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Digging into the Hebrew Scriptures

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 9, 2020 5:01 pm

Digging into the Hebrew Scriptures

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 9, 2020 5:01 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/09/20.


Let's dig into the Hebrew Scriptures together and take usually calls stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday sore focus. As always will be on Jewish related subjects on Israel on the Hebrew Bible on messianic prophecy on those kinds of things. Anti-Semitism ever is relevant.

We want to talk about today. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

So if you have a question or comment relates to anything Jewish. By all means give me a call if you need something clarified to try to get further information you try to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Jewish people.

When it comes to the Hebrew Bible when it comes to Israel.

There is a whole lot of fiction out there. We will gladly interact with you, 866-34-TRUTH. I want to talk to in a moment about my own journey into the Hebrew Scriptures. But first, to some larger issues in the Jewish world. It's interesting that a survey was done worldwide of attitudes towards Donald Trump how he's view the nations around the world and most of the world is pretty hostile towards now. To be candid and in much of the world, much of Europe. Much of America. We know that the mainstream media is very hostile to the president. So especially if you're overseas which you donate here is more negative stuff. I've been told by friends in Europe, different countries that the news they get perpetually about comp is very very very bad. Very, very negative angle and it's been documented even worse than coverage in America and you don't have the conservative voices. The conservative media and a lot of these countries that you have here in America by I bring this up on thoroughly Jewish Thursday say this, that the country with the number one most favorable views of Donald Trump's Philippines notes.

It's interesting that that they have a leader who in terms of what he says and how he operates Donald Trump look like the most mild-mannered man on the planet.

All right, but it's interesting that Philippines was number one. And having a positive view of Trump and number two was Israel. That's very interesting because the great majority of American Jews are anti-Trump, the great majority of American Jews vote Democrat, but it's very possible that with the upcoming election that the Jewish voters could have a much greater impact than normal because you just assume Jewish voters are going to be on the left. African-American voters are going to be on the left mean this is, or voting Democrat. That's with the just do overwhelmingly, 80, 90% for quite a few election cycles. That's just the way it works white evangelicals going to be overwhelmingly on the Republican side, we understand how these things play out, but it could well be that with some of the shift on the left going in the way of anti-Semitism built on all more recently voted anti-Semite of the year that it could well be that some Jews end up switching over to Republican now religious Jews, Orthodox Jews have been doing that for some years now as they realize that the values that are important to them or held too much more by the Republicans than by the Democrats.

So it's can be very interesting to see if there's going to be any shaking loose in this regard.

We shall see in the days ahead. One of the same. Just a comment on that is very interesting.

I wrote about it came out yesterday when we see the reaction to the decision to kill the man brought widely regarded as the worst terrorist on the planet general so the money to take him out to kill him and and there were many provocations leading up to it and potentially if Intel's overhearing is right. Things that were going to come afterwards.

I could've resulted in shedding American blood.

Some say he's responsible for killing at least 600 Americans over the years. As recently as it within the last few weeks coming another so he's taken out it's interesting to see the reaction to it. So some years back with with Hillary Clinton some years back when Qaddafi was taken out that his own people ultimately pulled him down, but this was the result of of our involvement as well. It's interesting to hear with Hillary Clinton had to say what it was. This is we came we saw died yet so said with laughter. You know, said in a triumphant way until he got what he deserved, that that guy got what he deserved is very interesting to see the contrast now in terms of Nancy Pelosi's attitude and and it reflects that of many on the left and again it seems that hatred of Trump has so blind that their perception that that their views will shift so radically so Nancy Pelosi had to say we all die for our country and take pride in saying that to kill fat country is a pretty traumatic thing. The one we want to engage and Lisa whenever you called us, that the president engaged in have to be really careful about how we endanger our men and women in uniform measures. Here's what troubles me friends and skin say this and move on.

Okay, here's what troubles me under each of our presidents for years we have had targeted assassinations targeted killings and countries engage in this all the time we take out a cleric who's in Yemen American. One of the men that you could say was behind the Fort Hood massacre and we take him out with a drone strike and you know that's just what we do. Israel's been doing this for years, targeted killings, they they have a whole process that goes through. Is this legitimate will be other casualties. Can we do this. Clearly, this person deserved to die for what they've done different countries do that. I'm sure many of our people have been taken out over the years. In effect, I see what you find. If you check out targeted killings under Pres. Obama. This is something that is done, America's interferes with you like it or not, this is what we engage in. It's not just the taking out save Osama bin Laden or not about God or things like that.

