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Is a Fresh Wave of Revival Near?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 3, 2020 5:40 pm

Is a Fresh Wave of Revival Near?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 3, 2020 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/03/20.

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From the raunchy Super Bowl halftime show to talk of coming revival. We got a covered stage for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is true that the Kansas City Chiefs victory there Super Bowl victory.

Their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. Is it true that there is a prophetic sign attached to this promising revival could it be so. What will talk about that today we'll talk about the raunchy halftime show on some lessons from that and a lot more. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire.

Great to start the week together with you here. I will be gobbling live from Vero Beach, Florida tomorrow if you live anywhere near Vero Beach driving for a special meeting Tuesday night. There and then in Orlando for a special together for Israel conference through this coming weekend, but phone lines are open right now. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I'll tell you more little bit later in the show about this prophetic word about when Kansas City wins the Super Bowl all right smoking some years back and we'll talk about that how we evaluate these kinds of things but first I want to focus on something else.

There's a lot of outrage there's a shock there's a lot of anger over the latest NFL halftime show. So Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing obviously chose as a chosen is Latinas and the event happening in Miami and that's certainly positive in that respect. But there is a lot of outrage over the nature of the show the sexually explicit nature of the grabbing of certain body parts. The pole dance and things like that people send this prime time TV when the world are we doing what was NFL thing. What is Pepsi response to this, what are they thinking, this is prime time TV watch by tens of millions of people, including many many children and many many families people shot people are outraged now. I agree, but having watch that that the show right just read excerpts and things like that.

But I agree that it's appalling.

I agree that it's outrageous.

I agree that it's inappropriate. Of course, but what surprises me is that people are surprised that has this been going on regularly. What when it was announced that that J low and Shakira would be performing for those at all familiar with the do we think they were get to be singing opera. What were people expecting was going to happen but but hang out. I am no expert on the halftime shows because if we do watch the Super Bowl get is a family.

This is been accustomed for many many years to turn it off and put back on. A half-hour later salute to skip the halftime show. But when Madonna appeared was, was her show family-friendly or Beyoncé or Britney Spears, I do.

I just went online earlier today and went through the various halftime shows that things have changed a lot in the first few were just marching bands. Think of that and then marching bands and you have someone talk severance in his famous trumpet player in the Johnny Carson show the lid. The band there or Carol Channing, who I'm sure was not sexually gyrating during her show you have another needle marching band and they did have George Burns and Mickey Rooney famous comedian, funnyman, whatever their performance was an and then as it went on to the certain point you have had Michael Jackson wonder what lines were crossed with that, then you have the famous Janet Jackson just internally gone. That's what that 16 years ago, the famous wardrobe malfunction and there is hot debate and discussion as to whether was a malfunction at all what it was intentional that happened and then the other shows with the people with all of their sexual and sensual displays. Why are we surprised that here. There's a great quote from Franklin Graham and I completely agree with is that I will expect the world to act like the church, but our countries have a sense of moral decency on primetime television in order to protect children, we see that the supreme beef before eyes as it was demonstrated tonight in the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show, with millions of children watching this exit exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls of sexual exploitation of women is okay with the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide.

Instead of lowering the standard we as a society should be raising it that now look, I agree that in particular in particular in this me to culture and the culture now, we become aware of a few sexual predators like Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein or others in normal reports of women being's exploited just use the sexual objects and things like that that it is all the less appropriate to celebrate women as sex objects and remember most of these women are our moms Jennifer Lopez and Shakira 150.

The other 43 and I would imagine every devoted moms and they may be very nice in many ways involved in good causes. What. Whatever the case is about demonizing them.

I'm simply saying that this is the the wrong time of all, in our culture to be making women just into sexual objects and and to have such vivid displays on pole dancing.

Are you kidding me want one concerned mother put it like this language is pretty strong.

