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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 10, 2020 12:53 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 10, 2020 12:53 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/07/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Full eyes are wide open. You've got questions, we've got answers to stock the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown time it is you got questions, we've got answers Friday on the fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you phone lines now open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 River wondering about what it was on your mind anyway that I can help you anything in any area of expertise I have, by all means give me a call if you would like me to comment on the history of the scientific understanding of the development of the earthworm. Sorry this is not in my areas of expertise of the things I can help you with. But if there are, by all means give me a call. 866-34-TRUTH if you differ with me on any points you: spiritually, theologically, biblically, culturally, politically, with Israel, the Jewish people questions call us comments are warmly welcomed. Also this weekend special Israel conference. First things restoration conference Paul Wilbur leading in worship.

Special concert so that's gonna be through this weekend.

Tonight, Friday night, Saturday morning, evening, Sunday morning, evening the details on the website Estar to just check on itinerary.

All right, we go to David in Washington. Welcome to the line of fire going up around Hermina my question, yes sir on the Galatians chapter 1 verse nine out of any direct great group. I question a kilometer after sure are those that adhere to the hyper great method considered currently removing themselves from him that called them into the grace of Christ, and if so, the hyper great method another gospel. One other than what the apostles preached and are those that created considered perverting the gospel and are therefore anathema yes or us. Thank you for asking the question so clearly some are another, which some have departed from the truth of the gospel. Some have so distorted the gospel with hyper grace, teaching that they now preach universalism that they now preach that as you send that you now make sinful things holy. In other words, they have completely distorted the gospel with they are saying is not the gospel.

They are not within the body and they are leading others to hell with them. In its most extreme forms. Yes, that is the case, however, the great majority of people that I researched in my book.

Hyper grace our brothers and sisters in the Lord with the wrong emphasis or to take a good emphasis too far, or who leave out other things that are important so they do preach the fundamentals of the faith in terms of of salvation through the cross and they do teach that the gospel empowers us to live above sin within along with that there were serious errors that can lead people astray or hurt them in their walk, but as I spent a couple hours with Joseph Prince as I've interacted with others that I quote my book. Although we have differences. I recognize them as brothers and sisters in the Lord that are saved by the same blood that were saved by and that also believe that sin is destructive and wrong in God's grace empowers us to live above sin but assisted their other wrong dangerous elements in the teaching because of which I don't call it counterfeit grace.

That to me would be heresy, rather hyper grace and exaggeration of something good like you did call it, figuring an audiobook time to rock the boat many years ago wasn't talking about this at it in those days I wasn't talking about this specific subject of hyper grace because of anything in her talk back then there was some of the distinctives of hyper grace today. I did hear taught, 25, 30 years ago and is contracted by Canada in 1993.

Give account of the counterfeit grace that tells you, no matter how much you sin. It's not going to affect your relationship with God is that's that's terribly dangerous and there are some elements of that they can be in hyper grace with the overall emphasis of hyper grace doesn't say that it in. In other words, when Joseph Prince drew up a list of everything he called counterfeit grace. He said I reject that I reject that as well administered.

Here's what I affirm my eye from those things to where we were to see contradictions are all identified unparalleled. I thought it didn't seem like before the great-great point about what you are talking about and am only thing I can concerning selling certain subject and 11 the Holland right so just explain David there is overlap between what I was addressing. And it's time to rock the boat and what I am dealing with in hyper grace, but they're not identical.

So, at what point is 1111 the Holland when it does exactly that. In other words, when the fruits of it produces is the fruit of occult or the fruit of deception or the freely disqualifying someone from being in the kingdom of God. So if the persistent fruit of hyper grace was backsliding destruction. Apostasy then I would say this counterfeit grace and is leavened the whole lump. When I hear of many who have had their lives transformed who love the Lord more than ever, who are spending more time with him in prayer, who have been set free from various addictions and I see a lot of good fruit. Dusty people hearing the good part of the message. Remember a guy sending a note on twitter, and Sam thinking of buying your book, hyper grace, but listening to Joseph Prince.

I got free set free from use of alcohol addiction is your book to put me back your lesson, but will reinforce the good parts of what you say David very important questions and thank you so much for for calling and for asking 86634.

By the way, the earlier that you call in, the better chance I have of getting to your calls.

