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Scientific Advances since Roe in 1973

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 21, 2022 4:50 pm

Scientific Advances since Roe in 1973

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 21, 2022 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/21/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network or focus today will be way science violence a lot more time for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown in historic times right now in America with the imminent expected overturning of Roe and Casey, an event that many my pro-life friends that have been on the front lines from his 50 years have prayed and fasted for long for the fact that that could be at hand.

The fact that the tide is turning in certain ways. These are historic times.

There are also times of great upheaval. I read an article last night in terms of what to expect with the overturning of Roe terms of violence and attacks the second half of the broadcast.

Today I'll be speaking with the leader for pregnancy crisis center that was recently attacked by a pro-abortion group how to church response in the midst of this, how the nation is impacted.

These are big big questions today. First, though really focus on the issue of science, and what actually goes on inside the room. My guest is Dr. Tara Sanders Lee. She is the senior fellow and Dir. of life sciences at the Charlotte Lozier Institute. She is a scientist with 20 years experience in academic and clinical medicine got her PhD in biochemistry from the medical College of Wisconsin Fellowship training at Harvard Medical School in Boston children's Hospital. So she knows of which she speaks his published peer-reviewed articles that are relevant and were so glad to have her on the air objectively. Thanks much for joining us today.

Thank you for having a might my my joy absolutely let's just start with the big issue. Why do we need to know about changes in science from Rowe in 1973 until our day 2022. Yeah there have been many changes throughout a year ago I had already firmly established that human life began at conception, and based on validated objective now that a Democrat in the moment of conception with the carpet like the egg that is the beginning of human life. But what we know are visual creatures. But what we didn't know at that time was really what was going on inside the world and that what happened when ultrasound really revolutionized what we knew about the unborn child because now we could actually see the unborn child developing inside the world. And so that's what you really really outdated because in reality, find the medic that had tremendous advanced making you great. You know at the time of Roe, 1973 altered technology was new and it really displayed a baby meeting grainy black and could barely identify the head of the unborn child and their body part but now today we have this incredible clarity because we have incredible advancement and ultrasound now with 3D and 40 ultrasound, we can see the baby would have to be clear, you meet everybody you know the ultrasound on the refrigerator when they're acting and we can be a baby, their heartbeat, yet we can all the behaviors that we could never see before and don't ultrasound it just one of the really exciting example how much more we know about the unborn child.

Now that we and we never knew before, and especially before. What about the question is fetal but fetal viability then and now and how that played into the room thinking yeah that's a really good point. So now we knew at the time of Roe. You know when they made what they knew about viability was that baby could survive if they were born really premature. They were living. They could be saved if they were going around 24 to 28 weeks gestation, but now, now, after 50 years later, because of its abandonment and maybe need extremely premature babies that really early age that viability is now moving target become younger. We are not baby babies at 21 to 22 week station.

I mean, if this is amazing that just last year.

Actually, there was a little boy named Curtis was born and he broke the Guinness world record 132 days early. He was record recorded at the world's most premature infant led to a first birthday and incredible anyone you think about how far medicine has a band and that on and that these babies are just being saved at younger and younger ages. Viability is a moving target, and cannot be you to determine whether a child has more than should be protected inside the room are not. So let's just go back in time and take the science of today and the justices that voted in favor of Roe in in 73 or Casey and 92. Let's think for a moment what argument would you make. Let's say your brothers as a witness to the court and now you've got the silver so so so or technology.

Today we just transported back to 1973 to 1992, of appeal would you make to them in terms of the illogic of the ruling I think one of the other logic, reasoning that they had with that you were a baby that felt pain. I think pain is one of the events that demonstrate that the that all the undeniable humanity of the unborn child and that these babies go back to what what we knew before people that often argue that abortion should be allowed at any point during private be up until the point of her. They often state the work of a physician. His name is Dr. Richter, one of the world leading euros. I used to write that fetal pain was not possible before 24 week and it is often cited as cited in the abortion industry.I abortion industry.response brief and for many years was the leading boy against the likelihood of anyone on record rejecting a possibility, but then you know within the last year. In response to a growing body of scientific evidence. He changed his long-held physician and published a peer-reviewed paper that concluded that pain is possible as early as 12 weeks gestation and so I think David-the fact that we have at the time of Roe. I'm neither the type of fact, we know that the these babies felt pain at that name age but they are no that they are saying they have a right to kill these babies.

