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Dr. Brown and David Benham Talk About Awakening in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 22, 2019 2:16 pm

Dr. Brown and David Benham Talk About Awakening in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 22, 2019 2:16 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/21/19.

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Go to special interviews today.

Trust me friends you will be impacted stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on today's modifier broadcast Michael Brown so last to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH number to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 but before you pick up the phone to call. I'm not taking random questions today. Love the phone lines open a bunch of days this week to do so, but I'm giving you that phone number in case over the course of this broadcast. You are prompted to respond. You are prompted to call God is stirring you and you'll you'll understand what I'm talking about in a moment out. We've got some special guests that again be joining us a little later in the broadcast. They are on the front lines of missions work. They are needing more laborers I'm talking about upheaval in your own life where you leave behind the comforts of where you're currently living to serve in some difficult parts of the world you say why would I want to do that will because you love Jesus and you love souls the same reason that these missionaries are doing what they're doing. We just finished our 20th anniversary missions conference. So this is 20 straight years.

We been having missions conferences to sponsor to support to back grads from our ministry school that are now serving around the world and when I say around the world.

I mean in some of the most difficult outlying areas on the planet in some challenging areas and challenging settings and shockingly some very challenging settings right here in the United States during the browser revival critics assess a lot of emotionalism. These conference are real while now.

Some of them a bit on the mission field for 20 years. I pity the hyper critics I pity those who are so focused on the detail it doesn't fit within their little straitjacketed perspective that they can see the amazing things that Jesus is doing by his spirit. But before we go to the nations I'm joined by my dear friend David Benham David Jason many times have been guests here and modify.

We've had the joy of working together in a bunch of different ministry situations in America and a couple years ago at our annual missions conference were worshiping the Lord we were singing a song about the nations. I became overwhelmed with my burden for the nations of been outside the United States, probably about 200 trips so's for thousands of messages overseas.

Different parts of the world and I I was just tremendously burden for the nation since in Coffelt I got I felt my knees sobbing for the nations and for the Laurus got to spend the rest of my life pouring into the nations all go spend the rest of my life doing that and then the thought hit me, will I care about America. Why care about America and I was struck again as America goes, the world goes not just souls in America, but America's influence hence our burden for gospel baseball. The cultural revolution will speak with David about the state of things in America and will let you know about a movie that's going to be playing in theaters just one night only this week playing in theaters want you to know about it so amount let's play a clip from that. A trailer for this movie, the Reliant and then Davis can come on and tell you why he thinks this is an important movie varsity is one of the few places that successfully resist hearing some guy in this broken world and he is running we can understand it.

If interest everything will be just fine.

As I look at the trailer David it looks like someone resembling you is in this movie. What better looking than the movie. My brother and I actually her boat and it really fond Dr. Brown and even let you how to do the lead into the trailer in your heart for the nation that also your heart for America and get out to take a quote from you that I manage time that when we look at the nations, especially in my own heart.

When I look at America. The problem not the presence of darkness.

The applicant like it though. This is why Jake and I were really excited to be a part of the movie the Reliant… And is a personal friend of Mark is the writer and the producer of the movie and he really has a heart for the nation as well, but think specifically here in America that the story is about darkness, rising anarchy, all of the country, which sometimes when you even look at the news. You might think that the little quote prudently might realize. But this mean depict where it really just martial law. Every man well and and and what can arise in the midst of that hottest baby doesn't thrive doesn't survive in the midst of that that Brian Bosworth character just so phenomenally in Jason. I play a small part in the movie. By the way, but it was probably it was probably Dr. Brown, one of the funnest thing that we've done in our professional careers as business leaders really being in a movie, especially one that we know have a good method like that the we got a lot of a lot of black kind of one of those midline movies where it to it to action-packed and pinned me at the little bit too raw for the faith-based audience because I mean it talked about violence that shows what what truly happened when darkness rises and martial law is coming upon us and all of the thing and yet it way too Christian for the secular audience is a it is a phenomenal movie that really I mean there's it's not it's not a sermon on screen minutes. Real authentic hard-core realities that we may end up a finger in the country and and what to go to be like perfect what the gonna be like the men and women of God and what are we going to do when things like this indeed may come to our country are so so how can so see this in the movie theater well-750 movie theaters across the country. I didn't go to the and annual I wear one here in the Charlotte all most of the big theaters on note Concorde milk looking real close to our place.

