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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 13, 2019 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 13, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/13/19.

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Let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. Michael Brown delighted to be with you. It's Friday so you got questions. We got answers any question of any kind whatsoever. So as it relates somewhat somehow to the line of fire broadcast to guess we've had all the topics of coverage areas right have some expertise any question of any kind, and I'll keep trying. The critics the mockers the skeptics who bash me by the second online you can call and let's see how right you are, your positions, 866-348-7884 by the way, I commented on through the Jewish Thursday yesterday about the elections in England and the concerns I had about the Labour Party and many set under Jeremy Corbin.

It's become a hotbed for anti-Semitism in this post be a very close election. Well, as the results came out it was a crushing defeat for labor and Jerry McCormick.

I am no expert on British politics but overall I was pleased to see those results all right to the phones we go 866-34-TRUTH we start in David in Oceanside, California.

Walking to the line of fire background very well, thanks. In fact, that heading out to California by the close of the San Francisco for some meetings on Sunday heading out tomorrow, but otherwise not at all good. I I should be. I should be not too far from Oceanside.

I think on either January or February, but check my itinerary and asked her to The itinerary is there right, definitely well. So the question that I have made it really quick so I actually came out of the new rate of about one half years ago and I was big and psychedelic.alert you as well. Lot about that a lot of mushrooms than BMP and Lord miraculously saved me. God last night held out with guys and one gentleman brought up. Will not print.

But you talk about the research that he had done and how it pertains most that the burning bush at how the I found what that high quantity levels. The empty and I'm not sure about the research and the stuff I remember hearing about it briefly years ago but I didn't really look into it and I think the theory goes something like how mode psychedelic people would think about it that Moses put your pen out on the empty about 20 at the variant with Yahweh at the burning bush got caught up to deliver the people of Israel out of Glenda beat up them all and I'm wondering if there's any report writing material article of anything that you can point me toward you look into that a little before and I don't believe the perspective yeah so well yet you do well to dismiss it 100% is complete nonsense before I was saved and my friends would be telling me stuff that was in the Bible as we were getting high together as they were just getting introduced to the Lord. The word walking with him yet but were hearing the stories and I say man that's in the Bible or you know what was Moses smoking are the same kind of idiotic comments I as you were mentioning this I just typed in the words Moses skews me burning bush DMT and here this is what it must be going back to okay there's an article. The Bible's Moses was on DMT since Hebrew professor. It's only possible but plausible that Moses led to their encounter with the ever burning bushes conversation with Yahweh and the bestowing of the Torah could've happened to him. We was under the influence of DMT. According to Prof. of cognitive psychology at the University of Jerusalem. Benny shall known. It seems logical that something was altered in people's consciousness. He says there are other stores in the Bible that mention use of plants, but for example the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the guard to be evidence of this is how completely bogus air.

The use of plants that yet people eat if if if you are surviving without animals that you are surviving on plants.

It's not getting high from that and plus the plant your tree of life retrieve knowledge of good and evil had nothing to do with some type of a psychotic or psych psych psychological experience of its complete nonsense is not surprising that it's a professor of cognitive psychology as opposed to a biblical scholar but your bigger questions are okay if you say the giving of the Torah.

Also, how is it the whole nation heard this, that's one thing. Another thing is how is that the God that that allegedly Moses just encountered in the psychedelic experience actually delivered the people from Egypt. Subsequently, as he promised.

Another question is it is, why is it that when you get high and do these things. It leads to fleshly expression. It leads to fleshly indulgence. It needs leads to carnality, but all of these encounters with God lead to holiness and the putting down of the flesh and the turning away from abuse and sober mindedness so good fruit that is borne by the that the roots of the tree of psychedelics and drug use is corrupt and fleshly and destructive of the fruit that is more from the tree from the roots of an encounter with God produce a change life and holiness. So it breaks down in terms of history. It breaks down in terms of logic and it breaks down in terms of spiritual reality suggest one of these other ridiculous idiotic things and best way to dismiss it is to tackle it head on, her health sure thing with the health guy I know that I could never get at them for the nocturne, a attributed work. The cutting of root you want.

