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The Collapse of the Iranian Regime?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 16, 2020 5:01 pm

The Collapse of the Iranian Regime?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 16, 2020 5:01 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/16/20.

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Could it be this uranium regime. Radical Islam is ready to fall to stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind to the Hebrew language that he prescriptions messianic prophecy Jewish apologetics Jewish background to the New Testament, Israel today Jewish literature McCall 866-34-TRUTH if you've heard some strange things online are reported in different ways and want to verify whether they're true or not. They tie in with Israel, the Jewish people.

By all means phone lines are open 866-348-7884 before we go. Your phone phone calls before we talked about some Hebrew language issues that you find interesting. I first want to focus in on Iran.

Is it possible that the Iranian regime.

The radical Islamic Iranian regime under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Is it possible that it is ready to crumble that it is ready to fall. You know, there is been great shaking in Iran for quite a number of reasons, but since Pres. Trump decided to Take Out Arch Ter., General Cilla many and and he was really poised in many ways to expand his his terror network and to bring in more and more countries under the Islamic regime that he was pushing for, and according to some reports, was ready to target more American bases a whole lot has happened. Of course, Iran admitted to accidentally shooting down Ukrainian airline. So here you have 176 innocent people that are leaving the country by by innocent I mean they're not terrorist they're not there not soldiers are not engaged in battle and here they are shot down by the ineptness of the regime and in protests in the street. It was remarkable scene on the few saw the split, but student protesters and others were marching down the streets in Tehran and there on the ground you had the flags, the American flag and the Israeli flag and what you're supposed to do is march on them walk on them to show your contempt.

Remember in an annual Jerusalem day in Israel that crowds massive crowds will gather they shout death to America and they shout death to Israel.

America is considered the great Satan and in Israel. The little Satan and then people would burn flags America and Israel and and here they would walk on the so they wouldn't walk on the flags and the few that did people were yelling at them and its extraordinary footage to see what's actually going on and then Pres. Trump as he stood up for the Hong Kong protesters pushing back against mainland communist China. He stood up with the Tamron protesters. The Iranian protesters and city rating regime don't kill the protesters sent a note to the protesters were standing with you. We have been standing with you. Let's let's remember something.

Iran was not always a militantly Islamic country when the Shah of Iran had to flee for his own life when Ayatollah Khomeini came into power in the late 1970s was very secular country, so you always have a strong Muslim presence. It was overall an Islamic country, but in many many ways. It was very secular right so this this is very major to understand that many are rainy and some of them talk about for religious reasons. In terms of their converting to Christianity, but they don't like Islam being forced on them. Women will over the job and in public and will cover their faces or or be veiled in public but then private Belleville party and then you have the rise of Christianity within Iran and it is growing and growing and increasing it still underground in house churches and things like that, but that's growing and then you have the economic sanctions that America is bringing on Iran, and in that is hurting the nation. Will there be a critical mass that arises to overthrow the current regime a few headlines get my attention out one from the Washington Examiner. It reports this is January 12, Iran's only female Olympic medalist defects amid mass protests against the regime. While at an and is as you read the article as she goes on and says she sees 21 years old. She posts on Instagram that that she's defecting from her aunt permanently left the country for Europe. She slammed the rating regime for oppressing women is largely dictating her life. She said let me start with the greeting a farewell condolences. I am one of the millions of oppressed women in Iran who they've been playing with for years and she said they took me were they wanted.

I wore whatever they said every sentence they ordered me to say I repeated whenever they sought they exploited me.

I was important to them.

None of us mattered to them. We were tools she sang was used whatever statements you heard from me. I was used by the regime. I wonder how much this will spread on social media look when it was Khomeini successfully overthrew the Shah in the late 1970s. What happened was he had been exiled by the Shah of Iran and the Shah of Iran ruled with an iron fist.

The Shah of Iran had a secret police and enrolled with lifeless on the one hand it was a fairly secular country and and was very worldly in many ways than you have your religious Muslims in the midst of it at the same time he ruled his regime stood strong. He had to flee the country. Before Khomeini ever arrived in the country.

