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Is Christianity in Decline in America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 23, 2019 4:20 pm

Is Christianity in Decline in America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The polls say that the number of Christians in America's declining. Is that true is the more the story time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us on the line for each 7884. Let me make sure I am connected to get your calls any question of any kind which one. Ask me anything you want to talk to me about that is relevant to the line if I be a political, cultural, spiritual, theological, biblical, exegetical, linguistic, you know the stuff we talk about here 866-34-TRUTH if you hear some weird attack on the online you see some video attacking our ministry.

Some folks putting out bogus info by the troubles you and your concerned about it. Give me a call.

It's perfectly fine. I'm not offended I have no issue.

We love the truth. We love the truth and we follow it as best as we can, by God's grace where ever it leads so 86634 to is the number to call.

Have a new article that is up today on the stream and Esther to this is a question I want to address is Christianity really in numerical decline in America. We hear this a lot in this is steady in the polls for some years now that the number of professing Christians in America is dropping dramatically over 10% a decade. While the, the number of those who are religiously nonaffiliated is growing. The so-called nuns is not that there is necessarily atheist or agnostic, but that they don't identify with a religion. So are they the spiritual not religious type are they those that become fully agnostic or atheistic in their viewpoint, their numbers are growing that certain and the number of professing Christians is declining. Does that mean that Christianity in America is declining while on the one hand, I know that in many churches.

There's been a superficial gospel message that's been preached for years, a consumer oriented what's in it for me message that bypasses the cross that is either very weak gospel, or entirely another gospel and that is can produce bad fruit. So if those numbers were declining.

That wouldn't surprise me but but let's let's look at some of the stats from the latest poll from pew forum release just a few days ago, and let us break them down and analyze them because I think what were going to see is is very very interesting here so pew research Center poll reported on October 19 and I quote the religious landscape of the United States continues to change at a rapid clip and pew research Center telephone surveys conducted in 2018 2019, 65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians.

When asked about the religion down 12 percentage points over the past decade.

Meanwhile, the religiously unaffiliated share of the population consisting of people describe their religious identity is atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular now stands at 26%, up from 17% 2009 to look at this 65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians, down 12 percentage points over the past decade to 77% in 2009 – 65% that's that's a precipitous drop, that's tens of billions of people. Additionally, the pole states. Both Protestantism and Catholicism are experiencing losses of population share currently 43% of US adults identify with Protestantism, down from 51% in 2009 and one in five adults, 20% are Catholic, down from 23% in 2009. And here's the thing that strikes me is the most significant of it is what happens with the millennial let's keep reading.

In this article here right let's let's look at what's happening with the millennial's more than eight in 10 members of the silent generation, those born between 1928 1945, describe themselves as Christians. 84% as do three quarters of baby boomers 76%. In stark contrast, only half of millennial's 49% describe Mrs. Christians for internal religious nuns and one in 10 millennial's identify with non-Christian faiths. We won't look at the charts that are posted in the in the pew forum article, but it's very graphic. It's very clear when you look at this, not just the numbers but the older Americans identify as Christians in much higher percentage. The younger Americans not identifying as Christians in shockingly high percentages in terms of the chef. The contrast that there's no question that there's a real problem in terms of the younger generation hearing the message of the gospel why our younger Americans turned away from the faith.

While some of it is social issues moral cultural issues that Christian views are perceived as bigoted or antiquated. It's a Bronze Age book or Bronze Age God. How do you put your values on us is no question that some of what is going on and and a lot of hypocrisy in the church and and polluted politicization of the gospel so that the church is identify with a political party or with the presidents of those things is going to be precious can be flaccid.

No question that some of that is happening brought there's another stat which strikes me and it makes me wonder if it is so much the number of Christians in America declining is perhaps something else going on. So as a as a scroll down in the article, here's here's what pew tells us in a and I have this in my article on the stream and Esther to are you ready for this self described Christians report that they attend religious services at about the same rate today is in 2009 solution to this today, 62% of Christians say they attend services at least once or twice a month, which is identical to the share space is me who said the same in 2009.

