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Answering Islam

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 13, 2019 4:10 pm

Answering Islam

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 13, 2019 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/13/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

From the impeachment hearings to some important pro-life developments to how to answer Muslims get you covered right here today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

All right, the impeachment hearings are underway.

I want to tell you, once again, I will not be giving daily commentary on every detail writing a new article every day on every detail for several reasons.

I explained that the moment but welcome to modify Michael Brown delighted to be with you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is the number to call so I mentioned a few weeks back that I will not get caught up with the impeachment fever. This will not be the entire focus of my life or the flow of this radio broadcast, which is not conservative news commentary, which is not an arm of the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or devoted to defending or attacking Pres. Trump's that will rehear this out with God's called me to do is call me to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity to be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution to tackle the controversies to do the hard things that others don't want to do and to do them with joy. Hopefully with wisdom and with compassion all grounded in Scripture so there we can get caught up in a friendly and just this news report that news report getting upset I do that these big issues very big issues and that the immediate destiny of our nation in the coming years is is definitely at stake and who knows exactly what could come out of these hearings, positive or negative and with our major things that I feel I can comment on. I will, but there are others that are just focused on this will have a lot better insight than I will.

In terms of this every day the hearings back and forth and again, it cannot be my focus because it is not the only major thing happening in our world and the major thing that that we want to draw attention to so I will look at the hearings. Overall, what can I say, overall, I can say this one. I recognize that Democrats returned my impeachment long before you crinkle, this is been talked about for months and months and months so I would take the Ukraine call issues. The quid pro quo accusations much more seriously if they had not been on the heels of the whole Russia collusion stuff and then months and months and months of talk of a P if impeachment so does it seem that Democrats was looking for a way to try to get rid of Donald Trump. Yes, that that seems self-evident.

Yes, absolutely no question about right. That's that's number one number two my posture is like God's will be done. What if what here's just some some scenarios for you okay what if there is corruption in the Trump White House. What if God, Donald Trump is guilty and should be impeached and removed and that God wants to bring Mike Pinson right or or a different Republican leader and that was God's plan or one of God's plan was to expose quote deep state corruption and the extreme bias and agenda of the Democrats and to get Donald Trump more easily reelected in 2020.

Or what if God is shaking things are or what if this is the work of the enemy to destroy in different ways and that God will get a counter purpose out of that God's ways are a lot bigger than our ways. So my prayer this is simple. My prayer is very simple. Might my prayers.

God made truth triumph. Can we all pray that when you voted for Pres. Trump would you love when you never vote for him with the loathsome could we all pray that if you follow Jesus a moment's best for our country made truth triumph.

The impeachment hearings is not good. Pray to pray. Havoc is there a lot of things going on in their condition and what about the Bidens where they fit in all this and has a skin impact 2020 on both sides so the questions to Ms. simple prayer to pray.

I like to pray prayers that are totally kingdom partisan God partisan and not individual partisan salt made truth triumph, but this may justice be done.

If this is a witchhunt to take down the president.

If this is an attempt to take down someone that that is being used for certain righteous purposes in America in the midst of his flaws and shortcomings. If that's what's going on justice be done or if there's a gross travesty of justice on the part of the White House may justice be made truth triumph may justice be done and make God's best for America come to pass. We can all all on all sides of this issue come together in a united front and pray these prayers regarding the impeachment hearings regarding the Democrats and Republicans. The president, what, why, what, how could you miss with a prayer like that that now I will say one of the thing that's important in office or at a certain point and then we go back to praying prayers that are God partisan, not party policy in her individual parts and explain what I mean. In a moment, but let's remember that many of us voted for Donald Trump primarily as a vote against Hillary Clinton. In other words, we had concerns about Donald Trump. We didn't know what kind of president he would be. We didn't know if you would keep his promises about appointing pro-life justices are nominating pro-life or conservative justices and standing for religious liberty in moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Other things that he said he would do that, that were important to us.

Okay right that will voted for different reasons but for many conservative evangelicals so this this is something we need to remember that we voted for him. Many of us with concern about his past about his personality about his way of operation is bull in a china shop type dealings the way he could disparage and demean and attack others. Other memory is the accused to cruise his father often obtrusive of being involved in the assassination of JFK and insulted the looks of of Heidi Cruz which is ridiculous anyway. Do is find the component but that the absurdity of this okay so we didn't vote. Some of us with total enthusiasm, but we voted for him with hope, some concern, but with hope and so now that he's bombarded bombarded bombarded day and night and lied about day and night all kinds of false charges brought against him day and night and the media's been doing this in an Democrats business and perhaps quick the deep state has been trying to bring him down rights that we need people still in Washington but behind the scenes that that are entrenched there trying to bring them so say all this is happening and at the same time he's done a lot of good.

