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Jezebel Personified

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 18, 2019 4:20 pm

Jezebel Personified

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 18, 2019 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/18/19.

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I'll tell you, you want to talk about Jezebel personified.

This story does just that it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to today's broadcast.

It is Monday through three back with you had a wonderful time of ministering in Jacksonville Florida this weekend and tomorrow night scheduled to be flying out to San Diego but I'm not preaching or teaching this week in San Diego. I'm attending to conferences Evangelical theological Society and Society of Biblical literature and delivering papers in these conferences that relate to my Job commentary so those of you be attending ETS or SBL. Look for me. I'll be delivering papers there and desist good time to fellowship. Catch up with others and learn from others.

It's one of them mentioned that we should be broadcasting live from San Diego most days, maybe even getting some of the scholars and professors, and for some special attributes will see were able to do phone lines open wide open 866-34-TRUTH 784 8664. Truth is the number to call any question of any kind. Any comment. A critical comment. You have anyone to debate me on something gives call 866-34-TRUTH for truth. I want to talk about a few different things today. What is Jezebel in the news again. Yeah Jezebel in the news again I'll explain what I mean in the moment.

I want to look at the proposal that's come in recent days from evangelical leaders for immigration reform with a try to combine righteousness with compassion law with mercy, something practical, short-term and long-term. So we want to address that on the broadcast today. Get your input on it. If you'd like to weigh in and a few other things you want to talk about, 866-34-TRUTH. Okay, let us, let us start with Jezebel in the news and let me explain what I mean by that almost all of you know see all those in the South y'all New Yorkers you guys all you know about my Jezebel what you don't know came out in August stated the best-selling book out of the gate of anything I wrote the first printing sold out the first week of Jezebel's war with America and it it it talks about the demonic plot to take America down what we can do to turn the tide and what's fascinating is it seems that something that relates to that book the same demonic powers that operated through Queen Jezebel 3000 years ago that women in the New Testament who called himself a prophet that Jesus rebukes in Revelation to citizens within the church. The same demonic powers that operated through these Jezebel's 3000 years ago 2000 years ago. Operating again today to be through man could be through woman could be through society as a whole, but they share in common the spirit of idolatry they share in common the spirit of murder and baby killing. Ultimately, they share in common the sexual seduction, the spirit of sexual seduction they share in common emasculating of men or on gender 20 minutes women women into men, they share in common silencing of prophetic voice intimidating by fear, they they share in common.

This is radical feminism and the rise of of of witchcraft, sorcery, these are the things that these demonic powers do so when you is just like when you go to a doctor with certain symptoms.

They analyze the symptoms and say all you are suffering from thus and such because they know the symptoms okay. You have these blotches on your arm.

You have this pain of this body I get this going on okay you have this particular condition it's going around here is how we treat so we recognize what we called Jezebel either a principality that operates in these ways, or a coalition of demonic spirits because they operate in concert with one another for certain plants is Ephesians 612 indicates that Satan is working a strategic way to destroy. So we understand this and we just see tremendously tremendously coming out of the woodwork. Jezebel at news one thing after the use of what it what you mean by the well. The rise of witchcraft and sorcery and and related practices in unprecedented unprecedented measure in church history of mentioned this but October 25. The New York Times had an article when did everyone become a witch since we've reached peak, which my colleague Al Parada did an article on talking about the rising tarot cards massive rise rising sorcery and in the interest in these things and then radical feminism getting more and more extreme the one man getting more more extreme and gentlemen quarterly GQ magazine with with the new masculinity which is basically turning men into women while I was sent a report by Eagle Russian Israeli Jewish believer Dr. Yigal and he is on our team answering Jewish related questions that are sent in on a daily basis to our tour ministry and he sent me a link to something I had not heard about. I was not aware of it and he sent me this link and very very fascinating.

Jezebel's new start with an article about it. Went live on the stream early this morning. It's been shared over 3000 times already entitled the article, the personification of the spirit of just about that you'd you tell me if I'm making this up.

If I'm dreaming this up if I'm just finding Jezebel everywhere or you tell you tell me if this is not Jezebel. All right, so Episcopalian priest, the very Rev. Catherine Hancock Ragsdale all right. She was recently named Pres. and CEO of the National abortion Federation member. Here's a connection between Jezebel and baby killing that you have idolatry. We have idolatry in the ancient world. You invariably have the becoming sacrificing babies titles. That's one way another radical feminism, its war on motherhood its war on the patriarchy.

