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The Religious War in Israel and America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 17, 2019 4:40 pm

The Religious War in Israel and America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 17, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/17/19.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Boy amazing parallels between elections in Israel today and the elections in the United States.

While we'll talk about it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire.

Michael Brown as always delighted to be with you. What a privilege.

What a joy to come your way on radio five days a week and most all the time live. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 some really fascinating striking parallels between the elections in Israel and the elections in America between Crump and Netanyahu between the religious right in Israel and America also some very big differences, but I want talk about that today it's not thoroughly Jewish Thursday don't like what I thought was Tuesday it is Tuesday it is Tuesday for eliciting life.

Some you know what day of the week is based on what were talking about a few got questions. We got answers can be Friday and thoroughly Jewish Thursday self evidently Thursday but the Elections Have Taken Pl. in Israel. Basically, polls closed now. In fact, may just see here live updates on CNN exit polls expected imminently so Kai and Matt and our team here. Keep an eye out for exit polls, Israel can see what is happening there.

The expectation is that it will be neck and neck between the two leading parties, including blue-and-white and that Netanyahu would maybe have a better chance of forming a government.

Remember, five months ago the coup just came in with the narrowest of majorities or the narrative leads. I should say based on which the coup was then tasked with forming a coalition government and basically unable to do it.

Netanyahu so here we have another set of elections sorts of pictures which the pictures from it. Nonvolatile things are in America right now and and how divided we are and how polarizing politics are in America and left versus right, Republican versus Democrat and proto-versus anti-trump it's it's intense it's volatile and in a in a very real way. It's unhealthy and it tears apart the tears apart friends, families will Israel now which can be even more volatile politics in Israel. The attacks the back-and-forth even more savage right no exaggeration even more savage when you go through that you have an election and then you started all over again and you do it again and now the ante has been upped on every side, so a very intense situation. Israel, as I was leaving the house. Nancy said to me she just read my article looking at the perils which will take a look at a few interesting quotes in a moment she said, who would you vote for and see this is this is why believers in Israel between a rock and hard places that I'm not entirely sure. So remember Israel instead of having just two main parties really no one else has a chance of getting anything you know in America. Libertarians are independents because no chance really doing much of anything. Okay if the two main parties has but it is or you can have over 20 different parties running and and if you get a certain threshold.

You have a minimum threshold to get was a three point something percent of the vote. We get you for seats in the Knesset sets the minimum in the parliament rights. You have 126. You vote for parties ultimate love for people. Even on the tongue yahoo is the figurehead of the Likud party and has now been a prime minister.

Israel longer than any of his predecessors. So you think Israel for seven years old and and he's been a prime minister for a good chunk of that time well over a decade and increasing now so it's he's been a significant figure is really politics so here's what you have going on.

You vote for parties, not for people. So let's say that you get the minimum threshold 3.25% of the votes of the month that she could for seats in the Knesset. Let's say that Netanyahu's party gets 36 inch you need 61 for majority right half of the 120 and then you can then your government will leave that Netanyahu government with the opposition government will eat so you say okay we got 3637 votes. Maybe we gotta get to 61 stylet you got for seats over here get eight seats over here got 12 seats over.

He lets us make a deal. Well, we won't join your coalition as you give a special benefits which which only have four seats. You only get 3.25% of the vote will doesn't really matter because working to make or break your government if you don't get us and who else is going to be at your civil what isn't the tongue. I'll just work with the guy came in second and then the two of them for the government to have a strong majority all yeah that would be like Donald Trump and and Hillary Clinton forming a government together and that right. It's doesn't like it happened so I can happen so what happened the last time around was that one of the key players in all of this is not going to govern along with the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rosie ultra-Orthodox of the whole Torah values in both your ultra-Orthodox your God is in observing the Sabbath important to the morale.

The importance of the family important to them, many ways.

