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Jewish Insights on the Resurrection of the Messiah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 6, 2020 5:10 pm

Jewish Insights on the Resurrection of the Messiah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 6, 2020 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/06/20.

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01 Rabbi rose from the dead.

The other did not. That has made all the difference stage for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you have a fast very in court and thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Today this is Michael Brown for lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Late this morning. We got word that there was a tornado warning in our community County where we live, and then severe thunderstorms came in I was about to do a Skype interview in India and tell the brother said you know we better reschedule because they just told the community.

Nearby was to go to shelter and as I looked up his massive torrent of rain poured in, but everybody's well everybody safe is interesting to have something come that close to you, and I think were passed any of the severe weather so we should be broadcasting without a hitch. If you suddenly hear the sound of a tornado and my voice disappears while perhaps is like chariots of fire coming down from heaven or worldliness of life that no, in all seriousness, all is well and it makes you realize though how frail and fragile things can be all right again, 866-348-7884 and just to my team members. You might want to come in and restart my computer which is completely frozen. All right got something really really interesting to talk to about my newest book will be released on March 3.

The title is resurrection investigating a rabbi from Brooklyn or preacher from Galilee.

In the event that changed the world. Now I want to tell you what the book is about in a moment and talk about some really interesting Jewish traditions today, but first I'll only give you the background to how the book came to be written.

I want to go back first well over 25 years we lived in Maryland and there was a friend of mine, also a Jewish believer in Jesus and he was doing his masters work at Johns Hopkins University and he was studying the historical aspects of Hebrew grammar and things like that. And when we were hanging out.

He would come to my home and I would tutor him in biblical Hebrew and aspects of ancient Hebrew things like that. And because we were into different groups. We would often have theological debates really go back and forth at each other and T challenge me and I challenge Hammond and it was sure I was right on certain points, other points, I wondered, could could he be right here. Is it possible he's got the right perspective. So one day one day before he came over.

I prayed and I said father if he's right on this particular point, not not a fundamental matter of faith is the difference within the faith we have this debate. I said if he's right about this one particular point, the money comes over today instead of our standard reading of biblical Hebrew texts instead of going through Hebrew grammar in the Bible and things like that. Instead of that, let him ask me.

Can we study Palestinian Hebrew text written with our vowels mean the likelihood of him asking me that with a bit not far from him saying I'd like us to discuss today the Hebrew roots of the Santa Claus myth in armistice. What would be completely out of the blue, but I happen to have a book that just had Palestinian text ancient Palestinian text written without vowels and I had been looking at it.

I thought okay the price had prayer only comes over that day and to my tremendous surprise says to me hey Mike how about today we study Palestinian Hebrew text without vowels that got my attention and and it caused me to go back to Scripture and study that issue once again to say okay Scripture is is is what decides things not assigned like that but I was praying.

If these right in his position here.

Let that happen then. So I went back to the word fresh and studied again after that point.

Okay. Fast forward to last year or a little over a year ago, maybe 15 months ago.

We have talked in a period of maybe 25 years. About two times maybe three and on the radio.

One time, but otherwise we have virtually no contact at all. The rarest of rare rare. I mean 15 years to go by with no contact so what happened was I got tremendously book burden to write a book on the subject. The subject of my book that's about to come out. I got tremendously burdened to write about it and I was overwhelmingly gripped in prayer one morning I mean is gripped as I get to Groningen prayer in bird before the Lord and feeling God speaking to me to write a book on the very particular theme of this new book resurrection investigating a rabbi from Brooklyn, a preacher from Galilee.

In the event that changed the world.

So so what happened was, as I as I was praying about this I go to the office to do the radio show guys looks like my computer is rebooted, go to the office to our studio here to do the radio show and finish the show. Lo and behold, there is a voicemail for my friend, called her initial we have not talked in a long prayer time again. The last time we talked.

If you go back before that you're talking a stretch, maybe 15 years submit talk year before and then 15 years before its voicemail from a friend and he says to me my cup think about writing a book and the book he's thinking about is the exact same theme that I was praying about them. I mean, to the detail and can I recommend any reading on the ultimately two different people running two different books. The come out to different distinct ways, but I thought, isn't that while there was a supernatural confirmation. Years and years back in the strangest way. And now what like 25 years later another confirmation like that. Now the content of the book is fascinating and eye-opening. I believe it's going to be an incredible read for you as a lover of Jesus as a follower of Yeshua, but it's going to be a phenomenal tool to get out to Jewish people, and I believe this can be used in particular to reach religious Jews and ultimately to reach religious Jews in Israel Hebrew every word I wrote as I was writing it I was thinking about translation of the Hebrew translation into Hebrew.

Getting it out there alright so what's the subject matter what's this whole thing about the subject of resurrection is one that I did not focus on in my apologetics writings over the years I did not make a major issue of it. In answering Jewish objections to Jesus and obviously traditional Jews and secular Jews that don't believe in Jesus completely rose from the dead, but that was just on a major thing was going focus on because you've got all these great books on the resurrection, and you've got scholars you know Gary Habermas and Michael Cohen and others that have done such great work on the resurrection, and this is been something that is been great apologetics worked on for many many years.

