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What Can Be Done to Stop These Tragic School Shootings?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 25, 2022 4:30 pm

What Can Be Done to Stop These Tragic School Shootings?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So how do we respond to the tragic agonizing elementary schools for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity 634-3105 ML your host Dr. Michael Brown again families in agony. Who can imagine the pain they're going through. Unless you live through something similar can imagine the pain, the agony, even the trauma of the survivors yet again the mass shooting here in America, yet again, in a school. This time in an elementary school. The most horrific shooting of its kind since the Sandy Hook massacre really 10 years ago friends really have a problem. We have a big problem, a massive problem and a problem that is unique to America.

No other country on the planet. Even the most violent countries with all types of drug killings and things like that and terrible violence.

No other country on the planet has this kind of problem in schools and think of this, the shooter yesterday 18 years old less than two weeks before that the horrific massacre in Buffalo.

Those wounds terribly fresh right now. That blood spilled terribly fresh right now that shooter also 18 years old. What in the world is happening to our society. This is Michael Brown. This is the line of fire. It's a privilege to have this time with you.

It's such a painful moment in our history. Such a shameful moment to look at what's happening in our land.

Such an agonizing moment when you think of again at its unimaginable all you can do is cry out to God and pray for people and we but what we make of these tragedies and and how do we respond 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What's the root of the problem. Now I'm going to be very very clear in terms of my approach friends as your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity is one whose ultimate allegiance is to the Lord not true political party, not to a country that's what ideology but to the Lord.

I am not going to be playing all kinds of clips from different political leaders and media leaders and not the one saying this once and that that's not the issue. My goal has zero to do with partisan politics, with its Democrat Republican ideals zero to do with that. And in my view, everything must be put on the table when it comes to this savage destruction of laws in a school in an elementary school. The grays were, second, third and fourth and all that, the kids and teachers kill were in one classroom so you think in a little part of Texas not a massive city right this is community and some people know each other and the kids grow up together and go to school together and play together and I mean you're just ripping out the heart of the community here and without God's grace and intervention people never heal from something like this. It marks them, scars them for life.

So to me that nothing is sacred here except the lives of these kids and the families that have been touched this the same with the massacre in Buffalo. Of course, the day after that the church shooting in California. Nothing is sacred know is what he cares about going going to let everything we talk about everything. So here's what we know about the shooter. We know that the father is nowhere to be seen not mentioned at all, as if as if nonexistent. Literally, as if nonexistent. In all the discussion all the picture comes up you'll hear about the father at all troubled relationship with his mother. Apparently she struggled with drugs. He's living with his grandparents so that's a massive element. Fatherlessness so common in so many of these shootings, the kids, as all boys as all males, fatherless homes, massive issue, then according to the reports. The kid was badly bullied when he was younger.

So you have a kid that's that outcast the kid that's different because they gets bullied and those got animosity towards schoolmates in school and that's it right than apparently into violent video games that factors it. You have other questions about mental health apparently cut himself scars face like the look of it would chase after people with BB guns and things like that some mental health issues.

All these things factoring and then he he's able to legally purchase guns in 18 understand that it was. Not too long before this that the age to legally purchase guns in Texas is 21 got dropped to 18 legally able to purchase these weapons, hard-core weapons and ammunition $5000 worth how we pay for it. I love this been reported yet. So think of this. This is the world we live in today. We got put on the table.

What can we do to stop school shootings now.

Many will say it's obvious got instability, got the problems gonna let but if he couldn't access the guns he couldn't of done this so we need tighter gun control that other say no that's not the issue, people dish okay this, it appears the world we live in everything I wanted to get everything must be put on the table. No one's talking about. Take away all your Second Amendment rights and all goes you would be confiscated though it is if people are talk about it.