He was exiled to France and he would put out teachings from France saw a video called God fights back many years ago really eye-opening. So probably 1999 tremendously eye-opening video about the rise of religious fundamentalism worldwide beginning in the late 1970s and what happens is he takes messages in France.

They are then duplicated and smuggled into Iran and then the, the mullahs, the Iranian religious leaders.

They then preach his sermons on Fridays in their mosques and it creates enough of an uproar in the country and enough of a mass of turn to follow Khomeini that the shop with all of his power. The secret police and almost has to flee for his life. So, how much more powerful social media and how much more Romanians have access to these things and can't be fully cut off from the outside world. The matter what Iran tries to do. Could it be that as these things go on that the social media that that the the young people in Iran. The rose were were being told a pack of lies and in and that's why they were so upset with Ukrainian airline coming guessing what we did this we did this here. Another example of this is a headline from the daily mail few days back. Celebrities turn on Iran regime after Tamron admits Downing playing so it's not just the protests in the crowds. The articles is a string of radiant celebrities have also turned on the regime and to state TV hosts have quit over to Ron's three days of false reporting on the crashes and enough with the lies we've had it with the lies so this is something that has been an ongoing problem. The people realize we have been lied to and look as much as there is media bias and can be bias in the left bias in the right as much as we have good fake news in America we we have access to so much information and there so many of the dissenting voices putting out of the narratives that you can study. You can look at what when you have basically state run TV and you have certain messaging being put out, and then the rose we we have been lied to. This is not good and and the people have integrity of heart. That's another sign of a potential crack and then article from the Jerusalem Post. This is January 16. So today, former Arabian Crown Prince we are beginning to see the end of the regime's additional point to try to negotiate with the Islamic Republic. So this is raise up a lobby so he would be the descendent of the Shah right the Shah that was deposed and came to America and died of cancer.

He said that the recent protests in Iran are different than previous tenant demonstrations quote people smell the opportunity for the first time in four years this time is very different from 2090 very different from 1997 the people of had it. Today's generation of young Iranians cannot take it anymore. They want to have an opportunity for better future.

They want to be on the path of modernity and freedom, noting that stands between them and the free world is this regime so could it be, could it be that the regime is ready to crack ready to fall. I think you can make a good case for that happening on the other hand, I was sent an article by a colleague who lives in Bethlehem. I can't go into more details, because he sent it in to be published in a major online publication so if it's going to go out goes out, then all quoted from there. Otherwise, we'll see how we can help get his message out, but he said no, Iran is actually more dangerous than ever. And he says look they still have access to all of the weaponry they have and they still have these networks in the Middle East of terror.

But what's fascinating is this Shieh Muslims slips early in the Shieh that so the suit Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims seem to be in the majority, but in Iran that is a Shiite country.

Iraq is actually majority Shiite, but a large percentage of Sunni as well but say countries like Saudi Arabia, there Sunni so there is a belief within Islam that there is the hidden Imam of the 12th Imam that he is been in hiding that he was born what the 800s or something like that. Whatever the year was and he is been in hiding since then and and he's ready to be revealed. But there has to be world upheaval for this to happen and this is part of the Iranian plan to extend their regime of terror to be world of people and then the mock disease called will be revealed and will bring world peace namely subjection to Islam. That's why some think that the antichrist could be Muslim so here's what's fascinating and here's what my my colleague posted that on the day so Imani was killed Iran supreme leader of the Senate, knee tweeted we congratulate Imam mufti Millers Ajay which in Arabic or call for commitment. All I hasten is being revealed. We congratulate Imam mufti and so Imani's pure soul and condole the Iranian nation on this great martyrdom. I so why is he congratulating Imam mufti so allegedly born eight, 79, the 12th Imam is been in hiding what this information is article about them sing it.

We've met with him privately, and he's given us his wisdom and his teachings are this is apparently some Muslim guy that's alive today that they claim is been here through the generation so probably some demonized radical Islamic leader and that's what were talking about, but my colleague thinks that Iran is going to export terror and try to bring unholy of evil paranoia for how little hole. Let's pray God's best, long hair on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to early Jewish Thursday shout out to everyone in Oxnard, California or nearby. Join me for special meetings Friday night, Saturday, day and night.