Yes, absolutely. But on the flipside, the problem is that there often perceived as being hypocritical or that they want to establish a theocracy. In other words, they want Israel to be governed by Torah Judaism, which to them as Talmudic Judaism. The Judaism of the rabbis, and for example in in Jerusalem things really shut down on the Sabbath. No public transportation other parts of Israel.

No public transportation on the Sabbath, just different things in terms of how the nation operates.

If you get married in Israel. The service has to be officiated by the Orthodox Jewish rabbi conservative liberal rabbis are not recognized so many Israelis were very secular, though described because of the Cyprus neighboring island get married there because that there they will get married by an Orthodox rabbi and then let's say you run the hotel and you hold events there and you cater the events well in order to be able to operate.

You have to abide by rabbinic Judaism Judaism Law, Jewish, Mohawk, Seesmic kashrut, the dietary laws.

You have to be able to abide by that and if you get sanction of those around us could say we don't recognize you the no Orthodox event could be held there, and so on.

So there's this, a disproportionate amount of power that they wield. Also, the great majority of the man ultra-Orthodox men will not serve in the military to them that takes them away from what you're supposed to be doing which is studying rabbinic tax and praying all day and they believe that's for the good of the nation that their sacrifice by studying and praying all day and that that is for the good of the nation that there that that's more important than fighting in the military and on top of that, because many of them don't work regular jobs. They live at poverty level or below or you can go see the families in his husband-wife and 12 kids and are living in a small place it to some of the getting rich off the government, but they are subsidized by the tax taxes paid by the nation as a whole. So because of that, there's a lot of hostility towards the ultra Orthodox and and the ideal scenario, in my view would be that Netanyahu is reelected for national security and international relationship purposes, but that he can form a government without the ultra-Orthodox soldier treated fairly but are treated like everybody else there treated fairly. But they will get special benefits as it is, you'll normally have see the Shas party wanted ultra-Orthodox parties and and they will want the Ministry of the Interior and I think the ministry of the interior than they have a lot of control about immigration and things like that so they have use that to persecute messianic Jews to make it difficult for Jewish believers in Jesus to come into the land or even to try to get some of them kicked out of the country so ideally let Netanyahu form a government, but without ultra-Orthodox having special sway with the be treated fairly.

Like everyone else, like all other citizens but not get special benefits and special rights. On the other hand, because of Netanyahu's strong right wing political stands which too many Israelis are too far to the right and unfair to the Palestinians.

This has now driven the Arab vote and there is speculation that the Arab vote will be very, very high, and again not enough to to form a government coalition with with some of the others. In fact, sometimes they can be so far to the left that the main leaders don't want to form a coalition government with them, but just like in America you have the polarization between the right and the left just as were being told. This is the most important election of our lifetime justice were being told that this is an election in America and Israel for religious freedom. And yes, that the left Israel can be very hostile to Jewish tradition and very hostile to physical values as a whole might my friend Ron Cantor in Israel in Tel Aviv was was telling me jokingly said to the gym where he works out. He said it is about the only non-gay guy in the gym is considered to be the most gay friendly city in in the world. Tel Aviv right and you have gay pride marches right in Jerusalem and and then you hardly got a minimal very very small pro-life movement led by by messianic believers in Israel. The pushback against just abortion is very very little in Israel's so on the one hand you have a very worldly secular Israel with certain moral values and certain principles are important. I was very secular, very worldly on the other hand you have the very, very religious. This massive golf between the two in each one seems polarizing.

The other further to extremes and then just like trumpet Netanyahu. The parallels are are are many.

For example, both married three times their their charges of of collusion that followed Donald Trump obviously charges that for things you weren't true. But charges of corruption against Netanyahu, which may well be true and and multiples can end up in jail and talk like that it's it's it's really wild and then they they both despite being front runners know how to play themselves as victims and and you got you got a you have no choice but to vote for me kind of thing is an incident on that the Arab side it's anyone except Netanyahu right at and then went it was on the prone Netanyahu side it's you. He's the only hope.

