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Christian Tarot Cards?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 19, 2020 4:20 pm

Christian Tarot Cards?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 19, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/19/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Kristin Taro cards is there such a thing such as misinformation stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown is a fascinating eye opening. Find out some things together about a ministry in Australia or the effectively reaching new agers of their effectively reaching which is in people and to all types of weird hippie movements or are they themselves mixing witchcraft with the gospel. Find out today welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

If you'd like to weigh in directly if you have a question about this ministry.

Or if you're one who is published critically about this ministry. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 before I get into some specifics, let me say that my purpose is not to defend or choose my purpose is to find out truth and then based on what we find out what we understand to give my impression. What happened was, was it last year be delivered before that. I don't recall exactly word got out about a group in Australia accusations that they were using Taro cards Christian version of Taro cards people even called witches that were involved with them and because the son of the couple heading up this ministry as a pastor at Bethel church in Reading Savannah Bethel was associated with it and initially I saw a very strong repudiation of it from when we visit Bethel and then that was followed up by those years with actually doing is actually positive it's not Taro cards so as is nothing that intersected with me. I was asked about it and it's just bonuses that know about didn't follow critical reports about it, etc. so the question came up again and because of sin coming up more. I just answers it really. I've heard this if it's Taro cards anything remotely close to that. It's to be repudiated utterly completely, absolutely rejected if it's just some creative way using Scripture-based cards or things to reach people's festivals and Jesus is preached, or it could be good. That was didn't know either way we can. Since a contacted through the ministry Ken Jenny Hodge and want to communicate what they do. So I've I've invited critics to call and speak directly as well. The phone lines are open, but we go to Australia a Jenny welcome to our thanks for joining us her Michael yes her right nearby) Jenny yes, nice to nice to talk with you Jenny Sosa listen unitary angry. All right, so listen I am going to ask questions, some of which will seem to be very basic and some of which will seem to be very accusatory.

I'm simply representing questions others have and where I stand there we find that as we go. So, Jenny, first just tell me the.

The short version of why you do what you do before we talk about what you actually do) current me love people. I really want to be able to be relevant to all people in 05P even one that non-Christian fear that you catch all going more and we believe that we do have a mandate from G. Actually, they love to all of the people and cabal to reach them and talk that no matter what area varying length that we can enter their dock music Festival or hippie festival that we believe that current gauges did not decorate at the end of Matthew with the Colts going to quote the well-equipped district declaration that we delayed the check has created that declaration are in and how is you believe someone is saved. What what message are you bringing to them. I don't mean the first moment you sit with someone, but ultimately, what message you bring to them in terms of what it means to be saved and who Jesus is probably exactly how I earn Crystal as I would talk to a non-Christian, that is, it all the Holy Spirit have to work more as well and start really Nike French. We can't hide anything from them once they reached that age I live very honestly been. They are currently done and everyone on the King at Kane has had at personal experience with G.

Tamika me. I thought he when I was 22.

Earn and now everyone has had a very real and very frankly Keith, so when you speak of Jesus Christ you believe this salvation outside of Jesus not knowledge.

I want got it and what's your view about Taro cards we have a car and Tara cards that actually from the occult and hesitantly typing every get have a coaching image is on them in bold that has meaning and permanent.

We have never used Talcott, we never will used Talcott and react in fact and mandate a prophetic word given could be that we eat at Eagle Tower cod usually people coming to our will go home and try the account card again and it happened many current that they're actually going on in the day when I go hunt because our job is not just the people and will turn With God. But oh start to get stable.

Talcott and to stop people going stocky. Did you call yourselves psychics.

Now we got national people will call her back. People will make thanking me current because they are coming from our whole area with a nerve with toxics only content they will often that I can arrange just the donkey now weeknight collective and have you ever use that the term "as you do call yourselves psychics of them just asking because of the accusations that I've heard Jenny yeah and nine we got rainy right or any know where I thought I day on that hard to think of you jokingly I said they think Chris got my client, and sponsored by as equally aspect that I didn't say we really like where there's a big difference between what wagering on during Mattie's stocky kid, usually channeling or operating should. God, which she found a very negative and evil.

Well and where I go to educate people of the dangers of the where Christ will follow God, which is completely different, upgrading or channeling a spirit guide.

