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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from St. Louis

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 31, 2020 4:41 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from St. Louis

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 31, 2020 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/31/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

We are live in St. Louis you got questions, we've got answers phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you. If you are watching on YouTube or on Facebook you will see that we are audio only or listening on radio podcast everything the same as always. Same phone number 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. The earlier you call in the broadcast, the better chance we have of getting to your questions and again anything in any way relevant to the line of fire broadcast anything related to Bible theology, culture, Israel politics anything relates to any guest we've had on were you as you have heard me say preach right teach. That's all for game 8663 foray 87884 before going to the phones I wanted to read the testimony was posted about 12 days ago on the Estar book page and it it really blessed me and I've been meaning to read it to share it with others, but a gentleman named Jonathan posted this. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Dickey has solid biblical doctrine.

He's a great preacher of God's grace and mercy. I love all is liner for you to broadcast and even his books are my favorite deep biblical insight okay what people say about him is a good teacher of the word and this is the part that that so blessed me he said I just lost everything.

My family and home, so listening to Dr. Brown when I don't feel like I can go on anymore. It really helps you so encouraging, but she Dr. Brenda thank you so much you help people like me who enjoy your online fellowship in teaching you help me come back to face with my faith was almost dead, Jonathan.

If you are listening right now. I have been God's hand of grace to you. It is God working through me as he works through each of us as we yield ourselves up to him and whatever you receive from me it's because of God's love and God's goodness and carefree so be strong. My brother and thank others listening and viewing that you are on the edge and you're struggling and in you feel like falling off a remember it's not just you holding onto God's God holding on to you. He's faithful, leaning on him. Many a time of total Lord I'm in over my head. Many a time of total Lord.

This is too big. Your strength manifest in my weakness and I learned to rely on his grace and his goodness more than on my determination and my will, 86634.

We start in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Chuck, welcome to the line of fire. In order to borrow doing well thank you sir Altman or court regarding the prophet Elijah. I was wondering and thinking of them. Ligament bar world where Scripture is scribing film. Figure from the earth, or just translated for another area Cabela's Commodore report of all were here wrote a letter 14 were in the philanderer country that you would recommend removal of Griffin after MB applicable world where the all you would word okay all our PIM first came about him being paid by the rate is just that word again. Could you work. The Hebrew word OR BRM translated as Raven on planet populace planet currently are a rare on the Buick door click on it working at the Carlisle okay great, yet so Chuck that the first question it's definitely taking that he's being to heaven that is being taken away from the earth that Elisha is told by that the other prophets hate you know maybe he's been moving somewhere again of the spirit put them here put them there so they search a search you can find them so that was not the case.

He was translated up into God's presence. That's why it's angelic beings coming down the chariots of fire the world that that whole thing. That's why he does not physically die. That's one thing is for the letter. It's a mystery, yet it it comes later.

Many, many years after his death.

So there there only two possibilities. One is that he wrote a letter prophetically. It would be like someone writing a letter in the in the 1800s, addressing Pres. Ronald Reagan, so it would be a supernatural prophetic gift that operated or that someone in another profit was inspired to it to write this in God basis of your writing on behalf of Elijah.

Otherwise it's mysterious. And yes, scholars do wonder about up there is lightbulb just directional he was, not just living somewhere else for for many many many years afterwards.

As for the second question, the you have similar letters involved in terms of all grave and are of both are two completely different words. Just like in English if if you take this same confidence but change letters okay bank versus bonk right you have the be in the and in the cave at different vowel so different words involve their hate. Chuck, thank you for the call. I appreciate 86634 we go to Denver, Colorado Manny, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown shalom shalom Alem I have a question for you all had Corinthian and on second Clinton that each of you have your own gift from God one out this gift another house that and I'm not sure you bring broadly. You know the fact that everybody has their own gift, grace from God or referring specifically to the context of chapter 7 which is being on the gift of no single myth or marriage and I just wanted to know what you think. Yeah it in context it's speaking to about singleness and marriage.

But it's making a universally true statement to back that up. So when he is talking about not marrying, and he says in verse 778 the first half.

