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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 11, 2019 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 11, 2019 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/11/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Boy, you have some questions today. We've got answers to stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, this is Michael Brown welcome log line of fire is Friday which means you got questions.

We got answers for today.

I have a stack of 20 questions. Why do I have a stack of questions. I solicited these just yesterday came pouring in instantly. So I get to as many as I can no cost, enabling it to as many questions as I possibly can and Susie rapidfire today.

How's that right so seatbelts on Craig. If God can harden the hearts of individuals that they act in accordance to his Will Farrell wisely soften the hearts of nonbelievers to the point that they accept Jesus sacrifice and submit to God. Yeah, great question. God did not harden Pharaoh's heart to go against his will, but rather to strengthen him in his sinful resolve. If you will read the account you'll see in Exodus 3 and four God mentions both viral harden his heart and got Harding's Pharaoh's heart, but then once you get into the actual account have a whole video on this. Actually two videos on if you go to Esther to

Just type in Farrell or harden.

You'll see a shorter video and a longer video where we break this down to really recommend get into the longer video we put the Hebrew text on as well, but over and over.

It says Farrell horns us on hardens his heart hardens his heart. He's doing a hardening, and then progressively it says God strength since his heart uses a word for for making strong and and then God hardens it makes it heavy and then finally makes it hard in in the strongest sense of vault. So God is strengthening Pharaoh's resolve to do evil.

You set your heart to center-right the judgment on you is you going to be even more hardened in your sin, but it's not that he takes a guy that's that's humble and crying out to God and sing God.

I want to please him. We can my self-help meetings is now up. I'm an attorney for evil. It's not the way it works. Looking Genesis 20 God does not let Abimelech commit adultery with Sarah and therefore bring judgment on her because God saw integrity in his heart right so God does not override the human will.

In that respect, he draws us to himself. He convicts us. He works and he can harden for his purpose but he's hardening us in our sin and rebellion. Giving is further resolved to do what we were set on doing okay, let's see, Paul does Galatians 329 prove that Abraham's offspring is spiritual, not physical. What's the best answer to the supersession us claim the best answer to the supersession's claim is to go through Romans 910 11 a reverse and understanding is in Israel within Israel. This remnant that believes.

But then there is the nation as a whole the nation as a whole nation as a whole, which has rejected God's grace through Jesus the Messiah the nation as a whole with the Gentile believers are called to provoke to jealousy the nation as a whole. As promised, then, is been hard in part. Romans 1125 there will then be a national turning in 1126. Godliness will be removed from Jacob. The church is not Jacob in the New Testament. I don't hear Christians say we are the spiritual Jacob know that refers to the nation of Israel and then Paul says in Romans 1128 even though the Jewish people.

Now our enemies for the sake of the gospel.

They are loved on the father sake is the father's four verse 29. The gifts and calling of God are revocable.

Romans 15, seven and eight that says that that through the Messiah, God's confirms the promises. This really is and cancel them. He confirms them all right.

And then Galatians 3 what's written. Galatians 317 that the law which comes 430 years after the promise cannot annul the promise of the promises to Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob remain in a special sense, the seed of Abraham is Jesus the Messiah, through whom the world is blessed that's repulsing Galatians 316 but then he says Galatians 329 that all who are born again by faith are children of Abraham. Why because he believed before he was circumcised and he believed after he was circumcised.

So Paul explains Romans four he's the father of those who believe both Jew and Gentile. So Abraham is the spiritual father of all who believe. But the physical seed of Abraham, through Isaac, and Jacob, the people of Israel. The Jewish people. The promises still remain for them all right increase, so why is it that people preach against perfection humanity, when verses like Matthew 548 Job 11. First John 417 first John 39 and so on exist right so Matthew 548. The call to be perfect is our heavenly Father is perfect is talking about being complete and whole so that we love those not just to love us with those who hate us, just as our father in his in his completeness shows grace to the saved and the lost. He causes the rain to shine the rain to fall in the sun to shine on the just and the unjust emulate that behavior. That's what it's saying and and then Job what it says. Perfect. I translate that's full of integrity. The Hebrew is not speaking of an abstract perfection but are being whole hearted.

The Hebrew word Tom and is related to mom to the word integrity right so the goal is not perfection but integrity. In that sense or or I should say with the way Job is being described. Perfect. This is not the right translation. Yes, we have verses like first on 39 saying that we cannot continue in sin. If we are born of God. In other words, we will turn from sin.

There will be repentance in our lives. The first on one also says if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. We make God into a liar and the word is not in us.

