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Dr. Brown Is Live on Memorial Day!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 30, 2022 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Is Live on Memorial Day!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 30, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/30/22.

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It's not the word or the spirit or the word versus the spirit. But the word and the spirit.

It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more insanity and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is a loyal day life here on the live fire. Maybe you're getting to listen for the first time live you know have to listen on podcast or catch us some other way because you're working at this time were busy with school at this time so welcome, welcome to the broadcast on this memorial day.

Maybe you have an opportunity to call that you normally wouldn't have because your schedule so mom eyes wide open you on Friday.

Anything you want to ask me about anything you want to talk about will take questions in all ranges of subjects. Also, if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube, please click on YouTube. The thumbs up sign give a click on that right now. If you watch on Facebook click share share this video more and if you can't call which is easier for you to post a question, as the show goes on to look over on YouTube on Facebook with our team and grab some of your questions that your postings. You can call 8663 foray 87884 or you can post the question on YouTube or on Facebook on Esther to Brown will do our best to get to allow your calls and questions as the show goes on. First of course it is Memorial Day so want to express my honor my respect for those who served in the military. Those who gave their lives for our country. You think of it drafted volunteered given their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have are so other countries can enjoy the freedoms they have.

They paid the ultimate price in this world, their families paid the ultimate price of his wounded of the suffered other families suffered great upheaval so the memories of those that legalize them. Are they not be forgotten. The families of those who suffered along with them, may they not be forgotten in the America today do a better job of caring for our veterans who are often neglected, depressed, sick, and suicidal. May God help them in the midst of the struggles may be a refuge for them. May we as a nation do better. All right over the weekend I was giving prayerful thought to today's broadcast and I was debating whether to get into tomorrow subject today to to provide an introduction, but felt not to go that we switch tomorrow subject will tomorrow. I'm scheduled to have pastor Greg Locke on the show. I played some clips from him a couple weeks back where he very plainly said that if you vote for Democrats.

He wants you out of this church, they're just a bunch of demons that debating the vote for this one thing, then he and Myers clearly warned those on the left about the potential of a violent uprising basis in Yemen seen anything January 6 was nothing you could push a button if you don't know what's coming our way, your way I found was was responsible to call them out publicly usage reach out to him privately. First of first. I don't know him personally, but because I perceive those comments and many heard them as calling for violence.

I felt it was necessary to immediately speak out publicly.

He then posted on my Facebook page, saying he was taken out of context, etc. I was then given his contact information.

Someone sent it to me when they saw our dialogue. He said he would absolutely come on the radio show he was not calling for violence is he wants to make that very clear at the same time as I've expressed to him.

Many of his followers, and he's got a massive online following many of his followers were saying. Amen.

It's time. The founding fathers would be proud of you Pastor Locke so we can have a candid discussion. He knows exactly the things we do talk about a minute text him again today and say hey here's what we can ask you these are the subjects alone discuss with you. I will give him the opportunity to speak candidly and I'll speak candidly to him. That's the goal that's coming tomorrow. It may be the whole hour if it is, then I plan to continue the discussion with you the next day it may just be part of the show, in which case will dig deeper after were off the air together so in any case that's what's coming your way.

But as I prayed and thought about things.

I asked myself the question, what can I put in your lives. What can I give you, that would help strengthen you in the Lord that would help you be healthier. That would cause you to thrive all the more in God which a truth what's of that could be communicated to that would be to your edification that would build you up and strength you. We are here to help you get healthy, strong and thriving in the Lord every way and everything else that we cry out for revival in the church gospel based moral and cultural revolution in society. Redemption of Israel all that flows out of the church pursuing God in a healthy and godly way so what.

I simply want to talk about is the union of the word in the spirit, if you want to ask me a question about any of this or push back on anything I say again, you can post your questions on social media or Facebook page or a YouTube channel or twitter you're falling there or you can call in 866-34-TRUTH so I recently did a mini debate with pastor and theologian Doug Wilson.

