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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 27, 2022 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 27, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/27/22.

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Fertilizer open questions. We got answers time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown cast unit we do to end the week together or if you're listening by podcast, or watching on TV another day as we do on Friday see her on the line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers any question on any subject of any kind that relates in any way to anything that we ever cover on the line of fire broadcast.

This is the data call 866-348-7884 is most appropriate for Christian radio right you may want to talk about certain subjects. We know we can have that discussion in public but if it's appropriate for Christian radio, then by all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH normally when we start our shows on Friday. Most Fridays full is a pretty jammed right out of the gate. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and then our phone lines are totally jammed and there's just a matter of the sousaphone line opens is recalling persistently get through, but we got some openings right now so this is a perfect time to call because you barely get through and if we get recall at the beginning will be able to answer you for sure. So those that are been trying to call that successor wanted to.

That's a perfect time, 866-348-7884 a few things. First, just programming update. We will be live on Memorial Day. So for those that normally listen or watch will be live Memorial Day gobbling. So that's our plan, not 100% sure which were read on the broadcasting a few things on my heart. But we will be live and we do plan to open the phone line so that to be great they may be. Got holiday time free time great time for you to be able to call in. That's one thing. Second thing we are scheduled to have Pastor Greg walk joining me on Tuesday.

You may know Pastor Locke for some very controversial comments recently made about no Christian can vote Democrat and get out of the church if you vote that way. That may be controversial for some not for others. He may clear if you want to wear a mask or get vaccinated. You didn't belong in his church be made, and he's also very bold gospel preacher unashamed gospel preacher so some know him as America's pastor among the most bold been in the country. Others think he's a raving lunatic. There's not much in between.

When it comes to past the lock.

He made comments old with 1/2 ago. Two weeks ago that were widely played. He's got several million people as follow him online and it sounded like he was warning about a violent uprising. So I call that out immediately. I wrote an article about it. He then posted on my Facebook page. In response, we have mutual friends.

You should've reached out to me and you some more woke these days, etc. of course I'll come on your show. Cassatt invited him on the show in the article. So even in private, communication is been as gracious as you can ask for in private communication is made clear that he absolutely was not calling for a violent uprising and remember nonstock were just can have a candid, honest talk on Tuesday about some major issues he guaranteed that Joe Biden would would not sit in the White House. The trunk was the real presently still be struck is the real president and by this court affect president of the many areas that we have in harmony others with it. We have strong differences so that's the plan not to have a debate but have an honest, candid conversation and will probably take calls as well. If time permits. So that scheduled for Tuesday and then any other programming note I'm working on some things that you can be really excited to hear about it will be a blessing to you, but not quite time to announce them publicly. Also, it's hard not to be thinking all the time about the slaughter of the children involved the Texas and so many questions about keeping our kids safe keeping our schools safe the bigger problems in our society that lie behind the specific individual chart tragedies the master in Buffalo it. It's hard not to have these things in your heart and mind. So as we take questions today in a wide range of subjects. We continue have a heavy heart. We continue to pray. We continue say it's revival or we die right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Evan in Muncie Indiana walking to the line of fire. So my question is will the world looking dark and you like grievously grieve the Holy Spirit and I'm just wondering how how can I get that to God calling for my life. So Evan, let me ask you this. Just think that when Jesus done on the cross for you, he paid for that sin. I do okay you think their men and women of God in the Bible that also grieve the Holy Spirit and then repented and God use them after that. I do okay. So good work were in harmony. There is certainly grieve the spirit at every one of us that's walk this earth woman that is grieve the spirit. I know grieve the Spirit as a believer is a child of God and that's different than blaspheming the spirit will we knowingly attribute the works of the Holy Spirit to the devil. It's very very different things.

So the first thing you have to do is is go back to the cross like you do for every other sin, and confess to God, and free of done it but it's okay of confess this of of confess my guilt. I alone take responsibility for full responsibility for ask you wash me, cleanse me with the blood of Jesus.

Give me that deep assurance that unforgiven did did you have any kind of a radical born-again experience.