And throughout the New Testament sin is being dealt with in letter after letter after letter in Jesus in the book of Revelation.

Five out of the seven churches are told to repent or else. That means that sin is still something to be dealt with. I strive after pleasing God. With every fiber of my being loving him with all my heart mind soul and strength being his obedient son his son that loves him. Most my neighbor as myself, but in this world, we will not reach perfection. We strive for but we will mount reach it and any person I've ever met that claim sinless perfection is a very obvious flaws in the loss, including self-righteousness and often anger this my own experience. James okay here's mine and by the way James been great interacting with you on the academic platform and appreciating some of your philological Hebrew work in and work into messianic prophecy.

Do you think Jesus observed the three fees mentioned in Exodus 23 interest in every year of his life. If not, why not all yes I certainly do we have it recorded in in Luke the second chapter that is with his family going to Jerusalem for the Passover but yes because he was a Torah observant Jew is that was required because he he he lived in the land he was not scattered the place where he could not possibly get to the land so I fully expect he did he did he did not violate Toronto in any point, he often violated tradition that you go out of his way to violate tradition that he felt was obstructive.

The got in the way of the word that was contrary to the spirit of the work absolutely was a Torah observant Jew. If not, it would've been a lawbreaker. If not, he could not of been the Messiah, so this would be something that was part of Jewish life, especially some of living in the land. And yes I fully assume it and don't question it. For a split second. Let's see okay this is from fire and ice. I know father is full of grace and mercy has a square with the fact that at some point he must pour out judgment because he's perfect in every way, and his grace and mercy are not to the exclusion of justice within God is a perfect balance of justice and mercy within God is a perfect balance of grace and truth within balance is a perfect that within God sees me as a perfect balance of judgment and compassion. So what he does is perfect. It's not like all I wanted being nice, but I have to be mean no that's that human beings wrestling it in our lack of perfection with these issues, but God makes ways to display mercy God through the cross pours out grace and poured out judgment on the cross. At the same time and because he's perfect. He brings judgment. What would you think of it of an earthly judge who just gave everyone a pass.

No matter what they did if they just said I'm sorry okay you go free. How many women did you rape how many children did you abuse 37, Your Honor. How do you feel about that.

I'm terribly sorry all right will have mercy on you going what that would be a corrupt judge that would be a week judge would be an unjust judge so God in his perfection will bring justice and judgment when it is required but because of his grace and mercy. He will extend the opportunity to repent and receive mercy until the last possible moment. All right, no, no, what is it seen that the only demonic presence is found in the Gospels and acts were not read of demons. Apart from that, without reading into the text.

We have demonic activity in the Old Testament right an evil spirit sent from God.

The torments Saul and and we we have some of the references to demonic creatures here and there in the Old Testament and and we we know Psalm 91 is speaking of protection from demonic power, but if within the New Testament so acts in the Gospels are describing what happened, so they tell us a lot about healing the sick and driving out demons and demonic activity and now the letters are instructional for us right so Paul instructs in Ephesians 6, beginning in verse 12 that we don't rest with flesh and blood, both principalities and powers. Our battle is with demonic forces very explicit on that he references Satan in a number places in the Army I give you many references, but for example in in second Corinthians 11 he's concerned that Satan will do its deceive the Corinthians, then you have an in James Jacob. The fourth chapter in first Peter five to submit yourself to God. Resist the devil in a fleet in first Peter five that that tells us that that were in a battle that our brothers and sisters in a battle so we have to resist Satan steadfast in the faith in Hebrews 1211 which talks excuse me. Revelation 1211 in the context of of the battle with Satan and they God's people overcome by the blood of landlord and the testimony by not letting the loss to the point of death. There other references to Satan and to the warfare that rinsing.

Corinthians 10 Paul talks about or warfare is is not worldly, earthly, carnal, fleshly, but spiritual/spiritual battle and the letters talk about that in the letters tell us how to live the Gospels and acts describe the reality of appealing and and and demonic powers and things like that because that's reality of this world okay point. These are great questions. I love this and I need to go faster melody. Why was God silent when Jephthah promised offers dollars a burnt offering. Some scholars say, didn't she became a temple servant of the Jewish study Bible says he made good on his promise.

Why didn't God create the whole ambiguity up I just say absolutely not, yet he would've thought that that would be a good thing to do. A great lesson there is that God does not intervene in our foolishness. A great lesson is that it was unthinkable for someone to make about even idiotic outdistancing God ever accepted the bow gobs of her pleas with the bow.