I mean we know that advancement in fetal surgery have had are not baby needs babies inside the womb, you can start and cannot going to treat the patient like any other patient and repair their birth defect before birth inside the world and you know what they use anesthesia because they know that the baby felt pain in the 30s are having a girly week and there is incredible how many advancements have been made and you know the first 30 within 1981, and so I think if I could go back I would argue that what you knew at the time of Roe pales in comparison to what we know now about the map deniable humanity of the unborn children that they are treated just like any other patient inside the world. They feel pain and it made it absolutely is there a boy and to be protected at this time because Roe is outdated. It many more advancements have have have proven that Roe is outdated and needs to be thrown out and we need to catch up with the guys that we know today that will be new 50 years ago and obviously we have to fight this battle for the losses and bore fruit from every level of emotional, spiritual and philosophical. The scientific legal and and do our best to present coherent arguments even just an emotional level of of written articles with titles like a look at my fetus pump. This is a funny thing, that it's a fetus when you don't want to keep it but it's a baby. Otherwise, write it the same stage of the pregnancy were having a baby it's a baby. They talk to the baby. The mother sings to the baby's there was six weeks old spouse is pregnant she's talking she and her husband naming the baby in all of this is the first time know the baby kicked the baby bump but you have to demonize it and use a technical scientific term as a fetus. If you don't want to keep it so a lot of people get that they see the inconsistency then you read in science on top of it and it is really even more compelling argument. Plus the ultrasounds, etc. in the in the larger scientific world are you seeing any more progress because you have saved the Planned Parenthood's of his other groups. The make a lot of money. There's a vested interest.

This is part of who they are.

There's a lot of emotion there. Science may not influence them at all, but in the larger scientific community is abortion less popular.

Through this stigma with other people recognizing more earth had not trickled down. I know I think we know that it back that the unborn child of the human being in the moment of conception. I mean we know we know that biologists support. I mean, it was actually a 2019 research study from the University of Chicago to quantify the number of biologists to confirm that like "innovation and actually surveyed over 5000 biologists from over 1000 different institution and yet they had they surveyed people from all over the place right at the 89th, November claim to be liberal, 85 are pro-choice, 53 were nonrelated 92% Democrat and 96% of all of them are surveyed affirmed that human life begins at fertilization. There is no question about that right biology physician find that they all know that life begins at but I think what we're seeing is that the more science is showing that you can ask at the same you know, we know that I given to some of the statement that figure below.

If he has me science hasn't changed at all but it, like I said earlier, stop treating babies inside the womb. Before birth. The same suspicion is that because they proclaim the right of the people I think are really beginning to see the dichotomy of the weight.

When I thought it you done over 20 years of research and a lot of it was focused on congenital heart disease like the length that physicians would go to the baby baby and to get in and the measures that they would go through that get their heart work right right if they were born with a congenital defect and then you see then the flippant nature that many of the abortion industry show will stop the heartbeat whenever that mother doesn't want the baby fighting.

People are beginning the more that we understand true ultrasound on fetal surgery need me to give you an example in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Every year they have a color fetal family reunion to celebrate the advancement that they have made in saving all the babies in five there dead the very first fetal family reunion he had was in 1997.

If you can go you going to their website and you can see the history picture from 1990. There's a handful of baby and their and their family in honor all in the hallway of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Fast-forward that for just a couple weeks ago, in June, whether celebrated her money. Fetal family reunion. They are no longer in the hallway of the hospital. They now needed entire zoo don't see their fixed error because there are the people he sees. This is Alice's first is to instill a couple more questions for you speaking with Tara send delete this is important file for the encouraging information life-giving. I was USS the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown Terrace and believe the Shirley Institute looking at a headline from 2019 study, 95% of biologists, a life begins at conception gentlemen that conducted this survey, Stephen Jacobs. This was part of earning his PhD at the University of Chicago, we can add in that the vast majority of biologists are actually atheists.

Oddly enough, so this was not exactly a Bible Belt Bible thumping survey here.