The huge difference between Social the big controversy is that yeah you go for what will talk to them about some of the places that you go with us appropriate for Christian to be there with the big controversy is that you have loose tables of cards on the table and you offered. Yet you readings for people that that's correct. This is the where the accident Christian Taro cards, or mixing witchcraft with the gospel so obvious element. I want to probe this and I want to raise concerns that critics of have raised to some of I've looked at the slot more carefully than I have, but before ask you why you do what you do, tell me what you do, so I'm some New Age seeker.

One of these places and and you get psychic readings and palm readings, and that all these things now I see your your booth up what's what's it called, what's the name on it cracked on so it had at and says Christ in your initial quote yeah it got yet okay so somebody comes they come in there, but who knows that you New Age Christ knows what they're thinking that they come in their what you do now, while usually, without really serious problem. Tomorrow I that they want.

For example, I not say why did Micon feel inside. I know I don't usually do, that very day and had very national and I will come to and ask for spiritually nail it down and we will discuss with them Festival about the question that don't know how and then we write that can and then we will talk about where they're at.

Actually, now that we know where they're at and family will straightaway help them get where I need you can cry right reading the first five minutes I would tell you that anything cry and I'm not easy LOL with spirit guide that I know that straightaway and documented by Chris date with the rating. Then we do concrete and five-minute and we do any encounter with Dan for 15 okay so yeah this is obviously you know I hear things like reading and cards and immediately against the scout gospel and what why not just okay. They come in there to share their problem one.

I pray with them again and see you know how to administer them to share the gospel. While reading, why, why any of that stuff will I think the biggest Church and inquiry gave Dr. a lot. The great In the home church worldwide. Is it a non-Christian wants to walking scratch scratch all the non-Christian want to be on talking with a Christian with an agenda and the January to get going again. I think that if the greater engine evangelism in the church because they could hear him. Christian often create yeah that a non-Christian want clunky and we found in the whole New Age movement, even globally, that beef is not the type that they often have been cut by church or I might've had Donnelly just background it is all they had bad experience: and the last thing I actually want to do is to come to God.

The last thing out to walking to your church and I think America would be the same at this genre great in Australia. Definitely, particularly if we bought up the word cases within the first five net, they're out of that then-current day they displayed the title. I want sex I always come back to see this bunch of comments, concerns raised were getting to the facts the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown this fact from fiction when it comes to drill your name Christ alignment. Those in favor the ministry would sit are doing an amazing job reaching people that others wouldn't reach hippies, New Age is folks will cause backgrounds that go to festivals and look for psychic readings and encounters that the use that platform to then draw people to Jesus. Critics would say it's a clear mixture. They're not preaching the gospel to just rely on the spirit powers and it's dangerous so I Jenny Hodge from Christ alignment is on the phone with us from Australia and will open phone lines for others to ask direct questions as well and probably Jenny from what I could see just what I was searching online. One of your most steady critics would be Chris from pirate Christian.

I personally invited him to call and so will will see if he does, Chris. If you listening that invitation was sincere, so Jenny what I wasn't clear on see of Christ alignment on that name.

You said within five minutes of them sitting down that you tell them you're not relying on some low lower spirit power, but you're going to Christ himself, but you also said if you say the name of Jesus within the first five minutes. People walk out.

So what I don't follow it.

The disk and frame grabber things really actually do caramel curtainwall that non-Christian usually going through stocky, you are able will expect no better term to you once more I which is basically crap lag would fit Kylie down 85 day coming to you on that. The last thing I want to be evangelized.

Thank you for coming to you with really serious question and I believe that David on April on adware that actual event for the gospel on "for then to be to be like him to get that shortly and the last thing that I do want to make the point that way. Not the play Christian start profit Christ alignment.

We actually got mind all really care that Christian start locking because we are not doing ministry in the church regularly after the check in the marketplace where the dying pickle and we care about the evening find of it. Not really what I have a Christian you shape and weight gain very clear about that from the and I also want to mention that in 2017 pico – would come just one thought that private Christian media put out by farm lot that I would spend Joel's mother and suddenly the end of 2017. We got to threaten in the message.

Instead, where that high cat your family and where that high Christ alignment then docket in the first article from Copan and can had a photo of railcar had as the funds on that cool and fed that way during Caldecott that was very misleading and it went worldwide with a photo real Cod they were not archived at all.