Jephthah did a lot of things God does not intervene and a lot of things that we do. We do a lot of stupid things all the time but I promise this Lord I bow this in their stupid vows in a stupor promises God is not always intervene on existing choices and learn by them and learn from.

That being said, the text is silent. In terms of what he did say that I like to hope that was the case, but there is no evidence in the text… I hear the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire. I am answering your twitter questions. I solicited them yesterday day we got a ton of them that came in almost immediately so I'm going through as many as I can as far as I know, in the order in which the cameras can be rapidfire, so I'm in a try to answer as many as I can more quickly than normal Todd VT Dr. Brown why did God change the Angels in darkness, when pastor limits of authority to tells us that the did not chain up Satan. He rebelled, thanks for your work will the easy part.

You spent about Satan was.

It was part of God's larger plan through which human beings would be tried and tested, through which human beings would come out ultimately better by going through the trial and test trust in God. Knowing God in overcoming Satan was part of the larger plan foreknown by God and singing in a in a mini fashion in the book of Job, and yes my Job commentary is now available for preorder. I think it'll hit the shelves of bookstores and a couple of weeks of redoing a signing tomorrow morning at the national projects conference in Charlotte and look for an E blast on Monday telling you how you can get your your your first copy from the first printing beautiful 450 page hardcover you can get that number signed exclusive edition get extra copies. If you like for family members is a holiday present. Okay. Sorry to digress taught right so why Satan is not chain then it was part of the larger plan of God to allow us to be in a world where there would be evil with Ruby demonic presence in which we can learn to trust God, no God overcome and become better people for eternity through it. Why did he change certain Angels at a certain time will for sure but it would appear that just as there is a one time flood judging the earth and wiping out everyone except for Noah and his wife and their three sons and their wives a people that there was a judgment at that moment on disobedient Angels and they were cast down so it just seems like the flood was a one time extreme judgment. There was a one-time extreme judgment on certain Angels as well to send thoughts how you interpret what Jesus said in Mark 943 to 48. So in Mark nine Jesus is is giving a very strong warning there and exhorting his disciples, and there is a textual difference in their golf you'll find a line or two in the King James that you won't find repeated here, but if your hand makes you say and cut it off if your foot makes us and cut off your eye makes dissent, pluck it out, of so what he saying is metaphorically or he's not actually telling us to to pluck our act as our physical eye doesn't make a sin chop your hand off Your foot off but this is repeated three times. The Gospels Matthew five Matthew 18 here in Mark nine it's a teaching is. Some scholars say me must've repeated many times from city to city and he's telling us how ruthlessly we need to deal with sin otherwise.

Sin can destroy our lives to the point that we forfeit eternal life. In other words when he says better to go to heaven main is as if your resurrected body would be missing a hand, so again it's it's it's metaphorical language, but better to go to heaven maimed. They go to hell with two hands to feet two eyes yet. Better to make a major sacrifice. Better to go without something and be with the Lord forever than to have those things and be without God to choose sin to choose disobedience of the things that we see the things that we touch the places that we go. I hand foot spoken of their so there is hellfire waiting those who choose sin choose disobedience and refuse God is and will be one of them every have to say no to and sacrifice.

Do it. It may be a career. It may be a relationship may be a promotion, it may be an open door that seems to be good but you know it's it is filled with sin and disobedience don't go that way okay Chris, how is it that only the father knows when the appearance of the Messiah will be enough. The sun so when Jesus says that Matthew four that's just the incarnate son who willingly withheld certain divine prerogatives so he did not know certain things because he was fully human, and he willingly laid down aspects of his omniscience. That's why he healed the sick by the Holy Spirit this way was anointed by the Spirit to do certain things because he did not do that by his divine prerogatives but risen from the dead. He's the son of God, without limitation, certainly knows the date of his return. Meander for the biblical references supporting the thesis, the rapture will not happen before the tribulation will first I would say there is no explicit verse that says that Jesus will take us out before tribulation.

Secondly, I point out the verses like John 1633. Next, 14, 22 indicate that we must go through much tribulation in this world. For we inherit the kingdom of God's were never promised escape from tribulation three had say in John 17 that Jesus said, praying his disciples, and on prayer you take them out of the world to keep them from the evil one. So gobble protect us from the evil one in this world.