I grew up in the church believer. I will say that I kind of fell away and I did have a vision of Christ coming to my rescue, taking my cross suit so you you have a sense of a certain point in your life of really receiving forgiveness right yeah and and and the guilt was removed. Yeah okay so that's that's what you need now and the only thing standing between you and receiving that is you. In other words, if you truly repented and asked God for forgiveness and you've truly gotten things right with him though. If it involves others. You have to get things right with them. We understand that right and if if someone commits a crime.

They murder someone and ask God to forgive them.

Okay God will forgive them but they now have to go to the police and turn themselves in suffer the consequences for the crime in this world so we understand those things but in terms of forgiveness I would take all the verses that I know about forgiveness the end of Micah 7 that he cast our sins into the scene, remembers them no more. In Jeremiah 31 that the new covenant of forgiveness and not remember your sins in a more first-round one about him. Cleansing us from all unrighteousness. I would take those I would pray over them. I would confess them to God. I would thank God for forgiveness and mercy. And then I would do what my hand finds to do, in other words, whatever you can do today to honor the Lord do it whenever you can do today to seek his face. Do it. Whatever you can do to share the gospel do it and if you walk in the light you having daily obedience that whatever God called you to do.

He will be able to restore and rebuild from there. Thank you. That doesn't help very much sure, and only ask if it helps, only because sometimes people so what I did all that and still this rut which case we need to dig deeper. But sometimes it's just really taking hold of those things and having someone give us that assurance as well. 866-34-TRUTH there is a question that was posted on YouTube by someone who couldn't call in so because if you could grab that for me again.

I want to try to address that before going back to the phones all around us can call right now but my question.

If anyone can answers why some names capitalized in the Bible. Many names for demons okay capitalization is up to the translator because in the original Hebrew in the original Greek, you did not have separate capitalization so it's simply a matter if something is a proper name you capitalized. Whether it's a name for God or title for God. Whether it's the name of an angel. The name of a demon. The name of a person you capitalized so that's that's simply the custom so you don't capitalized D and devil.

The devil, that's just his title of when we say the Lord because it's become a deity, we capitalize that but when it's a name like Satan, we capitalize that so it's simply a matter of recognizing is a proper name and proper names capitalized that simple. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to market in Louisville, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown.

Pritchett called banded out counted only we had had found this is continuing the discussion about that millennialism you are. Did we just talk very recently. Probably okay. If you have a question you can ask the question. It's not for you to give a teaching but have a question you can ask the question right okay not right. So first Peter five. Be sober before vigilant is your adversary the devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith. So obviously if he's walking. I was wrong. Lion, seeking to devour the call to resist him, steadfast in the faith is not bound or this first Peter five or second Corinthians 11. Close concern for the Corinthians less Satan deceives them as Eve was deceived is obviously not bound or Ephesians 6 that tells us that our warfare is with spiritual powers, principalities in the heavenly's. This is where our current battle is for Jacob James IV chapter that tells us to resist the devil and he will flee. So these are all ongoing expectations, telling us the double seeking to deceive you, seeking to destroy he seeking to devour.

We must resist him. We are doing more in the spirit of Satan was bouncer he could no longer deceive the nations that all these verses would be completely irrelevant again. To me that's the Achilles' heel of the millennial position. Revelation 20. Obviously as unhappy as a thank you call appreciate the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown who I was I was packing my bags for prayer retreat this weekend after finishing the show today and yes I've got my vitamin supplements with me. As you know what I eat only healthy food all the time by God's grace. This been the pattern offered just about eight years it's been wonderful.


Then you add in some healthy supplements that push things even further.

So work together with Dr. Mark Stenger, my personal physician as well as those in California it's only functions as we work together and if you are the ad vitamin

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So vitamin go there check things out. Use the code bow. It's not a secret. Tell your pastor title church uses its benefit from it.

