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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 10, 2020 4:30 pm

You Bring the Questions, We'll Bring the Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 10, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/10/20.

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You got questions. We got answers phone lines are open stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks.

Transfer joining us on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 878 or any question of any kind that you have that relates in any way to the content of the line far anyway that I can be of help to you. Give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 it is that simple. I'm going straight to the phone. Starting in Pennsylvania with Seth. Welcome to the line of fire and Shabbat shalom. All right question actually posted on your website actually told a straight answer.

Sure all right dilemma question in regards to a classic Orthodox rabbinic argument that the testimony of Yeshua being visual glory of God the father and it's in reference to numbers chapter 20 verse 19 and I actually have the question hiked out of parking read it okay so Rabbi liked Toby a finger often reference numbers chapter 23 verse 19 to bolster their narrow view. Yeshua could possibly think the Messiah or visual glory of the father for that matter, because I quote numbers 23 verse 19 God is not man or a however this doesn't measure up with other supernatural episodes lock my ultimate question how can rabbis reconcile this standpoint. The Scriptures say that Abraham I saw greedy standing in front of him thousand fell to the ground and recognized one of them as the Lord out of the not to mention the fact that we have Yahweh, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah perspective.

Mine Yeshua being the visual glory of the father shouldn't be alien being is no man cannot look at the father and live 30, Dr. Brown in order to get your invite on that one to make sure that my thinking is proper in that how rabbis can possibly reconcile this first you think is excellent and I would use similar arguments to what you've used so let's first try to argue it from the rabbinic viewpoint numbers 23 also repeated.

Similarly, in first Samuel 15 God is a man because a human being that he should lie, or change his mind. The first things that you absolutely we agree hundred percent God is not a human being. We agree and in the context was being said he is is not a human being, so he should lie or be fickle or waffle back and forth unwavering things like that yet. We agreed that's not who he is is unchangeable, eternal God, somewhat number two there was so you're making God into a man or a man to a God would sink no receiving the eternal God can make himself fully manifest in human form as he does at different times in the Hebrew Bible and you point to the best example, Genesis 18 which you have to miss read you have to try to save his three angels representing God. But there's no question that there's a direct conversation between Yahweh and Abraham and Sarah Soraya that point there's no question that quite directly at the end of the chapter. There's an extensive conversation between Abraham and Yahweh. Then after that Yahweh leaves and the two angels go to Sodom so they've gone on their way while Abraham is an extended conversation with Yahweh that that's the straightforward reading of the text without any question and even the argument you guys on a man yet we understand what that means what to say in Exodus 15 because in each mill, man-of-war, so it does not know know so just understand what the text is saying and and honestly, if they were not approaching this counter missionary rabbis, but scholars of early Judaism.

They would have no problem with the idea of Yeshua being the glory of God in earthly form or the full manifestation of the person of God see your your deftly on track there. I agree with your thinking and I've written similar things at length in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. So thank you Seth for calling're welcome 866342's phone lines are open for any relevant questions you have. We go to Seattle, Washington Rob, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much, Dr. Brian, I've been following your work for a long time and here's a question.

Are you ready for the question. I'm very ready sooner okay. Thank you sister Laura and Lawrence of the sweetest woman in the whole universe is protected Macy's back 10 years older than I am so should been like another mother because both my parents were highly stressed and she was always there, like throwing an area buffer around me and making sure I would totally save different screen on I she married a conservative true and you know what I have always been very, very careful not to any way of truth because she is so forthcoming to protect me and help me if I don't want to follow the whole thing.

The question I hear these announcements about the third Temple and got some pretty weird stuff going on and are when in reality is going on in Jerusalem with reference to the third temple being built with the bricks and mortar and valuable content like a second in the first public filter out what in the world is going on a river not much is really going on.

To be honest it's it's been the reports that you hear especially from Christian evangelicals that are very excited about it. Your average Israelis not thinking about it. The vast majority of religious Jews believe that when the Messiah is revealed.