It's animosity towards men is its rejection of the high calling of women as mothers and swore a nuclear family. This is another aspect of this so you have sex you do what you want to do if there is a pregnancy unwanted pregnancy that comes as a result of it.

You just get rid of the baby. It's part of this mentality. All right, so how ironic how Jezebel Eric to have a female Episcopalian priest so you have this deceived religion right she's not even sure about the resurrection of Jesus. Of course I would assume that she wasn't sure about the resurrection of Jesus because her whole view of Scripture would be bankrupt in terms of recognizing scriptural authority and by the way sheet. She was previously dean of it of Episcopalian divinity school was Episcopalian seminary.

Yeah, someone doesn't even say they're sure that Jesus rose from the dead, leaving the seminary that speaks to the backslidden nature of some parts of the Episcopalian church all but there's more.

So she's named the presidency of National abortion Federation and she is an open lesbian marriage, or partner is this is sounding more Jezebel is explained in pro-choice Ragsdale's an Episcopal priest was been outspoken about abortion rights of LGBT equality in public policy issues affecting women and families throughout a career. Ragsdale's preached about how abortion is a blessing you heard that, rightly, a leader in the Episcopal Church.

A priest with the title, the very reverent speech about how abortion is a blessing. She's been active in clinic defense work and other activities to support abortion providers more than 35 years.

What Jesus says about that woman Jezebel. Revelation 220, who calls herself a prophet by her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols in here this woman a false prophet today.

In that respect was the former president Dean of the Episcopal Divinity school. All right, so, so let's let's find out what she actually says you're ready for some of Rev. Ragsdale's culture say Mike what he called the Rev. that just adds to the accountability and responsibility. In point of fact, in point of fact, Jeremiah called the false prophets profits.

He called the false prophet had a lie prophet. Hannah Anaya when he referred to put the prophet Hannah not because that was what he did and who he claimed to be even those a false prophet saw freighters reverent in that same white, yet falsely so, but the title is a speech he gave to abortionists over 10 years ago when a woman becomes pregnant within a loving, supportive, respectful relationship is very option open to her decide. She does not wish to bear a child and is access to safe, affordable abortion, there's a tragedy and site only blessing only blessing tell it to the baby being a Bordetella to the baby's limbs are being torn from her toe to the little baby girl and late-term abortion partial-birth abortion of her legs pulled out first is the size of skull was still alive.

Having her skull pierced the scissor brain sucked out tragedy and site only blessing to be so graphic but that's the reality friends and all the moms out there have had abortions in the select all you get hurt again member if you been forgiven by God are forgiven you forgiven and you can be a vessel to bring life and hope to others. She says this the ability to enjoy God's good gift of sexuality without compromising one's education once workability purchase God's gifts and call simply blessing so have sex all you want to limit that's just a blessing.

Cool have added enjoy the gift you don't want the results of that killer is a blessing. Listen. Listen to what she says justice is this.

I want to thank all of you who protect this blessing. Who do this work every day.

The healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, technicians, receptionist who put their lives on the line to care for others.

You are heroes in my eyes you are saints. The escorts and the activists the lobbyists and the clinic defenders. All of you. You're engaged holy work friends at sick that's sick.

This is a church leader a lesbian feminist church leader quote married to her partner for president, Dean of Episcopal seminary now appointed as the leader of a national abortion organization calls abortion a blessing abortion providers and their helpers saints and sinners which are doing is holy work you talk about calling evil good, you talk about calling darkness light that's exactly with that his friends that's Jezebel. That's the spirit.

Jezebel if you don't have Jezebel's worth America yet. Get the book. Please read it. It'll open your eyes and then you can be part of the solution. Pushing back against these ugly demonic forces and doing what's right what's good if you read Jezebel must post a review on

Let others know they can find out as well. Time goes. Jezebel revival and awakening the church bring her down her plan and Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown raising our voices. We will keep speaking out by God's grace, I will continue to be your voice, moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution speaking the truth in love, not water down, not compromised, but with grace, hopefully reflecting the heart and mind of our Savior were glad to do this but we need your help. Pray with us, support us stand with us dryness on patriot on help us keep live streaming on Facebook and YouTube patriot Dr. Brown ASCII dear Brown, just $10 more per month makes your patron partner gets you two bonus videos a week and helps us reach many people.