Fascinating to see this darkly when we speak of life beginning get asked ridiculously lame in science question what we mean by them and we always debate when life begins. But how does science define life what what actually happens yeah great quest for helical write back to the beginning Bill we know that at the moment that the firm and egg you that a human like that. How do we know that well because the human gamete firm and egg each contain half the number of chromosomes or DNA needed to be a human being right parts separated. They they can't not be a human being. When you combine them when a few may be at the two become one bad in the union of the male and female DNA during fertilization.

Reese doors the number of chromosomes that amount of DNA needed to complete a human being and commit to and that human being has unchangeable DNA for that individual desire life that individual absolutely unique. There is nobody else in the whole world that will have that DNA DNA is going to be basically that the blueprint of life is like. It will it'll be the applicant the person's entire life.

What kind of I haircolor it is what helped the direct self-development of that even being inside the world and you know I did. Going back to Scripture. It is remarkable how when we look back at what King David wrote in Psalm 139 what the Holy Spirit reveals the King David when he wrote how we are fearfully and wonderfully made inside our borders, how we are woven together in science actually confirmed and validated the truth. Centuries later when the structure of DNA was determined they determined that that DNA is to prevent the genetic material that are actually woven together so it is remarkable that yes, it is actually clear from the moment of fertilization conception and birth are likely egg that is that they the beginning of human like a brand-new human I mean even when we know now we can we can genetically analyze when you look at the differences in DNA. We even know that there is very subtle difference. The even between identical everyone is created by God in actually absolutely unique and even being from the very moment of fertilization since just as mind-boggling and obviously the more we learn, the more mind-boggling you will get the more astounding.

I personally believe that the more science learns the harder it will be to reject God's creation peoples. Most of reject God would be hard to deny these realities is just DNA itself.

This is such a strong argument okay just quickly when the baby is is a month old. What's what's going on in what way is that not just a clump of cells yeah now it that so we know just for week after that bit so that it be actually next week that they sent over another different way to determine the age of the baby. The four-week conception or next week gestation, but we know at that time.

Is that the heart is good is the key. The key milestone that week because it is the first organist going to form and function, but just within unit within that week. The heart is already pumping blood and oxygen through the newly developed human, and that first heartbeat start and not only in by the end of that that we, the heart is actually beating rhythmically and 100 ft./m and so it just remarkable that within that fourth week already, we see that the heart is beating it beating rhythmically and you know it's unbelievable because we know that the science shows that you don't have to look far you can multiple tech and peer-reviewed articles confirms that the heartbeat begins. But then you have then you have literal media outlets like the New York Times that is writing an article in the 1800 word to in an attempt to try to convince readers that a baby developing organ which pump blood isn't actually a heart so it's amazing how you have so many people right now why the hard belt it out. If we know the beating heart, but now you have so many email so many people riding up just because they want to be able to justify their actions and their ideology to allow abortion at any time during pregnancy. Even up until the point of birth in order to do that they need to convince themselves and others that ought not really not really accurate, heart beating that baby doesn't really feel pain.

I mean even just the thought of Mayor when they were, you know, during the dog oral argument. She called anybody that believes that the baby felt pain that we were friends dying to update all of the peer-reviewed literature that suggests otherwise. Though it yes is an incredible amount of happening within the fourth week and you know by the eight weeks after fertilization, but Beatty already had 90% of the body structure so the Bayberry has 4000 body structures and as adults we have 4500 so we know that by that eight week after conception. The baby already has all their arms and legs, fingers and toes.

It's just it's remarkable and I think that the reality the true science about what is going on inside the room. We really need to educate people understand that it is there. It is unquestionable that the fees unborn babies are human being in the moment of conception and every remarkable human being and how we are developing inside the will so early on so much that's already in place. Everything you said confirms that old adage that abortion stops beating heart because almost no one is having an abortion before this time through the heart starts beating his legs up the really funny out that the pregnant so they may have abortions. Not long after that.

