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A Wonderful Children's Book (with a Message for All)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 27, 2019 4:10 pm

A Wonderful Children's Book (with a Message for All)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 27, 2019 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/27/19.

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All mom's grandmom's dad's granddad's with daughters. This is to show you been waiting for the stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

If you are a mom. Listen you want to text a friend you will call a friend email a friend tweeter friend tell them to tune into the line of fire. Now if your dad if you have a daughter granddad with a daughter by all means you want to listen. Tell your friends to tune in. You have a great discussion today with a friend of many years, Gina Gladstone. She has an amazing new children's book out daughter of the king.

We have been waiting for this to be released for a long time. I went through the book.

It's an amazing read and I think it's going to minister life to lots of young girls around the world that read it. So welcome to the broadcast. If you have a question for Janet. We may take some questions later in the show.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but I got to know Gina as her husband Bob was the very first one that God called to join our faculty at Brown's revival school of Ministry so we met. I guess in late 96 been working together in different ways since 1997 we first met the Gladstone's. They had two little girls and since then, the oldest girls now mom and with five amazing kids and in the midst of all this homeschooling kids in working with her husband in ministry.

Gene is written this book, daughter of the king want to talk about. We also talk about finding your identity in Jesus we want to talk about pressures that the kids are under and an amazing prison prison initiative that you give it get to be part of so Gina at long last out welcome to the line of fire. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this opportunity. I'm excited to be here. Good, good. So so Gina of your own background you grew up in the Lord your your mom and dad serving the Lord your data pastor and Bible school teacher you got sister that's a missionary what's been like serving the Lord being busy ministry and homeschooling five kids was never a dull moment. You know I've been homeschooling my kids since my daughter Jana who is now 27, was about three or four and still still going at it.

My youngest is 16 and so there were times where it was. No crazy I'm sure is as every homeschooling mom is experienced and a lot of tender moments as well, and the whole gamut yeah and and I've of gotten sick to see your kids grow up have had two of them and in our ministry schools we can fire school of ministry and just amazed to see the quality of their lives, their devotion to the Lord. So none of them went to secular school it at any point through elementary school, middle school, high school, they were homeschooled by mom correct yet all-time right and what what would you say that you learned as a mom pouring into your kids self so four girls and one boy.

What did you learn as a mom homeschooling your kids. Well I guess probably the biggest thing I learned is endurance and that test is not short-term project.

It's not a one-shot deal. A long term discipleship program and and did you get pushback from the kids as far as like not wanting to do things are what what he mean yeah just to know there will be homeschooled and this is old and it isn't always easy.

I won't know it wasn't always easy, especially with having different levels of kids. I know different ages and that was one of the toughest parts is that one kid was supposed be doing you know some intense thing and another kid is like a toddler so that that part made it difficult but no one ever really wanted to go to a different school or do something else except for my son did for a little while. He wanted to play rugby or football or something, but he kind of got out over that after a couple months and everything was fine. Yeah that's is in the mercy of God.

I guess there really but but again friends of watch the family over the years, and these are kids, fun-loving kids full of full of life, but devoted to the Lord really, but a great example of their mom and dad. So I say that first just so you know this is not just theory. Gina Hadley DAF so that might be good for kids she's she's raised for daughters. They are there, probably young ladies and and one a mother herself in a godly young man of genius had experience and in this book, daughter of the king it it's it's a delight to read me as as an adult is a 64-year-old grandfather, it's a delight to read.

I can imagine the impact of the sky have on on younger girls. Should Gina where did you get this idea from where it originated in your heart that you thought I need to write this book. Actually I was talking to a friend of mine who said she would love to see a book that was like a Disney Christian Princess version of the Disney Princess idea and focused on identity and so I started thinking about that and I thought yeah that's really something that's needed so you know the girls girls these days have such an attack on their minds from from the world from the culture from just the lies of the enemy that are are there just being barraged from every angle and to know the truth is is so foundational and important for girls in that in that age group when there no the formative age group. They need to know who they are and they need to know they are based on the word of God and not based on what the world says are just the culture around them.