This is something that we engage in, and then when your war you kill people, people that get killed it's it's a fact when you go to war. People will be killed so the when Nancy Pelosi says it like this, and again, I'm not. I'm not saying the Republicans are God's party and the Democrats are the devil's party. Each party is an earthly party. All right if there's God's party on the earth it's the church. Let's live up to it.

Let's let's be that heavenly party that brings the values of the kingdom of God in the values of Scripture and the values that are important to the Lord that are important assignment that we live it out that we model it.

Let's do that right. I am not depending on the political system to bring about change. I am not looking to the White House as a savior figure or anything like that. No way no how the change that we need is gonna come from God through us and yes elected officials can do some thing and they do play an important role. Let's put the emphasis where it belongs. But the fact is, when we go to war there will be casualties and there will be civilian casualties. This could have happened in World War II.

I'm sure it happened in World War I. I'm sure it's happened in other wars. That is a reality and yet just looking here is don't Donald Trump assumes office today. Sorghum a couple years, three years inherits a targeted killing program that is been the cornerstone of US counterterrorism strategy over the past eight years. On January 23, 2009, just three days into his into his presidency, Pres. Obama authorized his first kinetic military action to drone strikes three hours apart in Pakistan. They killed as many as 20 civilians to terms in 540 strikes later Obama leaves the White House after having vastly expanding and normalizing the use of armed drones for counterterrorism close air support operations non-battlefield settings, namely Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia.

Okay, so all that to say all that's us and I'll get you the source of just reading from a report wanted to say we've been doing this for years and Nancy Pelosi certainly knows. So now we take out okay. There we go Council on foreign relations through blog post by Micah Sanko Obama's final drone strike data January 20, 2017. Thank you Kai for dilemma. So we all know what happens that the these are not secretive things I may. We may not know every detail but this is stuff that that is known. This is what America's done for years and to my knowledge of if I farmer correctly. Pres. Obama authorized more targeted killings than President Bush, but this is something that presidents have done that countries do it again. I'm sure that that that if you find out what Russia did what China did with other countries did what Israel does like this happens right or wrong. This is done, hopefully, will we do it.

It's righteous but I'm sure there sometimes relies are crossed over.

He reacted to responsibility with your suit responsibly or their civilian casualties. Whenever, but the uproar now.

The uproar now is all because it was Tromp who did it. That's the uproar taken on an arch terrorist is a good and positive thing. Especially one with the blood of many Americans legibly on his hand slid city back to this report. A total of 563 strikes, largely by drones targeted Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen during Obama's two terms, compared to 57 strikes under Bush and this is a report from the Bureau of investigative journalism Obama's covert drone war in numbers 10 times more strikes than Bush yet so there you have it, friends. Look at that data here that and then go and listen to Nancy Pelosi's comments again.

My goal is not to demonize her. My goal is certainly not to glorify Tromp. My goal is to say let's call out the hypocrisy where it is and Israel right in the middle of this you can be sure that there is ongoing consultation between our government and the government, Israel, and what got me on this, was the fact that Israelis second to the Filipinos Israelis have the highest opinion of Donald Trump of any country worldwide. After the Philippines even higher overall than America. So for those who wonder how Trump's view that house policies review than the impact.

He sat on the world when it comes to Israel. It's been very repulsive right, you'd usually cause my journey to the Hebrew language, much more. We come back 86634878840 we only have 15 spots left only 15 seats left for our May tour that said get in now planning on going for a lifetime of 11 through 20th floor website today asked asking get your deposit in now for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and us on the 14 866-3487 84 if you have a Jewish related question, by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH so when I came to faith in 1971. Maybe you know my background was a heavy drug user I was raised in a nominal Jewish home on Long Island. My same nominal being Jewish was important to us being Jewish was part of everyday life.

I was bar mitzvahed 13 but we were rarely in synagogue except for the high holy days. I did not enjoy the the Jewish holidays are or were chanting certain prayers like for Hanukkah or things like that Judaism did not play a major role in my life being a perfect candidate with you so I learned enough Hebrew to be bar mitzvahed. That meant I could chance of a passage from the Torah for the prophets of the historical books I could chant the past. I didn't even know what I was saying the whole thing was that you just learned to chant your cancellation and accents and things like that and told you, you know how to pronounce or raise your voice or intone certain things and that's what I did. I didn't even know what I was saying, nor did it dawned upon me to ask Lord is on the rabbi to say Michael read this in English.