Not even remotely like I'm not document that created at notable effect around the world and that was their intention and we get roughly about threatening a now awake, none of them are from week to on your ideas know from Christian. I think that the relevant client, Jenny. I'm glad you mentioned it again. I've asked folks differ who have honest questions to call in the vineyard. To answer them again so folks know you reached out to you reach out to us. When you saw that the subject came up as everyone solidly loose. It is full of all my views… Right now you know that I have deep, deep concerns with (part Christian and feel.

Many times things are blatantly dishonest, Miss misrepresentative and determined this tremendous damage so I'm I'm not a fan.

If I see someone being attacked when (that might mean they're doing a good job nonetheless and and I have friends that not close friends, but maybe friends of friends that have gone to gay pride event or something like that and set up the attacks again and when the prayer sets was okay but I know all the rest friends of friends that are said of review dream interpretation and you come and share the dream and they pray that God would give him interpretation like that heavenly preach the gospel and you each thing is like one thing makes sense. Another may be pushing the envelope with what I don't understand is okay that the reading. I understand using a method to reach a certain people but cards consider nonsterile cards but what what what why why why are reading only what what is that call really want you could call it a spiritual rating in the Bible talked that whole time, I believe only look at Daniel and even Irma Jennifer Jeff injected 24 being, please reply to the father dead dunking on the monotony can find out by the financial downward just to help was aware that he had asked for gifting where all crying and lean one of knowledge.word of knowledge is on God speaking through you and the car arrived on article that I have been working on again have worked on a photograph on my heart that I've taken on the half of the photograph on the custom book that got off at night thinking about has now would not and they don't look like, how eight. We've had stocky and we can when I finally got doing what had day.

I have not. I understand that they are not the terrible cards are specific and have certain demonic meaning and function and perhaps even demonic power, but was still a understand is why why use okay understand people used to the cards with people used to getting drunk and sleeping around and doing drugs.

You don't you know soon as you high and then local good job where I live and why music cards pray with people to show the world what maybe the Lord gives you an insight when you preach Jesus to them if they happen. What will you create any right to not concurrent.and and Danny confirmed by other ministries around the world that it had to go undercover as well or to not create a as a newly as an evangelist on great and where very familiar.

As you can imagine, like Bethel and my firm with evangelist on the straight that there is quite a bit different to cut the talking pickle like the cod on my Dick hard. We we they speak thousand 500 papal per year to 20 minute speech and if I could write a book which we probably will at that incredible incredible*the all the words of knowledge with a concrete parent papering check youth prophetic cranking and coming back I'd have prophetic cranking and relate personally as their I cannot say what's wrong with the prophetic cranking just because it's on a cot and not Connie's lying on a table for me as a Christian if he thanked me your prophetic cranking which is not printed on a cot, not Kai Eagle vehicle on the table quite ridiculous. I think God working 90 prophetic crumpled and guaranteeing all other form, and I just cannot see why prophetic cranking on a cot long pickle spray will it give you jump in and articulate what a concern when it would be okay so you get because is like you have what you have to understand, Jenny is you.

You have some extreme critics, and sometimes a critic in Sicily. I agree with many times I feel the way they do things is wrong or misleading, or even even dishonest in and of a reason for the most part. Pay no attention to it. I may see the latest headlines on the boat was on a follows the videos with the articles veracity notes other summary. Much of their name because they're anonymous and I know who's behind it. So it's like forget that knowing integrity with it yet but it doesn't mean that every concern that's raised is by a hyper critic. In other words there there people that know me I'm charismatic Pentecostal part of Brown's revival pray for the sick leave and speak in tongues and their charismatic Pentecostal what they have their raising questions about want to get to some calls in a moment to just take one minute. What, what, what's the car. Therefore it's not saying that a picture can't have a message or you can't look at a painting and say well that's inspirational but what's the card.

Do what you actually doing with the court when knowing okay so that we understand on your bill for. We have no problem with it but little is why the yeah and I'm not attacking I'm trying as a citizen, beginning Michael's a friend or to refuse. I don't have a daughter and dividing it yet either way potato with us and we have we have up a few seconds before the break, so we just step back and let see David Sherry Dave your next coming on and those who have been most vociferous critics you have an opportunity to have a conversation solicit.

I want to reach people.