So is a great time to call in its rare Friday we have any open lines but we do right now so early: better chance we have of getting to you. Let's go to Eugene in Oklahoma. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for having me Dr. Brown. I appreciate your ministry there.

Sure thing. My question is Eric Art. Beyond the motivation behind the cross and unlocking a film called the American gospel and down I'm not performed and do not you hear what you think about God light but they basically try to contain him in another alternate you obtain at the motivation behind Jesus dying on the product of the fact that he loved his creation and now they I guess the lady is by saying that we, in and of ourselves are valuable. Therefore, God died for us by the reformed community a little bit different. They believe that the motivation for God dying for its people is not counting people, but it only counted in other words he wanted to show how good he was by having Bert upon the children and for giving his life for Inam, little bit, you don't really know what perspective is correct that the truth in both of them almost in all, don't you think that if I owe it anyone else that you that Todd light had regarding a product you believe that worthy of condemning them to hell because I think that that community is somewhat quick to do that. A lot of people they have theological depth but there is number number one.

If you believe that Jesus died for us because he saw us as valuable and precious and important and that was part of it is that something to be condemned.

Tough golf course. Not absolutely categorically not select when you are looking at the larger charismatic world often is an error among charismatics that they can be to open too broad to accepting of too many things and thereby fall into deception when you look at the non-charismatic world, especially in its reformed aspects which often have as they can be to closed to narrow and therefore rejecting good things that the spirit of God is doing so. There are extremes on both sides, but knows something damnable about believing that so yes we understand that in and of ourselves. There is nothing worthy deserving of the love of God, and I imagine Todd White would say that I've only spent a few hours with him so I can say beyond that. But we understand that we all deserve damnation that were all under the sense of God's wrath and if he condemned us it would be right and fair and good and he doesn't have to apologize for judging us, because that's what we deserve. Yes we all understand it is complete grace unmerited favor and expression of God's goodness that our goodness that Jesus died for us, but you better believe he sees us as valuable to believe he sees us that were created in his image and his designs for us a very deep and very beautiful in the picture that you have an Luke in Luke 15 of the prodigal son. Yes, this is document a believer that falls away but how does the father feel he yearns for the child to be back. So God created us perfect and upright, then we went out sin and have done evil and we are rebels in his sight.

And yet he sees the great value of the human race. He he puts a high price on it, even fallen unsafe human beings that if there's bloodshed that the only thing that pays for the bloodshed is the blood. Long shall it be because the blood is precious because that's the blood of human life the way God speaks with the steam and care for all of his creation that you can be abusive to to human beings and things like that is because of the intrinsic value of even being created in God's image, Genesis.96 whoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed because in the image of God.

Man was made. So, even fallen human beings are created in his image, and John, one that is God's light and life is the life of every human being so if coursework valuable in his sight. If you said that God sent his son to die for us because we were so good and we just got confused. The little anyone help us back on a path of that's that is utterly and completely wrong and false, but I would.

I affirm that that Jesus sees something valuable in us, even as Lawson for rebels. He sees this created an image of God he knows God's destiny and purpose for us and therefore he loves us. Absolutely no yelling no quaking spent extra that by don't mind but I admit that it bit difficult to take on them or anything like that but why do they come off as very arrogant coming in my experience Victor that what I've experienced an amount I mean I miss it yet and I'm just jumping in Eugene visit again break coming up the need to cut off their but but the fact of the matter is that we all have our bad tendencies. Each group and yet what I admire for the years that play them with an arrogance in my life, 70, 72, I thought I am and I have the Orthodox.I know I a bit enlightened as so it is very position that I see as each has strayed so let's examine ourselves in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Simmons in McAllen Texas. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown and Michael got the bus, I want to follow up on a sponsor gave to about 800 commandment you days ago. I'm going I'm going to the book of exit right now and I get wanted to know an additional perspective because when I research it. I see that the 10 Commandments and often used.