In other words, the nation's overall rate of religious attendance is declining, not because chip Christians are attending church less often. Rather, because there are now fewer Christians as a share of the population. Now I'm not looking at this in detail, statistical analysis form because that's not my field.

I I am not an experienced pollster.

I'm looking at things more on an anecdotal level, but as I travel around America as I preach in large churches, many of them serious gospel preaching church as a mother wouldn't have meet if they were into a flaky superficial message I be too much of a threat to them to commit, nor were they want me to come in and talk about the controversial issues I preach in these churches and and many of them thriving. Many of them adding services editing locations satellite campuses and things like that and then have other friends that are doing house church movements in their seeing growth in small settings in the house settings and people and people coming to the Lord new people converted and coming to the faith.

So I'm thinking okay the one hand we hear about this mass exodus.

On the other hand, the places I go one after another that are thriving there healthy them strong that are growing and from what I can tell they are not just the exceptions to the rule. They're not just the outliers. They're not just the ones on the outside that are defying the norm. So here's what I think is happening at least on some level I think what what's happening yet. Let's let's put that graph up high for those that are watching on YouTube or Facebook. Here's a graph that compares monthly attendance among Christians little chains in rates of church attendance of the overall number of professing Christians down but church attending Christians in terms of percentage there still around the same right so those attending monthly or more.

62% and and then it breaks down 10 years ago and today numbers very very similar.

Just a a a little bit smaller number of those people than before. So yes, I understand that the larger population professing Christians alone, but I think this is a lot of what's happening nominal Christians on the Lord identifies Christians those who were never really Christians.

Those who were never really committed to the Lord. Those who were never really saved those who never really follow the authority of Scripture. Those who were not regular committed churchgoers that they are dropping out that they are bleeding members that there are less and less of them and we know for a fact that the so-called mainline denominations have gone liberal they are the ones in steady decrease in numbers whereas for the most part will I can see those that are preaching a living faith. Those that are preaching the Jesus of the Scriptures. Those that are looking to the power of the Holy Spirit to back his word.

Those who are seeking to live this out there seeing increase their seeing growth there seeing people coming one of my colleagues is done. These meetings that have drawn thousands of people in different parts of the country really going after God seeking to turn to him turn away from sin encounter got a fresh did one in Canada last year and I said boy this is an awesome turn.

I would love to see more young people use it all. Why do them in states with speakers. That's all receives our people is and I'm glad to see some older people come to my younger people flocking to the real message so as I was writing this article last night. I thought back to two articles I had written 2015 when I realizes what was in April was in May 2015 and and one of them was called the terrible failure of the secular gospel, the terrible failure of the secular gospel and in that article I pointed to theologian with heart polymer German theologian who in the 1970s said something very, very interesting. He said religion that is more of the same is not likely to be very interesting.

In other words, if the church is like the world and why would the people of the world be drawn to the church if Christianity is very similar to the philosophy of the age them. Why would people leave everything to follow subsidence just like their normal lives. He observed this in the 70s as to why liberal churches were not growing and conservative churches running dead conservatives only a living relationship with God, faith in Scripture living Jesus, Holy Spirit moving just the form with the substance. Most churches are growing especially around the world. Then I wrote 2015 another article. Why conservative churches are still growing. Why conservative churches are still growing and I pointed to a book written by Dean Kelly that Dr. Elmore had mentioned during a radio interview I had with him and in here's what Dean Kelly wrote in the 70s amid the current neglect and hostility toward organized religion in general. The conservative churches holding to seemingly outmoded theology, making strict demands on the members have equaled or surpassed in growth the early percentage increases of the nation's population. As for the liberal churches he stated in 772 I think the mainline denominations with consistent scale for decades.

That's for centuries to supply some people demanding.

