is brown punches and on the nose so rice that that's basically been the narrative about this. There's an underlying agenda here, which is to promote an obsession and ear about Jewish power that is really all it is and that it really wanted that's what it's been for decades. And the thing is, is it for the first 50 years after the Holocaust. I think people who lived through the Holocaust knew about it or live during the whole lookout cost understood the problem with this type of narrative, but the younger generations of people they don't understand what's going on and they think that this is only special pleading for the Jewish people, when in fact anti-Semitism will destroy a society.

Just the same way that it destroyed Europe and because it makes people unable to look closely at the world and really come up with an honest explanation for what's going on because anti-Semitism is essentially a worldview that allows people to explain everything that goes wrong in their world by pointing the finger at the Jew yet so that is a massively important Lord statement friends. This affects the whole of the society and were seeing it unfold from us. Just look at the comments that are coming today in the weeks ahead.

From anti-Semites in the Jews do control the Jews are in power, the Jews are this is that if you should be expelled from America.

Just watch the comments that are posted because we are just in the foundation friends call a friend text friend in her plan, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on this early Thursday 866-34-TRUTH if you have a question relative to anti-Semitism I'm speaking with Christian media analyst working for Dexter Vance when I'm asked about important sites on Israeli Arab conflict on anti-Semitism on related subjects.

This is one of the three sites I always tell people go to and then memory TV.organ power those focusing even more specifically on Middle Eastern Israeli issues camera looking and more wide worldwide level than America's force anti-Semitism, but Dexter for those who haven't read your articles which are careful and and I find to be surgical and in their in their arguments.

Is it ever fair to criticize Jewish people and to save the wires so many Jews like on the liberals radical left side of things like George Soros or you know why are so many Jews that it involved in the ADL their SPLC and they seem to been so there the wrong in pro abortion. These other sayings or because Russo is fair to the Palestinians.

It is allocated to to make criticisms like that while I get a little like I don't mind it when people criticize Israel okay as long as I know that the criticism is fair and accurate and it is read one of the things that I get a little nervous about is when people start to point out the presence of Jews in political movements and and social movements and say look there behind everything I and that I think the thing is is that I don't think you know I think that it's fair to say that there are a fair number of people who American Jews who were on the left and is a fair number of prominent Jews on the right. But the problem is that, essentially, when you start to reduce the political movements to Jewish movement. That's the problem, and we know there is one of the myths are one of the concerns whenever people start talking about Judeo Bolshevism for free. For example, get very very uncomfortable and the fact is that there were a significant number of Jews in the leadership of the Communist Party.

Okay, in the Soviet Union in one of the reasons why was because they were literate and they were articulate and they were seeking to basically escape the Jewish condition that they will you know experiencing either in Russia or in the pale of settlement and pull there that they did. They had a very rough life and communism look like a way for them to escape, but then when somebody like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, along he says will they became communist so that they could basically get revenge on the Russian like no that's not what they were looking to do what they were looking to do was debate the escape. The conditions that they were facing and once you start talking about everything being the you know when you reduce a dangerous political movement like communism. I don't think anyone to do something like Judeo Bolshevism. You basically omit the fact that there were huge numbers of Jews. It didn't have anything to do it all with the movement and were in fact opposed to and and that's a very difficult thing to have to deal with and I think one of the best sources for this is a book called the Jewish century written by Yuri's was, I hope I'm pronouncing his last name properly and he says look when you're looking at Jews in the 20th century. They had three places that they could go. Essentially, they could go to Jerusalem where they could go to Palestine they could go to the United States or they could go to Moscow, so to speak, and that, and if they were, you know, literate, and had any money at and and if they were able to advance that those are the places they went. But the thing is that oftentimes then people ignore the fact that there are Jews more involved in other political movements that they they they accept or praise or think were good thing you know you if you are conservative and all you're doing is paying attention to the role that the Jews played in liberal politics, then your ignoring the fact that there was a fair number of them were that were involved in conservative politics as well. Right at and at a certain point is kind like you know do the Jews get to make the same mistakes that the rest of us make or are they somehow singularly responsible for and that's really what bothers me because I once people start saying and and and I guess you know this is a Michael Jones to a tease of Roman Catholic and he says that if it weren't for Jews, we wouldn't have a board? And there and he is said that explicitly and when he said that I almost fell over because I wanted to say you know and Owen Benjamin who is one of his acolytes falsely stated that that the the judges who decided Roe V Wade were all Jewish and that was in fact not true. I you know I would add a certain point, but it was still one of those tropes that that somehow seem to seep into the thinking of Owen Benjamin because Randall probably threw we Michael Joan.