Then I see in Matthew 24 that the second coming that we are waiting for the Paris Sia right without waiting for a secret event before his actual coming which in Greek speaks of an arrival right is not speaking. Say a plane that that flies by and doesn't land in speaking of the landing speak of the arrival so the Paris CNX 20 it in Matthew 24 is immediately after the tribulation of those days we see that Yeshua comes with the last trumpet and we see that same trumpet after the tribulation of those days in Matthew 24 we see the trumpet mentioned prescriptions 15 first Thessalonians 4 Revelation 11 the seventh of seven trumpets. When does this happen after the time of tribulation and the Greek words, the vocabulary Paris Sia up a call… At the Fabia all speak of a public outward event is coming. His revelation is, is of his appearances shining forth. We are waiting for his appearance, not for a secret event and then second Thessalonians 1 tells us plainly that the Messiah will come in blazing fire, and when he comes publicly visibly judge the wicked. That's will receive relief.

Second Thessalonians to that that they will not happen until the Antichrist is first revealed also be the main thoughts that come to mind off the top of my head for more. If the book that Prof. Craig Keener and I wrote not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe the preacher rapture is Craig Keener and Yours truly why we don't believe in a preacher rapture the title, which is not our choice. But when the publisher came up with not afraid of Antichrist. I apologize if that offends you as a pretrip or Nissan that a friend Antichrist either truly I apologize if that offends you, but I differ with you on your pretrip position as we lay out in the book that explains why we don't believe in a pretrip rapture, William. What are your thoughts on one. This Pentecostalism UPC I and others of the Savior of the right of the Christian brothers and sisters are the Christian brothers and sisters. Some might be saved.

So might be Christian brothers and sisters.

Others are definitely not and hold to heretical view of God and it is one thing to say that some of them don't fully understand their doctrine and first on to sis if you have the sun you have the father also. Some of them worship and believe in in the Jesus of the Bible and have the sun but have misconceptions about God's tri-unity and I've met some that as far as I can tell her to be saved. Others seem to be members of the cult and would say if you're not baptized by their bishop in in in the form of acts 238 you're not saved, they would also save you don't speak in tongues and unsafe the very mind of spoken in tongues every day by believing Lyford for decades.

The maven stretches when limit when I didn't much the time I was trying to get away from the Pentecostal charismatic police late 70s early 80s but I speak in tongues all the time so not denying tongues or downplaying it. But it's a very dangerous and un-biblical doctrine to say that the side of being saved to speak in tongues. It puts people in all kinds of pressure and many times oneness Pentecostals tend to be extremely list but I met some that are generally born again and believe in one God and believe in the deity of Jesus and don't fully understand their their doctrine others. I would plainly say our heretical art. Rob Dr. Brown coherent related question which baptism is right. Baptism in Jesus name or baptized. Baptism and father son and Holy Ghost. Both arguments of Scripture to support thanks in advance. We know from early church documents that the pattern that they followed, like in the deduct K was baptized in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit.

We do have Matthew which comes before acts so Matthew 28 1920 which thesis is that we would be baptized in the name of the father son and the Holy Spirit, baptizing converts and disciples in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit is understood to be a formula so the Jesus only. People will say what is the name of the father, son, Holy Spirit, Jesus is name of the father-son Holy Spirit will quite clearly, Jesus is not the father and Jesus is not the spirit. If you just read John 1415 16 that self-evidently clear that Jesus is not the father and Jesus is not the spirits of Jesus is not the name of the father-son Holy Spirit. That's an erroneous interpretation of oneness Pentecostals. That being said, we have acts 238, where Peter says repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus every one of you for the forgiveness of your sins and you have other references being baptized in Jesus name and the book of acts slowly make of it was interesting when you dig a little deeper you find that their different Greek expressions being baptized in the name of Jesus being baptized into the name of Jesus being baptized upon the name of Jesus. Many scholars understand this to mean that we are being baptized into Jesus so into Jesus name means into Hammonds's authority and power into his family or baptized, calling upon the name of Jesus is what spoken of, but as we understand the formula that was given that we see reflected nearly church is baptizing them in the father-son Holy Spirit not been the case, I believe that some as eternal salvation is hang in the balance.

If they were baptized in Jesus name versus baptized in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit or vice versa and interesting when I was baptized by pastor's philosophy was to make sure you included everything so he said I now baptized in the name of the father and Jesus Christ the son, and Holy Ghost. So we cover both bases when I was baptized and if you're unsure, just do that, the gobble be upset with you for Victor was the basis for taking first Corinthian's 14 is prescriptive instead of descriptive and will you do with versus 34 to 35 if it's prescriptive. So, first with his 14 elsewhere in the chapter restock about wrong use of Thompson the proper order for tongues prophecy. It seems to be saying this is the way it should be right that one of you has a time when it is a revelation of ideas and interpretation really is a prophecy that in the house meetings and and in their assemblies that that God use this will normally this one that way this one. Another way right. The end of the chapter about women is it that that was their position which he was then refuted by quoting and saying no no no that's wrong.