The FCC still has rules about decency on network television between certain hours when children watching this will establish the children watching during the Super Bowl. I had to send mine out of the room as soon as Jennifer Lopez took the stage of what look like a two-sided song in but with caps. The camera work was outrageously gross. Zoomed out read enough, there read enough you get the picture. But here's a so I totally agree with her concern and percentages of the room, but what else we expecting and hang on. Doesn't the NFL have cheerleaders are the sum of those scantily clad gals out there and are there performances very sexual in many many ways this is that just an accepted and expected part of the game should we be outraged and a little broader, more holistic way. Let's let's step back for another second. What about all the music videos with the crotch grabbing all the stuff that Michael Jackson popularizing the Madonna followed suit with it and others is reading an article or super waited all this come from, how long have kids been watching the sun on MTV and on the many, many, many other video music video outlets now that of that of I guess MTV is what more reality TV stuff. I'm followed it in years and years in terms of tracking with her doing, but they were the pioneers are just so many other places kids can watch and everything on YouTube, and so on. It is been bad for years and years and years and little children are watching this I I remember talking to a family member and he was talking about and niece through through other. Another part of his family and she was five years old and he said that she had this one Beyoncé song Don down. I mean it was pretty sensual moves she could do it perfectly to dance and fall of course had no idea with the moves meant get little kids watching the stuff. Plenty of preteens cut their teeth watching MTV so the type of stuff. Again, if I understand rightly what happened Super Bowl yesterday. That type of stuff and much worse has been going on in kids watching it at all hours of the day. With music, TV with other types of videos and things like that. Why in the world are we so shocked. Why are we so outraged that yes we should be outraged. Because these things are so blatantly wrong and blatantly perverse and blatantly degrading.

I'm sure that the performers are very gifted and very talented but there are other ways to show off your gifts and your talents are. I'm sure there are people that that crack safes break into houses that are very gifted and talented. I'm sure there there people that are assassins for living that are very gifted and talented.

I'm sure the reporting stars that are very gifted and talented.

I'm sure there are the ConMan liars that are very gifted and tell you be gifted and talented in many ways, but a lot of those gifts and talents are not healthy gifts and talents might my point is that we should've woken up to this decadence years and years and years ago now is not the time for shock and outrage now's the time for self-examination now is not the time to be pointing for. How could they do that and say why couldn't we let it happen so many years and a look, I understand that we are going to be looked at as the puritanical legalist ready to be looked at is as the old folkies number one God's ways are best and I never have to apologize for that ever, ever, ever number two I absolutely know that those that go the way of the flesh and go the way of sexual exploitation and go the way of of sexual performances in the end will not be happy with it and those that indulge in it. In the end will not be happy with number three. I realize it's our role in culture to be salt and light. It's our role in culture to be more confident you Christians is the same old same but yet it is bringing the same old message bring the same old message of repentance the same old message of holiness. The same old message of purity, not legalism, not outward religion not externally imposed standards, but life transformation through encounter with God by grace we so love what is good that we hate what is evil that we so steamed the pure that we see so steam the beautiful that we so steam God's purposes for men and women for husbands and wives and for sexuality that we so steam those things that we recognize the counterfeit is counterfeit that we recognize the other loves as lesser love just like for me been a heavy drug use or shooting heroin shooting speed using LSD and every other drug. I get my hands on it and loving it and enjoying my drug life in playing drums in a rock band going to rock concerts and enjoying it. What when God began to convict me of my sin in them when I experience the love of God and experience the joy of the Lord in the goodness of the Lord. I trashed all that stuff overnight and it was easy because of the encounter with him the friends. Let's examine our own hearts. Those of you who watch the Super Bowl. Jeb Bush said best halftime show ever and celebrities and politicians. Adjuster average man woman on the street is wonderful if you call yourself a followed Jesus. Examine your heart because something is very very wrong and let us together as God's people get on our faces as a Lord we need revival. We need mercy. We need awakening the fact that were surprised to see what happened with the Super Bowl.