Rebuy the benefits all right 866342. Let's go to Mike in Springfield, Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire Mark all I was wondering if it occurred at the Catholic Roman Catholic Church and also the Orthodox Church believed that salvation is a product or yes they knew they would say it like that. In other words, it's not to say that they don't recognize people are saved and lost, we would say that works or the fruit of true salvation right that if someone is truly saved will be seen in their works, they would say that works or part of the ongoing salvation process that you believe and you act and if you participate in things safer Roman Catholic like the mass and these things are all part of the process of salvation and then it death there is for the purging of sin to make one ready for God's eternal abode so they would emphasize mercy through the cross, they would say there is no salvation outside of the blood of Jesus.

But then they would see salvation as more of a process as opposed to a very specific clear momentary conversion, which then leads to a process of sanctification for the rest your life that I am not a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Orthodox Church. Obviously, and you might be a Catholic priest or ex-priest listening and you would say differently that I'm saying it at a Catholic would have no problem saying that we are saved by faith with accompanying works. Where is Dr. yeah yeah well the real reason I want to add that it out. Basically, yeah, need month ago. He said that the Orthodox grade that salvation is pork not birthstone… What they believe in any and that modify and tell you that what you believe it brought that you gave it the prospect of the tribe each argue that we don't believe in faith alone. It validate that life really is in and out down you look at the fact of the matter is that we preach that the moment someone puts their trust in the Lord for salvation.

The moment thing on their the moment that we recognize arson and truly cry out to God for mercy.

Father forgive me wash me clean I send I'm guilty in your site. I believe Jesus took my punishment. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me. I cry out to you for salvation. Forgive me through what he did.

I believe he died on the cross and rose from the dead ask you to save me to forgive me to make me your child's regular free the rest of my days ugly with that moment someone passes from death to life in the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of God. At that moment they are born from a new and now the next step should be a step that's taken upon true confession is baptism.

I know we have the customer teaching and preparing and making sure someone's ready. But if there is real conversion to be followed by baptism and that in a sense is the outward seal the outward sign that we have now died to sin and risen a new life in Jesus. I experienced it in a moment of time, others have experienced in the moment of time, and now it's a lifetime of growing and drawing closer to the Lord and growing in sanctification. But that is because we are saved that in order to be saved. One of the point is that the Greek verb sold so as to save deliver is is used in different ways about us in the Bible, we have been saved. We are being saved. We will be safe so we have been born from above in mid-May, children of God. We are now being purified and sanctified, we will be raised forever to be with him, 86634 let's go to Eric in Winston-Salem. Welcome to the line of fire product. Rotate particular call sure the person who been a Christian for number of years came to you the exact point I was there came a point where believe it is Christ, and Christ will like salvation or works.

I also have and form coast-to-coast review what and I worry very much about your portable had the most blast spots relative online and thereby pay unscrupulous debates with uncontrollable, intrusive thoughts that you can't stop, stop and there's been things that have gone to Mumbai stuff like the Pharisees that the even worse, we can imagine things sometimes… Got so overwhelmed that started around the mall and it hurt people so they that you was that was when the when the leaders of did with idea they rejected Christ. They said what they said in the presence of Christ personally was a it was then basically reject the kingdom people for can be committed. I don't so Eric let let's say it can be committed today and let's say that it is to knowingly and willfully attribute the works of the Holy Spirit to Satan.

So here's a question for you Eric. Why do you think Jesus said, every sin can be forgiven, except that one would that indicate to you that's it's an especially severe sin, it's crossing like the point of no return because we know God forgives us for every God can forgive a serial killer, serial rapist, the most evil person on the planet if they truly cry out for mercy. They may have consequences.

In this role. They suffer, but even they can be forgiven them and we know people sin terribly in the Bible and were forgiven.

So it's godly crossing a certain line. Eric, in your heart of hearts, do you desire to please God, or do you hate him please all write so God knows that God knows that and I'm not at all familiar with the condition that you described it sounds miserable, but if it is a known condition is, is it any different than having a physical condition. Like you, you get a car accident. Spine is severed and you can't walk so you want to walk can't walk in your experience is this any different than physical disability. I would say no. I get the part. I guess part of it. Those it seems like it so much about literally having your mind other people who have different forms but were they going to harm somebody or something, right basic basically way it works. A good way to explain our work when they come across the versatile blaster Holy Spirit dear, if I hey, don't think of Riddle, that's generate by jumping ahead solicit Eric. I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist writes on the minister the gospel the student of the work, but also a few things. The fact that you are concerned about this. The fact that in your heart of hearts you and please God means that you're not in danger of blossoming the spirit.