It was absolutely delightful exchange moderated brilliantly by Justin Brierley on the unbelievable network of have enjoyed being in studio with him for a few debates couple time sitting with rabbis redone others over the air. This one was over the Internet it post at the end of last week. It's getting a lot of positive comments people really appreciating the spirit in which it was done, the honesty, the graciousness that we both expressed to me. It's very clear that based on the Bible we must have the power of the spirit in our ministries that based on the Bible that we should still be seeing the gifts of the Spirit would call the charismatic gifts of the spirit and operation that based on the Bible, God continues to speak and move and act among his people, and in reaching out to the lost. I asked Doug Wilson if we have a relationship with the Bible or if the Bible brings us into a relationship with God, and of course he affirmed that the Bible brings us into relationship with God. So when we say solo script Torah Scriptures alone and that the Scriptures are all sufficient was that mean because he referenced the sufficiency of Scripture. So the sufficiency of Scripture does not mean that we don't need to work a job and money just comes in because we have the Bible obviously not the sufficiency of Scripture does not mean that we never need to exercise wisdom and discernment in our lives because we have the Bible obviously not the sufficiency of Scripture doesn't mean that we have a relationship with the Bible, rather than with God. No, the Bible is sufficient and everything it intends to do. The Bible is sufficient in being the Bible and being God's word and revealing.

Fundamentally, who he is and revealing fundamentally what his plan of salvation is and revealing how we are to live as to please him in this world.

That's what it intends to do. But if you're praying for wisdom about which job to take between two the Bible may not address it directly. It may give you principles of wisdom.

I can find a page that says if you're praying about working in the library or working at the computer store the new society.

Note that that's not written there is not sufficient in that sense because it's not there to tell you that it can tell you that you should marry a godly person of like faith, but he can tell you. Should she have red hair blonde hair, brunette hair, black hair, should she beat no time tell you that we see sufficiency of Scripture also built mean those things in the same way, the same way we speak of the sufficiency of Scripture is assuming that we don't need God to heal the sick will need God to reveal things in people's hearts and lives to bring them to himself. It is the Bible that tells us not to be ignorant of spiritual gifts is the Bible that tells us to earnestly pursue prophecy to earnestly pursue gifts, especially that we can prophesy and not to forbid tongues is the Bible tells us the elders of the creation should lay hands on the sick anointing them with all enabling the prayer of faith will make the sick personal that should be something we see on a regular basis why the Bible tells us that, according to the Bible we should have fellowship with the Holy Spirit communion with the Holy Spirit.

According to the Bible in an ongoing way. Jesus, she pure his voice so according to the Bible. I pursue these things according to the Bible. I believe for these things.

According to the Bible I test and examine these things based on the Bible I'm charismatic solo Scripture and therefore charismatic as a title I of my chapters of my book, authentic fire, which was response to Pastor John MacArthur's strange fire. That's my heart. It's my understanding the word and spirit go hand-in-hand. When Jesus was rebuking some of the religious leaders of his day.

In Matthew 22.

He said your mistaken because you don't understand the Scriptures or the power of God you're here missing these two central pillars. Jesus said in John four that the father looks for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth, in spirit, or truth.

But spirit and truth. Paul in first Corinthians 2 was very plain that he proclaimed Jesus the Messiah crucified that was the central message, and he did it in the demonstration and power of the spirit. It was not message or demonstration, but demonstration and message together. Now there are times when a primary mode is teaching the Paul would teaching debate in the synagogues and it doesn't mention miracles in all those cases, many of those cases, and there were times that the sick were just healed Jesus would minister to the sick and one afternoon would be healed, but the normal pattern was to teach pre-feel, teach, preach, deliver the captives word and spirit hand-in-hand friends. The devil still active demons are still active, sickness, disease still active deception still active people full of unbelief. Counterfeit miracles all that's happening. What we need is the word spirit together. I bounced off different walls.

Over the years. No just so heavily emphasizing the word are so heavily emphasized in spirit different circles within two to me the words clear and the beautiful marriage is the word and spirit together based on the word. I believe in the gifts, and power. The spirit for today and as the Holy Spirit moves reground people in the word of God.

It is a beautiful and holy loop all right to come back take some your questions and calls 866-348-7884 is become your weight live this Memorial Day will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

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Assam in Denver Colorado.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Sam, quick question about the pavement group think you are doing what you're doing really grateful for all the conquering I've been going for your video recently started watching a quick question I had. Revelation 2220 G Shirley I come quickly and then on the cross. Finished. I had conversation with Mike Brennan and you believe that the millennium authority year and I would admit I was also pretrip rapture for a while from just for my parents talking in the Bible, and then I looking through the one reviewer night there and how you're playing out you've been, like the Yale part of the culture I get yeah also one of the video.I can't find it anymore.