That's one way will know who he is, because he'll will the temple or the temple come down from heaven, but there is a small movement, a very religious Jews that is they have worked for many years to prepare the articles of the temple that the art are various things like this. The Temple Mount Institute. They have people that have trained and are ready to do the priestly functions and things like that someone involved in sacrificing a Passover lamb of last year Passover but basically this is a very small movement.

It is not in the focus of your average Israeli at all. There there for the secular.

Your average religious Jew is waiting for the Messiah to be revealed until the temple. Some will say was no problem to be getting things ready but most that's not their viewpoint, their viewpoint is to be praying and preparing so the things being built this and that can be built because you have to get rid of the. The dome of the rock than the giant mosque that's their way will there's another location. That's the real temple matter can be built there, but the majority view prevailing views of that's the location so it would take some cataclysmic events for the building of the physical third temple I think it well could happen before the Lord returns, and that this will happen then will be part of that. The final deception of people looking to that before the Lord returns, and realizing that he's their only hope. Another was that the Jewish people to be looking for false Messiah before they realize that they need the true Messiah but I'm actually not dogmatic on that and I am not looking for third temple in looking for the Lord sold yet yeah I don't know you don't want? Do you believe that you know if we just want to know where the temple was that if we look at the dome of the rock.

It was there or do we have that's for certain. Or is that sort of thing you asked.

The vast majority of archaeological scholars and biblical scholars put the location. There is a very very small fringe minority view that we have the temple mount location and corrected so much tradition behind it so much information behind it so much data behind it that it's it's really I don't want to demean those who feel differently because some of them very serious and written a lot study, etc. but everything I know it is.

It is just a very, very minority view and bottom line is, of no one in terms of a major movement in Israel is saying, let's go build the temple, but at another location.

So all the talk of rebuilding. It is at that location. Which means that something I step into the dome of the rock if you destroy it.

That will cause an all out war with the Muslim world worldwide something else would have to happen the Joel Richardson theory is that the antichrist will broker a deal that he'll be like the Islamic Messiah, and whatever he will broker a deal with Israel and the Muslim world that Israel can build their temple. This will be part of the proof to the Muslim world.

He's the Messiah, the Jewish role and embrace him and so on him it's it's a plausible theory, but all these things are just theories again.

Your average person.

Israel is just not an issue.

It's it's much more of an issue to some prophecy minded evangelical Christians in America than it is to Jews in Israel. May the Lord bless your sister and her husband with the real knowledge of Jesus the Messiah. Thank you for the call. Appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Michigan coal. Welcome to the line of fire rawhide on the wall. Thank you. So my question is do with the though not not long ago I was diagnosed with anxiety, I'm not exactly sure what kind but I'm I'm kind more leaning toward the probably of PDF and kind and sometimes you know people always talk about this talk in the heart doesn't time to feel like when it comes to knowing what God will not appear aware that right sure yet. I'm realizing sometimes buying that he had sometimes let me like for others give a few examples like one time like like Dale they like really really begin to appeal to emotions like contempt, the Jehovah's Witnesses, do and one time likable failing to tell them hard to get go there and are just like completely deceitful and there's other examples where I currently go to school ability and sometimes I felt it note telling me to go away and so sometimes like to create a bunch of confusion and something I'm currently feel that sometimes now are like sometimes you know it how you need to like to sell my Xbox in which I feel like I do count on it.

If I don't really mean or play them attorney thing. Sometimes I want to sit down and think about it though and sometimes I just like it is pushing me to do it now now now am wondering is there a place for you, thinking about it for a moment and how do I distinguish distinguish between what God is about as necessary as this…… They like their Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and welcome to the questions we get answers 866-34-TRUTH pate one quick note to let Israel third temple. We are down to our last 15 seats open under Israel trip in May right at 100 seats were down for last 15 only two buses it's a wonderful special intimate tour really is that the trip of a lifetime wish I could just push a button get everybody there to experience the land to encounter God there to the Bible come alive for you, but we got room for 15 more so if you want to join us for the tour of a lifetime. Go to my website right now. Asked her to Brown ask a DR you see it right on the homepage. Okay, so I'll call back to you just a few things. Number one the first thing you need to do is recognize that it's not God who is causing anxiety or putting you under stress or playing games like tugging at your heart and not tugging at your heart.did you get it. I didn't get it, the son, who he is and he understands your weakness. In other words, he understands whatever tendency you have in your life right now.