Or, you know like the lies of the enemy specifically so as as as you're looking at girls today. Let's let some of some of the pressures that they're under some superior pressure which is very intensive social media may have kids committing suicide is to get bullied on social media or intimidated. You have the pressure of the world have to look a certain way and and dress a certain way and you feel Gina that just in general church life that that young girls and women org are getting the positive reinforcement they need. You think that that many are still lacking a sense of knowing who they are in the Lord just from his future involved in ministry with your husband is many years and dealt with many girls of all age you think there's an identity crisis for for young ladies in church today absolutely and I don't think that it I mean it's great to have a Christian foundation.

I have I grew up in a Christian home my dad was a pastor my cat my parents are like no ideal ideal parents and they I was always in a loving family. I always knew the Lord. But even as a as a child. These thoughts just came out of nowhere like oh you're not as good as your sister or they don't love you as much as they love her or your adopted unit just crazy things that the enemy put in my mind and and I have no idea why or how they got there and so I think that even with the very best foundation kids that are are hearing the word of God hearing the truth that are in homeschool or you know Christian families, churches, even then there is the opportunity for the enemy to come in and start no just planting these allies in their minds and build it if the lies are just top talked about or discussed. They can become bigger and bigger and it can become chains that you know key people in bondage and in fear and so I think yeah it's it's something really the book. I feel like is is a tool that can be used to start a conversation so that parents and children, or caregivers, or Sunday school teachers or whoever they may be can talk with kids about some of that the thoughts that have gone through their minds because sometimes kids are too ashamed to tell anyone what they're thinking or you know if they're having like I'll maybe I'm not this or I'm not that I'm not pretty enough. I'm not skinny enough.

I'm not tall enough. I'm not whenever I'm not rich enough and you are so many different lies that the enemy tries to bring in if if they don't have someone there to talk to them about those things. Sometimes it just is snowballs into a bigger and bigger fear or shame or or bondage really that can keep them from entering into their purpose and certainly from knowing their identity in Christ and it those that that often grow up with the wrong identity and have these various complexes of Gina. They end up acting out in wrong ways.

It's not just a matter of missing out on on some other divine destiny. But often they can go very wrong way. What are some ways that that a young lady might end up acting out or try to compensate things that she might do because she doesn't know that she's a daughter of the king. Why just we were in a meeting on Sunday and two of the people in the meeting were talking about their nieces who are worn in the meeting. They're not involved with our church but there nieces of people in this meeting and there in different situations, different families, different states, they don't know each other but the two girls in the two nieces had the same issues. They were both cutting themselves and listening to music that was you know full of light. Death and ending like preoccupied with it. The death issue and one was 12 and one was 16. It's a very different situations. One was in a Christian home involved. Their parents were involved in a church and yet they had all these these issues around really around their identity and the fear of of death, the fear of demons not not feeling accepted for who they were and so this is this is something that's very prevalent not just in the world, but in the church so if if you know kids in the church are are having struggles, how much more the kids are at risk that don't even have a family. How much more are they gonna have to struggle with.

Who am I and what am I even here for an just a purposeless idea and and the fear that goes along with that and it fixed it can be very tormenting.

We often don't know the struggles of people go through the skin, is to say in a moment ago, when you get this book daughter of the king. It's it's going to open up discussions that might not have come up all the washroom. It will take you through the contents of the book there's an amazing story behind the beautiful illustrations so we usually get it right now.

Go to Amazon uses what order. It's a beautiful hardcover 32 page beautifully illustrated hardcover get a bunch of copies give them out as holiday gifts and Gina especially retargeting grocery ages 6 to 12 is the right yes but I I've had like even adults say that it ministered to them. Absolutely I I'm I believe it will. What will take you to the contents with without giving you out. Boilers on so go to Amazon it's daughter of the King just out it really has eight just another one came and were sitting at a five star reviews, and trust me I'm giving it my wholehearted endorsement just Gina did ask for my endorsement because who needs my endorsement out of girls book children's book but give it my strong endorsement daughter the king Gina Gladstone get a copy and I'm somehow get a few, the G a N/A right back to more about this tell you about the journey that this girl goes on, daughter of the King by Gina Gladstone will be right back over the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael well my seven-year-old daughter fell in love with this book the story and illustrations are deep, while still being age-appropriate.

I love that is designed for wider age range, not just little girls routines, stories, perfect for teaching girls about their true identity and gobs of that is much needed.

