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God, Trump, and the 2020 Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 15, 2020 4:20 pm

God, Trump, and the 2020 Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So what's really at stake in the 2020 elections for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire.

We are going to have a lively eye opening broadcasters number called 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the bottom of the hour I am going to be joined by journalist, author wrist immediately to Stephen Strang to talk about his brand-new book just released yesterday.

Here's the title God trump the 2020 election why he must win and what's at stake for Christians if he loses really talked about the title. Why he feels so strongly.

Some of you right now might be saying he's absolutely right. That's true, it's trump, or else is one pastor said to me a couple days ago.

What's plan B if it's not trump gross is going to be elected radical liberal leftist, the more they can do to the country of the city. You understand the current presidency is doing more harm than good and and the more Christians identify with him, the more it hurts our cause long term. How do we sort this out Warren Smith colleague conservative Christian journalist wrote this the real story of Trump's presidency will not be written to be is out of offices was an email exchange with some of the conservative leaders.

The real story of Trump's presidency will not be written to lose out of office and we learn whether Trump delivered us from our four years of Hillary Clinton or perhaps eight years of radical leftist, or rather he doomed conservatives to four years in the political wilderness. In other words, has electing trump helped the Christian cause long term or heard it long term hasn't done short-term good but long-term damage so II imagine this dialogue and see where you fit on this, see if you agree with how I'm representing these positions and see where you fall in spectrum right so evangelical supporter of Trump say this select these rough around the edges your fence people you exaggerate sometimes utilize what politician does not believe the fighter is fearless is pushing back against forces that will destroy a nation. Fact is, the more for evangelical causes and fears and of the presence into full terms of over Trump any day of the week so we might say that's me.

What may be an evangelical detractor of Trump, you respond with this. Yes, he's done a lot of good. But what cost. Forget about us pastor morality and God. The success of the issue the mess dangerous is right down the officer.

The president is been abusive and divisive is his breath the worst in us as a people, except make excuses for his behavior. We bring reproach on the gospel but supporter from supporter replies and says this which a dialogue between evangelicals is the most effective pro-life president. She's been most, yet the most effective price presidency is the review a decision is a champion of religious liberties is pushing back against aggressive LGBT activists is the best friend is Rose ever had cares about some nasty creature missing the forest for the trees of the detractor answers and those are all good things very good things. I don't minimize them, but words have the power of life and death as well as words have degraded us nationally. As words open a floodgate of hatred of the ungodliness of of of ugliness division is outrageous for the president United States most powerful men of the planet uses office to disgrace and attack them, align and belittle others. We stand with and we degrade ourselves to the supporter replies when we do sit out the 2020 election Stimulus protest vote, just do nothing and let radical liberal become president. Not a chance. Trump's demand for me.

The detractor replies.

I'd rather stand on principle and compromise my convictions for the sake of political expediency in the end will be gained if the laws are changed in the culture change, but hearts are hardened to the gospel. Maybe we would do better if radical liberal selected. Maybe then we wake up as a church stop putting our trust in the government and the White House supporter answers all is a great idea. Kind of like not treating cancer so we can see God perform a miracle, not on my watch. That's that's kind of my summary if I was trying to represent each side why there Christian standing with Donald Trump whether Christians stand against Donald Trump and if you want to look at this more broadly, we could say forget voting, forget the White House forget Congress, forget the courts as part of the world system that will never be fully righteous. We have to do is concentrate on being the church or whoever we vote, we vote secretly. We don't tell anyone about it. We live our faith out. We don't get into controversy about presidents about Congress about anything else we go about being disciple standing up for what's right and fighting the battles that need to be fought. So yes will get involved in the culture wars, but we won't get involved in politics. This image can separate them. I'm in here you are is like a hamster in a treadmill you know and one of those.

Whatever you call less than a treadmill.

You know what I'm talking.