But then you know you go to the and on the Reliant Facebook page. They got interactions with Kevin formalin Brian Bosworth, who by the way are really fun to be around, especially Brian Bosworth, you know, I don't know Dr. Brown accommodating myself but I remember when he was guided out. You and and and had his big blonde hair and the rat fell off the fact all the young boys and in high school want to be like the Boswell acting alongside him and and watching his ability was really it was the surreal very very talented and just his genuine love for the Lord and there's actually being in the movie and I don't want to give it away, but there is one particular thing work. My brother are with the bog and a spiritual moment take place and before the theme all even shot the same body look right directly.

My this is real for me. I don't want you to even think this is an act, the lines that were about to say this is really from my heart. And while we were actually it know you here ready action and I'm delivering my line.

The bog looked at me and weeping, and he delivers his lines and if it wouldn't do it. It greatly.

I know that the watcher the viewers that don't do this movie, they'll be touched as well when they see just some of the incredible moment of faith in the midst of a really dark and trying so soon. Would you say that this is if you had to say one more than the other. More of the face movie than a patriotic movie well into the face movie but very heavy on our right to bear arms and it's really important that we understand that you know often.

Today we we find ourselves blaming the instrument of violent like gun violence. I mean, why don't we call it night violent per car violent or something out and we removed the ration behind the person that wielding the instrument you know and and I'm sorry I'm revealing my Baptist print that I use the two alliteration with the letter I but it really needs regional Baptist, you need three you all that the writer forgot what you help me think of it I will work, but either way you looking at what we call gun violence that I would just say it is violent. In general, with the use of gun can be a vehicle attribute drug that could be any number of things at night to be gone and and while I do believe that we definitely need solid old some conservative restriction on gun with excellent background check all the other thing I certainly do not believe in disarming the populace that would be horrible if our second amendment.

The fit that the storyline does depict gun ownership. We been given an endorsement by the NRA and others so it is patriotic that but what it really is, how do we protect and defend what is right and true and just in the middle of lawlessness and anarchy fusion. And so it got the strong faith component of well men and women that know God need to rise up and do what's right that we can protect you and we can defend what is right and true and just against those that would rise up and take what does not belong to them, especially when they are desiring to act like know it got a very strong patriotic element but it shows where men and women of fit into that computer voice got it so last question we got a minute and 1/2 before the brakes and friends go to the to find out more debut been raised in the pro-life movement.

You've watched your dad suffer abuse preaching the gospel in front of abortion clinics.

You and Jason spent many years involved in the front lines. Pro-life work. Are you encouraged or discouraged at this point in life. We are greatly encouraged to get out in 1991 when my dad was kind of at the helm of the pro-life movement in America, there were over 2100 freestanding abortion clinic today there are less than 600 without one weeping piece of federal legislation.

It's because men and women of God are being called in light and loving others as themselves and really giving choices and options to mom feel they have no choice but abortion. So we are incredibly encouraged and we thank God for your voice in that battle as well.

And what about right on the home front.

We both live in greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. I feel there. My goodness Dr. Brown you know is over 200 churches of mobilized the joint love life. Charlotte and that we have over three right now over 300 mentor family that are actually walking alongside mom that would have chosen abortion because they felt they had no other choice but were actually walking alongside mothers who have chosen life given birth were giving baby showers.