I wish that all of you were as I am, but 770 each of you has grown gift from God when is this gift and the other has that Jesus references in this as well as Matthew 19 that it's not given to everyone not to marry. That's the exceptional gifting at the same time. Paul is emphatic in his other letters that every member of the body is gifted in one way or another. So in this case he speaking in the context of marriage and singleness, but in the context of giftedness in a for example, it chapter he talks about how the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each member of the body, but for different purpose, or in Romans 12 help the body has many different members, each one unique and each of you has a specific gift so he's making a generally true statement but with specific reference there to the marital issue okay, I'll go this route.

And I'll not make me happy as well. I like to thank everybody who needed other pretty important and fair. I just caught a little off guard. I referring to possibly only to think but am very much for your help.

I appreciate yet you're welcome and and Manny as far as our uniqueness of said for many years that we are not the corporate blob of Christ, but the corporate body and the body so unique and so distinctive in each part of the body down to micro things within our bodies that that science is only discovering the functions over the centuries, we are extraordinarily carefully made, uniquely made, beautifully made, and it's the same as within the body.

It's not to love that guy's the preacher and where the congregants or this was the worship leader and we just go to church or note each one has a distinct role distinct purpose distinct calling and if will not compare ourselves to someone else, but rather yield our lives wholly to God and say Lord, your will be done in my life, your purpose, your plan, you've uniquely fashioned and made me your will be done then will find great fulfillment in obeying him. Thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH we go to Pensacola, Florida. Steve drawn the line of fire around. Arthur hello doing very well thank the Canary yes I've got a question Dr. Brown year while I'm running into nowadays some people in the in the one of the cost of movement who are her trying to find the writing God's law.

People hearts by the 10 Commandments.

Danielle allows a God referring to in Jeremiah and I and with that group – by Dr. McIntyre, movement, and what are the ones I'm encountering are trying to force the Sabbath on believers, because one of 10 Commandments limply is because it was one. This was one this with oneness Pentecostals or are they talking about Saturday Sabbath or Sunday that Saturday and I before my family was in that group, but thousands like another thing I knew at my bed and have certain elements of the church in heaven for you.

I had a discussion with the gentleman just yesterday on the line of fire and he was asking are the 10 Commandments separate from the rest of the law and or the 10 Commandments binding for all believers in the church and historically, many Christians would say yes but they made the error of thinking that God had transferred the Sabbath to Sunday and that therefore Sunday worship was mandatory or Sunday Sabbath keeping was mandatory, so my perspective is this. Although you can make a case for the Sabbath going back to creation God sanctifies the seventh day.

It doesn't say that he sanctified for the whole human race or call the whole human race to observe it. But let's say you you want to argue from that right what we know is by the time you get to Exodus 16 that the institution of the Sabbath is something new for the Israelites, fresh out of bondage in Egypt. They certainly were not keeping 1/7 day Sabbath when the in Egypt and then when it's given is one of the 10 Commandments it's given as assigned to keep Israel the rest of the nations of that's reiterated in in the book of Ezekiel as well. So obviously the rest of the world was not observing this effect scholarship debate where the idea of 1/7 day Sabbath came from because you don't have it in the ancient world was nothing logical about wanting to have a lunar month of the month coincides with the cycle of the moon and then have a soul. Here the various and Sabbath to finish some French director. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to anyone fire Michael Brown here 6634 truth come to a lie from St. Louis friends ministering through this weekend.

Grace Church and in Maryland Heights right outside of St. Louis Friday night at leaves young adults meeting may be in the location.

Not sure you can check my itinerary Saturday morning men's breakfast and then sent Saturday night into Sunday morning services for every project at each place. Alright so Steve and Pensacola back to you.

The big argument will ultimately come down to Sabbath itself in terms of the other 10 commitments we all agree that the other nine or reiterated in the New Testament as commands for everyone.

What about Sabbath.

You could argue that the future millennial kingdom.

