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The Ruach in the Torah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 9, 2022 4:30 pm

The Ruach in the Torah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 9, 2022 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/09/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what can the tollroad teach us about God's rule, spirit for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice and spiritual clarity. Three for truth to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Hey, for all of my Jewish listeners who do not yet believe that Jesus issue is our Messiah. I'm so glad you're here. So glad your listening watching.

If we can be of help to you.

Please contact us right through the website* can call in anonymously. You don't have to give location if it's important for you to be secretive about things. Understand that's the case, sometimes also if you've not been to our Jewish website.

The real Messiah. Take some time to go there explore the contents everything on the site is free from debates I've had with rabbis to answers to standard objections to videos refuting counter missionaries, etc. the real or simply real Check it out all right. Do you have a Jewish related question for me of any kind related to the Hebrew Bible, the Hebrew language related to messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament things having to do with Jewish history or tradition, or with the modern state of Israel to get a Jewish related question. All all of those anything in the above list.

Give me a call 866-348-7884 a few months ago I wrote an article for a scholarly journal called pneuma. It is the journal with Pentecostal charismatic scholarship in the forefront and there was a special issue that was being put out that was dealing with the Holy Spirit in the Bible. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and I was asked to write an article on the Holy Spirit in the Torah. Now it was cowritten, so I wrote everything except for numbers 11. Then another professor just did numbers 11 so I looked it.

Everything else, but it's it's always fascinating to look at one particular word. One particular concept and to step back and get a broader overview.

Now you may know this. Many of you know this that both the Hebrew and Greek words for spirit can also mean breath or wind so it's all depending on the context right so rule walk in Hebrew pneuma in Greek.

They but they both can mean spirit. They both came in wind. They both mean breath and you can see how the concepts are associated right. For example, human human breath. You can blow like the wind blows and they're both invisible but they have their tangible effect or the spirit that animates a human being that's on the spiritual side but then the breath animates on the physical side so someone breeze their last breath. You can also see their spirit with their bodies. You think in the end of John's gospel that Jesus breeze on his tall medium on his disciples and says receive the Holy Spirit right which meant either right then they did in them what happened at Pentecost was it an outward manifestation of that or that this was the deposit for what would happen a shovel at Pentecost of you think of asked to the Holy Spirit does come he comes with the sound of a blowing violent wind you think of Ezekiel's Valley of the dry bones vision.

There is no breath/spirit in the people, so he prophesies to the wind so that there will be breath/spirit within them, so he prophesies to the rule walk will be rule walk within to see other concepts overlap so within the Hebrew Bible of the noun rule walk occurs 378 times in an additional 11 times in the Aramaic portions of Daniel within the charter of the Pentateuch, it occurs. A total of 38 times so not that heavily referenced within the Torah as opposed to other words that occur disproportionately highly in the Torah, then here's a breakdown, it means breath five times. Sometimes you get you always breath that is the blowing wind. Same thing then spirit either meaning the human spirit of the divine spirit distinguished from breath that's 27 times. All right, so these are these are key passages in which of the word occurs in the Torah one Genesis 1 to this is right at the beginning right. So after the verse one then you can traverse to the rock Elohim or 1/2 it up and I have my and the rock of God fluttering hovering over the face of the deep. Now there are scholars you find it in city new GPS translation and certain more more liberal translations. You often find the wind of God's was the wind of God, blowing hovering over the deep. The problem with that is that every other time in the Torah that rock Elohim is found. It always means the spirit of God, not the wind of God. Every time rock Elohim is found in the rest of the Bible. The rest of the Hebrew Bible. It never means the wind of God, but the spirit of God, so this would seem to point to the spirits active role in the creation there some later Jewish traditions that say that that represents the spirit of the Messiah, but those are just later traditions in Genesis the sixth chapter God says to know that his rule walk will not contend with man any longer, or dwell with men in the longer there's a real debate about the Hebrew verb. There is with is a limitation. There's a stopping point essays will be hundred 20 years. Does that mean, how long before the flood or the lives will be shortly after that debate about those passages and concepts as well. But what's what's really interesting. It is you have verses like God's rule, walk when it when God blows on on the sea right in Exodus 15 and ended its Moses is singing a Psalm of of thanksgiving to the Lord after the parting of the seas of the joys can come through it that his breath blows on his that's is wind and it's divides the sea so you have that demonstration of his power, but elsewhere you have people who are equipped by the rule right like like you have those that were going to build the tabernacle. They were specially gifted by God, so that Moses could describe everything and they had the spiritual insight is located. Here's what he saying here so he's depicting it and we make it like that takes a special gift.