Think about it, meditate on it and and then I want to step spiritual meaning for you on that day.

That didn't happen. That was culture so there is not a lot to pull me away from the whole pole into drugs and rock music and sinful living.

So as I've often said the event that has a greater impact on the spiritually when I was 13 was not my bar mitzvah in March, but rather seen Jimi Hendrix in concert in November to New York for mnemonic and impact to be much more impact. It might my values my morals my desires you could say that way spiritually impacted selects your strike in high time I was 15 shooting heroin and radically say the 16th and then reading English Bible day and night meet the local rabbi.

He befriends me and very early on nieces you don't know Hebrew. I can tell us what to believe you don't know Hebrew note, I want to assure you that if you read the Bible in English reading the Bible, technically you can only read the Koran in Arabic. Everything else is the meaning of the Koran or a translation of the Koran. Technically you can only read the Koran in Arabic. Everything else is considered secondary to that right.

But when you're reading the Bible in English reading the Bible, God intended it for it to be translated into many different languages at the same time. If you can argue points of doctrine. If you can argue theology if you can argue fulfillment of prophecy. If you can argue details and things like that, then obviously you want to know the original languages is much as possible. So, in particular, here is on talking with the rabbis and discussing doctrine with rabbis in messianic prophecy and what to believe or not to believe in the meaning of article in the Old Testament there: the 10 off the Bible obscene knowing he was important and that's what got me on that lifelong journey that the rabbi challenged me know Hebrew. I can tell us what to believe. I knew that Jesus change my life.

I knew what I believe was real but was afraid to challenge the say look, we have 3000 years of tradition that says you're wrong. We have 3000 years of tradition going in a very different direction. Why should we believe you.

I learned from my father who learned from his father learned from his father and and we been sitting here since we were children. Why should we listen to you. So was a fair challenge and, on the one hand, stating he released many years this will be confirmed to me the rightness of the things I believe is only confirmed to me the truth of the things I believe is only confirmed to me the Messiah ship of Jesus issue. That's what I've written on it so much and clearly to debates and would debate any qualified rabbi counter missionary on Evan any subject to faith that's important to me important to us of just using the Hebrew Bible not using the New Testament at all.

This is the Hebrew Bible clearly. I can't do it in Hebrew speaking hereunder reading it, courting it, but my modern hubris is not strong so I can do a debate in modern Hebrew nor near that. But I debate just based. All we have with us is the Hebrew Bible gladly joyfully but what's interesting is is you're always going to get different nuances when you read something in the original unclear what it is I don't I don't care what major work. It is, if you read in translation can be excellent but you're still going to get something different to certain impact a certain feel a certain insight by reading in the original and you have to let the original be what it is. In other words, we think of Hebrew poetry. It operates in many ways very differently than English poetry or plays on words in Hebrew would be different. Certain ways in English or ways of of of bringing emphasis or things like that. The translators will convey that the cover that Bill open that up but just just for your understanding.

If you dig in more deeply wonderful and let me also say this if you if you start studying Hebrew or Greek before you can legitimately critique scholarly modern translations can be many, many years many many years because the people involved with translations of the Hebrew and the Greek 10 times better, 100 times better or thousand times better than you would as a new student. So don't think all honest government is nobody knows and there's a big error. It's like Nono. You probably just don't have all the information right. Keep digging.

Keep learning better will enable you to better see why people leaning in one direction or another usher more as the show goes on. But let's grab some calls. Here we start with Matthew in Florida walking to the line of fire.

Outgoing great all right so I got friend who got you and I relate taken on some turbulent time he believed in salvation through faith think right that lead to obedient the owner of the Mosaic covenant and file and go find the kind of administrator bring Christian into obedient opponent of the Mosaic covenant, and though I'm wondering if weaker brother or Eric that the boat and more a little more on adequate record boarded and on like almost everywhere that I bring them to minute. Very much like a one night. The ministry got know if you've ever heard of them. Sure yet. So here's the deal. Matthew that is not the normal messianic Jewish position move messianic Jewish position, but emphasized was calling to live as Jews salvation exclusively through faith in Yeshua the Messiah, not fireworks, not the salvation by faith through the blood of Messiah. In that sense would be 100% mainline same is evangelical Christians, for example, would believe, but they would say that his Jews were sometimes recalled to be Jews. So we we continue to observe the seventh day Sabbath. We this knows nothing New Testament that changed to Sunday we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah. In the midst of Passover as opposed having a separate holiday called Easter. Many would say we celebrate the birth of Messiah during Sukkoth tabernacles they think was more than is a poster Christmas etc. of great, wonderful work in the messianic movement on the messianic you in terms of being a Jewish believer in Jesus and absolutely say amen to all those points now some messianic Jews would say that as Jewish believers we are obliged to keep various aspects of the Mosaic covenant and I will.