You mentioned being your way. Revelation 2220 but surely I come quickly, and in your shorts a little display system to few things pretrip and post-trip rapture is a separate discussion from this and that was the both those who believe in a pretrip rapture or like me a postscript, a second coming/rapture together.

We still believe the millennium is future right so that's that's a separate Houston pretrip postscript separate from this. So we are pre-millennial and the reason we are premillennial is because the things that the Scripture explicitly speaks of having happened to me that the Bible is quite explicit that will be a time of universal peace on the earth will be a tyrant when Satan is not deceiving the nations it will be a time when after the Lord returns and sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem and rules and reigns from Jerusalem and all the nations come screaming to Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel, the things that are clearly depicted in Isaiah 2 and Isaiah 11 and other passages and Peter says that Jesus must remain in heaven until the time of the restoration of all things takes place which was spoken by the holy prophets of old and asked the third chaplain says that so there are many many many passages that clearly speak of of promises literal promises on the earth that God will bring to pass. They have not yet happened.

Therefore, we say that the millennium still future and if you believe that the millennium is here now that was in a spiritual sense, and you would be then called millennial that there is no physical millennial kingdom then you have to say that Satan is bound right now that he cannot deceive the nations remarkably, you have prior to that, whereas we know as I answer the call or couple days ago. First Peter five he goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he devours most resistant, steadfast in faith, knowing this is the battle her brothers and sisters undergoing around the world and jet skis meet Jacob James for says that we must resist the devil and hopefully and Satan is mentioned in other passages in the New Testament. Ephesians 6 when a spiritual battle with with satanic powers with these principalities and powers so Satan is anything but bound three cannot deceive the nations pull even his concern for the Corinthians, the second with his 11 that just as Satan CD that that they also might be deceived, so the answers that millennial colleagues and friends give to me there there very weak and completely break down, with Revelation the 20th chapter, among other passages so the other thing we know is that when you read early church literature hundred years after the time of Jesus 200 years 300 400. They're all looking forward to the return of Jesus.

There was none of them are saying what he's ready come and and were now in the spiritual time you like predators that he's ready, more or there's no future kingdom. The disciple of the apostles and their disciples. So for the first few hundred years of church history. They were premillennial.

They were looking for. They expected an antichrist expected increased persecution they expected to see the Lord return the expected schema to be set up on the earth. Many expected Israel to be restored so that's overwhelming.

So the question is what is it mean quickly and you have that many times, even in the Old Testament and its document events that are hundreds and hundreds of years down the line was really speaking of is of an imminence of this this nearness and that we live like this for 2000 years moves to this day. Christians live with a sense of he's at the door. He could be coming at any moment. They symbol what about the review that he was talking about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The problem is that doesn't line up with many other passages like second Thessalonians 1. That is going to come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God and at that time, relief will come to us will be glorified among us that honestly haven't hasn't happened yet. Or when I returns that will be caught up to meet him in the air and be glorified, have a resurrected body like is obviously that hasn't happened yet when he returns that will be abolished.

That hasn't happened.

So we have this overwhelming weight of evidence you say will, listening, coming quickly again, with a sense of imminence, with a sense of urgency coming with a sense of it could be at the door any moment. That's been the reality for 2000 years and it's in keeping that other things are spoken in the Old Testament. If someone said what he's come in different ways in judgment over the years and were still waiting for the, the second coming of which he spoke to him. I can argue with that. He's he's visited in many different ways. But when it's clearly talk about his coming coming in the clouds of glory.

The elect being gathered to him, his wrath being poured out on the earth that has not happened yet and therefore we need to interpret those verses in light of the rest of the testimony of Scripture. Thank you so much. Sure thing you're very welcome 866-34-TRUTH again. You gotta when interpreting Scripture. If you have two or three verses on one side of the scale 500 verses on the other side you don't now reinterpret the 500 based on the two or three, nor you force the two or three into the mold of the 500 is okay how these work together with their certain tension here are my missing something in the two or three, but the obvious cannot be outweighed by a verse that raises a question here and there that one other thing I'm just going to go to the sky go to a Revelation chapter 22 and verse 20 Revelation 2220 and just come and click on the word soon which which in Greek is talk to write a minute I'm going to do that to do that in my accordance Bible software. Hang on, I have to change the setting there we go live click. So when I click on it it can mean speaking of motion quick swift fleet, etc. old. It's to see if I get some good further explanations here.

