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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions (with some help from his friends)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 25, 2019 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions (with some help from his friends)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 25, 2019 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/25/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Before Weiser open you got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on a lot of parts Friday you got questions.

We got answers phone lines open Reagan Jan is a great time to call at 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 really do the same as always take all your calls.

Questions on any subjects relevant to the line of fire, but got a little extra fun. I've got a special guest in studio with me that I just met face-to-face for the first time pastor Stovall Williams who the celebration church in Jacksonville are target should be 12,000 folks. He's in town for a conference and if I get into really hard questions is a special but Hebrew language in us wrote a letter to Stovall and then later we join by my friend and colleague, Larry Sparks, editor with destiny image and a special shout out to our special our most special guest in studio, but she won't be joining me on the liberty Sparks welcome to the line of fire studios at Larry. You can let us know later how old liberty is all right. We got ready Stovall ready ready to go okay we are straight to the phone. Starting in Spokane, Washington, Connor, welcome to the line of fire, a relevant government on you bet they'll get a quick question. I know you spoke at length about the subject and I did with all the controversy that kinda came out with the with the prominent black belt. I'm just wondering if you have a take on like the spirit of the hyper critic because for so long. I just assumed it was the deal for the Lord and it was the kind of misguided but it being like lately. It did seem to be almost like an arrogant pride like the exclusivity that if you don't agree on every single piece of theology you are not a Christian and the more I dig into it and the more I read the word. I'm not saying you know of, not family. People are saved, and I believe that their patient no doubt that that truly love the Lord, but it just seems like at some point they not know the voice of the shepherd because there so much slander and don't touch it distasteful on productive and unfruitful way. I did, I can't wrap my head around where the guys who were were big time leaders a very influential to think this is okay yeah and I appreciate not mentioning names. This way we can talk generically about what I would characterize his hyper criticism which is criticism. That's more destructive than constructive criticism that tears down in ways that ends up not building up and and sometimes what happens is you have a passion for truth, but it's without love or you you are so focused on the particular detail that you use the larger spirit of the thing Jesus reviewed religious leaders in Matthew 22 in and said you you air because you don't know the Scriptures or the power. The spirit sometimes if we know charismatics can often be power the spirit power the spirit and neglect foundational doctrinal teaching and some real doctrinal people can the care of the power of the spirit, but I look at kind of the, the spirit of the Pharisees. If I was examining my own life for hypercritical tendencies would be the straining out and that in swallowing the camel, it would be the spirit of the religious leaders in John five, who see a man healed on the Sabbath and instead of saying what a miracle your helical publishing carrier met they don't see that they say who told you to carrier met so it's the focus on the externals, it's that it's losing sight of the larger spirit of things and what becomes even more concerning is the guilt by association of the wood you can be a thoroughly Orthodox believer in everything you have preached each but if you hang out with someone that they were trying to be offer heretical now. You are therefore heretical. So those are things that are dangerous in in my book from holy laughter holy fire. I have two chapters Riley out hypocrites checklist we can examine our own lives for that.

That's one thing of the other thing is, in my book the revival answer book I deal a lot with the difference between a noble Meridian and a negative brother and if you'll notice in acts 17 that the brilliance were more noble the branches and that the Jews of Thessalonica and it says they are that that they welcomed towards words and then study the Scriptures to see if there were so so.

Paul came with this report. They said we would love for this to be true, but we have to check it out. According to Scripture which are saying has scriptural claim, but we need to we look for to be true.

The negative brother instead of the noble marinas act as not God can't be I will use the Bible to prove it can't be.

And though I some of the attitudes that can be so destructive again straining on and that swallowing a camel looking at the outer appearance that looking at the spirit of of the thing. It would it would almost be like some something I can set free from alcohol and drugs, but they stunk in their clothes were filthy in their parading around in terms of how you let someone like that in your building hate Stovall anything you want to add in terms of a hypercritical spirit observation of what can be behind it.

Yeah, I would just say you know that think that you know the Bible says to be slow to slow to speak and I think that you know if it's if these refer to what I think is referring to overages go to the Scriptures and see how Jesus treated Mary and Martha special. When Mary wanted to stay in the room with a male disciples and Martha felt that she would never proper place. And Jesus said, no, no, no, she is in her proper place here with the men at my feet. Learning from the Rabbi and the and so I would just say that some yeah just just look to Jesus as your shepherd what comes from his mouth and the people that are hypercritical.and again I think it's good for all of us to examine ourselves for these tendencies and I find that healthy. I bless all those in the body but I grieve over those that tear down destructive ways and failed to recognize what God is doing. Thank you Connor for the call. In the spirit of requested 866-34-TRUTH recoded just in in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Think Dr. Brown I don't have billing of the Holy Spirit and back to the public. If you were to look and act it here for people receive the Holy Spirit when life hands on them, or at the very least, you know the when Peter was preaching the Holy Spirit fell on them and collation. It says that pulpit that you received the Spirit by works of the law or by hearing date. I guess my question is, it appears there that the people heard and everything.

