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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Oxnard, California

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 17, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Oxnard, California

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 17, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/17/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Hey friends, let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers were live from Oxnard California stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire. I'm coming to a lie from Oxnard, California getting ready to minister tonight. New life Community Church 7 PM tonight three services Sunday morning. I mistakenly said yesterday that we'd be ministering Saturday as well. But it's tonight, Friday night, and three services Sunday morning. All right we are ready for your calls. If you're watching on Facebook or YouTube. You see, we are audio only, as often, we are on the road, 8663 for truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Any question of any kind in any way relevant to light a fire, I'm going to the phones momentarily, but just a follow-up yesterday.

Got a very interesting call from a gentleman named John had rejected Christianity was involved in the occult, then looked into Judaism and was pursuing Judaism as a Gentile. We realize that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah and I we had a couple websites and I meant to give them to and failed to do so he sent me a follow-up note saying I didn't get to mention a point you may find interesting the military, specifically the U.S. Air Force is increasingly accommodated paganism within the past few decades are person experiences accommodation. I was permitted to attend pagan, Wiccan religious services during my basic training in 1997 I was about a devout occultist, 10 years later in 2007 Arlington national Cemetery began allowing pagan pentagrams to be used on burial headstones over 10 years after the 2019, the Navy began allowing satanic study groups. If US Naval Academy is a bipartisan, few people know about this upswing in pagan accommodation and US military, but many people may find very intriguing statements unabashedly literally recruiting an army within the ranks of the US military. It's also very coincidental that this accommodation of paganism was roughly coincided with the acceptance of homosexuality and transgender is him in the military soap relevant website Noss locus G and OSS in Gnostic G NOS Lagos L OG was more political website conservatives I just want to mention that to you 866-34-TRUTH we start in Colombia South America.

Camillo, welcome to the line of fire and odor corralling all I want to thank you for your ministry but reporting for me and I want to ask you about whether we are committing our Mayo body and soul on your three-part body over.

Members of the Bible into indicated remarried up of three-part Beaufort facility and by three. The most clear of them on their but that are up her phone theologian paid out:. Could be used interchangeably out of the Bible so therefore we are where made made of only two parts, body, and told, I think the first argument are the three-part purity will more sense to me because where made up an image of God on Trinity art treasury.

I would think yeah but I would like to hear your take on that gesture and thank you for your kind was glad to be a blessing to you in South America. Number one, Hebrews 412 speaks of dividing between soul and spirit. It does reference that so there does seem to be a distinction between the two. We also have other descriptions that mention heart that mention mind and the question is how much do we subdivide these categories to me we can rightly say that there's an inner being and outer being that there's a physical being in a spiritual being in that sense we are bipartite we are physical and spiritual.

There is the natural realm in the realm of the soul or spirit. But if we dig deeper. There is a division between soul and spirit, so on the one hand, it's right to say that we are bipartite that that we are physical and spiritual beings on the other hand, if you want to get more technical and diagnose things more deeply. I believe it's right to say that we are tripartite. The popular saying this man is a spirit he has a soul.

He lives in a body that can be an oversimplification, but I do believe it's important to recognize that Paul writes about people being soul with super costs and and that is in contrast with people being spiritual pneumatic costs so there is a difference there. And as I understand it, the human spirit is what is born again that that the human spirit is what is separated from God through sin we are born again, we are now in fellowship with God or spirits now or quote a lie because they are reunited with God and fellowship. The soulless aspect of the human being is still internal. Our emotions are conscience and things like that but that can be much more influenced by the environment around us. So I give you an example that when Jesus raises gyrus's daughter from the dead people are morning and wailing that was a very soulless thing to do. They were grieving. They were upset. This was terrible. This child had died. What a tragedy. Jesus had to cut through that to be in the realm of the spirit to raise her from the dead.