So we share in this work together 866-34-TRUTH before talk about immigration reform all and some news about the Boy Scouts and the Dennis Prager movie no safe spaces want take some calls will start in Richmond, Virginia, blessing welcome to the line of fire. So I was wondering and reading the Bible for a while until recently went quote me at I should not end time reading the NIV decries. Scripture and quotes from G that I ripped out so he basically told her that I should be focused on the KJV, but my whole thing is I don't really understand the KJV and I want to be reading the Bible and not you know being able to understand it now is wondering which version of the Bible.

Do you think I should be focused on KJV or the NIV gray question so first thing. Don't worry about what he said what he said is false and incorrect based on lack of knowledge. Okay, he may have meant well, but it's based on lack of knowledge we actually have more texts now than the translators did in the days of the KJV we have better understanding of the Greek language than the translators did during the days of the KJV and better understanding of the Hebrew language in the translators did in the KJV and if you read the preface to the KJV by the translators.

They expect explained that their whole purpose was to have a Bible in the language of the people. So the last thing they would want is for people to be reading it several hundred years later when the language change so much, and we use expressions like the and thou, and in different words have different meanings. You know, for example, you rebuy the meal offering a or a meat offering in the King James is not time out and meet some other grain bots confusing is not the fault of the translators is the English language has changed so by all means don't trouble yourself with that if you gonna read something like the King James, there's the new King James version of the modern English version that follows similar texts, but no modern Bible, NIV new King James NASB CS given them there so so so many ESV, none of them are tearing out the words of Jesus or deleting them.

There simply questions about which text is the most accurate words we have over 5000 ancient Greek manuscripts containing different parts of the Old Testament, some containing all excuse me, of New Testament, some containing all of it most containing parts of it right and between them. Scholars try to decide which is the most accurate in the earliest and and if there's a dispute normally in the footnote to your Bible. It'll say so it'll say you know some text for some manuscripts read this or that so no one is tearing versus out for scholars are looking and trying to determine which is the most accurate ivory the NIV for many many years are preached at the NIV for many many years to memorize thousands of verses of the King James Bible is not a single doctrine that's at stake by reading one translation versus another. It's just simply not true and you don't even need to trouble herself because it got earned about the fact that Peter named and stripped out of the NIV@it's not ripped out economic data.

No, not gratified so negative is not mentioned know it's not ripped idols made in God instead of cheater you know and it blank who now got anybody rights as of the first thing is you know who it is because your reading the whole book is no ambiguity right in the Richard Ray reading it and you know exactly who it is no and snow and struck it.

It's a complete lie is a complete lie. The translators in front upon the name of Jesus I the scholars involved love Jesus. They love the word of God. They devote decades to learning the languages they pray they do their best to have the most accurate translation to help readers understand book, the Bible says don't add and don't take away I could say all the King James adds things it's adding to the Bible you know and neither one is true there just dealing with the texts that they have and that's why if you look at the NIV or the ESV or the CSP or the NASB, so many modern translations done by God-fearing Jesus loving people you'll find that they dulled the resistance a sandwich just right, of which Greek text. Your reading from, but nothing is lost want to tell you as as a scholar in this field us over the PhD and near Eastern languages and literatures from New York University and of written commentaries on books of the Bible and translated good sections of the Bible what your friend is telling you is completely misguided, is based on and when I finally ended with a complete stranger. I would gladly have a large amount we started and I thought it was someone guide you know I did not like at a moment for me. I got hurt in a communist applicant NIV out notice man I met him at the laundromat and athlete all to be reading and you should be reading the KJV and he referenced me to a couple videos on YouTube and I like it EL. The authors you got on it rewriting you know different regular Bible and it was just a talking elk.

It's really that it's all complete myth and and why is it that the NIV of for years now. Has this been the most read version of the Bible in English God certainly didn't punish the ones involved and I know some of the scholars involved with the NIV and the ESV and they're doing great there. Bless their thriving God's hand is on their lives is not a problem at end. Here's the other thing would've totally expose the sky as if you said to him, all will I have a hard time with the English how, but if I read the new King James version. He said no no no no don't do that you have to read even though the new King James all the verses that he's pointing out, though, read the same in the new King James is in the King James right in other words, it we say this is missing or it won't be missing in the new King James, but the KJV only fanatics don't want you to read the new King James or the MEP. The modern English version, which is also following in the tradition of the King James they think the King James is uniquely inspired and when I've see if you can imagine this one here about the suction. If you show them where the King James has an error right that the Hebrews says this in the King James says something else or the Greek says this in the King James says something else with Josť Josť, all that's an error in the Hebrew or the Greek art is there's an error in God's original word, not the translation, and then you ask wanted all the English speakers do before there was a King James Bible and then what all the people do and all the other languages of the world that don't speak English.