Then you have just like in America appealed to America first nationalism and and charges of xenophobia will the same with Israel and Netanyahu and and Trump and and immigrants and illegal immigrants and secure borders and Netanyahu with Palestinians in safety and security and and so on.

The parallels or very, very real. How are things going to play out.

Don't know and even if Netanyahu is reelected is that for the long-term best which influence will the ultra-Orthodox have or are they a deterrent to the ongoing secularization of Israel hate know what you need to do. Make sure you're on my tortoise relax may we still have room for one bus refilling the second bus and solar take is to buses though your Israel some political tort law. It's a tour of the land of the Bible is eye-opening, mind-boggling. But what a great time to be going in May of next year.

Sign up now, let's say Esther could run a ski dear Brown delicacy right on the homepage right: zero anything anything on talk about, 866-348-7884 member's and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown any questions like we do on Friday we try to do that in the days that we can any question want to raise anything want to challenge me on 866-34-TRUTH 87884 salutes the latest exit polls here showing neck and neck this for a stroll down little bit there we go.

Okay, so one shows Likud, blue-and-white, even the other Likud down by want to blue-and-white another Likud down by two to blue and white could just be a pushback enough with Netanyahu already could be concerned about the corruption charges and other things could just be exit polls are not entirely accurate. We shall see, shall not, so guys keep me posted on that 866342 so a few interesting quotes in my latest article, which looks at parallels between the elections in Israel and the elections in America so couple paragraphs down the Jerusalem Post says this tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox men and some women flocked to the climactic mass rally of the United Torah Judaism party in Jerusalem on Sunday to see and hear the great rabbinical leaders coat to sanctify God to hear that the election is a fight for God's honor and indeed this latest offering of doomsday prophecies for the future Judaism and the Jewish state Schauss chairman since another party of United Torah, Judaism, and in Schaus Schaus's Sephardic Jews just chairman and interior minister are you dairy set on Saturday night. The war is being waged against God and Judaism by the left-wing and centrist parties would say they will not sit in a government with the ultra-Orthodox political factions and again you kind of replace ultra-Orthodox Jews with evangelical Christians and change rabbis to pastors. It's very similar to America under Thomas in stark contrast in a moment times of Israel reports secular politicians warn of a theocracy. Sound familiar religious politicians warn of anti-Orthodox persecution and both sides say the soul of the contract skews me is at stake when religion and state get more space and elections. It's always Richard Alex in a not growth secular centrist former Israeli lawmaker people understand the implication that their way of life is in danger. So the rhetoric in many ways plays into real fears, yes. So both sides.

The left and the right feel that their way of life is under threat. The right says you're imposing your secularization on us and are trying to force are meant to serve in the military.

Take them away from the sacred studies and put them in worldly situations would still be much temptation and distraction. The secular say religious teacher trying to impose your views on us and make us live by Torah law.

We don't want to miss some truth to it that both are infringing on the other area of the conflict in America were evangelical Christians are saying there's a direct attack on our liberties. This a direct attack on our freedoms to be who we are and believe what we believe to teach and train our children the way we want to and to hold to the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of life beginning in the womb and the secular say get what you want impose your values on us you want marriage to be what you believe it should be and you want a woman's rights to be curtailed by what you think is running. Obviously Noah saw them on those issues, but the power was there that Nickerson be differences.

The ultra-Orthodox rabbis have tremendous clout and their followers are deeply deeply devoted to them. In the tradition so so you can very easily in that setting have the ultra-Orthodox rabbis tell their people. You need to be at this rally, you need to be at this place tonight, and they'll get a massive turn evangelical Christian leaders don't have that power, the pastor of your churches. I want out all you out there tomorrow night most churches.

You and I could get a big turnout. Okay, if you have a church of 15 people and they do a lot of stuff together get better chance we go to church with thousand 5000 people to take a lot to get that many people to come out.