So to me if I'm doing it. A diagnosis of myself. It's very helpful to divide between body soul and spirit so more broadly. We are spiritual beings, natural beings, there's the inner man in the outer man but included in the inner man his soul and spirit. That to me is the best way to look at the biblical data and most importantly the most practical is were trying to understand our relationship with God so hope that's helpful, sir. I like your follow-up question yes quickly. Sure thing. Yeah well so I get when we die our body. Pure rock are all judged by death later. But what happened I don't look at it like that and thank you for the follow-up question.

We have an inner being and outer being the inner being his soul and spirit, the outer being is flesh so I outer being our outer man will be resurrected. That's what we wait for but our interbeing soul and spirit will go to be with the Lord, that upon death so we don't the soul does not exist separately from the spirit that's that is just the way we describe our interbeing just like our outer being has flesh and bones and blood they all work together. Our interbeing has soul and spirit, so that's how I would look at that and will we stand before God to be judged whether it's in our resurrected bodies or soul spirit will be judged as full human beings.

Hey thank you sir for the calm of the grace of God be with you in Columbia, 86634 let's go to Tamra in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire are doing very well thank you greatly appreciate your every day in on each interface ministry has been a great blessing to me saying I wanted to ask and I get a little bit confused between two parts of Scripture in the Gospels when Jesus had windows from and he appeared to hit opening talk them any grief on them had received the Holy Spirit and Jesus said that they have to wait Holy Spirit, and the day of Pentecost had fully come.

The Holy Spirit was given no I can, little bit confused so that they receive.

When he breathed upon them or dictate payment and yet you first asked that question so is another great question.

We know that in John VII chapter Jesus was speaking about the Holy Spirit about rivers of living water flowing through your innermost being and since he spoke this of the spirit which they had not yet received because Jesus was not yet glorified. So what happens in John 20 compared to acts two.

There are two different ways to possibly interpret it. One is that he breathed on them and that was basically a foretaste that was the prophetic announcement that they were soon about to be baptized in the spirit so he was saying receive the spirit. The breeze on them and that was basically the deposit which would not be realized at Pentecost. That's when it really and truly happened. The other excuse me the other way of understanding it is that Jesus had been teaching the disciples that when he was with them.

He played a certain role, but then when he left the Holy Spirit would be in them so you can look at it that at that moment they received the indwelling spirit, which is what we receive.

The moment were born again. The Holy Spirit comes to live within us.

Romans eight, Galatians 4 he bears witness with us that we are adopted children of God, but what happened at Pentecost was the empowering of the spirit being baptized.

If the spirit being endued with the spirit so you can look at one as as receiving the spirit within that the Holy Spirit now in 12th them and then at Pentecost.

The spirit came upon them in power.

They were close with the spirit and empowered by the spirit that would be similar to Pentecostal beliefs. Today, that the moment you were born again you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit you receive the spirit.

But there is a baptism in the spirit. A subsequent entombment in the spirits power and if I was arguing for either of those two I would say the second is the more likely to me. Okay one I went back I would like more millionaire picture LOL I know you mentioned on the website in order all made that I wanted to know like if there any like I will copy you would recommend for now, publisher or anything like that yet. Tamra actually to start reading Talmud and Jewish literature, rabbinic literature would be very difficult for you before for anyone.

It's not properly introduced to to it and probably within seconds you would lose interest in it. What I would recommend is you get my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. 60 questions questions asked about Jewish beliefs and practices that will give you a really helpful perspective. 60 question is asked about Jewish practices. I will be right back with you because they were here the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us a lot of 48664 truth you've got questions, we've got answers coming we live from Oxnard, California I would go to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Daniel, I remember you calling some weeks back about hyper grace, how you doing that. I've been forever struggling Margaret Margaret Richter's practical question.

Food offered to idols.

So here in Vietnam. There they still do good ancestral worship and most of them. They don't even really believe that they're just doing it kind of the tradition or something and typically year-round villages take a portion of food and put on a little altar thing and they just leave it there and oil them and throw it away. But during the lunar new year Richard.