The don't have the King James Bible medicals on a lot here let's give one example. 10 Commandments was a can James say thou shalt not what's a work area not murder care right.

Thou shalt not kill. But the Hebrews located sock. Thou shalt not murder, you shall not murder. When you read the King James psych while don't kill this that mean you can't kill an animal for food. Does that mean the death penalty is wrong.

Does that mean that if you're in war and in someone's about severely terrorist about to blow your build up you can't kill them no means don't murder, so that's a classic example.

It may have been clearer in the days of the King James but since then.

For centuries it's been unclear. So the correct translation is, you shall not murder.

So the King James all its beauty and majesty is far from perfect translation and you just need to dismiss this as a good little learning experience and and I can give you book after book refuting with the sky, said in video after video refuting it, but suffice it to say what you been reading is good and fine growing it.

Be blessed in it. Other modernist translations will be fought or the new King James is fun, but don't trouble at all.

God wants you to understand his word and there plenty of modern translations that will help you do it all right are you are you are very welcome. All right, so good to talk to bless and be blessed is a sweet 70 my blessing is gonna be hard to got to be hard to be like mean or nasty or disobedient to mom ninja blessing for reason. All right, thank you for blessing us with your question. 866-34-TRUTH will get back to some calls on the other side of the break, but first you look at immigration reform. One quick announcement, Boy Scouts, the been heading in a steadily wrong direction for some years now they've allowed openly gay Boy Scouts to serve which is unfair to the other boys than they want to openly gay Boy Scout leaders and and then they started bidding transgender boy so girl who identifies as a boy, so call transgender boy you think will. How is it fair to all the other boys and Boy Scouts doing what they do want now major lawsuit representing what almost 8000 alleged victims.

So boys were sexually abused by men.

So now you open up to other Gabe were older gay boys with their gay boys and you open it up to gay scout leaders so they been they've been hemorrhaging members and money. Now a new headline reports that they can have to sell there, crown jewel property they're losing so much money that they're having to do that as well listen I don't wish evil to the Boy Scout solution to the right deal with this righteously with these losses are at lip placement organization slightly. People know many better things.

I will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown by the way we we pulled out from last Friday show segment entitled Dr. Brown blesses bishops want if you were following some of the interaction developments there may be miss the show on Friday. It's reposting an enlistee takes minimum offer to come on my show or have me on his every kind of show he has or is happy.

Speak to me privately, as were giving them private contact info then basically were redone to move on and wish him the best and the fullness of God's grace and love. But if you missed it. We posted it on our YouTube channel.

Ask Dr. Brown asking your brown all right before we go to more of your phone calls. Let's take a look at this a proposal from evangelical leaders on immigration. Immigration reform you know that I don't speak about this a lot. Not because it's not important everyone. It's not an area of expertise that I have only focus on so many things and so I listen to others and try to learn from others and number 200 was waiting for some more major statements that we could then interact with it and now now we have one and it does line up with some of my own thoughts. The few times I've given suggestions because I just don't feel qualified to really weigh in with all of the intricacies and end the that the issue of law and order and security in righteousness and in the issues of compassion and kindness in and restoration of so how does this how does this all work so let's take a look at this. All right evangelical call for restitution based immigration reform it's been signed on widely with Hispanic Christian leaders, various sectors of the body different major evangelical denominations have signed onto this and it says this. The problem with our broken immigration system have grown the problems of growing of less 30+ years to the point that we have millions of immigrants present unlawfully, most of whom are been here more than a decade with millions of US citizen children and others who were brought here as children recognize that past attempts to solve this growing nationalism have failed only causing more division suspicion of our country, we support solutions that encompass the following goals and that all of the rule of law while addressing the economic, moral, humanitarian and security issues arising from this problem in the fairway as evangelical Christians are approached immigration policies driven by biblical principles. We believe that each person is made in God's image and so should be treated humanely.