When this is been part of our culture. For many many years means that many of us, or sleep in the light as well make God awaken us today all right needed to get that out degree with me. You think by the way, when asked if you agree. I'm not looking for your approval. I mean the are you hearing me are you tracking with me or you think about the lunches they come totally out of touch with cultural have no idea this antiquated religion. Give me call stock of at least 6634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 780. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again that is above temptation that is above the flesh that never struggles I'm saying hey were were in a really polluted world and we really need to be on our door and we really need to meet with the Lord to encounter his purity fresh if if we don't friends world is going to change us to the point regarding recognize our cells in a moment were going to try to connect with Walter Walker Waldman of the American family Association as were connecting with Walter. Let's go to Fay and face North Carolina a thanks for calling and please share your heart with us, you could take my call morning in agreement with all halftime show what about children and grandchildren on it. What horribly embarrassed thing. It looked like I care rather than at family entertainment and has had the people who have been given at Helen.God think that a lot of bring that kind of entertainment. It is our coaches use to it and you know through history you've had these types sensual and sexual displacement you think it's it's degrading to the people it's it's unimaginable to think of people that you know and love you note to your wife, your daughters, your granddaughters, your friend has students in the school year. Your Christian friend, and it's unimaginable to think of people doing things like that. But these just these are moms and daughters in somebody else's grandchildren doing them just just reminded us of this. This degrades everyone involved hate. Thank you for sharing your heart and continue to hold the witness hi again friends. We need to do is is make sure that it's not simply a matter of of exposing the wrong pointing to the right, pointing to the beautiful and above all homeless people really encounter Jesus a fresh this world is going to change us, changes changes to the point we lose our convictions. We lose our concerns. We are enjoying now by Walker Waldman from American family Association.

Walker, thanks so much for taking time to join us today. Dr. Brown.

Thank you. Let me ask you question. I 100% agree with the outrage over the halftime show, which surprises me. Though our people are super that the people are so surprised because the halftime shows have not exactly been holy. Some years now and we have the whole culture unit with the cheerleaders and there it was just the that watching music videos to me this it's it's ugly.

It's ridiculous. It's degrading.

It's an appropriate but is hardly surprising you because of it on the front lines of the moral battles for your switcher take water well. At that point up the halftime show going on for years now. You are protected now, but I think what's most frustrating for people who were upset about the halftime show and I actually got to be.

I thought follow back up to be a doctor but nothing with most frustrating is that every year.

Consumers complain about coming hardly ever the no doubt the people going get a great halftime show. I like the Finkel television that everybody goes that thing my children were in the living room on embarrassed but what frustrating that the NFL and other don't listen right so you have also been on the front lines of organizing petitions of the sword was Dawn Wildman Tim Wildman Walker Waldman now to the American family Association calling people to say let's unify.

Let's just share our voice work. We are not trying to strong-arm people when trying to force everyone to be Christian, but was a hate these things offend us these things concern us. And if you want our business were asking you to be sensitive to this as well that are also concerns with with a lot of LGBT Q themes in the commercials and advertising through the event that's another thing but but what can Christians do now in an organized way to to raise their voice to just help push back against this godless time in our culture. What we have to share our current weather that whether we think that can have an effect are not really relevant. And while the likely been doing for example just a week ago we in an email, leaving a 1 million mom write 1 million mom in an email out asking her supporters to email the NFL and urge them to keep the proposal claiming believe it or not applicable advertising claim, including and so we did that we had over over 20,000 mom (sign the petition so bored with her. They didn't apparently did. Yeah.

So where you going from here. What's your strategy, which you plan to raise consciousness and to raise a voice of God.

The protest well, a lot of people are afraid of the word, but the work boycott really one of the most effective tools we have left them.

You have to be careful of the you get there at the think too much boycott it correct it's about you anymore, but we have to boycott our own, each family by what it what is enough. What is too much and if you think about it. Consumers all across from all different backgrounds they boycott for various reason, or joint method up your burger.

In a row and you're probably going to boycott the burger talk at least for the topic know we all have different issues in the keep Karen up and you don't so consumers and Christians were just gonna have to pick you know what what we want to watch and unfortunately it's getting to the point where a lot of compromise yeah for sure and that wouldn't be the end of the world. If we stop watching certain things on computer and an and cell phone and TV but you look even when people post reviews this boycotting but it is sending out a message and say hey I bought this product and it really stunk.