But there's the beating heart that is stopped will meet May God continue to open hearts and minds and then sensitize people as well to the humanity of the child in the womb is so important with with gullible in the overturning of Roe that the church can really make good arguments to the society because obviously many will be angry and those that stand for life will be demonized so as we just keep coming with with grace with patients with science with truth of hope we gullible change more more hearts hey is there a website in particular that you'd like people to go to where they have questions they can find information that will help them yet. I highly encourage people to go to our new website voyage of voyage of and benefited our project. We spent nearly 2 years in the making. Compiling all the Barrett lady diet and back about that fetal development and the unborn child. I mean everything. We talked about here about when does the human being becoming human life yet right in that very first part of part of the patient and then all the way to win is the heartbeat what you know when do they feel pain, go to the effect that you're going to get all the factual incredible video. You can it be actual footage of baby real babies inside the world you're going to get exciting fact that you never really thought about you know the fact that by 10 weeks after fertilization the baby and Artie started forming fingerprint is having just affected by faith by q. week epic infection which is particularly efficient at that not only is the baby sucking his or her from the charity had a preference whether she can be left-handed or right-handed. So you're going to find all these incredible fact on the website and really part-time, such as that. It's so important that we educate ourselves that we educate others of the humanity of the unborn baby and just how fast remarkable they are no they have inherent value worth every single one of them and so yeah encourage you to go to that website you can find everything you need to know you educate yourself and others just one Thursday was speaking voyage of when he said this many of the articles are right where we went to things looking for this very website and everything that I am looking for I can see is here not just beautifully presented, but then dig deeper, in-depth, and yes important for a down syndrome babies which we can talk about at all. What may the Lord continue to use your your efforts and may the humanity of the child.

In the movie, something that our society learns to Russ, thanks so much. Really appreciate everything you're doing. Thanks, Trevor may have a great day. All right, that was Dr. Tara Sander leave the website voyage of is with the loser Institute voyage of meet. May we as a society embrace the humanity of the baby in the womb. We come back. I want to speak with leader for pregnancy crisis center that came under attack old. This is not the only one my latest article and Esther to Brown dog Ward talks about what's coming and we been talking about this for weeks. I think it's self-evident to be candid, I don't think there's any mystery in terms of what's coming in the anger that's out there. Let's let's talk first and what was a pregnancy crisis center do what is happened to this particular pregnancy crisis said to those that are watching will put some pictures up. You see is will stay here and will be right back. The other side of the break is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown just returning Ruby Wade is reviewing the real spirit behind abortion is murder's violent, angry, full of venom and hate attacks on churches and pro-life clinics or par for the course. Abortion has become a pseudo-religious right or I TE was never a moral right or IG HT then wrote an article last night which reposted today as well, and I tweeted this. You don't need to be a rocket scientist or prophet to know that in the aftermath of Ruby Wade. It's going to get very ugly on the streets of America. Watch for the witches literally for the radical, violent feminists and more. I'm joined out by Jim Horton and Jim is the director of the pregnancy crisis center in Buffalo that was firebombed by perhaps the most vocal domestic terrorist group. Right now Jane's revenge.

Jim welcomes along the far thanks for joining us today regarding Ricky really is read out war troopers are working to describe all right before we get to that. Tell me about your work in Buffalo on what happens. The pregnancy crisis center that will compass care is a pro-life medical center got 650 preserve across the country are using our materials and strategies and we also have owned locations in New York State, which is the abortion capital of the US now working for U or any worldly country in the project and have more it's what we do if we did, we provide women with ethical medical care and comprehensive community support.

Order your provision for future upper having a child little short of abortion, but there is a shortage of compassionate care, ethical medical care and just know what a world crisis and database. They attack that will make when they packed up and protect his office for attacked women in her ability to receive care in her time of Christ.

So a woman comes to you willingly displaying your daughters like that that was a woman comes to willingly and she comes there. Maybe she's confused. She thinks she can get an abortion. Usually just come there willingly and now you love that woman and say hey there, or alternatives to abortion that's that's the evil, terrible, horrible thing you're doing right you are telling your hey let us. Let us give you some ideas to have the baby and in ways that we can help and support. Maybe tell you more about the baby, and you will see, if you really understand assisted it all you're doing is helping her make an informed decision and perhaps providing resources and in longer-term help if she goes ahead with keeping the baby is a correct that's exactly right. One greater unplanned pregnancy. She spoke, I'm stuck on crap I've gotten older toward I need to have an abortion, choice commuters, empowerment may come, right great sound like she help that's exactly what we do is you just described. We didn't really erase any proportion by transforming her here on the future unknown future into confident by giving her all the supports. She works director saying no to abortion because you have the power to abortion so let let's just think for a moment how long you been doing this Jim my 21st year there you have colleagues doing similar work all across the country. How often do you and your colleagues meet with a woman a year or five or 10 later. Who says I am so upset that I had the baby I wish I had aborted it versus the reverse thousands and thousands of women that are our network for the rear but not want not want not want is a that is such a compelling reality and I assumed that would be your answer. Whereas I've had people, show for years if abortion comes up women. Sometimes men as well with the mothers also look. I was told the pro-abortion. I was into this. I didn't believe in God this is that I have my abortion. I agonized over for years. I every year when it would be in the baby's birthday in a projected birthday and I felt pain I question what I did was those that made the decision to choose life.