Sunday morning all the details are on the website is Dr. Brown thought or you see it right on the itinerary. There join me any. The meetings all the meetings I trust the government bestir us it's not Jewish related themes were more focusing on revival and renewal and things like that. I believe you be deeply enriched as you, just another reminder were down to maybe your last 12 or so seats. Although the exact count right now for Israel to her. We have two buses so it's can be 100 people. It's intimate. It's wonderful. You get to know each other well. We get to spend lots of quality time together especially in the evenings hanging out getting in the word praying open the Scriptures together joining in on my live radio show.

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The tours while you're there during the daytime is the study some political tour is a biblical tour. It is this this just nothing like it. It's extraordinary when you walk the land with the events of Scripture happen and where future events will yet unfold. Oh I was just talking to a pastor last night about this that it still amazes me is many times have been to the old city of Jerusalem as many times as I prayed at the Western Wall that to be there and and then to be there with her tour group. As we pray together and spend time crying out to God. It's just something about it that different in and out of this normal world takes us back in time, it brings us to the future as well. So only few seats left. If you plan on going to trip his is in May May 11 the 20th join us go to Esther to you find it right on the homepage all the information about the tour, sign up, join us by the way, if you're not a multi-supporter torchbearer helping us with a dollar a day or more center become a torchbearer because you you'll get 10% back on the trip, which basically put that money right back in your pocket so you will be supporting us will be blessed with new material every month and that money will write back in your pocket for the tour 866342. Let's start with Josh in Washington. Welcome to the line of fire off McDermott start Brown reporter, like you. The current confusion I've had Jesus talk about in Mark nine minute talking to the disciples about entering little wonderment. Does attempt little one will go down to homework to Hannah and then so it's about Gehenna.

That's that issue and how do not compare to state when Kilby talking about. She you'll what the Jewish context.

What were those two things are, how are they related out of the other Gehenna and she you'll write so should all and and Gehenna both go back to Hebrew concepts cited Gehenna goes back to the, the, the sons of the gnome.

The valley been he gnome so that's that. They both go back to Hebrew concepts but show all is generically the place of the dead. It's not specifically the place of punishment. It's the place where all the day go. Sometimes it's synonymous with the grave. The netherworld and kind of in a nebulous way. In the book of Job, you get the idea of. It's the place of the dead.

But then kind of just wear it over.

If you bear press the oppression ends and the wicked can't rule anymore and but it's the it's not a place where you have a defined afterlife. You have the defined afterlife of the righteous and the presence of God or the wicked being punished. It's just generic for the place of the dead and therefore should not be translated with hell.

So that's a mistranslation of shoal is translated with hell. On the flipside Gehenna does speak of fiery punishment. It does speak of final judgment. It is tied in with say the concept of the lake of fire. So all of those things would would be tied in Matthew five given warnings about the fires of hell and future judgment so in ancient Judaism there were beliefs about this being eternal, that there was an eternal fire.

There are other beliefs that developed over a period of time that the punishment less for certain amount of time, etc. but the idea of an eternal hellfire was something that was certainly currently taught. In the days of Jesus.

Certainly something that he alludes to. So separate from the place of the dead, the generic sense shoal where everybody goes upon death and again could become at the physical grave were just the netherworld and generically but specifically Gehenna is the place of future fiery punishment of the wicked right I worked on Arno relates to yeah I mean that the person takes it above and beyond the Scripture is an analogy, something that in the medieval church and beyond becomes way to really control people with these images of the future torture if you disobey the church but yet that dog is infernal would come from the verses about a future torment future punishment gnashing of teeth blackness, darkness, fire all those images combine a Josh, thank you for the question. Much appreciated it. 66342. Let's go to John in California. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown of Dr. Clark yeah actually I had an alert that you'd be calling so you are a Gentile, saved out of the occult and then ended up in the University of Judaism. So how that happen in what you think our listeners should know about the reality of the occult.

Well, I never think that is limited, but giving a really great one version of Lamictal… Happen yeah I grew up in a suburb of California about 10 years old.

