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My Response to the Potential Trump Impeachment

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 1, 2019 3:26 pm

My Response to the Potential Trump Impeachment

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 1, 2019 3:26 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/30/19.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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So here's my take on how we as believers should respond to the call to impeach Pres. Trump's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. As always, friends. Our goal here on the line of fire is to function as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Our goal is to be a blessing and help to you in the midst of a crazy, crazy world.

Welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH you can weigh in on the situation surrounding Pres. Trump now and the 2020 upcoming elections.

Feel free to weigh in on any prospective with that.

Feel free to raise a question to me about any stands I have taken or any broadcast where you need clarification on an issue, feel free to call them with any question of any kind like you would on a Friday you got questions. We got answers if I have time I will take some calls on all kinds of subjects are right.

But before we talk about the president before I bring my perspective on the potential impeachment of the president. Let me first wish all of you a Jewish new year. The shallot Tovar is the way you would say it in Hebrew that you might say it's not the new year. According to the Bible, correct but it's not a new year like we be used to in the West.

In other words, a time of partying or celebration.

It's a sober time in the Jewish world soap in the biblical calendar. This is the first day of the seventh month T-shirt. This is a time of soul-searching. This is the time of the trumpet blast the shofar sounding now. What's interesting is the Bible says very little about the purpose of this but it's 10 days before Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, you could say. Enough said.

In other words, this is a wake-up time Libertad in the Bible often associated with testing and trials so this is the wake-up time.

This is the time for repentance and turning to God and morning over sin in the Jewish community called in Hebrew yeah me know how you name the days of awe, and then this leads up to Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, which in the Jewish calendar is considered the holiest day of the year and the year in which you are inscribed for another year of life were not inscribed and when your deeds are way the balance to see if your good deeds outweighed your bad deeds. Use them, or that that sounds legalistic for many it is but it's also a sincere time of people turning repent and try to make things right and that of course imploring out for Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy it's our time to say the Mercy's been poured out of the cross, the Mercy has been poured out at the cross is time for salvation to come to Israel through Jesus the Messiah outside of him. There is no salvation. So it's a great time to be praying and then five days after Yom Kippur is the weeklong Senate eight days Sukkoth tabernacles celebration and will talk about that is as we get closer. Over the centuries and Jewish tradition. There were different New Year's of fruit. For example, when your kids go to school. When does the school year start late August or early September, right if you're doing your taxes you once attacks your water taxis do so. In Judaism, Jewish law there for different New Year's. There's a royal new year and there's an agricultural year, but this is what by tradition has become the time of new year celebration in the Jewish world, but at the very least, it is the biblical feast of trumpets and we know that it symbolizes the return of Jesus with the blast of the trumpet as we read in Matthew 24 is read in first Corinthians 15 as we read in first Thessalonians 4 is read in Revelation 11 and perhaps also in Zechariah 9. Related to this as well. All right.

The trumpet impeachment hearings.

Let me say at the outset, I do not have some amazing insight about this. II do not have some incredible insight, rounded techno behind the scenes here.

If you look at this and this one here in the multiple here in the I don't have that others might, but I don't. What I do have I believe is biblical wisdom, and what I do have is a desire to keep our hearts and minds focused where they need to be. Let me explain. I saw a headline that the political turmoil is taking its toll on Americans emotionally and physically.

People are getting worn down by Newt Gingrich recently said of Donald Trump. He wakes up in the morning, ask himself what can I disrupt.

He is the great disruptor you know that Jeb Bush named him God's chaos is not God's casket, but the chaos candidate then Lance Warner took that is God's chaos candidate and spoke of him as a is a divine wrecking ball will Pres. Trump Donald Trump may be able to thrive in an atmosphere like that, but most people don't.

The tension exists too much, too much text got calm down. So what I want to encourage you to do is not focus so much on the breaking news every day, not focus so much on the latest developments for the president against the trumpet against that the president right I want to encourage you to focus more on walking with the Lord and having your head in the clouds.