It makes it harder for you to sense is leading to senses witness and look if if I tell you don't think about anything, don't worry about anything for the next hour. When your mind, you start to worry. You know this is human nature. So we start the thing is that those with another Holy Spirit. It's very stressful, almost EBP so the first thing is if you feel something like that and you think it could be the Lord.

The first thing to do, say father if this is you just let it come in my heart with an abiding peace not were assuming that's in harmony with Scripture. If you feel the tug to fall Jehovah's Witnesses you ignore that because they're occult and and and they don't teach the Bible. Everything is the lineup with Scripture. Let's see just feel on. I think supposed to things was going this missions trip, then your response.

We father if that's you to come with abiding peace. And if it stays with you over period of time and as you worshiping fellow shipping with the Lord reading the word is a real sense of peace surrounding it and it and it abides in a healthy way. Then you start to walk in that direction. And as you do the piece will deepen and if you just asked the Lord if you just will help me with peace and assurance.

It will make life a lot easier for me.

He's tender.

He's caring we are his sheep. I often remind him I'm just a dumb sheep. I don't know much. You're the shepherd. The good Shepherd in the great Shepherd Celebes and Gabi so worship the Lord spend quality time in his word we meditate on his word was clearly written in Scripture we simply obey by his grace in other areas. Secondary matters to things like that that are not explicit in Scripture is nowhere to go to school how to serve the Lord in different ways, etc. help he'll make his will known but ask him to give you that lasting witness of the Spirit, and he has the ability to do that and if you don't have it then just don't act on it right.

I want to think so. I think sometimes it could also be like. Maybe he'll call me to do that but sometimes maybe I have an unwilling heart. Didn't like actually like help me to get to want to do it now know that how you absolutely that's often the case that God wants us to do something and were not really happy with it, but that's really just you keep giving your life to him that mean the enemy getting saved over again. The Lord of your servant on your son, one on the you want to do your will. Here I am, and he hears your heart and he'll give you that willing heart silt.

May the Lord give you grace favor peace assurance. God bless you and thank you for calling in 86634 let's go to Mike in bourbon a Illinois welcome to the line of fire. Will Mike be there.

I guess not tried 8663 freight 7884 let us go to Stephen and Tampa Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brad, have you been doing well thank you. I thought you died. God called be here Patrick my church and have been doing an internship for over a year now and we had a hospital visit that I go to quite frequently about it I care to not 21 and all I knew and walking and if there was some sort of gunshot wound and he without a gun range. An accident that happened and it shot him in the head and when I walked in the family was destroyed and you've been brain-dead for the past, the day and in the state of Florida.

If you're declared brain-dead yeah 48 our make up a station at the family and yesterday I found out that it passed the way we prayed for at least 30 to 45 minute God the resurrect door to do a miracle, something I'm struggling with with not dealing with a lot of thought. Situation it was my follow-up. You know there's a grieving. Our wall grieving. I know the family must go, but such a tragedy, but I'm just struggling and I've been praying to God deeply about what will do. I'm trying to doubt died from people much like yeah and obviously do what you know how to do you pray, you asked for miracle and sees that miracle. It doesn't happen. That's often experience here in this world so now how you minister to the grieving family.

Do they know who you are because your visit. Yet other members of our church got it right so so what what you want to do this since this piece will be there the first thing you could do is to send them a note, maybe with some even with some flowers. There was some fruits are just just something you from the church and and just say you're so terribly sorry for the loss. Pray for comfort and grace in the midst of it in your here for them if anything is ever needed and don't worry about having the right words, don't worry about having some magic formula what they just need his people love on them and and just be there it's it's that simple.

If you know that the family you can just pay a visit one night and just come by and say hey just been praying for you. This will let you know we love you and we care about you and and sometimes people get an immediate outpouring of love, right when something happens, but six months later a year later when they're really hurting people tend to forget what I would do is I'd also just put a note in my calendar X number of months out to say hey.