That defendant amount, and all that that it was really bad practice for really wicked stuff about the bottom line is Scripture consistently forbids a sorcery, witchcraft, dabbling with spirits and he calls us to be so be vigilant even in the New Testament context warns against drunkenness, so being sober and being vigilant is the outcome of an encounter with God dropping acid you end up anything but sober and vigilant as David can attest, and I can attest 866-34-TRUTH those who don't know my testimony. We summarized it is from LSD. The PhD and in my high school days before I knew the Lord knows those drug Baron Ironman because of the degree of drugs that I would use including enough hallucinogenic sunlight for 30 people, anything but sobriety and vigilance comes as a result of those abuses all right.

Let's go to Fairbanks, Alaska Dan, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hey hey I've got a couple roaming all talk about Mexico you value a group project out there. I got my question is, could you recommend an organization that were dependable to give to that that is real yet happy that Arthur yes of course am very happy to do it on the air.

In point of fact, when Paul was speaking there in Romans 15 is an important principle for the whole church to take hold of, namely, that there is a spiritual connection to Jewish believers in the land. He was not talking about just supporting the nation in a secular way through Christian organizations and Jewish organizations that just help the larger nation of Israel. Paul's focus was on standing with the Jewish believers in Israel for whatever reason, they were often impoverished and in difficult times, and when Paul talked about receiving and offering regulations to were Peter and Paul agree not to forget the poor there. There are merely speaking of the poor saints in Jerusalem. So helping to Jewish believers in the land, something that should be important to the entire church. My friend Scott Volk leads the ministry together for Israel, so check it out together for together for, it exists 100% to support believers and other needy people in the land. The law also help our believers in the land. They will help the poor Jews in the land for Jewish children and things like that but in particular they are a direct line to help messianic believers in the land, and a great way to live out the Romans 15 mandate of the gods really raised up Scott and his ministry. We do our annual tours with Scott, their team sets the mop and Scott's with me on the tours. Almost all the time as well. So together for I recommend them wholeheartedly are your other question in Jerusalem abnormal. He's in the states, but he works with the loss in the in the land. And he's constantly in and out of Israel. And if you sell your if it can designate funds and say, in particular that you want to help needy believers in Jerusalem will make sure that's where the money goes okay great back court.

I know more Christian better in Gentile Christian better evolved in order messianic movement coming out downplaying that even Gentile Christian commuter observatory made the ticket very literally and I'm wondering how to read. If you're right. It only different that yes it is. It's a serious problem is in error. But it's the result of the pendulum swinging from one direction to the other.

The early church was first all Jewish believers and they were living as Jews. And then when Gentiles became part of the body. Now the big question was to Gentiles have to become Jews. This was no they don't.

Their equal errors through the Messiah. And then I have become Jews. So Paul addresses so that Romans 14, which would deal with Jews and Gentiles in the same congregation I'm in different practices and how you live. At that point will the pendulum swings and to the point that you can't be a Jew and follow Jesus shift, Gentile, and the church so swings away from the law or away from the biblical calendar or away from the Jewish roots of the faith that it becomes unrecognizable to a Jew and why is Easter separated from Passover on the calendar of the death and resurrection of Messiah take place within the context of Passover.

That's what should be celebrated. In any case, the pendulum swings back to recover Jewish roots of the faith Jewishness of Jesus, things like that. That's wonderful, good, healthy, positive within the swing too far. They get a healthy appreciation of the tour, rather than looking at is a curse or negative they realize it's a gift from God that God gave to Israel and the Jewish people is much to learn from it, but it was also there to teach us our sinfulness and our need for the Messiah to prepare the way for his coming and to prepare people who would be there for his coming. So all that to say they swing too far in assessing how you know we kind of enjoy this refill.

There's a lot to learn and now you have to do this you have to keep the dietary laws. You have to keep the new moons and that's that's a dangerous error and some will even go so far as to ultimately deny Jesus, though ultimately convert to Judaism or go to that extreme.

So let's have a healthy appreciation for God's Torah. Let's realize that many Jewish believers feel called to continue limits Jews spaces witnesses to our people know nowhere in the New Testament is a full-service mentor, especially white contra her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line of fire joining us 866-34-TRUTH we have our newest consider this video now out our animated videos five minutes long addressing controversial subjects in depth and in the tractive way, but in just five minutes.