So to say, by which I mean communing with the Lord focusing on Jesus and then bring that perspective into your everyday life raising your kids working your jobs seeking the share the gospel with your neighbors being active in your local congregation. Whatever your own specific calling ministry activity might be all right. I want to encourage you to do that.

Otherwise we get caught up in a swirling tide that is absolutely maddening. Otherwise we get caught up in the ups and downs in the F's in the butts and that is again is not good and our motions go go swinging all around and it takes us away from the more important things. It takes us away from focusing on the Lord takes us away from quality time with God takes us away from pouring into those that we love and care for because were so distracted by the news around us that look I want to remind you I am not a conservative political pundit right and that's why most of the political issues. I write about a right from moral or spiritual perspective.

That's why so much of what I write about has to do with abortion or has to do with gay activists, or has to do with the character of believers and how we conduct ourselves regarding political things and keeping us with the spiritual perspective which reminds us of the greatness of God in the smallness of man.

I was always working out lessons. I will give you a few specific thoughts about the impeachment hearings where things might go right but I am not going to be your go to guy for the next months. However long it is every single day. Given the latest update and when it's importantly well when I feel that this is newsworthy for us as believers.

I will, but there are plenty of other news sources doing that is not my role. My goal just recapitulate the latest news and give a commentary on we will we feel it's a moral and spiritual importance. We will when intersects with our burden and our areas of of interest and focus in calling all right but I'll always working out last night and in our in our garage homes. One part of the garage which is my workout area and it's got you know that like black mat kind of surface on on the on the concrete floor of the garage so you can bounce around their more do different things. If you've ever euros, standard material that you find, but it's black with these tiny, tiny little dots on Anna, and I was thinking in God's universe right in God's universe that that our galaxy slick was little dots here. Nancy is always talking about these things getting perspective it's so mind-boggling, so you know that the biggest or most important human being on the planet is distanced everywhere.

You could even find a tiny dot among thousands or millions, or other dots.

God is God alone is God KP that God alone is God and what is he saying I see the 40th chapter that that the nations of the earth, or just like a drop in the bucket the door all the animals in a in a nation not sufficient to sacrifice to him that that the inhabitants of the earth are like grasshoppers. This meeting doesn't care about us. Obviously this unique relationship that God has with the people of the earth created his own image and in his son coming down and taking on human form, he did take on the form of an animal North there is life on other planets theoretically take on the former Martian orderly take on the form of an angel.

So God has uniquely and forever joined himself to the human race.

All right, but we must recognize that there is only one who's God's will be one who is Lord as I mentioned in an article that I wrote the other day about how we should treat celebrities who come to faith's remember that that there are no celebrities in God's sight. There are sinners who get saved their frail lost human beings that need salvation that are otherwise under the judgment of God and will come into final judgment. If they don't repent and find mercy in this life the Angels us a call call call she just got saved up ma'am I love her latest album. All he just got say this latest move is amazing.

The Angels not doing that I and and they don't say that the name Donald Trump with reverence anymore. They say the name Ronald Reagan with reverence or the Napoleon with reverence or Genghis Khan with reverence or Julius Caesar with reverence or whoever world leader is however great the mother banner, however evil they might have been just this little human beings all in need of a Savior. So it's really important that we as God's people don't get caught up with the cognitive friction fighting battle down here and you want to throw your ears for your shoe with the TV, listen to the latest news commentators are so frustrated with what they have to say, I was picture so I sit there with the Bible you know they're there in the living room there's a Bible on the table next to them on the coffee table and end there was a get so frustrated with the news and will throw the Bible through better better better idea better determine news off a little and get the word God's perspective at an end. The earths that the the balance of the earth is not going to be thrown dramatically. One way or the other if you didn't happen to catch the latest news commentary, so let's step back first and let's focus on God speaking to worship him and praise him. Let's get caught up with the madness.