My mother was diagnosed with bipolar manic depression that passed away, but well I was a child. It was bit confusing that was raised with the teaching of the Baptist Church and it it kind of was confusing at how she could experience the pain although being Christian, but will work the efficacy of Christianity that yucky number of years and a rebellion brought out the vehicle magic. We ironically live next to a the largest Buddhist temple in the Western dominated go up there and make a with among white ink that the spectra and I would go to a occult bookstore in Hollywood.

I long story short and there's there's the number of the way but I got heavily deep into the vehicle and when I was 17 I graduated high school early. When the airport why was the mayor I will involve the major vehicle should've died the beat that the filling of the vehicle was on the feet of the vehicle and the only thing that saved me, despite the Lord himself ugly was that I was not where he might be the there was a very supernatural experience.

I feel like you have the Lord asked when antigravity out of the vehicle hospitalized for about a week and during that time I was reflecting on my occult study and my mind how deep I was into it, but I had to recognize that there was an all-powerful being built to stepper to return to Christianity. So the thought came to me won't. Where was this split between Judaism and Christianity essentially do do Jews have the monopoly on beetroot.the one true God. Still all I was feeling in the hospital I requested a Jewish chaplain Rabbi Clement you speak with the poster pastor.

Somebody of micro tobacco, though again, Fostoria. He basically gave me some advice them as I was finishing my enlistment in the airport. I was looking to get my degree as well as continue my search for truth speak as though I was referred to the University of Judaism Los Angeles but figured well the universe didn't get my degree will I find a leg and so the effort time there. There would be consideration to convert to rabbinical Judaism, but I was given open my ad we could talk a little more about this, but there were number of unique courses by bank bid of the introduction so far to do it – it does pretty well exposed to a lot of Jewish thought and as I got more exposed to it. It became harder to accept Christianity that there were a lot of the time I thought that argument. I believe at the University of the but from a anti-missionary perspective Thursday night right and so ironically, somebody had introduced me to you as an apologist and you were very instrumental in front of bringing me back home so to speak at one of your debates with robust mobile payoff back when the passion of the Christ was coming out right and I saw you debating him and it it everything panic like this. You're able to present the very academic Jewish argumentation, something that a lot of the logic. A lot of Gentile Christian apologist really putting me on and so I started looking tomorrow but Judaism Hebrew bill of of the faith, and that led to a much bigger expiration that by leatherback the Lord. But that is are many of things that happen in between. I just want to give a short version. Interesting amassing. Yeah, I'm blessed to play the role in your journey and in Jesus come out with a strong burden for conservative issues. We got around to get a break with is your website where folks can can follow some of what you doing yeah will teach you the one that I recently put out or dealing with this, there is there is there music very clearly that will come back those websites friends phone lines are open 6634 truth interesting journey. God is faithful, learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking delighted to be with you. Lines are open. If you have a Jewish related question for me 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 of got some great looking questions, waiting for rehearing to get to them momentarily, momentarily, and was just chatting with John from California with a fascinating testimony and will share websites if you want to follow some of it is doing helping folks with the occult similar things will get you to those momentarily. All right. And how we got some folks waiting for you to get their info online. Okay, before you with the phones a few days ago I got a call from a black Hebrew Israelite and he was going to set the record straight, and correct me in my errors allegedly and he had studied 20 something years. So I asked him.

I asked him politely while what about my studies of the 748 years. Will your wrong side when II have a little fun with him on it possible you're wrong of the study Lord of you been studying it out but she was now going to set the record straight and and this is the type of gross ignorance. We deal with all the time. The type of extraordinary error. We deal with all the time. Things that are so basic that and you think people believe this, so he wanted to argue that Abraham had his name change from Avram Abram of Ross Tom because it had to do with the word calm that's that's the name of of Egypt. One of the names of of Egypt or the father of Egypt in the Bible. Egypt and Hebrews is meets Ryan with Tom that the father, the Semitic peoples right and that allegedly it meant baked so these were black people so okay first. The first problem is calm has nothing to do with our Farah Hom.

They're two different letters, and how he is called of raw Hom because he will be the father of a home owned a multitude of nations soaked up for those watching were going to put the Hebrew word for harm up there. Is this a squiggle on the bottom. That's an accident you can ignore that the with a slick little T is the vowel that the sound but you'll see.