What's your general running get all this exercise it's going nowhere. Will I mean there are folks who been on the front lines of the culture wars and they say unless you get involved politically legislatively are fighting a losing battle. In other words, yes we change hearts we change minds, we have a positive influence on the culture, but then ultimately if the laws don't change it just gets lost if if the culture doesn't change the way with the cultural changes get legislated, it ends up getting lost. So you could change lots of hearts, but Roe V Wade still this a tremendous amount of damage so we do or do we just let the bottom fall out in the church will wake up you pray for revival case, you can tell your kids and grandkids you, we decided to let the bottom fall on you, we decided to let you get hit with the negative consequences of our actions or are in action, we decided liberties and kbyte on you with the hope that you guys will finally really pray for revival, all delightful. Would you do that review Madrone kids permit the financial situation that's ups absently dire and hopeless.

Unbelievably difficult so that the learn to pray and you'll do that intentionally is a poster be a good steward help them learn to be good stewards.

So these are understandably controversial issues and I can understand God fearing Jesus loving people coming to different conclusions about these issues in my position has been this that we appreciate the good the person is doing that. Whether it's a vote for him against one of the current Democrat candidates.

It's a clear choice. We vote for him but we don't treat him as St. Donald. We don't look to him as the Christ. When long Brent and the antichrist and that rather we understand that we have a man with certain weaknesses and shortcomings. It's doing a lot of good in a lot of other ways that here's the problem.

Here's the problem in the past we evangelicals have been the one shouting character counts morality matters. We been the one saying that the way you live privately is very important. That's why evangelicals were outraged over Bill Clinton's actions in the White House. And while this is they couldn't vote for him in the first place because it was history morality matters, character counts, we been shouting that for decades.

Integrity is important, then present what we need someone to fight their existential battles going on with its different now was a character, doesn't count reality doesn't matter, so here's the problem because we said what we've said in the past are on public record for that loud and clear. Some of the people that were very vocal and that the late 90s with President Clinton are vocal again today but they were vocal against President Clinton because of his bad character.

They will have a problems trust breakout others that you're missing the whole point is nasty.

This is other things, but the character that really counts, keeping promises, standing for principal trumps outstanding in that way so the character really counts is strong. My point is we got address the things honestly we can't just act as if there have not been these issues are that we are not being perceived as hypocritical to me. I can make a moral Christian argument for voting for Donald Trump while also making a moral Christian argument for not defending him all the time and by taking issue with certain things he says and does and and ultimately listen if I am running for office as a politician if if I get your vote. That's the biggest thing right. That's what I need is your vote. So if you voted for me.

Let's say Mike Brown is is running for some local congressional seat and you say well I'm not charismatic and I don't agree with you on Israel and I have some other issues about involved in the browser revival, but I believe you're the best candidate we have some of the vote for you. That's what I want in the end is the vote correct so why can't evangelicals that believe Pres. Trump is is the best candidate we have a president right now as I could be Republican that replaces him so Donald Trump or someone on the Democrat side. One of them can be the next president barring something that is unforeseen. Why can't we say we get our votes, but you will get a full heart, you get our vote, but with reservations get our vote, but we will at times say we differ with you and that's important for integrity was so hard about that in some circles noticing your pages long journey to present your know I'm being loyal to the Lord and I and I am I am honoring God and putting my testimony with him first and foremost, 2016 Christian Post 2016 Christian Post had an article by the editorial team Donald Trump is a scam. Yeah, that was the title of the editorial Donald Trump is a scam and then the subtitle evangelical voters should back away when December Christian Post put out an article standing with Pres. Trump against Christianity today's attack on him and the voters really sing. Don't disparage the Christians who voted for Trump. Not now is worse is been a longtime editor with Christian Post resigned this complete reversal of where we were four years ago.