So I got some pretty intense quotes and I share with you and then my specific perspective. 3788. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back it up just to get a comment from Alabama Viking on our YouTube channel. Dr. Brown still on gay stuff actually hardly done shows focused on that in quite some time, but we are assaulted with gay activism 24 seven that it is knocking on our doors 24 seven and is only righteous that we respond to this continual onslaught from every angle your kids in school, social media, be it online and or materials being banned, be it in courts, be it freedom of choice being taken from people on and on and on, over doing is responding in a righteous way. 866-3487 84 one hour from now I'll be doing a YouTube chat. So for all of those who can't call Anna would rather not call in if you have questions for me. You want to interact with me on the subject. That's a great time on the ask Dr. Brown YouTube channel starting at 450.

Excuse me for 15 Eastern standard Time all right. Hillary Clinton was doing an interview with her daughter Chelsea over the weekend aired on CBS yesterday Sunday and schismatic during the interview. She said this and I quote Donald Trump right now poses a direct threat, a clear and present danger to the institutions of our government to the rule of law to our standing in the world can I can I read that to you once more strong words from former presidential candidate, former Secretary of State and Sen. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump right now poses a direct threat, a clear and present danger to the institutions of our government to the rule of law to our standing in the world. There is a headline New York magazine headline and it says this, that a loss to Trump, meaning 2020 elections: health scape 20, 21 why a second loss to Trump could produce an existential crisis for governments for for Democrats. Excuse me for Democrats of Hillary Clinton says that Trump poses a direct threat clear and present danger to the institutions of our government rule of law standing in the world. Article New York magazine's is a Trump wins again. That will would be an existential crisis for Democrats of my colleague and friend, Stephen Strang has a book coming out in January and eager to read and get his perspective called God, Trump and the 2020 election and and the subtitle is why he must win and what's in state at stake for Christians if he loses, so here's a respected journalist in it and a sober thinking man Stephen Strang has impressed me as of got to know him over the years as being a clear headed thinker that he says from pastor when, for the sake of Christians and in Christianity and America for the best interest of the country in 2020.

If not, big trouble.

So one side saying existential threat to Democrats.

Trump wins again. Hillary Clinton saying right now he is a direct and present threat to our government right and by implications to the world. Stephen Strang is saying that that Trump must win and and if he doesn't, the stakes can be massively high for Christians and for America and Donald Trump himself tweeted this out. And of course got criticized for it was from a Robert Jeffress. You know what, let's just scroll down the bunch here, here we go. If the Democrats this is a quote from pastor Robert Jeffress on Fox news. If the Democrats are successful in removing the president from office which they will never be.

It will cause a Civil War like fracture in this nation from which our country will never heal.

While so you've got these massively differing perspectives which are always good having the political world, but of the weight in nature with charged up rhetoric, the likes of which I don't remember seeing. Yes, we always get heated up in our elections. Yes, you go back to the founding of our nation and that the discussions in the elections are, you know the battle back and forth. He insults the rhetoric we we've never been shy about that right by. But it seems to be amped up now, but Trump passed away a few dozen when it's over for America as we know if Trump wins is over for America as we know it that's that's what were hearing minutes that your and then the question is what is America's we know what is so here's my perspective on impeachment and usher in a moment what to put on Twitter about this Kate number one number one. It is almost impossible for this to succeed.

Impeachment and removal of the president given the Republican majority in the Senate and you need a two thirds Senate vote to remove the president.

That's the first thing the second thing is, while the president may have said things that were either inappropriate or out of place or violating protocol.

Certainly there is nothing in the call to Ukrainian Pres. itself. That was an impeachable offense was obvious the Democrats been looking for reason to increase impeach Trump they been looking hard for one and now here they have something silly. They even voted to go ahead with this before the transcript is he release the muscles and Trump released her to say yes E got you again, so it's clear what the motivation is behind us. No surprise in the midst of partisan politics and three it's it's likely based on what's happened in the past that in attempt to impeach the president would or impeaching the president's organ impeach is not removing peaches you you call him forward for questioning and an interrogation and saw that that the attempt to remove him by way of impeachment will only strengthen his base will only create more and more and more desire to see him in and it seems to me that he functions better in the position of the victim.