My question is what is baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The first filling of the Holy Spirit versus receiving the Holy Spirit.

That right so so first thing to answer as best as understood in the Scriptures, but your very question indicates that we be need to be careful and not divide the sum of the issues so number one, there is the receiving of the Spirit at salvation when we are born again. The Holy Spirit comes to indwell us. We have the deposit of the spirit. The down payment of the spirit were indwelt by the spirits.

Every believer will resave the host becomes to live within us.

But there seems to be something distinct with the early church recognized in terms of an empowering of the spirit which Pentecostals have referred to as the baptism the spirit. Matthew 311. You'll be baptized with the spirit and fire asked to one through four.

They're all filled with the spirit spoken of the tongues event accident.

You mentioned the spirit coming on them. The believers in Samaria when when the apostles come Peter and John lay their hands on them than you have in acts 10 that you reference with Cornelius and his group receiving spirit as they heard the word X 19 Paul asked the believers in Ephesus, did you receive the spirit. When you release it seems to be some concept of some empowerment.

The problem is asked to what two forces are all filled with the spirit then asked for 31 when they prayed, the place with a plague was shaken, and they were all filled with the spirits that use again in Ephesians 5 be filled with the spirit. The Greek is an ongoing continuous thing. So here's how you divided the moment your saved Holy Spirit comes to dwell within you. Your body becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit are led by the spirit indwelt by the spirit. That's 12.

I understand that there is a baptism of the spirit and immersion of the spirit for empowering for service that's a distinctly Pentecostal belief.

Others would not see that they say you're baptized in the spirit in multiple resave and then there is ongoing filling of the spirit we encounter God afresh and are filled with the spirit afresh and then the ongoing walk. We have in the fullness of the spirit.

But bottom line to me is rather than divide over exactly how this works out, let's say, do we have the goods. Are we walking in the Spirit's power. Are we walking in the Spirit's grace. Are we seeing the things in our lives that were seen in the New Testament so summonses I was baptized in the Spirit to allow save our wonderful just show me the fervent I'd be very practical. Ultimately anything to add Stovall now. I think you did a great job with all right hate Dustin. Thank you for the question and I know the Bible uses precise language, but it also can describe many different things the same way or the same thing in different ways so that's that's why I don't want to divide over. This is much as be practical, but this be people who are spirit filled Spirit empowered people in our life and our witness in our character.

Thank you, 86634 Luis in Richmond, Virginia. Walking to the line of fire underground regular limit or used to guide I debated.

If it was Luis or Louise. I went with Louise Smith. I thank God my mind and middle initial EA so he got a lot of telemarketers regarding Louise, but I was kind of a messianic allegation for years called death Messiah and they would all get these email these letters sent uniform list. Your best, so there is a race get go-ahead. He clearly laid out, but any my agent a Bible study class and one of the gentlemen decided he wanted to go through trying to tackle that it deftly over my head. I wanted to run a couple of things.

By you and I do have a commentary that I've had to go through all of their yellow eyes and still not okay Job chapter state grad like to really concentrate, Job makes the expression that is free and his daughter as if they were laid would be a good good grave disbanded the and that the motivated and Joe that are just really feel are somewhat maybe typologically related to Jesus and where I was kind that is all, and collation relate to the under faith being defendant of Abraham and Yardley know God, Abraham's defendant is the.

The next case said this is a list of all explicit insurance polices that is no spirits referenced her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my new friend Pastor Stovall Weems and he's the next question he's going to start with the answer to finish this 186-634-8784 you got questions. We got answers yes it's a Lewis that is just an expression Job speaking poetically there. That is if you wait this is his grief. He put his grief and one-sided psych is heaviest sand and sea… Immeasurable how heavy and weighty. It is that there is not a spiritual application to something more there. In fact, there is enough in Job to stretch you and pull you and challenge you that it's best to just try to take it that the plain sense of the words is much as possible okay with the idea. I know you got a lot about looking at chapter 16 and two, written in the same way as God.

Chapter 22 Psalm 22 was there a lot of parallels there are certainly parallels.

And here's the here's the clear parallel Psalm 22 is the sum of the ideal righteous suffer some 22 it finds its fulfillment in the Messiah, but it typifies some of the experiences of other righteous suffer through the ages, but finds its culmination fulfillment in the Messiah, so Job is, is it is a righteous suffer. When the most famous righteous efforts in Scripture. Hence, similar descriptions parallels that you find in language and expression, and some 22. Some of the violence of the attack on the individual Job surface things that are similar to that as well. Hey, thank you for the call and hopefully you'll find the commentary helpful. So friends if you don't have this we got these in stock now before they come out for the general public.