It's fair discussion to have among believers. So can we have this in-house. That's my constant appeal on radio as your host is a moderator is one willing to tackle the controversial issues to say. Can we have a civil conversation. As believers in the midst of our differences. You enlighten me and I enlighten you. I consider what you have to say you consider what I have to say you might change my opinion on my change yours. But at least we better understand meet each other can we do that is that too much to ask. I think not right will be right back.

A time to take a few calls, 866342 and then bring on speed and strength to the discussion for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown one hour from now clocks. When are actually 57 minutes from now will be on our YouTube channel asked her to Brown ask ADR Brown with our weekly live YouTube chat yet so any questions you have. Just post them there. It's a great way for you to join in.

If you're unable to call may be different parts the world work schedule family schedule just post questions and we have a wonderful live chat for 45 minutes to an hour, so be starting at 415 Eastern standard Time right around that time on our YouTube channel asked her to Brown ask a D or Brown.

Also, if you are in Oxnard, California, Oxnard, California, God willing.

All this weekend. Friday night, Saturday, day and night.

Sunday morning, three services, I'll be speaking at new life Church. They are all the details on the website and if you're in North Carolina and when your Kannapolis speaking tonight at the refuge at 7 PM, 86634 to 3 right it change subjects for a moment here at Eugene in Oklahoma. Welcome to the line of fire. That afternoon Dr. Brown how are you doing well.

Thank you. I saw your message. Eat Shane Ottoman. Interesting. I ocular impact develop time and I got excited when they mentioned you're going to get met there. The last exam as part of my question on I'm just like one of the things I struggle with it or the controversy with like some of the issues in the charismatic movement, and I believe you have a really really well-balanced you on addressing issues while not neglecting the fact the Bible teaches that the natural is a reality for Christian not just to get the. Budget being able to what you in first Corinthians 12 talking about God really empowering the Christian youth being baggy couldn't you in it in his own strength like ours ministering and be able to touch the heart of believers and unbelievers that are conviction everything like that and one of the things I really challenge.

I got struggle with how to maintain that type of competent because I often question myself as a minister might be people like John MacArthur go. I love them dearly respect by your reviews really strong language again.

The things that I believe anything that you believe in.

I'm just wondering as they teach yourself or your gonna be held accountable by God about the thing that you teach how do you maintain by such poise and confidence regarding what you believe and I look I do to really safeguard what I really believe it biblically correct theology regarding that the power and the gift of the Holy Spirit, yet so to me there's a simple threefold cord that is really unbreakable and it would be the word of God. It would be personal experience and it would be powerful testimony so the word of God is so crystal clear to me on the issues of the things of the spirit. There might be minor issues of debate, we might have valid questions about what we don't see more people healed or things like that. The overall testimony of Scripture to me is so overwhelmingly undeniably clear that even in the early late 70s early 80s when I tried to move away from charismatic Pentecostal beliefs, including speaking in tongues being real, including prophetic gifts and healing be real when I tried to step away from it and bought books against it and study the Scripture against it very much wanting to not believe these things anymore.

The word was just to clear so even trying to get away from it. To me it was undeniably clear in Scripture. And it's it's no surprise to me that it's almost impossibly for me to find a leading charismatic theologian Prof. teacher some of that would be respected in their camp or excuse me, a non-charismatic theologian, pastor, teacher, that's willing to have a public debate or from the dialogue with me on the subject and I know for fact the folks in the past. MacArthur's The past because himself were offered this in an academic setting, a society of Pentecostal studies that offer was sent to them and either got no reply or actual declines, others we reached out to solicit of friendly dialogue, discussion to me. If you dismiss it.

Will Scripture say it's it's done deal done deal yet, but are sometimes American socialite. That's the first thing someone number two. Experience God my life undeniably experience the moving of the Holy Spirit of experience during the voice of the Holy Spirit of of seeing God work in ways that are undeniably supernatural and it went I would have to be a complete fool to deny it would be like spitting in God's face, so that's the second thing and then the third thing is testimony that you look at what God is doing in verifiable ways around the world book after book story after story testimony after testimony and that reinforces things so the latest attack that comes against me can sometimes be daily from cessation, friends and critics. I just feel bad for them to feel like here we are swimming in in in the in the in the ocean and enjoying the beauty of God's creation and their people say there is no water, no soul somehow in your own life.