I remember watching the first debate when I was very much against Donald Trump and here he was the front runner that point number one position of the debate, and he kept talking as if everybody was against him that I thought will what's bad for man unity why you portray himself as a victim near the leader will obviously part of the way he does things for the strategies of this to me would play into his hands for reelection. But here's what I tweeted out and and this is going to be my posture. All right, this is what I tweeted out right now there's nothing I can do outside a prayer to affect whether in our present United States is impeached with the results will be. So I get to keep my attention focused on the Lord and not get worked up by the latest news cycle. Isaiah 26 three yes are some who did so shalom shalom, Cuba, to walk the mind that is stayed on you, you keep in shalom shalom, often translated perfect peace because the trusts in you. So I am going to put my energies into leaning on the Lord.

Praying and seeking to comment when I believe I have some helpful insight and address the news when it seems to be something important to hear but otherwise I'm I'm not going to spend God help me the next month or so.

It's good having a second habit this you call this is not right.

It is recommended. I'm just like you get caught up in that. And I encourage you, my friends, fellow believers in the Lord for nonbeliever see if you can make application somewhere in your life with this event turn to the Lord because he is the only answer. It is don't don't get caught up in the frenzy don't don't divide over as families over the Thanksgiving holidays, you're not just let's unite around what joins us and then let's let's call for justice. Let's pray let's be the look I I can influence in the natural.

The outcome of this right. I can't and what here.

What if what if God's plan was to remove Donald Trump and put in my pants. What does God's plan to give it will what was God's plan. I'm not God you're not God who how many of us five years ago saw God using Trump to help populate the federal courts with conservative justices. How many of us five years ago thought Donald Trump will be a great champion of pro-life and fight for religious liberty in America and worldwide who saw the coming five years or who knows what God's plan is in all this God. God knows so in go to him talk I can affect things anyway pick up the phone and call Nancy Pelosi pick up the phone and call Mitch McConnell pick I can't do anything anyway right so Bessie is my knees and worship God. Your will be done your best for me and never say it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire. I have a new exclusive up on the stream.

Most articles are posted a bunch of different websites, but one week I post just on the stream and it is today's article did evangelical Trump voters put money before morality, and feel free to call in weigh in on this. 866-34-TRUTH Ben Howe whom I had on the show. Evangelical never Trump are his uncle and dad. Seminary profs and he looked at polling's book the moral majority is important read with you. Agree with all of it or not, but he looked at polling. That said, overwhelmingly, that evangelicals who voted for Trump said they did so because the economy and then fighting terrorism was a second one, but economy number one and then way way way way way way way way way down the list was abortion. I thought that just doesn't make sense. Hello, I am not a pollster. I don't know how to do a scientific poll where you you get a certain cross-section of the population, so you will see this poll devastating new poll indicates us in such you think how many people participated 1111, one 1100. What is accrued while they know how to get cross-sections and answered questions and so you can also ask questions wrongly. Ogden Polson on social media list that was misleading the way I wrote it. Someone okay. I should've asked like this, or if I ask a certain way. I get certain results but all I know is that the every evangelical leader that I know that that voted for Trump or publicly said they were voting for Trump did so based on moral reasons. The other had moral issues with Trump on a certain level, but they felt he would appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court, he would fight for the right to life of the unborn in the womb. He would stand for religious liberties.

Many photos and standing with Israel would be important so they voted hoping he would keep his promises. There which he has quite dramatically. That is been the baggage of the negative sides and all that. Some say will go does not waive the bad that's an ongoing debate, but I just wasn't meeting people who said mom on voting for him because I think of your better job with the economy to Hillary Clinton up many, many, many voters, many many many said evangelicals were voting for trumpets vote against Hillary. I was my biggest thing are not suited to demonize her as human being, but as some of his policies.

