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What Will Happen After Roe Is Overturned?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 13, 2022 5:10 pm

What Will Happen After Roe Is Overturned?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network as we look forward to will be Wade being overturned.

What will happen next in America. It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more Centerview and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown are times of upheaval, major historic times times the likes of which have not been seen before in terms of the pushback is coming in our culture right now. What lies ahead if friends this is the line of fire. This is Michael Brown thank you so much for tuning in today. If you like to weigh in on the subject.

If you have your own viewpoint about the overturning of Roe V Wade and what to expect next. In America, or concerns you have me call 866-34-TRUTH 866-3478 84 if you think it's a bad thing that role is about to be overturned. According to everything that we know if you think that abortion in certain cases is a good and kind and compassionate and right there even a Christian thing you call into you get a chance to talk 866-34-TRUTH or just have a random question you are talking about when calling to follow up on a show we had last week, or before I get to random calls, probably later in the show but now's a good time to call if you'd like to talk with me.

By the way, all our friends skillet you hear their music in and out of every show they are in Europe right now. Then I tweeted I messaged John late last night. Just wondering how things are going in Europe because he's told me that that they often have even more favorite even larger crowds in Europe than in America and he sent me message today, and boy it's just this massive crowd, and Ostrom out. I don't know how many multiplied thousands. It was a big crowd. And of course to go to hear the gospel from a brother there.

So pray that God will keep them safe and use them mightily. All right there was talk earlier today that the Supreme Court might be releasing their decision.

We expect that one way or another.

In June, and was expectation could happen today. Thus far, it has not. But there is the imminent feeling that Roe V Wade is about to be overturned. Now if you read polls in the polls say most Americans oppose the overturning of Roe V Wade most Americans actually don't know what it means what I say that because other polls or follow-up questions have indicated this when your average American hears the Supreme Court's about the overturned will be waived when they understand is the Supreme Court is about to ban abortion nationwide.

And after all that legalized abortion nationwide and overrule state laws. So now it's going to ban it nationwide. That's not accurate.

That would be wonderful if that was the case, but that's an accurate Roe V Wade will simply push things back to the states. That's what will happen so blast estimates I saw 26 states had pro-life bills. Those bills now we have the power to stay at because it would be nothing stopping them from being overturned in the past. Heartbeat bills that were passed. Other pro-life bills that were passed, even if they were signed by it into law by the governor that immediately get appealed so the houses of Congress and the state would pass them. They get signed into law by the governor. Then they get they get challenged there to be appeals and ultimately if he gets the Supreme Court was gonna bounce back because of Roe so now that the imminent overturning of Roe is at hand wasn't mean. It means that things will go back to the states. So for example the strong to collect building Texas or Missouri that would be allowed to step Oklahoma, there'd be less challenged to it. On the flipside, the horrible radical pro-abortion bills in states like New York or Virginia or California. Those would stand because all Roe did was nationalize things and now we go back to the states so what can we expect with the overturning of Roe V Wade. One thing is you will see a clearer and clearer separation by state in America that you will have pro-life states and you will have pro-abortion states that people get upset with me and say no is for abortion this is this called pro-choice. That's were this pro-choice number one if you go to Planned Parenthood it's anything but pro-choice.

They want you to choose abortion. That's what they're doing and they make a lot of money doing it and you can talk to Christians used to work at Planned Parenthood. Maybe before they knew the Lord or when they want strong in the Lord and they'll tell you the pressure thereunder will tell you the push that there was to abort more more babies, you can talk to those that that would sit with people and they came and they did sell cable with let's look at the given ultrasound. This consider the fact that it's a baby in the womb. Maybe want to consider adoption maybe like the edges of the pregnancy crisis center know this was a matter of okay let's help you get an abortion.

So is not a matter really truly mean pro-choice.

Let's put that part aside, if you're pro-choice at the very least your say okay this is if you want to be labeled pro-abortion is a pro-abortion this pro-choice member. The old Clinton adage, which is long since passed in the Democrat party that abortion should be safe, legal and rare. Okay, so if that was your viewpoint so you stand against in almost all cases late-term abortion.