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Walking to the line of fire. I know Dr. Brown through wealth source.

You have a question about equity letter when in the tour. Is there such a thing is coming like on Janet and X or Leviticus and from Numbers, and Deuteronomy toward Leviticus. There such a thing I ever could be married. The thing know to let the many comments on this.

There is something that was first taught in Jewish circles, Orthodox Jews, they still teach this today equidistant letter sequencing let's say if you count every seventh letter starting in the fourth letter of Genesis, or every 15th letter in the book of Leviticus, or every 20th letter through the Hebrew Bible that you find these coded messages and some seem quite remarkable. You know you have the names of famous rabbis in the dates when they were born you have would seem to be predictions of of events that took place in the past and wow, look at this and this is been used by different groups outreach groups Jewish outreach groups to try to convince secular Jews of the divine inspiration of the Torah or the Hebrew Bible, and there are some I mean, brilliant scientists, physicist mathematicians, things like that and they become Orthodox Jews in Israel and America. Based on this. You should also know that the same codes allegedly point out to Jesus being a false prophet and a false teacher. So when people begin to use them need to know that that this is fraught with difficulty. Then I have seen arguments that if you go through the Isaiah 52, 13 to 53, 12, and count every every number of letters that you have a clear message of Jesus on the cross so I've seen Christians and messianic Jews try to use this to to prove their point.

The problem, sir, is is this that we do not have the original spelling of the Torah. No traditional Jew would say we do, but if you're looking at this from the viewpoint of scholarship spelling changes over a period of centuries. We know that in the Hebrew language.

There is no dispute about the spelling in the Dead Sea Scrolls is due from say hundred years before the time of Jesus is different than the spelling of saving the Geiser inscription which is hundreds of years earlier was the thousand years earlier. We have fragments of of writings from the days of Jeremiah there spelling there is different than for 500 years later. If you look in the English language. If you are in England you spell labor like the Labour Party, which is failed in the last election LABOUR but in America we drop the you and it's just all our right when I was growing up, you spell judgment within E. J you dGE MENT now the E has been dropped. You spelled words like worshiping with two peas now in many circles. One of the peas strop so spelling conventions change so over a period of centuries the spelling of the Hebrew Bible changed and then you have minor variance within the different manuscripts the thousands of Masoretic manuscripts that exist so all that to say you if you would be doing equidistant letter sequencing from the way the tour was originally written when you have less letters than we have now then the results would come out differently and then it seems you can prove all kinds of things so it's fascinating as to how you get some of these results but I say there is nothing to it in terms of substance.

Nothing that we can base our faith on and certainly nothing that should attack our faith so interesting but not reliable.

And I do not believe that's how God communicated he communicated through language that we can understand what he did the 10 Commandments he didn't do it in code when he said don't commit adultery. That's what he meant. That's how he communicates them in some secret code that's hidden allegedly in the Bible, 86634.

Thank you for the question though it is worth asking because it does come up a lot. Let's go over to Lucy in Florida walking to the line of fire doing well thank you all, why would you think it would be wrong. See you talk about Muslim food. The equipments of kosher kosher food in in the and Islam. What would you think it's wrong because it's dedicated to all law or it's done by by Muslim leaders are what would be your reason will have not right or out and have I have I have 00 problem whatsoever eating Muslim food. I mean it another big mediator but if I was with Muslims and they should be submeter. Some like that of the promise if I was getting food. I was in street vendor in New York City and it says hello all food I would have no problem eating it whatsoever. First, understand that with every you eat does not defile you spiritually right that and you when you physically eat something that doesn't touch your spirit.

It just goes through your body. That's number one number two posted even food that was offered to an idol right so they offered to an idol. They sacrifice an animal than the they sell the food that that food. If you if you just eat it. Don't even know what it was is no big deal because it doesn't define that. If someone says this was offered to idols, such as such, then, for their sake you lead so someone said by eating our food.

You are now confessing that your Muslim know you're here for that note, it is not to do that so I would need it. I wouldn't think twice about it.