The whole question of who move the stone and different things and the reliability of the Gospels and the historicity of the accounts and so on. But I only commented on a little bit over the years because so many done with a gun in my preaching and teaching him always talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus off course of course, but but that being said resurrection of Jesus in terms of Jewish apologetics, is never been a major focus of mine, so this would happen. Back in 1994, a man named Menachem Mendel Schneerson known as Lubavitcher crabby or the grand rabbi of Lubavitcher.

He died at the age of 92. In 1994 and when he died.

There was tremendous expectation among his followers numbered in the tens of thousands that he was the Messiah without question. He was one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20 century, if not the most influence without question the movement that he built has continued to grow and expand that his followers are represented in every continent and every community where there Jewish people of any number they are there. They built schools. They built synagogues. They been involved in all types of outreach and he was allegedly a miracle worker, and you certainly are a brilliant learned man and an inspirational leader, he allegedly prophesied certain things that came to pass and so they're looking at him. Could he be the Messiah or the guys in the subject right, only Christians believe in a dying and resurrected Messiah, only Christians believe that the Messiah could die before his mission is completed, only to be resurrected to complete his mission. After that, that's not a Jewish belief right well his followers began to rationalize began to say well. His death was just a test for physical are so many said he died we thought he was the Messiah. We hoped he was the Messiah, but he wasn't that we move on and spiders teachings that he is with us present in these present with us spiritually and were inspired by him and his example and will continue his work without hindrance. Okay, many others said known as it he's really still alive. His death was just a test for physical laws. If you go to the grave there in Brooklyn you'll see he's really not in their if you if you open up open up the term or there were vigils of his followers camped out waiting for him to physically rise not now. Here's what so important. 19.

Susan 2019 the 25th anniversary of his death and in love.

Talk about that. Interestingly, is most ardent follower still believes the Messiah. Interestingly, if you go to their websites and you don't see that is the day of his death is marked is the anniversary of his death. No, because they don't believe he really died so here is where this ties in with the gospel. Here's with this ties in with Jesus and this is so fast and this is a story I tell him the book on packet unfolded even get into Jewish mystical traditions how to sort those out when we do with that. The idea of the Messiah was born the day the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. the soul of the Messiah is present every generation that other false messiahs Jewish history and and what was expectation with them so. Very, very interesting fastening.

Trust me, trust me, when you read the book resurrection you. You'll find it to be tremendously fascinating read say what's that got to do with the gospel. What's that got to do with resurrection.

What's the proof what's the point that you're making that song explained to the other side of the break. Then I want to take your calls will give you an update about extreme anti-Semitism in Christian circles today and give you some sobering news about terrorist attack Israel. These six 634-8780 member gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Brown welcome to broadcast every Jewish related question, comment 866-34-TRUTH, I still try to resolve one computer issue here so I can properly interact with your calls, but back to back to that the subject of resurrection is so if you want to preorder assigned numbered copy of the book is due out on March 3 right if you'd like to order assigned numbered copy right so moment moment the book comes in you'll get it will renumber them assigned that we send them out so it's it's just it's up to something special that we do that a lot of her folks enjoy and I love to sign the prescription referencing the but they're all signed by me. Scripture reference there numbered so you get, you know number 100 renumber 60 or #3 and if you'd like to do that girl website and start to Esther to and you see it right on the homepage or or you can want to take advantage of the special offer from the publisher an amazing offer where you get the e-book free and you get the Jezebels North America e-book, free and playing with holy fire e-book free and secrets of the real Messiah. Seven secrets e-book free and then a free audio message and a free video message.

Over $70 free material. Go to Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown special offer from the publisher, and then review order Amazon and in either the online produced Christian book etc. your for many of them and then send it in and boom you get all these when the book comes out so all right back to the significance of the expectations about Lubavitcher Rebbe rising from the dead. What's fascinating is that with all the claims that is with us spiritually. If you go to their headquarters in Brooklyn you'll still find his most devoted followers can guess he's right here in our midst. Yes he sees at that he's in his chair now and was we can sense it. Spiritually, with all of that talk with with confessing him as the Messiah and doing everything that they do on a regular basis with all of that, they still never claimed that he physically rose from the dead, and that anyone saw. To this day. To this day with with many Jews would say their fanatics even within the movement there. There is a great divide because the vast majority of them will not publicly say we believe is the Messiah will many believe it those essays, the Messiah subsidies. He's actually God incarnate peoples of their fanatics, etc. there is a well-known professor David Berger, professor at the and in Brooklyn and highly respected. He wrote a major book saying that Orthodox Jew should repudiate them and say they're no longer practicing Judaism with their practicing is more of a form of Christianity because they believe the Messiah died and rose from the dead to continue his mission and saw subdivisions of the Jewish community over this all right.