You might have something was terribly handicapped child is ideal of the day and what would suffer so much you might come up supporting but always I'm assuming that you're against late-term abortion and I'm assuming that you're against some woman who's ate 1/2 months pregnant and just start seven emotional break and I can't. I can overlook is this her three kids are economic and I just can't do it. Okay so you just say note no abortion that give the baby up for adoption because the baby's fully viable so you're not called pro-abortion. While these states are these states are said right up to the last minute before the woman delivers and it's a perfectly viable baby if it's determined that she's she's not emotionally ready or just as I can't do like I can't have another child never braked out. Whatever the excuse is that she could have an abortion is no possible justification for, especially when there are so many waiting to adopt not only that your your your also say that in some of these states say that Marilyn has this debate is a possible mental California law with her car should be infanticide.

This debate of what the law actually says is a read and studied it and read what others have said about it even seems that the baby couldn't get care ever survives abortion after birth.

We could even decide after birth to to commit infanticide so these are pro-abortion bills really New York when they passed legislation everybody clap and celebrate yeah weedkiller baby right until every last minute. This pro-abortion so you can have a more and more clear distinction between the states pro-life state versus a pro-abortion state, and you may have people that move from one state to another. Based on that release travel to a pro-abortion state to get an abortion, but some may move to pro-life since I had. I like living in a state that's passed these radical laws. Let's once again, this is what I'm saying I think is self-evident to everyone. Bloods were laid out in advance.

You can expect to see increased violence and anger be because that is ultimately what is behind much of the pro-abortion movement. I understand the compassionate arguments I drive written articles about of talked about it. II could make the case for the 12-year-old girl that's raped by her 17-year-old brother and I was pregnant, who couldn't make a case for abortion. In that case, except for the fact that it's a baby in the womb, and that the baby now gets punished for the crimes of the brother but of course you could make a case for or a child and record everything you know is going to be born with terrible disabilities and may have massive medical bills and it could just demolish the family that bills the pressure. The constant care watching the child suffer put the child of the misery again. The same argument could be made once the child is born. You see for sure has almost froze it. We wouldn't think of putting that child to death. Maybe in the future will hear more more horrific things like that is that society loses one more more because no one can possibly get an argument for that. But why not because it's a bit was a baby in the womb same way so I I'm still the compassionate arguments. The fact of the matter is there is a an angry spirit. There is a gel about Jezebel experienced the same demonic spirits that were through queen Jezebel 3000 years ago work again. Now full of anger and violence and intimidation.

I believe it's three pregnancy crisis centers that are been firebombed so far, you can expect to see a lot more of that pregnancy crisis centers where women are offered alternatives to abortion and connect with people that will help them have their baby give the baby up for adoption. You can expect to see more violence, more extreme protest more of the ugliness of the spirit revealed just like in the hearings for Judge Cavanaugh and they were there people's slowly that's pounding on Supreme Court doors, but scratching with her fingernails and Ruben cannot get him know you cannot you cannot appoint him, so expect to see more anger more violence expect to see the real spirit behind this is ultimately spirit of death. Expect to see that more more and then you can also and expect to see more polarizing in elections over these issues. Although there are many who believe that there's been so much push for so many years to keep abortion legal and there's been so much outrage, appeal to that people have as much rage this that that much rage to appeal to, and I feel fairly confident obviously I'm just sitting here sure my heart and whatever wisdom I feel it I have in this praying. Looking at things, but I feel fairly confident that if the economy continues to tank the way it is become the November elections. The main thing on the minds of most Americans will be their pocketbook. The failing economy gas prices, food prices, other issues, I think that's gonna be on the average American's mind more than the returning of rural just give you my honest opinion. The other saying that we could see if a state would align itself with the purposes of God, not just regarding abortion regarding family regarding racial justice regarding caring for the poor. If the state would really get these things right. I believe that God would put a very evident smile and that's it you're seeing it just that the principles of certain things working certain don't so the whole daily wire staff of 100 something they moved from California to Tennessee is this just was too oppressive in California much more free, more bang for your buck for quality of life in Tennessee.