If the word is clear than you're experiencing God is to deepen. So when that is so real and undeniable, and you Journal it Journal it when the Holy Spirit leads you and something comes to pass supernaturally or were prayer for healing supernaturally answered or where you commune with God and supernaturally will praying in tongues and journalists when you go back to that and then read things that I just went through Reinhart talkies's extraordinary autobiography, living a life of fire and it's just it's incredible.

It's Jesus glorifying and it's extraordinary to read. I was really edified specially the early stories and Randy Clark's eyewitness to miracles is just so much out there testifying in verifiable waste would cost on that threefold cord makes me sure beyond sure is not even a possibility of a question in my mind about prayer.Dr. Brown at your ministry and the records are your view on trunk. I think it's also very well about. So you guys are in my prayers. Thank you all so much thank you you change the Lord be with you.

Much appreciated. 866342.

So forget just a few minutes.

I'll be joined by journalist author Stephen strength and if you differ with his position about Donald Trump. If you think it's unwise for Christians to be associated with them. If you think it would be better that he not be in the White House for lunch open for you.

We welcome dissenting opinions, critical calls, all right, let's go to Brian in Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown hello, would you give me a clear night and comprehensive definition of premillennialism and how important it described okay gladly. Number one, it is not an issue of salvation. In other words, we can differ over eschatology in different ways, and unless we deny some fundamentals this, we deny that Jesus is returning at all like full predator is doing things like that.

It's not a matter of heresy. It's a matter of a secondary issue but one of great importance to the premillennial view is that Jesus is coming pre-before the millennial kingdom and the main variations of that historical premillennialism which was widely held to by the early church leaders knew that Jesus returns and sets up a thousand year kingdom on the earth or the dispensational variety, which is better known today but goes back in its full system less than 200 years, Sen. will be two different aspects of the second coming. First, the rapture where the believers are pulled out of the world than intense tribulation for seven years, after which Jesus returns. But both of those are pre-millennial. We get the idea of the millennial kingdom. The thousand years from Revelation 20, which mention it six times in the passage there.

We get the picture of it from passages like Isaiah 11 Isaiah to which speak of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covering the earth as the waters cover the seas, which speak of all nation streaming to Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel and beating their swords into plowshares.

It will be a time when we, the believers have been caught up to meet Jesus when he returns my understanding he appears in glory for the whole world to see. We are caught up together to meet him and to send to earth with him as he destroys the wicked and sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem and Zechariah 14 the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will now come and then they will multiply, reproduce, etc. and they will live on this earth as God fulfills his literal kingdom promises to Israel and the nations in the world has an opportunity to be in an environment where God is worshiped with is no injustice there is no war and yet at the end of it. Many will still rebel when Satan is released it will be the final proof that human beings are rebelling against God and all of his goodness. But for short, Jesus comes before the millennial kingdom. Millennial view is that we are in the millennium now it's only a spiritual kingdom at the end of this age, Jesus returns be going for eternity post millennial Jesus comes after the millennium. So to the gospel the whole world will be Christianized and at the end of that Jesus returns and we enter into eternity. The reason I feel it's important to Holter premillennial view is because of the literal reality of the promises to Israel and the liberality of God's word coming to pass.

In other words, if we start spiritualizing all the promises to Israel were say that they no longer mean what they say. It opens up for me a dangerous hermeneutic whereby we can twist and turn the meaning of Scripture. Why couldn't someone come in several we have a further revelation into the same to the New Testament. So if I can twist and turn many of the Old Testament that which was literal and clear and definite and make it into something spiritual or serial or no long long order for Israel to this for every body than what can I change anything else.