It wouldn't have any meaning or concern to me whatsoever so don't don't worry about if you're invited to the home of a Muslim, and they serve you. There food.

Enjoy it and then be a godly witness all right.

I hear sure thing, 86634 right CJ, your next then James Scott Laura right after that time, it undertakes CJ.

Let's take your question and then I'll answer it.

On the other side of the break. Go ahead CJ undergrowth over the so all I have a question about one minute. In particular I have a question about what you mean to be the confusion of persons did paternity regroup in the Bible.

For example, in John 2028 it says Jesus is God. And yet, in John 17. Three. Review the father's only got a word in Matthew 118 use of one of the Holy Spirit called father.

The father if you want to give birth to Jesus, the last one I saw was Christ dwell in us, but according to John five.

I can't really talk about Berkeley but the Holy Spirit dwells in us, though it impose girders of funders that the Holy Spirit is first got it through the yes so the question is, is the oneness position correct that Jesus is the father son and Holy Spirit. Hence, how these other verses working come together yet answer that. On the other side of the break very easily answer all the ones they have this regard.

Versus versus versus reversing the father said son of the sunset side of theft throughout so so much versus right within John 17.

We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fiery you've got questions, we've got answers so over to CJ in Idaho questions that oneness Pentecostals oneness Christians would raise saying that Jesus is the father son and Holy Spirit.

So they would say look Thomases to Jesus my Lord and my God. In John XX chapter the 20th verse is John 17 three says that the father is the only true God will remember that Jesus is ready said in John 14. I'm in the father and the father is in me member, he said in John 1030 I and the father are one. So he's certain that excluding himself in the because if you look at that verse from the oneness perspective and read it literally and strictly without understand what he means by only witnessing John 17 three and this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus massaging sense.

If you really like that that was a Jesus is not God. Right. Rather, a couple verses later, Jesus speaks of the glory that he enjoyed with the father before the foundation of the earth right that completely smashes the oneness because he speaks of the relationship he had with the father John 11 also smashes the oneness doctor because the word which is God is also with God. It speaks of unity and yet separation another thing would be that yes John 2028.

Jesus is my Lord, my God, but that he also says he is going to his father and to his God. You have clear distinctions and father son and Spirit you have passages like second Corinthians 3 1814 we speak of the love of God and the grace of the Lord Jesus and the fellowship of the Spirit right so you have fought you have God you have Jesus you have spirit also.

First Corinthians 8 says that we have only one God. That's the father and only one Lord Jesus, it's not saying that Jesus is not God or that the father is not Lord Jude also refers to two Jesus is the one and only Lord that's assuming that the father is not Lord but there are clear and absolute distinctions that are given and Jesus understand lives in our heart by the Spirit. So on the one hand, oneness is correct in saying there's one God and only one God the father's God the son is God the Holy Spirit is God but one. This is terribly wrong.

By failing to see the clear distinctions which, if you read John 1415 16 there are clear distinctions between the father the son and the Spirit. Even the baptism of Jesus on the oneness people have answers for these puts that the obvious reading is here is the son.

The father speaks that is well pleased with. Without this well pleased with himself is well pleased with his son and then the Holy Spirit comes on them as a dog, there have father son and Spirit all one time and yet all stink. Take CJ thank you for the call. All right before go back to the phones I want to play a clip for you of our latest consider this video it's number nine. So even though we put out this year, almost 500 videos total the consider this videos we put out in the year +9 because it is a painstaking process that requires a lot of funding and effort and okay tell you it so as I'm talking if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube, Google heaven and play the clip in the background so as as I'm talking if you're watching on YouTube or Facebook you can see some of the animation. It is incredibly well done and powerful, answering the question is God a scientist. Please watch it and ask Dr. Brown on YouTube and share it with as many friends as you can take that link put it on your Facebook page, twitter Instagram feeds whatever you have let folks know about it, share it widely.

It is powerful in the scriptural. It demolishes an anti-Israel mentality. Just using the word of God and scriptural logic 86634 to James in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire around are you very well, thank you really cannot a lot of different new government them talk about Robert Jeffrey invited on a given president from Robert Jeffrey anti-Semitic because in the past few dues are going to the believe in Jesus Christ.