They moved and almost everybody moved when the when they made the move.

You see those kinds of things happening, but I wonder I don't expect the synagogue to just put a stamp saying I am with you in the preservation of life. This just be holistic that were not just sitting for life here, but in different other issues there… Let us be holistically sharing the heart of God for life for justice. Those things that are dear to him caring for the needy to stand there idly gobble small city with the state. I'm smiling on you, I believe, will see the difference all right right back 866342 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown visiting friends vitamin distorting to a colleague who told me how his immune system was really helped using the immune blasts.

The immune supplements by Dr. Stan I use them as well so vitamin Be sure to use the Dr. Brown code and get your discount. There 866-3487 84. In a moment I wouldn't go over to my latest article about the European Union Parliament condemning America overturning Roe's obviously they're expecting that this is about to happen I will go over to that article.

Some very interesting things happening in Europe. I think we should take a look at first we go to the phones starting with Karen and Sarah told us Saratoga Springs Utah looking to the line of fire. Hey, I got your brown eye for a while.

I had never wanted a cow and today you're talking about a boy and I you let going on at the miracle in me and my community and am at work. We never really talked about back when I my mother laugh and we basically escape when I was 15 and I got into my really that way. And with that guy and he can't meet at Planned Parenthood at Karen's head and I mean I panicked senior Fidel and me. I can think like there might that very name beats me. Yeah I like that you could meet Eric to get the morning field and he would hang years older than me and I and export wanting to protect my baby and felt like hot you eliminate that way. I'm pregnant way, and dated it downplayed everything in there like even if you pocketbook that you would be even if you weren't there for clotted you have. With the Raley Ave., Brackman) because it that for me emotionally and fell after three years I 20 or 30 years night after the Pac-Man and I realized why how I anchored a program on on abortion anything even getting a morning yell can cut your depression because as unite. Eli would Not help your child and I ended up getting married in me about going back and am finally beeping after 50 years like me, and I tell many story when I was like me to happen with abortion, correct and ineffectual progression in polygamy and one of the things that happened with one of that man that man can had been lacking. His countenance fell when his daughter married he actually was molesting her children and got pregnant #and and date quickly igniting abortion and another one at my my friend and got pregnant and got an abortion because of the yelling came that came down on her at an because it's not a Christian community back it break like a cult. You tell James he committed it and then another story. When an one of the leaders got it boarded the like don't get an abortion when it can calculate data packet. There might right, how can we make people about the being with Ed thinking of my Howdy, even if it the terrible weight and how can we turn our our our American I care any current. Thank you so much for calling in sharing this and it's very rare will hear from someone in the back room like yours we've heard from many of the women who said they had an abortion. Even they were very liberal.

They were left as you can, screw abortion should become. They met several abortions and yet everyone who said they grieved over the agonized over it.

Years later, was still suffering for so future here is is equally extraordinary, except with the other ingredient of polygamy. So Karen, the first thing is, I believe we must speak as plainly as we can that Americans understand that this a baby in the room you don't take the life of an innocent child with that for many that's going to bring to the surface all kinds of pain, all kinds of regret, self-condemnation, in some cases try to cover it still be a mask of anger and that's why we must share with this at the same time, the gospel of Jesus that God knows the depth of all human sin. Every one of us is eternally guilty in his sight, but his son paid for every sin we are committed, including the sin of abortion through the center. Polygamy, including the sin of child abuse.

As horrific as those things are paid for everyone and there is mercy and grace and forgiveness at the cross of coursework crimes have been committed. Those must be reported and dealt with in the secular way as well. But in God's sight can be complete forgiveness so we have to flush up the guilt and the pain and then to be washed all the way with the blood of Jesus. Otherwise will never really set people free, and though go on with the struggles encountered reminds him of this. One of the point which is that I was about to get to this on the broadcast that with role being overturned in a sense, it's just the beginning for us to get our hands dirty and busy getting to work, changing hearts and changing minds the words. This is wonderful to see this lid lifted off the state so that we can go back to pro-life legislation and hopefully even improve better and better pro-life legislation at the same time we can just make it awesome them and we've got the enemies out there to try to win them to the Lord. Go try to change their hearts so that they become pro-life as well from the because that's the only way that America is a whole can change how I let it out right.