It looks like the seventh, a Sabbath observance. But the fact is, there is nothing in the New Testament that calls Gentile believers to observe the seventh day Sabbath or that mandates it or recall the emphasis is that we find rest in Jesus and the Sabbath is a shadow, but the substance that him and therefore no one should be able to pressure you. That's what Paul says in Colossians 2 in terms of the observance of the Sabbath or or a new moon or something like that so in point of fact, it is completely fine for Christian to say hey God gave this for good reason. I feel it's good and healthy to observe the seventh day is a Sabbath and so the parts were wonderful, great and many messianic Jewish congregations worship on Shabbat on Sabbath as as part of solidarity with the Jewish community and believing that honors the Lord with there is clearly no New Testament command to do that and you cannot separate the 10 Commandments from the rest of the law. If you can say that is mandatory and you can have to say other aspects of the law are also mandatory and then basically you put everyone back under the Sinai covenant instead of under the new and better covenant that God has made the Sinai covenant served its divine purpose in the broadest of the Messiah brought the whole world under the guilt of sin showed us her need for Redeemer and then brought brought us as a schoolmaster as a pedagogue to the Messiah that were in the Messiah. There is a change in the changes been brought about through a new and better covenant and there's no hint in Jeremiah 31 to 34, that it's just speaking about 10 Commandments. There is no hint about that at all. Rather, what is being spoken of their is God's teaching being put in our hearts and that we see with that is, to the New Testament writings negative thinking yeah and I was just asked to select pages shall be in the New Testament where it singles out the 10 Commandments and where it singles out the Sabbath commandment and where it makes that binding for all New Testament believers also just the situation in Rome is very interesting. Believers in Rome started out as Jews like it in the early church would've been the norm. They started out as Jewish followers of Jesus with the minority of Gentiles. Then there was an edict from the Emperor of early on in the community's life you about a decade or less into communities life where they were scattered Jews were exiled from Rome and included Jewish followers of Jesus when they came back some years later.

Now the Jews were a minority in the Gentile community of Rome in terms of the church so how do you relate what you do different customs days, holy days, and that's part of what Paul is addressing Romans 14 about differences in observing days. Some of it comes back to that conflict.

That challenge with Jews and Gentiles worshiping together in the same spiritual family all right 86634 let's go to her friend Terry Kia in Gerald Texas. Welcome to the line of fire and yet can go ahead and I could barely hear you. I tell you what daddy want you see what's up what's up with that call and if we can get clearly connected with Terry Kia. Let's go to Thessalonica in Fremont, Nebraska.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown. I was wondering what your current acting that on the profit made by David Welker from the patient had and the profit made by Kim Clement. How do you reconcile both of them and date the Walkerton profit and more about the catchment coming to America and Kim Clement talk about every viable company American rights also found where a true prophet that I believe both of them had but had accurate profit counted so I was just wondering here and take him back. Yes it's it's a very good question and if we believe that God still speaks prophetically today to take these things seriously. So number one let's go through all the possibilities that possibilities would be that neither one was really speaking from the Lord. Another possibility would be that one was speaking from the Lord.

The other was, not another possibility would be. They both were speaking from the Lord and it will just take time to show that in another possibility would be that one or both of the prophecies were conditional so how do we sort these of a dose of the initial four possibilities that would come up in my mind right so I would say first that you go back to David Wilkerson's the vision. There is no question that there many things he spoke there that have come to pass. I went and looked back at it all within the last couple of months and and it was it was really it was really striking. It was striking to see how much she had spoken back then. So you're talking about was the early 80s has come to pass. On the other hand, if you read some of his books except the trumpeted by mouth, and others, you would've had the idea that judgment was coming in a more imminent way out America that we were going to have a complete financial collapse and in fact when the stock markets collapsed a few decades back, David Wilkerson, the day before the Sunday night was preaching at Times Square church and told everyone if you want to see history made be at Wall Street tomorrow and he was there shouting warnings were speaking as everything went crazy and there was a massive stock market collapse. He'd set it the day before that was gonna happen then of couple years later something similar happen. He he spoke similarly but it didn't happen the same way. So is it human fallibility and we have to factor listings in my take is this. I know that Kim Clement had that the trump prophecy earlier on and that is one that everyone's pointing to. So we shall see in terms of that.

Will he be elected the second term will heed emerge from the White House. As a praying man going in is a nonprime and emerge as a praying man but everything has to be tested first tested by the word and and then tested by accuracy and neither prophecy mentioned conditionality, but almost always in the Bible. The solution is laid out in Jeremiah chapter 18 that the principle is that if God's judgment and the people repent that he has promised to judge that Saturn will bring blessing and if he promises blessing and they turn and do evil, that instead of bringing blessing. He will bring judgment so is it possible that David Wilkerson's prophecies are true but conditional. The same with Kim Clement so they true but conditional conditionally similar.