And I want to warn others that it's not the way it's posted and review it keeps breaking. And then when you read you gonna buy something and only has 22 at a five star reviews and you see 101 star review saying the product is cheap and doesn't work will soon as I can buy it so we are making our views know and again it's not to strong-arm. It's not to force someone so you must be Christian simply say hey you are in this for the money and if you are concerned about our business. Then be concerned about what matters to us. Let me ask you one last question. It is is say Pepsi which was responsible for this halftime show it and I'm sure I'm sure in conjunction with the NFL. So Pepsi and NFL are they this blind to her. So many of us stand or do they have an agenda to propagate this or is it just that the world is so worldly that the world loves this what what you think a combination of things that I think that fell along you think that there think there is a cultural thing here and that is click to put actually put the material by including people under the age arrived where if the comparable for this type of behavior comparable think that's when you get warfare in the battle. All of our country, but also I think that that there is 1/3. There are people out there like that, thank them and you look at porn addiction epidemic that we have in our country there, like the hero though, I think, combination of both, it's hard to really nail down but at the end of the day Christian have to be on guard about about what were you yeah and I think that's the biggest thing to remind ourselves this is it is up to us, but we want you don't watch. We listen to. Don't listen to what we participate in or not. The world is always going to be worldly, but if we don't raise our voices and take stands in the world. Even more worldly and that would be even harder for us to live out our faith in the midst of this world hate where's the best place for folks to go to follow up with American family Association is doing what what like,, there are email all yet as I signed many petitions with joy and so they let stand together to make a difference hate. Thanks for weighing in and keep up the great work. I appreciated our conduct… Everything godless, 866342. Listen, don't be discouraged at the worldliness of the world or the sinfulness of centers as it's always been like that since the fall. On one level or another, but be alarmed and concerned that we have fallen as much, as we have fallen as a culture in a relatively short period of time, which is why we must have revival.

We must have awakening we must have fresh outpouring and it must begin with you and with me as revival comes to us as as we encounter God afresh. As we turn from sin is is we experience his love and his purity and holiness as we hate what is evil and love what is good and we begin to live out godly lives in front of the dying loss world, then more and more sinners will get saved and then more and more cultural awakening will happen. So revival starts with the church and then it spreads to awakening in the culture you say it's too late. Stick around.

We can address that in the next segment right here on the line of fire. Is it too late could be revival outpouring are near 866-34-TRUTH eight 664-8784 we will be right on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown minor fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again today on the right track and build a live life knowing that I can be free and God will have me in always accepting that was the voice of MVP quarterback real phenom Pat Mahon's 24 years old raised in the faith, known as a strong Christian in terms of his professional. God knows the details of his life is always nice to hear that. Listen to what he said about the routine he has in the routine. His team has as far as Christian foundations team provides us Bible study every Friday and that will help us, keep up and not lose track of where we are and what with our faith and then as well as Chapel every night for the game and that that's huge for me to the tonic gives me that that last touch I guess was sent out last thing that can kinda help me know that I can go out there and and just play and be myself and whatever happens.has asthma back before every game I walked I walked the field and I just knew a prayer at the goalpost and artist.

I think God, those opportunities nothing God does let me be able be on stage writing I glorify him and I think the biggest thing that I pray for is that whatever happens when you lose success or failure that he glorified him and doing everything the right way that he wants me to yacht what a great testimony. In the say hey. Whether I succeed or fail on glorify God and thank you for these opportunities and may the Lord keep him and others that are in the public eye in sports that are raised in the Christian faith in the Lord, keep them strong and use them to testify to many many others, 8663423663487884. Let me also say it's it's not about winning or losing because you have Tom Brady's great champion winner in knows sense that I have that he's been a believer glorifies the Lord through what he does.

But the thing is that for many of these people is there faith that helps them walk the way they do or strengthens their character gives them a and an extra something or either way, they just say hey guys give me this opportunity. So if I have fame I want to use it to glorify him and to be an example for young people.

Things like that so is always great to see 866-34-TRUTH about you because I want to get to momentarily about the halftime show.

One of the things that we talked about in the first half of the broadcast. But first, the subject of revival. There is a prophetic brother today named Sean Boltz who said that Bob Jones another prophetic figure very controversial in many ways said before his death. Some years back we got about six years ago that couldn't Sean Boltz eat Bob Jones told him at least 10 times that when the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl. It's going to be sign that revival is near. Now bear in mind that Kansas City Chiefs that went 50 years in between super Bowls is not to say that God specially ordained their victory ordained the loss of the San Francisco 49ers is much as to say that this would be assigned coat and time revival would come after the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. So as we were watching the game. We have this in mind, I will be totally candid with you when their prophetic brothers send the Donald Trump would be president hyper critic contacted me and said will you brand them as false prophets of Trump is not elected Saddam: false prophets that would mean their wolves in sheep's clothing. That would mean their willful deceivers but I will say they were wrong and they prophesy falsely and they need to do some self-examination.