These I was promises a lot of things that we were hoping he would do. He has done and continues to do that doesn't mean I have to defend him at every turn. It doesn't mean that that I have to put my identity in with him at every turn your judgment to the president you will my life.

Like the press know your judgment. Look at me live my life but my testimony let look at my ministry. My conduct, my wife might my family, my children, my grandchildren look at look at me and look at those around me.

Okay. And look at how we've served in, and if you say with you if if only get to know you.

The biggest question is not who you voted for reflect something that is not the biggest question biggest question is how you conduct yourself as a child of God, you conduct yourself as a man of God or woman of God you conduct yourself in your home.

Conduct yourself in the workplace.

What's been the fruit. The testimony of your life over the last year or five or 10 or 20. Look, there are there are fine Christians who voted for Barack Obama and voted for Hilton. I don't get it and understand it, given their pro-abortion stance and and their their pro-homosexuality stance and other things that that I don't get it, but I'm not going to look at the whole quality of your life in your walk with God in your history and write you off because that anymore than you should write some off is there vote for Donald Trump and I I tweeted earlier here.

Here's the deal.

I'm not going to judge your salvation by whether or not you voted for Donald Trump don't judge mine. Most people say amen to it, but some say no way this impossible your Christian you can vote for Trump like to say the same thing. It's impossible of your Christian vote really. Clinton I don't understand why a Christian would vote for someone who espouses abortion so radically and passionately. Among other things, that to me is a dealbreaker just like I could not understand how someone could vote for proslavery candidate.

The days of slavery and if it meant there were two proslavery candidates would vote for that. I can vote for either right and there certain things with a lot of his drums. Okay, I can't. I can vote for you right in their Christians that voted third party or Sabbath election. I respect that.

I respect that. But for those of us that did vote for the president's remember as a rental book with the title. He is our Savior we don't have to defend him at every point that when he's falsely accused or when those who voted for him who have to be white are now called white supremacists are worship at the altar of white supremacy and and and spouse garbage and lies like that now confronts them, confronts them dislike you know in a heartbeat if there if the racism was going the other way. I confronted God knows that if you been listening for years. You know that so bear that in mind during all this, if the president did some that wasn't the best on that the defendant, if it's not an impeachable offense say that right but we listen to get caught up. Role identity is in before Trump against Trump's bigger bigger okay well I mean when I say that I I don't pray partisan prayers.

I pray God partisan prayers. Here's what I mean.

During the elections. I do not pray for a candidate to be elected. I pray for God's choice and God's will and God's plan. That's what I pray for during the elections. I don't presume to to know for sure what God's will is I know my responsibility as a voter and the decisions I'm going to make as a voter, but I would presume to know what God's plan is what he's going to bring to pass and why, what if he wants to bring in a candidate.

That's a destructive candidate. It's part of judgment on America part of us reaping what we so getting what we deserve for getting what we ask for.

So I pray God your will be done.

What about when I'm having a theological dispute with some go here with with some of the tweets and stances of Bishop Swan that I believe are so destructive in and stir up racial hatred I get on my knees and I say God show him and show me any blind spots that we have those other pray the same prayer for him as a pray for me.

Otherwise, I'm putting myself in the posture sink while I am holy and he is not. I am righteous, and he is not on the good guy. He's the bad guy were as we both may have serious blind spots that need help and that need attention.

Doesn't matter if someone is 90% blind spot here you have a 10% wants, but here I want any. So we pray God open. I successful proud prayer prayer that if the person was in the same room with me and they had any relationship with God. Say amen to that. All right, come back to some important pro-life views her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown talk about answering Muslims why this is important for us is followers of Jesus we give important pro-life updates share some good news with you for every one that soliciting in the North Carolina area. Once you're very very important announcement we have had Justin Reeder on the broadcast with us a few times ready. He is a former businessman grieved and burned by abortion who is now given his life to the pro-life cause and launched an organization love life Charlotte that then expanded to love life North Carolina and is now working in other states is a big things happening this weekend adjusting welcome back to the line of fire.

