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Live on Black Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 29, 2019 5:00 pm

Live on Black Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 29, 2019 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/29/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

It's Black Friday and we are live on the life I you got questions, we've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is right. Phone lines are open. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, those living in America. The countries that don't celebrate it well smoke a black Friday kind of an odd name but it said Dave crazy sales. As I was driving to the office today had to go a different route because were right near a giant mall. It's just massively crowded to get anywhere near it, but forms are open 866342 that's 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Any question of any kind on any subject that relates to light a fire broadcast my joy to answer the question. Critics are also welcome to call in skeptics markers. If you got an honest question were happy to do our best to answer 866-34-TRUTH 784 we do live broadcasts on the line of fire there for Thanksgiving. Not every year, but most years.

White won't want to love to be with you live love doing the shows together.

That's one reason. A second reason is that often. A few days after this I make my annual trip to India. I can't take your calls live while in India like a with the states. This gives us another opportunity but but one is that many of you are unable to call other days and because of that, this is an opportunity, even calling, it's a holiday for you.

It's a free day for you. So we want to give you the opportunity to do that so will get to as many calls as possible and sometimes we are family and for my estate and we do, we may be doing something the day after Thanksgiving, but that's not the case this time around. So phone lines open 8663 for eight 784 be going to your calls momentarily and maybe maybe I'll be responding to some of your Facebook comments YouTube comments as well.

Just, glancing over multiple screens. I look I got to can to computer screens. Here, one of which I can see what you can see if you're watching online on YouTube or Facebook. The other is where I can see all your calls coming in and everything else on my computer and then speaks great big screen there big screen there and everything is be really because I'm nearsighted so I Mars a good close-up, but from a distance and the glasses so everything is really I get close like wall that sharp but yes Jason, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, just a a very quick update, and then will go to your calls. So a Franklin Graham Chick-fil-A yes Dan Cathy did tell them nothing is changed and their policies remain the same in their giving remains the same and they're not concerned about being branded anti-LGBT etc. but that that's not accurate. In other words, Dan Cathy may have spoken from what he knows and what their convictions are in Franklin Graham spoke to a friend believe with a friend said in and pass that on. However, however, of the fact is that Chick-fil-A has been giving to organizations that are even blatantly anti-Christian Southern poverty Law Center SPLC that is branded. Find family organizations like Focus on the Family or American family Association or groups like alliance defending freedom breath and hate groups put me on a list of 30 leaders of extremist leaders of the radical right of cheerfully gave them a $2500 couple years ago and so it's not on money, have a habit ever happened.

How did the head of the do that at all. While it seems that the gentleman that was appointed to oversee the foundation does not share their convictions on the same level that seems to be a big part of the problem and then others just wanted be more accepted, etc. so hopefully you fix this. If not, to lose a lot of business from Christians that really like to stand with them and say Hayward were with you together in the culture wars right 866-34-TRUTH of that started Oklahoma Billy, welcome to the line of fire goblet datagram. God bless you have a question about court consumption among Gentile meeting out and keep coming up over and over that abomination to God that matter in my mind scripturally yes or number one when God gave the food lost to Israel in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. He did not give them to all the nations. If you look at the end of Leviticus 20 passage pointed out to me by Prof. Richard Avery back when we were together last week in San Diego. The purpose of the food laws was to keep Israel separate from the nations.

These were not laws for the nations is all if they were for the nations as a whole for the whole world than they would have no separation purpose specific purpose of the laws, Leviticus 20 read it to the end of the chapter was to keep Israel separate from the nations. The New Testament gives us the insight that nothing that we eat physically and spiritually defile us. Mark seven Matthew 15 that nothing is unclean in and of itself in terms of food. Romans 14 and second Timothy excuse me first Timothy four to he would set before us, with thanksgiving, knowing that everything God created is good so there are there are folks that will have answers and try to come back on each of those passages and say well here's a reply there's a reply but bottom line, food laws were never given to Gentiles, that was for the Sinai covenant to keep Israel separate from the nations when Gentile believers were now brought into the new covenant and were now fellow heirs with Jews.

Acts 15.

They did not reiterate the food laws, except for ingesting blood.

They did not reiterate them. And there's nowhere in the New Testament were there. Reiterate, the idea that acts 15 well they'll looking pretty torn look at it that's that's not what it's saying there many other ways to read that.