And so, this notion that that we reduce there is no simple explanation for anything important. Any and folks like you. Michael Jones would reap would give us a simple explanation, and it always that you write so the problem is that that's a lot easier for people to grasp. It's always the Jew. It's always the that's easy that's that's diffuse a few words.

Everybody gets that so all you need is one bad apple among Jewish people were among 10 apples three bad apples and that proves it's always the Jew. So in a Rick Wiles, for example true news said that that the sexual revolution was a Zionist conspiracy psych.

I did know that Alfred Kinsey, the father of the sexual revolution was famous books began coming out 90 for it.

I know he was Jewish. I know that you Hefner Larry Fletcher these other guys were Jew, but you say the saying it's out there and because there is so much Jew hatred through the centuries and Jews get demonized and scapegoated.

It's very easy for people just go with that. It's an easier meme than for you to say yeah there were Jews involved with this and there Jews on the other side of this.

When I asked you. Michael Jones will what about the Dennis Prager's and the Ben Shapiro's and the, the, you know, the, the other can and I started list this the other conservative voices that David Horowitz is that while he had an issue with all of them you know and and whatever. So it doesn't matter that you can destroy that the lie because the lie is believed for the for the re-lie that it is because people think it is a Jews try to take over in the moment I said anything like this. I'm a Zionist shell. I'm still waiting for the money Dexter. I'm I'm paid by the psalmist secret Mossad agent. That's what I've been told, because I deal with these things so just for clarity sake Dexter what your own religious background. I am a Roman Catholic.

I grew up, a member of the United Church of Christ, which is a liberal mainline Protestant church, and if they hadn't turned against Israel and basically trafficked in a very ugly tropes about Israel.

I probably would've died a member of that church. I was the president of I was the chairman of two board of deacons of two local UTC churches which are basically the Congregationalist lease to New England and then at the age of 40, I left the United Church of Christ and became a Roman Catholic. I don't want to get into too much detail but I don't know you are your practice Roman Catholic right and one of the reasons why my my wife was Roman Catholic and my children were being raised Roman Catholic but it also became evident to me that light, hope that no straightout date of the statement that came out in 1955 as a result of the second Vatican Council, which said they were not going to demonize the Jews anymore. I don't and I still have hope for that. That was pretty decisive for a lot of churches other than the Roman Catholic Church. But now as a result, the Michael Jones is one of those people. It says no, we need to go back to our old understanding of the general assets of as an enemy of the human race and and of the church.

So do you feel that Deputy Michael Jones, Catholic scholar and very very strongly puts forth his Catholic identity when he told me on the air that yes the Jews are the enemies of all mankind and he has to say that because Paul says it on the seat terribly misrepresented Paul's point there in second Thessalonians 2, but the first excellence to Seesmic but do you feel that Michael Jones is speaking widely for Catholic leadership in the Catholic Church. No II don't I get up pretty confident that that's not the case. I reached out to some people within the Catholic Church and I've written a letter to while out I go reveal this on your show.

I've written a letter to Kevin Rhodes who is the Bishop of Fort Wayne in South Bend and I've asked him to weigh in on. I don't want to work. I don't know what he's going to do, but that message or they the that I'm getting back is that they understand that he, Michael, Joan is not representative of the Catholic faith and they know that it was folks need to know is that I do know when you first came in contact with Dr. Jones runs but I first did because he was on the same side that I was in a lot of the culture war issues and an opposing radical LGBT activism and exposing a lot of the corruption in the culture. I got some of the stuff really and actually quote it in and like to know. Yes, I agree with this, like this had no idea about the other views and I got one of his big book soon and Susie is that what will what is that while you access Kaiser is a blatant anti-Semite. I was shocked so so this that were talking about and Owen Benjamin's.