I mean, it is amazing, were actually working with the Department of Social Services with their foster an adoption program. There are now looking to the church that our social services, looking for the shirt is supposed to be a friend so you can make a difference in my study time you go to the, especially one night event. This was David. Keep up the good work. Look for to seeing you on the big screen are learning plan and by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael show me rock your world. We heard from David Benham important things going on here in America now to special interviews with some of our missionaries who were in town from serving in the nations and serving in different parts of America that could be what you hear in the moments ahead will directly impact you because God may be speaking to you through this broadcast and no in the segment. I'm not malt through social. I'm not asking any of you to give me or organization any money even though we support these missionaries around the world and support the guess that we have studio with us today. I miss you give yourself who yet so I'm sitting here with Joanne thinkers join as a Jewish believer in Jesus. One of the great impacting nights of her life was when she saw that a small group into the home of Russian Jew saw me debate Rabbi Toby Singer and part of her testimony is, but he did so bad. We were on the side of truth on our side that was part of what God used to establish her in the face and she's since served in Nigeria for many years now doing extraordinary work with the poorest of the poor a joy and great to have you back on the line of fire think it's going to be here and join just just paint a word picture of the environment in which you live in Nigeria from the snakes to the people being abducted and killed for witchcraft potions and paint a picture for our listeners and viewers about one sobering thing that I discovered when I got home, was that the last issue of the voice of the martyrs was dedicated to come to Nigeria the entire magazine over 30,000 people have been killed, with the bulk from insurgency and also the felony herdsman insurgency now on. Kidnapping is sacrifices up but God is great and where I live. I cannot say that I'm in danger of look around. I live in north-central Nigeria and what's happening is farther northeast of me, but the community I live in. If I take a walk, which I do every morning and evening with the dog I'm walking through broken roads and walking through dirt paths covered littered with garbage. I'm walking by children, happily waving to me and greeting me as I defecate along the side of the road. Most people do not have bathrooms in my community. Most people do not have running.

What will nobody has running water. We had, we have given freshwater in wells, but they still have to come and carry it to their houses.

It it really is the poorest of the poor and you've been serving the Joanne teaching children in schools and in teaching teachers, but when it when you first got to Nigeria in the school where you start working. What was the literacy rate of the students then and then what's happened since well I individually assessed every child and discovered nine children reading close to instructional level out of how many out of 200 and we are now and then that the school declined for a bit obviously wasn't doing his job, but I brought in the reading program I trained teachers, and now 50 to 80% of the children in every classroom are reading at or above instructional level. The population is booming with Biltmore classrooms, and it got to the point where the teachers were so well-trained. The students will were doing well. It's basically self-sufficient now which is wonderful which led me looking to do something else right so you have now begun to work in the village which is a Muslim village you be great if there they know you're Christian but because of the quality of the work that you're doing so here are a single white woman serving in Nigeria and when you mentioned kidnapping and sacrifice your you're talking about talk about what exactly I'm talking about that because of the poverty level kidnapping has become almost a business and when it comes to kidnapping of children. Many children have been abducted and dismembered and their body parts used in an ritual). This is real life and Joanne is making a difference in the midst of this exalted Jesus even even a well put in with with money raised by Christians sends a message out that Jesus loves this community. North-central Nigeria because of that. Joanne has been welcomed to work in a Muslim village as a Christian is a woman doing Christian education, but the Muslim see her love and they see her heart and they see the difference it's being made in the lives of the children and they know the importance of education, but address real need, which is for another single woman and so is Rachel. See the ages is not the issue. Another single woman to come and serve alongside what you mean raising your own support, which would would mean just as Joe Aniston, Joanne action when her mom passed away, sold her home in different things and just poured her own money to serving their so no one I can underwrite you, maybe your church could, but there's a real need, and it could be that wanted you listening this was an unplanned entry just happened.