So I personally have never been a Porky leader just growing up in a Jewish home will actually it wasn't going as usual, my dad and my sister ate pork and you know that note enjoyed that my mom and I didn't so that was just being picky humans, we pork was in wonton soup than I did really like it but since I don't eat pork ever anymore. It doesn't is not an issue to me so will not say because I want to eat pork, but no Billy. This is nothing that God gave the Gentiles, that you might estimate the health issues, reading, pork, etc. but from a spiritual perspective eating physical foods is not to file you spiritually. A thank you for your question 866-34-TRUTH by the way, we do not normally have phone lines open on Friday but maybe with the holiday and people are scheduled got some phone lines open so if you try to call in their been able to get through was hard to get through it is a great time to call let us go over to Shreveport, Louisiana Scott, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey I have a question regarding a good look at right now on bottle and profit and read a lot of people who say that you bottle and that function of the agate others have profit and operation everything today as I did, to get your your view on the modern-day apostle and what you think about it. Yes or thank you so number 11. Start with Scripture we see in Scripture that you have the 12 apostles who wore unique so the replacement of Jesus would make the 12th, some consider Paul would be the 12, but either way is that the 12 apostles who are unique in understanding their authority. There were eyewitnesses of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

They wrote much of what we have is New Testament Scripture the foundations of the new Jerusalem are named after the 12 apostles, so they stand in the unique place but but the word apostle is itself a and and the, the, the verb of Estella. These are these are just things that would mean emissary so in oversee up the apostles assent. One the one sent on a mission foundation layer builder things like that one that brings revelation of Jesus and there are others in the New Testament, who were called apostles. For example, Barnabas is called an apostle. So if you just change it to emissary other modern-day emissaries of course. So exit genetically I would look in Ephesians the fourth chapter and Jesus giving to the church. Apostles, prophets, evangelist pastors and teachers, and then what's the purpose of it and how. In this last him until we all come together in the unity of the faith reach maturity. We haven't gotten to that point yet. Then I asked what it is emissaries do, they often plant works new areas. Their spiritual father is there foundation layers, etc. you say will who would those apostles have been through history… You look at ancient church history you look at the man that became known as St. Patrick Wright bringing the gospel to Ireland and he will you be you would be an apostle history or you you look at a John Wesley and what came out of his ministry in the Methodist movement how that multiplied over the United Kingdom and Inter-American other nations or you look at admissions movements like China. It inland mission led by Hudson Taylor and see him as is an apostle of where where I'm going, just a few days to be with my dear friend, a soup Ottoman India. He's a modern-day apostle. His useless titles planted about 8000 churches in tribal regions. A started brand-new works in several different nations of an apostolic nature, so they still exist.

As for extra prophecy we see clearly in the New Testament that the gift of prophecy will continue until Jesus returns that it's gives us order about profit speaking, the assemblies and how to do it and within prescriptions 14 tells us to be eager to prophesy. So we see these things is continuing. The Bible remains unique is the only eternal word of God and we know that the 12 apostles stand unique and that some can use apostolic ministry an abusive way. Today we also know that people can use pastoral ministry and abusive for any type of ministry can be used abusively and people can just give themselves titles that are made up and have the meaning but other apostles today. Certainly, absolutely New Testament seems pretty basic on that to me and church history would confirm that Dr. Brown you're very welcome, but only when I see church history would confirm it. I don't mean that everyone in church history is acknowledge the ongoing ministry of apostles, but I mean apostolic type ministry apostolic type work that has certainly continued in many people really when they recognize with your call to do for it. For example, your call may be a been evangelist and and you think will useless pastor and called to be a pastor. And if you're frustrated the people are frustrated be released and you calling you can function much more effectively. Sometimes when you understand your call and then you can serve others much better 866-34-TRUTH. We got a break coming up and they were going straight back to your calls on this black Friday as we are live here today on the line of fire.

By the way you patron a support yet. Are you without you come back benefits of a lesson process error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer lack your calls. You got questions regarding answers 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as a follow-up to a question I asked just answered about modern-day apostles.

Jeff asked on Facebook Surrey missionaries in apostle.

No notes.

The missionaries just maybe teachers. Some missionaries may be pastors, some missionaries may be evangelists. So thank you for asking.

This allows me to clarify, but those that Pioneer movements those that Pioneer taken the gospel into new regions. Those that become spiritual fathers, and in oversee leaders and or and or look to in that way, those that are real planters not not just brought the gospel hereinafter 11 years someone seemed interested once but but those that actually make an impact in the region. Those that the plant seeds something that lasts those people are on Monday, apostles yeah and and that's that's why the works are prominent. That's why they have the effect they have worked or lasts through the generations.

So, just a reminder, let me check on patriarch all right. We had 202 or when we got hundred 90 that week is people sign up as patron partners.

Maybe credit card info changes and we lose them in the end of every month first of the month we lose a certain number but this is a great way for you to say hey Dr. Brown were standing with you.

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So join with us and I believe even of $10 a month the sacrifice got a smile on that and help you make it up in different ways and for many, hey, you could do 100,000 months or a thousand a month with me think twice the go to dear Brown, Dr. Brown and his you join us there on patriarch you enabling us to put out more videos were cutting edge materials help us reach more and more people through YouTube through media. These different means that we have and you get to bonus videos. We especially record what I just finished going through. First, through Hebrews before that and you too, Kathy.