They were equipped by the rule law to do that and and Joseph had to rule walk on him. That's how he was able to interpret dreams and give wisdom to Farrell. These are some of the references to God's rock in the Hebrew Bible, so rock Elohim occurs in the in the Old Testament total of 16 times as I said, every, so Genesis 128 clearly speaking out of the breath or the wind of God but of the spirit of God, something where he is actively leaving something where he is actively equipping something or he is actively enabling and if you look through the rest of the Old Testament with God's rock get a preview for everything in the New Testament in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I get into this and some death because in Judaism the rock is not a person or personality. Rock is just a manifestation or aspect of God's power and being but when you when you go through the verses about the rock in the Old Testament the rock is teaching. The rock is leaving the rule walk is speaking and you have some hints of that are ready in the Torah.

The New Testament just takes it now to its logical conclusion as the rock is is made known more powerfully right so you have as we note elsewhere in the Old Testament the phrase refers consistently to the divine spirit that empowers and energizes individuals. So God fills, but Saul L with the spirit of God, the Spirit of God comes on bail him. That's how he speaks when he speaks and then numbers the 11th chapter. It's a fascinating passage. It's the one were rule walk occurs the most in the Torah.

So Moses is just worn out and burden he's been equipped by God he's been anointed by God he's been graced by God to do these doing but he's worn out and burdened to God's is right. Get 70 of the elders of Israel and give-and-take from the spirit. The raw con you put on them that the debt diminished the spirit almost the answer to that is does it diminish a candle when when you light other. This diminish the light of the candle when you light other candles with you. Like the other week so that the chemicals were negative. While it burned out more. That's that's at issue is the illustration right that you can spread the fire without losing the quality of your own fire so this because the spirit is infinite.

So the spirit God takes the spirit of Psalm Moses, through Moses, and he puts it on the 70 elders. What happens, they begin to prophesy is the most common thing that happens when the spirit comes on someone they speak.

Isaiah 61 what is the prophet say rock a denial Elohim alive the spirit of the Lord God is on the llama shock of the night OT the bus there on IV because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the meek Jesus quotes that takes on himself and for he's anointed me to speak. The Holy Spirit comes on the hundred 20 in acts two and they speak new languages.

The Holy Spirit comes on the believers in Ephesus that Paul lays hands on and they prophesy and speak in tongues. Personally, I do not believe that the only outward manifestation of the baptism of the spirit of the empowering of the spirit. The speaking tongue sources is a Pentecostal charismatic. I believe it's the most common and again it is common when the Holy Spirit comes on someone they speak in here they speak this new language. The language you could say of the kingdom, the language of heaven so it's very very interesting there in numbers 11, one last point, there are two of the men who were not in the camp like it was supposed to be. They were prophesying L that made it, and Josh was upset and he says Moses Scioscia for the mop because there'll told me the camp. If there were the captains. Still, the spirit fell on them and most of you jealous of my behalf is I wish that all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would pretty spirit on all of the that the sense has been realized to the outpouring Spirit on all flesh that is sense has been realized by the spirit coming within the body.

The accuracy of the church as a whole that is been realized. To some extent where all of God's people at a certain level are prophets not not meeting an Old Testament prophet, but meaning the spirit works through us and we can declare God's word God's truth to the world are just a few insights about rock and the tour will come back and start taking your calls, 866-3487 84 is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 487 84 disclosure question is Jewish related happily take it on the Thursday with the store with Jonathan in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to the modifier.macaw was kind of wondered I saw Dr. Merrick on history Channel about while the question is the Hebrew prayer is realized migration from Italy's.