Then at the same level of control nor do I think that pastors and Christian leaders should have that level of control in the ultra-Orthodox circuses for intense one of my friends living in America told me that his community they they basically saw posters all over the community and notices were sent out to everyone how early can get them and they said all the men must be at this gathering that were having. This is big center they could see thousands everyone must be there and we don't talk about the issue.

Pornography and and how dangerous it is and how it can come in in unexpected ways. And that's why most of have computers in their homes. It they don't have smart phones and to make sure the protective of these things what about the children saw and he said basically they make sure everyone was there and was pretty much. If you don't show up in your kids will not be able to go to one of the religious schools are. That's pretty intense so the control the tilt.

Orthodox would have over the community is different to the control the Christian leaders would have over there community and I'm glad we don't have that level of control. It's not what should have mentally so.

Israel, in the eyes of the of the religious to is still called by God to be a Torah observant nation and therefore the ideal would be to see all of the nation observing the seventh day Sabbath. All of the nation following the dietary laws. All of the nation living by the loss of sexual purity.

All of the nation following the biblical calendar strictly all of the nation submitting to authority. The rabbis that would be the goal of the ultra-Orthodox right in America you have a tiny fringe part of evangelical Christians who want to see a theocracy based the Christian leaders running the nation based on biblical law and including Old Testament laws of discipline and things like that, even death penalties for various sins that it's a tiny tiny tiny tiny fringe, but all the evangelicals that I know our goal is to uphold righteousness to to care for life to to stand for the sanctity of marriage. But when it comes to the government that we we want to have our vote and and we want to do our best to see justices appointed to the Supreme Court that will hold to the Constitution but we want to have the regular electoral process.

We don't want to set up our own to be running the country as a theocracy. We don't want Christian leaders running the country and forcing everyone to follow the Bible no not all. We would love to see more people hold to biblical values but that comes through evangelism that comes through conversion that comes through discipleship that comes to changing hearts and minds sense of that will ever impose other laws.

We like composure. We believe that life should be protected. Beginning in the womb of Sichel woman is considered attack on her right to choose her body. Her choice or that Mattel understand is a conflict in the we don't believe in the legitimacy of of two men" marrying her two women quote marrying supreme courts made a decision that is called the law of the land, but does mean that we have to abide by our churches work or recognize it spiritually or morally.

That being said you ever everyone is advocating look those on the left are advocating for their values it was advocating for values. Okay, it's not that we want impose a theocracy of the other side. Most of their liberal theocracy. Maybe they do in the left wants to have its liberal version of a theocracy, but bottom line is, even though we believe America's certain Christian roots, knowing that America will be a Christian nation is when Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom on the earth and rules and reigns okay or if the whole nation miraculously got converted in turn to God, all right, but then even how long is that last because people skill of free will and choice in kids born next generations and things like that so are our goal is not to impose a theocracy. If I if I knew there was a candidate running but let's say it was a conservative candidate conservative Christian candidate who absolutely advocated theocracy and here she said my goal is to establish America as a Christian theocracy and it was him, see him or her versus an ultraliberal Democrat, I would sit out the election was even if that person stood for my values trying to establish a theocracy to me is a terribly dangerous thing where you now are going to impose by force your religious values on others like is done in Saudi Arabia like is done in Afghanistan like is done in Iran. Even if you have elections and things like that.

You still have Islamic rule that will enforce its ways on a nation.

No, I don't want to see that in America with Christianity. And I would oppose. I would absolutely advocate the fighting for what we believe is right and and voting are values in seeking to impact the educational system seeking to impact the media and seeking to to shine as lights in dark places hundred percent I would do that in a heartbeat but it's very very different than a theocracy right changing subjects 866-34-TRUTH just letting you know, our hands are stained with blood is now out the new addition tons of new material. If you never the old edition you need this with the new addition updated, revised, expanded, it's now available. Bookstores should have it, but certainly all your online book dealers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble Books A Million Christian book review order your books online or right from our website. Esther to bring a skid you're brown the Lord. If you order things for the holidays at any time or just a bursting one side, you can always request it right if were able to do it. Most of the time is the reason that we can't always signing extra books by request. Each week, very, very happy to do that and what you find eye-opening eye opening and beyond is is that in in chapter after chapter we talk about contemporary anti-Semitism where things are today you will be shocked both in the church and in the world. So our hands are stained with blood now out the new revised Extended Edition we come back the media and abortion. You'll be surprised what you hear but still want to hear your calls six. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam.