You get to view it.

Watch after once it's live, you get to watch it afterwards all write 86634 let us go to Steve in Waco, Texas. Thanks for calling the line of fire. What do you expect your question but I haven't been forever love the Lord, but their particular denomination professional would think our archipelago should fix the quick thinking worker how you would answer that yes I do know that it was common in ancient synagogue worship to to just have a cappella prayer. For example, if you want an Orthodox synagogue today wouldn't have any musical instruments you just have chanting of prayers and things like that then and singing of songs. That's all you would have. However, we know that is David established the tabernacle that he put a lot of money into sacred instruments and that there was constant sound of instruments in the tabernacle, and in the temple, and that there's nothing in the New Testament that forbids it. So will the Bible say. Paul writes in Ephesians 6's singing in your hearts, making melody to the Lord is not talking about their corporate service so not just your own lives singing to the warden and worshiping from your heart and ministry one to another. If you meet people and things like that but there's nothing in the New Testament that forbids it and and just clear my throat here all throughout the Old Testament.

You have great exhortation one more time need my voice to sound like a musical instrument. Here we go. So throughout the Old Testament. You have examples of praising God with all different types of musical instruments of God moving on people.

For example, second Kings three with Elisha when the minstrel begins to play how God moves on him to prophesy, how would David played the evil spirits unclean spirit with with Leif Saul sold yeah the Psalms were the hymnbook of the early church of the Psalms are filled with expectations to praise God with all types of musical instruments, so why not use them for the glory of God. It's part of his great wisdom in creations. Part of what he's enabled human beings to create again.

David invested money in this in the tabernacle was part of temple worship as well is as the different musicians would sound their instruments to the glory of God. So no reason not to.

You don't want to be dependent on it, that if you're you, without musical instruments. You can't worship God, but absolutely, by all means let's do it. By the way Steve Richard Moore Braun talks about when he was in prison and when he was with other prisoners because for years he spent three years in solitary confinement in prisons in Romania.

But when he was with other prisoners. They would wear the shackles and he said that sometimes those with her musical instruments that they would clang them together run our talk. He talks about that when the most sacred meetings he was ever in the prison in Africa were all the prisoners were just going to be hung and killed and that the shackles were actually welded to their arms and their legs. That's actually welded to them that's out that's and seven prisons.

We just died because of that the Burns infections and things like that but he was in a meeting and got to preach to them where that's how they worship those of the musical instruments clanking of the chains you think. Also, I don't want musical instrument don't climb those trains die. I don't think so in that respect.

So, I respect the view of those who say a cappella only made their worship be beautiful and acceptable to the Lord be those used musical instruments not just turn into a concert but use those instruments in the sacred and sanctified way. As has been done through church history, 86634. Let's go over to know we won't while Jeff had a question about the Exodus pleas that he or hear it of Valerie and Washington state. Welcome to the line of fire. No, I on chapter 11 travel. I wear at all die many naked time thinking of you already know, patent all know and I don't believe it's talking about the processes outside of the New Testament era prophecies that that would be something just for the millennium note number one you got the rest of the book of Revelation, which is filled with prophecies and which speak of the nations as well, and John could've continued to prophesy until he died. But certainly even the rest of the book of Revelation is filled with prophetic words and utterances from John about many peoples, nations, languages and kings. And as a said he may have prophesied outside of the book of Revelation before he died. After this time. But certainly not nuts of that would just be exclusively millennial something like that.

Yeah gravelly or where I are without our God was archer murder. During our October yes it was an interesting question Valerie that Revelation chapter 22 is speaking of the new heavens and the new arts of the millennial kingdom were thousand years is mentioned six times Revelation chapter 20 which follows the return of Jesus in chapter 19 and now after the great white throne judgment after the millennium. It's now settled forever does it with the Lord.

Those that are separated from the Lord.

Those in the new Jerusalem. Those in the lake of fire. Now you have the new heavens the new earth, the new Jerusalem. So this is after the millennium. This is the eternal age. Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may go through the gates into the city.

Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. Does that mean that those people there actually outside the gates of the new Jerusalem you go outside the gates and you got the murderers and adulterers and the sorcerers here. I'm standing here no obviously not and its new heavens and new work.

So it's all perfect. It's all sanctified.