Moments ago that we realize joy was in studio that there is a pressing need and you can do something that would be the most faraway, the most rewarding service ministry you've ever done your life. So join paint a picture of what's needed of what the rewards would be and what like the could someone come over get a feel for things. Stay for what what tell us what's going on and how they can help it would need to be somebody who is interested in working with kids. Someone who has hopefully some background working with kids is willing to be trained in the reading program where using is willing to be trained to be's culturally sensitive and understand that the nature of the work and willing and unable to handle intense heat motorcycle rides up and down rough territory and living where electricity is not consistent and make it gets kind of hot and uncomfortable and managed to get rid of any rodents and dangerous reptiles. But hopefully lizards in the room won't turn anybody off at join did you think if if I give you that description in advance and said we need someone like that which you have thought that was you. Now I never thought that was me, but but I was encouraged to take an exploratory trip to Nigeria which I did. Then I was asked to go for a few months which I did and I came back, thinking I would never be able to do that but maybe I could do a follow-up visit and I did and got called me full-time, what are the rewards. The rewards are when you're driving, riding a motorcycle through town and someone yells at you mother of fungi, which is the Islamic settlement. I'm working in now where you're walking the dog, and you hear white lady white lady, which I don't usually respond to, and then hand greeting you and turn around and again there's a distinguished Islamic gentleman saying thank you you making things right and from going artichokes of friends and join you sent me specific stories of kids some if taken in some that were very sick and Reba medical care for them. Just watching these Kinsler to read some of them coming to face. I mean it's the law hardship, but a challenge.

II can imagine living there long term gods give me grace to do it is worth it is a versatile Jesus is worth it all. There's no life better than the one that he has created you to live so your great reward is being with him and seeing his smile. The midst of it and then I greatly word is. I know that he said that when I serve them I'm serving him and so what greater thing is there, then magnifying his name in whatever way he's called you to do that in serving the least of these friends, these are the least of these, and we all know it's a biblical call when you've done that you subsist to the least of these messes, least of these terms of poverty, not just the least of these.

In terms of many being on reached but little children, little children just doesn't get any more the least of these than that semi-debit to them. You've done it to me so maybe you are listening and you think that's that's me. Maybe you think. Look I maybe I could do this like taking a year of my career particular year out of my schooling or I'm now single and unattached without responsibility and and and I could do this will do an exploratory trip.

First, like Joanne did see if you get away from months to exploratory trip. Again, you need to be a woman. You need to be in good health and it's awesome if you're 85 would love to volunteer in Europe, but your health is deteriorating. It probably not the best move to make, but your prayers would certainly be valued so here's what you do go to fire – should have some experience working with children and/or a bird moved to do the same. Willing to be trained and taught in this right and obviously you need to be a committed follower of Jesus go to fire – you have that fire –

You just click on the list of missionaries you'll see Joanne Shanker so CH I NK ERS see her name. Click on it and just contacted like to find out more. Here's my background manager same. I'd love to.

I can't I'm a man or married with kids or whatever) just silently I can handle it. We could give you, there's always need for more funding is near jointed to help more people reach more villages so funding is always new, correct, correct arch cell didn't take long to get that answer. So if you can't go but want to help make a difference you share in the reward. Francis shall be doing the hard work on the front lines there. We get the emails from Joanne. I mean the details are unbelievable than the details of the lies being changed and how the name of Jesus is being exalted in most villages mostly children and families is amazing. So go to fire – either the find out more from Joanne Joanne Shanker CH I NK ERS you find out more from Joanne about potential service or want to give directly to what she's doing there.

Just do it. Say you heard on the radio and you want to help out and every die will be used.

To make a massive difference in many lies right back with another interview the challenges here on the stateside.

Next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony Evans explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory shares about maintaining oneness importance of having a servants heart and how do we build a marriage relationship that's been fractured God's wisdom for your marriage. On the next Focus on the Family the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire international which was burst out of Brown's revival school of ministry than fire school of ministry birth by God's grace missions movement that is active around the world.

So we have different missionaries coming from different parts the world.

We pray together. Encourage the minister to them.