The gutters within the rule of civil government, including the responsibility to protect the safety of citizens maintain order and respect the rule of law which is diminished when laws are violated without consequence that because God created the family unit government should not violate the unity of the family except in the rare Pfister circumstances that God is concerned with the well-being of those were vulnerable, including the RFID the wood on the farm and it is appropriate for citizens to encourage your government to treat these rollable groups with fairness and compassion of God delights in redemption when those who have violated the law or able to be restored so they put forth 55 principles of right and here's here's with replicating one we support solutions to the problem of immigrants being in our country illegally, that strengthen the rule of law will making both the law and its enforcement more responsive to our needs and values so let's be sure we are proper laws that are properly enforced. But in a righteous and fairway to recognize that the law has many cases not work well has been consistently enforced and has been violated both by the immigrants present without authorization by the employers who employ them without authorization. So we have laws on the books but there's been abuse of the laws they haven't been consistently followed and there's been a lot of breaking the rules. Three. We support a process of restitution not amnesty were violation of laws admitted to and significant fines, penalties are paid by immigrants in installments. A repeat of seven years, who came illegally or overstated visa as adults. The intra-pathway. The legal permanent residency if qualifications are met. Immigrants were brought US unlawfully or overstated visa's children. Dreamers would go through a process where they can get onto a pathway to legal permanent residency if qualifications are met and obviously a lot of this has to be flushed out what exactly this means saying you have you have three choices. One, you here illegally.

Doesn't matter what, where, how, when circumstances or material you here illegally out children of illegal immigrants out right so just mass deportations and the subject that's one option. Option two amnesty hey, whatever happened, happened. You're here stay here right, option three, restitution with a pathway to citizenship. That's what's being proposed here. If you here illegally that if you object that you're here illegally in a criminal background right here illegally and on top of that you engage in criminal activity will hear your out that that's entirely different subject, but is the person that maybe worked on your house or is a member of your church's a member of the church and here illegally a wall. They're here now try get on with life and they got some baggage all right, so I deal with it right so if you're going to stay, then you have to jump through certain hoops you came here illegally that I have to jump through certain hoops and you have to pay these finds and erodes it's it's recognizing I did wrong and now say now say okay this is the path for this is this is how would you remove forward and the same with children that are the so-called dreamers that there's a path for you and you can get than legal permanent resident residence for. We encourage fairness to taxpayers by requiring that all immigrants be self-sufficient work, pay taxes and be productive or being families and households that are doing so right, so it's it's not a matter of you just hear what you pay for you and some of the radical Democratic proposals. Some of the candidates that all illegal aliens are undocumented alien immigrants that are here at whatever term you want to use that that they get initial get free healthcare.

We should be paying for the say no, no, no. If you be here that you have to be productive in song. All right five. We encourage your government established a secure border and an efficient and orderly process of immigration so we have a current problem.

Let's address that and then let's do better to stop this problem from arising. Now again I'm no expert on this but just based on my general thinking, all right it it does it does make sense to me many ways, it seems right so love your feedback on that 866-34-TRUTH. If you would like to which which few thought after reading something at the talk you like to join in mystic, which trolling our YouTube channel. What you know. Hey, you talk about Jezebel which is in the mystic, which is good come out of the woodwork so mystic which you live. Your real name is, may you come to know the Lord. May you find repentance new life forgiveness. You come to hate the darkness, and love the life you recognize that on Satan side, there is only darkness, deception, destruction, but on God side, there is life, and a blessing. All right, of yeah call in present your position. Beloved, I just will warn you get a lot of people praying for you. If you do right back to the phones. Let's go to Bill in Rhode Island. Thanks for calling the line of fire by Dr. Brian Lowe.

