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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions on the Holy Spirit

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 28, 2020 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions on the Holy Spirit

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 28, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/28/20.

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I'll be answering your questions on the Holy Spirit today stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown hey Frank this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the Friday broadcast of the line for you got questions, we've got answers. I will be taking calls today solicited questions a few days back on Facebook as I sometimes do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will solicit questions sometimes in a specific subject and then designated day to answer them. This is that they for those watching on Facebook and YouTube. Just picture my smiling face because we are audio only all right don't post your questions now because I solicited these a few days ago on the start to brown Facebook page of another reason that you should be connected with us on that page. It's a great place to go the moment an article of mine goes live at various sites.

The moment a new video goes live. Breaking news will be posted. Our team will also post names and quotes and things like that. This active discussion, tens of thousands of comments all the time from a wide variety of folks so if you not connect with us on Facebook it's Esther to Brown KSK Dearborn and Facebook and of course you can watch the show live every day.

All right I can answer the questions in the order in which they came.

If they're not relevant to the subject matter. I won't be answering them today, but here's the question that I posted to get all the way up to it and this is my question to have a specific question about the working of the Holy Spirit today about the Pentecostal charismatic movement about my own beliefs and ministry. In terms of the Spirit's power. Please post your questions here now and I'll be recording answers to them today to this coming Friday so I posted several days ago. That means always to the questions posted here in the next few hours to the city posted better. Also, if you ask a specific question about individuals or ministries, please do so in a Christian spirit. What I've seen so far. Folks could complied with those guidelines right here. We go scholarly backed out, Nelson Crystal, thank you, thank you for your service.

Could you please elaborate on the gift of the word of knowledge mentioned in first Corinthians 12 eight what is it what isn't it.

All right, so there are couple ways of looking at this I give you my best understanding those of the Pentecostal charismatic movement often understand the word of knowledge to be word God reveals information, factual information about the situation or person that will be used to minister to them demonstrate God's love reach out to them in a personal way. I convict them of sin demonstrate the reality of the resurrection of Jesus and its distinguished from a word of wisdom which should be a revelation given a word given that would be a plan of attack or here's a situation and here's how you address it. For example, what happened with Joseph in Egypt when he was a prisoner in Egypt and he was given interpretation to Pharaoh's dreams and then here's what to do based on those that would be word of wisdom and word of knowledge with a been more right. Here's the information says Daniel God with a dream interpretation, and in Daniel. The second chapter. So with word of knowledge about I give an example from my own life years back I was ministering to a small congregation meeting on a Saturday night and the Holy Spirit was was moving powerfully touching many lies and it was a small meeting everyone in there together so you could really get away from what was happening and one young man was in the meeting and just with a mocking, skeptical look on his face the whole time it and items are missing out a believer and was not taken seriously, what was happening and I knew that the Lord was powerfully touching people was grieving me that that he himself was mocking so I just open my heart to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said he's a pickpocket and shared more information with me and I said or someone here, I said right before you came into this meeting.

You pick someone's pocket and before the service you were boasting about what a good pickpocket you are well. The Lord knows exactly who you are.

That was the gist of the message that the look one off his face completely is one of the more specific things that I ever heard of for someone in the next day the pastor called Ms. hey Mike what was that worried about with that person and I told him he said well yeah, he said. Needless to say, he came in skeptical and left a whole lot different. So that would be an example of word of knowledge as Pentecostals.

Charismatics commonly understand. Many scholars understand it differently, biblical interpreters, as as a teaching given a a supernatural teaching that is given by the leading of the Spirit to someone and as opposed to word of wisdom which would be a wise teaching that's given out it's possible that's refers to the question be wise it singled out as gift.

In that regard or a specific manifestation of the spirit.