They share with our folks were God's doing. We help raise funds for their work around the world and were able at certain times to get some of them to join us on the air in today's will of the special days conference ended yesterday. Some of her missionaries are still in town, and I want to present something to that's friends very sobering, very intense, very eye-opening, something we don't hear a lot about, namely missions work right here in America to Native Americans. Some of them and some of the worst situations of anyone anywhere in the world. Here they are in our own backyard. Some joined by Elliott and Crystal Morales and their precious daughter who will not be sharing much today at the age of three. Yeah, almost 3 nights a shall be sitting quietly and join the interview, but Elliott and Crystal welcome to light a fire. Thank you.

Thank you. Also, just your background quickly or your both from New York. Elliott, Bronx, New York. So that's that's real New York yes all right and and how is it that you got called to fire school of ministry you are doing classes in New York and I went to your revival class. I went to the Jewish roots class. I just felt like the Lord was telling me to go to go to fire school and director had a school in New York, it shut down, went to Charlotte and I was like okay I was ready to go to school here in New York. Lord Charlotte paralyzes New York slow down brought everyone down to North Carolina yeah but God would not.

It would not go away.

I was as I was praying I would just have hearing fire fire fire and me, and while we were married yet, but we prayed about it and said well let's get married and go to fire in Charlotte like I didn't. I remember now that I forgot that you were not married when you first. I just always think of you silly and Crystal all right so so you end up Elliott your real evangelist Christie got a very compassionate heart silly places you can go around the world and God calls you to South Dakota to Pine Ridge, Crystal just paints a picture of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, for listeners and viewers still Pine Ridge is that the second poorest county in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti. 8/10 families. They are affected by alcoholism and drug addiction and the life expectancy rate from then is 47 years old. For women 55 years old, about 60% of the homes there really should be demolished because of the condition that they're in, there's a lot of people who don't have running water that you see in the winter. People freeze to death. A lot of the children are abused, molested, both girls and boys just really it's a really oppressive place. There is a lot of depression, hopelessness, unemployment rate is I believe about 89%.

Just a lot of poverty. Yet seven. It's overwhelming to think this is this right here in America.

When I got online as you were speaking I did. I just let my cell phone and is through giving all the facts and information you were done I just I just clicked on poverty Pine Ridge and just entered it said 97% of the people live there or under the poverty level and you just give a much more graphic description and and Elliott up to what extent is our American history was responsible for the situation is a lot of it is due to broken treaties.

I'm in first they fought against the government when the government was coming in taking over their land and then you know this.

I didn't want to fight anymore so they can make these peace treaties and they tell them we will put you on this land make it seem like they were going to go to land with a communal farm and do all those kinds of things and they'd be moved onto kind of dead land. There was no alcohol so they got kind of introduced to alcohol by the soldiers and it just pretty much went on from there. So it's pretty much a it's almost like of a welfare type of run state with very corrupt tribal government. Unfortunately, the money goes to them. It's supposed to know they're supposed to meet the needs of the people, but they take care of their friends, their family, and a lot of people in need get left behind so that there is a lot of written you know because of what was done to them by the American government. There is a lot of racism towards you know, whites or non-natives, but at the same time that they also recognize that they come in, and of the church and different government programs do come in and try to come to help meet their needs in different ways.

So even though they they are very much against non-natives on the one hand, they also realize non-natives bring us food and blankets and things like that.

So the, act like they're welcoming but they're not really the very codependent situation. So to Crystal you been there now, five years is that right yes five years amazing.

It takes time to build up trust but what's happening now in terms of doors opening families welcoming you and what what kind of open arms.