Wonder what your thoughts on the subject in the country.

Yes it's it's very very interesting because you have a tremendous union between evangelical Christians and Jews in Israel and in much of America and a mutual respect and love and honor, and yes it is an evangelical Christian position that all people, Jews, gentiles, Muslims, atheists, Hindus, Buddhist non-Christians, all people do not have a true God. True relationship with God through Jesus are lost and held out so that is pretty much ignored and thrown in the background. For the most part where's it should be something that we honestly discuss and and some you when I debate my friend Rabbi Shirley.

He's always good to bring that up there like when even say that I have my own relationship with God a note. Note the don't need Jesus. I tell Shirley if you could do it without Jesus said be great but you can't. None of us can so it is not anti-Semitic to say that Jews need Jesus. I know some Jews consider anti-Semitic. But that's not anti-Semitic anymore than its anti-Muslim or anti-atheist or anti-nominal Christian to say that you need Jesus. We believe every human being has sinned in God's sight. Every human being is guilty in God's sight, no religious belief can save us. Other than true belief in the son of God, who died to save us from our sins. We do not believe in dual covenant is liberal Christians to progressive Christian so-called we do not believe that Jews have their own covenant with God and don't need Jesus. If that's the case then throughout the New Testament is the whole message of the New Testament is that Jesus came as the Jewish Messiah present the Jewish Messiah in the whole New Testament is wrong and to see that in fact if if he didn't reset the Jewish Messiah, and rise from the dead, and none of us should believe in him if he did rise from the dead is the Jewish Messiah. Everyone should believe in him so it is it is perfectly fine and appropriate for the president to invite Christian leaders to the Hanukkah event in America if they are friends of Israel and friends of the Jewish people is just a holy tension that we live with that here. And here's the thing if you press it with the Jewish people who were there at present was Jared Kushner right the president's son-in-law press with Alan Dershowitz who is there if you press it and say is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, they would say no he's not. Otherwise, we would believe in. Now press it further and say while the New Testament says that he's the Jewish Messiah. Does that mean the New Testament is wrong. Now they may try to get around that will look it may have different meaning for the bottom line. They would have to say it's wrong. Otherwise, they would believe it, in which case they're saying that the beliefs of Christians are wrong to say it outwardly.

That there be no problem for a traditional Rabbi to say yeah New Testament is wrong. You should believe in Jesus.

No problem for them to say that all but if you press it there saying what we believe is wrong and ended New Testament is not true skews me is not accurate and, and therefore should be rejected is an anti-Christian amounts against our position does not a fundamental insult, justice, or differences that all right skews me just frightened. A little coffee or but thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go back to the phones Scott Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Ingrid Brown McMichael.

You are welcome. I will say I just what that cracked me up every other thing about eight question I've been dealing with (family member. My father integrate hyperbaric needs all the Gentiles never handle okay. My question to him and I thought about something as a Christian, everyone thought about having hope.

So no God to do nothing without declaring it to the prophet and we know that God promise the new covenant is to lost sheep. We know Jesus told the spiritual. This is why can't for the lost sheep.

I understand that through that and having become to restore the health of Israel. I now I regret but in my long thing that the new covenant will not promise elected Gentile because I believe when Jacob prophesied and give the blessing over each remember that Italy you will become ignored mellow oh Malabo, Boise, many nations, many Gentile people prompt prospect become a great nation. I will look at it like that, the Gentiles will to the lost sheep. Yes sir, here's here, it's because you're so it is right differ with you and wanted to say in a mystery that God will do anything and listen reveals the secret to service of process hospital you are, what your life you have been drinking water.