That be you or Descartes. Our goods are a cognate but fire that no one there. Here's the connection. The this is sorry and people were people group like any other rights through interaction with Jewish exiles then according to the story. The king converted and converted his empire with them so that that group of people became Jews became part of the larger Jewish people.

So their origins are like any other origin was non-Jewish non-Israelite just Gentiles gleam people of the nations through conversion and it is the same as the numbers were that that large through conversion they became Jews became incorporated in the larger Jewish people. The myth is that today's Jews are not really Jews their descendents of the house or Empire.

That's a complete myth. This would have been like that, let's let's try it. Jonathan, let's just say you've got, you got a giant cup of milk and you, you poor couple spoonfuls of water in it. It's still a cup of milk that would be the same, the Jewish population worldwide, and the because our people that converted became part of the larger Jewish people worldwide are organic. They were arty Asiatic LabVIEW. Yet it were, yet are okay my Arctic. I don't know.Wernick matter. Not yet, not not far not far east for sure download it. Amanda, the land of current. You are in an ugly diet.

I have, I did do Internet search and Alanna current my view that and apparently was real because there is some location somewhere near China and our Western China and yet when I caught an entry I'm just I've never really heard confusion about this was if you just type in where this is ours. This is his eyes were Turkic one people originated in central Asia, so as not to say they were there were no Asiatic in terms of the far east.

This essential Asia early Turkic tribes were quite diverse, etc. it was believes that reddish hair was predominant among them prior to the Mongol conquests.

Yes, so it in any case, central Asian people that many of them then converted to Judaism and became part of the Jewish people just like many people from around the world. Different nations of the effective white Jews like me means that many whites converted to Judaism. Effective black use means that box converted because the researchers want black work wife of the only reference we have though to be early second century in early Christian literature was a contrast between the Germans were white Ethiopians were black and the Jews were like lighter brown skin and it in a case that is ours just became part of the larger Jewish people, but they wouldn't central Asian turkey people.

Hey thank you sir for the question. I appreciated 86634 let's go to Ada in Kentucky welcomes the line of fire. Now hi Army in Vietnam.) Now, in fact, no hyperlink in completely following rather hope you how I act on our associate of this. It's a real shame she's fallen into serious deception you some helpful things health-conscious number one this… Thing is the no hug religion but there is Jewish tradition that says that God gave seven laws to Adam and Noah so 6/7 to Noah, and that these are the laws for the Gentile nations right Jewish people God requires them to keep the 613 commandments of the Torah is understood by Jewish tradition, but everybody else to be righteous. They just have to keep the seven most of Noah, which are laws against blasphemy and and cursing God, excuse me, idolatry, blasphemy, theft, murder, adultery, or even a limb of of a living animal, and the commitment to establish courts of justice… According to Drew Street if you can find a little of that in the Bible, but much of his Jewish tradition. So theoretically, for Gentile lives by those things in their righteous in God's sight. They don't have to keep the seventh day Sabbath of the dietary laws and things like that so that's that's all that it teaches a totally single unfortunately is an aggressive counter missionary who, decades ago when we debated and knew each other.

His goal was to pull Jews away from Jesus and to to help them become traditional Jews a certain point, he shifted what he still did that, he aggressively began to tech Christians in general and say would you believe he is a lie and you're guilty of idolatry and Jesus is not the Messiah, and because most Christians are exposed to the Sgt. Summit. We answered a musical.

He's refused to debate me now for roughly 30 years and we have series of videos come out demolishing his materialism is just as full of error. Often deceptive in his presentation, meaning he doesn't tell you the answer to his objection, even though he knows it.

So we've been putting out materials to refute his errors in this information for many years now and my door remains open to debate.

Many times this refused since her list of items through yourself in any case, what's happening is all the answers have been there but some of your sister here. She she has heard these things, stop believing that Jesus could be the Messiah. Now please. Okay. Just follow these seven will so she does not have a spiritually rich life of someone walking in intimacy with God and knowing the reality of forgiveness of sins through the cross.

That's the some part of her life right now and and she is in danger. The good news is if she's a seeker she's honest we can show her how wrong Toby is materials are right in and then it might get her thinking and looking again. So for example if if you go to a Jewish website rate real I'm typing this week as we talk to so I can guide you there as as we go so real and then as you scroll down you'll see answering the rabbis right answering the rabbis and they are specifically the ones we been posting or video after video, specifically refuting Toby Singer okay and when she starts to watch these maybe say can we watch these together. Hopefully it'll open her eyes.