So on the right is is that the set okay so it's it's almost like a rectangle with no bottom on it. Okay. And one of the the line on the top left goes over a little bit right if if you can just picture that right so if you started on the bottom right you go up in the distance circular top a little bit or curved top a little bit straight across and then overlap a little bit then go straight down. That's the pet you can see, aside from the open bottom. It is closed all the way around. Now calm does not mean baked communes hot or warm. That's what it means and when it is referenced in the Hebrew Bible about being out in the sun or or we can beat with the sun would just mean darkened okay and in modern Hebrew calm does not decipher meaning hot or warm. It means Brown okay Shahar is black calm is brown. So if it did, referred to a color, it would refer to Brown not black and white so that's this cat in calm, all raw Hom Oliver Hom so the second letter from the end on the if you looking at it from C reading from right to left. The second letter from the end. In Hebrew is the hay and it's good to little dots on top.

That's an accident.

Ignore that and the valve looks like a T beneath it. But if you looking at it you'll see that it is open on the side. In other words three seconds of learning Hebrew right said you learned in our amines and all of the letters with three seconds you say okay this cat is different than the hay they are to completely different letters with different sounds, one with a guttural, the other just without the okay so anyone who knows Hebrew at all knows that these are two different letters and that Oliver Hom has nothing to do with Hom. And by the way that the Semitic peoples are not the, the fathers of of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Those of the Semitic peoples.

The descendents of Shem. But this is the type of ignorance that's out there and and and the frustration is you present the truth here. One plus one equals two. Have your one here with my one. How many do we have to, not three not eight not 11, not one.

And some people I know, no man your deceiving us your trickster your wizard. We don't believe you.

So at that point you're given over to deception after pray that God would rattle their cage in a certain way that that in his love, he would shake them so that they have an internal awakening was my, unbelieving lies, unbelieving lies. May God have mercy, and open our eyes to the truth. 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Scott in Missouri walking to the line of fire.

You are on the air.

Thank you heavenly again regarding a quick question Hebrew.

Your colleagues made about Abraham multitude of nation I'm looking that you can't about okay, the father of many nations. We know the nation of Israel and technically could "cry but one of the nation to the fog file doing study that Paul and Roman and chemical the pet I looked under you and I will deduct white fog got a lot of multitude of ethics of different ideologies and it's great because it opened up avenues that explore all going to be ignorant that a partial hardening of Israel. The ability and it enters any of the big guy of the folder for the Gentile, and I harkening back to the 4848 I think because that phrase all would be very in the prophecy of of equipment at because he profit by Jacob Jacob, the father fiber filled Joseph profit don't get to talk but over any of the younger brother shall be greater than the defendant shall become and my MEF because multitude of dates that I looked up and Hebrew in its mellow, go ye the word glory is worth the Greek word Gentile goes to phrases correspond to each other in the fact that Abraham was prophesied to be a father of many nations and equipment NAFTA prophesies become part method profit become the owner of the any of the other little to connect with.

If you click on it, but multitude should actually read better in the Hebrew shall be the moment of nation. Yes, so you just hold it yet. Here's the whole issue publishes Paul makes an absolute distinction between Gentiles in Israel and in the passage Romans 910 11 over and over and over again.

Actually, through the whole book makes a clear distinction and in Israel is the the wider Jewish people. The 12 tribes is as he references them also and in the book of acts right so Israel is the 12 tribes so that includes Efron and Manasseh sold before the fullness of of nations or peoples that are spoken of under under a prime.

There are not, or under from the NASA and the put in the prophecy not so much Gentiles are Abraham itself got system will be a great joy, a great interest in some background noise. Scott sophist you can hear me but can't speak otherwise with the stiletto scratching and of the noise there so the others parallel phraseology. But Paul uses it all the time.

For example, when God says to Israel in Hosea 1. You're not my people, and then with repentance, you are my people. He then applies that to the Gentiles is not written about the Gentiles. Was there one is in view with Gentiles's mother nation of Israel. But Paul applies just as it happened with the nation, so also what happens to the to the Gentiles that they were not God's people, but now become God's people. So he's using words, phrases, expressions and and you do well to point to that, but Efron and Manasseh, not Gentiles ever Manasseh are part of people's writ. Remember, the new Jerusalem will have the names of the 12 tribes of Israel and James, Jacob writes to the 12 tribes scattered abroad.