Praying for you. Just wondering how you doing anything I could do for you and that normally means the world is not having the right words. It's that loving presence. It's being there. One of my friends and started creating. I will have to pester interrogation and he had to make his first visit to a home after death in the family and explain the way a cake on I need wisdom I need to know what to say and you know and just just going around with all of that in any walked in the door they just hugged him and held onto me Rossi just needed to be there.

That's if you just needed to be there so your presence, letting folks know you think about them.

Praying for them and can do to help. That means the world.

It really does 86634 let us go to Jesse and Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown. It's great piano show for the third time will great nice to have you. So I have been really really blessed by reading the tree of life version of the Bible when I know you had a hand in. And anyways, my question does pertain to that was 20. So I've been reading through Exodus and coming across all the different names of the angels and things like that. The angel of God in your ad and I know certain things and it's all very confusing to me.

But anyways, my question really more pertain to Jennifer's 18 one where basically says that Yahweh add my was actually needing that after Abraham actually Yahweh and when I first started contemplated what that would mean it like right away. Fear God, and the like, wow, is this for real. Like anyways, I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on that particular birth. What that actually means. What are the implications of that effort.

Yeah, of course since I've written about it much sees me.

I commented on it many times, of the passage most clearly red is speaking of of Yahweh and to angelic beings to angels.

The describes three men angels commonly in human appearance that's that's unusual. I just referenced the passage earlier. I was another caller. So as you read on it it is face-to-face dollar between Yahweh and Abraham and Sarah, and then he stays and has a lengthy dialogue with Abraham.

While the 2 Angels Gone Their Way to Sodom, which is why you get Genesis 19 one. Two men angels come to Sodom so that that's clear what happens, you simply can't be seen. That's where we understand God's true unity God's complex unity. The father is hidden glory. John 118, noticing God, right, first Timothy the sixth chapter tells us that he dwells in unapproachable light, which no one can see.

So the father was in unapproachable light of the sun makes it known the son is not who manifest his glory. The sign is the express shining forth of his character and his direct image, so these times when Yahweh is seen in the Old Testament it's the sun is revealing of and that's what it says in John 118, noticing God at any time.

The one and only son is in the bosom of the father, he has made him known. So that's the sun's role to make the father, no thank you right back. Her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown got answers Michael Brown here, 866-348-7884.

Be sure to check out our latest video commentaries are latest articles yesterday Brown website SKU or do you get my emails few times a week. Not every day but you get my emails.

No, you need to. This way you won't miss an article you won't miss video once a week we send a list of the new videos listed in your articles with a summary of what's there so you won't miss anything. We we also have special resource offers we put together and things will be the first to know about so be sure to sign up when you do you get a really eye-opening and free e-book subsonic today Esther to right in the homepage just see the sun for the malice just takes a few seconds to do that 8663 4-H 7884 we go to draw Texas are French or coyote welcome to the line of fire. Shalom need to speak up the go-ahead all around good. I want to debate with Dr. David White really getting dark in the past year. Now the God of fabricated human free will aggressively come the whale part. They like the ground that in libertarianism and told them no. Those two are like seemingly like you know this is strictly, you are strictly on Arminian view in her biblical view of God the father think they will him will obviously everyone involved Calvinist Arminian others are all trying to understand with the biblical view is right. That's the approach that we all have father. What is your word say we just will not rightly understand it to me. What's undeniable is that God is God is the King. He rules and reigns as 12 that he's given us freedom to make choices that we make many choices he doesn't approve of that grieve him and that many things go in ways that are not in accordance with his desires yet that's how he set it up in his sovereignty he set it up to give a certain choices. Nonetheless, he will ultimately carry out his will on the earth will ultimately carry out his will and have a people for him who love him and will be with him for all eternity. But the fact that he grieves the fact that he often distances himself from human choices. This is this is not my heart. This is not my desire the fact that another time sensitive. Only you had done this, you would have been blessed indicates that he does not program us or predestined us or force us with your voice would look at or or predetermine all of her actions, he does predetermine certain things, but he also predetermines based on his foreknowledge because he inhabits eternity's of God's perspective.