The exact opposite. Okay, so you're not you're not you're not there protesting in front of a abortion clinic and people could say will you intimidating the women folk side of the do it. Great job… A I can understand upset with you. It's hard enough to go in there now have to deal with the pre-trauma, okay phot you're not there in the courts fighting the battle and try to quote take away women's right to abortion nonexistent right in God's I put any of that they could get more animus towards you.

Your helping women make an informed choice and empowering them to not give way to fear in the thousands and thousands that you helped are grateful for what make you the enemy I know why you got away and I think because when roles reversed.

The abortion Empire's business model will change overnight infant. Click the file of figures similar to other government side of the Ford Motor Company no longer have dealerships in 30 states tomorrow, it would totally destroy the metrosexual topic.

It would therefore have to go to a hub and spoke business model will have to travel from conservative more a liberal state like New York to get the report online energy favors chemical abortions in the mail provided by Dr. the 4% Increase risk of whatever overt or surgical much more dangerous and much very dangerously abortion industries are facing an existential threat to their business model and they're afraid that's why they're engaging in violent. I believe that my heart yet makes perfect sense. Jim and I believe there's also spiritual component. There's about a look. We all know that there women that agonize over the choice to have an abortion and they decide to do it in was the right decision that will not say in their there murderers the full bloodlust you know of the 14-year-old was raped and all that but there are plenty of others. This just a convenience. This plenty that are motivated by grief sees me and I do believe on some level of those that are given to the writ. There is bloodlust. I mean, you can't. Should this much innocent blood without something very wrong coming into the culture. So Jim is as we speak.

For those that are watching on Facebook and YouTube. Ortiz is going to put up some of the pictures of what happened, but since most will be listening by radio or podcast a please describe a what happened. We got the pictures that will be running sure you paint a vivid picture for us there on June 7 early morning we received a call the police and fire rescue responded to smoke or custodian. When they arrived they found the windows were all broken and fires were lit and on the side of the facility was called the signature graffiti of dreams revenge. The pro-abortion Paris organization that fed Jane was here the facility sustained catastrophic damage throughout fire damage and smoke damage to take rapid what was rapidly reasonably good basically redo of facility and we were out of commission for several months and hundreds of thousand dollars to repair. We didn't stop dreams revenge want us to stop doing what we do there motto is that if abortion isn't safe and neither are you up there threat. My family had to relocate to the path of intimidation or not to stop by the very next day. The very next day we were up and running ultra location, undisclosed security written but is too important. We believe that every single human life is made in the image of God serving a blessing and protection from the boom to assume without partiality and that's what was attacked we were at work actually believe in the God of our synchronous world, God and people, and that's that's what presenters are all about protecting all people, and we believe given the value of those that destroy our facility where we revenge and people are so show them we believe in their value as well that work or asking to come out of the darkness out of the pro-abortion?

I come into the light of Christ in the shadows across with all standard have to be paid for every single sin will will have to be paid for out of Christ will pay for your hard behind across behind him or you have to pay for yourself for eternity and forward will be featuring dreams revenge. Those associates come back out of the darkness and receive forgiveness and a true fellowship with God and with men. You believe Jim is testimonies of some of these very people in the days and years ahead that the loving response of Christians can be so contrary to the anger and pain and look we know that many times the outward anger is the masking of an inner pain and who knows some of these women are even dealing with guilt. The bill marked me for saying knows what what drives things ultimately you know it's interesting, if you say the pro-life movement. So we genuinely believe that human laws be taken in the womb. If anything should provoke a violent reaction.

It would be us just burning all the clinics down and shooting all the doctors yet.