The other thing if you scroll right beneath that full length debates so she can watch me debate. Rabbis listen to my old debate with Rabbi Singer.

There and maybe when she gets another perspective. Maybe when she begins to realize while I've been misled by this Rabbi. It can get her to reconsider her beliefs about who Jesus Yeshua really is so and then if questions come up. You can always write to us. We can do our best to help guide you in the midst of this okay after his daughter and the worship leader for years and she had a very clear at night at night and left a year that caused the current way that I appreciate your information and I'll get you all are real I'm sorry I was paying attention to the subject about the relation so your niece of course evincing your sister okay last point based on what you described that her background that is certain point she got interested in Jewish background. Jewish roots of the faith.

Something daughter over into a messianic community at that point she may have started to get confused about her own spiritual identity. She might have tried to take on Jewish roots or Jewish identity etc. but I've seen this for decades. The whole process when a Gentile Christian or Jewish believers as I get the more Jewish event. We were Jewish. They get pulled into that and that becomes a primary identity. This is the process it will fascinate stimulate complicate suffocate and and this is so was happening to her, as happened to many, it ends up being the path to apostasy as opposed to a healthy appreciation of the Jewish roots of the faith which then enhance our relationship with Jesus. Yeshua so real. and then scroll down to answering the rabbis and see if she will watch these and say got nothing to hide here are some of the debate, Rabbi Singer any day and is to bathe them in the past. Check these out that that undermined her confidence in the future. This Rabbi which should be undermined should be under one absolutely, and then from there, hopefully she can find a way back to the Lord by the Lord have mercy, and bring her back, and may the Lord hear your prayers for your niece and her family's prayers as well. 86634 trees all right were going to Israel next right after the break.

RN you are up next. Look forward to talking with you if you get a Jewish related question now is the time to call 866-3487 80 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown early. Now if my emails, you would know that we are premiering a brand-new video today. We put a lot of work effort into each of these is on the truth about blood atonement right interact with counter missionary Rabbi Toby Singer and show the fallacies of his position based on the Bible so I didn't get the email all the get on the email list so take a second now and sign up right this take a second and let you drive through driving wait to have the opportunity to get along what you can do that quickly asked Dr. SK dear could dishonor for the emails. Put your first name last name email just to put your address great to that but your first name, last name, email ZIP Codes a week can let you know if I'm in your area and then a set you'll get notified every new video we put out once a week will tell you here the list for five articles. We put out his with thereon so you just stay stay abreast of things with a brand-new resource you want to know about whom you will know were we are making plans gobbling to have matured Israel next year after not being able go a couple years to scope it so you'll know about that you will miss anything. If you miss a broadcast you won't miss an announcement so take a minute do that when you do will share more about my background testimony close to the PhD all of that and our ministry can serve you the resources we have for your right to do that today at asked Dr. Brown SK dear will suit your free many e-book how to pray for America. Okay let us go to RN in Israel. Thank you so much for Colorado hello, thank you very much great to talk to the ground some background before I asked my question, yes oh yes Phil, I'm a born again to from Israel.

Five years ago and just fail.

Find out from the beginning of the food you materials and got tremendous encouragement and knowledge which was very helpful for me, especially in Jewish issues and no tradition like that. So thank you very much for your offer. My ministry and got my joy, my choice or so might you know you probably know and make billions could know as well that in Israel. We have like organization like one for Israel by God that are trying to bring the gospel to his many Jews as possible.