Michael Brown is our man. Voting polls now close the voting stations closed in Israel, we wait the outcome and honestly it's not one of those things were.

I got a scene. The ton yahoo when I don't know what God's best is how things will unfold in the days ahead. We shall see 866-34-TRUTH 7884. In a moment I want to look at a report from Washington Free beacon that looks at how newspapers around the country have made their feelings known about heartbeat bills yet what will look at that the abortion question where the media stands but first let's grab some calls will start in North Carolina with Noah walking to the line of fire Eric McCall a direct question on Job in chapter 1, like a loaded question nine, but Brisbane comes before God. You know you and Brandon.

Dalia gambit Brendan with the one holy nightlight unite is immoral on Ellen. We are but an argument form important but out the applicable or God, not beat it in a vaporized and a lag in day out I was different. "Lord like that. Yeah it's right it's his very first question. There are some who simply look at this is one of the angelic beings and how sets on and he was simply means the adversary or the accuser and they do not associate him with Satan of the New Testament or the devil. I personally do believe that the Association is correct that this is the devil, the accuser, the adversary, Satan, and in my general commentary I have of a section in the back right explain why I hold to that belief. So, in Revelation 12 we read that Satan is cast out of heaven. The question is when does that actually happen. We know Ephesians 6 talks about principalities and powers and in heavenly places. People talk about 1/3 heaven where God dwells and then the heavens above us and then the atmosphere and and then ancient Judaism at seven heavens's DEBATE as to where is Satan has been cast out of was a cast out of heaven it when he when he rebelled. Is that what happens is it something later, another heaven is cast out of THE debate about that, but none of that really answers your questions so bottom line is that this is something that God accepted and tolerated for his purposes.

In other words, just like the whole world is filled with the presence of God and sin takes place all the time and he doesn't vaporize us.

The Holy Spirit dwells inside of us and sometimes we do simple things about connectivity. What was the Holy Spirit do if I'm doing something sinful from angry or or or thinking wrong thoughts are. What do we have an angel with assault was an angel diversity today look the other white meat.

What actually happens. Obviously we grieve the spirit will be sent, but there are a lot of things that take place over the earth. The earth is the Lords and everyone who dwells in it right.

Heaven is a throne earth is his footstool that he allows all kinds of evil to take place and he doesn't vaporize people so even Satan serves God's purposes looking like like this, Satan comes directly to Jesus in Matthew four. Does any and and he directly dialogues with them and and seeks to tempt him. And Jesus doesn't vaporize Satan. He does quote Scripture and Satan leaves.

So somehow this is allowed to continue into the final day went when God will crush him under the feet of Jesus as per Romans 1620, so why it is that God is totally destroyed and wipe him out. Those are other questions how we can have access into God's presence at any time other questions. Does he still have access after the cross does not have access now all fair questions. Even even Lieut. Jesus that I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven. Does he mean when he fell. I saw him fall like lightning from heaven and and says a 14 Ezekiel 28 would speak about that or does he mean when you are out driving demons out of people. That's when I was seeing it, spiritually happening even that's debated but for sure Satan and God have certain level of interaction that has continued through the ages without God wiping Satan out in Job 1 just makes it very vivid and apparent, but if it could happen was Satan coming to Jesus in the wilderness and interact, it could happen was Satan coming to God's presence in heaven and interact fascinating but true.]

Dr. Brown you are you are very welcome 86634 to seltzer. Just a reminder, my general commentary should be almost 500 page hardcover saw a beautiful volume and because these are academic volumes and will produce that it's it's an expensive volume but well worth it.