You had a few tragic incidences of the killing of George Tiller and others that are skews me the exact opposite of being pro-life when you take a life we we had these aberrations were you talking almost 50 years now and in the march to the March for life. Every year in DC is marked by dignity and respect, and the vast, vast, vast majority of those doing pro-life work. They are pro-life people and they demonstrated different spirit wears here you are trying to save women, save babies show them love and violence and anger are being shown towards you and the threats. As you said the document in my article or being upped friends. Pray for Jim Harden and his family and coworkers that God's protection and grace would be there because they're not backing down and see the list of between clinics, churches is dozens that are being attacked and for the most part people just looking the other way so that that will change. What can we do to help in prayer or in any other way with this critical life work that you're doing well.

So much people can do good and find a petition asking their political leaders to denounce the violence and and provide equal protection know the pro-life repairs are not being protected by the attorney general of the various papers out there. No investigations going on your report coming out from local, state or federal law enforcement urban Nora there there there there refusing people like Gov. local New York or Joe Biden are refusing to criminalize the these attacks refusing to denounce violence specifically against pro-life people emboldening the big the people, dreams, revenge call, call your Sen. Collier Collier Gov. Collier Atty. Gen. think they need to be doing something proactively. Anybody forcing the law equally because don't necessarily agree with the political beliefs and ideology doesn't leave that it should be protected. This is something that okay going to be praying about and reach out to their there folk leaders about going erasing the This is all of our websites hang around home and is decidedly just to finish this questions for you. Thank you for being with his friends. Pray for those meetings.

Pregnancy crisis centers is coming under increasing attack systems.

Let's do what we can pray and do right is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown in Buffalo recently attacked firebombed by James revenge. So Jim right before the break you were assuring the website folks can go to please do that again, erasing the to learn more grace you are equally so Jim, what's the was the feeling among your colleagues standing in a place that that many hope for, pray for four years that seem so impossible. The overturning of Roe and Casey was the feeling in the atmosphere here. There's a general feeling of patient excitement. I think of people begin to mere the reality dawning on what presenters of work were were exposed were at risk. A lot of our nervous for no violence I were hoping that some arrests are made ahead of the reversal of Romans comes out to check and that I will quell the violent engine when just go back to where we started this many still don't know really happens in pregnancy crisis center. Let's just run through this quickly again so people understand what happens inside these places so when it comes in she's 21. She single she and her boyfriend, reason protection. She's in college about to embark a major career and the pregnancy of her mind is going to store everything but she is a what to do's got some questions and that's what she's there instead of the Planned Parenthood clinic. You sit down. What happens to door to go restructure and restructure a member of the art facility, high-quality, and she feels you're welcome to state sugar, no more no more than three minutes when a nurse comes in her nurse to find her and bring her to the exam room by the health questionnaire figured out exactly where she is and then doesn't count SoundScan culture understand if you got a viable problem and exactly how far along she got a viable part you every 25% of our nonviable meeting that they're not as though there is no decision to be made about abortion.

Strangely enough, that's good news from not sure what you so we can do realtor SoundScan. We can determine how far along she is. How far along is very important in the decision-making process because it will determine the type of abortion, she would be eligible to receive which impact cost and side effects etc. should know that so this is important information for we also provide STD testing and treatment.

If you test positive for one of the most common STDs like chlamydia does not get treatment before abortion, she increases her risk of public and private inflammatory disease by 25%. I was in the first four weeks after the procedure and the cousins are starting to check out a credit nasty stuff.

She values her drug help you not want to be pregnant by now are not in this way, or whatever, so beyond that we provide all sorts of Trinity support. We addressed every single concern in her life.

A relative few have anything return the child to term from not just drop crazy, but beyond we differ connect with all any and all work achieved in order to have his baby and parent the child or place the child for adoption of George Bush makes all the crew choice is waiting for the pro-life, and when she walks out the door. She alone or there ways that I mean physically. She walks out alone, but when she walks out. Does she know okay I can come back here from the baby up for adoption or to have the baby.

Is there ongoing support ongoing supports use of direct direct line of the nursing team. From that moment on her matter what treatment were she does what she does. Not only that, but you got a list of people by mother care Cuba churches adoption agency material assistance you, you name it anything that we can't connect her with that.

That's the power of the church at work. It is amazing to have you seen that someone comes in. She said she thinks abortion is this the right choice, but she's got these questions, then when she finds out.