You being greeted with it had have those doors been open yet. Yeah there's definitely some people that we found that just by watching our lives and watching us be there year after year after year they realized where the real deal and where Derek had loved them and to help them and to just shine the light of Jesus, but really to show them unconditional love, and we've had people come to us and just say I'm just so thankful for your family. Thank you for being so kind to send you know things like that. You don't even really necessarily realize you're doing now you're just being yourself and/just being near is a light in the midst of the darkness and so then you know some will open up to you share more things. A theory can minister to them and speak into their lives are so their testimonies people come to faith. We want to share some good news with you but you know it's it's just devastating for me to hear and to think about this happening again right here in America and I know there are many rough situations and inner-city situations are difficult. We tend to be of more aware of those Native Americans just tend to be very much forgotten. People right here in our midst and enter very important mission field. Certainly in God's heart in terms of these precious individuals who are so lost and so beaten down and are born in a situation with three strikes against the most out of the womb. Now there is an easy thing and there's a hard thing on the present to peers. The easy thing Elliott and Crystal could use more financial support. They work hard there devoted they could use more submit financial support, especially monthly support and if you say what I don't know. Maybe a cavelike $20 a month with a bunch you do that you feel it some more, some less, but go to fire – fire – link Crystal morale assiduously from around us. We click on missionaries. You'll find them get behind with. You're doing get the newsletter. Find out more about what's going on in their loss of Pine Ridge that's that's the easy part to give and to be part of their ministry that we that's what we just spent the last week and doing raising funds in our own community and we give a substantial portion of our overall annual income is a car geisha individuals. By God's grace were blessed to be able to do that.

Sissy support go to fire – get behind Elliott and Krista morales finance Nestlé support. Here is the challenging one.

There is a pressing need for a couple preferably that can be children's pastors. You will be able to work outside job as well so raise your support doing that are just working a job and and you children's ministry, but Crystal what happened to the couple. You have what he what you need another couple now and why, why, what could this be the opportunity of a lifetime. Some special couple our children's pastors who have been there for over 20 years and had to leave unexpectedly.

They had some health issues arise.

So it was very saddened friend then and also for the children and they poured their lives into these children.

They were really like a mother and a father to these kids who whose own mothers and fathers don't really care for them. Most of the time so they had to leave and so it's left us scrambling a little.

A lot of our team has kind of taken up the responsibility of doing a rotation on Sundays and doing Sunday school by Wednesday night and Wednesday nights were just fulfilling the need.

We need people who feel called by God to calm and support entities precious kids and teach them about Jesus and how to live for Jesus and how much Jesus loves them and the other heart of God. People who are willing to give their lives precious kids and will reap eternal rewards for not in Elliott you're talking about the way that to really make any kind a long-term difference in a situation like this is by reaching the next generation that's obvious you keep reaching out to the older ones as well, and bring them hope through the gospel. But that's that's the biggest thing that can be done is us reach the children so so Elliott of God.

Two minutes before break, share something that you've seen that that is encouraging that this one of the stories. It's heartwarming.

So if if you're if you're listening now, folks, and you're looking at each other couple you're wondering, could could that be us. All right, why not gonna serve somewhere right citizen nice cushy job in a fancy church with a big income.

That's great. If God calls you there.

But if your something while it's about the heart of God.

You can go to fire – Click on morale selling Krista Brown's to find out more rights than drinking silk… Louise find out was gone is not hard to go do trip to South Dakota to find it's only going to Nigeria like we just talking to another missionary Elliott so I minute now they will come back talk more share some heartwarming story of what you seen no one. A lot of what I see comes to the jail and the amazing part is a lot of times these kids that we minister to. I've also met their parents.

You know and know of them because their parents are in jail. I meet their parents in jail and in a recently there was a man in jail named Zane and he come start our meetings, but then I he ended up in the hospital. He got bit by a spider and so I got to see him in the hospital and went to the hospital he just happen to be there. He was so surprised that we were there. He thought so well.

Jesus sent us. I don't really know you were here but you know and he just really opened up and share the gospel got to minister to him for weeks and weeks after that disciple him but then lost track of him to stay right there and will come back talk to Elliott. Krista set a run out there almost 0. Beautiful daughter is God calling you to get involved, why not know that a servant make your life counts fire – it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to finish that story that Elliott prowess right before the break just tuned in to the fire – Click on missionaries click on morale us to find a more about Elliott and Krista morales. The work they're doing in Pine Ridge with Native Americans here in South Dakota.