Today, here's another one. No name tears tears tears. This story is incredibly precious and talk about a brand-new, literally hot off the press children's book but a friend Gina Gladstone over closely with her husband Bob now for the last 22 years. Her brand-new book, daughter of the king you can order that Amazon it's it's really a great Christmas present holiday present and something that you get a bunch of copies of. If you can't all right Gina take us on a journey.

Let's go through, daughter of the king, tell me the story well. It starts out with the girl Jule who is the main character and she's already, as though she scheduled ocean and now she doesn't. She hasn't read Malachi 317, but is a jewel of it right there.

Her name is Teresa.

Okay there's a bit, but she doesn't know who she is and she has all these things that the king has provided for her food and and beautiful clothing castle just a kingdom that's waiting for her to rule but yet she's living in the slums and she just know at the beginning you're not doing Michael Hayes she doing.

I would and she live in her her beautiful castle. Why when she wear the beautiful clothes but the reason is because she has been lied to and she believes that she's not good enough to live there. She believes that that she's too small and too ugly or too you know.

Just not enough to but is just a pretty little girl. Yes, in reality, she is an and she is the daughter of the king and but she does somehow doesn't believe that. So she's led led by herself into these into this alley and she's got chains and now she's just sad. And Jesus, crying and and and miserable and cold and hungry. So that's the condition that she's in the beginning of the book so it's it's a parable story, you know, kind of like the prodigal son who leaves his home and goes and lives in know and is it found finds himself in the slums feeding the pigs sits kind of that same idea with the father at home, but she additionally noted that he does know that Sheila she was the brightest right right you know, as is your talking out. I was reminded of something that all see sometimes this headline you just looking at different newsfeeds and will talk about some modeling some world fame model and you know the most beautiful woman on the planet and it's like you know she has a terrible self-image.

She fights depression. She feels lonely. You think it's anyone could be like to doesn't because we always liquefy just have this if I look like this. If I could be this, then that would satisfy things, but if it doesn't come from the inside of an assurance between you and God. It's it's really lucky to be there so drool this beautiful little girl who's actually a Kings kid's is living in complete poverty, squalor fills dirt. That's how mutual right and then you know in the story is a story goes that a dove comes in and says why are you here you know.

Kind of reminds her of her history and and what she has waiting for her in at home and encourages her to go home and and speaks truth to her and tells her that she is the daughter of the king, so that's kind of you know it would give away the whole story that's credited that the gist of it, but either way, even when you tell it it's a hell hole bit different actually deleted it. Yeah yeah and okay there amazing illustrations in this book by Angela week we can't give her last name for a number of reasons, but I knew she did this kind of work, but I was still stunned by the quality of it so you told the story and then she came back and illustrated yeah we actually we sat down together one day at my house and I gave her the script of the pages and she read it and it really touched her and we talked a little bit about Jule and kinda what I wanted her to look like a little bit and from there she just kind of took it and did it in and I was aiming we went back and forth a little bit with emailing like you know some ideas but she just she just did it and I didn't give her a lot to go on and she just somehow caught the vision of the story and and I just think that illustrations are very powerful and you know really just a gift that makes the whole story work yeah and and there's an interesting back story to how she started doing illustrations she was serving as a missionary in Asia.

She was ministering to people in a leper colony she met an old woman old woman leper and the woman was illiterate. So even if you could give her something in her native language to read. She couldn't read it and Angela did not have the ability to communicate everything she wanted to.

Outside of all let me even language barriers and things like that so she true the gospel associate. She took the time that's how she was to think of this serving in a leper colony in Asia with someone that can't even read or write in your language abilities because of their background and all that are very limited. Communicating with them, so she learned to do illustrations this way. So it's it's really something that was forged by the spirit in gospel work ministering to someone is the only way to get the gospel message to think of taking the time to do that and to write. I tell you to go ahead blitzing of artistic it's going preach the gospel describe sin, how you convey the Crotty I you do this you need grace in the Lord to do it. So Gina, I really feel like that same grace is on the illustrations in this book.

Absolutely I do to.