We will be releasing it in person at the apologetics conference less than one month from now in Charlotte. So if you haven't signed up for it you don't do that on our website go to SCS.ED use of the evangelical seminaries website. You can sign up for the conference and I will be doing a book signing, I believe it's Saturday morning a bit.

I'll be doing a second's session on Job plenary session for everyone doing a book signing, but I should be there Friday day and night Saturday as well. Happy to sign books if you want to get a copy or will be sending out an email next month saying hey here's a can get a signed numbered copy which would be great for holiday gifts as well and multiple Job or as we get closer, but with the question on that.

How to mention it all right let's us stay on the phones Connor in Spokane Washington. Welcome to the line of fire in microgravity on you bet a okay so appreciate about you all the lies that you bring for polite and likely the last few months I've been trying to read my brain around where Christian get off being anti-the medical I mean are our King was a Jew. Paul was a Pharisee.

Peter was a Jew. James was that you I can't. What kind of Scripture to the taking out of context or misconstruing to validate their reaction there and there ill will toward the Jewish people could I for the life and possibly read Scripture and feed anywhere yet will, in point of fact, I've been around Christians just like you.

For decades in American all around the world who reads the Bible the same way and can savin how anyone could be an anti-Semite and a Christian at the same time. But here's what happened. As Jewish people did not receive the gospel on a national level as Jewish people then opposed the spread of the gospel which you have.

For example, the book of acts right, the persecution of the first Saul of Tarsus persecuting fellow Jews who believe in Jesus than after that you have Jewish conflict with the believers in city after city after city, so the Jews become the bad guys, the Jews become the resistors and the evil ones. So now you go back to Scripture.

Cf. Matthew 2143 misinterpreted the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to people bearing its fruit, which is not taken from the Jews given to the Gentiles be taken from the rabbinic or the pharisaical leaders and give it to the apostles but and in any case, a verse like that or Matthew 27, 25, when the Jewish crowd shouts to pilot his blood be on us and our children are crucified in his blood be on us and our children so that allegedly brought them a curse on the Jewish people through the ages, or in John 844. When Jesus is dealing with Jewish people who are resisting his message and he says you are of your father the devil is a murderer and a liar. So your of your father the devil, or in Revelation the second chapter in the third chapter where Jesus speaks of those opposed the gospel saying that. Then I got right they claim to be Jews and are not Thrasymachus.

And so each of these you take out of context, misunderstood, blown up and then Peter preaching and saying you crucified the Messiah so you're guilty of the Messiah's blood and then from that both you kill them assign the size God you're guilty of deicide, your colors of God and it just gets more and more berserk from there and then the more hostile that the church became the Jewish people more resistant Jewish people were to the gospel and then Jewish leaders started writing things very hostile towards Jesus or his followers to than Christian afflicted that these evil Jews to become a vicious cycle so that's what's happened Jew to have my book.

Our hands were stained with blood. I do not.

All right, stay right there. Connor and Isaac Danny doing the phones today Denny soon as you get a minute answering calls get Connor's name and address and we want to send him our hands are stained with blood.

All right, our hands are stained with blood. Want to send that out to Connor as a gift to find it massively eye-opening as well as heart breaking. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to John in Washington state welcome to modifier hi Dr. Brown, Bernard. I'm a big fat thank you sir. You're welcome.

Let me, I want to ask you about competitive I saw all of picking up on promote Hebrew root word and an specifically farm 20. Kind of stumbled on this when I was looking at the end of the 22 being. My hands and my feet and how it gets translated evidently at your earth and would translate that allowing a lion in my hands and align it might be in in in looking through the that. There there. The word used for worm cola and evidently the form of the special worm. It means the crimp and worm and all the other places in the Old Testament there is a different Hebrew word used for the word learn that it is not the crimp and worm and I'm wondering if you've ever stumbled across that or fun being misinformed or misled because to me if that is true with the specifics on how that type of warm work to make the path that extremely profound, yet it actually don't don't want to disappoint that insight there but but the is the color of Crimson. Of course, used in in in many cases, but total law is is used elsewhere. It's it's used in in a number of other passages. For example, justice looking here yet so similar similar form in, for example, Job 25 Isaiah 1411 yeah so it's it's warm it's it's not like a special significance there that we that we can really make a point out of her point that it's Crimson you have another word that can be used for from maggot which is not the word there but but total law yet associated with the color but is not so. The only time it's usually do have it, a number of other times in the Hebrew Scriptures.