But again, not a matter of salvation differ on that normally has presence of the Lord.

I got ago Brian had more questions hopefully for follow-up on another day. Godlessness we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. I had author of a just released book.

Here's the title God Trump the 2020 election is okay will see Stan will here's the subtitle why he must win. What's at stake for Christians if he loses, I've had the joy of working closely with Steve for some years now, a Christian media has published many of my articles hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles and quite a few of my books in recent years, and is of work together with Steve of releasing his wisdom. I've seen the the broad spiritual scope that he has in the political scene and in the church seen Massoud to be a real man of integrity and character. So when you write something like this. It gets my attention.

It's not a sensationalistic book it. It's a serious read, informative read. So what I want to do is find out from from Stephen strength. How is he got to this point what this book is saying why it's so important.

If you have a question or a dissenting view, 86634 trees we may be able to get to some calls. Steve, thanks so much for joining us today after the book has been released, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you. I've been looking forward to great, so this is not your third book on Trump within a couple years. Just give us briefly your own journey and and where each of these books fits in well I've been a journalist for four decades, trained at the University of Florida journalism school and back, then the media was very liberal. You know nothing like it is now and you know the good training ground.

I started charisma magazine. I'm noted a magazine guy got into book publishing published approximately 2000 books and then here I am late in my career writing books and the reason I wrote a God and Donald Trump. The first one in 2017, but I felt it was an untold story about the turtle aspect of his election, mainly that was prophesied by people like him. Clement I checked peers and a few others and we had really covered this in charisma. Partly because I felt that the property needed to be put on the record and in a lot of time. Nobody either.

Nobody paid attention to order after something happened. The ministry will they will. We prophesied that I knew we'd be ridiculed if it didn't come to pass, but against all odds, he became president in the prophetic people were actually saying what God was doing and I wrote it because I felt that it needed to be put on the record and instead of us recruiting an author like we have done other times when we*need in the market for books. I decided to write it myself and it opened up a lot of doors for me. I've been able to be a part of the larger debate of what's going on in our country, but I've been seeing the liberal drift. In fact, in the God Trump 2020 election.

I write about some of my own experiences in the night late 1950s and early 1970s in the Vietnam era you it was a very troubled time in our country and the riots that the Democratic national convention and so forth. But I believe that God raised up the Jesus movement and it it kinda nipped at a lot of that in the bud now we'd of course did not become a righteous country that kinda stopped it.

In a lot of ways but I think this drift over the last 40 years in the left alcohol on the left because what else do I call a meeting of the progressive, the people that are sort of anti-God. They been getting their way again and again and again and then of course we got Obama who promised to fundamentally change America in a lot of ways he did and it was like people were saying enough is enough. Not just Christian but a lot of middle American conservative people, but Christians were just feeling like God raised something somebody operative like my friend, your friend Mike Bickel said we were praying that God would raise somebody up. We didn't have anybody in mind, and he raised up Donald Trump was rude and prudent three marriages and and all kind of made of money on gambling. I mean that Christians are not for gambling and are not for multiple marriages.

I mean there's a lot not to like about his resume, but I believe he changed I've been able to stay on national television, I believe you accepted Christ and kinda talk about what that means in your lately there's been this controversy worked them evangelical so I know personally who were never croppers have really come out against them. And of course the liberal media is so happy to find a conservative evangelical Christian to blast promptly met all over the media, but is also open doors for me.

I'm good to be on Fox and friends tomorrow morning. I just got confirmation of it.

30 minutes ago at 650 Eastern time. If anybody was the tune in and they want me to talk about this. I believe that evangelical, who tend to vote Republican because we have no alternative. I tell the readers that I was a Democrat for many years until the Democrats have got the liberal I couldn't vote for a Democrat and I switched over a lot of people are that position but I'm no fan of the Republican Party. Their part of the problem to because I believe that the what's happening is not really political for much of the spiritual and that's the point I try to make this book there is a spiritual aspect of this and God has raised up Donald Trump for reasons we can only try to understand and I try to make sense for the reader. I llama Journal if I try to tell both sides are very clear on where I stand and I say he must when I actually say I think you will win, but I have a whole chapter on why he might lose and I cite eight different reasons and the people who support Donald Trump. Conservatives need to not take it for granted.