I would challenge that and say that were not under the Sinai covenant under new and better covenant and that that's what we have to determine what our calling is to choose how we should live as Jews in Jesus just like Paul gives different directives for men and for women and yet there's no male or female. In Christ we are equals right and yet, through our distinctives. So the same way their distinctives Jews Gentiles but were equals so many messianic Jews would say it's important that we live as Jews and it's a good witness for community and it shows solidarity continuity that you don't have to become a Gentile to be followed Jesus. Amen to all that I've said it preached and taught it written it.

Those who say it's obligatory for juice indicate the seventh day Sabbath things. That's where we would have a difference.

However, the vast majority of the messianic movement except for some more extreme fringes with say no no no Gentiles were never called to be under the Mosaic covenant and are selling not under the Sinai covenant today. Rather, under new and better covenant. There's nowhere that the New Testament says that Gentile believers are mandated to observe seventh day Sabbath. Even maybe the best known ministry organization that push this view in the past, firstfruits of Zion has stepped back and and has said that some years back they said no. We believe that this is for Jews, called to live this way but we don't believe it's obligatory on Gentiles to live this way so messy. Here's what I say and I was getting some sound feedback back from your phones you can hear me but you can't respond that we just had a problem with your connection. So let me end by saying this I would do my best to focus all my attention on on who Yeshua is and fellowship thing in him and sharing the good news of Jesus praying, worshiping, etc. in that way, if your friend keeps pushing the law thing than you have to separate. He may still be a believer but he's definitely in serious error, especially if he tries to push it on you make it fit certainly, so on the one hand, the church is swung so far away from Jewish roots that that becomes unrecognizable to a Jew. On the other hand, some people try to swing it. So far back that they try to bring everyone including Gentiles under the Mosaic law, which is absolutely not the spirit of the new covenant so I would say if you can fellowship around the things of the Lord and not get into arguments and share your faith with others in prayer and worship together great, but my expectation would be that if he doesn't get back on center. He's going to go much much more in this direction, to the point that Jesus is second. So yes, thank you, Matthew, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. Well, there is no showing Greek. That's what Scholl becomes Saul that's wash whale becomes Samuel right Greek and into Latin to English, but there is no OSHA in Greek Soho Xian Hosey and hosanna that's just how it is and how Xian is almost save that's what it actually means 866-34-TRUTH is number to call with any Jewish Hebrew Israel related question.

It's thoroughly Jewish.

There is the Michael Brown delighted to be with you before we go to the phones me to say little bit about the Hebrew language. Some think that that Hebrew is unique language for Greek's unique language and therefore they were uniquely chosen by God to convey Scripture to stress. Of course Aramaic is used in some chapters and verses in parts of the Old Testament as well. Obviously they are wonderful languages and rich languages and languages that God's has spoken through, but don't think that they were unique in terms of that, they function differently than other languages affect Hebrew and Greek function very differently between, for example, the that verbal structure in Hebrew and the different modes and verbs are much more simplified than Greek and Greek is much more technical and much more precise in telling you exactly when something happened or if it came to completed action or if it's ongoing future etc., the Hebrew verbal system is much more simple, much more fluid and even harder to determine some of those things while Greek has multiple words for love Hebrew is one basic word for love.

So there their differences.

Hebrew can convey things often and more graphic form so you're going to describe things and more graphic forming and Greek may be in a more illustrative or full philosophical way. Now again they can both be used in different ways all going to have to convey but just deceiving those ideas. Never. He was a Canaanite dialect and in Isaiah 19 sculpts fought, on the language of Canaan, so it was the language chosen because of the people chosen because God chose Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob as a living Canaan. This was the dialect. The somatic dialect that was spoken there. The West Semitic dialect that was spoken there that ultimately developed into Hebrew are closely related to the nation and in the closely related sent to Moabite and some of the other languages from the region.