Crystal told us that the beginning of the last segment that this is the second poorest county in all of the Western Hemisphere.

Only Haiti in worse condition in terms of poverty. But when you have the alcoholism when you have the depression you have, the sexual abuse, incest, and things like that, children use the larger hopelessness. It makes it even worse.

In many many ways in which you find in Haiti so Elliott you were giving us a good story with these heartwarming things of what you plant seeds of love and prayer in and see a result. So this of guys saying that I had been ministering to in the jail because we have we have larger jail meetings.

Kind of like church services and then those who want to follow the Lord will meet with them one-on-one for more about discipleship and went once he got out of jail. I've kind of lost track of him and him months later I run into him in my town. He moved his family off the reservation into our town and he was so excited to see me and just telling his wife. You know this. This is my brother Elliott and that's a big deal because of what's been done to them. Their mistrust of other races. It's a big deal for Lakota call you friend that's a huge deal for calling you brother and I really wish showed me that he gets it he gets that we are family in Christ and have been able to continue ministering to him. His his his wife his son there just always excited to see me when I come and just going over the word together.

He lives in an apartment complex and he wants to start having services in the community room. He wants me to come in printing services can invite everyone so you know sometimes when guys get out of jail you lose track of you run into them and it's not a good situation but you know that's kind of fallen back into their old ways. But there's just been a couple times this year of running to others, and they're happy to see me and tell me how they're doing. I was still following Jesus and to reconnect with me and it's just an is just an amazing blessing that that's happening because it it's it's hard ground.

It's unfortunately rare that you that you see that and so when you do you know God is working in only the Lord could do it and where is the role of prayer and fasting come in with all this hugely. She usually you have to say connect is the Lord. It's a spiritual battle it can seem very hopeless, because often what people do they try to read the they reach out because they feel pity for the people and I never see Jesus ministering out of pity and ministered out of compassion and he brought healing when you minister pity you kind of join them in blaming you know will see people, even churches do it so sorry for the way the government treated you. I'm so sorry for what was done and I even told the guys in jail. I know a lot of people do that to you but you and I know that pity isn't going to change anything we need to bring healing to you because I want to see you succeed. I don't want to just meet your need on a date meet your daily needs. I want to see you hole and I want to see you succeeding in your identity in Jesus and I look on their faces when the Lord speaks that through me, and you can see, it's like a light turns on and there there nodding and there engaged in there like okay this is different, and I hear that all the time. There's something different about you guys that you you're different than the people that come here and I just want to say something about the kids real real quick. If I have Henry's face but you know the children that we minister tonight and I've asked to start teaching some of them kickboxing and I'm seeing these girls grow up before my eyes, and the growing into beautiful young women and it I'm just pleading with the Lord. Sometimes I God don't let them lose their innocence.

God II know the statistics into many most of the that there are so many VBS's that go on during the summer in Pine Ridge but yet you see the kids get lost once they reach those teenage years and that's why were so desperate for children's passes will disciple these young ones because I don't want to see them becoming statistics and that's where part of prayer and fasting. What were praying and fasting against these things were were asking God for his strategy against these principalities and powers that are holding them captive and keeping them blind to the truth. And we ourselves need to stay connected to God because otherwise you can get overwhelmed by the hopelessness and only when the Holy Spirit speaks to you and let you know, like and how there is victory coming keep holding on.

Keep praying keep believing it's coming.

It's on its way justice is coming and that's all you got, because if you look in the natural. It's hopeless. The only known reconnect with the Lord.