There, the biggest holiday here though. I actually put all the food on the altar and then take it off and then in the imputed and all of the in the house and damaged people and is likely the freedom that offer me has been offered to their hands. This is an I'm really not sure whether I should partake or not. I know my Vietnamese Christian friend. They they don't partake for me. I mean, it has no cultural significance to me as right kind of outsider. I'm not sure what yeah movie. Not sure how to navigate it on this earth, this is Daniel. We know that the blatant practice of eating food sacrificed to idols was considered sinful and wrong. By the early church if it was a known thing, but we also know that Paul taught plainly and Jesus took plainly that what you eat physically doesn't defile you that food does not bring us closer to God and of itself, or push us away from God so that if my eyes were closed and I was giving something to eat was sacrificed properly. Whether been previously donated to an idol and had no idea what was that the food itself doesn't defile, and we know that so even if it was devoted to an idol exists.

Just food but Paul says that if you are in someone's presence and your food is offered to you. Just eat it without worrying about where it came from, but if they declare that this food was offered to this idol or in this case to these ancestors than for their sake. You don't need it there. Would you want to send a message to them about the wrongness of the practice even though you understand that it doesn't affect you but if it's even if it's likely but it's not actually mentioned when you're eating at someone's home, then I would make an issue of I would honor your Christian friends who feel that they have to abstain to send the message you have to work it out personally and if you say Odyssey I don't know where this came from, could well be from food sacrificed us, but that was common in the ancient world could well be that that was the case, but if it wasn't announced to you and you just serve the food. Just eat the food.

Knowing that it's simply food you give thanks to God for that. As I understand it would be Paul's counsel in the situation. Thank you. All right, grace to you Daniel 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Sean in Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire. My question is about the Michael root. I was wondering if you had any information so I can understand who he is what he is what is coming from Mike know someone is involved with them and I really just don't know what day to refute Michael root claim anything in sight. Yet a quick question, what have you heard from him that has disturbed you by Michael Road or my friend not Michael root. That is what is there something wrong with this teaching, I heard he was involved with Kabbalah. A party does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah or some kind of claims that I'm not really sure how well founded they are more like hearsay and I need to know things that are very concrete him to think that you know what it really believing what it did not believe in a cycle right so II have not followed Michael Reed's ministry for many many years and I've never followed it in any depth, but in 2004, he published a book called the pagan Christian connection exposed in section published by a Christian publisher bridge logos and it made some incredibly extreme claims. For example, he said in 1997 I published the first astronomically corrected biblical Hebrew calendar since the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and then he he basically makes these very radical extreme claims in terms of Christian practices and things like that out going to will us, if I grab a couple quotes are like to read.

Easter is the rehearsal child sacrifice and fertility rites of pagan SunGard worshipers Christmas tree is an evergreen phallic symbol of I will not subject myself to their speaking of Easter and Christmas customs.

I will not subject myself to their perverted disgusting forms of satanic worship. I've died to their world.

I will not return to the vomit of time was worship.

He claims it thinking it he Bray Ackley opens everything up with and goes to his if he remains right like Joshua instead of your horseshoe on various things like that. He makes a wildly inaccurate claim that the Greeks called all their gods from Adonis to Suze Kristof's and and on and on.

So he make certain good points that I agree with his first Jewish roots, but clearly did not know Hebrew well and clearly was positioning himself as the possessor of certain key knowledge that others didn't have. That was just quite bogus. So back then I had major concerns when I when I wrote the review of his book but have not followed it at all. Some of that seem to be a solid evangelical was working with his ministry recently and reached out to me about being on the show, but simply decline that so have a recent information from the past. I was greatly concerned. So best to just dig and watch some of his broadcast read some of the stuff a research for yourself because secondhand information can be very misleading and see what you come up with, but I would have great reason for concerns of her friend is really into him is like this teaching is really giving us the insight and revelation, anybody that's the one who's got all the insight and information in the secret revelation. That's the one you step away from okay again and watch the defendant and at the request of the family that they think he got all the yeah especially in the special Hebrew insights or the biblical calendar stuff that no one else is seen, that's merely question it into my knowledge is not Jewish. I counted it years back Easter like, where high priestly garments and things like that this far as I know is that you pay John thank you for the call. I wish I had more up to date information. 86634 I am just having to reboot my screen here and as soon as I do that there we go back to the phone. Abraham know we don't go to Abraham let's go to Chad in Perry, Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire and around are you doing very well thank you. Heard they are not all go on your broadcast that they appreciated how balanced you are in your views about agreement that I want to write.