We need accountability there. I sits in hyper critic if Trenton fight is elected, which in his mind was an impossibility. At that time were you then acknowledge that they did prophesy. Truly, of course, I never heard back from him so we look at this and like everything else we evaluated and we tested. We test and evaluate prophetic words by if this is something that was repeated over and over Bob Jones to Sean Boltz if it was repeated over and over, and then the Chiefs when it's something that was in our minds and we were talking about it and say hate already in our hearts. Many of us have felt afresh stirring. I felt that a change in the wind really in recent months I've seen more hunger for revival were crying out for revival more longing for revival more recognition of the need for revival more and more churches that are having met instead of asking me to teach on this subject to this subject.

Do Q&A which is great, which I love to do just this past week and a wonderful congregation in St. Louis, but more more churches seeking to preach on revival. Could you minister on revival and then afterwards were having extended altar calls and people crying out to God and repenting, getting right with God, something seems to be stirring so could be another sign that revival awakening is coming up for those who say it is too late. America's gone too far. Just like the halftime show. This is now normal American life just recognize we fall into four for the limit. Let me agree were in an urgent moment we are in an urgent difficult moment, no question about it and and I believe that we are ready, under God's judgment and God's wrath was put on America for a thousand different reasons. It would be fully justified.

But it's not too late in in the in the 1720s immediately before the great awakening. One pastor one reverend commenting on the state of Christianity in the colonies said religion lay as it were dying.

This is a time that we look at a super holy super committed super Christian and yet this reverend said religion lay as it were dying. And then what came the great awakening after the Revolutionary war.

There's a lot of backsliding in America around the year 1800. I've read the Chief Justice John Marshall said Christianity in America.

The church has fallen too far to ever recover. Here we read something to you from 1857. This is a description from James Edward Moore was the top evangelical revival scholar of the last generation. He said this, the churches at that time or hang on one second.

I apologize the churches at that time were becoming worldly and internalized boy. I have just about lost my voice for second year in the midst of a passionate word about revival all right while you are listening.

I am going to take a water break and Kai. Let's listen to the national anthem as sung by Demi Lovato yesterday at the Super Bowl with Nicholas it. What is the state of America today so back in 1857 describing the situation in America, look at what revival scholar J admin or said the churches at that time were becoming worldly and internalized and immorality violent crime spiritualism, corruption and atheism were on the rise get that wow us such a familiar churches were becoming worldly and internalized immorality, violent crime, spiritualism, corruption, atheism, were on the rise and what happened the great prayer, awakening started New York City 1857 1858 swept America. How about this. April 8, 1966.

Time magazine stark front cover for the first time. Another picture of any kind, just words is God dead April 8, 1966 right in the midst of the counterculture revolution. Five years later.

Five years later, June 21, 1971 time cover story featured a picture of Jesus, looking like a hippie with the caption, the Jesus revolution friends is not too late. It's an urgent time, but it's not too late. Putting aside the prophecy about the Chiefs when putting all that aside, I'm telling you there's been afresh stirring. I've been experiencing. I've been seeing him sitting at my own life. I'm seeing in the lives of leaders. I'm hearing more and more. It's almost as if God himself is saying enough is enough. As if God is saying things are so bad I gotta prompt my people to press in this we press in God begins to answer. I want to urge you seize the moment pastors, leaders seize the moment with take hold of God.

Let's pray let's ask God visit us. God have mercy on us, God touch us God, shake us, God start something fresh in me and my house my life my congregation my neighborhood my city and our nation. It's urgent.