What's the wealth.

It would be to warn and to give promise and hope it's possible that both are true and I'm not just trying to make sense of things here and just honestly looking at it because I look always at the school.

Possibilities of revival and judgment and I expect both of them on a certain level and sometimes judgment precedes revival, sometimes judgment follows revival sometimes revival stops judgment from coming so if I was seeking to put this together humbly before the Lord. I will and without examining every line of the prophecies for accuracy and and historical fulfillment.

But I would say Tesla is I am praying with urgency for revival, believing that God can still stir America bring us to our knees and send the greatest outpouring we've ever seen by if not judgment is at the door and judgment may be at the door anyway. And the best we can do is stall it so anyone to saying don't worry revival is coming. Everything is gonna be good. No that superficial.

I reject that anyone saying it's over it's too late. You can't repent.

It's too late.

Revival I recheck that so II live with this great sense of anticipation, but with this sense of deep concern at the same time so both words could be true depending on whether he repent, and humble ourselves over there we go on in our arrogance and pride and then over time we shall see will be able to evaluate even more clearly what was a true prophetic word of what was, not a thank you for a very important question 86634 is the number to call friends.

Do you get my emails. We have a very asked announcement that will be going out early next week about my next book 1 of the most fascinating books I believe I've ever written.

I believe it's gonna be a real page turner for you and a great tool to give to your Jewish friends and neighbors were gonna be announcing that on Monday so not getting my emails right now sign-up because of a special offer for preorder.

Signed autograph signed and numbered copies, excuse me, so make sure you get our emails go to asked Dr. KSK DR Brown.or go there and then decide if it is also free.

Yeah, real eye-opening book and then exported resources. Special things. Sign-up today right back to the momentarily.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire coming alive from St. Louis this is Michael Brown. You've got questions, we've got answers. All right, so Jerry Kia in general Texas hold clear connections. Good. Now go ahead yes hello I will we gave it a shot twice, actually.

Okay, let's go to Jared in Lexington, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown very well thank how it I want to talk about the commandment. And the tour as a whole earth. I want to say I don't advocate a worksite elevation at all that you could write it only method of elevation. What I do want to say is in first John chapter 3 verse four. It states that man is the transgression of the law also in chapter 3 verse 20 Paul said that the knowledge of fan. It by the law. So what I would submit is that we are not saved by the law, but if we are to be sinless and Jesus was banned.

Should we not also try to uphold the law. The commandment in every aspect except, of course, of the sacrifices which is outlined I believe in Hebrews chapter 8 how Jesus was old what you say what you say except in the resolve this because the sacrifices were added you to transgression because of the the article that's either a commandments or commandments to offer sacrifices so who exempted macro my commandment, the sacrifices firsthand what I'm referring to as the right right right but I'm saying since it was required by the law. That's part of the Torah poses explaining why these, but it's part of the or he was a slave. It's part of the Torah. So who gave you the right to not offer animal sacrifices if you say that sin is transgressing the law. We should keep all the commandments who told you not to keep that commitment. It we were not told to keep the commandment Jesus was our sacrifice. He is the propitiation and okay Sarah.

Also, there are many thing right. He fulfills all righteousness. He fulfills the that okay so you're saying that many many passages in the Torah no longer apply to us correct what I am praying is so let's take will here that I have always thought it's a commandment okay if you don't observe the seventh day Sabbath.

Your put to death. According to the Torah so you want advocate that I am advocating that we would keep the punishment what of the angulation the often also talked about the other curse of the law being under the law. If your under the law or under the so you should. We shouldn't keep the death penalty even though that's a command of the Torah, the death penalty that was paid for by Christ our forgive you a a which should be burned so Brian which is I would say no that is not our right if we don't, you have a disobedient and rebellious teenager that will not repent you just on that one to death.

That is not our I would not say that it all okay so married you are you are ready throwing out dozens and dozens and dozens of Torah laws okay you to be consistent. You have to live ways radically differently than what you live what you need to do is realize we are not under the Sinai covenant.