I'm not talking about that but I'm saying week we have to ask questions about background checks about the types of weapons that are available about what age so we can get weapons about what type of accountability as you have to at least talk about it otherwise rude to me, your spitting on the on the grays of these kids not very different on the on the laws. These kids are similar to that list. We can talk about that no show, but everything is about all the related issues and ultimately it's a sign of the spiritual sickness of our nation. It really is is titled in my book from October revival or we die a great awakening is our only hope that that's really the situation in which we find ourselves today here in America we are very very sick and in need of God's grace and mercy and intervention again. I could play all types of volatile clips and who said this and who said that in Republicans being attacked by Democrats and Democrats being attacked by Republicans in I'm not going there that's amused to demean the loss of life here. I'm not going there is too much pain.

This is too horrific. This is too big a problem, but I was being driven around in one of my trips somewhere in South and the gentleman driving me around said when he was a kid in high school that he would bring his shotgun to school with them through the back of his truck that there was a locker where you got to school and all the kids put their guns and then afterwards they go out hunting and of course the never had the gun violence is a sequence of the province is different world now. Could you imagine a today roll the kids just pull up school with the rifles in the back their trucks in his will mark or they'll put them in and about how the afterwards. There is no gun violence in school. It's a different world and and the instability in the homes is different and so many kids with mental health issues with her had the before for whatever reason, and on and on and whatever social media contributes to this. These are massive problems and therefore to our God, and to honor the lives of those lost most recently the massive gaping agonizing hold the slaughter of children and teachers involve the Texas listen to weeks before that the massacre in Buffalo in a market in the day after that shooting in the church to honor these who have lost their lives. We must put every subject on the table and prayerfully talk it through and think it through.

It's what we must do as a nation and if it's all a matter of getting on our faces and cry out for mercy. If there other practical steps that can be taken. We need to take whatever steps we can 866-34-TRUTH you get to weigh in today.

I wrote an article about this last night.

You can rely on the website Esther to and I talk about you know the Columbine massacre.

April 20 9923 killed with 20 wounded killers were 1817 everything to the shock of that now. Horrifically, this is almost commonplace with the little children it's Drogheda Stephen Moran be surprised if you want. Tears hearing the news yesterday but think of this minute.

Skip ahead to Sandy Hook.

But that means skipping over the Virginia Tech campus massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia. The 32 dead, 17 injured so December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school still discards even think about these 27 did to injured. She was 20 years old next Marysville pill Chuck high school October 24, 2014 four dead one injured to 17 years old and claw community college October 1, 2015 nine dead, nine injured shoe 26 years old North Park elementary school April 10, 2017 three dead when injured. She was 53 years old Aztec high school December 7, 2017 to killed shoe 21 years old Marjory Stoneman Douglas Parkland February 14, 2018 17 dead, 17 injured shooter was 19 years old. These are all schools as role campuses Santa Fe high school May 18, 2018 10 dead, 12 injured shooter 17 years old Saugus high school November 14, 2019 two dead, three injured shooter 16 years old Oxford high school from her 30th 2021, four dead, seven injured.

She was 15 years old and then May 24. Yesterday, 20, 2219 did 21 to 19 children to adults grace to the 412 injured shooter 18 years old. No other country on the planet as is this problem something is deeply wrong. What can we do about it. What must we do about it or talk a little bit more about that today, 866-348-7884 if you were in a position of influence in America. If you were in the political realm in the law enforcement realm, pastor, leader, what would you be say what would you be suggesting what must happen. What steps can be taken on practical level, 86634 to USF the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown truth encourage to help you stand strong for the Lord.

We were here also to be a voice of comfort to be a voice of encouragement to be a voice of faith. I have written recently. Even this week about how much egg there is on the face of the American church sexual scandals financial scandals political scandals so much disappointment so many ways that we have failed the Lord in our witness and yet this is a time we can get low. This is time we get on our faces. And then we see horrific tragedies like this and it reminds us we need the Lord need the Lord. We need the Lord, 866-348-7884 he will hear our cry. He will respond to her pleas for mercy. He will help us repent more deeply.

If you say I don't know what to do. All I do is pray. While prayer is a powerful weapon.