So these are believers from all the tribes of Israel that are represented here, which include Efron in the NASA under Joseph a so it's parallel phraseology with Gentiles of the Gentiles, the Gentiles are not the descendents of Efron Manasseh is just speaking of the peoples as they multiplied and is the group expanded that the tribes of Israel and then their families and how those grew and expanded something not referring to the Gentiles is Israel and you get in a British Israel in some teaching or that America's actually Israel or things like that. It sets out with the text essay Efron and Manasseh, if you go through Scripture that the good thing to do is just keep going through all the Old Testament and and then trace it out. So here in in in Genesis 48, 19 and out.

I'll just read that the larger a passenger of a read in the NET just because it's what I have in front of me with Joseph so this father placed his right hand and fry am set of displeasing pieces younger so we took his father's hand to move her from a prime sets. Manasseh said, Joseph said to his father. Not so. My father, for this is the firstborn part right hand on his head.

This fellow refused and said I know my son.

I know he too will become a nation and he to become great spite of this his younger brother and fry them will be even greater cited fry in there and his descendents will become a multitude of nation seriously.

Fullness of nations just trace through Efron IM the rest of the of the Hebrew Bible you see it still refers to a distinct people is not a reference to Gentiles were Gentile Christians do not trace back somehow to to Efron IM ultimately but anyway it's it's a good question, but it just breaks down in terms of Paul's usage even very saying I'm writing to Gentiles to provoke Israel, whose Israel, the 12 tribes. The people as a whole. So there's this partial hardness and Israel. So that's Jewish people worldwide and mass don't believe that hardness will be lifted when the fullness of the Gentiles as everybody else comes in and on the heels of that, and hopefully provoked by that the Jewish people en masse will turn to them so I hate you Scott, thank you for the literate question you appreciated. 86634 all right, you get to some more questions. On the other side of the break just to then remember we just have may be our last dozen or so seats available for Israel trip. May will be here before you know it gobbling the standard is whether months are planning on going. Sign up today. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire on this the Jewish Thursday some breaking news just getting the headlines now. Someone text me about this yesterday just in the headlines now trump administration protects school prayer, US Department of Justice, and the part of education announced a proposed rule that will provide guidance on legal protections for prayer and other religious expressions in public schools.

The purpose of this updated guidance is to provide information on the current state of the law and to clarify the extent to which prayer in public schools is legally protected. This be a pushback against the Supreme Court decision. What was it Engel versus Vitale in 1962 that removed organized public prayer from other schools potentially very very major news to see how this plays out.

866-34-TRUTH all right back to the phones with your Jewish related questions we go to Mike in Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown order doing very well thank you first and foremost wander personally thank you, herself you are you and knows a lot of hours fake June garbage going on and it's it's all it's all a bunch of bonk and you know Jewish people. All the other things that are set up by only blossoming for the best people in my life and my wives. My parents were Jews from squirrel Hill and Linda and a lot of mythology authors Boston I own my entire life to the Jewish people because they serve their belief system. In other studies of their writings kept me alive. When my brother passed away 2002 that have any answers that you know that to this day it's still the same. So you personally thank you, you know, I wish people would just simply read your text and realized no Matthew Tutu says you should came out without trying to get into and genealogies and try to prove who is and listen to people in the book in one let them just make no this mythology about the Jewish people in all directions. Bottom line is Jews like everybody else, you got good points and bad points. Different Jews are different.

Different. Can you got religious you've got secular you got Jews in Israel Jews in America. Different parts of the world. You've got Jews there and some of the most generous people in the role of Jews are stingy and we just that's it it's it's a mixed bag of anything else but the caricatures that the Jews are that the Jews are able to Jews were to take over the world of today's Jews are not Jews.