But that's that's how I've understood it many Pentecostals and charismatics have others have seen it differently. Antoine is wondering about John 14. Jesus said if you love me, keep my commandments. And I'll pray the father and he'll give you another comforter and she should be counselor that he may abide with you forever, even the spirit of truth in the world cannot receive, because it sees and not neither knows him. But you know and, for he dwells with you, and shall be in you one this Pentecostals try to interpret that to say that this is showing that Jesus is the spirit because he dwells with them will be in them. Axis is one of the best verses to make plain that Jesus is not the father son and Spirit. Rather, the father is distinct from the son who is distinct from the spirit. But yes, this is a wonderful promise from the Lord Jesus himself and in John seven we read that the rivers of living water that will flow out of our being that speaks of the Holy Spirit. John 739 says that he was speaking of the spirit was that it given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. We will be doubly talking about that some more on Monday's broadcasts we talk a little bit more about the importance of the ministry of the spirit in the New Testament, but the key thing to understand here is that this is a wonderful promise. The Holy Spirit is her counselor.

He leads us, he guides us. He teaches us he instructs us he equips us he empowers us. We fellowship with him. We have the witness of the Spirit in our lives. I think often we downplay the importance of the spirits must be put aside, healing miracles, prophecy, put that aside, how important is the Holy Spirit in your life. What role does the Holy Spirit play in your life.

If it's a major question to ask, given how much emphasis there is put on this in the New Testament just looking at that questions here that are not directly related to the subject matter of today. Alvin asked how would you answer someone who asked what's the difference between personal revelation. For example, personal words and the Bible got great question and one that many non-charismatics have so the Bible is the Bible is God's eternal infallible word. It is the one and only authority to which we all must bow. We don't test the word of God the Word of God tests us. We must rightly understand what's written we must rightly apply with written but it is God's word infallible and errant, and therefore we submit to a concert is it is his universal word for all people world wide personal revelation is just that Lord should I take this job really conflicted about it. It would mean working extra hours and traveling more but it will help our family at this critical time bigamy less family time jaundiced normally take this job or not. Lord lead me guide me and then in prayer you have existing since don't take it. Don't take it, something else will open Outlook. It was not the Bible is not doctrine is a telling us who Jesus is. It's not a universal word for all people, even if in prayer. You felt the Lord showed you that a particular thing is going to happen and it comes to pass.

So it's a prophetic word.

That's not the Bible is not binding on other people. That's our final revelation or authority.

So prophecy revelation, we believe you received cannot add to the Bible take away from the Bible detract from the word of God in any way, nor can we tell someone else what God told me this.

Therefore, you have to do thus and such. It's only the word, the Bible that has that authority. Personal revelation is just that must be tested and all must be subjected to the word of God.

Adrian Kabbalah is being promoted in senior circles, certain prophetic circles as a legitimate pursuit for Christians.

What's your take on it. I totally disagree totally disagree look Kabbalah is presented in the pop form that that Madonna helped popularize and then there are aspects of Kabbalah that are pointed to his as demonic and things like that which you certainly are and there can be exaggerated views of Kabbalah and as if it is a calling for Jews to take over the world and stuff like that, which is really not what Kabbalah is, is about, but Jewish mysticism is expressed in Kabbalah is not a source of spiritual revelation for Christians is not a source of spiritual insight for followers of Jesus. I know some claim that but what this open up this prophetic truth to them or this open up this messianic truth is not to say that is not an interesting saying, quote, or concept or passage that we can draw on. Maybe as a bridge to reach Jewish people with the gospel and say hey you have this concept in your literature be pointed to what we believe in and we show you how it is the truth. Are said something like that. But no idea. I absolutely do not recommend Kabbalah for spiritual growth or something to legitimately pursue to better understand God no, I see it as a false system right Jerry asked this in retrospect concerning the prophetic words you've heard throughout the decades.

Would you generalize that most preachers giving them authentic or fake.

Another faker misled thinking they've heard from God and they really didn't.

Okay, those leaders, ministers that I've been around that have delivered prophecies that they knew were fake.