Prayer is a very powerful weapon, crying out to God seeking his face it in engaging in intercession things to happen in answer to prayer because God himself. Response 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Daniel in Rome, Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, perfect Mark all started with your couple article reading your book revival or regarding a locket spiral? A question about capability to make a decision to be saved. I got three kids there elementary age we read the Bible and pray regularly and go to church on but we never euro led them through the sinners prayer because we don't want your salvation be based on single prayer, but on take up the cross daily and talk to them about baptism because there's still so young after you note to make sure that they understand the commitment that they can but at what age do we start. We know that there state you know it would tell them about Jesus is that enough for all you Daniel Linnaeus. This is as a father elementary school children at how you feel when you can use about a massacre at an elementary school yesterday. Parabolic hug market before they went to school this morning and thought about, kicked him and hugged him and I thought about the last time I would see them. Yeah, yeah, father, and I can I can imagine that we think about it fully understood's are fully fully understood. I said it just underscore that the preciousness of each of these lives in a real assistance to families across America Daniel.

I would never encourage apparent to prematurely try to lead a child to Jesus because I believe that it could just be words that they say.

Now they think something official happened to me.

It's a matter of either as you see their development that they're starting to really understand and wanted to know that they really have a relationship with God or they talk about wanting to make a commitment or want to be baptized. That's when you really have that discussion of our daughters were baptized when they were fairly young. I'm thinking maybe some around 10 years old something like that. I'd have to check the exact it wasn't the same for each of them knows a woman is a little bit younger, but if I had to do it again I would wait till they were little older than three baptized so it would be a more real thing was the Navy with slightly younger, but our pastor those great idea and so on. So I I would deal with them as if they were believers note was the little children to pray to God begin to pray our father he loves us, etc. and and help them realize where they fall short of the need. Jesus said I would treat them as if they were believers until they got to the point of understanding conviction of sin and the need for salvation because I do believe God receives these children as his own until there's a certain point of accountability that Scripture speaks of in different ways. Know the difference between good and evil. And then when they are old enough to really understand. Then at that point I would say let's that's really press this through.

Or here's a defined moment. Now I know others that are prayed with their kids at five years old and they said you know Johnny just got born again today at and and it's real, you know, but that's that's not the pattern that I would follow, or the example that I would set so treat them as if they are children of God. From the earliest days relating to the goddess certainly is supposed to resist the lost sinner analogy get to a certain age and can get saved right and then when it's the right time you'll know as a father that the they understand the issues now they understand what it means to be saved or forgiven with the comes right relationship with God or their conscious of their sin that points can be different. Different age for each kid got to give you wisdom is that the don't don't feel that you have to do anything. A premature way and I know plenty of people raised in the faith they cannot point to a single time when they called prayed the sinners prayer or this is that I was believed then as I got older I came into a deeper relationship with the Lord that can be the case with many okay okay yeah Grace traced your family Daniel and may we see that revival, for which we cry, 86634 to a let's go to Brad in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Oh yeah, thank Raven sure my question is, you know, I know the knee-jerk reaction is. Let's look at laws, but what kind of law can be passed that would deter somebody who's already committed to breaking the law bars laws against murder others are clearly this person the Gloucester sent what criminal law could possibly be passed. You know that would deter this kind of thing and there's a lot of what if and I just don't and it's from the politicians are taking advantage of and I just don't like the narrow Sue, Brent, let me start here to me. We just have to say, let's talk about everything you know what I'm saying. The least we can't do You knee-jerk reaction on either side. We know the Democrat reaction is automatically going to beat this gun-control gun-control gun control. We know it.

I'm am in its example after example follows make this political show I could just play clips all day from from Democratic voices and we know many of the Republican side. The knee-jerk is when items are my gun-control to me.

All I'm saying is let's talk with everything I was let's have this very conversation. Okay, let's let's be willing to put everything on the table so just a question for you. Do you think that if you could not legally purchase weapons into your 21 and this kid was able legally purchase them at 18 you think that might've helped prevent a horrific crime like this because he did get the guns legally. Absolutely not, why not there, they'll go around or this will it be straw purchases or illegal purchases or purchasing a stolen gun from somebody on the street go.

The availability is there.