I highly borne brain brain lot and how it.Holly Lancelot while and that's how they get you fell on even when my mom and tell it actually American people at gate because they think they're serving God.

I now like not help me. I actually beat on him at Calcutta. Polygamy let let it fit case. Kyle held and and get in now people lining up really here at the underbelly you break free and setting people free.

And people are coming to cry and it really exciting like defending my like an outline now love in any nation. People invite me to their church and slanted telling my story and I doubt I'll my aunt Bev how wonderful he said it like you're full of wise counsel polygamy. What love is.

This go there. I'm sure you do with audience what was in the Old Testament courses was clearly never goes on deal and you always have negative examples. So listen, can we have about a minute and 1/2 before the break. The whole picture you get your with the reality TV shows big love in my five while you, whatever things are you saying it's not so wonderful being a polygamist wife how I tripped coming out with Brown and Ellen Brown family and her friend. I found now black and caring. It email about the power and the women We leave with nothing to help it.

A better tomorrow. Hope that there I found out that I can build my he filled me with\hearing how I like the packet out back. But depression Purcell many years because of the landline and I didn't know how to find out about all cell they make it look so beautiful. It is not a solid and leading and banning it. It bring rivalry galaxy that God never intended to be tempted with our golf it's it's only natural to think that would be the case. Take care and we will do our best to get your call amplified to others. May the Lord be with you and use you to help set many women and men free as well and to save the lives of many babies to thank you for calling one amazing story how how deep does God reach the plots out the steepness he needs to. Whatever the situation, whatever the cult whatever the bond she can do the same for you.

If you call out to him, he will save. He will hear he will deliver white friends. We will be right back.

You look at some really disturbing trends in Europe and there eye-opening for us here in America. 2866 fortress. If you have a call the last couple of weekends and I asked folks how many get my emails and was it was a small amount. These are folks superbly preaching number of times, so bought my book soon was a small amount so that means a lot of the resources were putting out about that as we dealing with things going on in the society all around the stuff that you're dealing with your you're frustrated because can you listen to on the news and this all that's saying it rightly and this was not a believer of the believers are speaking up will were doing it part of our calling to be your voice from all side of the and spiritual clarity. So take a moment to ask Dr. a SK DR Brown.orc right go there suffer emails and and you say what happens when you first get a mini e-book free book on how to pray for America to get that second you will hear back from us more about my testimony from LST to PhD were about were ministries about and the different ways we can serve you semi-you like a fundraising letter every week. Of course not, you get a letter and email with our latest articles. Another email with the latest videos as there's a special announcement, a new resource being released or something like that were announcing Israel trip you informed about that. Maybe every few months might say hey here's what were doing here so you can participate in right so we're here to serve you start to get our emails today. Okay what article Saturday the European Parliament condemns itself by condemning the Supreme Court's expecting Richardson expected overturning of Roe European protein condemns itself like him and Supreme Court's expected overturning of Roe so European Parliament voted this is last week. They voted in the boat was 364 two 154 with 37 extensions reminding the United States that it was quote viral and uphold Roe V Wade first question I'd I don't remember us asking European nations for their opinion about our decision. As a sovereign nation. They even condemned individual states that pass pro-life bills like II don't remember that we sent a message over Europe and said dear European lawmakers and leaders. Would you kindly tell us what you think about our decision or Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe. I remember that in fact there was a a tweet sent out by a right wing German leaders.

A parliamentary member Christine Anderson.

She said USA is no longer colony ruled from Europe.

Didn't you know that thank you.

That is correct. Another MP. This was from Croatia socialist MP or MEP so member the European Parliament. The draft opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States as a shock and a nightmare.