By the way, the question about translation of the pierced my hands and feet. If you go to my website as Dr. escape your brother Lord-Psalm 22 get a lot more insight on that as well.

I got less.

Thank question that it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling six here again is Dr. Michael Brown nice friends for joining us on the line of fire or truth looking at an article from two days ago free analysis media united in abortion support. So the American public. The article says by Patrick health is evenly divided on the issue of abortion. But the nation's newsrooms are nearly unanimous in their support for abortion on demand, according to Washington free beacon analysis, the spread of pro-life legislation in red states and the proliferation of late-term abortion was in your front allowing 2018 19 from mop that prompted numerous editorial supporting the agenda of abortionists according to Washington free beacon review of dozens of articles written by los local and national tutorial boards represent the official opinion of the newspaper the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia was the only paper to endorse a bill restricting abortion when a human heartbeat is detectable. A total of 21 papers from 12 different states condemned heartbeat bills which are set to go into effect in Georgia and Missouri in 2019. By the way in Jezebel's war with America. I detail how radically liberal. The media has been when it comes to issues like abortion for decades. This is been the case at least 20 years if not longer documented in Jezebel's war with America did interview this morning for mad cow is it Eric Medi-Cal molar, a well-known conservative talk radio host.

I did know he was a professing Christian. He read the Jezebel book in one day and asked me to come on the air with them talk about his belief in witchcraft being real. Since one of the best books you read this year.

So what are delightful surprise what a good intense interview we had all right back to the phones 866-34-TRUTH we go to JB arts are third Street call in the state of Washington over in Seattle. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown and my call.

Sure and appreciate your edifying picnic time for the people are have a question about Romans 11 yeah versus 25 through 27. It mentioned about the content Gentile and building fullness of the rest of it is as it is written, but verses that pertain to, but there's some some of the fullness of the Gentiles as it is written, signed the salvation of Israel. All right, so I don't want you to be the agent of this mystery, brothers, lest you be wise in your own eyes of the partial Harding's complaint Israel to the fullness of the Gentiles's command and in this way.

So on the heels of that are provoked by that or then following that all Israel will be saved as it is written to some of the salvation of Israel that is written to deliver shall come out of Zion Housatonic on governance from Jacob. This is my covenant with them on a take away their sins, which is primarily a quote from Isaiah 5920, 21, but I'm in the Hebrew it's the deliverable come to Zion here it says from Zion. It's probably adding in Psalm 14 with is a prayer that deliverance would come from Zion so yet he's not saying that the Old Testament there is prophesying the fullness of the nations he's found versus that attentive of the coming of the Gentiles earlier in Romans's mission. Romans 10 he finds versus that point to that and then again in Romans 15 he finds versus that point to that Jew and Gentile join together as one in the Messiah but the as it is written, there is referring to the salvation of national Israel. The turning of the nation to God, as the prophets prophesied would happen. Okay, thank you for clarifying that.

But I think the main commitment of the meat of it is a verse about it about the Gentiles spreading the word through the end of the older know it so it could be mean that the NIV. The 84 NIV said the full number that's in correctional fullness would seem to mean the full harvest and in other words this has to happen first before the hardness is lifted off Israel that the harvest of the nations the multitude that no one could number spoken of in Revelation the seventh chapter of the people for every tongue kindred that they will be say that they will hear the message we save a multitude from around the world and perhaps also in the fullness of the spirit and in the fullness of love and the and the power of God. Some even think that it refers to a fullness of wickedness in the nations but God's purposes fully accomplished the gospel going in fullness to the Gentiles and then on the heels of that Israel salvation so it could well be that this this church full of the spirit, full of Jesus, full of the word helps. Pray for Israel and provoke Israel to salvation, with its godly example that could be part of the equation as well. All right.