As for Greek is that the appropriate and perfect time for Jesus come to come to the world. That was the language of mass communication. That was the language that could be best to use through the Roman empire and and different parts of the world to communicate. So things were in place.

And God worked and spoke through these languages.

But like every language they have strong points and weak points and limitations and therefore we study carefully.

We learn we do our best to take the concepts in Hebrew and Greek and to convey them in a meaningful way so that readers today can read it as closely as possible as if they were reading the original that's the goal. Translation was to get you as close to the original as possible. So for example, idioms must be translated this idioms if I'm overseas and on preaching and I Sabbath it was really hard to get here and let me tell you it cost me an arm and a leg to get here. If my translators are familiar with that idiom and translates literally and people are looking at me like Sir, did you have three arms and three legs before because you said cost are not alike, but we see two arms and two legs if a salamander poor guy kicked the bucket, Presley transit kicked the bucket was immense kick to the bucket what the world doesn't need to kick the bucket you have no way of knowing that you're the same way you got an account from the cross. When the King James. And as as the seas, ridiculing Jesus as the other.

I think that line was cast the same mestizos.

It doesn't King James any response Greek, the Greek doesn't say Something his teeth so that's that's an idiomatic translation into English and wasn't mean today will go back to the Greek and entrance of the way this more contemporary meaning for today just principles.

That being said, when you dig in and really original. It's enriching. It's wonderful because that is where God communicated that is how we communicated to the better we understand that that's what professional translators do and scholars that do a our best. We do our best. They do their best at digging understand and the present things in a way that is true to the text and conveys the sense of the Scriptures conveys them in a way that is as close as possible to the way you would feel if you were reading them, hearing them in the original 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to California Nikita walking to the line of fire around are you doing very well thank you, a Mormon missionary and they believe God when I question whether or not I'll give them know actually something about you know you said that the ancient Israelites all by two note 3 of them basically they believe in the existence of many other God but they took believe their conflict exterior longer than the rest, and they provided lot at the Old Testament during battle or battle like beta are guided better than your God, our Yahweh longer than the failed master and I wasn't entirely sure how to respond to something really new to me and I want her calling to get your take on yet so long and short is there's only one God is only one God only one creator only one eternal deity. Everything else is created, and therefore not worthy of the title God, let's start there. Number two is no question that often the Old Testament God was extolled as the greatest of the gods.

The best known verse in Exodus 15, who is like you among the gods award Yahweh who is like you among the gods out we know, for example, in Exodus 13 that God says he's bringing judgment on the gods of Egypt are right, but the further revelation we get. If you read verses like Psalm 115 elsewhere is that the gods of the nations are not gods at all.

And when you get to the New Testament with Paul points out is that there are not gods at all but rather demons so number one in Old Testament sites, a number one again. But to give you the Broadview you have a concept of monotheism. That is one God and one God only. You have something called manometry that there is one God who is above all the other gods or Hennessey is him so one God shows that out of is superior to the other gods in a family or tribe or something like that so related to manometry and certainly that was the room, out of which the worship of Yahweh was birthed as Israel was coming out of Egypt and recognizing who he was. In other words people certainly believed in the existence of other gods, but realize there is no God like Yahweh. He was on a completely different level as they get further revelation and information they understand that these so-called gods are not gods at all. They are not inferiors of the same class. They're not in that class that in the class of deity.

That's why Paul can say in in first Corinthians 8 trust is one God. Only the father and one Lord. Only Jesus and the subject that Jesus in Matthew 22 can reiterate the greatest commandment is there's one goblin got only love him with all your heart, mind and soul.

And then secondly but your neighbor as yourself.

So, that's right. And that would be the Orthodox answer so so the Mormons basically are making a theology based on the first beginning of God revealing himself to an idle worshiping people as he's weaning them out of that and even Moses, saying, who is like among the gods of the people knew they're all these other gods are to be worshiped, but no there there is nothing he's gone and then the revelation becomes clearer and clearer. You can call these others dogs and all and that's what what Paul says, first with its 1020.

Speaking of idols. No, I imply that with pagan sacrifice. They offered to demons and not to God. I do not want to be participants with demons, so the one any other so-called deities that are worshiped as God. That's just demonic spirits fallen until experience is nothing more than that Commissioner brought up current what their interpretation of what all the right person. One God, but there may be all the other got around but that's when we first Corinthians 10. Keep reading pulses.

The others are demons. That's all they are. Let me fetish.