He sees everything through all eternity is not time bound. He created time and he exists outside of time when it comes to acts of his sovereignty, but I like to emphasize is number one is not self-contradictory. You will never do anything that contradicts his essential nature. Someone number two is sovereignty is always praiseworthy.

Whatever he does is ultimately good and worthy of praise, and number three. He can do a above and beyond what he is promised but he'll never do less, so he might choose to heal an atheist in the midst of that person's rebellion. That's over and above but if his people will trust him and do with his promise that he will deliver on those promises. So to me jerk.

I you want to look at the overwhelming testimony of Scripture and you cannot deny that from beginning to end.

God gives us choices from Genesis 3, where Adam and Eve make wrong choices. After Adam is given commands in Genesis 2 to write to the end of the book of Revelation the 22nd chapter who whoever will let them come so only by God's grace and help. Can we be saved, but God does give us a choice to accept or reject his grace and in his sovereignty.

That's how he set things up to give us that freedom to allow there to be the back in the fourth. The obedience the disobedience the blessings the curses and out of all of that is brilliant, glorious sovereignty, he will get his goal of people that will love him and be with him forever and that he can bless as they worship and serve him as we worship and serve him.

Those BII just emphasize the main points and I see nowhere in Scripture were human being should think that they don't have the ability to make choices because God is predetermine everything. I do not see that taught in the Bible. I thank you for the call at one last thing, ask yourself a question if got it predetermined all human steps. Why does he respond the way he does with grief with commendation with joy, with pain, what is he respond that way if he predetermined it a certain way and what is he distance himself from certain things we do if he predetermined it in ultimate level.

I thank you for the call 86634 let's go to Dr. X in Arkansas hello hello hello how are you this fine thanks and you hear me okay yeah I can. Okay great I eat that that I would being heard well enough to recall Derrico I put a career. By my pleasure to be talking brilliant mind.

Thank you for your ministry and what you do. Everybody out there you're welcome. Well hey I have a question for you.

I feel little bit like a theological orphan in many respects that are are are are you got your parents got divorced.

You know I'm charismatic on one hand, but I have reformed leaning on the other hand, I ordered your book actually got your book authentic fire and I'm looking forward to reading.thank you for doing that working in the charismatic world. I really appreciate it because my question today though for you as I've heard you say on from your program. Want to know where you fall down exactly I know you said that your neither covenant: the confessional fame with me.

I'm neither covenant professional according to their class category, but I'm wondering what particularly about this confessional of them. Do you agree with and and and go from there.

I'm just wondering exactly could you or like in a debate you had with Mark that you're not based on one great pressure you're aware of the many mutations of this professionalism classically by an aggressive, you know where you where you fall down what what what you disagree with the value professionalism so number one very, very strongly reject the preacher rapture very strongly many reasons to reject the imminence.

The idea the way it's taught by dispensationalism that through church history, Jesus could potentially come at any moment. The second thinking third thing I reject the strict separations that are made between Israel and the church. I do recognize that the church consists of saved Jews and save Gentiles. I recognize that the recognize that God has been working in Israel all the time. That is been working in the church. The dispensational idea that there is a divine parenthesis that were in the age of grace. The church age and when the church is taken out and got begins to deal with Israel once again it is is obviously false. In terms of dustbin with Israel. This time, and after scattering us is preserve this in the broadest back and restore the land early dispensational is probably not expecting it to happen quite like that. But that that strict idea of the separation and that's that's the essence of dispensationalism. These different dispensations of the age of grace in them in the church, take Atticus back to kingdom in Jews getting saved during the great tribulation without the Holy Spirit is not a gospel of grace and me. Just lots of things like that known its earliest forms in this most radical forms. It it very much rejected much of the that the Gospels that was just for the Jews in the first century or the sermon on the Mount is the Constitution for the millennial kingdom.

So it's gotten less radical. After that, and the progress dicing assessments with would be the closer the preacher rapture. This is a strong distinction between Israel and the church. Again, I believe God has distinct promises visible is working out the pieces all wall still working in the church and all in this age of grace together are found still believed in a year tribulation actually were fighting know what the you when a a a rapture will take place her in on those that others know the rapture and the second coming arts are two parts the same event.