Some read it that way or was he saying okay there are certain parameters here at the house and sense of meaning asking questions at home is estimate disruptive back in the another way the text gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. What time is flying on answering as many Twitter questions as I cancel calling today.

We do this time to time. Sometimes if I have a day of travel overseas or daylight today speaking at the big apologetics conference in Charlotte North Carolina.

There's a conflict with radio so what will do his will get questions on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, something like that and then rather take your calls live, we will answer these questions on the air and it just works out better to do that.

So were flying through questions and I undo my best to get through as many as I cancel here and there you like unit and I wanted more but I'm try to get through more, but is clearly incomprehensibly as possible. Great questions about the question. Joey does God evolve change.

Genesis 660 repents. Jeremiah 32, 35, never entered my mind of Jeremiah 37. I thought Israel would. She did not King Hezekiah's healing Jesus declares all foods clean church leaders get together and adopt new rules for the church. Great question. Let me go through this as quickly as I can. Some of its translation, God, repenting is is grieving over something God, repenting is is saying okay I I am now going to change my course, but this was all foreknown to God.

In other words, God knew that he would create a world this is a different side with my Calvinist friends he would create a world in which human beings would do things contrary to his will and desire because of which he would grieve. Not that they did what they were ultimately preordained to do contrary to his holy standards, but what they freely chose to do in sin and rebellion because of which he grieves over things because of what she says I've nothing to do with this and here's something that to me was a massive insight in that I learned writing my Jeremiah commentary I have is a theological reflection following Jeremiah 3/19 if you all my commentary. It's in the new edition of the expositor's Bible commentary if you own that look for the theological reflection after my 319. There are verses in Jeremiah where God seems to hope and wish and desire and even be disappointed. See you wonder how on earth could that be in the answer is what what I found was the answer was just as God incarnated himself in our world and the person of Jesus. God incarnates himself in our world and literally has joy, disappointment, grief is human being in our world that God can incarnate himself in our moment, so that even though he knows everything in the future. He feels anticipation, he feels joy he feels disappointment as if he didn't know even though he does is that makes no sense. Have you ever watched a movie that you seen before and you know the outcome but it's too tight callous to tense. I can't watch this but you know the outcome right but you live in that moment. Also, even though you know the outcome and you know it's going to happen.

While I believe God can come into our world and in that sense experience joy, pain, sorrow, grief, anticipation and pride in terms of being pleased us to get experience that in the present. Knowing he can be pleased with us today knowing what in the fall tomorrow and any can experience that. As for Jesus declaring all foods clean up Bowie wasn't telling anyone go out need unclean foods recently was explaining it and and and by reason of this explanation makes all foods claim that which he doesn't file you.

Therefore, no food, and that in itself is unclean. All right, but he's just bringing further articulation. There was a purpose in God keeping his will separate for the nations with food laws, but the foods themselves were never said to be intrinsically unclean. Nothing change their in acts 15.

Nothing changes in terms of God reversing himself rather you have a new situation with new community. Therefore, new laws were guidelines for the community that's all continuing to develop and move forward a date.

How should we as believers respond to spiritual manipulation in my book claim with holy fire.

I deal with abusive leaders have a whole chapter on abusive leaders and and have several chapters and interface with that spiritual manipulation is is really dangerous and terrible, and is a very serious abuse of leadership so in short, in short, what you do is recognize it and run from it, but you must also keep your heart tender to God.

You don't want to become cynical towards God. You don't want to harden your heart towards God.

You don't want to question everybody around you. You still want to be a trusting person but with wisdom so would spiritual manipulation look like it would be someone setting you up in a certain way to try to get a certain response.

It would be someone saying look, man, you know I'm anointed by God. You don't you don't question me I'm I'm set by God as your leader, and I'm anointed and it's just a way of manipulating me in getting in and getting my loyalty to me or or a listen. God show me that you need to give to my ministry and if you don't, your girl, you're gonna have hardship, you run from that you run from that and then you take those words that were spoken over you, and before the Lord. Isaiah 5417 you say that these words will not prosper against these words that have been spoken. Sometimes people speak curses over us Lord in the name of Jesus.