It does have to do with speed at this have to do with imminence, but it's not necessarily setting a definite time, and by the way, the only way you can argue for that being a reference to the destruction of the second Temple which breaks down and so so many other ways.

The rest of the New Testament that a canopy with that is spoken of as the second coming. The coming of the Lord is and you have to date. Revelation is before 70 A.D. with the vast majority of New Testament scholars do not do okay yeah just looking at Thayer's dictionary which is a standard standard older reference in the poll so from Homer down quick fleet speedy and then James 119 is referenced.

Know this my blood brothers living person be quick to hear, so to speak, slow to wrath. So there is definitely an emphasis in the meaning of the word quickly speedily. The question is based on his timetable.

The question is how does it fit in the rest of Scripture or you want to argue that there were acts of judgment carried out.

Shortly after that and in the centuries that followed. In the centuries that followed, but there will be the second coming in the future you could argue that I would fight that. But to diminish anything about the future coming to future promises the future millennium.

I would take strong issue based in Scripture K week we come back we'll associate some of your social media questions, or you can call in 866-34-TRUTH as we are alive on Memorial day all by the way, I'm scheduled to do an interview with my buddy John Cooper here singing right now for his overstuffed podcast is record that this week that I light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking welcome on the fires we are live. This started the broadcast talking about the union of the word in the spirit together want to strongly encourage you not to be reactionary, meaning you see something flaky and bad in the charismatic surface. Therefore you make of general judgment, but the gifts and power of the Spirit for today or doing a really really dry dead church this teaching. Teaching.

Teaching a new demonstration of power don't react against the words that there's something wrong with the word. The word is perfect. The spirit is perfect. People are not say that again the word is perfect spirit is perfect. People are not.

You say well I'm one of those cautious charismatics. My question is why are you cautious in your love for Jesus cautious in your giving your life to God cautious and devotion to the word cautious and devotion to prayer cautious in seeking to live a godly life. No, what are you cautious in a relationship with your spouse. If you're married cautious in your love for your kids know why should you be a cautious charismatic one causes a lot of the people.

Okay people find, but not the spirit.

Let's all put seatbelts on the comes the spirit we test everything by the word yes we embrace. We embrace was good and real hold fast to the good Mike but I grab hold of the good dual seatbelt.

In that sense I'm going for gold for since it will be reactionary when I wrote authentic fire peters back.

I begin to hear from people who said reading your book. You convinced me or reminded me again that the Bible plainly teaches that the gifts and power the spirit or for today. The charismatic gifts are for today. Now I gotta figure out what to do with it because I got burned. I had bad experiences in other words, their theology was, not shaped by the word, but by experience. You never want to do that they use, it will hang on someone is miraculously healed some of the gift of healing ministers to them in their miraculously healed, should they not conclude that God heals today. We, yes, but to teach that it is his will to do it on a regular basis that we should expect those kinds of things you need to Scripture than to support that. Not just that experience right. Otherwise, you can disable is only if this person prays for someone with this condition that is God's will to get healed and was working enjoy the experience of God heals today yes yes but now that to teach which we expect is that how regular should that be should that be normative should be normative. Some of the gift of healing was this a complete aberration unusual thing you base that on Scripture. The word in the spirit go hand-in-hand together, let me take a question from YouTube.

KJV Templer what many Christians have a problem with people like me who believe Jesus suffered in hell after he died, but rose after three days there are Christians who believe that that in paying for our sins that Jesus, in microcosm took on an eternity of suffering in hell, there are Christians who do believe that there is a heresy that says that Jesus descended into hell and died there as the son of God demonized took on satanic nature and was then resurrected as a glorified man that is heresy. No doubt about that question about that on every level. That's heretical. The reason that many Christians may included take issue with that Jesus suffering in hell is a road forward for a book where the author mentioned that that was the case. Jesus suffered and possible compared to the Scripture. Did you do have teaching in church history. Along these lines, but compare that the Scripture the big issue for me is that Jesus, when he hangs on the cross as it is finished and that's it that's it is is one leader who used to teach it wrongly, then repented got it right. So Jesus didn't say to be continued is finish meant everything that had to be done for redemption was done, all the Scriptures refill done at that point and what is it that saves us that cleanses us the blood of Jesus and what is Paul preach Christ and him crucified. That's the message.