Thank you for the void that you give a what you're very welcome sir, and payroll do my best to to be faithful to God's words.

Thanks for the for the good words are the problem. But my question is are whatever whatever I want you to comment on and I have been thinking the baptism the Holy Spirit for a good while now and ask God for I have thought out people to pray for me and I my knowledge, I have stated I've had people say that you never make the right bank in their opinion, I do have it I just need to walk out and they have other people who are tell me that I don't think I have it that I that I will appreciate it even more because I am desire to have her for such a long time. What are you what you would like me to encourage me because I have gotten really discouraged him search for yes thank you Chad for allowing me to speak into this and would run into a break so I'll continue on the other side of the break.

First and foremost, it's important that your fundamental identities found as being a child of God in Jesus that that is what carries you.

That is what encourages you. That is what lifts you that your born-again that God is your father that Jesus is your Lord that the Holy Spirit dwells within you that you have eternal life that your foundation that your joy that your comfort that your strength on a daily basis so I would start there. Thank God for that. Then, in terms of the baptism of the Spirit. Those of us from Pentecostal charismatic backgrounds believe that there is a subsequent entombment of the spirit. A subsequent empowering of the Spirit for service that enables us to to minister with greater effectiveness so you you don't just want to be seeking after something because you believe you're supposed to have it or others talk about having it or the talk about speaking in tongues and you're not speaking in tongues, but rather the hunger and thirst. Got a want to be used by you more. I want to see your power demonstrated in my life more so that Jesus can be glorified more. That's a hard cry. That's the passion I will finish the lives of the great spirit.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire coming life, Oxnard, California. You can draw me tonight 7 PM at new life Community Church in Oxnard or any of the three Sunday morning services you got questions regarding answers 866-34-TRUTH one. Go back to Chad in Perry, Georgia and Chad so we look through history we see that there were different people greatly used by God selected DL Moody that came to a place in their ministry were they were desperate for something more. And they realized that that they had to be empowered afresh by the spirit and they had a tangible life-changing encounter with God, but he came out of great hunger and thirst and seeking his face and of the same way with John G Lake who ended up having a tremendous healing ministry of overlap with Moody, but then lived after him and many others. So hunger, thirst, desperation are very healthy things but not in the context of identity. My identity is not found as having been baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues having a spiritual gift. My identity is found, the being a child of God and yet I personally believe that the baptism the spirit is something very important, and that when God really does touch us and fill us that there is a tangible difference in our lives and in our Pentecostal charismatic circles. We often look to speak in tongues as the first sign of the baptism of the Spirit, because the spirit comes in us and we speak and we see that is a frequent pattern in the book of acts, so number one.

I would, I would keep pressing into God look to Luke 11 verses one through 13. As an example for you. Luke 11 verses one through 13. That's first thing secondly trust God that he is faithful that he will give you what he promised that it's it's for his glory is not to to make you bigger and better writer to her to make you more child of God, more loved, you'll never be more loved than your this very moment, but rather I empowering for service and then as you feel the Holy Spirit moving on you and and and touching you. I just begin to worship him in and let the the the overflow of your heart pour out to him and many times that's that's we receive something from God. That is were opening our heart and worshiping and praising and just caught up with him that that his spirit comes upon us and that's it was with me begin to speak in tongues January 24 of 72 for the first time in virtually every day since then and sometimes for hours at a time just in his presence. Many times we just try to force something and were thinking so much and were trying to manufacture something just like touching and receive that grace walk with the Lord. Honor the Lord praise, but as you feel the spirit moving on your just drink it and receive it begin to praise and refreshing you might be surprised that suddenly at the very depths of your being. You begin praying to God in the new language with that feel this fresh empowerment and with it something begin to happen in a greater dimension in your life may be so. My brother may encounter God afresh in 2020 for the good of all those around you.