It is been a lot of that catechism along with the Lord's prayer in the apostles Creed as a method of teaching the many of the 10 Commandments are repeated in the New Testament like a moment that she may not even picked out. I guess my question it it it would be right to say that yet the 10 Commandments are part of the Sinai covenant and believe it or not under the Sinai covenant, but at the same time, they do represent universal truth from the heart of God ought to govern our lives by yet since I love the way you asked the question, and it is fascinating when we think of it because the 10 Commandments explicitly call for 1/7 day Sabbath right but likes being used in church catechisms. It's been used in the context of a Sunday Sabbath and eighth day Sabbath right so that's the thing that so fascinating that the church changed the meaning of the Sabbath, but kept the commandment so that opens up a massive question. Does that about what should if you get a hold the 10 Commandments and and have them in a catechetical form, then shouldn't you be celebrating the seventh day Sabbath.

I think you could make an excellent case for that. Actually, so that in another words if if you gonna say Sabbath is mandatory than it would be seventh day versus Sunday would be Saturday versus Sunday so I I instead would argue that it were looking at universal truths. As you said, and that the Sabbath command now in the New Testament context can be interpreted in terms of the rest that we find in the Lord or the importance of setting aside a day to honor him. But the question is, and why are we quoting it in the form if you quoted in the full form for the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy the fifth chapter that it speak explicitly of the seventh day so that's why have no problem with Christians who say that we believe Sabbath is important, but it never change from the seventh day. I agree it hasn't, but I also understand that is, the church grew, and now included Gentile believers as well as Jews and many living in a context where there is not a seven day work week and things like that. Maybe the 10 day workweek. Whatever Sally was not a potential day of rest that that there was an understanding that this is not given now in a binding way, the way it was to Israel, so their principles we learn from it is not given in a binding way.

In the New Testament, but since I don't think most Christians have really thought through the questions that you're raising but that they're important to think through sure you agree with that I do and I am comparing It now got a little late, but apparently okay how Michael to approach you know, dealing and speaking the people about the 10 Commandments and yeah I are you going to come out though, I think that I hadn't yet even thought about a cable. How do I attract the command of the fact and look and see which you see sir when he gets Exodus 16 is the first mention of the Sabbath. In Exodus in this life. What's this all the Sabbath, and so on so obviously the law if if they knew about it before. They certainly did know about it can lost in slavery in Egypt. The Egyptians were giving them the seventh day off, that the Sabbath commands like what the serious set one day off your work. Everybody stops this incredible was amazing news and then of course of the 10 Commandments and 20 chapter but then you'll see it again reiterated several times in Exodus and part of it in a distinct way is as a sign covenant assigned between God and Israel. Thank you for asking.

86634 let's go to Robert in New York, walking to the line of fire… Around like you again. Thank you, really quick question, I would. It recently to a podcast of one of the young Eck went back Westborough Baptist Church. I'm sure you've heard of it before and she had been talking about how she left the church, but in general left the faith altogether, not just Particular church and don't want to think she brought up was Roman and not the reason why I stop believing what the ghetto God.

Birth needed and it done.

She was reading a copy data. The people are created or wracked by God intentionally did that and and punishment down on in that aspect of their death no control over what I wanted no what you thought about that Romans nine I'll read your first the broader issue.

When people have a wrong theology it can often cause him to leave the faith entirely limits rather than sink okay. The face is true God is true. The word is true. Jesus is Lord, but I had some wrong understandings. They associate the wrong instance with the whole system or someone gets abused by a spiritual leader and because of that they leave the church because that leader represented God to them. So these things happen their casualties and that's that's very sad when it happens. Romans nine Paul is certainly saying God has the right to do that knows if he wants to as God. He certainly can do that and in human beings don't have the right to argue with. There is a what if what if God determined to do that, but you have to keep reading you read through Romans 910 11 to get to the point where it's as God has consigned all man over to unbelief to disobedience. Why, that he may have mercy on them all.

That's the fundamental message of the cross that we've all chosen sin were all guilty and yet God in his love has reached out to have mercy on all. Romans nine is talking more about calling to service than calling to salvation. And when God hardens Pharaoh's heart. When you actually go through and start reading in Exodus 3 and read through the entire account right up through Exodus 14, you see that Farrell hardens his own heart over and over and over and over and then got out there in the Hebrew there's three different verbs that are used in a progressively intense that God gives Farrell confirms in his sin and then even further and then God actively hard and so you don't see in Scripture where where someone is earnestly seeking God or wanting to please God and God said, you know what damn you just to do it because I'm God and you guys can create out of the womb for destruction because I'm God. I know that going around that is on the counter and said that you know that already. Knowing that it in their heart, not fighting Arctic authority.