So yes, the early church and the apostles Creed etc. did speak of of Jesus dying and and and going to hell, but normally understood to make proclamation to the spirits in prison to those who died previously in rebellion that it was finished there other things that could've taken place there, but that's why Christians would have a problem with that idea of Jesus every now and it's not explicitly taught you say what mentions that the pangs of death can hold an annex to understand there are passages you could point to. But the emphasis must be on the finish work of the cross sums there will the cross includes that that was part of his death experience understand it's just not my own view, but that is not heretical to say that that after his death that that he descended into the netherworld and some level suffer. That was part of his dying for our sins, but he always remained the perfect God son of God, you, that's a separate issue. I don't hold to it with its biblical that's separate from a completely heretical Velez, but that's what people have an issue with withholdings that view white let's let's go to jail and in New Jersey.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello are you there all right tell you what will your figuring that out or call screen will get back to you in a moment, and jail him hopefully will get you on the air next time around here let us go over to Texas man's going to Texas. Talk to Sean Taylor.

I talked to Sean on our Facebook page.

When you think Jesus had to leave in order to send spirits excessive or interesting question is a good question. What since the spirit was here working with him and through him, then why did he have to Levi's it was necessary that he left that the spirit would come so obviously it had to do was something in the plan and economy of God right. Not that it was a sum which he chose a different manifestations of its like he had to go backstage and change clothes then come back out simply that obviously not for many reasons, because again the spirit was here with Jesus on the earth.

And Jesus does tell his disciples that in John 16. He he dwells with you and will be in you right so father-son spirit being in the same place same time no problem with that, but it appears in the economy of God in the plan of God that the spirits role is to glorify Jesus and to lift him up now as he ascends to heaven so he dies rises from the dead and ascends to heaven. Now the spirit carries out the work of Jesus on the earth through us right so it's necessary that Jesus leaves the spirit carries out the work of Jesus on your through us and that is prove to the world that Jesus is risen from the dead and now the spirits work is not limited to one place, through Jesus, but with Jesus having left this earth, that the spirit working through all of us all around the earth at the same time that would be the simplest answer to the question. I let's submissively reconnect with Jaelyn in New Jersey are you there sir Jan here I go to court. Yes, I can granite Jaelyn from Springfield, Missouri, though I'll be real quick, a preacher and also a Christian rapper Christian artists and I did. Brian did music with one) who has been crying out to the Lord. But is it faith is not a strong and he invited another person to do music without asking me, and then I said yes and in this person, not a Christian and I feel very conflicted about it.

Kind of a two-part question number one is it okay to have this person over the fellowship and for him to be around me of the believer, but the second part if I do feel like hey, I can't. I can't do any music and publish it because I can't, then with you as a nonbeliever. How do I tell him lovingly. You know that I can't do that very convicted. However, part-time.preach the truth of God's word and I believe in separation, but it's hard to know where that line is reaching out a lot but not putting your stamp of approval on something. Yeah yeah Jaelyn it's it's perfectly understandable and it's a legitimate problem to have. In other words, you want to be loving you want to you want to open your arms to others was a haze good person. Let's work together or if we can, but obviously if it's sacred work if it's a matter of doing more in the spirit.

If it's a matter shining light and darkness.

Then, in that sense you can't be unequally yoked together with the world. It simply will not work so what I would do is very very gracious at first. I pray a lot into the situation right and asked the Lord to forgive me and and your audio headstone as I've done it. Most of us have made some mistake.

Maybe that this exact one, but something along these lines, I confess to the Lord, Lord, forgive me for making a decision without really consulting you and not having your heart and receive forgiveness.

He's not here to condemn you right there is no condemnation to those in Messiah Jesus to receive that forgiveness and then you really pray for the person involved that you don't want it, push them away from the Lord, you said that was a real friends that have want to be your friend but II made a wrong decision about us working together and do your best to explain.