II wholeheartedly rejected on these key moral issues that's that's why he got my vote over her, or if it had been a very, very moderate Democrat and I would've been less eager to vote for president Trump but being Hillary Clinton. That was my motivation for voting, but even so, it had nothing to do with how I thought Hillary would handle economy versus COM penalty, so II did polls. I've done this before, but I wanted to do it as clearly as I could so Facebook we have almost 600,000 followers Facebook I just asked you can only give two options on the Facebook poll on undercoat fan page. So I asked if you if you voted for Trump in 2016. Was it mainly over the abortion issue are mainly over the economy like over 80% said abortion and then when I did a poll on Twitter.

I did two consecutive months.

Is it here's one here Stu so wait to see all your options okay and I laid out all the options I gave eight different choices and and then in the end with those choices that the order broke out that once again to confirm what I was thinking that that the number one vote was a vote against Hillary.

I'm just calling up the other. The poll results in front of me but the number one result was. It was a vote against Hillary Clinton but then if you look at the as it goes down it down on my list here. Let's just see anti-Hillary was 33% abortion 25% courts 15% economy 8% abortion in the courts 40% compared to economy eight now LGBT issues. Only 2% international issues 4% security 6% Israel 6% economy just out of that list only get 8% where's abortion was was the highest after just anti-Hillary member anti-Hillary included for many abortion and or the courts. So my experience and then as I posted this article online confirm once again with reader after reader after reader, commenting and saying all Nono I didn't I didn't vote for chunkers, the economy, I voted because of abortion.

All I voted because the courts I was running against Hillary and Susan abortion in the courts overwhelmingly one after another after the effective friend of mine is a Evangelical never trumpets and I haven't met any evangelicals who voted for him for economic reasons. So what's what's the big deal about what who cares what if it was economic or or abortion. If this is issue because evangelical voters for many years of said morality matters morality merit writers matters receiving say five times fast morality matters. Relativement I think Mel character counts character counts morality matters disabled and why vote for someone like Donald Trump whose past morality is beyond questionable. It's bad, and his current morality is certainly questionable why vote for him well because of the big moral issues. We hope he stood for. So even though he was a moral paragon. We 35 for these issues. That's what bounces up but to vote for him mainly for the economy. That to me was would be compromised more complex for an evangelical for evangelical at my opinion I so you can tell me where were you in evangelical that voted for the president primarily for economic reasons or did you vote for him primarily for moral reasons like abortion like the courts, like religious freedoms. Those things interestingly I've done this poll over and over. I know how many times have asked the same question and I keep getting the same results, and this is what's really really interesting look at this it's it's 285 votes. So for on Twitter right in light of Trump's potential impeachment. Here's my ongoing polling question again because I have asked this before.

Did you vote for him in 2016 and do you plan to vote for him in 2020, right. So because I get four choices in a single pull on Twitter. That's an easy one.

Yes, in 2016. Knowing 20/20, so disability from a 2016, but not going to in 2020 or yacht board from 2016 and plan to vote again in 2020, or no, I didn't vote for him in 2016 and I'm not going to in 2020, or no, I didn't vote for the 2016 but I'm going to vote for him in 2020. Not not look at the results and this is been consistent every time I've asked this question right and I don't mean Avesta 20 times but but I've I've asked it several different times right over the months and each time the results the same. Now the bear in mind that of those responding. It shows 36% did not vote friend so this is a might might my twitter stream which is only like 35, 36,000 it's it's not massive or anything like that, but still it's it's a decent number of people. Alright, so that's 33, 34% did not vote for him, which is me 3086 37% did not vote from 63, 64% did right. So, almost 2/3 of those follow me on Twitter that he responded to the poll did vote for Trump but look at this, those who voted for him and said they would vote again. That's 59%.

Those who voted for him so they witness only 4%. Okay so so that is roughly 15 to 1 of Trump voters CSO vote for him again in 2020. Regardless of what is going wrong or disappointment or what is exaggerated, allied or whenever or his behavior. Whatever okay 15 to 1 say yell vote for him again. Not now, here's where it gets really interesting you say what's really a breakdown differently with those who didn't vote for him. It's going to be yet didn't vote from and know what is interval from next camera not quite different, so out of their the third roughly that said that the did not fall for him 16% said no we didn't vote in 2016 and no we won't 2020, 20% said no we didn't vote for him in 2016. But yes, we will vote for him in 2020. So, more than half of those who said that they would not vote for who she is.