Thanks for joining us. Mark Tortorella probably ought sure thing right. Let's start first with what's happening this weekend and then want to get to something New York City and some of the good reports nationally. So this week and what's going on our week 40 per walk. Her walk 40 weeks every year. The culmination of the order week journey of hope don't drift. I went back. Congregation overthrew the congregation that are pregnant.they all across the city on Saturday were going together for prayer walk in scarlet Greensboro and Raleigh and York 30 from 9 AM to 12 all the details on our website look like I work all the guilt of location where to show off important detail to come together as the body of Christ be an answer to prayer in John 17 that will you be wanting the father ought that the world would believe we come together under under the banner or time of worship and prayer not better any place for gathering together the largest abortion clinics across our state here in Charlotte, Trope Dr. in Greensboro upon Randleman Road and Raleigh country circle and become together, worship and prayer not in protest, not yelling or screaming or calling on heaven calling heaven down to be quite interested in doing a significant drop in abortion 1700 family that made the choice, the light lot 3 1/2 years. But if the culmination of that 40 week journey so never invite people to come and join if you don't have to be a part of one of our partner churches but be there if you want to stand up for the things that that God love come to stand for life with the betterment. All right, so what what actually happens, people going to come together why something fruitful. What was that meeting, the Pike house. It impacted Christians and what effect is. It had directly on the abortion industry.

So in the church, starting with meter to ripple effect of unity in the body of Christ. We know that when we engage in battle together spiritual battle unity of the natural ripple effect of guided production activation of God's people only.

Visit the pro-life movement were not run a rate up about the pro-life advocate a rate of two followers of Jesus, but it dampened the kingdom of God.

It will repeat people coming out and engaging in that the tide is rising in all areas yet for activating that walk out certain mentors and orphan care, family, which is incredible to believe, but really what cognitive learning to God or so to pick up our cross and follow.

You can fill in every way the tide is rising with your teleconference doctors the congregation that I think out to the prayer walk is a completely different congregation and it went back from the upper walk so is that there's a new happening within the church revival and awakening within the church, but also we feel when light shows up to the darkest places that are 30 darkness actively lifting a significant drop in people showing up for abortion clinic churches pregnant with being workers that have left the industry to open the flap last week from the Charlotte abortion clinic.

We think you will encounter God here in New York City a few weeks ago I was up there with the prayer walk in a pedestrian was driving a car after prayer walk right out the abortion clinic there and Bleecker in modern lower Manhattan and when you driving a car down that street. He felt the presence of God in a very tangible way began weeping because he encountered the president of God pulled the car over and it came and joined up at the prayer walk with him and his wife pedestrian driving by would encounter God weeping computer video on our Facebook page. Weeping as he encountered God like you never encounter clerk for so a miracle if they click when the church comes together.

Yeah it's it's absently chewing and if we had ours you give hours of stories about what God's done what you've experienced lives change moms there on the way to have abortions abortion workers. We been stirred by stories you shared in the past before you New York City.

What's the website again where people can go to find out what to do where it where to be at what time love life.or on the homepage week 40 detail and click on all information for all 430 on love life going to work right so Justin, you got burden to do something in New York after New York passed some of the most radical abortion laws in America.

Some of my friends on Long Island burned to do something solve announcement time with them and then connected them with you so you been actively working in the greater New York area. What what's happening, what's going on. This is a tough nut to crack. So much going on in New York belie the skepticism in your heart to mobilize people. But what you see happen in greater New York City really been incredible to watch her to come to grip come together all across the five boroughs that even beyond your unit and the update all coming together really been an incredible thing to. Were there in not only influential but in the world but the abortion capital of America on the stronghold. There, but the church is been coming together with a lot on prayer walk there. The next payment bond of unity to the body of Christ will involve the exempting miracle take place reacted last week, a month that made the choice for life on Saturday and there is a physical even struggle we know it. The spiritual battle that is literally playing itself out. The physical right in front of RI at the church without there.

The federal counselors were there for ministering on the sidewalk and securing up his other option is not happy about the abortion and the Planned Parenthood escorts typically grabbed her by the arm over into the abortion clinic and Internet that I want to work out. The doctor can dictate your U.and that she took her hand the ball happening right in the middle of the church down there all thick plate took the hand of the counselor and she made the choice like that that being people that are scheduled for death or getting line the week prior to that of modeling there for her second day abortion of the today abortion 18 weeks pregnant. On Friday she started that the prospect of the landing area and the thought started there Saturday to have the baby forcefully removed while the live but you made the choice for life that morning and she immediately wanted to start reversing it dark. CalPERS took her to the ER in Midtown and New York City and for eight hour battle with the OB/GYN. There through the landing area.the abortion from happening. They didn't want to do it.