We have hope we have a sure hope so solicit friends. You might say I will make a difference. Why can I just make a difference in our community. Will there plenty of people living your own community that can do the same thing here. There's a need where somebody to do it somebody to do it. I remember reading the lecture of John Peyton who was my lease by Gaza missionary to the South Sea Islands to go to the people in those cannibals and he was disturbed he was in Scotland the 1800s and he hears that his sin I think was Lutheran Church.

They needed someone to the South seas to replace the missionary been there for years and there's no one there. No volunteering. He was getting very disturbed. He felt the Lord said to him since no one more qualified is found then you go.

So if if you're filling a tap that's a situation so here's the deal. It's within the United States. You don't have to learn another language. And yes, you need to learn cultural sensitivity, but you do it while still being here in the states. You can relocate to South Dakota and you can actually work. You can maybe look maybe your listening right now you wouldn't South Dakota rewatch along you live in South Dakota. How wonderful that the but you can go and get a job writer couple get jobs. Whatever the situation is reform he's working that's out working moms with kids you can get a job.

We get jobs and then do all the ministry outside of work hours or you could raise support and defend the engaged full-time because there's always work to be done amongst people, families to meet, spend time with have meals together all kinds of activities so there is a need ideally for a couple to be children's pastor Sybil S. Was there 20 years out of that I can commit to 20 years will take one your time.

The key thing is that God gives you a heart to reach these people in the maybe thrown back or maybe have some Native American blood in and you feel on maybe some bridges I could build in the process, but God speaking to you or if you just want to find out more arts got be somebody out there I know for sure with the amount of listeners and viewers.

We have this, I feel sure this copy somebody after that that could be used by God in the setting right go to fire – fire – and click on missionaries and morale us, Ellen, Christopher, Alice, you can write to them directly to find out more. You can write to fire international to find out more and if you said I'd love to go but I can't rely children's Pastor Zora can't get away from job or family then you always give all right if I made you feel guilty tell you what if the money comes their way, even if it's given that the guilt will still use but better still, let it begin to love and that of faith fire – international monthly support would be ideal for them. So Elliott two minutes before were done just Sherry your heart and ensuring your heart. God's heart for the loss God's heart for soul speak as an evangelist to listening Christians right now I feel his heart constantly in the Bible so clear right, who says he says clearly that he desires that all men be saved and when I look at the people around me.

I just see people lost because they don't know him.

They don't know his love, and they have no hope because they don't know the one who is hope and God desires for them to know I'm there.

I know there's so many things are so many hindrances of so many distractions. They've got all kinds of information about God coming their way through YouTube in media and movies all kinds of crazy stuff so it it but that's why God sent us with his heart to show him what he feels to reveal to him, to them what he's like to them what he feels towards them, his great love towards them. I know God doesn't want any them to perish.

And there's so many reasons why they do perish, but it's up to us his people to reveal what he feels about them to know how and how they matter they mattered enough for Jesus to die for every single one of them.

Jesus bore their sins, their pain, everything they've gone through.

He took it upon himself so they wouldn't have to face the punishment for the wrong that they've done and we've got to have that heart that God does not want to punish. He wants to save it's we who resist him, but when we accept his free gift of salvation. What a joy it is to him, and without joy.

We will experience God loves these people dearly loves everyone around us or wherever you're at, whatever your rat asked God to show you the way he sees the people don't don't see them as through their actions and even their harsh words that they may say toward you or others asked for the for the for the eyes of the Holy Spirit asked for the heart of God to feel what he feels and share it with those around because God wants to save them. That's his desire as human beings we get angry we want people to pay. God is not God's not like that. Let's represent him representing well your friends Judgment Day is certain. The only way to avoid it through the cross and God is not simply calling for people to avoid judgment. He's offering them membership in his own family forgiven free through the blood of Jesus.

So wherever you live, make a difference you you are the lifeline you are God's answer for the people around you, your neighbors, your coworkers or family members. If you know the Lord your God is lifeline to those people be used by God in the face during your heart leave you the ones called children's pastors fire – check on Elliott and Crystal is God's calling you

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