I should've started a verse earlier.

He said 15 in verse 19 that food offered to idols is anything or that an idol is anything no I imply that with pagan sacrifice. They offered to demons and not to God. That's his message that they are demons and that's all. So the people call them gods. The people think they're God's but they are just demons because there's only one God and that's why here that the critiques of of the idolaters, the idolaters, so in Psalm 115 right a wash of the nation say where is their God or gods in the heavens. He does all the places there idols are silver and gold. The work of human hands. The mouse between us because we do not see they have ears but do not hear gnosis but do not smell they have hands between my feet feel free but do not walk in.

They do not make us on the throat of those who make them become like them. So do all who trust in them. That is the biblical critique on idolatry to say they are, they have no power of the idols are nothing. There's only one God and the ones that other wills worship or simply demons so really the words were clear and that that's why Mormons are occult. That's what we recognize them as a cult, and this is one of their weird beliefs that they hold to you bet, sure thing, 8663 Fort Norte what we just have 40 seconds before the next break so we come back I will go straight to her cause. Let's see, Jacob, Don, Brian, you'll be up next.

On the other side of the break. Another reminder in case you didn't hear it a few minutes ago were down for less 15 seats are will it will take two buses with us right so we have 100 seats for Israel tour. We only take two buses with us. It's intimate. It's wonderful. It's special it's life-changing get a lot of time together, especially at night. Hangout time teaching.

Opening up the word Q&A doing radio shows, things like that and then the main reason of their tour of a lifetime all day long. So go right now to my website planning on going bowling yesterday from the Lord is Katie around to let him hold now is the time it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to thoroughly speak of the this Shabbat this Saturday. I'm scheduled to be speaking in Corona, California Beth shalom congregation the block family dear friends for many many years. So go to Esther to Click on itinerary find out what's happening.

I'll be speaking at the 10 AM service gobbling and then doing an afternoon teaching us again that is best shalom creation in Corona there been to miss any Jewish service. You'll enjoy it. Corona, California and then January 12 so Sunday morning to services nine and 11 AM to succumb itinerary here again that's California time Westside Christian Fellowship with pastor Shane Seidelman for some will be out with him love his writing and preaching 9 AM 11 AM. That'll be in Palmdale, California, Beloit, we can after that back in California, but don't want to overwhelm you with details and information. 866-34-TRUTH back to the phones we goaded Jacob in Tennessee.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. You're welcome. My question is about acting toward the come up the most affliction and morning and I was wondering if there's any insight from the Hebrew language. Esther found thing that we can learn. I can even print out the word I let subject spell anyway.

Your your Jewish understanding of that yes several things that the Hebrew word for fast let's let's assume in itself could potentially speak of constricting her certain certain aspect like that but not dissimilar from our English word for fasting, but if you look say, for example, Leviticus 16, it doesn't mention fasting in the day of atonement rights. Rather decision will afflict yourselves you rightly mentioned that. So there is obviously something where you're taking something away from yourself that matters right that that fasting is costly in that regard.

I know some people have real grace to fast and do it easily. Now that the house will be in the theoretically fasting is is easier than eating unhealthily as you don't have the addictions to deal with but fasting you are you are going without their if there is a diminishing of things you are you are going without the foods you enjoy the liquids you enjoy.

If you're in your marriage or abstain from sexual relations and in things so there is there is a diminishing but it's not a matter of beating yourself up soon so that your your whipping yourself or torturing yourself. The morning is is often associated with it.

Not that when you fast, was have to mourn for example if you look at Isaiah 58 the fascia and chooses their right it's it's a day of of liberation setting captives free and not just going around and around. Yeah yeah right fasting, but the reason that morning often occurs is because Israel is in a real bad place in the profits of sale Kate you're about to be judged.

You're about to be destroyed. So your last resort is to fast and pray like there's no tomorrow and mourn and cry out for mercy, but fasting in itself is not necessarily tied in with morning when I think of fasting I think of depriving myself of certain things so I can say yes to a higher priority. Personally, when I fast my prayer times are not particularly rich. My times in the word not perfectly rich.

I tend to see much more fruit afterwards but it is him fasting. I'm constantly aware of the fact that I'm not eating so is like a constant prayer whenever it is him fasting for setting my mind after my heart. After there is a constant prayer going up to God for me because I'm always conscious of this situation so I would put the emphasis more on the afflict yourselves.