They've made our counselors leave the room and pulled another doctor try to enter, go back to Planned Parenthood to take care of that.

That if you and after eight hours of battling with them and having one of our pro-life doctors to North Carolina on the phone with that there finally removed it at about 10 o'clock at night and if mom and her in the dagger fighting.

Now the life of their child hours before they were about ended birthing the child alive on the ultrasound work during the heartbeat. The living child still in the womb. Unfortunately on Sunday morning.

Her water broke, which began the labor process they gave birth to their child 18 weeks, but the child with name down out of the little boy they named Joseph and the church was there every step of the way with family and Joseph got a proper burial. The last Friday from one of the churches you connected me with Dr. Dr. Brown.Island that paid for the entire service to all. All of the logistics and all the financial burden and relayed Joseph to rest in his own little baby casket last Friday and at the end of that service that are particular birthday and amazing work of the church that there is a Christian witness at the Darkest Pl. in New York City.

Mason one story and ingesting last question to seven minute houses affecting the pastors in greater New York you know I think it good thing I hear over and over. Dr. Brown and that we were burdened, especially after the law came to Ford earlier this year, but I just didn't know what to do and they were praying and God.

How do we respond, what do we do and this is been an answer to prayer for them. They wanted to multiply didn't know quite how to do it given the church of the love life is simply a vehicle vocalized the body of Christ love life is not the end game of life is not doing the mentor not going to, outgoing, that's the church that doing it were simply giving them a vehicle immobilized through got it I friends go to love life.ward love life.or if you North Carolina participate even if you haven't been part of the 40 weeks leading up to this, listen your presence makes a difference. Just think of it just physically showing up for a few hours walking praying being with other believers could literally save lives could literally influence the way laws go in the years ahead could could literally help awaken other Christian so it it's something that most everyone can figure out a way to do schedule some time. Unless you get to be away or physically able to be there come out with your family. It is something for the whole family love sure not to miss it. You can part a history save your life just to keep up the amazing work-so much I highly long file name the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown write something on that when I can be focused on impeachment hearings day and night's world going on around us with needs and things one address and focus on something very, very important, namely how to answer Muslims you think what it in the middle of America being shaken and all the stuff going on around us.

That's real talk about all yeah we are a my guest is Prof. Daniel Janacek.

His book the guide to answering Islam with every Christian needs to know about Islam and the rise of radical Islam so much as reaching Muslims, but how do we respond to radical Islam. Daniel received his PhD in historical theology and apologetics from the London school of theology with his dissertation on John of Damascus first apologist to the Muslims is currently an adjunct professor of apologetics in Islamic studies at Southern Evangelical seminary and Columbia International University hey Daniel, great to have us on the air with us. Glad we could set this up.

Thank you very much good to be with you all. Looking forward great so let me let me just throw out a softball your way, but one that is relevant to many. Your average person. Listen your folks listening viewing around the world say your average American Christian listener.

Why should they care who cares about answering Islam why why does this actually better, why should we care actually there. Very good reason. One is that as we look historically at Islam 1400 years.

There is of movement where it is earth taken over the Middle East and moved into a different country and the population growth of the Muslim and Islam becomes more prevalent and more demanding we need to understand what back, but the greater reason. The second reason is that we need to reach out to Muslim. They do not know right they are law and they are following the what I believe alt.and if we are truly concerned. We do have the truth Christian then this is the greatest opportunity that we have in this time to reach out to the many Muslims work here in the United States for that we have contact with.

As we travel though my greater reason is that we need to reach out with truth and love, truth in the gospel truth about Islam and love of the Muslim because they need know that love they need to know the love of Christ.

That is my name for main purpose in writing the book. Main purpose in reaching out audit. So how did you yourself get interested in the subject of Islam over many years I thought unapologetic will religion but I love meeting people from different cultures different religion are you damaging know them and having opportunity to reach out to them with the gospel of Christ, because I want them to know the truth that I have found so that I realize in the late 90 that there were over a billion Muslims but that by now about one point billion and they did not know the Lord thy been reaching out to him Mormon witness to and non-Christians and ate it and I really enjoyed that are going to owe, but I began to realize that the definition more of us need to realize that for those two reasons that I gave. We need to reach out to Muslim and so I was a slim international University. Their teaching apologetics and they started a program in Muslim studies. So I did another masters I did my med M.Div. there earth that I can about study thoroughly enjoyed it had great great around the world who taught me in that course and then I have the opportunity to then go on to do my PhD at London school of theology with terrific supervisors, Tony Lane, who was the head of research and theology accurate Dell. One of the finest Christian faith in dealing with Islam.