We reject those words we we declare them of no power and no no force and Lord begin to rejoice in you seal get cynical about all leaders your mistrust. All leaders but you recognize that there is manipulation and you run from it as best as you are able to okay Matthew how do we reconcile with the Bible says about God will and that all should be saved and what it says about him also having predestined predestined all their face. I don't believe Scripture ever says the God predestined everyone's face. I don't believe that for a split second, but let's just take one verse as as an example all right where where you can potentially read it at as if God predestined certain people to to hell right so Proverbs chapter 16 verse 14 James Lord has made all things for himself, yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.

She might think it's a okay God made certain people to be wicked and and it's for the day of evil.

That's not a right way to understand the text of another translation. The Lord is prepared everything for his purpose. Even the wicked for the day of disaster that misses it in terms of reveille, the resend. Look at the TLB. Adonai, the Lord works out everything works everything out for his own purpose or for its own purpose. Even the wicked for day of disaster.

Okay so so what it's what it's saying or the NIV, the Lord works out everything to its proper and even the wicked for day of disaster.

So God has a purpose, and he will work out his purpose for every human being and if it's a wicked person for day of judgment and disaster, but it is nowhere in Scripture doesn't say, God predestines the fate of all human beings and simply not found in Scripture, but I encourage you to do is go from Genesis to Revelation and look… Choose choose choose choose choose choose choose an God grieving make wrong choices. And please make right choices because their choices that we make in and we get to the end of the Bible, Revelation 22 whoever is willing let them come, so faith comes by hearing the word so we hear the word of God. Faith comes in our hearts through it we can now say yes or no, God's gracious invitation his desire is at all be saved. But he did not preordained that everyone would be saved. He preordained that whoever would put their trust in Jesus would be saved and would be part of his eternal family.

Marcus love to hear your share on women in ministry leadership, place of the gift of tongues and baptism of the Holy Spirit charismatic theology and because Pentecostalism enjoys monitor to straight for the parents of by Jesus and his disciples all right. Three big questions and I'm trying to answer one from each person go to our website Esther to and type in women and you'll see some whole radio shows I've done on women in ministry and some brief discussions about women being pastors. In short, I believe God can use women in every way he wants and desires, but his pattern is that governmental headship is male justice in the home. So even though there women who been pastors successfully and single women missionaries planted churches and and birth movements in God use them that the pattern of Scripture and the ideal is male headship in terms of governmental authority, but women free to do all kinds of gifted ministry and in all different ways all I do believe that the most common sign of the baptism of the Spirit. Empowerment subsequent to salvation is speaking in tongues, but I believe you can be baptized in the Spirit without speaking in tongues and I don't divide over whether the baptism of the Spirit is subsequent to salvation or part of salvation is a difference between Pentecostals, non-Pentecostals or between Pentecostals and charismatics.

In some cases, and as far as the place of of of tongues.

That's is Holy Spirit.

I believe we should be praying for everyone to to be full of the spirit and I believe that tongues plays a very important role in our in our personal devotions and has a place in public services together with interpretation potential ways monitor to straighten the parents of by Jesus nearly disciples audits as so much there get my book house a borrowing sorry to recommend a book on that, but I answered to enter the three questions we strayed in a lot of ways are his light in a dark, what is the church a prophecy data, calls repentance and warns of what is to come, especially when the Bible says the body cannot sit in the footer. I am not in need of you.

Well, everybody in the natural rejects corrective words, we want to be praised.

We I want to give some of my manuscript to look at it and all of the editors say what an incredible book as opposed what happened you sourcing the receipt okay you go to the doctor you been eating healthy and working out go the doc you want Doc to say wow clean bill of health. You want to say all your new you got some serious illness or some serious issue, so would human nature to want a pat on the back as opposed to rebuke and correction. That's why we tent a prophecy and then others have seen a lot of flaky prophecy, manipulative prophecy, unaccountable prophecy and and because of that they just rejected the legitimate gift and legitimate prophetic ministry.

And then there are the gloom endures is everybody you can be small use of to be down down down and glowing.

Dylan is all bad is getting worse then will have God's heart, but we should embrace godly rebuke. We should embrace kalbi correction read through the book of Proverbs and look at every reference to rebuke correction and notice how the wise man receives it and grows. The wise man is enabled and strengthened by an and in the full tacit off Devon is a public school choir teacher. How should we address transgender students wants to: by their preferred pronoun and deal with school administration to force us to comply with this without compromising her moral convictions. As Christians, my position on that would be. I can't do it as a Christian, and the school can enforcement when I would first do though is immediately contact the alliance defending freedom or liberty counsel.