There yeah and in other words, there is there's no instance in Scripture where and I know Calvinists are the faces and some are given from the womb to destruction in my County x-rays affirm that I do not see that is scriptural at at all in order for him for many many reasons well respected to covenant into my Calvinist friends, but yet look. Here's the deal you read in Genesis the 20th chapter with King Abimelech that he takes in Sarah, thinking that she's Abraham's sister is planning to sleep with her now. Nothing gets consummated. Ultimately, in an base. Everybody gets district, frozen in terms of the ability to reproduce in his innocent in his household there, but oriented his palace.

But God says I ice all your heart. In other words, you didn't know that she was she was another man's wife and because of that I kept you from sinning against me so so certainly you see consistently that the judgment in the justice of God that is not arbitrary in any way.

Hey Robert, thank you much for the call and may God bring that woman to true salvation.

866-34-TRUTH we go to Rebecca in Brooklyn. Welcome to the line of fire around.

Hey, I recommend ending our current line might need it but I thought the like of a conflict like when God was hiding faith but know that the great Greek like baked but I also like the cradle for the other like pre-incarnate God in the and people not dying. Know that you know I think… I like it in and data and etc. and also could benefit it will definitely give it that got it. And also like always he felt like the only thing I'm not can cut down. I'm I'm not like you I because I know that love that like being like back know it can thing the five yeah, I do not like at the ethical Arctic language or liking of a concrete yeah. Not that I got a like a father adding the assurance of Rebecca first, and there is nothing simpleminded about your questions as these are great questions and even knowing the concepts of anthropomorphic issues and things like that you know God being described in human terms notes is great questions that let me give you the big picture first. God is spirit, but spirit does not mean just like we end with God's spirit so he exists in another plane is a very real plane that was God is a visible being with characteristics, but he exists in another plane Jesus coming into this world takes on a flesh body and then rises from the dead and the glorified body so that is unique to him. All right, but God is a tangible, visible being with features of cutlets, why not every spirit doesn't mean you dislike what why can't there be images. The social has only gone either way. What about cancer and cancer learning plan and by the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael and all the details on my itinerary asked her to and less than 10 seats left in our Israel trip.

So if you're planning on coming with us in May. Now is the time to register at you've got questions, we've got answers to Rebecca in Brooklyn. How is that God is seen and unseen. Exodus 24 they saw the God of Israel. Exodus 33 normalcy my face and live as a work while John 118 it says this, no one has seen God at any time one and only God is in the bosom of the father, he has made him known. First Timothy six, Paul writes that God dwells in unapproachable light, no one is seen them or can see him. And yet Jesus says in John 14 if you seen me you seen the father.

So that's how it works is the role of the sun to make the father cautious when he is the image of the invisible God. He was one he is the very stamp of his character, the shining forth of his being.

So the father dwells in unapproachable light on can see him and live the sawn is the one who makes him known. The spirit works invisibly to draw all attention to the song who then draws attention to the father, one God is all in all I hope that is helpful for you and your understanding 866-34-TRUTH go back to the phones.

One moment the face Facebook question asking you know I hear all this about Angel boards and tarot cards and Christian how these things go together okay. First it was were hearing a lot about it is because practices of like one group in one place. Got a ton of attention right either run into this myself and all of my travels, but from what I understand is not taro cards. Rather, it was Scripture cards or cards that would get the attention of people at rental. This new age stuff that was Scripture choose and with ways to say or maybe about moods and things like that say you want to sit down more. Pray for you and you would you like a reading. They said it like that to get the person to sit down and just try to interact with them and then give them a reading.

Basically, you need Jesus. Your lost sinner need to be saved now with its good technique or bad weather. It's a mixture. All I know about is the little I just told that much.

It may be crazy far out ridiculous. Stay away from it and maybe good idea, but you play with fire or it might be all what a creative way to preach the gospel will know more about it, but this is not some phenomenon that I heard about some have wide widespread all right let us go to Tony in Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire which only toys out there.