All right, 86634 let's go to Greenville, Michigan. Nicole, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown about the length or to collect talking about here, and also the food in the drinking like that. I have bred different commentary a different thing on something that he is referring to pagan practice is also talk of worship of Angel, not in their and others say that no get talking about, you know that that you wish to stop, that they no longer need to keep you think the pack gets what lifts you.

Do you take yes so Galatians 4 and Colossians 2 could be talking about the same things could be talking to different things.

The Colossians 2 seems to be a mixture of Jewish practices and strange spiritual practices.

So it's a mixture of those but either way, Paul is warning the Galatians on the Colossians.

These Gentile congregations not to come under pressure to follow the Jewish calendar not to feel that that somehow bring them closer to God. But if we analyze things a little more deeply.

When Paul raises concerns that you follow days and weeks and seasons and months and things like that out when he raises concern about that. We will hang on. Does it every church do that. So when he says of formally when you did not know God, you are enslaved to those who by nature are not gods but not you've come to know God rather be known by God how to turn back into the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world who slaves were to be once more you observe days and months and seasons and years. I'm afraid I may flavored of your available. Paul himself observed days and months and seasons and years, and he made sure he was back in Jerusalem is over during certain feast days and things like that and he spoke to the Corinthians about about Passover and we noted that the first believers continued to leave the limits choose for generations. So obviously and then if you have church will should you not go to church on Sunday. Should you not celebrate of Good Friday or resurrection Sunday or so. He's obviously not saying that in there seem to be two issues here. One outside influences telling them that you have to do this you have to observe the Jewish calendar and will be right with God were to be saved and for Gentile. In particular, Paul is going to firmly oppose that. That's number one number two Scriptures there and really Galatians as well.

Speaking of the week and worthless elements. The elementary principles of the world it does seem to be speaking of some type of a pagan mixture. So as far as I can tell it's both sad.

There was some type of wrong spiritual practices. They were engaging in and in particular in Galatia, not as prominent in Colossae. They were being put under pressure to observe the biblical Jewish calendar in order to genuinely be saved. So Paul is resisting both of those things which seem to have come in one package. To these congregations. Okay Gail yeah and it looked there great scholars who study these passages in greater depth than I ever have have come to different conclusions on this, which I respect, but what's clear to me is that Paul cannot be saying that you shouldn't have any special days or the Sabbath itself would be wrong or no, certainly not, but would you put under pressure as a Gentile, in particular to observe these things is a sunny salvation is clearly wrong. And then when they're mixed in with paganism or bizarre spiritual practices, or other things like that, it becomes all the more.

Something to avoid 86634 let's go to Charlie and Concorde Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire. All hello Dr. Brown how you doing very well thank you all about band and I don't mean to run it down at all bytes provided my family members are interested in the school and got caught, why, and that your ghetto humbly interested because they want to be there for the camp. They run but I have learned of the bar and you speak to that point there yet. What is the biggest concerns you have Charlie well why worked on blank. Good thing a little beyond orthodox biblical feet didn't like overcoming people will all begin being he talked about the everybody could be so can't be compatible.

If you that the they could build the thing thing. Just goes by good public debate about what you had any ideas. Yeah, I can comment a little. I only met Todd White one time and spent a couple hours with him and heard him preach one time, and as a result of that when I I posted a picture together with him on Instagram and said that I appreciated his heart for God I came under a lot of attack. How can I associate with a false teacher like Todd White so here's here's what I when I met with him personally I found them to be radically born again and that he really lived a terribly sinful messed up life and got dramatically saved and that's one thing, and that he really seem to have a heart for God, it was deeply devoted to the Lord in prayer and fasting and sharing the gospel and in the hotel restaurant. We were both sitting neither of us eating and he was he was fasting that particular day he got on his knees next to me and asked me to pray for him, that God would give him wisdom and then asked for my input in his life, and then the next day I heard him preach and it it was not a systematic message is much as sharing his testimony be decoded a massive amount of Scripture and call people to turn from sin and follow Jesus in a very strong unconditional way.