Israel and there be doing wonderful job and I'm really like. I'm so grateful for them as well. They help me a lot but it's one thing bothers me and I was wondering what your take on that so they're not only defending the state like the faith in sure they're also doing offense regarding the oral law and it sometimes it could be very aggressive if you feel that the cleats that they published and it creates naturally quite an antagonism. Israel so people are really two policemen and you know view the arguments for Christ are a compelling. They're also attacking the validity of the oral law in a way that I think has never been done before in history, so there really showing the falcon older you know that the father left the fallacies and the income for the contradictions and for some people it's really sharp, even for religious people and I was wondering if your opinion is a good strategy that we should employ as believers also to be on the offense regarding the oral law. I hope my question is this loud and clear, sir, and it's something that I've interacted a lot with a ton more leading one freedom will we get together on on different projects, so we contracted on this quite a bit actually. So a few things. Volume 5 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Does this very thing, but with a different approach, mother was I raise very serious questions as to the validity of the oral law for the for our listeners and are familiar with this release and teaches at Mount Sinai. God gave Moses the written law as well as the oral law and the oral law fills in all the black some oversimplified universes don't work on the Sabbath you be put to death the oral law tells you will. This is how work is defined, etc. when you're to build the sukkah a booth this these are the dimensions is how you build sutra traditional Jew. They cannot possibly imagine observing the Torah following God without the oral law and to this day, the rabbis of the leaders of the community. The traditional rabbis who are giving the guidelines that should we be opening our yeshivas during culvert what so that they're looking to them as the current leaders and heirs of the oral tradition and then the fundamental documents with these written things like the Mishnah and the Talmud and the law codes, etc. so the oral law is absolute essential traditional Judaism. Just like you cannot have Christianity without Christ or messianic Judaism without a Messiah. You can have rabbinic Judaism without the rabbis you can have traditional Judaism without the tradition, so in volume 5. II systematically rebut the idea of an oral law going back to Moses on a show. Whites are scripturally accurate assure where Thompson contradicts Scripture assure it creates almost a new expression of the faith, that would be very different than the biblical faith."

A lot of Jewish scholars along the way. At the same time I do my best to be respectful, honoring the beauty in our traditions, recognizing how these traditions have helped keep our people together in a certain way. So even though why reject the authority don't attack them. The situation in America is different than the situation in Israel where messianic Jews, for example, are what I mean had less than 1/2 of 1% of the population and the traditional rabbis have as much control as they do so in that setting. I can understand being more aggressive in trying to expose the fallacies and to get people who are wavering really good traditional juice think like wait a second. There are contradictions here or there are issues here where we've had our conversations is they have looked at texts that they would say are misogynistic.

In other words demeaning to women or they look the text that they would say are a racist and I have to do going on The Gentiles and because of that, those things can be taken out of context and used to create anti-Semitism. So when you're within Israel Jew fighting Jew like a family argument you talk warmly within your own family right so you got it you can debate the accuracy of the videos the material you rabbis will debate that, but when you're having an in-house discussion or debate. You talk one way when you're talking to the general public. The rest of the world talk differently so in my book Christian anti-Semitism. I have a chapter called the truth about the Talmud and will I make absolutely clear. I'm not a traditional Jew. I reject the authority of the rabbis.

I reject the idea of an unbroken chain of oral tradition going back to Moses. The Talmud is often misquoted to make it look a certain way things taken out of context or just statements that are made because it is certainly so here in the West I'm fighting anti-Semitism Jew hatred and the anti-Semites always love to cook food curricula to Muslim websites that are attacking Jews and the little quote of the quote for the Talmud, I should say to try to make Jewish people at bed within Israel is a very different scene. There the control the authority of the traditional rabbis the corruption and hypocrisy that can be there in sectors of the population. The fact that your average Israeli is somewhat hostile to the ultra-Orthodox because you know there there subsidized and they don't fight military and so on and some of the leaders are perceived as corrupt. So within that environment. A Thomas felt it's important to have the splenic my input is to say expose what's wrong do your best. Though to be careful so as not to give fuel to the fire of anti-Semites and Jew haters. Do your best to be fair to the text and accurate in context so that things are treated right so that's that's my to understand. But if it's translated into English for America. We would leave certain things out and do it differently because it's different context within Israel. You need wisdom clearly and accurately: yeah, I'm sure that you mentioned there, I think very healthy like attitude, but the other side 50 feet. As a declaration of war. No, now that you cannot just know build mechanic to, you know, according to like? You know they have all the kind of fish is the attitude but now not only that the ark are causing damage to our faith and quality you know for them from their own perspective. A Jew that that that comes a believer in Jesus is like, and I thought you killed all the work they've been executing him right context very very prominent in Israel SI so I'm up now, let me say this though the declaration of war is not the issue to me because Morse declared I see. Maybe it was an exaggeration but very well, but it's all in what I write what I mean is we are ready them shall deem okay II know the way I've been hated and reviled a ton those the actual threats he gets to his own safety. Just because we are trying to lead Jewish people, sure, that's a declaration of war on the traditional community ever.