Not sure is what's really interesting Europe is becoming increasingly post-Christian, you can go to countries that that evil have Christian names or the majority of the people registered with the state church and and only a small percentage go to church regularly and then's the specimen. The other people less and less ever decreasing proportion of the people identify as having any religious affiliation. So Europe is becoming increasingly post-Christian no surprise that Europe is getting more and more dogmatic about abortion. The obviously there were those that voted against this resolution. You think it was an absurd proposing to sailor because there pro-life. That's the clear minority. Here's something that's also interested European population is in decline. The many nations in the world are in decline. With poplars like Japan for example America without immigration would be in decline in terms of population swimming in decline.

Well the formula is this for every woman between the ages of 18 and 44 so the most common childbearing years. She needs to have 2.1 children.

Obviously, a woman's like you have .1 child, but on average 2.1 children for society to sustain itself. If you dipped below the because of disease people dive calamity wore different things.

It's the hardships of life reproduction. You will have a society that cannot sustain itself because there is not sufficient income is not safe to not sufficient numbers of workers to sustain the older generation and then to multiply for newer generation so that's why in different parts the world. The populations are in decline.

That's why countries like Russia and Japan. Their business these encouragements to get married and rip your married, have kids have more kids take a day off and and go out with your spouse and have good pregnant and this actually pushes but this is the soul of Mark Stein wrote about some years ago this in terms of the population decline, many countries of Greece, Italy, Spain, many countries around the world now in the Muslim world. It's the reverse that even though some of the numbers are lower than they were. The numbers are still much much higher. The religious Jewish world much much harder. Many parts of conservative Christian role Latin America, Africa, where the birthrates are higher among Christians. China's one 11 child policy has been a disaster than ever to fix that. Especially when semi-Chinese preferred boy to a girl through the we commit infanticide when the girl was born just killer because I won't bore the going of one where they had a boy that one of the supposed pregnant again just abort right so that's been a hard because you have an imbalance you have two too many men and not enough women that creates problems but now it's not sustainable long-term or something else happening in Europe and to me, there has to be a direct connection may not I will see how there is not a direct connection so in in my article I refer to a 2017 article by Darrell Dilla made which asked the question to childless leaders mean the death of Europe knelt, she basically downplayed the concerns but I think the concerns point to something very, very real.

So he wrote that the election is 2017. The election of Emmanuel micron as the new French president now means that the leaders of the four European countries and the G-7 biggest economies micron German Chancellor Angela Merkel British Prime Minister Teresa may promise to vent an Italian prime minister intelligence Ohlone are all childless. I mean it's it's really remarkable. Other prominent European leaders. Also the children Dutch Prime Minister Margaret to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loveman Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bethel Scottish prime first ministers Nicole Sturgeon and European commission Pres. Jean-Claude drinker. This is mean anything. That's what yes it is mean something to say was with these of the leaders people are electing and so you know what's talk about dictators taken over by force this on the issue.

The issue is, if your urine a culture which is increasingly childless urine, a culture which is more more common that couples choose never to have children read some of people want to have children can't and wish that they could have children through everything the Academy they cry themselves to sleep. Sometimes the models that that the prospective moms in desk is that they can have kids they want to suggest this is the exact opposite. In most all these cases it simply choosing not to sister and extras the kind of a commodity. If her somber brothers is not necessary to know what's or maybe one kid that said this is becoming increasingly common is been going on for years and years and it will create a world crisis ultimately and even now say the elderly in Japan because that's one of the oldest countries in the world say the exact opposite of Gaza Strip or Yemen, which is overwhelmingly young, so in Japan you got these robots that they are helping keep the company of of elderly nurse comes is you don't have enough people, you have enough kids there supporting parents. If you don't have enough of a vote and infrastructure to do it. So this is just an indication of childlessness and when when you have never had a child, it's highly unlikely that you fully appreciate the significance of having a child all of you that I'm speaking to that have children think about impacting your life is think of the moms carrying a baby giving birth with dad seeing this happen.

It is now being there. Mom and dad to nurture the child and all the joys and pains of raising a child and senior kids grown with a accomplishment kit they have kids and it is life is life. It's reproduction is glorious is beautiful. It's wonderful.