It is only when someone crosses many lines and gets to a point where they the past the point of no return. They commit a sin like this because it is passed in the point of no return, and they could never happen to anyone unless they have willfully absolutely with determination set themselves against God. You don't do this by accident.

You know many people say all I used to think tongues was of the devil designing a blessedness. But no, you just didn't understand. This is completely different worlds.

So start there and and and ask God to to help you make that really hard. That's the first thing the second thing is to keep asking for healing of this condition or for a way to treated medically or for God to miraculously work that your mind can be supernaturally renewed.

Certainly this is not his desire for you to have these, thoughts running through your system and running through your mind or even comment your lips. So either miraculous healing or a viable treatment that addresses these issues are a subtype of counseling that addresses these issues again. I these are the results of my knowledge some sentencing with the goal would be in with that the supernatural renewing of your mind, so that your mind comes under divine control by the word of God by the Spirit of God. So let's just pray for Eric. Lord help our brother work a miracle in him with whatever means you see fit and help them to supernaturally renew his mind with the help of your spirit so that these will just be distant memories absolutely not connected to who he really is and, given that assurance. He's your child and forgiven in Jesus name yacht Eric I can't relate personally but I relate to God who can do everything everything to help us with life and golf in the SunTrust if you lean on him, he'll help you. Hey, thank you for calling SirBures you write back your calls on this of the break, stay right here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got questions, we've got answers, hey one last announcement to all our friends on Kd KR there some schedule changes in the DFW area. The stationary listening so you can catch are broadcast in full to three central time getting the line of fire app on your phone or by going to our website.* SK dear Brown, the rug is a link there, you can just watch the whole show live or can catch it on Kd KR file that person the whole hour, 11:49 PM the starting next week. All right we go back to the phones starting in new Liberia Louisiana Richard. Welcome to the line of fire.

Failure of the last caller. Yeah, similar issues with OCD Argus is one which of you to our own on bike exorcism baptism form exorcism like expelled Richard, I'm sorry to hear about about your struggles and again don't claim to be in your shoes you understand what you've been through. Generally speaking, baptism is not associated with exorcism. There have been some powerful moves of the spirits is 1 Taken Pl. in Georgia now were people being baptized and getting healed and getting delivered, but normally exorcism driving demons out takes place outside of the context of baptism system that happens in our ministry will monitor church ministry were specialist counseling so here's the thing I remember hearing one pastor talk about two people. He prayed for with epilepsy in a short period of time. One of them had lesions on the brain, which is commonly associate with epilepsy and he prayed for the person and God healed the epilepsy and the lesions either disappeared or diminished.

He said the other.

It was demonic and when he drove the demon out the epilepsy disappeared. It's often been said you can't drive out the flesh and you can crucify a demon so we have to understand what were dealing with.

There are people with chemical imbalances or some brain dysfunction of some kind. And that's what were dealing with, as opposed to a demon. We know there are people. For example, I have a spinal injury and are crippled because of it. Then we have Luke 13 a woman bound by a spirit down by Satan for 18 years and she's bent over because of the that's what we need discernment of the spirits first Corinthians 12 so Richard, I would. I would look for people to truly believe in deliverance ministry that are sounds in the gospel in your community and reach out to them. Is this demonic is this a demonic stronghold in your life or their roots to it that could be uncovered, perhaps dealing with those would bring healing or dealing with those with open the door to deliverance and then in other cases it's it's a matter of it's not a specific demonic assault. It's a it's a matter of counseling and putting biblical principles and play.