There is no thwarting the will of somebody who, rather than our mind. Okay so sent for your answer. What if if you have to jump through 10 hoops you don't do the thing.

But if you have jump through to hoops you do. In other words, maybe go as far as buying guns legally because I was easy, but if he had to find someone on the street and buy or it may be hard to get ammunition you just put a few more barriers it over this isn't that part of what you try to do it and then the other question is, is why do we have this problem in America where we we have certain access to guns that no other country in the world has the way we have.

Again, I'm challenging.

I'm having a conversation so I know you're right and you know what I diary about. But no, there's no shortage of regulations and part probably the opposite that and anybody who goes purchase a gun will see that it's not as easy as what some would like you to believe and your heart right now.

I think more than getting rid of guns that we got rid of politicians who were trying to get rid of guns, this problem would go away, sit sitting in you believe that if we got rid of politicians transient one of guns. The problem would go away the students.

It explicitly I believe there is a link between the agenda of limiting Americans right to firearms.

It with the politicians who sort of the pillar of love.

The Butler liberal base and it's just something that we living spoonfed right from the media who picks us up before they even know the old Beatles. Which arguably is lost their credibility in many areas, so I just I just don't like the merit of you know that they'll work came out today. I made the thing I am not infallible and will and and are lining up so I acted. I see a trend that speaks volumes about deception that will save see this is going to break coming up.

The reason we have open lines calling is to have this very discussion.

Okay, so Brent you did exactly what I'm asking for. I just have to say that absolutely not. I absolutely reject the idea that we got with politicians who were trying to enforce gun laws that the shootings.

I don't believe that for split-second. But thank you for weighing in. That's why the phone lines are open again. Everything were talking about is because of the bloodbath is not a political discussion here is because the blood that is because the loss of lives with we do about it if it's all a matter of repenting, praying, it's a matter of restructuring homes. If it's not of laws. What can we do pay. Thank you for calling Fulbright back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire. Is Dr. Michael Brown on the 148-6634 truth we are talking about responses to the terrible tragedy yesterday in Texas. Another elementary school shooting the shock and grief.

The pain can imagine cannot imagine families living with right now with kids living with right now.

What would people you live with for years and years can imagine. But here's what we doing today. We are putting everything on the table for discussion in terms of what can be done to change things.

By the way I I'm not advocating a particular position with gun laws are not advocating a particular position in terms of restrictions or liberties. I'm simply saying it is incumbent on us to be willing to have a discussion and I call on political leaders from all backgrounds other than listening to me, or would listen to me if they were listening to the show but I called political leaders from all backgrounds to be willing to put everything on the table. So let's talk these things through 866-34-TRUTH hate all of our friends listening again in the DFW area on Katie KR of there's new programming that's going to be taking the place of this broadcast that you get the second half hour of if you want to listen, though it is a whole hour at 11 at night.

If your late night person 11 at night starting why think first of June on this station otherwise just follow us online. You can watch the entire show. Two. Three central time on YouTube or Facebook asked her to Brown ask a DR Brown demo. The line of fire app is we won't miss a single broadcast again. I believe that we have a big big problem in America goes far beyond guns far beyond gun violence.

I believe it's messily a heart issue.

It's messily an issue of of the sickness of America. Spiritually it's messily an issue of breakdown in the homes and all because of other things but give in the state of volatility. Are there any things that need to be done differently, protecting schools, restricting certain people from having weapons. We have to have the discussion, what can be done holistically practically right.

I it's repeat I'm not advocating what I'm advocating is getting our faces and praying and crying out to God, repenting and earnestly seeking God for revival, like we've never done in our lifetimes is my book title says revival or we die. That's is not hyperbole is us.

That's for the nation. Along with that other other things we can do. We may agree we may disagree.