All those things are our laws and by God's grace. We continue to combat those so guided having to do with being born into a Jewish home that was my choice, but obviously to dispel the rumors to dispel the myths we do our best to do the entry point everyone to the Savior of the world. Jesus, Yeshua, who, in terms of his his his earthly identity as a Jew returns as the lion of the tribe of Judah. Anyway, thank you, my associate to your question okay Friday reported great variable on the orchestra, not merely one word and you know my neighbors are bad abruptly extraordinaire I have a problem. Any yellow arrow hit her gosh yes dryer. Most CAR urgent Moshe a car. Moshe Hesse went out they are fresh bunker, trying to push list of okay but this word here next year's trailers. Moshe Erica grabbed the wordplay. Moshe orchestrate no not Manasseh stop. Note that, not the least mushy office and Moshe or just valves and in different pronunciations, one with a set in one lesson I and and even then mushy off is not a a commonly used word. For example in the book of Isaiah. It's on the word that that you find used so know it is Moshe Savior deliver is is a common word you have it. Use the number of times it can refer to an earthly Savior, or deliver is from the root Ya, Schauss, of the same room from which we get your host and you are Yeshua, Jesus ultimately Savior coming from the same roots of but no it's it's not.

And by the way, good job on the Hebrew having a couple things where you even get the accent right words.

The second to last syllables of the last syllable. Otherwise, good job. So you Moshe is is not a play on mushy off again different different vowels at the beginning one with the long oh the mold.

The other when the sound on sound and then a very different final letter.

So yeah, I either Plays on words that are like the but nobody would think of that just reading it Hebrew, especially in Isaiah's day, that would not be something that came to mind at all. And God often identifies himself as the Moshe, the Savior deliver of Israel. But thank you for asking Naresh appreciated our server appreciate your sure sure thing 866-34-TRUTH a good job in being able to read the Hebrew, there that's not done overnight. Right now we go to Jamaica. Russell, welcome to the line of fire are not. I talk about getting her yes I can get a quote everything that you do my part this or a current situation that is happening in Iran. I have been a couple quick. An article in a couple prophetic word that implied Uranian regime will become unstable or we could. I even that in their current revival of Christianity ingested going on and on the ground in Iran hello do you reconcile.where viable crop that is not Israel, it went beneath it with my the northern kingdom which would include Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc. if you subscribe to that biblical prospective yes I distract on the done.

If you're on it with the Coleco cam to be a great orthotic with the comedy is on the second part related in terms of can you ask Dean Hall dear, I think you said in the path where you get where biblical prophecy of the agreement Morrow Dick playing in the world. I think I'm going to look a bit, you know, things I want to be looking dull and at the same venue of the undo the… There's also went… I reply about the dip with you revival and looking dull and Latina date and end time is to link the two that condemned Iran's ability of the but maybe instability but authored in being a great kingdom on author and an end time talk and it will be both verifiable equal exponent at the discerning yet. Thank you very much Russell and the I was love the Jamaican accents got a special dignity when I hear it okay number one we don't know where we stand exactly on the prophetic calendar I got saved in 1970. Once it's almost 50 years ago I was 16 and we were told, Jesus is coming at an any minute.

Any day the prophecies were lining up, there was tremendous excitement.

The new certainly within a number of years can't be that long that Jesus will return the idea that almost 50 years later we still be here and here. I got saved at 16, our oldest granddaughter just turned 19.

Wow so a lot of things could happen before we get to the end. In other words, Iran could have a great Christian revival and an multitudes tens of millions could get saved. And then there could be a radical Islamic revival even greater than the current one that we've seen that starts to oppress and kill and destroy.

And, and these things could still happen. Is there going to be great falling away were many come to faith in many turn away so we just don't know that that's the first thing the second thing it if Iran is a player and follow war against Israel, as many would argue from the prophecies of gold by gold in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

We can't be dogmatic about it because there's a lot of mystery in these prophecies and how they will exactly unfold, but I could easily see a tight swing in one direction, sir, where where the Uranian regime collapses that the God does move in the country and many are saved within that there's a pushback against it. That rather than Iran becoming a dominant Christian nation that the church now comes under persecution and a more radical form of wrong rises up so these things are possible. We simply don't know exactly how things are going unfold and I just say that were look at biblical prophecy, unfolding Mr. paint the mainlines and emphasize the mainlines of what we know Scripture plainly teaches as best as we can and then painting within those lines. Maybe use pencil have several racing right back with you live in Oxnard, California, government, small

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