Sometimes there there is an imbalance of some kind in their chemical issues going on, so may the Lord give discernment and wisdom to those who help minister to you so that you can find true freedom that that's all I can say Sir from a distance, but I have seen examples of each of seeing people through counseling during godly principles about putting those in place, they receive new discipline and were changed.

I've seen people that got on medication in their lives change for the better because they did have a chemical imbalance and I've seen people supernaturally delivered from demonic power and they were changed. Thereafter submit Lord give wisdom to you and to those that minister to seek and find the full freedom that the Lord wants you to experience it him a thank you for the call appreciate it.

Let's go to Rodney in Delray, Florida. You are on the line of fire… Doing great.

Thank you, start your wealth back cover read Bill my best man all right got it, got it that Rodney okay yes sir yes sir I follow my hope that I don't think will be the last. All right read a while I would call it was your expertise then your Hebrew and dealing with the book of Genesis. In the beginning and end of the day people that hold the 24 hour only for you younger vision of Europe predicated on the day began at 24 hour period and that you could it be anything else. Sure, here's the deal. The Hebrew word you home is not much different than the English word day right so we speak about during daytime hours. We meanwhile it's like right then we can speak about a 24 hour day. That's the hold.

Light and dark right locate what will will will place a ball during the day looming during the night hours right or I'll see in three days. That means 324 hour periods right or the day of the Lord could be a period of many days or weeks or months or years, so our our English word day is no different than the Hebrew day. So if you're looking for example in Genesis chapter 1 verse five God called the light day and the darkness he called night. And there was evening and there was morning, a first day right there in verse five days used in two different ways days I used for the daytime days used for day and I didn't. My only point is that it's not like there's something magical about the Hebrew word you home where it must mean 24. The sum symbol.

Whenever you have day and night that we strive for approval. Every time after Genesis 1. It's always in this world. That's why day and I was 24.

Sold to me, it could well be 24 hour periods or could well be periods of time. The Hebrew can go either way.

In my view, so I've had young earth creationists on the live broadcast and old earth creationists on the broadcast and I go to heaven.

Debate these issues in my view, though the Hebrew could go either way even have the expression be home, which means discipline means when so Genesis to be Oma's me me this mean in the 24.

But just when a certain thing happened so I did. I do not base my views on with this 24-hour period are not. I base my views on what is the purpose of Genesis 1 and is to teach us about God, the creator.

So I leave aside, I leave the scientific debate to the scientists to discuss it and for them to argue back and forth about what the text says and how it applies and I simply said okay why did God put it here and he put there to teach us who he is and and and how he operates in this world and how we are to live. They might say, man, it says elsewhere. You don't six days the Lord created the heavens and the earth right so it's it's God. Six days now it's applying to our six days and either way the application is the same.

He rested the seventh day. We rest the seventh day, so I'm not dogmatic on young earth creationists to me can make a good case issues in the Bible. They have a lot of scientific challenges, old earth creationists may have less scientific challenges than the covers challenges with genealogies and things like that in the Bible so to me it's a healthy debate that we can have without dividing over hey appreciate the comment. Okay, I sure thing 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jim in Chicago, Illinois.

Welcome to the broadcast. Thank you Dr. Michael appreciate you man, I really appreciate the way you answer Eric questionnaire used for better, but I believe that John or 2104 23 about delivery hour, it now.

Worshipers will worship the father spirit and in truth for the father's such to worship my question now hour, now is I hear that the bill would read and the priesthood was abolished, help understand that we've got a property in Jolo for her on all what you told that better night okay but but the figure out. It think that before that that didn't worship the Father in spirit and in truth because it is likely that we did. So what's the context of the passage which was before the woman at the well Samaritan outworked the married woman at the well would work being a bit about right. So they had they had their own tradition was nongreasy and the Jews had their tradition in Jerusalem right so then a conflict over that and Jesus say okay here here's the deal.

This coming when the focus is not going to be on the temple on the location and specific place now. It's not to say that when the people of Israel came to the temple to worship that they were not worshiping in spirit and truth, but rather to say it was tied in with a specific location and now starting now, and in this age in which we live is universal. It is anywhere in the world that regardless of location, you could be in a prison cell. You could be in in a subway sewer you could be in an airplane could be in Jerusalem could be New York.