That's why there declining. This is been a trend for decades could be the exact same thing happening today. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown will be in my sign and send out to you check that our website is stricter, with the sign numbered copies beautiful book beautifully produced went.

When I gave it to Nancy when I got first copy the masks all papers really nice with its two beautifully produced $50 volume of 450 pages and I worked on and off for years and intensive editing process to make this fully readable for each of you wants to dig in to the work to get to only tell you more about this and more effective to read chapter 1 for my translation of one of the hardest things ever did was was translate Joel and anyone transiting Job knows it's really really challenging but you know when you're when you're just focused on the book and you know the many different ways of verse could be understood in the controversies into the land on something and then took to want to honor the Lord with it because this is sacred Scripture. It is a wonderful child hope that you will be right so want to share some insights with you but phone lines are open any question of any kind that you want to ask me please by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH we will go over to Colombia South America.

Camilo thanks so much for calling the line of fire. You hello hello. Sounds like you're sitting right next to me. Camilo loud and clear for her.

After my question is regarding God loves me for God my RES angry at me.

I get because I made to give you a little bit order context.

I would say I'm a charismatic church I was raised Catholic, like very much everybody in Latin America and the point that the message that God was okay. God loves you, but you need nursing or to repent any energy offer or predict if you will forgive you your your Job site abduction, I understood it, I bet, but something that I see is that there other Christian but sure of your permit like daddy angry at you, especially when evangelizing or something like that.

The rafters, and none things like that so I'm kind of.

I never got that message. I never did that fight quite understand where they're coming from rebuke to help it would back.

Yes, absolutely. And I'm just looking for clothes, and I want to read to you from my book hyper grace. A quote from AW toes are so low were talking on the skin it grab that as as well so let's put this into different categories God's disposition towards towards a lost sinner in rebellion and God's disposition towards one of his own children in Jesus.

All right, so Are you a parent, Camilo Germany, children Cairo dealer all right can you simultaneously love your child and be displeased with your child or love your child and be angry with your child.

Can you do that simultaneously sure. Yes, of course, right. So in the same way. There is no condemnation for those of us in Jesus. So was God's wrath is not hanging over our heads.

If you are born again child of God, you are forgiven and beloved. His wrath is not hanging over your head the day of judgment is not hanging over you that that's the day when you get condemned to hell. There is no damnation for you as a believer in Jesus. At the same time we can displease the Lord. For example, Ephesians 4 the end of that chapter urges us not to grieve the spirit not to grieve the Spirit of God by wrong attitudes and things like that wrong actions so Emily get to Revelation 2 and three we see the Lord strongly rebuking some of the congregations in Asia minor. Some very stern rebukes for Thi Tyra still rebukes for Sardis flailed to see Mr. rebuke for Ephesus, having left its first love. So God can be displeased with us, even angry with us, but it's not wrath. It's it's not eternal judgment. It's not damnation it's it's fatherly love. That's discipline. I'm not pleased with that. This is not good right so God could just same way that we can show love and anger at the same time, but perfectly sanctified on God's level. It's always perfect. There's nothing carnal or fleshly about it. Yes, God is not always please Luis Gonzalez happy with us right and and but that's as his children. In other words, it's not the way he deals with the lost it's not the way you deal with your neighbors kid that's acting up. These are kids for whom Jesus died. The God's affectionate love is set on us more than any other created being in the whole universe but in the midst of that he's a loving father and a good father and sometimes will discipline us sometimes he's displeased with us and we can be angry over something I did, but it's always good to be expressed through love towards me. Does that make sense in terms of us as believers and how he deals with us, yet you actually actually got to determine where not terms of rebirth, but more when you're talking to somebody who you know update on your evangelizing review attributes they like, God is angry at you that correct that did not biblically correct.