Tony want to ask about my personal devotional practices of obviously the foundations of everything her prayer and the worst in my earlier days in the Lord when I was saved your year to I would spend at least six or seven hours alone with God every single day I would read the words two hours. I would memorize Scripture for one hour and I could memorize 20 versus day.

I would pray requests and other things and pray for our heart life that would be over two hours at pray in tongues at least an hour, they should pray at least three hours being were at least three hours ivory free high school schedules able to do that is very rare in my life over the years since then that I've had that kind of time. There are times when I just go away and I spent up to a week just alone and spend the vast majority of every day praying and in the work at your for special times of this meeting with God getting renewed and there are times that I'll pull away and just spend those hours and hours seeking him, but otherwise I will be studying lots of different things in Scripture, then periodically do a plan to just read through the whole Bible again is kind of a refresher of some of the fastest is the Bible in 90 days, but this is a Jew get that you get it in front of you again then always studying digging and I may be working heavily in a particular book or particular aspects of things, but you always want to be reading the word spiritually for growth for for for strength for for edification and not just studying subjects all right as far as my prayer life of I pray at different times of different days, ideally, is not best to follow my example. Ideally, it is best have set times every day.

When this is my time. I pray get the word foundation with and to start the day is the best way to do it.

I've been a late night person. Almost all my life and as the years gone.

It's gotten more extreme, not less extreme, so many many many times I just get going at midnight. Okay just get going at midnight and and then I am. I am note 234 24 in the morning you notify okay I have to turn in it. So I spent a lot of time in prayer. Late a lot of time studying late but when I'm home and not traveling as my schedule so wild in that regard.

A really try to start the day and the quality way meet with the Lord throughout my heart I do pray in tongues a lot often returns to groaning of intercession, a great bird. Then out of the pray with my understanding and then out of that pray for specific needs, specific situations and people.

And then all through the course of the day. There's prayer and is thinking about the word or listening to the Bible or being in the word, if I can ongoing thing all through the day so that's helpful for you as well. 86634 let us go to Michael in California. Welcome to the line of fire. Will Michael I guess you not now.

I would answer your question about the tech grandma Tom Pennell exactly what would have been because she couldn't hold so will go over to Luke in Israel where Israel are user hello Luke, all man what's happened to our callers are and I was eager to talk to Luke about Daniel 727 but is not all right. We go to Josh in LA welcome to line of fire. All right tell you what it looks like it looks like people there but I'm not hearing them. Apparently his mom and I got a full board of callers here so it only chose to try one more just to see Brett in Charlotte Buchan's line of fire going good good Brett, nice to talk to follow your voice on the other side.

All right yes what's up what's up Sir I wondering if I had a question about how certain people in the world will will be in a terrible situation that although notable light… I like that you that I am the God having a plan for everyone yet so let's let's look at a few different ways. There is one way which would be the Calvinistic understanding of which which would say yeah God. God's got us a plan for everyone, but for some it's it's heaven and for some it's hell know for no fruit.

For some it it is it is damnation.

And maybe you noticed the terrible life our megarich life and damnation and for others, salvation and grace so that that's it.

That's one way of looking at a God doesn't apply for everyone.

Some of the plans we like some we don't like. That's one way of looking at it another way of looking at it is that God has an ideal plan for everyone, but many times because were sin or disobedience. We don't experience that ideal and certainly Scripture is full of examples like that of of God saying I wanted to do this but you did this. I intended to this, but you did this.

My plan was to bless you do this and everything under judgment, but I would look at it in the bigger way and say that ultimately God has made provision through the cross for every human being to know him and be with him forever and ever and ever. Which is a trillion times more important than being homeless or destitute in this world effect for the most part you find more openness to the gospel among the poor and among the rich and the parable of the rich man and Lazarus illustrates again. You may have much in this world nothing in the world to come in James Jacob.

The second chapter S has not God chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith to be heirs of the kingdom and the fifth chapter's as is often the rich sure were wicked and under divine judgment.

So I would say that many of those who are first will be last menu had the least in this world will have the most in the world to come.

There are brothers and sisters that I work with in India. People that have very very little in this world with our very very rich spiritually, so I do believe that God's desire is for all people to know him and be with him forever and that we see the plan of God unfolding through the gospel. So we need to extend that to everyone that if Jesus is lifted up.