I mean it's just when you look at it you can just like feel that the love of God. I feel yeah it is dramatic weight KC. One of the five star reviews on Amazon said my girls love this. It's a sweet book with an allegorical storyline and wonderful animation style illustrations and the deep underlying message goes on and I'm looking another review that says encouragement for the whole family. I'm always looking for books that help reinforce from a crime to teach my children about the Lord. This book isn't just for girls will encourage the whole family. We will need a reminder sometimes of whose we are and how he feels about us always the matter what I will come back to that in a moment. Gina and and I want you to talk to to leadership retreat to the listening but to all believers about finding identity, but folks that are grants for ministry school that we had the privilege of sending out over the years a number of them work in in rescuing people from sex trafficking from human trafficking and the stories are harsh words and even little children sold into it.

Of this, a message in this book for them is that there absolutely yes and that is one of the things it's a twofold goal, really. It's for it's for anyone you know, as we said before, even children who grew up in church can struggle with thoughts of who are they and you know their identity, but it's also really for me to be used as a tool for girls who are at risk or maybe even need healing and restoration and so I wanted to be used as a tool for them as well that the lady who did the illustrations Angela has used this book in in parts of Asia where girls were being rehabilitated and and restored from trafficking and she read them the story and she showed them the pictures and one of the girls looked at the picture of the when she has the chains and she's like that's my story to really identified with it and then the following year after that girl had become a Christian and had gotten baptized and really had been restored to her identity in Christ, then the following year when they had a new group of girls come in, she became the translator for the story and he read it again and the girls were just really moved by it. So yes, that's one of the goals is to be able to use it in those types of settings where girls had either never heard of who they are in Christ.

Or maybe they forgotten or they're just in you know needing deep healing and restoration, and it like it comes with a study guide as well that you can go through seven scripture verses and and really some questions and just kind taking it further so that they can read the story and then they can take it further and and and really dive into the subject with either themselves or with someone that's can helping and taking taking them through it and friends. If you are find out more and some of the other initiatives go to Gina that's Gina JE a and a as Bob told me the very first time I misspelled your name and email to him over 20 years ago I Jim just got a minute but there's something or involve them with prisons. Tell us about that.

Yes, we had the opportunity to to do that's called, all is bright and it's it's an initiative that reunites families together at Christmas time.

Taking the that and they they create a whole scene it like a winter wonderland and they take the inmates and the children of the inmates together and reunite them. I get a rent out title regularly guide all had gone okay so they create this whole one winter wonderland and on this is for inmates mothers or fathers and their children. They can experience reconciliation.

Some of these kids they haven't seen their parents before or maybe it's been a really long time before so the team intentionally tries to think of creative ways to allow the mom and dad to begin this forgiveness and relationship building process without it being like scary or intimidating for the child so they create this fun activity right inside the prison and they have live entertainment have Christmas dinner family photos and presents so this is where we come in fellowship and is up but I want you to find out if you Gina is there info there a little bit okay talk more about this just so they also want to drop if your heart is always right back to talk about your identity while light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown goal that people be anti-but he workings kids were Kings kids in this kind of an abusive way. It was being taught. You know that you should have the best car live in the biggest house because your kings give it miss the real point of what it meant to be a son or daughter of the king adopted into his family, in which fishery blesses us with earthly things.

But that's nothing compared to who we are in him and his love for us sitting here with old friend, colleague, Gina Gladstone worked with her husband, Bob, for the last 22 years is one of our key faculty members and fellow leaders here at our school of Ministry Bob leaves a network of house churches the Kings people and view the ministry with them side to side in many different ways. She's written an amazing children's book is hot off the press. We want you to get copies to give out his Christmas gifts, especially for girls age 6 to 12 all right, it trust me you will be disappointed if the hardcover it's really beautiful.

Go to daughter of the king effectors a picture we just took before before the show.

Those that are watching on YouTube or Facebook and it is Gina and me holding the book of three have that to put up if it's not will do a little later, so Gina you're involved in in the prison initiative. We are at Christmas time. Families are brought together. Maybe they been separated for years may be. The child was born separated from Basie you know doesn't know the mom doesn't know the dad and within the jail.

There's an initiative where it's it's a beautiful setting. It's very different than a typical jail setting conical winter wonderland families come together for reconciliation and and you're involved with on some level. So tell us about it.

Most folks can do to join in. Yes, that's an awesome opportunity that we have. To get this book actually into the hands of the children and these inmates so the team sets up this whole winter winter wonderland for them with activities and an entertainment

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