One of those to another. There other fine organizations. But contact one of those two for simplicity alliance defending freedom, liberty, counsel contact them and say what are my legal rights. What should I do, I would tell that transgender prayer I would tell the administration I'm sorry, but you're forced me to lie, I can't do that I can be complicit with that and I don't believe it's in the student's best interest of I will treat that student with kindness with compassion. I will go to my way to be help to that student. I would with the school's permission meet with the student privately and solicit I care about you.

I'm there. Get embarrass you, and let's find a way where were both at home if all this you don't come up with a nickname we can use that you're okay with this point whatever I married Philip Sally and I knew what I don't but find out your rights and then determine to take a stand that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown why I just want to keep answer the question, which at hours. Maybe I'll take these up another day but thank you great questions and they came in so quickly. Much appreciated. Nothing calls today. Look forward to talking today and day out in the days ahead.

Marco what you not obey the commandment given to us by Paul and Titus 113, 14, by rebuking the false teachers you hold his brothers such as Todd White, who deny essential biblical doctrines of the Christian faith is not unloving to allow them to continue down the road to heresy. Marco if if I understood that Todd held her heretical doctrine. You better believe I would call into account privately and if you refuse to repent.

I rebuke and publicly, you better believe that it and I've called out plenty people over the years and most of the time privately reaching out to them, but by the way, Paul did not always name names.

Paul did not always name names read second Corinthians 1113 through 15 who were the false apostles are they any other enforcing swings more the names of the false apostles one names the false teachers and in in first Peter two and so there there or same punitive. There are plenty of passages in the New Testament were people not named, and others where they are named in there been times publicly upset. I reject this teaching object with this person said, and other times behind closed doors. But I have no evidence that Todd White is is holster heretical doctrine only met him once or twice in the same the same week spent time with them actually knelt down on the on the ground in a restaurant and hotel asked me to pray for him. The goblet we give them wisdom and set like a sponge. The next day after I heard him preach and just gave him a couple suggestions and things like that sponge and took it in but is far as I know we holster that the Orthodox gospel as far as I know some shows me to the contrary, better believe I'll reach out to him and you better believe it but Marco. What concerns me is is you might be violating one of the 10 Commandments, do not bear false witness.

What if your believing they have let us ask this only her top preach once okay so that's all I know I'm him preach once my calling is not to investigate every teacher and leader out there right if that's your calling going going to do it rightly and fairly. For example like a guy service Christie Joshua Chavers Chavez. Whatever the names pronounced one of my colleagues was watching a video where were he response to are not responding to critics and he completely misrepresents me in the first couple minutes he plays one clip from one up from one of my one hour shows and doesn't play a later clip with which explained everything I said I'm not responding to critics and later some very happy to debate all have a debate with someone is qualified to debate. If I know they live in the doing the work of the devil in destructive ways and they keep lying about me. I won't debate the bill wise yeah if your qualified rep. I'll gladly do debate with you gladly happy to do that. So I said insane show three plays right said I'm debated mincing on that respond to the critics it was contradictory not to respond to be video they put out by doing that and and and I get sent links all the time right around false teacher warning is one that you still waste my time responding to drivel like that respond in the false accusations like that, things taken out of context misrepresent why in the world but you never satisfy them and those that believe them and those that know me, evaluate me by what I say and do okay so so Marco my concern would be that you are bearing false witness against a brother which is a very serious sin and violates the law of love grieves the heart of God.

Right. So if you want using a picture with chemical that does not make him a heretic to be a picture with chemical okay for the record I'm speaking at a conference was a heavy Beta conference with so-and-so. They believe I'm not. I'm speaking at a conference process begins the conference. I've never heard the person preach I'm see the big apologetics conference this this weekend. Minutes from now and then and then Saturday tomorrow and and there's a ton of speakers.

How did you so-and-so believes I don't know. They will believe. I do know that I'm speaking evaluate me based on what I teach and speak but I'm telling you for a fact that there's a lot of junk out by critics that is false is misleading. That is deceptive that pull something out of context so be careful.

It's wrong to not rebuke a false teacher that's deceiving misleading people and I do my best to correct error on a regular basis road right whole books about it. Okay. On the flipside it's very wrong to call a brother sister hell bound false teacher heretic. The Lord's not pleased with that suggest be sure. Be sure find out what the person believes in detail.