However, I can reach them where ever I can reach them as long as I am number one preaching the gospel of Jesus. The gospel of Scripture calling people to repentance and faith. That's one and two, that nothing I'm doing this contrary to Scripture, not everything to be written in Scripture being on the Internet is something against the vessel try to find out specifically how things are contrary to Scripture risking his questions on number five.

The light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Jim is Dr. Michael well so I said really not familiar with her little bit sometime back but I haven't looked into it. So if you're using tarot cards and informed her that it's wrong of course. Stay away from it. If they're looking for creative ways to reach the lost and preaching Jesus could be fun. So next thing I see these tweets.

Dr. Brown while you endorsing witchcraft and you need to preach the good all this.

The crazy stuff from the hyper critics and those that follow them, but we we got an email from Kevin Jenny Hodge saying hey is what we do and just filling me in on things are so great let's let's have the money or so. Jenny's been on with us in understanding that I'm gonna raise honest questions and concerns.

So I'm I'm all for reaching people where they are, however, we can reach them a bit overseas, and many many cultures and many things are done differently than what I'm used to but it's nothing contrary to the Bible or mixing light with darkness and those of the obvious concerns.

At the same time.

My last concern was to satisfy the hyper critics as long as I am who I am Pentecostal charismatic, we wanted the best and have since my last concern that the hyper critics are proud. You didn't write this.that's utterly immaterial to me all want this to get at the truth as clearly as we cancel Sogeti what will come back to the carcinomas I want to give some opportunity to some of our caller's performance of Jim David California please speak directly to the penny which what's your question or concerns or I'd like bronchitis.

Like my calling. Hello Jenny and I gave every girl with all due respect, I did have genuine concerns about your product. As I myself a former New Age or extremely disagree with you when it comes to enumerators not being willing to listen to direct preaching of the gospel actually about five years ago, I took the three preachers back to back back within a five day period that were very upfront with me when I came to the nonconsenting turning toward towards do you not know on that I am not the one that girl in my life were words I believe you have the time.

I looking back I had people in my life that claimed to be believers in and Jesus of Nazareth right but they were also reiki nuclear Reiki yeah yeah yeah yeah so I have the eye of the array your Reiki practitioner and I have friends that were also mentoring I got you a diabetic went through Christ consciousness. The Christ. But I do believe it was that only the yeah I get 20 faith that that you need to know where lack coming from the way, not like that.

We we could think of 44 years and are in the 44 year spirit filled ending the 44 years on the lead and I've led weekly Bible study we delayed healing group on not coming from the defendant being united to Christ consciousness at all. I want you to understand that that. Secondly, I fell in right how you came the Lord that we are not great great week. I regularly enter the same Festival yeah yeah yeah you cannot believe I can dictate great shot and die of regular people that I'm not sure about me. I'm not about the question quite yet, but I do know that Justin from to where I was going with that was it. Sounds kind of familiar, I do believe you're very do believe that your it's not like your intention to go out there and available to deceive the people at liberty to do but I do believe it can we not leading you know I am not sure that you could have had like a lot of really great experiences with people and allow myself did before I Jim Laura had many friends who are people myself. I believe that I've encountered Christ Jesus. But it wasn't the rear whether it was in the God of Israel.

Now, in the play now and going out.I agree to quickly lightly thought them really quickly, so I will get through that. But blasting out yesterday that I have watched quite a few of your videos and there was a few experience working with that that after-the-fact without a court grant for something they received Jesus into their heart, which is about it another thought. I completely reject that people need to repent from the SNB about how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and if that clear method have not been preaching on emergency, you know, David. You know what we do in the encounter you not know what we actually do and will contact just because they said that on the video they don't not mean I did not repent does not mean that I did not go through the whole method of salvation just because it was not on that particular video that we put out so you're you're saying that and and Jenny, I just wanted address of the hyper critics that are watching or viewing. I'm just looking at some of the comments okay and I just want to say this. What you do friends with false criticism, even as you post lies about me, etc. is you make it impossible to have constructive interaction. This want to say that pointing to the markers and skeptics.