Me more than half of those who did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Said they would in 2020, whereas among those who did vote for him. It's 15 to 1 who said they would vote again. In other words, based on the cross-section of my twitter followers. Once again, aside from those that better just following because I don't like merely disagree that they like to troll, whatever these would be largely conservative Christian voters that he has gained more the presidents gain more voters than he's lost and my perception would be my educated opinion and what the fundraising seems to indicate is that if in fact there is a move to impeach him and this becomes a major focus before the 2020 elections that it will only help him get more voters that it's going to drag a whole lot of baggage and junk up to the surface that many do not want drag up to the surface that it's it's going to make him look like the victim fighting for the nation and all he's had to deal with four years of presidency is first the molar investigation and the alleged rush occlusion and now the Ukraine scandal in impeachment and and he's gonna say hey these Democrats doing nothing but going crazy against me that hookah who can imagine what would happen if he wins a second term in terms of the opposition. You think people's all right.

Can't beat them join them all know, I would say, quite the contrary, no member I'm saying all these things as first and foremost a servant of the Lord any minister of the gospel and an independent voter, not registered as Republican or Democrat.

I'm just trying to bring some perspective and share some observations here. Bottom line, please get some other things. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown 7884 switching subjects. Now looking at an email that I was sent a little earlier today from Liberty Counsel puberty blockers linked to thousands of deaths. Drugs are being used as a puberty blocker in gender confusion youth have been linked to tens of thousands of serious reactions and thousands of deaths as well as other serious medical issues. According to Food and Drug Administration FDA data the FDA has now documented over 41,000 adverse reaction suffered by patients who took it starts to go through some of the terms here of various drugs that are used as home blockers, there have now there been 25,545 reactions considered serious including 6379 Desta II have not been able to research this yet follow through but II do know I I do know that in in terms of studies there. This was something that people wanted to blindly the idea okay. Might my kid is really struggling with gender identity and and now my daughters tend me she's about to come to puberty in the years ahead. And once she starts to develop if she wants of 16 surgery later this can be harder for her to do that, you know, because she's a ready book develop more as a woman so you put on hormone blockers to this was not something that had decades and decades and decades and decades of empirical data where people could look at the data and say okay we see this is perfectly safe for okay here are the health wristlets worn the parents of the child. No, what whatever data was available was really insufficient and and there were medical professionals raising their voicing danger here.

Caution, slow down.

We have a problem.

But no, you don't dare say that because your trance phobic you don't dare say that because your career could be threatened by by the bombardment of hate coming your way.

You don't dare say that you get marginalized as a hater don't care about the children.

Yeah, it's because medical professionals cared about the children they been raising their voices so UK doctors are right, they came out with the statement, was it was last month or so, were they just said slow down everybody slow down.

These were thousands of doctors across the UK slow down.

We we do not know a lot of the side effects of drugs. We do not know some of the long-term issues account.

How many things are there that we engage in today only to find out five 1020 3050 years later that these were very, very dangerous practices or dangerous drugs or general remember I'm 64. I can remember this but when cigarettes were advertised on TV and is even look is like a positive thing to do and and now of course for how many years now.

If you buy cigarettes. There's going to be a warning on it and and we all know that there is a genuine connection correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer to remember when this came to light in medical studies were arguing for this that the that the big cigarette companies and manufacturers.

The producers ignore all known on the we've done our research and is no such connection. How many people died. Over the years. As a result and enhance the high taxes when you get cigarettes white why the cost so much is the further disincentive along the way. So there been slick with cannabis now and I'm putting aside certain medical use in certain doses. Putting that part aside, all right just recreational smoking of pot or more issues are coming up now more more concerns are coming up more and more people are be it.

Be it. Car accidents be at various psychoses, various negative side effect.