If someone is right if if God does love the world and he sent his son to die for the world but yes he is angry with the wicked that that is that is something that is steady, God is grieved over human rebellion and he is angered by that next year's ablation is different. All right you might have some person let's say some some girl that was was beaten and raped and she's confused and hurting and she's fallen into drug addiction and she's falling into lesbianism and she's falling into self-destructive behavior and she's crying out for help. Will God's that angry.

What are you how dare you cut yourself the know his is heart is yearning to bring her to repentance. She self condemned, ready, I would tell that person listen you fall short. You send.

We all have fallen short, God sent Jesus to Dr. God loves you so intensely. He wants to forgive you and heal you and set you free and give you wholeness and purpose on the talk in a very different way to a defiant center underwater defiant center select get God away from the do what I want to do. Don't you dare put your junk on the man I'm going to do what I'm gonna do you know know know God is going to tell me what to do.

Said listen, you can answer God the God you deny. You stand before one day and you will be judged and you will be found guilty, but there is mercy in the you preach mercy, preach the cross so you want people to understand. You are guilty of sin in the sight of God you can do it by looking at the Scripture saying you to believe in the words did you like the words of Jesus. You think Jesus was cool. I start to read the sermon on the mount of the Messiah go God, I'm in trouble or just think like the 10 Commandments are good basically.

Okay, let's go through those and no man, I'm in trouble. So you want them to understand her so much that God is angry with them but that they are guilty in his sight, and will one day be judged but the cross has paid for all their sins. That's what you want to emphasize so I don't see in the New Testament that in the messages to the lost. There is a constant God's anger through God's anger as he was much if you are guilty and you have sinned and you will be judged is gone angry with the wicked. Yes.

But again, many people are struggling.

They want help.

They're looking for help on the can hit them over the head with God's angry with you there self condemned on them until there's a way out, there is hope. A brand-new life in Jesus were you live the rest your life doing the will of God. So hopefully that'll clarify things for you. I just want to read this one quote from a W toaster. He said always remember this is for believers that God is easy to get along with. If your heart is right he is not too concerned with the formula. God is kind and good and gracious because there is some of us were just too hard to get along with.

If God was hard to get along with his we are there would be a perpetual quarrel between our souls in God. God has to be easy to live with and he knows and if he knows you mean right. He will let you make all sorts of mistakes to talk about your religious order and how you conduct a service and saw, and he will not care in this is this God knows that the most mature of us still need causing sometimes and so he is quick to overlook her ignorance but he is never quick to overlook our sins. The threatening aspect of our lives.

Sin and so God is quick to leap on the scene and deal with it and he said a man by his sin may waste himself, which is to waste that which on earth is mostly God that is man's greatest tragedy and God's heaviest grief, so hopefully that clarify some things for you and I wouldn't just say that every sinner, God loves you and leave it there and I would save every sinner. God's angry with you I would do my best to preach an appropriate message but again the Holy Spirit is going to convict the world of sin right course. He convicts believers is going convict the world of sin, skin, and make them understand their guilt. You can expose their lack of righteousness and point them to the cross is the only hope people will not come running to the cross unless they realize their guilt people a come running to the cross unless they know their bound people I come running to the cross unless they know that judgment awaits them in the cross is the way of escape.

This is not just like a better deal like life is pretty good, but with Jesus can be even bad alertness of the gospel is not what Jesus die hate God bless you and Columbia South America dear brother for those want to dig in more deeply my book hyper grace. I think you'll find very very helpful in that regard, exposing the dangers of the modern grace message. Thank you for the call will get right back your calls under share some for my drill translation.

On the other side of the break, 866-348-7880 number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is number to call. Phone lines are open just looking at the questions your boy a great range of wonderful questions only get to hopefully every one of them in the next few minutes, or everyone that we can 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I'm still not commenting on the impeachment hearings let everything come to light with the truth come to light. I'm not comfortable with hearings that affect the president of the United States in the direction of the nation being held in secret unit even know who the people are involved motor home with that at all with the truth come to life, for better or worse for let God's will be done with Pres. Trump made the will of God be done with Pres. Trump in the direction of the nation, the Republican Party Democrat party May the will of God be done by his best plan come to pass, which is a plan that ultimately is for the exultation of Jesus and for the good of those that look to him and really when Jesus is exalted. It's good for all except those that rebel against art before we go to the phones we reach you from my drill commentary. If you wonder the subtitle the faith to challenge God.