Today I studied under them and in road on John.

John Damascus also because he was an eyewitness to what was going on in the early years. The first 100 years after wanted to be fascinating because that is the information that we as Christians need to know about how Islam started because we will be amazed at how the traditional story that we hear today is not what happened shortly in X out of what the book that I friends of speaking with the guide to answering Islam. The author's guide to answering Islam. Daniel Janacek right.

Let's start here than in terms of diving in Telus, the real story of the birth of Islam and the origin of the Quran. Okay well in the in the book of the structure it will help you understand what I'm doing. I have four sections in each chapter 18 chapter of warming effect of the historical background the teaching of Islam and sharia and so on the date the radical Islamic group days and what we need to know about that for inspection would be dealing with reaching out Islam. What God is doing in the world today reaching out, but we need well, but in each chapter. I have it broken up into four parts. The first part you would deal with what Islam says about these particular chapters. The weather is done the the early Islam to work early. Air Arabia before Islam can about the origins of Islam that beginning of the chronic development Ron Ahmed all the tradition then that the teaching is still on the first action is an overview of what Muslim though about the thing from their own force so I'm using her own words and giving a picture so that people can read the book and no okay this is what was only what they say. These are their sources.

The second part is to then deal with the historical, archaeological, and theological. She out that traditional view because there are a lot of problems as we get into it and the third part would be to show the implication of that. The way that they about his mom so that we know what we can day when we work late, reach out to Muslim in each chapter.

I give idea based on what that chapter is about concerning how we can reach out to Muslims using that information so with the background. The traditional view is that there is a man Mohammed and the visions in Revelation, God named Allah in Arabia, in a city named Mecca back in the early hundred one and 5788 they died 32 so I missed 62 years and he got these revelations over a period of 23 years and he started preaching them in Mecca.

They didn't like the much then went to Medina.

Another study that involves more and they were more receptive and then he gained power and in the 10 years he was there they had great power and growth.

They went back and conquered Mecca and then shortly after that he died, but his followers went out and conquered 50% of Christian land in less than 100 years and that of Islam began in group extrajudicial sort then were fighting now archaeologically that Princeton there is no record of Mecca existing in the time of Mohammed any of the map that I need to travel long if not mention it in any narrative like it never existed, and perhaps it did not exhibit that I'm in error, reason that and explain when it came about why in about why it was put into this tradition that is so important out almost break toward Mecca back at Hezekiah that area that on the thigh as asked the meteorite that the kind of memory and then go find to be a holy thing. I just I just want to jump into it. Sorry to interrupt, but you you are this is not something that you got on some conspiratorial website posted by some nut jobs.

This is something that you examine with serious scholars and serious institutions.

III just want to reiterate that because some of what you're saying will strike people is what was this guy talking about so I just find Daniel somewhere on on on the website and these got a following of three people okay he he is a scholar in these areas out that what you're talking about is stuff that scholars researches historians are actually talking about today. Yeah I dollar Islamic not lament that Eric garment for the study.

The origins of the development of his mom and what they're finding you all the wealth of information. Be did not write down their history they can write anything about Mohammed earth that we hear anything about Ahmed from a Muslim board is about 91 A.D. that 50 some years after his the bow of the deck of the 32 and that on the dome of the rock where the Malik the Caliph at that time had put up the different phrases, many of them on the cross on earth or early writings that the famous Ron and that the first week here of this character Mohammed from the most important and yet there is all the stories that develop later hundred 50, 200 years about the earliest biography was 100 5200. After dealing with Mohammed is like trying to write on board. Washington now without any written work because if anything, it would've had to been oral history pastime but were finding from the rhetorical sources that are mentioning the other scholar better researching that area there uncovering the wealth of information to show that these stories really did not happen. Stories may be based on something but what we have in the traditional story is much much different than what history showing the I'm going back to some of the best so this class is that one is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown time I'm I'm not really here myself my own years. Not sure what happened here I'm speaking with Daniel Janice, a professor at Southern Evangelical seminary and elsewhere. His book the guide to answering Islam.

Every Christian needs to know about

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