And I'm not putting forth a particular position. What I am putting forth this, we must be willing to look at all options. Everyone on each side of the political divide has to put down their agenda put the other thought about votes with other thought about scoring partisan political points put that all down and then say let's talk hospital issues on the table and let's make rational decisions in the best interest of the schools. The kids Americans as a whole, white let us go back to the phones with Mike in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to the broadcast answer. Sure so ultimately the solution to make this stop. It we get Jesus on a heart mind and tongue of the nation. However, there is a certain party that is never ending, continuously pushing can't pray in school you can talk about you in school so I think that is the root of the problem now.

I was thinking about this number-one time I had to go downtown to the courthouse for a speeding ticket and just walk in there as their armed officers.

I have to walk through a metal detector empty my pockets walk in their with the gun there protected now this goal. How easy was it for this purpose to just walk in there and start shooting the place up. It is the responsibility of the school to protect the children, why is there not armed officers on flight. Why is there not legal point of entry with metal detectors and armed guards his children until Jesus comes back must be protected so they have to start hardening the safety and security of the school. To prevent this from happening. Additional gun laws making it more difficult for legal gun owners to own a weapon to protect themselves is not going to stop in the realm of purchasing weapons.

I believe it. I have a concealed carry.

I had to have a background check. I had made to backcountry on your mental health is necessary, but ultimately Jesus is the answer we gotta bring Jesus back into the forefront on everybody's heart and mind. That is what will stop people from doing but until we reach that point, the school must be made impervious to people simply walking in that Mike love a man to Jesus being the answer of course absolutely for every problem on planet we have a sick nation like America national Prince turning to him masses of people doing that'll make a massive difference. The challenge with what you're saying in terms of protecting the schools better and I like much shooting down things just interacting honestly and in this case to policeman arrived as the shooter was there and they were both wounded, and then he got to the school. So the question is how much armory do you need in if you just have a local security officer, something that was so you can find the budget to do that you have local security officer there committee outgunned many to have salute those challenges.

Obviously, whatever we do to protect the schools without turning to police state.

Let's do it, but challenges with with all of this.

Thank you sir for weighing in at 6634 let's go to many in Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. I think first of all that kindling family and they don't have family got a get together to the church through the neighborhood to get that lovely and I think that going to be completely not allowed in school. People should be expelled for that kind stop because kids can't handle it, and other videogame dishes that download violently against the kids that they can't take it just it just brings more anger that they can't take that they can put the Techmeme back in school. I think mothers should become weak to the neighborhood and tension print out the guy get put in her life because it will happen in life may family might have them with me to not let mom and left me. My dad lived at 500 miles away from our family when I was only seven. Emily got worse the better, more violent, more alcoholism.

It was a thing ever take anything away my kidney definitely many would you say has some streets to it in terms of root problems breakdown of the family. The bullying in schools. Violent video games and things like that. Of course the video makers will say no was a reprove and there's a connection between the two, but again you look at logic you look at history. Look at the commonality and a lot of these people get desensitize this acidity. State the unstable canal. Do more horrific things that the challenges this implementation in Opera.

For example, we know the kids that get bullied savagely bullying than they end up violent or suicidal or things like that found society.

How do you stop and I mean these.

These are all points agree with things that are valid.

Had to stop families from breaking up, but the these are big issues you have these common themes over and over. I remember many I was in England as serial killer had just been caught and his first name is Bob Susan old man at this point, but he would kidnap girls and then abuse them and then say now I have to kill you because of what I did and so horrific horrific unspeakable crimes. And when I was reading his story. He was bullied as a kid. He was rejected these to: Smalley, Bob, and so on and so forth and and obviously he is he is guilty for what he did, then you wonder the cruelty of others. How that affected him negatively and help turn him into the monster that he became a lot of bullying in going to see and that what happens consistently in social media, but at least parents families whatever we can to be aware of these things working against them.

Let's let's all do what we can to produce better kids better world better society to at least reduce some of the heart is going on but still this is this is the world this is what happens. This will thank you many for weighing in. I appreciated it. 6634 truth will go to Sean in Knightdale, North Carolina, Iran, the line of fire. So all think like a lot of very very cool game to notice the what about if not oh okay along a calm like a good scenario.

You'll get a PDP glider but lecture in the hellhole should have all we look at what Pollock's book videogame by Particle and The organ to get you though personally I think that a lick each and every household are all focused on a external all of the first of way.