What's that about yet. It's one of the great insights about the book of Job want to be really open up so let me just reach you. Job chapter 1 as sub as a translated and and I did my best to render things in ways that brought out the meaning of the Hebrew it if if the English wasn't as smooth as it could have been that I could bring out the Hebrew better. I chose to do that but I did my best to make a good English as well. There once was a man in the land of roots, whose name was Job. This man was full of integrity and upright, but was full of integrity is very major theme in the book he feared God and turned away from evil.

Seven sons and three daughters were born to him and his possessions were 7000 sheep, 3000, 500 jukebox and five in female donkeys and large number servants.

This man was greater than anyone else in the East. It was the custom of his sons to hold a feast each one's turn came around they would advise your sisters to eat and drink with them. The days of feasting had run their course which centrist children have the richly purified they would get up early in the morning and sacrificed burnt offerings for each of them for Job such himself press. My children send cursed God in their hearts. This is what Job did all the time. A particular day the divine beings came to present themselves before Yahweh which are just have us WH Susan YH WH and the adversary came along with them. He always said to the adversary where you come from the epicenter gallery from roaming through the earth and going back and forth and it was said to the adversary you considered my servant Job someone like him on the earth, a man full of integrity upright. One fears God and turns away from evil adversary answered Yahweh's Scott's Joe for God for nothing. He put a protective hedge around him's family and all that he has you. You bless the work of his hands so his possessions have spread throughout the land, stretch out your hand and strike all he has and he will surely curse you to your face yellow since the adversary right then everything he has is your power.

Just don't raise your hand against him.

The adversary then left the presence of Ellie on a particular day Job sons and daughters were feasting and drinking wanted a house of their eldest brother when a messenger came to Job and said that the oxen were plowing and the donkeys grace nearby them in the Sabeans fell upon them and took them, they struck the service with the sword and I skate I want to tell you he was still speaking, another came and said the fire of God fell from the sky and burned up and devoured the sheep and the servants, and I skate I want to tell you what he was still speaking, another came and said, the Chaldeans divided up into three bands. They made a raid in care of the camels and they struck the service with the sword and I skate I want to tell you while he was still speaking, another came and said your sons and daughters were feasting and drinking water in the house of their oldest brother, when suddenly a mighty wind came from across the desert and struck the four corners of the house and it fell on the young people, and they died and I escaped. I want to tell you Joe got up, tore his robe shaved his head, fell to the ground, prostrate himself in worship and said they could. I came out of my mother's womb and make it will return their Yahweh gave no we took away the always name be praised and all this Job did not sin were tribute anything unseemly to God what what an amazing chapter. What an amazing book but it continues to throw me as I've taught on Job wall writing the commentary and and now taught messages from Job since writing the commentary thrills it excites me to open up and to see it open up to people. This is really amazing what a privilege to be in the service of God teaching and preaching his word. What a sacred privilege. I am truly thankful for all of you who support our work. Thank you thank you from the heart. Thank you. Together by God's grace were making a difference in many lives all right to the phones starting with Robert in Oregon. Welcome to the line of fire appreciated your ministry over directors. Thank you sir or ma'am I say that I have a question about a couple of passages of Scripture you and Manos first Samuel 19 belt starts at the 18th verse where David and he is gone to Samuel, and Saul sends messengers three times to take them and they end up prophesying and Saul comes and he stripped off his closing lays down all night. What you make of that.

I don't really know what to make.

It's kind of strange yet. It's an interesting passage.