Hey, I appreciate the question sir and thanks for your kind words, 86634 let us go to a Clifton in Houston, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello, you there yet beyond the air, Mary.Brown quick question, can you give me a quick call meaning of the lyre shall be first shall be glad yes or so in this world many that seem to be the big shots the famous ones. The great influencers the important ones in the world to come will be the opposite and the ones that seem to be insignificant and lonely and no one pays attention to in the world to come will be the exalted ones.

Let's just look for example in the country where you've got powerful leaders persecuting Christians in the powerful leaders are rich and the powerful leaders can do whatever they want and the powerful leaders can get whatever they want to their children and they have this massive influence of the Christians are persecuted through poor there scattered in the world to comments can be exact opposite, that those who were great and mighty, but hated God will be cast down, and those who were persecuted and little like Lazarus and the rich man will in Luke 16 will be exalted within the church. It could also mean that some that seem to be the big famous leaders that actually they just had a big calling and they really weren't that close to the Lord, and you have some humble saint that nobody really knows it is seeking God in private Oregon in private and that person in in the world to come will have a much higher status than the other heard word Gentile bird and Jones will be no note that no and and according to Scripture, everybody gets judge the same that Romans two says that the Jews will be judge first and the Gentiles did second and the Jews will be blessed first, and the Gentiles was second. Everybody will be judged fairly and so it's all gonna level out the Matthew eight does tell you that there will be many that were part of the Jewish people. It will be cast out, and many who were part of the outcast, the gentle shall be brought in a footnote.

For example, in the world to come. It speaks of the 12 apostles were all Jews in her in a rulership weight so it's it's can be all equal in terms of whoever saved whoever knows the Lord whoever honors the Lord you Gentile, young, old, male, female, black, white, whoever we will have equal status and equal standing in the Lord and be rewarded accordingly and and if you look at, for example, Luke 14. Jesus is warning the religious leaders like you take seats in the front. Okay.

And then someone else comes in more honorable than you and that you have to give a receipt sit in the back and so there's going to be the reversal. It's a general principle, sir. So whoever exalts himself will be humbled, whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

But you know I've experienced this physically where II get on some vehicle that are I remember and in one particular airport. You have the shuttle that takes you from one terminal to another. So II get on and of course you not I want to be the first one to get off because I'm in a hurry so I go straight to the side or to the front: the thing lands of the other side. The front is now the back is the first one on and the last one off and I thought is that funny is there is sensible of that hate. I gotta run times out here but Clifton. Thank you for the call. By the way Colin Florida question about this generation Will See Everything Take Pl. in Matthew 24 could be referring to the generation that sees the destruction of the first Temple you see XYZ happiness is the rest were could be the generation that sees these end time things happen you will see the return of Jesus. The different ways that passage can be read legitimately.

All right I am out of time, 866-34-TRUTH jot down the number because I can open the phone lines again tomorrow. I'm just gonna scan, who's here calling tomorrow I'll do my best to put you at the top of the list will talk about some interesting cultural issues to don't forget the new edition of her hands are stained with blood, with much much crucially important material just became available today and we are thrilled to get it out you we been sitting out preordered copies but now it's available to the general public… Take one last look here to see exit polls, Israel, and let's just see the latest news here and let's see. Netanyahu fails to secure ruling majority gone's and the leads of the blue-and-white party exit polls show so some still have them tied, but others are showing that the time now is not going to get it all exposure limits on euros right wing block will gain between 54 to 57 seats, it needs 60 want to govern and how is blue-and-white cubbyhole Lavonne how how are they going to get 61 seats. That's a challenge. What will happen. We don't know shall see my friends back tomorrow

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