It's all holy. It's all glorious, which is outside it's really referring to is they don't make it in there there on the outside. They don't make it in they have they been cast into the lake of fire there under the judgment of God's you got those inside those with the Lord forever and that obviously's summers could be literal language terms of the dimensions and the will in all so we can be figurative language, but it is this glorious time. The pain of sickness new heavens and new earth right in us, together with the Lord forever. So we are there and those on the outside of the ones who don't get in there. The ones who don't make it in because they are under divine judgment, a Valerie, thank you for your questions are appreciated of Abraham, your next they were there we got a break coming up at the me just say this I don't like to think about the fate of the lost a lot I did I don't like to meditate on what happens to those who refuse the gospel. I I don't find it on this fun thing to think of as these are heavy weighty things friends we can stick our head in the sands. I don't have the luxury you don't have the luxury of displeasure and not think about this people are perishing, judgment will be terrible and at the very least think of what people will be deprived of forever and ever and ever and ever. As we are enjoying the goodness of the Lord of the blessing of the Lord, the favorable or the kindness of the Lord and the joy of the Lord and enjoying all of the wonderful things he has others will be cut off others outside even if the fate of the wicked was eternal destruction of the woods. There will be utterly destroyed and wiped out. What a tragic loss. What a tragic loss when when we will be in the presence of God enjoying his goodness forever. What if the judgment was eternal, ongoing punishment, how much worse friends. Let us not ignore these things simply giving your bird boss guy friends would like that, 866-34-TRUTH phone lines open on this by Friday. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice immoral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome fire. This is Michael Brown were live on Black Friday.

We've got some specially recorded broadcast for you X week 866-34-TRUTH 87, 84th my annual trip to India. So please be praying for grace, both 40 hours of travel on either side fact that we were we solicited a bunch of questions on Facebook and Twitter some really good ones, like the challenging ones that difficult versus not, things we could really dig deep into the word of next week and succumb on Monday. Ghetto traveling Monday, Tuesday, still traveling yeah so it's it's a great trip and amazing trip and with with dear, dear friends, to serving with her doing and in many many different ways. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's see okay we go back to the phones, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Abraham, welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you, you want about God are better Christians" rights of Christian denominations and things like that which you mean the difference between Roman Catholic, Protestant Greek Orthodox war within Protestant of what he's thinking might not go to our product so you about the yes on the suit.

Let me us that yes of those would not. You could look at them as denominations of breaking down that way. Sometimes we talk about denominations within city Protestant denominations than the branches of Christianity, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant.

That's why was asking so first let me ask you this Abraham out what what kind of church you attend a covering but okay she did a Baptist Church so have you had what you would people would consider a born again experience with the Lord, will you you put your trust in him to forgive you of your sins and you have confidence that okay when you talk to your your family members, Catholic and Greek Orthodox do they share that experience.

They don't. Okay, next question when when you talk about relationship with God. How you relate to God how you relate to the Bible your bird to share the gospel with others how Jesus impacts in your life. Does that seem to be different. Your experience with got your relationship with God than what they speak about various got it. Okay, so it's really important we understand that were not just nitpicking here were not just talking about cosmetic differences don't say it's not like Elvis church.

They do it this way, no overtime up.

Obviously some fundamental differences where they have not heard the gospel in the same way.

It is not common to their lives in a way that they have truly turned receive forgiveness of sins is. Some people use the terminology born again and others don't use it. That's why pressed a little deeper that the way you relate to the Lord what he's done in your life as you read the Scriptures is very, very different from what others do. The church right came to faith Abraham was was little church were most of the members had formally been Catholic and some of the women were very, very devout Catholics, but they weren't born again. They didn't know the Lord and when they were truly born again.

They then left the Catholic Church so I know Sir, that there are true believers within the Greek Orthodox church within the Catholic Church, just as their true believers outside of those but first, I do not see those as the authentic church is the Roman Catholic Church is a we are the true church Greek Orthodox say we are the true church.

I reject that categorically but I do recognize that there are true believers within those churches, but often it's not because of the message that is preached, it sometimes despite the message that is preached in other words, the people might read the Bible. Find out more about Jesus and really come to know him, but if I was going to follow consistent Roman Catholic teaching.

In my view, that would take me away from the Jesus of the Bible of somewhat was Greek Orthodox as well but not on that same level so I recognize that there were brothers and sisters in Jesus that we have Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox, who are in different branches of the body, but I see that is the exception to the norm.

I don't see that as the norm because I see many of the traditions that are in those churches, especially Roman Catholic is getting in the way of our relationship with God through Scripture. So if I was dialogue with them. Abraham if if if I were you I would not unless you can have like theological discussions in your family likes to do it and they get into that, but otherwise I wouldn't stress that what I would stress instead is the relationship you have with Jesus because they claim to be followers of Jesus also love you have for the word and see if something in your life will make them hungry for the relationship with the Lord that you have that make sense. Goodwill may the Lord use you to win your family fully to Jesus.

God bless you Abraham thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH we go to David in Richmond, Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire around all: an element, have you been to the NASCAR race is neutral. Okay, these of these related questions though.

Everybody will avoid okay okay well find the elements of the second one first. That's the mother both.

Most of these but second was easier yes I went one time with Nancy and a couple of friends years back so because our art art radio studio is actually not far where I'm sitting, and speaking live right now is is very close, actually

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