There are things that could happen. Part of it is because the other side is so fired up there to turn their people out part of it is that there's complacency on our side but also if the economy tanked, or if there's warrant a real war in a ran back to do it and also the other side is just so corrupt they may try to steal the election. You know it. Really, anything can happen and this book is my attempt 10 month before the election to stir up the Christian community if they there is a lot at stake. We cannot be complacent and we need to see God's hand on Donald Trump not because he is perfect because the event but then none of us are none of our presidents have been perfect and it just kind of ironic to me that these people who tend to not go to church. They don't follow the Bible they don't even really like Christian. A lot of Christian values. Yet there are so critical of Donald Trump because he is not the perfect Christian, but I do believe that God has done something of heart.

I believe the fear I've had the opportunity to interview him and I'm I'm encouraged because people who are reading the book. It is there something in their spirit that the value yeah you know this makes sense, they began to see that what God is doing and that was my goal. Yeah, and it's been quite a journey. The first book Donna Donald Trump than Trump aftershock and friends than you just released book, God tromped in the 2020 election inferences as you listening to my friend Stephen strength. You realize that he's informed that he's that he's not just say, well, the Holy Spirit seems to be telling certain people know that this is thought through. This is considered and I think you owe it to yourself as an American, especially if you're follow Jesus to read this new book, God tromped in the 2020 election.

So Stephen a question for you you you had the privilege that very few of us have had to sit face-to-face with the president and do an interview with him you saw certain things about his character. Now we evangelicals for years have been shouting character counts morality matters.

We had big problems with Bill Clinton and all of this it some of the people in the post Clint today or say well we need a president not a pulpit silently bounces out in your view.

Who is Donald Trump really and where should evangelicals come down on this.

This issue of character. Character is very important court and we can't blanket some of the thing to remember with Bill Clinton. It wasn't just like he did in the White House, although that was pretty outrageous. I mean, John Kennedy pretty good evidence of John Kennedy and and Linda made. Jonathan also did that but the press kinda turned a blind eye to it. We don't approve of what Donald Trump is done but you know it was really 10 or 15 years ago. No, but with everything they have accused him of including a colluding with the Russians and everything else.

Nobody is accused him of doing hanky-panky in the White House are currently hand up but but let's talk about character is character is not the same as being pious and one of the character traits Donald Trump have that the other politicians don't have. If he keeps his word, that is a huge character issue at there's a whole chapter in the book I Trump the 2020 election about promises made, promises, I think that is huge and it's a whole lot more important to me that if he uses a few word that frankly you can't turn on television without hearing it but I mean it. You know you just wish the president didn't say that you know I'm not repeat them socking out. It is become part of the culture. Unfortunately, we need to turn back to God. And it's a whole lot bigger than Donald Trump. Localities raised two kids of kids that turned out great. That shows a lot of character a loyalty is important to him that the character trait.

He seems to have a heart soft heart toward the Lord. Believe it or not, a heat says that religion, values, religious liberty, things like that are important him, that shows a character trait and the people who criticized tromped about all the stuff even the evangelical to do it. They work for him anyway. They tend to vote Democratic. Every single time an election comes around. I mean we have to think clearly about this and frankly some of the stuff they're doing. Reminds me of the Pharisees. I'd hate to call them therapies, but you know Jesus said the Pharisees were like white sepulcher full of dead men's bones you know they look good, but their hearts were evil and these people that are attacking him and trying to shame us or something called the Lincoln project they're trying to make us feel embarrassed that we would dare to lower ourselves to vote for someone like Donna prompts my question. If you today have in mind is not like he's running again Harry Truman or Young Democrats of the past you. He's running again the most progressive far left in into instant about socialist who do not have great character trait either. However, their lives are not scrutinized in the same weight of the you know what profanity they might used in frankly, some of them do. Profanity draws us to take place.