This anti-Semitism is coming from the right.

Even the professing Christian right so we can take that up.

We come back I will take a call from Brian in Louisville Kentucky about this very issue about anti-Semitism on the right and then let's find out more for the sake of truth.

Let's find out more about some of the views of the microfilms don't go anywhere light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire. This is Michael Brown it's villagers Thursday.

My guest Dexter Vance. I'll he is a Christian media analyst with encourage you to visit regularly to check out the latest biased anti-Semitic reporting in the news Dexter, I want to take some calls and and interact with, or listeners.

In a moment, but you've looked more carefully at some of the history of the Michael Jones in terms of other positions that he is a spouse to give to those just tuning and is a Catholic scholar in our view, blatantly anti-Semitic in his positions and his overall demonizing of quote the Jews, who by spiritual nature or are evil or subversive in his viewpoint and I have challenged him to a public moderated academic debate as to whether his views are in fact anti-Semitic by anti-Semitic I mean demonizing the Jews as a people, so Dexter what else have you uncovered that has disturbed you in terms of his positions.

I think one of the most shocking things was the in one.

In that event called the London quorum which is essentially a gathering of white mask with and these people are all fans of David Duke who is an inveterate anti-Semite, and while it was up at the podium. He said yeah I was at another conference a year ago in Mexico called the international identity, which is kind of an yet another sort of nationalist identity Aryan movement and he said I ran into David Duke himself and while he was at the London conference.

He said anyone know who David Duke and there was a cheer from the crowd.

Yeah, big cheer for David Duke and then you know that he spent the week trying to convince David Duke to become a Catholic and David Duke try to convince him that he was a white guy is supposed to essentially a Catholic identity Aryan I think it would be fair to say what he wants to do is he's basically reached out to a number of people in the white nationalist movement in the white races but said look, you guys should get yourself involved with the Roman Catholic Church because you're not able to defeat Jewish power without God's help in the place to get it is the Catholic Church needed it, and that's really a fair encapsulation. It in one of the things that he says is the says look the people who control the media who control Hollywood. They've done everything they can. They viewed pornography to undermine your masculine masculinity and what you want to do with it and and make it so you don't want to have children and and does this a little bit with Owen Benjamin, you don't make it so that you can interact with women from the opposite. You know what you from the opposite effect can have families and they want to basically disempower you and what you want to do is become a Roman Catholic get baptized, get married, have children. That's the way to have a life and then work for the conversion of the Jewish people and stand in opposition to the Jew it and that is pretty much his message and he's been able to get that message out on a fair number of interviews with people on YouTube and more recently he's actually gone over to Europe to Poland in particular where he's been able to connect with a fair number of high think there Catholic anti-Semites in Poland who want to hear his message that blames Jews for the collapse of of Western culture, and in particular Hollywood is also gone to. I ran and spoke to few Muslims in Iran saying that they were that Iran was the leader of the free world because these were the only people were able to stand up to, you know, the Jewish influence on their society and that this is a very repressive society that hangs gays and lesbians, and I don't that you know what I I don't think you or any of your list of what the people course.

Of course at Alice in the end of the and that and that the and the thing is is that they force women to where you know his jobs and if they don't they get thrown in jail. This is not a free society. He will side with Iran against the Jews because of their cultural power and it it's it's in its third act of hauling appalling message. And the thing is that I think some of the Catholics who have more on their podcasts, particularly on YouTube. Some of them actually I think may in fact agree with them. That's the thing that bothers me.

Some may not understand what he's talking about, but it seems to be a sense within the younger traditionalist Catholic community that they want to go back to the Vatican II understanding of theology, and in particular of the Jewish people and rather than actually embrace the love of Christ.

They want to embrace the contempt of the Jew as the unifying principle right again that final line articulates it sold so well. And yes, that that Dr. Jones somehow sees the Jews, the Jews.