But again, meaning to deprive yourself of certain things that are pleasurable and then from there you go. Isaiah 58, which are of safely within Matthew six.

Don't let people know just go about your business with joy while jetlagged and yourselves of some of these earthly pleasures.

Okay arguing and pressure over economic 14 but also Matthew nine what wire you the type of fasting and his answer at confuses me.

He talked about the bridegroom being with them and why would that morning when I'm here, and he goes into the wind again and it is almost that he thinking it that the new covenant man with the spirit of God has no need to afflict himself and almost seems that the message of why do you think you could've put yourself any better than the management afflicted. I appreciate that that's that's a great song. I love the thinking behind it.

But here's my different number one, it remains the principal in this world.

Jesus says if you follow me, you must deny yourself, take up the cross. That's ongoing right that has nothing to do with afflict your souls the way he did or adding to the cross. Number two. Luke nine says that we crucify ourselves daily, we deny ourselves daily. So this is not this is an ongoing principal policy speaks of his own life. Fasting often and and things like that and then what is Jesus and every passage when I'm gone, they will fast but it interestingly it was then right now we are Fellowship Reagan eating and drinking together but the day will come when they fast, and even characterizing him as if he was a one bedroom a glutton. Remember he fast 40 days before even goes out to begin his public ministry, so it's a great thought and and I agree in terms of where not to beat ourselves up. For example, Dave atonement we don't beat ourselves up as if I have to deprive myself to receive forgiveness. In that sense, I agree with your insight, but as forgiven people fasting is a discipline we engage in. And for me, when God help me change my list of five and half years ago. It's every day of my life for five and half years I've said no to certain earthly pleasures so as to to to present my body in a way that will serve God better. Over the period of your say thank you Jacob for the call. Great questions really appreciate it.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Charlotte, North Carolina Don, welcome to light a fire, dark brown, my call to put you on the spot if I could yeah on the on the Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus met with Moses and Elijah. What was bad about and and probably more in my motive for my question is why linking chronic casual talking to the son of God.

It is just the way the Scripture talks it like they were talking they were discussing, and it like why worker faces on the ground at any given week. We don't know what love to hear your your episodes. I preaches a question. Terms of why their faces when on the ground so number one this is that the weightiness of the moment Jesus is said just a few days early. About a week earlier and and you get this.

Matthew 17 Mark nine Luke nine and you see what comes immediately before these verses that refer to the Transfiguration that there to see the Son of Man coming in in his kingdom, power Christmas see this experience so that's that's what actually happens here and it's momentous it's it's glorious and this adds to the weight of it and and obviously Jesus has been talk about how the law and the prophets testify of him. And now you have a representation of the law and Moses and the representation of the prophets and Elijah whom there with him now it it does say that that there talking with him.

So Matthew 17 just as talking with him.

Mark gives a mark and Luke also recorded so if you go to that was Matthew 17. If you go to market nine.

There appeared to them. Elijah with Moses and they were talking with Jesus and then you have in Luke nine of this is that the third account of it to scroll down to get this at the end of the chapter and it says, and behold, two men were taught within Moses a lot.

You appeared in glory and spoke of his departure which he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem, so their speaking of something very sacred and they are also glorified.

So it would appear that as they are with him.

This is all on the other side of glory. Moses and Elijah also glorified. Talking about something very sacred. You know, I mean the fact that they are in there. They are privileged to be in their their unique characters from the entirety of the Old Testament and in that sense, fellow workers, fellow soldiers with assuring out. Just bear in mind that the disciples were up there with him also the words that they they were just there with him and he wants to pray, and they're getting tired but he just went up to pray with them. So there with him all the time.

Now Moses and Elijah in glory appear with him so to me, these are fellow workers, fellow soldiers, talking to the leader of the mission about what's about to happen and there there to further gravitas if that's a true word to further dramatize the event solemnized would be a better word perhaps and to bring the witness of the law and the prophets, which testify of his death and his resurrection. It's almost like in living color.

There they are to talk with him about it because that's what they represent the law and the prophets, and they are also glorified as he is glorified at that moment, be assured that they to worship at the feet of the son of God as you and I do a great question Don. I appreciated off I didn't get your calls today disliked on the screen so I can get everyone as frequently happens, you can call the Jewish question. On Fridays that's allowed perfectly fine to do so, and if we spot you calling from the day we miss you we do our best to bump you up on our call list like friends because they're sick of it used by God to reach many many

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