Ask if he understands what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and if he would consider himself a ask him say okay here are my values XYZ asking do you share the same values will obviously can't say he does he can say that he shares the same values about the Lordship of Jesus with the authority of Scripture or people being lost outside of the Lord or whatever might and then say okay look this is the spiritual battle that I'm fighting. I can only fight it with people of like heart it would be like forming a basketball team but your point guard wants to be a quarterback on the football team instead and that's always playing the game. It it will or try to give them some kind of analogy you know that that you want to be a NASCAR driver and drive as fast as you can and and he feels led instead to two below will have have classes on unsafe driving and going under the speed limit. Ditto it's just that the two things can't work in the same way and you do say look anyway I can be of help in your own music work. The talked about that or be a friend at a really enjoy hanging out with you or share more about Jesus with you. I'm here to do that. But please forgive me. I made a mistake. I don't want you to be hurt, but in good conscious site. I can't do this work together because I believe are not of the same spirit in doing it and maybe that'll lead to him coming to the Lord to provoke him to salvation faith. Sorry we got your location will not sure what happened but we can ask your question. Regardless if the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown enough that vitamin 1C spiritually healthy but physically healthy to you most remotely historical fact is not fit and asked Dr. Brown, the Lord would visit vitamin check out all the great health supplements from a friend and colleague Dr. Mark Singler and use the special Dr. Brown discount when you're there so that the vitamin all right. Let's go back to the phones Joseph in Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire all lawyer on the air are ejected from okay I tell you what we must have a different call screener in today doing his or her best because it's a holiday in the normal Studios close so my apologies but I'm speaking to you sir so you are on the air. My apologies got a couple wrong here today, go ahead. Please yeah thanks for taking my call. I will up your debate with Doug Welch and I thought the Bible mightily on your side are the only thing I disagree with that. I think the charismatic gifts are not always normalized in the New Testament.

I have two examples of that of Scripture one is John 928. The defendant that Rabbi extended manners parent that he was born blind and you answered it was not that the man and/or his parents, but that the work of God might bite and I'm the last part of that is the more important part and and Mark 928 and 29 workers and when he entered the cycle that privately, what could we. Why could we not cast it out and he said to them this kind cannot be driven out with anything but prayer and this is accentuated with our experiences as well because sometimes people's when don't go back or you know other miraculous things people come back from the dead, at least in the West there seems to be a spiritual principle of of things taking from greater faith. At some point I edited someone with had miraculous hearing Dan my I prayed for a man who had a dislocated shoulder and when he went to the ER. They said it shorter was fine and I've also experienced the miraculous healing of a toad after I stepped on it, of all things. I'm not saying I I I don't believe in this just suggested yet. Just to clarify, thanks for the good word about our debate.

The doc universe, toad's as well. But the fact is, no one is saying that the seeker always feel all the time with the gifts always operate all the time any right within Corinth, Paul references many of the people being sick and some having died because of their their partaking of the Lord's table and an unworthy manner and Paul bistro FEMA sick and are in second Timothy four and first Timothy five. He recommends the Timothy drinks a little wine and not just water because of stomach stomach ailments. One being used medicinally, so there's no and some would even argue that Paul himself was sickly came to glacier that's that's what he was saying to them, so no one is saying that so is the gift of healing that everyone they pray for hundred times out of 100 seal but rather that there is an unusual demonstration of healing through that person above and beyond with no the same with prophecy. This is all as the spirit wills so I think it's good though Joseph that you raise these points because many people think. Also with the gift of healing to just automatically walk into any hospital and clear the hospital out where they get that from that was the New Testament never explicitly says that you do have some examples like acts 28 everyone splits up all the on the bond is healed and and I have heard from colleagues in different parts the world of going into a school for the deaf in it in a particular village and everyone being healed has been reported. I'm not there to see it as an eyewitness, but I don't think of that as the norm. Should we be seeing more absolutely no question about this or wrote whatever happened to the power of God. In 1991 should be seeing more for sure, but it's a clarify saying that this is normative doesn't mean that it always happens all the time in every situation. The sick Rose can have in this world, problems, issues, Rose can have in this world, but in the midst of a God who supernaturally Joseph, thank you very much for calling in high priest Jesse just excuse me all right. I think this is Dylan in Florida. Is it someone else. Hello yeah. Yeah, I would have agreed so I've been one that is questioning that you know I've been ministering. You know her other brother. No Muslim and eight is especially eight years now. I've always doubted God even as a Christian, although I try to hide the been raised in a Catholic family. But then, like the question really stumped me that when I'm answering. Note that if you like. Why did miracles happen like you know as they did like in the Bible but basically like the answer that that most Christians they would be what he called about the Bible is the only revelation we have in considering the fact that the Bible has always acted like how it has been no playback of energy to think like one God do more to make itself known. You know like provisions like white of the beer people and how does so delicately at the answer to the question is God's doing those things around the world today.