Don't believe a 10 second video clip online dumpling, but someone else's right faithful fanatic. The book of Revelation was written before. After 70 A.D. all the best evidence is after everything of study looked at says after full predators have to argue that it's before one liberal theologian process theologian JT Robinson argued a few decades ago that all the books of the New Testament written before your 70 but I see no good solid evidence for it, and very, very strong evidence for revelation being written after the year 70 God's masterpiece God created us all why was he so much violence in the New Testament. If a person is had lifelong personal struggles like some sort of addiction but professes Christ as Lord and Savior, will he make it to heaven right the first thing God created us all, but as it says in Ecclesiastes, God created us upright. We set out many inventions Jesus weeps over Jerusalem in Matthew 23 saying I long to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you weren't willing three houses left you desolate great judgment came great violence came because of human sin in human choices. This is simply the result of God allowing us to make choices. Some of them are dreadful but out of it. God is working out his purpose and through it. God is working out his purpose. As for people with lifelong personal struggles like some sort of addiction God is incredibly merciful and compassion and he understands our weaknesses and if if I am crying out to the Lord. Here's the sign the proof that I'm a disciple that I do not simply walk in sin and choose sin and continuing sin and not turn to God that that if I am a real disciple if I'm truly born again then I cannot simply continuing sin without repentance. It might be, I feel like such a jerk. Laura every day I lose my temper help, Lord, Lord, might my mind is just lustful thoughts and I hate that a disciple hates those things disciple asked for forgiveness and mercy and I believe that in the Lord, we do not have to struggle with lifelong addictions that in the Lord there is freedom look I was a chocoholic for decades. Okay that was detrimental to my health them in the churches and talk about those kinds of sins, the same way that was wrong and and struggle to eat better, but some of us that was just fine and yet it was unhealthy. I was hurting my bodies was bad stewardship. I was addicted. Now certainly, following the Lord, seeking to please him as as conviction comes when each response that if we fall short. The proof of the disciples we keep seeking after God and asking for forgiveness and seeking to move forward.

Go all off mid who are some of the most dangerous wolves admits the church today that we need to be warned about. If you could name them and be specific about why they are dangerous, that would be great. Thank you Walt first web service for Mike. First of course the cults, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, the cults and and other sectarian groups Hebrew roots groups things like that. Those are certainly dangerous in terms of the present themselves as preaching the gospel, but have departed from the gospel that's that's one thing I believe some of the hyper critics are very dangerous because they will bear false witness, they they will and I haven't mentioned any of them by name in terms of that I'm I'm referring to people I previously mentioned by name. I'm specifically not mentioning people by name right now and and if I mention neighborly that falls in the category of how the critic could be on the haven't examined persons work in any depth, but there hyper critics were so hostile to the things of the spirit, and was to mock and disparage the things of God and who brand everybody outside their Heretic. That's very dangerous that's very dangerous. I would say without mentioning names here also. And there's a reason for not mentioning names which I'll explain the hyper prosperity gospel, the carnal prosperity gospel is very dangerous. The hyper grace message is very dangerous and and the reason that mentioning names is because you have certain people. For example, I differ with Pastor Joseph Prince on a number of issues in my book hyper grace. I quote him off and we spent two hours together couple years ago in Singapore. I believe that he has great revelation of grace.

In many ways I believe that many are getting set free through his revelation of grace and being drawn to Jesus is doing a lot of good. I believe this error in the teaching it's doing bad and that error is what I warned about rights of my calling him a wolf for putting in the category, but there is error that I consider dangerous.

That I wanted out there or there are some brothers and sisters who who are you are saved and were following the Lord, and yet and yet at at the same time or are bring your carnal emphasis to the message and it was part of it is real 11 part of his route is Israel dangerous and therefore I strongly differ with it. That's why, for example in Creflo Dollar put out his is is is appeal for $67 million jet I wrote my article why Chris was not getting it in my dollars and I find that abusive coma wolf would be to say that I know for a fact that he is not say that I know for fact I've only heard a few seconds of his teaching.

Okay, a few bits of his teaching.

What I've heard, I strongly warned against those raised concern, but the cost of a wolf, I have to really looked at it look I wrote an open letter to Joel Victoria O'Steen years ago an open appeal and are very concerned about lack of repentance message, likable holiness message lack of a clear presentation of of of the gospel right but I don't join in those that damn him to hell in a wolf is someone that is a wolf in sheep's conveyor not truly say that I damn that person to help. I do not know enough about the person or their life or their ministry to do that but I take strong exception to what I consider a pep talk gospel which is often superficial with the reason I don't just label this one that one 00 a wolf. Okay, you might ask about a certain person some TV preacher that's been arrested in Crofton and found to be here, look there someone whose ministry I told the oppose and believe should not be in ministry at all. And yet, the person may be saved, they may still know the Lord be in serious error. So that's the best I can answer that specifically to get Michael playing with fire-place time

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