Obviously, there was a humbling of Saul and hence that the stripping off of his close is is part of just a humbling of of this king whose who's in wickedness in the beyond that your speculation is is is my speculation on him saying there's was there an ancient recent customers there some sacred white was it's to me it's much more of God, just humbling him in his sin stripping him down and and then this he was a child of God. He was an Israelite righty was the king, and God had accessed him as desired and the spirit could move on him at times and it's it seems at times he had a relationship with God so he just got near this place where God was moving and he got caught up in the vortex of it. It's like what happens in revival. Where is with you privately describe you have a defined radiation so this is like God is there in a pronounced and unusual way, and as a result of that of people experience God very very intensely so that seems to be what happens people got close, the Holy Spirit came on them and he and he spoke the remember also God can speak through whomever he wants to whether the person has relationship with God or not, you know, John 11, there's a prophetic word given through Caiaphas, and it's not that he was prophesying as a righteous man but as a high priest. The Holy Spirit was upon him for that particular task. So II see something similar with the king here.

I would read anything more into it in terms of whether he knew the Lord, are not as much as he was the king and God chose to speak through him up in the stripping of his close is obviously a humbling thing. If there's more in the text. Beyond that, I it's only speculation to me. Okay and will affect them. My real groups expanding your spirit called our parable of the unjust steward. Yeah, and I take time to get it.

But then it said in verse eight, 1 remember King James or the Lord commanded the unjust steward because he had done wisely.

Now if I read back a little bit. It seems to me that he kind of you knows you lose jobs, cheating is old master yup in order to get in good repair, a potential employer. Why would soon to be ex-boss command, giving God sent Jesus. The reason this controversial comparable is because it you get it get a Jesus is commending the dishonesty which is not. He's just using this as an illustration to say how wise the people of the world are so let us use godly wisdom with our resources with our money to make eternal friends. So first, the application, then your specific question. The application is just like this guy used his earthly worldly wisdom to gain friends after he was fired from his job. So the same way we we should use the was that God gives us to get eternal friends so use earthly resources with the wisdom God's given us to give eternal friends were out of this world.

But the reason that the boss commends there is is also the bosses worldly guy like very clever, well done yeah yeah you can you, and maybe forget hey, I got I got my money in full.

You know II only got part of it the least I got it you know and maybe I would pay the officers as well, yeah, and it is yeah and if it would be like you know if if if you got your little bit of a rough tough guy and somebody shoves you and he punches you, not just like good shot man nicely – like sellers two guys, talking the same language there. Hey, thank you for the kind words Robin appreciated. 86634 let's go to Alex in Nashville, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown are you doing today very well thank you so a quick question through Isaiah during my Bible reading plan tried to read it.

What kind of an open mind, especially in regards to Isaiah 53 and talking about the servant of the Lord and then I utilized a lot of your videos a lot of questions I came other than reading about like what about this one… How did I reported you very helpful. Thank you so much for the but there is there's one verse that I didn't hear you address and that I could have missed it but it specifically Isaiah 49, talk a lot in your videos about how if you really want to understand who the servant of the Lord is old.

Also read the chapters around it and really does paint a very full picture of Jesus. But that first specifically says that the servant of Israel and so I just kind of wanted to hear your explanation about that and how that speaks to her doesn't speak to the servant of the Lord and I 53.