No rail all spiritual billing coming out" to put really really wrap look at each individual health oh big Oak we give big part before we look at all the good thing. Not meant so much.

It would look at what we have on the person they saw. I don't disagree with the word you said it is not an either or conversation. In other words, we self reflect, or talk about the wider world, but by all means, by all means let self reflect our own lives and families own kids, grandkids her own conduct our own habits.


Even our own burden for revival around hunger for revival. I thank you for weighing in appreciated will get back to your calls on the inside of the brakes stay right here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown difference if you're right. Now click on the thumbs up, but just a second to do that, click on the thumbs up button that will help us get this broadcast too many more people. Thanks for doing that but only we've got a great welcome package to send you that really sure more about the heart of this ministry, the ways that we can equip and serve you more about my personal story from LSD. The PhD go to my website Esther to a.s. K. DR Brown dog org center for emails we want to welcome you. If your new list. If you been listening for many years but don't get our emails love to welcome you and pour into you starting today via email so ask Dr. to sign up for the emails we go back to the phones Josh in Michigan.

Welcome to the line of fire around background relevant. I used to be a federal firearms license holder can legally spell firearm. Now I'm up after so I want to speak to Kennebec young even though I know you don't need me to back you up as far as the background checked what you're talking about. Should there be more.

I want to have someone come and wanted to buy a firearm and it smelled like marijuana while on their their background check. I still doubt that no they didn't like marijuana, which, if you use marijuana. You cannot legally own a firearm in the United States will be around.

No me being able to smelled on them. I was able to deny them in the you know that's an example of the go through in my opinion, and by the way, I 100% agreement you but your answer. In my opinion I think that I think the more hoops could be beneficial now. The biggest problem I see with that is most people don't know the law. So I've dealt with a lot of people who are like it. I bought the gun from so-and-so and Michael did you fill out the proper paperwork not have to so that it can one of throw some of that information out there to add them to the discussion in or just let me ask you questions. Obviously we we always hear that most of the gun crimes take place in the cities with the most strict anti-gun laws like a city like Chicago or DC or that she was going to gun free zones and that's where the character acts if more people had weapons with them than the they would go to those places. So what I understand, again, I'm not advocating for position I'm advocating for a discussion of of all relevant issues suited that nothing is is off limits, but when you said someone fill out a form.

Are you relying as it as a gun dealer on the form or on a database that is then knows there's there's an automated background check that goes in on the federal level that can spot okay.

The person that was an ally irreducibly smoke around a note to visit. No no no and can fill out a form but do you then enter that data into a national database that then does it processes back and check with it takes an hour or a day is that the process so I'm 100% of academic.