I took notes during the message and then the next day I sat with him and said, hey, let me just interact with you about the message and I wouldn't use this particular translation for these points and some input on that he track it in like a sponge.

So that was no interaction with him humble pursuing the Lord asking for input and preaching a very clear message of salvation. Now I can't speak to other aspects of what is taught simply because I haven't heard it, I haven't haven't been exposed to it. I know that some people are concerned that that he associates it with Kenneth Copeland, known for his prosperity preaching.

I don't know to what extent they very discuss doctrine or openness to say I want to help you in your ministry. I can comment on that. I understand why that gives concern over associates with any handlebar that gives concern right fully understand. I don't know how deep the associations are anything but when he speaks about Jesus emptying himself from Philippians 2.

My understanding is that his emphasis is that Jesus was anointed by the spirit we see that in Luke four we see that in acts 10, and that he said he drove out demons by the spirit and that the same spirit that was on him is so so not that we can do everything Jesus did, in terms of we walk on water. We ascend to heaven or anything like that but I think the emphasis is that the same spirit that was on Jesus is the spirit on us and therefore we can in his name, heal the sick, drive out demons. If that's the point he's making. I agree with it is being made into extreme away. I can't say so sir Charlie, I wish I could say more, but I'd encourage you to do is just watch Moore's videos to more fully saying in and evaluated himself. My time with him is extremely positive.

That's all I can comment on hey thank you so much Charlie would give you your family wisdom. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back, friends, our broadcast hey I have been so burdened by the Lord, not by my own ambition or my own desire but I truly believe burdened by the Lord to expand our radio outreach vastly some years back we were on some of the biggest stations in American New York City and some others had to pull back, we've expanded. Of course our outreach on YouTube and Facebook by God's grace were speaking to so many more than we ever could before. But we really feel called by the Lord to blanket the nation with the line of fire broadcast and the simplest way for us to do that is a dollar a day a dollar a day that simple. Everyone of you that's been blessed by the broadcast that appreciates our voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity serving as your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. If you believe in what were doing and want to stand with us to help shake America and shape America if this critical time in history, torchbearer become a monthly supporter one dollar day for some you that's easily done for some that's a face step.

I believe you just about God will bless you and that he will more than make up for the lack and we pour back into every single day is a torchbearer then will you get a new monthly message. An important monthly audio message. An insider print newsletter to let you know what's going on 50% discount in our online bookstore, but you get exclusive access to classes that others have to pay for. You get all kinds of exclusive content that is on demand that we we do on other TV shows and networks and things like that and boom there. It is for you so join our support team today you will hold our hands up is by God's grace we make an impact on this generation before it's too late and you will be richly blessed in the process and so many different ways. Go right then asked Dr. and click on donate and then monthly support. You can read all the benefits how we pour back into let's make a difference. Let's get this done in Jesus name.

Thank you for standing with us. All right we go to Chuck in Winston-Salem.

Thanks for holding sir.

Welcome to the line of fire door will deliver adequate?

I will know what food Jewish understanding will owe what happened with the prophet Elijah Amo with popular food. It was translated up and bill will be will further, it was translated when Vivian and God put them in another place. Later that I know that we have the account of the Transfiguration look good you, Bill clear that a little bit yeah yes thank you Chuck and appreciate the question and I'm doing great. Thanks risk of Judaism talks more about the coming role of Elijah then where he is presently of the general understanding would be yes that in in first Kings the season in second Kings the second chapter that he's caught up to the chariots of fire in a whirlwind.

He's caught up to heaven and that he doesn't die. So he's one of those that never died. That would be the more general understanding and that he will make an appearance at the end of the world and he will be the forerunner of the Messiah of traditional Judaism claims that there are some mystical rabbis to whom he's appeared so Elijah will appear at different times in history of Talmudic accounts where where Elijah appears and gives information about the Messiah or something like that but it's believed in Judaism that he will come at the end of the age and that he will clarify legal issues whose clean who's not who's a priest who is not and prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah, they would look to that the end of Malachi for further support for that and interestingly, sir, at every Passover Seder so every Passover meal that you leave a chair open for Elijah the prophet, so it's a tradition as if Elijah could be there spiritually or could appear at any moment. So is it is more speculation about what he's going to do in his presence.