He draws all people to himself, so we see that foundational and then it's up to us to give that invitation to all so that the the adage of starting with telling someone. Jesus loves you has a plan for your life is the first word of the gospel.

I understand many don't see the scriptural wouldn't do it in that way, but if I'm seeing someone talking to him. I've no question whatsoever that God desires that person salvation and God desires that that person will be with him forever and that God has a plan for that person's life will bear fruit for the gospel get through hard times in this world are good times this role, I feel sure about that and I could tell someone. Everyone I look in the art the God is a plan for their lives in the God's desires that they are with him forever and that their lives bear fruit for his glory in this world and forever. I feel very confident of that. So a financial question follow-up audit saying that even if they do have a plan built then… Yes yes or we see that over and over that event codeveloped out of it… Directly correlate their wealth. They got out yet how they are like… Goodbye, how much they're worth it, even after suffering down here. It's not about their current president about their long-term afterlife right right it's all the ultimate goal is that we become conformed to the image of Jesus that we spend eternity with God glorifying him and enjoying him. That's the ultimate destiny. But even in this world.

You can have very little outwardly and be super abundantly blessed and you can have a lot outwardly and in the spiritually impoverished so there's not always direct correlation hate. Thank you for the question. I looks like we've reconnected with several of the college will get back to them momentarily started, Israel, Los Angeles, South Carolina. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown-joyous call right we go over to Israel.

Hey Luke aware Israel are you today and no country okay I really got good about not familiar with the Bible program from our university back to California. All suite excellent so good really do it and I thank God for everything to Marco yeah go ahead broader question about Daniel Dr. Evan verse 27 with our climate kingdom and the dominion emigrated of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given the people of the faith of the multi-their kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom, and all dominion, thought, serve and obey him.

Christ of the multi-or do not the underlying Aramaic should be reserved emigrant of outside air serve and obey them recurring things that they are. Yes there there is a dispute among translators and often Jewish interpretation so so the are the Aramaic Navajo Sultan. I lay a youth soon so that the word lay there does that it means to him certainly to him or to it so it is often taken Jewish interpretation to be referring to the other people but to me it's very very evident based on what we read earlier in the text about the, the son of man and his exultation and the mosquito that the exultation of the Messiah that it's not talk about that, the people, but rather the Messiah himself. You could say the most high, but because it's given to him whose it given to its giving to the Son of Man, the exalted messianic figure so it doesn't say conspicuously to them right, but rather to him. So that's how I would I would render it if I'm just looking quickly at different translations. The new Jewish publication Society, which which would take it in the in the sense it's referring to the people. The kingship and dominion grantor blends all the kings and ever will be given to the people of the whole is most five thickens to be an everlasting kingdom, ultimate dominion, self serve and obey them. I would really like that I would read it as in the NET. His kingdom is an eternal kingdom authorities will serve him obey him.

So either speaking about the most high, or speaking about the Messiah, to whom the kingdom is given a certainly not for the people don't.

Yeah, I think, go ahead.

On the other one more question about Dr. Derek sure sure all your doctor about photo I Daniel. Daniel seven… The more talk about that before kingdom and its a cappella God burning up the kingdom. Yes, Daniel.

Through the good, the only Daniel seven through the Son of Man of view, click the like setting up the kingdom, the date of the looking be referring back. Christ first coming of yes or yes because I was because that the Roman Empire is standing and and here this rock comes and strikes at the feet and the whole thing crumbles. In fact, that's a good verse the end of Daniel to the point to the Messiah had to come during that time. During the time of the Roman Empire.

During the time of its prominence and then that small stone just that rock now causes everything else to crumble CS that's deftly how I interpret that that's the foundation of the kingdom and the Daniel Sullivan. The culmination of the kingdom with the Lord's return in in the in the clouds coming in power, great question sir, thank you so much 866-34-TRUTH reconnect with Michael in California ready for your questions or I Dr. Brown.

My question is typically about the pentagram at aunt yet and I've heard at least one Hebrew professor and multiple youth papers which are you to and kind of you make it back sometimes but they said that the ancient you break the mold actually meant behold and people maleness again without any could be true. But then again all frontline yet it is good to be true really. You will not find a bona fide Hebrew scholar arguing for the okay is it is it what you need to do is goat go to my YouTube channel is Dr. Brown on the website is Dr. Brown, the Lord just type in the Kaleo and we completely destroy this myth that the pictographs first.