Yeah, it actually doesn't. And I'm glad the videos materials with help and yes I redressed is a 49 three. Many a time in going through these texts in answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Find three and other videos were look at the various verses on the servant of the Lord. So it starts off in verse one, clearly talking to an individual, and in fact standard rabbinic interpretation says that the servant there is the prophet that's being spoken to an individual who is on profit right that's on the start so one of the rabbis do with verse three. You are my servant Israel, whom I will display my splendor what they say is that the servant represented Israel. It was as if the glory of Israel was represented in this one person and remember, Israel was also somebody's name, Jacob, Israel, right. So the start of care is is an individual who represents the nation who fulfills the task in the mission of the nation which is always excited with the Messiah does now. The key thing is to keep reading because you keep reading starting verse four down to verse six is mission is servant to regather tribes_regather stay right there. Alex, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Daniel just commented on about vanity declining in America is that it's is not of the climates of separation. Yeah, I believe that as well. That's what I wrote in my article. My most recent article which you could read it.* so Alex just one more second, when you keep reading through Isaiah 49 it's unmistakably clear that the servant is an individual with a mission to Israel and to the nations and because of that rabbinic interpreters also understand verse three. The way I the way I understand it, which is the individual is called Israel because that individual is viewed as representing Israel for carrying the task of Israel or for the glory of Israel was concentrating that which to me further confirms the messianic nature of it, and reminds us that the Messiah fulfills Israel's destiny, but since this individual servant is tasked with re-gathering the nation. It's obvious that the nation test with regather the nation. It's a righteous individual test with regathering the nation. So that's how that passage works out all right. Got Dr. Brown appreciate it.

You are very welcome. All right, 866342. Let's go over to India you need. I'm not sure how to pronounce your name please tell us how to pronounce your name yet put on it back because I'm from Maggio of Bangalore.

Okay, got it all right a member we talked for the recent yester question please go my question surrounding the domination of mom like an idea that an audience I bought some arguments from Rabbi go gassing up saying that Christians mistranslated the water, and that Matthew gets it wrong and that it Lord actually means young woman. I'm not bludgeon that is under a gratification on that. Yes, the first thing is Matthew in Matthew one is simply quoting from the Septuagint and the Septuagint translates all mob with parts in us which would normally be rendered version, so Matthew writing in Greek is quoting the Greek Jewish translation was currently used in his day. That's the first thing the second thing is the word all mom in and of itself has to do with youthfulness.

A probably a woman coming into puberty. It can be used of a man LM is the male equivalent. And whenever it's used in the Hebrew Bible. It's used of a woman who is unmarried, so it is speaking of a youthful woman and Rashi, the foremost Jewish commentator in his commentary says that the sign of of Isaiah 714, was that she was just in all mall that wasn't suitable for her to give birth, so there is something striking about the usage which apparently got the attention of the Greek Jewish translators and they translated it as virgin. The word in and of itself does not mean virgin but in biblical Hebrew. There is no one word in and of itself, which always means virgin use and what about the two law but true law in the legal context refers to virgin, but you'll have. For example, both Kareem and be two loads young men and young women to log this many young woman. The two law is used most likely of all of the of the widow in Joel chapter 1 verse eight. So there is no Hebrew word in and of itself, which has to mean virgin.

You would need what's called circumlocution of peripheral versus we say she was in all mom who never knew a man where she was up two law who never knew a man if you wanted to explicitly and definitely said had to be a virgin but all my in of itself would point to a young woman of marriageable age, but presumably not married, and therefore presumably virgin that does that mean she's pregnant now so it's a miraculous sign or this woman whose and all mom now will be pregnant in the future.

All those things can be debated but that the translation issues. Not even the big thing because that the central part of the prophecy is not just that it's all mall. It's a larger thing about judgment on the house of David, and yet God coming to redeem God being with us in the person of Emmanuel. If you have an email address or if you could leave it with Howard or call screener and Howard just send me the email address on the will to do with it.

I want to send you some links all have one of the brothers that has a PhD in Old Testament is fluent in Hebrew, Russian and English love for them to interact with you directly. So if you stay right there. I want to send you a couple of links or we get into this in greater depth and then if you have further questions, you can write directly to Eagle on my team and he will be glad to help you because based on the previous; memory of coming from India. Obviously you got some very in-depth questions and I want to make sure that we satisfy you with in-depth answers. Okay, so stay there to be a moment.