This is that the people as a whole as is in a lifelong battle with the Catholic Church. I mean, it's like I'm Jewish I'm a Jewish follower of Jesus by grow up in a Jewish home and I've been in the Jewish community in different ways interacting and preaching Jesus to them for decades. But I tell you referred 912 picking statistic, but the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of Jews in America, the Catholic Church is the last thing on their mind in terms of root word battle with the Catholic Church it in any case, what's happening is terribly terribly dangerous even though Dr. Jones says no do no harm to the Jews as I told him on the air.

The words he speaks. Contribute to an atmosphere where there will be actual hostility and violence towards Jews. Let's interact with some callers or coins are jammed. We start with Brian in Louisville, Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown, a longtime fan of yours that my last name: I grew up in the unity in local and became messianic later on in my teen years.

My mom died Protestant, but my dad is ill at you know Dina will do the my aunt took DNA test recently hundred percent Ashkenazi Jewish by grow up in a community reason I call in is I think personally that anti-Semitism on the right is more serious than on the left. A lot of people talk about in my lap. They talk about anti-Zionism and intellectual like Tom eight and you know LGBT folks. Allen Ginsberg field activist Peter and pop culture Bob Dylan and people talk about anti-Semitism anti-Dina punk left but the thing is that helpful if you are talking about intellectualism on the left or anti-Zionism. Even Islam radicalism you convert Google Joseph: he was Jew convert to radical Islam to anything on the left can talk about Weatherby intellectualism Islam radicalism radical Islam, anti-Zionism that fill it full of ethnic youth. All those categories. I did mention have ethic to on the far right you can't be a Jewish not be any secretively but I cannot tell you, you know, anything on the left. That is supposedly met or anti-Zionist or Islamic or Islamic radical can still have ethic used within it. Nothing on the right medic and have if they found out they kick you out but really, everything Google Joseph calling you that you put the radical Islam parties as well because I'm sure you have in that sense Jewish Nazis. Let's look at the larger issue raising Dexter in your opinion if if you had to say which right now in America is more dangerous, more nefarious if you have a say one of the other. Is it anti-Semitism on the left are on the right. The anti-Semites on the right are more likely to shoot okay and that's really the that's the reality. I would say overall, you know, there are three sources of anti-Semitism that were due dealing with on the left, they are attacking the Jewish state and undermining it, making it easier for jihadists in the Middle East to attack Israel. And that's a huge threat and then you've got jihadists themselves and then you've got the right wing which you know the freak. The two synagogue shootings. I don't think you can really I don't know how I think you would probably want to characterize them more on the right than on the left and this is I think you know the problem is each one of these threats presents its own problem but the reason why I am so concerned about the stuff coming from the right and I am on the right.

Okay conservative right where I'm right in that respect you, but the fact is that you know that the power way shooting in California you noted it and I don't know if it's fair to characterize white nationalism and that this type of Nazism is coming from the right and the problem is, is it at the end it all meets no horseshoe. You know what I'm saying yet listen Dexter in Brian, thank you for the cost of work we are rapidly seeing a lot of the same thing you're saying there Dexter in in my book. Her hands were stained with blood came out in 1992 and we are just now releasing the new expanded edition which has shocking eye-opening materials of friends. If you have an order to get the website Esther to a rib you get your books. Our hands were stained with blood. Because the revised edition comes out next month. Revised and expanded, but I point out, I pointed out in 92 and I point out again. Now that with black supremacist and white supremacist have in common is hatred of the Jew, so within a matter of days. You have Louis Farrakhan with his callings use termites to us a shooting in the synagogue, all Jews must die. That's the horseshoe. That's what it comes back to Dexter, are you aware because this is been pointed out on YouTube. Now during the shelf. That camera is a front for the ADL, were you aware of that. No, but you never know. It's one of the food.

David didn't you know the thing is that it may be so deep that I don't even know about it I saw that, by the way I did all that, okay, and I laughed like I just I wanted to and also it said this text does Dexter work for the ADL and no I don't but my response to that is well maybe don't like the ADL okay but can you deal with their argument on a factual basis are not yet end but know what I did not know camera work for the ADL you know how far it goes Dexter from the earliest years when I was a believer in Jesus, I started meeting with rabbis was about the politics and ultra-Orthodox Jewish group that so they do outreach so they're trying to reach me.