And when when Gandhi found Williamson's transcript jacking to finish were not Sinai covenant weren't Roger new and better covenant, and to find out how you need to live is a follower of Jesus read the New Testament lays it out. Finally, okay at our thing how do you explain that I mentioned that David Stan is transgression of the law but still sometime at ceremonial law otherwise rinsing every second of every day you live in. 27 sin every single day because you are in a ritually impure state. According to the ceremonial law suits are Jared Ackley rear so so here's the deal's are the Torah was given to reveal sin, to show a certainty for Redeemer to give us the concept of substitution so that we would now recognize our need for the Messiah understand who he was, for the Jewish people and the Jewish people to make it known to the world.

Now we have been given the ability by grace to live according to God's moral law, and to follow the commandments that he's laid out the New Testament if you want advocate that you are supposed to live by. Everything written Torah. You'll find yourself a hypocrite 24 seven.

Just a little conversation but I agree that no not that you don't have the right to do it, go talk to an ultra Orthodox Jew, about how they live according to Torah and then you find out about 90% of things you do are off-limits. Okay according the Torah is as they were instead. So the bottom line is you're going in the wrong direction. The commandments that we need to emphasize are those which are laid out in the New Testament and sending transgression of the Lord is talk about God's moral standards. There such talk about every ceremonial detailer. If you're not off if if you didn't go through ritual purification of your wife didn't after her monthly. It's not talking about that sir try to help. I may have had this discussion endlessly recently did so much on the year and try to help serve so please drink these things in 86634 let us go to Alex in Northern California.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown general question for you and give you a little background so my parents escaped Ukraine eastern Europe during World War II, with persecution from communist monkeys, etc. and my grandmother was Eastern Rite of Byzantine priests and I my question is, so basically I was raised to both Latin tradition and Ukraine Eastern Rite and ending. You know just what college, etc. then I purred like 2030 years of my life I've looked into Protestant hospital on and I got a lot of great things are there with reading the Bible, etc. I'm getting older, the traditions of what I was raised and I know my parents you know taught me the fear of God, etc. you wanted basically like salvation but your convert to salvation theology and also finding from the traditions which can mimic Easter like the right Orthodox for mimic.

It might be to my perspective like Old Testament temple kind of practices. What is your opinion can people find of the theology and people find salvation within that branch. This is as I understand Eastern rights of just looking it up online definition Eastern Rite churches make manifest the pluralistic composition of the Roman Catholic tradition so Eastern Catholic rites per permit, a married clergy the needed mission to baptize infants to proceed.

You got a bit of a of a mixture there. Here's here's what I would say so because this is a journey that you can be on between you and God. I would read through the New Testament over and over. This year, finish it, read it again finish it, read it again and ask yourself what are the fundamentals what are the nonnegotiable's what are the things that I must believe and must adhere to, and must live out to be a true follower of Jesus. That's number one. The number two look at the description of the church in the New Testament obviously with warts and blemishes, but look at the life of the spirit, the importance of the presence and work of the spirit look at what seemed to be reflected is important in in services and in public worship. Look for those things and then look for the marks of what it means to be a follower of Jesus, how we are to live, which should be reflected in our lives. And then I would look for community that most seems to be in hot for me.

I'm in I am much more at home in a more of a free-flowing service in a service where the Holy Spirit can can move and work and speak as opposed to a more traditional service or liturgical service, but I certainly understand that there there would be liturgy in certain parts of the early church, especially in certain Jewish settings that certain things that I'm not as at home with others will be more help with, and vice versa.

But the nonnegotiable's that's what's a big thing to me in terms of the fundamental beliefs about who Jesus is about what he did on the cross about what it means to be his follower about the working of the Spirit today about the foundational nature of the word of God, of what committed Christians look like and how they should live those of the big things to me and ultimately if there was a community of believers that love the things of God that love the working of the Spirit that were truly sold out for Jesus living out the gospel and their expression in services included a good amount of liturgy and and it was either that or some Pentecostal church down the block that was loose on doctrine and and and loose on commitment. I do more at home in the liturgical setting, but work out as you understand the word was the most important nonnegotiable fundamentals or and then build out from there and make sure it's not nostalgia that's pulling you back to some older memories.