You got all these people that cannot fully appreciate that this is a red kids of their own continued his article was calling attention to it seem to think that it does mean something George Weigle writing this week since 2017 and the first things website talks of Catholic light and Europe's demographic suicide.

This is early this month, as McPherson had bombs, turn the Washington Examiner Emmanuel micron the bear and the lead of a changing continent late last month, even before micron's victory Brinson the time scattered along or exit by Douglas Murray with the title Europe signs its own death warrant and now adding to that Europe has the gall to condemn America for being pro-life now less problematic. Why is the apparent imminent overturning of Roe V Wade of such tremendous significance because laws have gone in one direction for years now and to go in the direction of abortion, the outrageous ruling of Roe V Wade without a constitutional basis and then the tragic affirming of that and even take it further 19 years lady later with the Casey case and that further entrenching things in our society to have that turned back something you just don't see happen it. It is absolutely not that the precedent so to go on this wrong direction then pushed back friends. What we tell you at the beginning of this year was our declaration that the year 2022 is the year for taking background.

It is the year of increasing pushback, the year of taking background, but this speedier that not only is rollover turned that the pro-life movement, floods, hearts, minds, so the people in brace once again a culture of life, so people once again understand it's a baby and that baby's life is precious in God's sight should be analysis will likely break back protocols 6642 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866342.

Is Dr. Michael Brown) 634 truth to join in with go to Deborah in Maple Grove, Minnesota looking to modifier hi, thank you so much Dr. Brown on welding before and talked about my own abortion, but kind of a different angle. I'd like to talk about because you're talking about people of the victim of child abuse and things like that.

And of course both are really sensitive issues. I've also suffered sexual abuse in my childhood from the H 10 to 13 and I got my comment about abortion regarding that is thankfully in my own situation is not impregnated, but all I can say the only thing that would've made what I went to worse is if I would've been had to of been forced to have an abortion and you know I can imagine if I had been impregnated and then have to go through the trauma of an abortion on top of the sexual abuse.

I guess the point I want to make is people think that having an abortion makes that rate go away or that incest go away or it doesn't. You know if if that it happened or if I would've gotten pregnant and forced to an abortion. Taking the child away want to have made the abuse have not happened since it's overlooked precedent and ask you this right so I'm unmasking as a male. Okay sure and and I'm only asking for your own opinion right so you can speak for everyone, but you can speak to this a million times more than I can speak to it was, was the review sexually was them abused in any way as a child and on the man right so I'm totally different world here, but as as I would think about why try to put myself in the person shoes. Here's what I would think okay let's say a girl 13 years old, gets raped by a general boy in the neighborhood and and she's she's old enough now she's pregnant. So if you force her to have the child.

This would be the argument that now shifts of the stigma that this can affect she's can't ignore that she was raped because she gets pregnant. She's with other kids in middle school and and she's pregnant shifted live with that and then she gives birth to the baby.

It affects the rest of her life.

If some are parents help her keep the baby and me injured and the futures was to marry her. In the 19 associate a six-year-old kid already or baby up for adoption think the rest of life. What happened to my baby and even just affecting her body changes as you go through 13 that were not intended when the be so much better to just ended and and then that's it.

The shame is behind the stigmas behind her. She doesn't have to go on with the pregnancy and carrying the baby and everybody knowing about it and and on and on.

That to me would seem to be a strong argument that someone could give on behalf of abortion.

So please weigh in from your perspective on certainly understand all of that what you just said and and again the situation.

Situations like that with rape, with children getting impregnated to incest or rape on again such a horrific situation. Deborah, for some reason we just lost you there. And boy do I want to get to hear what you have to say let's let's see if if you're back with us. Deborah I'm there okay where it happens. If you call back in and will try to get you right back on the board.

Talk about one of the hero. Deborah had say of and will will do our best to get her back on, but her phone somehow lost the signal or battery drop or something happened bed zone.

In any case Deborah for listening. Please try to call back so we can hear the rest which exit maybe your listeners say Dr. I can respond. I went through something like this or I have someone close to me it's going through something like this be glad to hear from you, but let's just see if we getting Deborah back on the line here. Hopefully we are II imagine, but I just stay with religion.