I'm trying to reach them. So I've had countless hours interact with the bog rabbis and and 10 I know that I'm more concerned about circles as this very effective missionary to the Jewish people reaching Jewish people with the message of Jesus. So somebody not even I have friends within a year that interact with. We been clashing for decades and in some of them would look at me as public enemy number one in terms of winning Jews to Jesus. I've been told Dexter that I'm actually secretly working for a cup bot and that I infiltrated the church to get the church to to corrupt the doctrine of Jesus. So it's scary but you know I I bring this out that people make these crazy comments because they cannot deal with truth and facts tell you what friends go to camera every day for a month and do a fact check K-1 camera look at archive of articles by Dexter Vance. I'll do a fact check and if it rocks your world. Let it rock your world. Follow this truth never leave right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is with Dexter Prince.

I hope he has a compilation of some of his writings called submitted under protest essays written in defense of Western freedom and let me just say this I'm I'm on record publicly saying I did not want E. Michael Jones YouTube channel block.

I don't like what is putting out. I feel what is putting on this dangerous, I feel the types of things he says against quote the Jews could lead to violence. I told him that on the broadcast. He wrote a mini book attacking me for saying that I been so long after I warned about that that the power shooting happened and a lot of" in their sound like a very rhetoric that Dr. Jones is a spouse know the shooter is responsible as you may never heard of Dr. Jones but although I don't like what he saying I absolutely did not want him blocked on YouTube and I posted that publicly just for the record, but doesn't mean I don't think things or dangerous.

I Dexter lets up.

Let's grab another call.

Here we go to Lori in central York.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello hello yes go ahead okay I like you make a comment of previous color previous gas and also your your current guest and what's got you got time.

Time is short so you just have to focus on some gas and yeah I think that that the meaning is that that primitivism is a characteristic of the rise of socialism and socialism is inherently empty. Medic, because everything is constant in that the terms of the oppressor and the victim so that you look at as being an oppressor because of being a successful community and and I like to point out something the Pope is a socialist okay and not theism is firmly on the left and that's just I Dexter just said nuanced about white nationalism and then Nazism and we put because white nationalism was clearly on the right right so to Dexter what your response that one and then to make sure you share anything more that you feel is important for us to know about you, Michael John sent thank you. I'm sure there's more you have to say and please call to to comment on the other things again, but time is short and I need to stay focused or go ahead Dexter, well I think she's got a point, because one of the interesting thing that you know one of the main thrust of anti-Semitism is empty.

I don't think that you can deny that socialism and communism promote grievant problem is is that I don't think that you can say that it exclusively, only the result. Anti-Semitism is the real result of only socialism because I moan about and I would get a copy of your book.

By the way, all of us and get out there. I'm willing to bet that there are instances of anti-Semitism and and Reagan, they would with a long history of Jew hatred before Karl Marx ever put pen to paper and I think that it's part of the human condition. And this was we had a conversation about this and I think you're right. I used to think that anti-Semitism was going to go away as a result of the Holocaust and that we would never have a problem with it and we were speaking at the Christ at the checkpoint conference and he said all know that I don't want to put too fine a point on it, but I think it's been around for as long it is no it's it's it's a human impulse to look for a scapegoat in the and the thing is that we have Christian theologians in Christian writers who have set in motion a narrative in which people can choose to the Jews as their scapegoat and I think the one message that I would want people to take away from my my my readings and my take on E. Michael Jones is is is kind of a Christological responses. The cross basically resents Christians with a challenge. You know who we going to be like.

Are you going will embrace Jesus forgiveness and or you can somehow try and unite your suffering and unhappiness with that of the redemptive powers of Christ and his redemptive suffering, or even a side with a moppet put them, and join your rage and anger over the circumstances of your life in the world that you find yourself in.