First, I wanted go ahead. No, you go ahead so I'm in relatively new Christian, as far as in the word so I hope this doesn't sound like an ignorant question, but with the assumption that we arose from Adam and Eve, and when I say we I mean mankind and obviously vent. Therefore, one God, believe you have any explanation or do you have any thoughts as to why the most ancient written languages describe poly polytheism rather than monotheism and business point to the possibility that monotheism evolved will for sure by the time you have various languages. The world is deep steeped in idolatry even just from a biblical viewpoint you don't have the various languages until the Tower of Babel in Genesis the 11th chapter right so you got the scattering of the nations in the times before Abraham and we know that there languages that date back to before Abraham and you have multiple languages ready right so mean you have ancient languages like Samarian ancient languages like Egyptian ancient languages like Chinese and you know there they go way way way back. No Samarian maybe Egyptian being some of the very oldest. So anyway, by the time you have multiple languages. Mankind is been steeped in polytheism for long periods of time. So that's exactly what you would expect, so what you have is we would understand it scripturally is the fall away from monotheism into polytheism, which would be in keeping with Romans one right that the human race knew God but refused to glorify him as God, and then begin to worship created sayings more than the creator. So now you have a degeneration from monotheism into polytheism degeneration from the one into the other and then God begins to reveal himself in a more clear and systematic way through Abraham and his descendents, which now brings a monotheistic faith to the world. But remember at the Exodus that Moses cries out who is like you among the gods of Lord so there was a belief that there were these other powers and beings, but there was only one who is truly God. So obviously fallen Angels demonic beings were being worshiped as gods by the peoples of the world and and the Bible say no, no, there's only one who's really God, these others are not gods at all and then you know by the time you get to say I book of Isaiah before the exile, and then with Revelation for after the exile. It's proclaiming in the loftiest terms imaginable. The uniqueness of the one and only God but first you have a descent into polytheism and the calling out of polytheism, through the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and ultimately through Jesus to the whole world so you believe that ultimately that message of monotheism was lost for a time and that's why it does not show up in recorded history correct yet absolute before you had recorded history. It was long-lost ready right by the time you have recorded history.

You absolutely have worship of other gods and yet that's exactly what I would expect based on the biblical record that by the time you have any recorded history. You have a mama that you have a polytheistic world you have belief in demon spirits all different kinds of things. Adam is often said that in Romans one as I said. Verse 18 to the Bill. Thank you for the quote request. If the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for back just want to draw your attention to this. So Dennis Prager's been working on a movie without no safe spaces and it's talking about the suppression of free speech on campus is the thus sensitive the hypersensitive culture ring. Now where you can't express certain of that. I feel unsafe I feel threatened in this. It's amazing what makes people feel's unsafe and threatened so no safe spaces, important movies I haven't seen it yet but have the utmost respect for Dennis Prager's work, so check this out. Rotten Tomatoes so this is the famous movie website where you get people voting and giving their viewpoint on something and then you have critics votes so you get you get a a an overview of comparison so so just look at this right viewer audience rating so 450 ratings so far as a lot of ratings but 99% positive rating a minute that is really really high among looking at a bunch on the same site on the left of the screen of frozen to that.

I guess people seem to prefer it opens 83% rating beautiful days.

Something 96% 20 bridges 47% from critics okay critics only 11 and so forth 45%. So that's there that's that's how bad they think the movie is right. People watching it 99%. Could that expose the very thing were talking about that many of the critics are coming from this hyper liberal politically correct mindset which the movie seeks to expose to the viewers. Loving it. The critics are living in their own bubble not loving be interesting to follow this all right back to the phones of we go to Estonia Britt walking to the line of fire. Thank you also agree to be talking to you and I just rose I was reading your book grappling with holy fire and I must bear completed with one of the most honest and best books I've ever read.

Thank you, thank you so so you are you are in Estonia is a correct I'm in Estonia I'm in Estonia I'm Estonia and married to a Brazilian class and you lied. Sometimes sometimes we get calls from folks in different parts of the world, but the not native born's of the moment I heard your accent. I wanted to ask was thank you so much for for listening and and tuning in from Estonia means a lot to thank you for the kind words about the book now absolutely outmigration world about this. The Isabella right now to sign up and I must really say that whatever happens in the state. The really translates over here do we completed social justice movements and the new BG DQ movement and everything. But much like will be based. When it starts. It's always like coming here to after one and I want to address current considering about them the authority to the church and the authority to push back against his guns. And what's happening right now in sight of. We have a teaching like going around that it's collecting them now teaching that means like that the church should have like absolute authority when when a company who in a society, and so on.

And often times that it's talked about the tournaments undergo legal, who was very improvement influential and that and even the merit elected in Chicago back then when wind the church and give approval and so on. So my question is should deputy standard, but the church is like to pursuing your oriented like biblical like that the farthest apart of the church. Go in society ignited real insight in the right kingdom now is not the biblical concept and John Alexander doubt would be the wrong example to use because at the end of his life, he proclaimed himself to be Elijah the prophet she went off the deep, and I believe he died a believer but as a very deceived man the city Zion that he built even though many good things came out of it.

Many believers came out of it. You cannot establish a theocracy on the earth.