I listen if when we were there was interview I'll give you my impressions okay friends with him, but it was separating fact from fiction, drama student to understand things are, David. Thank you, thank you for the call so Jenny, do you tell people plainly. I don't mean the first moment when they sit down, do you tell the people plainly what it means to follow Jesus is Lord that rip that it is not just a matter of US this higher power and but you turn away from you send out you submit your life to the Lord Jesus you make that plane when you come to the point of bringing the gospel message clearly to this person gets sick to get to know who they are, whatever do telnet plainly that is matter of not you just accept this higher consciousness is about of turning away from sin is submit your life to the Lord Jesus read your church with me following the knocking of the yeah all right, let's let's talk to Sherry and Florida you're on with Jenny Hodge. I am very trying time. I okay so here my thing. I have why several video watch my because I've done the restart your program so I I have to say that you now highlight common and there was a lot I have looked at pirate radio I listen pretty much what he, however, I did watch the video and then with one particular for you after and it was boy though you asked her what what was the different between her sidekick again and or that you are reading and he really said they were, but she found out what another one actually bad you were taken on the beach and back user gave her and patted her and she would make it and ban route. Let me in the study by me and I will let you now asking where you talk about that you only go there for the you only go to the heavenly realm.

You don't know all the other and there are other common but here is what I want You. I would like you to print me the full gospel as their I was a looking to find you. I would like you to tell me the full gospel of Jesus. When the Scripture. That's what I want. Yeah, that's what that's what you want and not how I became a Christian.

From the full gospel, and had I do as well that they have to do it by invitation.

Jesus doesn't fourth vehicle to become Christians just by telling that you have to want to become and be ready in your heart at that stage to become a couple Christian writers if someone says what must I do to be saved. Understand the.what must I do, that's what Sherry's asking where you tell the person we tell the weakest day working the Bible think that we get working at. By the way, not outgoing the logistical outings and people had to Jenny. You have to understand there's there people that love the Lord that love the things of the spirit that have major questions and what and when you leave the house and you telling believe Sherry is that person so don't say we sense about tell Spritz to her what you would preach to to that person that I carry on. All you belong a lot going get rid of all of it. I and you're going to have to actually read all over you turn and your gun came along on alternatively well. Would you like to get your knowledge okay and then what when you see you have to have an encounter with him what is it mean currently what what Jeff I really believe gifting tracking going again custom acting Street evangelist over and over again and was met by Frank people on the street and ran out born again though we agree that just sings in his prayer, just save… True sense, putting garbage to me. They have to have some type of spiritual encounter.

They have to see something or feel something on my hot day little pain point final chili or creaking what have to get on a gang because Billy probably already born again surveying our house. I came to Jeep back of the frame is not defined. If this thing is done while gospel is 91 Bible is on 16 is calls questions at all.

Yeah, I be honest, some of the nature of the conflicts with one, it's the light a fire with your host activist author professionals and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown x-rays for right Jenny II want to get to one more call than I got a couple questions that Stover included me so Dave and Ohio you're on with Jenny Hodge, thanks for calling you earlier.

Pray with people but I thought video of you being interviewed for you and your team. Every group work great prayer weekly every bit of work are you bring the wordplay you brought up a really great point, and I do want to make the point I wanted. Karen told the Christian early school don't go on straight, got going in market price.

The question I want you guys upgrading how anything ago. Kodak and even the guy that came to walk in the power line and one day and miracle, and get you. You don't need that. I thought I would cry they going by what Hulk was that I wanted, and it turned out Christian belief will why are you walking, but I you this you just say this Jenny because of the school of ministry for years we've taught people about the things of the spirit of how the spirits are all over. Students run on the streets ministering of grads of our score or power evangelist preaching the gospel with signs following her around the world suite. We believe in all that but all of them are, and they reach people very, background are quite overt about what they're doing and saying they make clear their prayer.

I will pray for you in the name of Jesus and God will touch you, as opposed to hey what happened to me.

I want some of that.

So, yeah, amen.

Exhort people to walk in the power of the spirit. But yet you have to understand Jenny that an enema say this is a hyper critic okay. You have to understand that a lot of people here answers that sound either evasive or or like a mixture or okay so you want to get them to a certain point you know it's it's almost like having some way. Some would see it, you got some gal dressed in a seductive outfit to get a guy to talk to her that when he talks long enough and it becomes vulnerable and she preaches Jesus to him. It seems as if his hands and justify the means.

And that's that's what a lot of people are hearing where trying not like burial at their life ring = kind of our gender equal to get guy guy the agenda equal walking right but it don't come to the hot, earning a crinkled father overlaid feeling.