Are you going to join your rage over those things with the people who were looking for a scapegoat, and I think that ultimately the writings of the Michael Jones would have his followers combine their rage without of the mop and not the forgiveness and not their suffering without of Christ and that's really the choice that and I don't think that taking his stuff off of YouTube is going to fix the problem because he's on another website.

Now he's on another video channel and the real question is whether or not you know Christian pastors and theologians and can make the race he is in a race and he is using the Internet to reach out to young Christians, young Catholics, especially to get them to join the mob of anti-Semites and we need better Pat, we need are you know we need pastors who can basically get in the race with him and win the hearts so that they bring people to a better understanding of the cross and that the Protestant world and in the Catholic world and the evangelical world and in the Orthodox world. We need pastors and people like you get people to realize that they have to join their suffering without of the redemptive suffering of Jesus. And I know and I are you here I am. I am working for camber which is a member of the conference of Presidents of of Maj. American Jewish organizations, and here I am now asking you to preach the gospel of Christ suffering and forgiveness to your listeners so and I and and I've seen you done that you did that of Christ at the checkpoint and that's what will you know because that that's the race get him canceled on YouTube isn't going to work right and and again what were saying is get the truth that get the truth out not suppress other voices not suppress in silence dissenting opinions but combat lies with truth, so you know what I find so burdensome.

Dexter, when I came to faith in late 1971 my dad; glad you're off drugs because of the heavy drug user. Teenager that we were Jews. We don't believe the sea introduced me to the local rabbi who became a dear friend for many many years.

The first thing the rabbi did with gave me a book about anti-Semitism in church history, both Catholic and Protestant. It was shocking to read but I had no connection with that I wasn't in a mainstream church that looks like a church history.

I didn't grow up experiencing a lot of anti-Semitism really hardly any in my community so I just I, I passed it, but I knew it I was shocked by it, and then over the years, I became increasingly burdened to tell that story and wrote her hands are stained with blood, but it was mainly stuff I was documenting from the past and then seeing in the extremists on the right and on the left and things like that because I was never ever ever ever ever ran into committed Christians who anti-Semites. In fact, go around the world. I found asked for their love for his real love for the Jewish people. Prayer for Israel, etc. I told many rabbis.

I wish I could take on the world to meet these people because this is the church. I know, but in the last six months Dexter I have confronted more anti-Semitism coming from professing Christians both Catholic and evangelical than I have in the previous 47 years combined. So we got two minutes sound. A closing alarm for listeners and viewers well II think we have to accept the fact that the taboo against anti-Semitism that was enforced for 50 or 60 years after the Holocaust was gone and that we are now essentially in things of return to normal. That's really at and the normal state is animus towards Jews and right now we are in a race for people's hearts and minds so that to determine whether or not they were able to respond to the chaos of existence with the true manifestation of Christ, or whether or not they're going to embrace some sort of singular explanation that blamed the Jews for everything and that is a profoundly important issue and it it it's almost as if were in the Weimer Republic of Germany were dealing with a lot of humiliated and suffering young man and young people and there is one group that wants to give them a scapegoat and the other one wants to give them the love of Christ and we have to make a decision and what each one of us makes it one at a time yeah and you know the other thing is that all my life as a follower of Jesus, I thank God for the death of Jesus. I've celebrated the death of Jesus. I recognize that God sent his son to die for us that Jesus laid down his life for us and that is our sins that nailed him to the cross and this idea that the Jew, the Jews are Christ goes in the Jews are guilty of of deicide and the Jews need to suffer and die for what they did or whatever the theologies of been so utterly foreign to anything I've ever found among another Christian, because that's not the attitude Christian would have so friends with Dexter sayings two things. One expose lies with truth. There a lot of lies circulating about that when you just said about the Jews look twice whatever it is whatever is positive or negative. Just look twice because the general categorization can lead to real misunderstanding and then when it's negative to demonization look for truth go to camera.or expelled just like that, the word camera check it out. Regular you'll be shocked to see the misreporting in the media and then have a Christian attitude. Let's overcome hatred with love. Let's overcome lies with truth Dexter. Keep up the good work you can be daunting, but actually when you're on the side of truth. You know that God is? Thanks so much

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