I remember I remember speaking in a messianic conference in Israel. Many years ago and protesters came outside the hotel. It was gated so they can come in, but they were shouting at us. They were holding and religious Jews holding up signs saying Hitler, one of our bodies.

You want our souls so directly and what atoll would say is that a lot of what they're doing is based on modern Israeli scholarship.

In other words, they are quoting Jewish scholars who are bringing many of these critiques in the academic world and old are doing is translating it for the general public with anything I say make sure the checks are being quoted and used accurately.

Listen to the critiques of the traditional Jews. Make sure everything's been quote used accurately give the larger picture so as not to give fuel to the fire.

The anti-Semites and then let's put the truth on the table and have healthy discussions both ways.

Hey Arn, if you haven't checked out the real Maasai website.

We put a lot of material together and just updated real and Sir, so glad that we've been part of your own journey in the Lord will bless you and the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown one who creates peace works peace in the heavens will do it on the earth. Your mother probably hear some of this music.

I just want to sit and rock you listen to it for a few minutes but with the show, 866-348-7884 that usually the questions will do her best to give you solid answers go back to the phones in one moment, but I want to thank all of you who are faithful contributors who are torchbearers who help us with a dollar a day or more per month supports on patriot on for five or $10 a month review periodically who pray for us. Thank you because you just heard testimony from Israel and the believer and was greatly helped and has been over the years, biomaterials are the ones that hold our hands up, as it is of working in writing every night, sometimes to the early hours of the morning with great joy in putting up new projects and working behind the scenes to equip believers in Israel.

More and more. Her materials are getting out in Hebrew in Israel to reach a Jewish audience, some without my name her face always taking it and getting it out. So thank you for your partnership. If you want to help us reach Jewish people with the good news. The Messiah said yeah I know it's important biblically unaware to give run the front lines. Ask Dr. Brown double-click on donate monthly support you can designated for Jewish outreach, or give a one-time gift designated for Jewish outreach. You can also do it on the Facebook page. Just click on that.

This is the place to give their donate button or the $at the bottom of the YouTube chat box so all those different ways give thank you in advance for standing with us all right. Let's go back to the phones with John in Lincoln, Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown hey thank you for taking my call. Sure that my first time calling but I really appreciate you and them the way you are able to get down to the bottom of difficult issues and bring clarity to the thank you so my question is on the link and a student at Lincoln Christian University of I had to take a couple of Old Testament classes last year and my question is about the relationship between the old covenant and the new covenant, the textbook that we had to use was by J. Daniel Hayes, the message of the prophet and in chapter 11 on the book of Jeremiah he essentially says that in Jeremiah 1110 that Yahweh indicts Israel for breaking the covenant, and he argues that this doesn't just mean breaking the rules, but essentially a no linger.

Ending the covenant like a divorce or something and that and then in Jeremiah 1421 that Jeremiah's pleading with Yahweh not to break the covenant that there's clearly no danger of him breaking the rules, but rather ending the covenant.

So I guess just my question is, it didn't did Israel and the old covenant by it. Idolatry and unfaithfulness like like he's arguing is that why there was a need for new covenant or for some other reason, you know, just wanted to get your take, so let let's things were few terms we speak about old covenant new covenant. These are terms are used differently now in that we think of the Old Testament and the New Testament right but we had within the Hebrew Bible was the Sinai covenant or the law of Moses and then the new covenant and the new covenant: Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34 was made with whom with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah. So that's the principal text you want to look at my 31 versus 3134 by Israel violating the terms of the covenant by Israel trying to idolatry repeatedly by Israel refusing to obey the Lord's commandments.

They broke his covenant.