Here's some I just got teary eyed try to fight off these cost with but all is well for those who are watching if you're listening. I apologize for the cough profusely but not yet a mystery, says the God listen to anything asked listen reveals himself to his reveals to service the prophets and of Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34. It prophesies the new covenant with the house of Israel and house of Judah. And yes, the prophecy about Jacob. This essay is going to be many Gentiles just many people is that the people of Israel grew and expanded into many tribes and millions of people is not is not a prophecy about Gentile Christians. Gentile Christians are not the lost sheep of the house of Israel, that is an erroneous totally erroneous concept re-through Romans 910 11 Paul is explicit and clear as could be that Gentiles who had no previous connection to the people of Israel to the family of Israel to the patriarchs without a grafting and it's this clear point in Ephesians the second chapter. Those of you are on the outside you without promise you had no connection to the covenants you've now been grafted and you've now become part of the larger Commonwealth of Israel but Gentiles will become Jews and they get saved you still become Gentiles, the new covenant was given the new covenant was given to the house of Israel and Judah because the new covenant is the messianic covenant because the Messiah dies for the sins of all people is now extended through Israel to all the nations. This all works out my book hyper grace.

If your friend is into hyper grace. I think my book hyper grace would be a very helpful read.

Hey Scott, thank you for the call 86634 right soon as we come back I'm going straight back to the phones and will get to as many calls as possible. You don't want to miss Monday's modifier broadcast.

I do an interview with Gen. butt naked.

That's how used to be known how fast Joshua was one of the most ferocious bullets in Liberia facing human sacrifice, craft mass murder radically saying that everything he can to make an amazing story. Monday it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends want a fiery Ricky in Bellevue, Nebraska. I will not be able to get your call about the black Hebrews, but on Tuesday, God willing, I'll be speaking with vocab Malone, who is devoted a lot of study and research in recent years to the Black Hebrew Israelites cult so Tuesday's broadcast be a great time to call in if you can call in to be sure to listen, God willing, 86634 let's go to Lori. No, we don't go there. Let's try Joseph in Daytona Beach, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire about hey you're on the air regardless of your I have a question about Obadiah 120 that the exile from Jerusalem returned to run the negative. Do you believe this property was completed, not what your client of the awakening of a gang up on a theme in relation yeah very interesting question.

So no, I don't believe that it is reached its fulfillment yet I see the last verse as well. Verse 21 of speaking of something that is beyond just works what we've seen thus far in Jewish history return from Babylon, and that the modern return of the Jewish people to the land so I see something of of greater significance than that. That is not yet taken place. So mentioning the exiles from Jerusalem skews me, who are in some far-off with that be. Speaking of these hidden Jews, many of whom are Sephardi today.

I will know that that's the direct application of what's being spoken of here. In other words, exiles from Jerusalem insofar odd to know that that would necessarily referred to say a Spanish Jew who in the 12th century under duress and pressure of from the Catholic Church converted to Catholicism outwardly while secretly continuing to live as a Muslim season somehow semester Christian and then that was passed on for generations and then lost and is now being recovered.

That to me would not be a literal fulfillment of that prophecy. But perhaps part of an extended fulfillment of Jews scattered around the world whose identities have been lost and are being recovered so let's let's say that this might be a prototype if not for the actual thing itself.

This might be a prototype you could say so not the literal fulfillment of Obadiah verse 20 but that being kind of a prototype of similar things I just mentioned that she is being hidden or losing identity or anything like that is is in the case with the on the same but certainly is kind of a parallel in the mentioned ups, far-off obviously gets our attention.

But thank you for the question. Very interesting. Appreciate it all right 866342.

Let's go to Gregory in Hanford California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown painting all the water you knew about parts of the training of Bible and buyer on start revival and healing miracle. When I look at when I look up a photograph. I can't help but be that of the third great beauty break during the 30 during healing miracle and unfortunately Martha Mike. Their experience many other can't believe that I can relate irrespective of how much I prayed that and more topic together a group of believers. So my question is the that I know you particularly have very revival. What do you think you problem and what is that we can do in addition to prayer or hope or the current downer revival there.

Yeah so they're related to London answer separately.

When we pray for revival more than anything. We pray for the awakening of the church were praying for speed of repentance, praying for God's people to return to God and in first love and devotion and holiness.

We are praying for deliverance from worldliness and and the plagues of sin were praying for a heart for the lost in an and the church awakening encountering God afresh and then with that freshly reaching out to the lost and the loss having fresh encounters with God.

That's what were praying for more than anything that's were longing for this were crying out for.