You cannot establish that until Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom. We do not have authority over the will of people. The early Christians did not have authority over the Roman Empire or the Roman Emperor or the laws of the day they were persecuted they were hated they were beheaded and and this went on for centuries. And then when Constantine became a Christian seems to be a genuine conversion and then sought to Christianize Rome. That's where you have much more corruption coming in. That's where the church begins to persecute others. We do not have authority over other people's wills, we will not see a perfect world, until Jesus returns. He says plainly that the wheat and the tares will remain until the end.

The harvest is the end of the agents like a big net that catches both good fish and bad fish. When Jesus returns.

Second Thessalonians 2. He's going to destroy the wicked with the breath of his mouth.

The book of Revelation makes clear that through this age until the end there will be darkness, along with light in the be a battle until he comes.

We have authority in the realm of the spirit we have authority over demons. We can cry out to God to move and act. But, for example, the, the church in China is five is a persecuted church and Jesus said, will be persecuted in this world will be hated the way he was. Paul said all those who live godly lives in Messiah Jesus will be persecuted so we do not take over governments. We do not take over societies we serve.

We go the way of the cross until Jesus comes.

And then he sets up his throne, and kingdom. We sent in the way that we grow as we pray for those in leadership to become converted when they become converted building govern righteously instead of unrighteously. We pray for godly people to be elected or to come into power and in a situation like communism, the church continues to pray and stand until the bamboo curtain falls and and God brings more liberty and freedom you have. These battles right until Jesus returns so we can spiritually take land we can believe for transformation in our college campuses. We can believe for God to bring righteousness in our government.

We can work in our community walk one block at a time, one household. The time seeking to lead people to the Lord. That's how change comes but not by Dominion's and were taking over. It's a dangerous error and then whoever takes over as another human being still flawed still fallen and there can end up doing more harm than good. So say in America we want to see more godly justices appointed. We want to see more godly people running for office.

We we want to see it up a mess disappointed in the courts. We want to see godless college professors be exposed for their for their ridiculous ideologies and have better ideas promoting those we don't give up the world we infiltrate we make an impact. We serve in the midst of it, but will will never take over Jesus will come and take over.

Let me ask you this. What's the population of Estonia grab population 1.3 million 1.3 million and you know the percentage of evangelical Christians in your country basically dictates about like 1%] about 1% and so American media and culture is a great impact on your culture so that the movies and TV shows social media audience like that they the influence Estonia right that's why tell company yeah that's why tell people it's so important that that we stand for truth and righteousness here in American pushback against the darkness.

Because what happens in America affects the whole world. So the key thing Britt when you have of this tiny percentage of the population as believers. The key thing is to really cultivate spiritual awakening in your own midst to push back against these ideologies in your own families as you educate your children and then to seek to be salt and light to expose this as you can whatever voice you can to show that these ways are destructive and harmful that God's ways or better and then to pray against these demonic forces that that the kingdom of God would advance and then you evangelize. So you get your ideas out receipts when the lost.

You pray you fast and you can see major change come to your country revolutionary change through the gospel and then that will affect other areas of society.

That's how it's gonna happen and will always can be is awesomely a battle between light and darkness until Jesus returns. Alright, so I hope that's helpful and encouraging thing is we live in the light of eternity serving every soul saved is an eternal breakthrough every every heart change is an eternal breakthrough and we are being formed and fashioned to be more like Jesus in the crucible of this difficult world. So you have an amazing opportunity there planted by God to shine the light in a dark place, and many will hear, and many will be changed and what your country makes a major shift or not.

Your life can bear much fruit. Alright, thank you so much book around it was really good answer and back and I'm so honored of a good document back at the discretion of certain it's our honor to have you as a listener, thank you for calling and may the Lord pry the spirit in Estonia right Brian in Texas. I want to get shot before were done we had got barely a minute what your questions are where you're going. Yeah," the local quickly minute of the course, it was the one complete eclectic that I think it would be deleted to be terrible: phone call that would keep track of a good but not productive potential correct guided bank board about the need to move it in whatever Gerd grinned at all. The miracle worker. Acute but without new product or the Arctic spiritual practicum waited complete caulking go there got yet they don't fight back. I got something you can't fight back.

To send those little care. Leftists will carefully care about care stand against stand for justice and false accusations doesn't help anybody. Let's work together with the mystic, which, if you have a conversation.


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