It's not too late. I personally believe the greatest days of revival in America are yet ahead by his grace I want to be right in the middle of 86634 let us go to Terry in Raleigh north Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Military carries gone. Boy I really like the comment that he had on our board here but Matthew in Florida. Hey Matthew, welcome to line far thanks for calling I just wanted to talk about how amazing the Holy Spirit. And I feel like I just like a question about how I can minister to people about sexual and morality as the 17-year-old in a youth group and stuff like that. But real quick.

I want to mention how like last night when I will be working out Super Bowl and hen the moment when Taylor was getting out of whole wheat is basically painted town. It was kind of insane to see all of that and into you know I'm going even up like really defining bisexuality under God. And the thing you know this is your work that got about sexual immorality on a youth day to obtain from technical merit in UK that you know it in any way that we fear that pornography is a bad thing. You know, for me just to gain that revelation as a teenager and to be free from all sexual morality work that becomes thin. Just the fact that I'm in that reality. You know, and I have freedom under God now I really cried out in my generation for them to be free as well and and in think as I thought Sean Paul's post this morning about about the he said like I let Kelly worry quickly thing that you know is not to be 100 and I but equally divided about what he said and like I'm in the same way.

I'm cited for the revival cry and cry for what it God wants to pour out for the nation for that of the sense of truth and how cities still Isaiah Cesar is talk about is if the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution is Matthew in Florida.

What a great time to recognize what's right what's wrong with healthy and unhealthy with holy and unholy, and a lot of times when you're looking at the faith from the outside you to see restrictions. Why can't we have fun guys got so mean-spirited. While these laws when you know Lord, you realize that that he made us that he understands us that he knows what's best for us. So one way to help your friends recognize the rightness and long list of things so if if you got friends, 16, 17, 18 years old then many of them are going to have mom's late 30s early 40s.

Some around 50 so you can ask them. As I read secure is 43 and Jennifer Lopez 50 how you feel about your mom doing that you know or how you use your sister growing up to do hat I was with that be cool if your married man right if you're married, how would you feel about your wife doing that so that suddenly hits home more more dramatically at all. What a repulsive unimaginable thought and then in terms of keeping one's purity. I've seen this illustration used many a time, but you open up a can of soda and you pass it around the room and everybody takes a sip from it and if you, the people are sneezing and coughing is the you don't want it comes to care how thirsty you are sick. No unwanted that's what happens when you have sex with this one. Six without 16 without one. You can even ask you, isn't it interesting that survey after survey indicates that people live together before they get married and up having a much higher divorce rate than the people that way to to be sexually involved until there married and then to see you know you know there a lot of guys in their 20s now than I have sex at all because they lost their ability through porn or that they're in their 20s they have to use Viagra to perform or they can't actually be with a woman… Porn on in the background that it's anything but good. It's, it's anything but godly and then another thing to ask Matthew is is if someone is doing something today that a year or two ago they said they never would've done that.

So it was with me in drugs, but I started getting high. I was sworn in my own blood. I would never shoot heroin.

I was there is no possibility was the world I lived in that intersected with that world at all in the idea that one thing led to another was completely preposterous.

But of course that's what happened. Smoking pot of 14 shooting heroin at 15.

That's what happened in my life. So I've asked people other things you're doing today.

The two years ago. You sure he never would've done maybe a girl that was just as good a kiss but now she's you not having intercourse or or a guy who just watch porn a little bit but now he's into like a real sicko hard-core stuff or whatever.

So really asked them or the things you sure today that you wouldn't ever do in any taste like well you probably gonna do those two be because you are sure you told me two years ago. You are sure you never do this and you're doing that you're satisfied with get them to understand that sin leads to more sin that sin leads to worse sin then you end up doing things that are embarrassing, ugly, and it is not proud of, and I doubt that some of the real porn problem in the type of stuff that they must indulge in or the hours they wasted the money spent night I can imagine a lot of them are proud of it or that they want the world to know and you know if you just even if they don't give you the right answers you tell him you know I just feel great when I go to sleep at night.

My conscience is clean. You know and and I I walk around in the skeletons in my closet. And I'm not worried about your mom moms to find some my computer or my cell phone system feels crazy and I can look at girls and just talk to them in, and enjoy their company without constantly just thinking of going to bed with them in all this and knowing enough enough kids your age young people. Young adults there's nothing a conflict. There's enough loneliness, depression, suicide, young people and cutting them so

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