I actually know them better part of, but part of what kind of the problem is performed completely separate from when I run the background check. So the background check doesn't have you employed it just as the answer properly and all the questions well if if I'm just going by what they said. The background check never to show those things of you know all this person smoking marijuana or other thing possible background check is just it is asking how the person fill out the form as opposed to checking the accuracy of with a folder and then when you spend in all the information it objected database of the event, convicted of a crime and in the art of FBI call back late on vocabulary firearm and the other but the home of his mother, butIgotasystemwouldbebetter.Personallygotitandinthebookaboutwhatabouttheagelimits,thoughaccordingtolawa18-year-oldcanbuyarifleyouhavetobe21yearsoldtobuyapistol,butthatchangesandthatyoucanbuyfromaprivatepersonwhenyou're18.Eithermanandfatherisalittlebitofgovernmentbethere.There'salittlebetterinanotherlittlebitofjustkindofhonestyandthat'swhereyoureallygettheproblemisIgointoagunstoreIgetthementalhealthcheck.YouknowlikeEricfragilethroughthebackgroundcheckandI'mallgood.ButthenEricprivatelyspellaguntosomeoneelse.WhileIdon'thavetogothroughabackgroundchecknumberIdon'thavetowriteallrightthenobviouslyyouliketheoldadagethatifyououtlawgunsandwaslovedonsomeoftheoftheoutlaws,etc.andagainIunderstandthattherebeentimesinourculturewheregunswerejusteverywhereandyouhavethesamelevelofgunviolenceorwereteenskillingandthingslikethatandofofgoodfamilythat'syourlifelonghuntersandkidsgrowupwithgunsandunderstand.ResponsiblemanagementandallthatsoI'mnotmakingguns.Thefocusmyfocusiseverythinghastobetalkedaboutprayerfullyopenlyadmitwehavethesekindofdiscussions.Yes,weagree.Ultimately,weneedGodweneedGodbecauseitstartsandendsthere.Alongtheway.Itwemustbewillingtotalkopenlyandtosaynoonceandisforpoliticalgain.Ofthepeoplearebutwerenotwerenotright.WhenthistosaveSt.Josh,thanksforweighingin.Let'sgoovertoGreensboro,NorthCarolinafail.WelcometothelandpriorheythereDr.BrownveryquickworkofallIthinkpartofwhatMedicareandaheartproblemgottherepeopleoutthere.Americanwomenhavethesameopportunityforyoungdad.TheytoldnotbeenfilledallallthefataffectthegonegonealloutallmanneroftheBibletodaysolookintheBibleeventepicinthepeoplethatwanttogobacktothedaynoreveningtodaywouldknowwhattheywanttodowhattheythoughtwouldliketodoallIprayerfulsomeonewegetoutofthebiblicalthingandevangelisticPreaknessaftergetoutthereanddotheyproposeabillthatwhycan'ttheyallwantagainbelievergetanap,quality,andnotthatlateatnighteverythingandanythingandtellpeoplewhatgoingoncurrentlyandwillfireAmericaAmericabasicallythepulseofbeingaChristiannation.IwenttoDelawareaboutthemakerthatalreadymakethatIdon'tpersonal.Ilookatcountrythatsupposedlyareyouallmorethanaborn-againbelieveratwhatyouthinkaboutthat.PhilsureweagreethatsinistherootandthetrainingtotoGod.ThisistheanswerandwhenIsaythatwewemusthaveandIknowanotherdifferentattemptsfailedtogetdifferentmessagesouttotheworldasawhole.Youknow,howcanyoudoitinwentwhentheworldiswatchingandandwhatwayscanyougetthemessageout.Iwouldsaythis,theremustbegreaterurgencyinourloss,theremustbegreaterurgency.Thetragediesthatwerewitnessingfromadistanceandonceagain,cannotimaginetheagonyofthosetoucheddirectlyandwewillforgetaboutlistentoasinglemassacreinbothagothefloattheshootinginthechurch.Thisissuchawayoflife.NowinAmericathewayoflife'swayofdeath.Butthisisareminderofhowurgentthehourisofhowgreattheneedishowmuchpainandsuffering.ThereisRicharddriveustoourkneeslikeneverbeforehate.IknowofartwerefloodedwithcallsandIknowmanyofyouwanttoweighinwhichwehadmoretimetotakeyourcalls.FeelfreetopostonourFacebookpageoronourYouTubechannelandcatchthewholebroadcasttheirEstherGibran,a.s.,KatieorBrownonFacebookorYouTube.Feelfreetoweighinthatyourvoicebeheardandlet'sjointogetherinprayer.Thisjointtobothrepentandstartwithuswererelevantifwereindifferentififourheartsarehard,ifwehavenotbeenearnestlyseekingGodforthegoodofthenation.Ifwe'venotengagedincommunityoutreachififwe'veneglectedthosewhoarethemarginalizedandtheoutcast.MayGodhelpustorepresenthimonthisearth.HereinAmericabuteverycountrylivingisyourlisteningandwatching.Igothelpistobehisholypeopleshininglightinthedarkness,andmayGodhavemercyandhealthewoundsofthisnation.FriendstogetherwithGod'shelp,wecanmakeadifference.Theourdesertionreallyisrevival.Wegotbackwithyoutomorrowfriends.AnotherprogrampoweredbytheTruthNetwork

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