You should done all the studies first before you legalize the think state why without recognizing with all the implications and problems and issues are going to be so in the same way with these hormone blockers and things like that and then hormones for life to keep you from developing the way you are naturally made to develop these are on going issues that should have been carefully studied. There should have been in-depth research done on every level possible. Before anyone even thought of going in this directionů All the research is and that is simply not true in the children were the guinea pigs.

The children and and and what about the growing movement, sex change, regret, what about that go to sex change read some of the heartbreaking stories. There read the stories of some who are pioneers in assessing the whole thing was a mass the whole thing was a mess. I was trying to fix something in my head in a and I did by altering my body. I made a terrible mistake Sybil. What about those that are happy.

What about those who are they, they feel it's the only way that they're alive and functioning today that that they they did the hormone blockers and had sex change surgery and and so on. I'm not denying that there many who will say that the quality of life is better now right there plenty of people do different things make life decisions a man leaves his wife and children marry someone else and says his quality of life is better, doesn't mean it was a righteous, or even right decision, but it remains a fact that there are health risks for someone that is a lifetime hormone regimen that would not be there if if they were just at home in the bodies that they were given by God, and it remains a fact that levels of suicide and substance abuse remain much much much much much much much much much much much much much higher than the general population. Even after sex change and in other, and it you can't just blame it on trans phobia. All right. The fact of the matter is there. There are consequences. There were problems, there are things that arise that are that are negative and that are destructive and that's why I continue to advocate for the most compassionate response which is that we give our attention to helping people find wholeness from the inside out that we give our attention and our energy to to looking for a solution where you don't have to alter the natural process of your body look were not talking about should you take chemotherapy or not to fight cancer because we know chemo has negative side effects and radiation as negative side effects.

Because the natural development of a child into an adult is not like cancer that the natural development to puberty is not a negative thing. It's a positive thing.

As part of the amazing way that God designed us.

The problem is not the development of the body. The problem is the very severe difficult tormenting experience that this person is living with on the inside.

That's where we need to concentrate our efforts. That's where medical professionals and and those in the psychiatric and psychological therapeutic professions that are helping people with emotions and and and and psyche and things like that.

That's what we need to focus and then above all, as followers of Jesus with prayer with with with the word with asking God for wisdom and insight to help people from the inside out.

That remains the most compassionate solution all right 20 minutes from now. The lesson 20 minutes from now I'm going to come back online but only on YouTube right so on the Astor trip on you to tell Kevin subscribe there do it. We almost 2000 videos out and new videos being posted every single day and in live chats and live videos all the time at least five days a week with her daily radio show and then live chats one day a week at least grass. Dr. NAS K DR Brown on YouTube and's and become a subscriber then make sure you click is is a Baller. I can't forget what is to make sure that your notify every time we go live for every time there's a new video posted all right.

But just so we starting forfeiting the systemic just be taking your questions interacting with you, but I just wanted to talk to you from the heart for a moment.

All right, as I been reading the latest hysteria about no hide laws and Christians can be beheaded by Jews around the world.

Because of this or that Jewish law will be establishing governments around the world to be heading Christians base in the Jewish law and I not respond to this Terry with facts with with accurate statements, and research and people many professing Christians come back for your live brown your lightest respect, but no more. You what you covering up for the Jews coming with with real madness with real hysteria with real irrationality. What frustrates me is not that I'm attacked that's is like getting up in the morning and breathing I'm going to be attacked is like having a nose on my face and a big prominent one I get attacked by the second fun. It comes with the turf comes with the calling that's not what bothers me, bothers me is I can't help people see the truth with bothers me is when I presented with the truth they actually think I'm lying on trying to cover something up. I'm not frustrated for me, I'm fine, I'm blessed. I'm enjoying the favor of God is an extraordinary way and in my own life and family. I'm truly blessed. I just feel bad that I can't get people to understand the truth. It's one thing if they sift through the evidence is have gone through carefully and Dr. Brown come to a different conclusion than you.

I can respect that when people think I'm lying or covering something up from whatever the perspective whatever the criticism that the actually believe that it frustrates me for them, now Isaiah 118, let us reason together right back within 15 minutes on*around you, asking DR Brown

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