Howard will get you just give your email address that's all you need to do with your name, email address, although it it's about and we will get your questions answered in-depth with links and all that. Okay so stay right there until Howard comes on to get to you. All right, nothing about the number codes for lines are jammed and we got limited time, let's go to Hilton in Illinois. Thank you so much for calling the line of fire meeting you. I have an evangelist. We have a outreach in Waukegan, Illinois. At the courthouse on worksite ministry and I discovered I also much of a claim. Three years ago, but I found it very effective when people preach the gospel that we preach the gospel like a kingdom because a lot of times the people preach the gospel like religion. They have this formula admit belief best vision become a religion is about a one-time event instead of acute continuous scores present where Jesus is King. The premise be ruled.

Her heart where the Bible seems like it where, for the Lord Lord means ownership working as complete authority met in our Lordship absolute authority and I think Americo limited the gospel because we cheapened that because we devalue Jesus to act founded the gospel when you preach the gospel, like the electric kingdom more people truly could say that in the sticks because their proposed there. Poaching got on the on on his term, not our own terms and so basically preach the gospel is just that the kingdom of the King of glory because he created everything, therefore he owns everything, and because he almost everything must be Lord and and thought I approach it that way and when you we approach metric creator. A laser proper foundation of a coaching as as as opposed to as opposed to here's Jesus knocking on our door. He's out in the cold. It's rainy where it ran this nice warm room with a fireplace will be please open the door and let poor Jesus and where were turning things around and look let me just say this first Hilton, to the extent we just exalt Jesus in our preaching were doing well enough saying if you just preach a message that he is he is King he is risen, he is triumphantly sits at the right hand of the father, etc. and you just lift him up and you start there. We were ready on a massive right track but then from there when we when we now preach that we've sinned against this Lord that were guilty in her sight that he has every right to judge us. And yet he died for us. Now that's a gospel message. Now there's some substance to that now there's some way to do it. Yes.

So starting with who he is exalting him as Lord and then the gospel unfolding from there. Our guilt is magnify his love is magnified so amen and preach it well might think. We talk about realtor too much about what you are reputed to illustrate that Jesus became a bunch of God got you the body to be like a bunch to absorb our path for the future MF body was body die or spin die with the judgment that we deserve die with it the third day he rose again from the big book that we were quite low in the righteousness of God in Christ life and so the aspect of imputing our expense were put on him and body. After the Roman and that he did away with it. Then he broke we were not in the long run law of sin and death and I we have the power to live a righteous life like only desire in the power lift.S transformation and not pay the Holy Spirit every time which preach like that actually more change.

The spirit of God moved on people live in the conviction of the and Rilla believe the foundational revival and I believe if we start preach the gospel now with religion is no relation of a covenant kingdom relationship with Yahweh God in the cult of the holy and I believe this could be the foundation of a new way of preach the gospel and that the biggest determination on the right side is yet Hilton a lot of what you talking about is his back to the basics back to the fundamentals, the death and resurrection of Jesus preaching the reality of the kingdom of God, exalting him as Lord. Recognizing the powerful he did on the cross, dying for sins rising in the life we die to sin with him. We are no longer under the condemnation of the law of sin and death. We now coming to the righteousness of God through the Messiah and are empowered by him to live righteous lives. Yeah, that's that's the gospel absolutely so. By the way, NT Wright, brilliant New Testament scholar with some emphases that I would differ with and others that I would applaud his book God be how God became king the forgotten story of the Gospels of all read parts of that site. I can't say more than that, but I was reminded of that concept of kingship and of course Lordship as as you were speaking are this and friends. We are out of time, but Joshua Brandon Connor is a look at my call screen here if you're able, or call in on on Friday… Judicially, then tomorrow I will look for you guys in and put you at the top of the list and try to get you first. We try to get several we can. But obviously, every day there folks we can get to. So since your name to the first three in order appear to go that high and focus on the Lord friends may Jesus be exulted in his heart. My heart our life. Amen. Special guest John Burness directly from usual

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