Jesus appears in glory at the end of this age we are caught up to meet him that the dead Messiah rise.

The living transformer, to meet him and we descend together with him, so he appears in glory. We are caught up to meet him and send the whole world and we descend together with him that on quite certain of in terms of understanding of Scripture. But will there be a specific seven year period was seven years symbolic. That's debatable because we've been in tribulation again versus I constantly quote John 1633 and this road will have tribulation be a future overcome the world.

Romans five that we we grow through tribulation and suffering in Revelation 1 that that John is our companion in the kingdom and tribulation patient endurance that we have asked 14 that we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom. So we been tribulation since Jesus died and rose from the dead. Will there be especially intense. Within the HI expect self along with an especially glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit that it will be a time of parallel extremes. Remember the words of Peter and asked you that the doubtful angel prophesies for the last days spun all flesh.

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, so I expect great shaking at the end of the age. Great harvest at the end of the age grade intensifying would be a literal seven years and not that to me is debatable. But thank you for the call, and by the way their other reform charismatics are plenty of them.

So you got to feel that that much of an orphan or you can just swing alloy over our way, all right God bless you Dr. X8663 4/32 before the break, so I will get to your calls. On the other side of the break.

Remember this weekend. Ministering Shabbat service additional interrogation mission congregation doubling that is tomorrow morning in Corona, California. Then during an afternoon teaching and then with pastor Shane Eitel meant in Palmdale, California Sunday morning at 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock service.

So join us here for California Oxnard next week.

By the way, back and forth home for a few days and have all the info is on Melissa and Esther Brown. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is joining us the questions we got answers 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to say hang on Rio, California, is it nor or nor nor nor all right. Thank you. What your question bro yesterday answer yes it is you doing out. I'm calling it a reference to talk to you last week probably will vocab along yes sir, and you were speaking in regards to the black lights. Yes, actually I am like myself and, man of black percent. There is a DVD that is about is called Hebrews to me grows all the research is there written by each actually filmed by multiple strongly suggest that you take a look at that video.

All the research is there. Explain to you who the biblical Israelites are just issuing questions are with all respect of what you think I'm ignorant of the evidence and what you think that my studies of almost 50 years in the original languages are wrong. I've studied for 28 years and the information is correct and accurate. Why so you're wrong. I've studied almost 50 so there you go. I beat it in all seriousness are I am sure you study in it, but many of dollars of studied and come to 100% opposite conclusions based on DNA positive archaeology based on language based on iconography and it ended DNA testing and actually DNA testing actually grew as well and and the biblical intellectual your and also listening on that this is not the people of Africa generally speaking that's that's very conclusive.

We know they fathomed many many many are actually zero loss. Actually, there are still tribes. There are tribes of Israel of Israel bit are in Africa yet have the same DNA as I have what you're doing and if you'd mind me asking 90% Ashkenazi, 10% Sephardic.

But the point also she hasn't been yet I carbon I want to say some publishers of the business. I am a second and I need to. I said I should say something differently.

III misspoke they have say the limber tribe in Zimbabwe.

They have the same priestly gene that the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews have that are also priestly. In other words, they all go back to say Middle Eastern source all right. Also like the original the original Israelites were not Caucasian. They were not African. They were Middle Eastern. All right, so little they were more brown skin than anything you know Abraham, so Abraham's name when the most hard times. Abraham's name is Abrams named Graham and what would that mean what did you do that for him.

You know what having families burnt the stooges were okay hang on sir.

With all respect right you know here's here's why this is so said these are two different words with a hey Tom with a set I assure you, sir, that anyone that knew even one weeks worth of Hebrew one week. Just when you learn the alphabet one day. One day one day. That's it your first Hebrew class one day you would know that offer is spelled with a hey ha and calm all right as we looks: ham right column is spelled with a hat. All right, you would know that if you have one day of Hebrew so I'm the hope that the video the DVD mention doesn't make errors that bad. You see when you call in when you completely discount all my decades of study. All right, in terms of learning the Bible. Learning the languages okay symbol one number two when you make an error that someone with 11 here one hour, one hour of Hebrew, you would not make that mistake and that you're laughing at me.