While I just focus on that and not get into political or cultural issues in us about the gospel intersects with morality.

Morality intersects with the culture that's the reality. That's the world in which we live because concerned about many issues about life in this world fact Jacob James once is the true religion Apollo God the father. Okay, now I'm on the studio and my profound apologies to everyone listening or watching you some some of the hearing is now, but those of you watching I imagine that the response would be simply this, Deborah.

You can try one more time to reach out looks like the studio has fixed their connection issue. So my apologies be controlled or reachable more time. Go see if this is gonna work.

And if if you have been traumatized by an abortion in your life and the traumas with you. To this day. Let me say once again that God's grace is sufficient and that Jesus died for that sin as well. This every other sin and there is mercy for you.

All right, one more time, I so apologize for these connection issues. Deborah back to you.

Please go ahead okay. Are you able to hear me right now yet. Yes, we are all good.

Thank you know my response would be that even though CALLED and horrific as is any of that would be with a child getting pregnant under any circumstance or a rape. What we need is the body of Christ come around that person in a perfect world we would but again, what you are leaving that person with it.

Still it doesn't make the rate go away doesn't make the fact that she was pregnant all away it doesn't make the shame and the pain go away. So, in a perfect world. If we could rally around and be the body of Christ and help that person through just unbelievable trauma. But again, to add trauma to trauma on doesn't erase original trauma and I guess that's just my point.

Just another thing to think about a different social Deborah is this if you could talk to that woman writes so talk to some of that was in your shoes, the tragically did get impregnated so everything about that is bad. How could you get them to sit in the person that did it to them as is a monster for for what they did. Whether it was a father abusing her daughter or teenage kid raping the girl either way, that person is the epitome of evil for what they did. You want to carry that person's baby in your womb.

What if it if you had a couple minutes to talk with a personal to tell him horrific. I mean first of all, all you would to wrap your arms around them and weep with them and we put them and we put them. I mean absolutely that got wrenching but the thing is, even if that child was only in their room for a moment or a week and then was aborted or whatever it still was there and and you still have to deal with those issues. No matter what, by the grace of God I was able to. My sisters were able to forgive our molester that took time. No one would expect anyone to do that right off the bat, but I'm telling you biggest thing rather than trying to tell them account for the person is to listen to. We put them to think I will walk through this insanity with you and we will make it through together had I had I had something like that, even in the other situation when I was an adult and I had an abortion. I'm telling you, if even one person called three people and I said I'm thinking about having an abortion.

I just don't know what else to do and all three of them that I think that would be the best thing to do when all I wanted was to one of them to say no, I'll help you. We can make it through this I wanted somebody to come alongside them in helping no one to so again it's about the body of Christ, becoming the body of Christ is about loving it's about hey, my God, I don't know how to walk through this now walk through it with you and I guess that's all I can say. But again, I know what happened but in a perfect world this it's it's up to us to do our best to come around people. In most cases, there certainly are believers that can come around the person do just what your saying be there for them love on them with them crying to shoulder with them share the pain and and just be there patiently praying for them, supporting them, encouraging them, and then a certain point there still the miracle of life and knows that if carry their babies associate was there is a baby there and that child you know every every human being is born of imperfect parents know that's the that's reality and and many were not planned and it God, God planned it in terms of God's the one who ultimately gives life. Deborah, thank you for calling in and sharing your heart so honestly and please hear what she said if you know someone contemplating abortion be there is a voice of life. You say we get through this together and then you will never regret bringing that baby into the world. If we do this the right way with torturous Teresa some analysis to raise flows regret determining that baby's life in the womb. Let us build a culture of life. One life at a time. He, Deborah, thank you for calling persevering through these connection issues to get on the line of fire today.

Much appreciated. One more reminder from let us serve you best equip you. Let us help you could ask Dr. Brown the Lord asking your brown double etc. for emails today and you will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others. As we infusion with faith and courage. So you may stand strong faculty tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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