Make sure it's it's truth content and spiritual content that's pulling you, not nostalgia, may the Lord God. She said thank you for asking the question, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Stephen in Los Angeles walking to the line of fire. I hello Mary yes I can to critic Michael go ahead.

I've been studying Emmanuel Tobin's book on textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible and carried about one of the observations he makes, which is corroborated in the footnotes of my Oxford English. The Jewish study Bible, Oxford edition and it's written in regards to what seemed to be a significant textual variant in reference to Deuteronomy 32, eight, 10 3243 but you probably are familiar with hope in the Jewish study Bible claim that in these instances, the Masoretic text contains unintelligible and illogical readings and namely that in verse eight that the name Israel stands in place of what originally said daughter L and in verse 43 the whole year to whole lines were allegedly removed, replacing references to servants with funds in nations allegedly replaced an original reference to heaven and supposedly these corrections, among others, were made by early editors of the so-called person for the Masoretic text in order to eliminate what may have been perceived as his sister is as pleasant as it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown right back even yes to your reviewing some of the apparent textual issues are what's reflected in Septuagint. The Dead Sea Scrolls variations from the Masoretic text with tradition. There are some José from July 30 two that the weights quoted in the New Testament.

Hebrews seems to reflect the Septuagint confirm by Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. so if these are the types of things that textual scholars work through all your specific questions that would be what you have.

Apparently the replacements with in our plaything of God with Israel and replacing sons with servant and replacing heavens with nation and essentially intaking attacks that supposedly originally referred to heaven in a divine counsel and no imagery. And you know sort of grounding and on earth and and supposedly these corrections, among others, were made by early editors of the so-called proto-Masoretic text in order to eliminate what may have been perceived as polytheistic imagery and supposedly the original wording can be reconstructed from the Dead Sea Scrolls work you do.

Deuteronomy J and Q, respectively. In the Qumran scrolls are close to the Septuagint you just mentioned, at least in this instance, what are the implications of the textual variants in terms of not only the integrity of the biblical text, but the conclusions that scholars seem to be drawing from these and you know in this instance, it seems like the Masoretic text was corrupted and but the Septuagint actually preserves a more original reading our post Vermont modern Bible team to favor the Masoretic text of the can.

You know how how would you advise, working through the week of the issue yet so so first thing recognize that we target the biblical text which is not our best understanding of the original manuscripts so the Masoretic text is not the typical text. It's just in the fast fast fast majority of cases closest.

What we understand, the original is the same way with New Testament texts.

We have an abundance to sift through. The question is which most accurately reflects the original reading and overall terms of major doctrinal issues. The variants are very very minor and very very rare so by the biblical text will look at the larger complex of what's been preserved including Masoretic textual tradition include and even there you have thousands of manuscripts that are all in perfect harmony, then you have the Septuagint you have the various other translations be at Syriac, be it Latin, the Aramaic then you have manuscripts preserved and things like that so you're you're looking at the larger picture and textual criticism so-called lower criticism is going to put all these pieces together and do its best to come to conclusions that the first thing the second thing is ideologically you have to ask why, if there was an attempt to change things were not many, many other verses change like Exodus 59, who is like you oh Lord among the gods. Exodus 13 not as good.

Adding the example that coproducers are donated to in first Kings 2219 heat will have the flyers but it just wasn't changed everywhere exactly. So the question is why one place and not another.

So that's it. That's a larger question that scholars that have to take into account. You also have the principal what's called let you differ chillier, which is that the more difficult reading is the more likely in other words that describe will not go from clear to unclear, but from unclear to clear. In other words, what, that doesn't make sense. I think it's this is what originally said in the make the clarification. So why would the scribes Masoretic protoplasmic scribes change a clear text to something unclear. That becomes another issue so you just set it. What would you have to do is look at all the evidence, look at all the arguments and then do your best to come to conclusion. That's what scholars do when you then look at say 10 major English translations today and you see where they go.