Prof. Craig Keener, one of the world's most brilliant New Testament scholars estimates that at least 200 million people worldwide are eyewitnesses to God's miraculous power.

I one of my colleagues was ministering in Africa.

One meeting and in that meeting, there was a mother there with her three children.

The three children had all become blind through disease and often minutes countries is not adequate medication. So you get really sick and venue in the blind and all three were instantly healed in the same medium heat. He just reported back to us with love for Jesus for 48 seen in an there's a lot of documentation about a lot of miraculous things I'd encourage you to check out Randy Clark's book Randy Clark eyewitness to miracles eyewitness to miracles or Randy Clark. It's it's great. It's well documented or Craig Keener's book miracles. There's a two-volume work which is a big major thing to read with any Scotty can dance with lots of testimonies in this book miracles Craig Keener KE NER in the Muslim world.

There's an unprecedented amount of visions and dreams and I have colleagues of mine who work with these muscles on in this is with a do this with a live and they're telling me some of the amazing stories. One of the most beautiful ones I heard was, these are people that sat in a school administrator, and I know them well.

I know their integrity that in in where they are in Iraq, northern Iraq run the edge of major refugee camp.

This from the war in Syria is there there in Kurdistan and the wife of one of our workers was ministering to a Muslim woman there she was deaf in one ear and this Christian woman, the wife of one of our grads begin to tell her about Jesus and she said I love Jesus. He just didn't know much about.

She then proceeded to share her story that she had a number of other women had been badly burned. They were in a ward together and one by one they were dying and she realizes she's looking to make it. She has this vision or dream.

Jesus II just forget which was a she conveyed clearly to artwork or friend Jesus appears to her sister. She just knows it's Jesus as a Muslim.

She believes in Jesus existed right.

That is the Messiah, but not the son of God, he appears and he will and inch he washes her from head to toe and afterwards she sealed she's no longer burned.

However, she still deaf in one ear. This woman now tells her the rest of the story of Jesus, and she is wonderful he miraculously healed and saved another of my colleagues was working with a man who was an incredibly bold witness for Jesus. He had been with the Taliban in Afghanistan. This this friend of mine is very skeptical of a lot of the latest charismatic trends and reports and comes back from overseas looks at what's happening in America, shakes his head. He contacts me once my come in the states. We've got a get together. I've got to tell you what a scene he had been in Greece is based in Italy.

He'd been increased on the mission field. Over 45 years. The been in Greece, there was a place where these Muslim refugees were coming together and many of them.

So many were getting say, they had to turn their tent in Italy over to them to do teaching and to do water baptism something like this, but here is in Greece is meeting these different people.

One was a former member of the Taliban and he has a dream in which Jesus appears to be declares on the way the truth and the life. He then begins to declare the city of Taliban try to kill me please for his life and now is preaching Jesus obviously gets grounded in the word. Here's the rest of the message preaching Jesus, getting heavily persecuted for it and considered it a great joy.

So God did do certain things on a national level like the plagues in Egypt to bring Israel out to tell the nation of Israel. I am the one true God, and then the prophecies now confirm Jesus and then supernatural miracles, especially during his ministry. Confirm him, but now as we preach that message God continues to move. He doesn't do this every single day just like in the Bible. He didn't do it every single day there was a person was a miracle would just be as common as the rain falling or something like that, though it's it's not like that, but he is consistently moving in power around the world. Check out Randy Clark's eyewitness to miracles. Craig Keener's smaller volume single volume on miracles or or the Strobel's book the case for miracles. There's a lot of documentation for the glory of God. This given place for

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