We also know that with divine encounter. There is a fresh powerful working of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring that's taking place around the world where large numbers of people are coming to faith and regions are being greatly impacted by the gospel that's commonly accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles. So, for example, our brother Reinhard Markey who just want to be with the Lord at the age of 79. Although he emphasized that he was 90 healing evangelist. He was a salvation evangelist and that God spoke to him.

Africa shall be saved, not Africa shall be field where he went and preached there were mighty signs and wonders confirming the gospel and demonstrating God's love and compassion, but they were plenty people that were not healed in the meetings were as everyone cried out to the Lord for salvation was saved. So we understand that the emphasis is always going to be on right relationship with God. The emphasis is always going to be on the state of our hearts is God spoke to me and and Kenyon 1989 when people die. I can give them a new body. I can't give them a new heart, so we understand where our emphasis is got to be.

The question is what can we do the sea a fresh wave of revival one and two. What can we do to see a greater wave of the miraculous. They often do intersect, but they're really in the sense to separate question so obviously we start with our own lives.

We start with repentance in our life. We start with seeking God earnestly. Prayer was cry out to God for forgiveness and then we do what we know how to do. We spend more time with him. We we share the gospel with the lost we we give ourselves to worship and as we hunger and thirst and crown God would meet us. If you've never read my book from holy laughter to holy fire. I strongly encourage you to read it. I believe it will spark something in you as you do and and then you want to start with your own life. If God touches you, it's a lot easier to recover first love in your life than in the whole church, let alone a whole city or region or nation. So you start there.

The second thing is that that you expose yourself to where God is moving. If you hear the Holy Spirit's moving powerfully go worship with those folks watch some of the videos were taken.

Some of those messages and do the same with miraculous Randy Clark's book.

I witness to miracles I witness to miracles is very helpful in that regard. It really will give you a greater perspective on what God is doing so meditate on the Scriptures see the promises see what God has spoken in the word and believe that renew your mind to it. Read other testimonies of healing and miracles of of what God is doing.

Remember, we don't earn this. These are all things to come by faith Escott give your heart a greater compassion to touch and minister to those who were sick and hurting in you, you will see more happen. You will see things happen and if someone is really mightily used by God asked them to lay hands on you and pray for you. If you have the opportunity many times something is transferred and that way through the laying on of hands.

Paul talks about gifts given to the laying on of hands and just continue to honor God. Worship and praise in the matter what you see or feel because he's faithful and he will touches people powerfully.

I believe if we cry out we will see God do amazing things in the days ahead. 866-34-TRUTH hate just a reminder friends. Just reminder we are burning absently burning to shake America. We are burning to blanket America with the message God has given us and to really help spark a gospel baseball cultural and spiritual evolution.

All things are happening want see them accelerate, intensify, if we speak speaking to 1 million people week one speak 10 million if you're speaking to 500,000.

We will speak to 5 million for speaking 10 million want to speak to 50 million hearts burning you can help us. We have a plan.

We have a vision. But we need your help to do it and it just takes one dollar a day will do the hard work will do the daylight work will do the sacrificial work will do the dangerous work. If you can help us with one dollar a day and become a torchbearer become one of our ministry partners go to asked Dr. a.s. K you are Pray about it. Some of you can do more than that easily may be listening as a pastor your church to give 100, 200 a month without the problem. You know this place you go you know what we do that, you know how wisely and carefully. We use it for the glory of God. All right, we are good stewards thrilled to have the privilege of being good stewards by the Lord and you know is what's given to us. He gets multiplied many, many lives he touched in Israel in the nations particular one a blanket America on the radio. We want to expand our online reach. We need a few thousand people to join us torchbearer's giving one dollar a day. That's all you have to think about is your role.

If everyone does their part. This can happen in 2020 is going to be a year of massive expansion with your help. All right, so go to asked Dr. Click on donate, then click on monthly and when you do when you do look at all of the benefits all the ways we so back into view every single day when you're one of our torturers literally every day, reselling back into with resources Israel with us 10% off because it's like a $4000 trip is $400 right back in your pocket validated 3647 activity give out. That's what want to do with our torturers to go there, which is aspect of Click on the

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