You can definitively say that that's with the pictographs meant. You know that that this action is behold you know or something like that that the behavior actually means that for sure.

That's highly disputed in terms of the irreverent meaning but the pictographs no longer had a pictographic meaning. Once they became part of an alphabetic script so so for example the all of the oxen ox had the only meaning it had now was not that picture but rather the sound of the the of the olive which is more of a of a not non-outspoken center or the for Byatt house only, meaning it had was but she took the first letter so that now was just like 22 letters you could get all the sounds that you needed picture actually thousands and thousands of thousands it if you could have language being conveyed with 22 pictures is completely bogus. And that's why the letters change so quickly because they no longer had pictographic meaning. So they get simplified in the forms but just type in the word Paley will and you will you will have in detail with lots of examples specifics pictures and things like that complete demolition of the Jew. Remember you said if you rescale, you heard from to remember who that was and I would actually dominate article in my neighborhood. I was one of my you was going to school like taking a Hebrew class in college and I had him acting Hebrew professor and they said yeah… That's true. Yet, at most, first made a real scholar to someone teaching he rooted in a college but most the person would've been saying give the original pictographs with meant that that is there is no meaning once becomes alphabetic script that's on it is like an example, our English letter a comes from. Ultimately, the same Hebrew Phoenician script for the ox had okay a comes from a from Phoenician into Greek into Latin into English or BVR B that same from Byatt house.

Those are letters just like our letters.

You can trace them back to those old forms' but they don't have that meaning. Okay that it's it's on us but anyway if you watch Kaleo's is to search for that and and we we explained that the myth of the patio. He was script there's an anxious critical Paley that's always the snake and script Josh in Los Angeles. Let's reconnect with your questions or on my car appreciate hearing Anna Yap from Los Angeles and is not my question is regarding the Lake O'Brien on pretty settled here in Los Angeles Ct. But you know my question very controversial among my friend Chris or Brandon will not them. It's basically you might be up to par but is basically like what are your thoughts on whether or not Kobe Bryant is in heaven or hell, and before you answer or respond like it's just because the reason I ask is because a lot of my friend who are Christian at the moment strong wonderful quickly put them in heaven because they love them so much and study the vocabulary from a good family man, but in the 20 years living here and no hard-core Laker fan watching him before I will save them. However, even after I was there, but I never heard him mention Jesus wants or anything like that uncle basic, things in heaven or hell but I'm just not want to get your thoughts on Matt because you were so quick to use our emotional put people in heaven or hell will be felt not a modest one of the call and ask your opinion about the bottom line. We don't know we have no idea whatsoever and we have no right to speculate because we do not know. So, for example, was there sexual morality and his past adultery has passed you allegedly a good amount was at his lifestyle.

To this day or two there is death, or did he do you turn away from that was a devoted husband and father of was the Catholic just at a religious tradition or despite certain areas within Catholicism. Did he really know the Lord have a private relationship with the Lord. That's why he was there the week he died, he and his daughter had communion or was it the day of their death. So, only God knows that's the bottom line if I see someone die and to their dying breath. They are rejecting God.

They are cursing God. They are saying they don't believe were to their dire breath. They are professing faith and in Islam, or something like that. Then I said or lost. Even someone who until an hour before they died.

I knew them to be lost. I don't know what happened in the last hour and even though it's rare. There are people that cry out for mercy. In the end you know and and true story about the Titanic. There was a guy on the on the ship that was preaching the gospel and then even his as he was drowning.

Those were drawn. He kept preaching until he drowned. How many people got saved at the last minute.

We simply don't know. I I've heard of planes that went down and you find out that there was a fiery evangelist on the plane and in and they they knew there again crashes like I would surprise myth that persons of their preaching. So it's what it what we must do Josh is examine our lives to make sure we are right relationship with God and then take every opportunity we have share the gospel with others because none of us knows how long that we have. None of us at all.

Therefore let us do our best to share the good news with others and realize the sobriety that the intensity of your nine people on their way. The basketball game and they're gone. Mom's dad's kids gone no unexpected happens every day of every week. I got have mercy may use us to reach many thank you for the call. All right friends live from Orlando

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