The dog Trump in the 2020 elections. So what's at stake for Christians wasn't such a big deal.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and transfer drawing us half hour from now will be back on you to ask your friend Esther to Brown on YouTube and that will be our weekly YouTube Q&A chat so questions you have. Comments will be interacting in real time on YouTube. This Esther to Brown starting for 15 Eastern standard Time. My guest friend and colleague Stephen strength his new book, God tromped the 2020 elections, emphasizing what he must win. What's at stake for for Christians against Steve because have a history with you because I've seen you, you very balanced and and careful to think things through and not just blurt out positions that that's a very strong subtitle why he must win which is safer Christian. So I want you to speak from your heart. Based on the research of Don all the interviews you conducted and and just make your case to our viewers and our listeners. While I have affection in the book of actually talking point what people can say no to a friend or family who may be Democrats or don't like tromped and basically is to the fact the other side develop like a derangement syndrome you know it is hard for them even to accept the fact. But let me jump to something else. If I could we have known each other long term payment. I was listening to the announcer describing all of the things you've done they need. They need to add brainiac to the list because you're like one of the smartest people I know and I've actually interviewed several times in and your you have a fairly prominent profile in the book in two different places.

One is that I quote your book.

I take a couple of pages to quote Donald Trump is not my Savior. I thought that was a very interesting book was interesting to see your own evolution in kinda real time as you did your guests. Your call it a blog or maybe an op-ed and I kinda hated that I couldn't publish it. I wanted to visit with came out like right about losing time of my book on tromped short notice yeah and it was also very short notice and then the other book which I did publish call Jezebel's war with America. I have a whole section on that understanding the spiritual aspect or the spiritual dimension and there's one chapter call spiritual warfare Donald Propp and you had a great point in that book affect the book with just coming out as I was kinda finishing up the book and there several points of specially about witchcraft and thought of the things that that you said about what's happening to your this is really a spiritual war. To me the only way that you can explain the absolute hatred of Donald Propp is through spiritual warfare week we offered it. If you're up ^ spiritual Krister Bible believing Christian, you sort of know that there's a spirit warfare, but I mean worst thing a player played out in front of our eye and not telling you something. Of course you know but I appreciated being able to use this information.

I really thought that it added something to the book and it wasn't just me giving opinion but quoting somebody who I fed it as far as I'm concerned, when the smartest people I know will say thank you for the kind words and for your information sent in advance copy of of this to the 2020 elections and I gave it to a very passionate never Trump are they started reading it silver interesting. So I you your you're able to reach folks that really have major issues with Donna tromped as she lay things out and in a recent way so in your view, I had a sugar Donald Trump.