You can worship God because we worship in spirit as opposed to any physical location and in truth, based on who he is, so that's the emphasis there and it's not saying that the location was unimportant in the past because God was very very clear about the only worship you're in this mountain, I mean that was dogmatically laid out in God's gonna point to places us in Deuteronomy and you go to that place and that's we worship him and and and in the millennial kingdom here when Jesus returns his return to Jerusalem and the millennial kingdom. The word will go out from Jerusalem, so God still has purposes for places by the emphasis is not on a place but on the person. The emphasis is not on location but relationship and that's by the power and life of the spirit, and based on God's truth and that's, then, for every body everywhere at any time of the day or night in any location on the planet. We can worship in spirit and truth. They thank you Jim, I appreciate the question, is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Another reminder make sure you get our updates. We are writing articles on really important difficult issues dealing with problems in our society agony that were living with right now biblical perspectives when all you miss a single article bring a cutting edge video commentaries.

We love to get your hand so the simplest way to be sure you don't miss anything by going to a website now asked Dr. Brown a SK DR signing up for any emails just put down your first name last name email address if you like put on your physical address great obit. We always want to keep you posted. One can be speaking ministering in your area. This way also. We got a new book coming out special resource offer to be the first to know. So ask Dr. sign up for our emails.

Also, if you're watching on YouTube now, and you've got a question and it's easy if you posted them to call in our team will be looking we may grab a couple of YouTube questions before we are done today.

All right. Let's go over to walks a hat she Texas Joshua, welcome to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown I just read your article on Pastor Greg Locke that I agree with what you're saying and I have, to question thing. Ultimately, the first question is I guess I I've asked the question before looking at the left, the Democratic Party, the LGBT rhetoric, the indoctrination of kids in abortion and I guess I've asked the question before light and vote Democrat and be aligned with that and I agree with your article.

I want to just let it be. I agree with what you written. But when I watched this video ultimately like mad ill.

It just looks bad. Start at a low but a part of me like you work longer and I just going to have to try to help me with that in the second question is, do we have the Revolutionary war that happened in the Civil War and there's been different things effort our history that of that will happen.

I think a like Romans 13 of Bannock, a government that it will sell your cloak, pick up the sword.

At what point in our country would like war need to happen. I get my question on the traffic war understood understood a similar some past a lot of supporters on social media said this is absolute.

Like the time the Revolutionary war and you better believe the founding fathers would be proud of pastor Larkin it's time to take up arms. He is been very clear, saying he did not mean that and he was not saying that some will play the clip on Tuesday gobbling and let him answer for himself as is on the air with us and speak to these things directly. As for a Christian voting Democrat here is been my question all time. If you know that this candidate supports abortion which is the shedding of innocent blood in the womb. How can you vote from. I've asked that question in conscience, I could not. I very strongly challenged a bunch of leaders, some of whom are fine men who said they were pro-life evangelicals for Joe. By this, it cannot be cannot be cannot be cannot be and when they said while they waited there disappointed with the positions he is taking a sick shame on you, because he always said those were his positions, and you would notice us ever believing anything differently. And when I just say we don't like Donald Trump and that's why were voting for Joe Biden like Donald Trump and then vote for somebody else but not for Joe Biden are not for Hillary Clinton is been my view at the same time I've sat with Christian believers who say I absolutely oppose abortion.

I absolutely oppose homosexuality. I'm working on the grassroots against those things.

But I don't think 40s can change that. And the Democrats are much more responsive to the issues that are important to me in my home community with education and end with with the fair sentencing and things like that.

That's why vote Democrat. I still differ with them but I don't thin them to hell. I don't say they're not saved any fact should be early June. I'm scheduled to have a conversation with a black brother who has we had some really good interaction. I just a black brother because his white black perspectives from different angles that we want to bring to some of the subjects in a way that I think will be really really helpful to move us forward in a united front for the Lord. So it is there a time for just war. Yes I believe there is. I believe there are certain wars that are justified in the Catholic Church, in particular said teaching on the just war concept others.