Job new translation encounter.

The subtitle of the faith challenge on the work on this honor for years friends. It's a beautifully produced book commentary that anyone it's a serious student work and dig in.

Understand grow with seeking order those on our website. Asked Dr. right now.

The first edition, numbered, signed, were sending out so that's in the website asked Dr. right before we go back to the phones earlier this week Wednesday night I did an interview on Adam Green's YouTube channel. No cannel W no more news about the no hide laws and Adam feels that there's a Jewish desire to take over the world and he's militantly anti-sinus, but was a gracious host give me ample time to talk with very fair dialogue that we had discussed in the circle. No hide laws and I knew that his the vast majority of his viewers would be very hostile to my position but he was as gracious as could be having the honor we have our differences candidly and openly so that we posted that on our YouTube channel. We discussed strike yet.

We had a strike three strikes right your band for fly Phuket. We discussed strike from YouTube for the video on our side. So first have to find out if he got a strike.

I hope you didn't visit were just having candid conversation, even if you things things with Jewish people.

I don't been very clear that should not be banned from YouTube so somehow yeah so somehow all eyes it's a strike is taken down and just got the word Adams is up so how the world they both should be a final one. His down okay, but that's what think the same video.

These are some folks out there that don't like us interesting.

This is happening leave exposed anti-Semitism that we get the attack as if where the anti-Semites anyone. This will let you know that of course we are appealing everything and we hope that they will act righteously, but this is the the minefield. We danced through every day.

When it comes to YouTube, 86634 David in Oceanside, California. What's in your mind's or background, though I heard that they're about to be entering the next breath and I correct all yes he is. I know it honestly doesn't how I if I feel I have sons and I'll ask what he's gonna start I want to thank you, for work that you meant, but not the law with Dr. Hyde.

Ariel it really amazing and really helpful. Thanks, David yeah out the red bunkbed at the outback.

But my question is actually different. How do we add all or the you that reconcile our right at the American bear arms in order to defend ourselves from hearing and whatnot not. And the Lord commanded.

Matthew 539 and not rated an evil person and if I may, at, you know, David. I really am focusing on the really try to stay away from those conversations out you know I'm a hunter.

I'm glad that they let me hunt. I'm glad that I can. I can I can do that but Tom, I think that I think that we I'm just going to cut to Dr. Brooke got it like I'm glad we have that law.

They take the long wait that's I can affect me or my faith one bit, and I think that the closer that we start to look like the bride, the one church I think the equal and opposite reaction to that is, is the anti-brother. You know what we would see that other system and so that's gonna really come against the church and bring the American the world as a whole under more control and so you know, we just gotta be ready to flow with whatever comes our way right so I'll just I'll just add something in. Finally, there is a question the will for you about your encounter with Jesus, so that when you better be able to the right.

So number one.

Matthew five is talking really about retaliation.

That's the point there and we know it specifically because Jesus if someone slept on the right cheek, turn the other also will fight if underwriting writings presuppose I slap you on the right cheek to hang on. I it's a backhanded slap and and what we know from developing Jewish law was that if if you were publicly humiliated with a slap there be one fine but if you were publicly humiliated with a backhand slap would be a double fine and Jesus is to be pointing in that direction. If you have any slept in the right cheek. When that would not don't retaliate, don't.

Don't fight back in that regard. Self-defense is certainly not with being countenance there and all that's that's one and then to on a national level in terms of the government's righteous use of force or the righteous use of force in general. Romans 13 says that the governors given the sort and in that they use that sword to enforce the law. So if you wanted to say what if the governor was a Christian. Then he can carry that out. Know that that's not what's being said. So for example if you have some sniper shooting the children in the playground stand behind that person got a baseball bat could take that person out. That's a righteous and godly thing to do and you are saving lives in the process. The larger second amended issue of what comes, we should have or shouldn't have been an AR 15's and background checks.

This is a whole separate discussion in your follow-up question. Go ahead of follow-up question in regard to backcountry and Cornelia there any outside document or any kind of Oracle evident pointing toward what he did after his conversion, not not historically verifiable. I heard the tradition of Barrios pizzeria.

Once in Brooklyn know I'm I'm joking know we we don't have. We have tradition and and things that are passed on outside of the New Testament.

If there are things that are widely viewed as as hysterical. They could be you know whether it's in save uses ecclesiastical history's most I'm just not familiar with it. Off the top of my head, but I would just I would just type in you know if if I was looking for this, Cornelius, and in church history right and then and then when you go through it.

You try to sift what's what seems to be myth, legend, what, what seems to be accurate tradition and and sometimes it's self-evident. Sometimes it's not. But as to how that's a follow-up question to the right arm so much or any rate dismissed with you, David. Thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Ross and Salt Lake City are taught welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown wrote a quick question on the map you 818 and that's what you bind on earth is bound in heaven would be most other

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