I think like you did you know we both supported Ted Cruz and as I I didn't really know who Donald Propp was your there were huge? About it. But when the current came down to him or Hillary Clinton. We did have a questions about Hillary. We knew what she would do it. We had to of course take our chances and I think that he's exceeded expectations and that's why I think that he deserves a second term. You're the economy is booming in improving our trade relations. In a lot of ways that I think is very healthy. He's supporting Israel he's putting) judges on the bench the kind of thing. The conservative really want and then on the spiritual thing you know religious liberty in some of those issues. He has become a great champion of ours. He has genuine affection for evangelical I have a chapter in there on evangelical Washington before tromped and Doug lead, my longtime friend and from other sources tell me the stories which some of which haven't been told or at least not widely told about how the Republicans say one thing at election time and they really can't despise evangelical kinda don't even want to be identified with a which I think is is rank hypocrisy. But there's also there's a lot of surprises in the book like the story about there being a prophecy that Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California that he would one day sit in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and Pat Boone is the only one in this little circle of eight people who prayed there at the governors mansion in California is the only one still living and he he gave me a lot of details about it was very interesting and when he congratulated Greg in the night he was elected he asked him if he remembered that prophecy and Ronald Reagan said that he had thought of it many many times in little stories another stir about Ronald Reagan is that he had altered so bad when he was governor. He actually prayed God either heal me or kill me because I can't stand this pain, he threw away his medicine and never took it again. Doug Lee told me that story, but we were able to verify it in a letter that he wrote to his own father lowered his father-in-law was near death and he was kinda witnessing to them actually felt. I mean there's a lot of inside stuff that you are going to necessarily find anywhere else. I didn't want it just to be the same old same old is not a repeater. My first two books and I wrote it 10 months before the election because I think things are. There's a lot of staking Christians tend to be kind of passive and and compliant and think my vote doesn't count. It does count and we need to not only vote, but we need to pray, we need to be active. We need to encourage our friends and I hope the people will buy it were getting good reviews in an the early indicators are very strong but I didn't do this to the publishing project I did it because I feel passionately about it and this is my way to try to be a part of the debate, and it advised that it has opened doors for me to you know to talk about it and to know try to make the case for why Donald Trump out to be president. Yeah, and pray that the total blessed time on Fox and friends that that many more Jewish life in the secular world and it is interesting and it's worth remembering that evangelicals helped get Donald Susan Ronald Reagan elected by the major major role in that and get the relationships that they had with Reagan before election and after changed dramatically those once the Washington system clicked in the put all these walls around him and basically cut him off from many of the people that helped get them in office. I heard that directly from someone that was involved back then were his family, writes W Bush anthemic that George W. Bush and you're good with what I going to that chapter and you know we have to have our eyes open wide and 50 that the president is open to Christian thing shares our interest in things like Israel. That is huge to Christian people.

It aired very pro-life, even though at one time you pro-abortion.

You know earlier in his life, which is one the reasons we didn't really know what he would do. We did not theory was but he has surprised it every level. I personally think that is going to win.Kim Clement and a couple other people way back when I actually promise prophesied that he be in for two terms. But like you say we just can't sit around and quote properties. We have to work and you know Kim Clement said that God that Trump is going to be a trumpet and a Bill Gates would be a gate a financial blessing which, to the church while the one about gates is not come to pass, but the one about trumping a trumpet in a figurative fence have come to pass and we can hope that the other comes the path as well. Yeah, absolutely, and one is a single adjustment express appreciation for is that one of the issues that we have. It's one of the books that that you published a bond claim with holy fire is unaccountable prophecies in the body and miracle claims that are not documented, but as we walked together out that sometimes I may reference something in the book, and one of the international civil need that document if it's a healing claim when we actually need that documented. Otherwise we don't reported, so I like the fact that before hand you drew attention to these prophecies to see if this is God, the let's learn from it. Why is the Lord speaking this in advance. And if it's not God then let's have accountability for it, so I commend you for that as well and appreciate you doing that well. Thank you. That part of my journalistic background, your Journal of art hope to do that it and lots and lots of specially with the way that most of Journal under code left leaning, but my feeling if it is true you can documented and we did those same editors better with my book and I think that's very important and also we are one of the things of the press does in the country, at least up until this president, there were kind of a check and balance on the politicians with the idea politician did something bad or be depressed to reveal data and to some extent that's true, we would not know about the pallet full of cash that was delivered by the Obama administration tyrannical one for the Washington Post and in the church there isn't that there's a lot of kind of Lone Ranger preachers yet and I I don't want to get started on this but nobody hold them accountable. We do, to some extent, but you know our RX. Our influence is limited and also it almost feels like in church circles, people want to establish yeah Chris back to reality is reality is what matters. Friends get God from the election. Steve, let's let's touch base again to continue the dialogue here allows you love it thank thank you that

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