In that regard, as opposed to exactly where he is right now but this tradition would not see him as dying for sure. Hey, thank you for the call.

God bless you my friend, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Roland in Gastonia, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I've been taught all hello yeah I'm here hello I'm here been taught all my go-ahead I can hear you. I can hear his satellite that a man cannot live when I read John chapter 3 John. In verse six. Whomsoever better than him, and not just in birthdate. Then in verse nine. Whosoever is born of God. Do not commit import my cannot ban because he is born of God but the teaching that I've been taught that I can stay in and he'll forgive me and so I was trying to relate that work to what Paul said in Galatians 23 is that the name the number thing start in angulation 1990. The people that do these things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Though if we can't live for you. We are apt to do the bank is John lying what yeah great questions are so John had written already in first one. If we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from all sin and the Greek, there is ongoing. It's continuous were continued because from my sent verse eight if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is that in us.

If we confess our sins in Greek. That is ongoing continuous is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from unrighteousness.

If we say we have not send, we make him a liar and his word is not in us. Then chapter 2 verse one my little children, I'm writing these things to do, so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous. So Roland Jesus has John has a ready told us that it is possible that we will send as believers we should not.

It is possible that we do what he's talking about in first John three is persistent unrepentant sin. It is practicing sent and if you are follow Jesus you cannot practice sin if you do. In other words, you do it willfully you do it without repentance you do it as your form of life, just like I did before I was sacred I was a heavy drug user I did it joyfully gladly purposefully without remorse without repentance that was who I am.

I was practicing that that if I do that I was either never truly born again, if that's I'm living now or I've turned away from the Lord.

So Paul is consistent giving us that same message those who practice sin. He he writes he's correcting sin in the camps all the time all of his letters. He's correcting sin right but those who practice it. Those for whom it is a way of life, those who are adulterers, for example, drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God. So it's one thing to think a lustful thought as a married man. It's a father forgive me wash me clean.

That's not who I am and to follow Jesus and receive forgiveness and walk in the righteousness of God. It's another thing to say. I don't care.

I believe my spouse move in with this woman married this woman and go on living blatant open adultery.

If I do that I've either never been saved or I have demonstrated that I have forfeited my salvation by refusing to have Jesus as Lord. So yes we fall short, but it is not who we are. The pattern of our lives is to turn from sin and to honor the Lord and do what's right, the pattern of the center is to sin and persist and that and that is a sign that they are not true believers. It was read more time but got a run. Thank you for the call. 866-34-TRUTH of very quickly Dallas and Kansas.

Your question, please talk to before I I have a question though. I went to a Christian bookstore.

Looking for systematic theology years ago, and I found one by Wayne Graydon on not knowing Calvin or and I got back in the encounter them and he had Larry, late flowers Norman Geisler and they help me in a different perspective.

I was wondering can you get a good night theology at that not eating Calvinism yeah actually most of the systematic theologies have been written by Calvinist just because they tend to get into that more but they're out there are others in languages. Of course it's it's a brilliant theology on the Calvinist either, but I deeply appreciate his his work there. Go to the website Society for evangelical Arminians society for evangelical Arminians. You'll find lots of references their wide range of material from biblical commentaries to theologies society for evangelical Arminians to search for that online Dallas and if you want one from a distinctly Pentecostal charismatic viewpoint. Check out J Rodman Williams initial J Rodman Williams check out his I think three of three volume theology now available in one volume. You'll find that very helpful as well as written from a charismatic non-Calvinist of viewpoint. So there's excellent systematic theologies written by Calvinist with right inside the many issues I just differ with some of the Calvinistic interpretations and emphases, but again the website society for evangelical Arminians to find lots of recommended resources by friends.

Hope to see you in Oxnard, California tonight or Sunday morning.

Have a blessed weekend never to join our ship. There asked Dr.

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