Many Christian ethicists have commented on this, but for example during World War II. Was it right and righteous United States to join in with European allies to stop the Nazis and to fight against Japan absolutely Japan bombed us of the Nazis were trying to commit genocide, exterminate a whole race of people. Yes, that was just that was right of so did the Revolutionary war in America was that merit did across that certain line. Obviously our founding fathers would say yes, and most of American history we would say yes.

I will see any connection between that and where we are today because things are happening today are happening because we let them happen. What I mean how many Christians are actually involved in pro-life work. I mean not just an occasional vote every two years or four years but actually involved working with those of the front lines, supporting them financially, helping with pregnancy crisis centers standing in front of abortion clinics adopting working force to get the tiniest tiniest tiniest percent.

If 10% of the church got mobilized on that the tide would turn almost overnight, and I could go through the list of things where we base the participants like if we all used our rights to vote in and voted in the best way that we could America would look different. Some of us don't even vote and then toilet that even more. What if we gave ourselves to serious prayer here like baby low. What if every born-again Christian in America spent 15 solid minutes in prayer really communing with the Lord and offering their lives to the Lord say Lord here I am usually praying for their families and neighbors whatever just 15 minutes a day, or average out to 50 minutes over the course of the week America look very different so to me that's the big issue.

If something happened where the government literally turned against us, as it were taking your kids from you and get a put them in indoctrination Were they don't learn about God or the Bible or they learn what we want them to learn. Obviously lines crossed no more or if okay the elderly. We we don't think they're useful Serena take them to extermination is obviously lines cross their Americans here say no.

We are going to fight for rights router fight for our families. But when I there and the only way we could be anywhere near there is because of our own inaction around prayer looseness our own sin on compromise.

Let's get that fixed. In America look very different over a perilous moment very precarious state America right now, but let's get our act together first and then we can talk about other issues hey Joshua, thank you for the call. The questions alright. I'm got a couple minutes listed as Jonathan on YouTube over the elusive modified version of the GDP theory, what would you tell them.

If you have any book recommendations on the subject. Yes of this is the authorship of the Pentateuch. I have not engaged in GDP issues for so many years. Just as I was never convinced of it of look at some of the writings of Kenneth kitchen. There little bit older now but Kenneth kitchen really demolished a lot of this a long time ago and let's just assist even see him in their old classics will when I was first in college and getting into these things. I just want to see if this is still available virtual pursuits Hill country in Genesis there is there is a you can get it for 299 on Kindle right now of the documentary hypothesis by Virgil Cassuto came out decades ago's new edition 2011. Check that out. I just never found it convincing and if you just look at some of the good commentaries on books of the Pentateuch that address a lot of issues is, as far as dating some of the good Old Testament introductions, but when I was in college grad school and the professors are studied with largely believed in the circle documentary hypothesis of the authorship of the Pentateuch. I just never convinced me there were other objections and issues they raise are the ways of reading Scripture.

That to me were more powerful and presented things I needed to address but way back then you and I got Oswald T. Alice's book is against this into Ben Oyama closed German commentary on Genesis is big, fat commentary, in which he did a lot of demolition work on GDP and out. That was way early, so I looked at a lot more back then that I have since Kenneth kitchen is in his books on ancient orient Old Testament in displacing senders.

The pattern of should be written like this in the ancient world, and of course we never have any evidence pointing to ever in history and in terms of peers we had this than this was that this was added so the brilliant scholar Sue Holdsworth is never been convincing to me at all, but some of the sources you will find interesting features larger book on the reliability of the Old Testament. I find really helpful friends. I tweeted something out in 2020. This retweeted today.

I truly believe that if more preachers were on fire. The more believers would be on fire and this of our cities would be on fire split the work start with us with repentant start with us with return to God. Start with us the fervent prayer start with us if we cry out to God will see many in the nation, turning to him to cry out as well. May God have mercy on our land friends will be live Memorial Day, so feel free to join us and will open the phone lines as well

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