When you look at commentaries say okay this seems to be the majority view and either way, these are not life essential doctrinal issues because we do know that there were considered other dogs but they were not God the way God is God. They were created beings and they served in certain capacities and God's though I rule over all of you and and and he cast down the corrupt angelic beings and things like that but do you ever use the the NET Bible online writer, but I haven't yet. So yeah okay so what I'd encourage you to do is is look at their assessment and their arguments verse after verse after verse that's going to give you a good scholarly but balanced perspective. It's also getting you give your perspective that's happy to deviate from certain evangelical norms of an and custom services outside afraid to say what we we differ here. Also, you have those full notes but bottom line. Stephen is when we translated from the member looking at the text of the Hebrew Bible overwhelmingly. We are looking at what is been preserved in the Masoretic text with tradition. Sometimes you have to take the vowels away or the cancellation marks the accents take those away because those those are put in place later, but they reflect earlier traditions yet to sift through that they have to look at all the evidence that God is graciously preserved and here and there as you change your understanding of verse which you change your understanding of the word, but it's not to change our overall understanding of all the fundamentals that God has laid out in Scripture, but you're looking at the argument your understanding the issues. This is what we deal with the scholars than we do our best to make decisions in a quality way in producing you translations and the variations overall or rare and minor. If you have further questions you working this through, feel free to write to us as well and some of our scholarly team will be happy to answer you in more specific depth on these questions. Thank you for the literate call and for your study appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Skandia to go California David, you are now on the line of fire. Hey man how you doing question will be a lot easier that last guy.

So what what what it was that different between that you and extralight and what didn't you call and introit. That wasn't a Jew: a term for the yeah this is a pretty good class to do the lesson was excellent this is that this is simpler, but deep as well.

Okay, originated in Israelite with any of the 12 tribes of Israel. Okay so if you are from the tribe of Judah.

If you are from the tribe of Levi. If you are from the tribe of Manasseh, you're in Israelite, the 10 northern tribes of Israel and largely scattered of many of them individuals now, and become part of that the kingdom of Judah, and now with the restoration of the Jewish people, or that the kingdom of Judah is exiled by the Babylonians with the restoration of the exile. They then come under Persians is the province of you who'd okay so a someone who lives there were some items from the tribe of Judah would be a you who D which is now Jew. So originally it would've referred specifically to a Jew Dan to someone of the tribe of Judah.

Now it referred more broadly to all the Israelite people. All the 12 tribes were represented within this concept of Jew, but you can even see like in in the books of Nehemiah or Jeremiah that the term Jew is used to single out certain group of people to dance separate from the rest of the Israelite selections about the Jews and there a separate category, but by the time of the New Testament.

Speaking of Israelites speaking of Jews is basically synonymous and if you want to be specific.

You could say I'm of the tribe of Benjamin, like Paul does, but he would identify both his and Israelite, and both as a Jew because the terms have now been merged together, so hopefully that is helpful and I will try to grab one more call if I can. Let's see role right David in Dallas. We are short on time dive right in with your question. Please okay Dr. Brown asked for 18 they called them and commanded them not to speak it all in the name of your shoe. 210 that at the name of your shoe every knee should bow, of those that have been those on earth and those under the earth. Acts 540. They agreed with him summoning the emissary of the game. They beat them and commanded them not in the name of Yeshua and let them go. So what is your question justice time sick.

I'm sorry but my question is is okay, so that the name of Yeshua that the right name that we should be using because the all these different bear, you but that they never existed and then you're using that's that's that's the English way of saying it's actually no, it's actually stronger than I am at the end that you would be unable to pronounce, because you grow up with it.

The point of the matter is that you're not pronouncing it the way it was originally pronounced. If you were speaking Hebrew or Aramaic yes yes sure if you are speaking English Jesus if you're speaking Italian face. Sue, if you're speaking Spanish. Jesus. That's the name. It is the same name.

The one and only name that speaks of the person, the pronunciation is not the issue because if I say Jesus to an Italian cycle is that if I say J Sue to a Spanish speaker who is that if I say yes sure to a Chinese speaker who is that so it is his name. The one and only name by which we may be saved. However, we pronounce it all the verses you read don't say you sure the say Jesus is overall in Greek, as we have so did Paul get it wrong because he said every knee will bow today with Jesus didn't say issue a seducer sets are eroded in Greek to the Philippians. That's a Luke wrote it in acts, so it is the name that we, by which we pronounce it in our language speaking of that person who alone is the say hi friends join me in St. Louis this weekend for my itinerary is less

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