Yet, with all the fanatical belief in all the passionate belief they did report that he rose from the dead you say oh okay that's interesting, that's interesting. What's the punchline right. Here's the punchline for many years we've heard what look the various explanations for why the disciples claim that Jesus rose from the dead, you had the Passover plot that you shown for many years ago, and while it was he swooned visited really die. He swooned, he appeared to die and then revived and that's the resurrection account. Of course, has been rejected for many reasons.

While they they just made it up, they just created it.

They knew it didn't happen, they just created a cognitive dissonance you you believe the opposite. In the you get report that confirms that the opposite of what you want to happen instead of being discouraged. You believe even more. It's it's a form of emotional and mental denial right so that's what the disciples did was cognitive dissonance and nothing more meek and psychologically expired, and people push back and say but then if they knew it was a liar ultimately was to some emotional thing in certain point, reality sets in.

Why the world within the dying for this faith wasn't created a mess, or they die for it. Subsequently but here's what's so fascinating not to hear me out. Hear me out is very powerful and relate out the book in a way that I believe is really going to glorify the Lord. When you look at the followers of the preppy. They were expecting him not to die or if he died to rise.

They're expecting him to be glorified. There was tremendous anticipation. There were people dancing in the street after he died, because they're excited he was gonna rise. They were waiting for. They were looking for. They were expecting it. They come up with all these different beliefs that he didn't really die and so on and so forth.

And yet none of them say that other major rabbis.

None of none of the people that are just there. The average followers met him say yes yes we saw him physically after he die we saw on physically but we sat and ate with him. They're not saying that the rabbis aren't saying it white because it didn't happen because people do not come up with myths like that about dead leaders.

Now here's the contrast when you read the Gospels, the accounts are very embarrassing.

It makes the founders of the faith look bad. They were discouraged they were hopeless they were depressed they were in fear when women came, not the ones that you want to be the first witnesses right when women came and said we saw him out of the graves empty with no cut and had no your wrong okay. They were there was the last it was over it. He told them over and around in a rush, but they didn't get it that their minds were were were were close there. Their eyes were blinded, their understanding was was dark and I was like these daddies is all were just face the facts were wrong we were deceived. We thought it was a miracle worker reserves the Messiah. We thought was a son of God, obviously, is not as he died he kept coming and going to die and rise, but they didn't get it.

They were dance spiritually again you don't record these things about your leaders and founders when you make them look that bad was the exact opposite of the situation with the followers of the Ravi who were convinced is gonna rise who waiting for them to rise expecting him to rise and the rise. This is the opposite. They were expecting it. They were downcast they were distraught. His resurrection was a shock. So here we have a contemporary example, 20th, 21st century example where you see the cognitive dissonance only goes so far, the denial of reality only goes so far. That's why you don't have all kinds of myths about other leaders resurrecting no matter how much they were believe them or how much they were followed in our home is the revered and that's why look what's more emotional. What's more painful. What's more distressing than when you lose a close love one, the pain, the agony, the sense of separation, the loss it's it's it's only you can understand having gone through it and and yet people once and were still connected spiritually or we know with sťances we can act or Ellen. I taught I talked to my my husband has been there 10 years, but talk to him every night. You people have these beliefs in the Seder.

He appears to be in a dream and but how many people Jeff Singh age physically resurrected issue physically resurrected, though there's something sudden and definite and final and no definite said so the Messiah dies is over, that the disciples are depressed, discouraged, fearful, disheartened, downcast, his resurrection was a shock to them. The reason they knew it was true was because they experienced it and saw with their own eyes, the exact opposite of what happened with the falls of the rebellious that going on with the movement and spiders teach a map as Mohammed died right in and his moving graph German Buddha died his move engraftment other than the Joseph Smith died, his movement grew after him of people been moving escrow after they died, but not based on the resurrection of the one he die, except here and then of course we have the ongoing working of the Spirit to this moment God saving a touching and healing, convicting, and delivering people all around the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah lights fascinating it in the new book I get into Jewish traditions about a dying Messiah and ask or their Jewish traditions about a rising Messiah and then tell a story about the most influential false Messiah of all time in the 1600s.

One of the craziest wild stories. It is beyond belief. You think know you're making this up. Now you might know it's you how to make this EITHER you make in this up.

It is so absurd mystery shopper touch vehicle.

The mystical Messiah. And yet, even with him with this crazy wild story that in certain circles persists to this day. Even then, there were not accounts of him rising of him resurrected is isn't that extraordinary so I encourage you to be praying with me that God will use this book touch and save many Jewish people and as a Christian is MSM to as a follower of Jesus, Yeshua, you'll find the book to be really really fascinating. I mean the kind of thinking is a page turner. It's one of those books you find to be a real page turner. And when you're probably going to share with someone else. So if you'd like to get a signed numbered copy kind of a collectors edition girl website Esther to to see it right on the homepage.

If you'd like to take advantage of the special offer to get $70 in free e-books and materials when you order the book go to Dr. Brown books.calm and give you all the simple instructions to order their okay Jewish lady calls 8634 truth 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 will be right back where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown yet another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown

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