So God, in turn, the covenant with them, but then said I'm gonna make a new and better covenant. Notice he didn't throw Israel out, but because of Israel's continued failure. God made a new and better covenant with the house of Israel and Judah. That's why when the Messiah comes into the world becomes enthralled as a Jew. That's why the Messiah chooses 12 Jewish disciples in it in in lieu of the 12 tribes of Israel. He takes those from among the 12 tribes of Israel takes 12 Jewish disciples. That's why it's at the Passover that he seals this and says this is the new covenant in my blood shed for you and now because Israel is called to be a light to the nations in the Messiah as the Messiah of Israel is the Savior of the world. Now Israel's new covenant is made available to the whole world to partake of the grace and goodness of the God of Israel, so it wasn't that God displaced Israel right is the same people that are involved, but it's a new and better covenant in which God will supernaturally empower his people to obey his teachings. So everything that happens though happens for for purposes.

In other words Jesus says in Matthew five beginning verse 17 don't think I came to abolish the Torah, the prophets, that's the whole of the Old Testament revelation and come to abolish but to fulfill. And even the new and better covenant. God puts his total raw on the hearts of his people. So what happens is that the new covenant builds on the old and everything that was looking forward to. For example, with the sacrificial system can only doing part with an earthly priesthood can only doing part with the physical temple could only doing part is now realized in full to the coming of the Messiah, so it's not abolishing but fulfilling some through church history of made the statement in terms of the books the Old Testament books of the New Testament books that the New Testament is the Old Testament concealed the issues with the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed the New Testament as the Old Testament revealed was like a hand in a glove of Paul writing and Romans says do we therefore abolish the law by reference as though we establish it so we put it in its right foundational place and everything is built on that and that we enter into the new covenant God made with Israel, Judah, that's also why when Messiah returns, he returns to Jerusalem, not some other foreign location but to Jerusalem to fulfill the promises that he gave to Israel that help that makes sense I believe so much that don't make it hard to wrap my head around all of it will hear here's the thing wrap your head around the foundational concepts right so start with Jeremiah 31 versus 3134 then read through Hebrews right wrap your mind around the foundational concepts and then build on that.

Think of think of of of of like a snowball going on the side of a mountain gets bigger and bigger and bigger but it's essential core never changes.

So if you do that, I think that really help is is this is unfolding for you. Take this is the core gods promises to bless the world through the seed of Abraham through the people of Israel that that Hispanic a continuing pattern so it's not Old Testament now New Testament.

In contrast, but in continuum right the purposes of God now coming to their full purposes of the Cheraw.

This is purpose. It reveals who God is. It reveals his righteousness. It lays out principles of life. It lays out issues of of said atonement approach to God.

Holiness. It also reveals the failure of the nation to keep it our need for a Messiah and Savior.

And now that comes to realization through the new and better covenant in which we receive eternal forgiveness of sins. If you have time in the midst of your schedule, maybe a break over the summer. Check out my book the real kosher Jesus, you find very relevant in terms of who Jesus is, how he fits in all this. Hey John, thank you so much for the call. I appreciated right friends. Let me say this to all of you who might wonder, why wouldn't you reject Jesus is so clear.

He is the Messiah. Remember the great majority of Jews worldwide never really studied the question who is Jesus who is Yeshua anymore than the great majority of Christians worldwide never studied the subject who was Mohammed, what's foreign to them and if you race a traditional Jewish home what you know about Yeshua is not good you. You have very likely red traditions in the Talmud that you think apply to him and he looks very bad in that context, or he's just some Jew that went astray in the end of the guy in the nations follow him, but Taurus for us. Some managers never really consider this then they look at Jesus. He seems very foreign to them, the God of the Catholic Church sure the leader of this group that persecuted you through the ages is really important to help a Jewish person. Find out who you sure really is. And one of my colleagues reaching Jewish people suggest he brings them into the New Testament to say look at who he really is. Find out read his words and listen to his messages. Reva said about his life and and often, that is the key to helping someone. See and then we can open things up with messianic prophecy and the like all the more wonderful our friends yet other questions on other subjects you know it's coming tomorrow you got questions, we've got answers. One more reminder for your emails and ask Dr. Brown dock for you.

It's been a joy and network

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