We believe that anything just hearing a line on a godlike current escape is actually explaining every single cut and ready field what he was actually doing and they still knew they were coming to Jesus not just some power that would suit he would create a meal so that the it wasn't that many of them are who we are what I would get you.

I'm fine with preach and heal or heal and preach.

You have posted a link not he sets into pre-hail Lieut. something to heal and prevent either way preach the jointed with a clear gospel message so that that remains that the question which then brings rebound. Okay will go ahead with Herman (Kelly hi hi is not in my own part of the rating will contact burial trenching over an elephant on the half of them actually will constantly dangle onto them and that ranking and on crude grammar eight numerical Maple, one that will turn to good. We keep the holy. Doing and what she power that are actually incalculable old dealt our words what we say become and what they think that they'll become law. Right in the claimant is in part I still still in the wall you would call it reading because that's associated with with psychics and and is certainly not a biblical concept. Yeah, yeah, we call it an articling go around the world is doing well with trained Area again thinking they will call it turned spirit through reading the word reading, you could really call it you want to marry monarch on the word reading a common and more big guys that we going to hearing guy guy… In America hundred and 44,000 people walk through the door, and one Holborn of that building. There are and cold the rating learn put the client we want to compete with the devil.

We want you taking our where a delivery date and where actually we want hiking, not only do that very ethically and equally unique, they turn black rating it doesn't matter black at all.

We only pay hurt and hurt that will take more dental big time on guile, not legal, very big Yet and is it ever have you ever been concerned with all the emphasis on the third heaven. Revelation of chapter 1 of my books claim nine are about concerned about hearing on people claiming third heaven. I have seen that you see often on biblical absent people claiming third heaven revelation while they're living in all kinds of say of question and if you have so many people seeing Jesus. I wonder what their ecstasy. Obviously they turn from sin and a live holy lives and submitted to the word of God and whatever car you gave Dan bearing Florida I would recognize the work of the spirit, but to think everyone is there with a central seeing Jesus himself directs you think it's always the warning that he's revealing himself and in a manifest way I can. I do, I do believe that you know signs in My counterfeit involved in our not wearing very dark mirror and I believe that will do very time in their life and that incredible like many of them have never, and I had never seen a Bible again started church and all Dragon yeah it could be different to America because in China, people are not church did not check the generation of God on straight out of a dark night where it when we visited America.

We clasped on people. Herman God bless you all cannot unite dog show. I believe in God guy yet not like burial and I do believe that having gang I encountered we can, through the Holy Spirit.

And when Abraham by wanting and got my when I laugh every thing Colton felt yet got it a listen. I have other questions, didn't get to at a time some other other calls. But I'm sure my thoughts with with everyone when were done here may have to do it and in another show, but II think that people have heard your perspective that that you can't say that I didn't give you the opportunity to make that perspective known clearly and know my thoughts, and of all share here but anyway, thank you for coming on Jenny. I appreciated and maybe I'll get to my face. All right thank I thank you okay thank you my friends and I'm gobbling Saturday leaving for New Zealand and Australia.

Weeklong tour preaching there okay let me say a few things.

Number one I never got an answer to the question of why use the courts understand that people used to that. Still young seminar tower cards but I never got an explanation for that but number two Joseph say he could use divination. I just took that that is a leader in Egypt that the brother sets. We thought they thought he was used to say hey you should know someone like me, some Egyptian leader of these powers I'll take that is anyway that we can make a Christian application for quite the opposite. All I don't doubt Jenny sincerity in terms of what she seeking to do, and seeking to go into places that most wouldn't go into to reach people there places I would never go into got a nudist colony or something. A subscript club. You don't go in there preach the gospel. I would not do that. That's a question I didn't get to ask so I I still have questions and I have questions about the constant third heaven.

Revelation concerns about that for sure when ministries rely on that, and in addition to that I unless I saw the fruit in front of my eyes. Okay, grossing people really encountering Jesus and the results of that deep repentance turn away from sin turn away from always a cultic practices. As Jenny climbs up and Sotelo would be to actually see that was I question a lot of what they would see in an alleged encounters because the common the sub it in the context of it raises questions for me at the same time looking at comments a flood of comments pouring in on Facebook, listen, listen to what I I don't have time to take on some of what I've seen here that's distressing. So tomorrow, most villagers Thursday that's wrong to start so please help us at this point his critics over the protocol.

No surprise, no way, but critics award

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