There are alternatives does relief come to her because were told that's the nightmare that's the terrible thing to make the woman have the baby and obviously if society does not come along and help someone with an unwanted pregnancy schedule all worse.

But do you actually seen for the rise, a sense of relief or kind of recognition is that's that's my baby often the relief come immediately nor abortion or abortion is not choice abortion is abandonment. Abortion is decided that we want anything to do with her isolation. She's alone and she still is alone and get the paperwork abortion for mercenaries. They're only interested in profiteering of the Christ, the woman and we give her the support picture that she needs so comprehensively so Karen relief comes over to the overwhelmed oftentimes and often times walking out the door shoot shoot five to half her baby and I bet that's what it's all about… A lot of work we do it all for free which led to my next question will in the world to get the money to pay for your staff, your brain's equipment.

Everything the generosity of the people got that 99.9% of the resources come from the church and the people of God in the church and you know what this is also saying Jim that God willing the announcement of the overturning of Roe. Suddenly you have state-by-state one survey put a 26 versus 24, 26 will of pro-life laws that hopefully those laws can get better and better and the others go to more extreme like Virginia did.

Marilyn did New York to California did just that. It's kind of exposing was what, but it's going to mean a need for even more pregnancy crisis centers and these are the states and in the neck of the church to be the church. That's good have to happen exactly right. The abortion battle under shipping dramatically and readability. Pro-life prefire infrastructure issues abortion hub state, as well as online through telehealth 100 were doing actually is providing a 20% ritual for counterparty presenter for the first time since Roe versus Wade pro-life prefire movement has the ability to compete with the abortion every week. We now have the potential of reaching and serving 900,000 women a year before they traveled before they go online for the chemical abortion very exciting part of your life yeah and course. The response of the darkness. And as you said you reach out to those with James revenges pray for them and the others that engaged in acts of domestic terrorism. That's exactly what it is but that's when you see that level of anger, hostility on unbridled venom with promises of violence. You know where that's coming from and you know that's a sign that massive wonderful breakthroughs in your Jim.

May the Lord reward you, your family or coworkers and in your clinic and around the country. May he reward you with much much life and blessing. Thanks for all you do thank your car be written earlier all right. Thank you, Jim are friends of important to hear this important to stand with these centers in your in your local areas. Many more would be open if churches were aware of the need because I believe many churches would help sponsor these. So let us build a culture of life from inside the room to outside the womb, spill the culture of life. The abortion industry has dissident decimated America the II looking abortion is such a clear Satanic attack on the next generation. In certain people groups in particular with the higher percentages of abortion. I look at the enemies really want to take them out. We want to attack them, especially on the mid-level your board for snow. Quite the contrary in sync.

I look at his the enemy targeting groups seeking to take them out is not just that it's the effect on the mother's in some cases the fathers it's the spiritual and unseen effect that comes down even more trickles down to the society. The older Mother Teresa quotes really really got on that point terms of what happens when abortion becomes the norm soul the changes coming. This Supreme Court decision is massive, but the church must be the church. In other words, this is the beginning of the new battle this the beginning of the next major upheaval also take a moment go to my website ask Dr. SK your You do want to read this article. Trust me on this. It's going to get very ugly in the aftermath of Roe. It will be jarring.

It will talk about some very things that we just confirmed moments ago but Jim Horton.

It will be eye-opening and will remind us ultimately that we are in a spiritual battle submit S. Dr., take a moment read that it's going to get very ugly in the aftermath of role I just spoke with the pastor a few minutes ago before the show and he was thanking me for our video resources especially are shorter ones three minutes.

Six minutes. 1015 20 minutes that he's now may the library of resources for all of his church leaders.

All of the small group leaders to Dr. Braun. You are now training and equipping all of our leaders was a transgender question question about Bible question women in ministry work. He said you answer the questions you laying it out you doing in a way that is so helpful for people so friends we're here to resource the body. Pastors, leaders you can study everything will be expert everything so were God's called us to dig in this be a resource for you. Take advantage of which there are the whatsit were about to launch a brand-new, massively wonderfully updated version of the website gobbling in the weeks ahead so get familiar with this Esther to If you don't get our emails you want to get them to be informed equipped strength and confusion with faith presenter is good.

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