I got a PhD in Semitic languages it for everybody that's tuning in and it sable. What about the super Israelites. That's how big their errors are.

That's how false and if if Moses was black and Jesus was flexibly that's of no concern to me if the original Israelites are all Africans is of no concern to me. So be it.

Okay if if me being a Jew with white skin is because of intermarriage a certain point into Israel. Whatever, that's not the issue at all, but while while while yeah and I'm just yet.

Looking at Ronald Dalton. He asked God in prayer one night for wisdom and knowledge to explain the madness. What he was seeing in the black community. God heard his hers prayers and open Ronald's eyes to the truth. Ever since the day God revealed the truth Ronald in bits and pieces about the true to see the true heritage of black people in America as it pertains to the ancient Hebrew Israelites of the Bible God revealed a Ronald. The real reason my blocks been oppressed for seven years. I guess because actually Israelites anyway. In all seriousness, nor to some actual serious study based on truth, based on facts and here I will assume that you just made a really embarrassing error on national and international radio and Internet actually made it embarrassing error.

To prove my point. If anyone in your congregation actually receiver okay just asked them to show you the letters. The difference between Opera home and home to distinctly different letters like my name starts with an M Michael and my wife's name starts with an and Nancy and they are different letters. Same thing here and then once you realize how wrong you are and you are laughing at me for correcting it may be that a get you realizing and misled the key thing is to find the true knowledge of God through Yeshua the Messiah and forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

That's the key. That's the key. All right. May the Lord set you free from deception, 86634. Let's go over the Texas said walking to the line of fire Exelon contractor Dr. Brown shalom yes I have a question. The cultural background study Bible insert concerning the character state in their mentioning Jill kept wanting to and I just want you to get your take, where John Walton said in this insert. There is no pending corrupting freight in your possession involving factors little if any overlap with the character state of the New Testament, the adversary, and Job should therefore not be equated with the devil later literature is so little respect to John Walton and the cultural study Bible, which I highly recommend I differ with him. I have an appendix or reflection in my jewel commentary where I say that it stiffness and personnel. No scholars due to basis.

Michael Heiser doesn't believe it's the same being. But here's here's why say it is his activity is in defiance of God's interaction with God as we understand what's going on. This is really challenging God that no one really serves God out of altruistic love is an arrogance to it and say look you.

You take away what Job has and who curse you to your face. That's number one number two.

He has the characteristics of Satan himself.

He is a murderer. God will not touch Job but what happens is that Satan goes out half the time the adversary and he kills all of Job's children and then has all of his possessions stolen and then when that's not enough, and he continues to challenge them. God's is your your moving me to destroy him without a cause that's what Satan does is an insider that that's the very accusation there that he then smites in with a terrible illness so we know the New Testament that Satan is associated with disease and attack and things like that. That's 12 we know that that he's a murderer from the beginning. So these are murderous acts and and he's directly challenging God not only so, but it is the same name by which he scolds a house out of the adversary in Hebrew is now call that Satan in the New Testament and then if if you look at at the Greek offer Job chapter 2 verse one you'll see the same thing that that the Septuagint so this is before before the time of Jesus by couple hundred years.

When you look at Job to scroll down in the first chapter 2 verse of verse six. Right of chapter 1 there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves, and so on and and not how is it translated in Septuagint. How Diablo's right so I knew that but I want to make a thousand percent sure check that that wasn't missed thinking so he's called the devil that that's that's the way Septuagint understands himself with all respect, I differ I differ because of the nature of house Tom.

The adversary then I translated as the adversary but in my mind that is the exact same adversary of New Testament and what is the New Testament Satan view Revelation 12. He accuses the brethren before God with widows that notion even come from.

I would say come strongly from the book of Job is also little respect to the cultural study Bible and John Walton reflecting the view of many other Old Testament scholars I differ with them and agree with those who see this as the devil himself accurately learned a lot about satanic nature by reading Job wanted to thank you for the clawlike friends rate broadcast Monday and interview the valuation sure to see some in California is

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