In other words, that the whole thing is just some gander putting on. I don't know that I've I've ever worked with anyone that did anything like that, meaning the nose stood side by side in meetings or things like that. I've definitely seen stuff on TV that I considered absolutely fake there deafly people out there that are charlatans.

I know I'm in question that. But I would say the fast fast fast fast fast mass majority prophetic words I've heard have been delivered by people who were sincere who really thought that the they had a message from the Lord, that they should deliver and I would say that some of them have been genuine and powerful and awe-inspiring, and God glorifying the just sketchy. Sometimes crying before the Lord weeping in his presence because of his reality and the intimacy of that word or laughing for joy because of the Jesus is alive.

How amazing know that's and that's wonderful. What happens I would say. Others have deftly been people delivered by people been misled. They thought the Holy Spirit was speaking through them and he wasn't. Which is why everything must be tested and then many others, which is very general. Maybe the majority so general that you don't really know if they did much good but they certainly didn't do harm and that the general choose the restating art are true and maybe that the smallest percentage of been these absolutely amazing, mind-boggling.

All my God, what an incredible word in the majority of of considered words confirming general scriptural but you deftly see people misled and I'm sure there are charlatans out there. Thankfully, there have been people I work with our back the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you taking your questions that were submitted a few days ago on Facebook regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit today, so again, no calls today. Don't post new questions were answering questions that were previously submitted Travis I've heard your exegesis of Matthew 715 in regard to calling out false teachers. If I heard correctly were very hesitant to call false teachers you believe they will be seen as teaching doctrines completely contrary to Christianity from the start. I greatly admire your determination to bring unity to the body. However, when I read first Timothy one and see Paul calling on him and they have's and Alexander's teachers who have shipwrecked their faith. Have a question for you to have a faith that is shipwrecked would imply that both him and Naess and Alexander once in the ship correct is that as and they were once teaching sound doctrine, but for some men straying from these things have turned aside to fruitless discussion. First Timothy 16.

With that being said, compared to understanding of Matthew 715 false teachers have to bring false teachings off the bat. Can they turn to false teachings later on right on to clarify a few things Travis as well.

First of Matthew 715 and following is regarding false prophets, not false teachers, just to be technical or second Peter 21. Once against false teachers secrete the in's 11 universe 13 warns against false apostles to the different categories. Each is false apostles, false prophets, that's one thing.

Second thing.

The point that I emphasize is the use of the term false prophets or false teachers or false apostles false apostles. According to Paul in second with his 11 are servants of Satan.

False teachers according to second Peter to bring in damnable heresies, false prophets, according to Matthew seven are wolves in sheep's clothing. So when hyper critics want to call this one or that one without one is a false prophet is a false teacher if I believe the person is a brother in the Lord, but teaching something erroneously. I won't brand them a false teacher or if I believe that this is a a true Christian, but they have prophesied falsely date they brought a war that wasn't real prophecy like a brand them a false prophet will say they prophesy falsely also not recognize him as a prophet Saunders try to use the terminology, the weight is consistently but of course I'll call false teaching that specifically and by name. Absolutely and all bran salon false teacher.

If my understanding is that there outside the faith, like a Matthew finds teaching that that homosexual practice is compatible with Christianity, and in doing so is a churchgoing man that I will call out and bring that person a false teacher.

You know the Mormons are false teachers and false apostles and and things like that.

But if it's someone that I understand is a believer and yet they have certain false teaching. Look, I believe that cessation us who deny the gifts and power. The spirit for today.

I believe that's false teaching, but I welcome those brothers in the Lord. However, in specific answer to your question, yes, people can store in the Lord start is true believers and apostate size and now introduce false damnable doctrine to the damnation of their own sources as well, since they can start in the faith, and then leave the faith right again. Some questions are not directly related to my question for today about the ministry of the spirit for this hour Jenny I love your ministry.

Dr. Brown elicited Lana far off and I hope you listening today Jenny.

My question is you think people can be baptized in the Holy Spirit and never speak in tongues.

Yes I do. I believe they could speak in tongues. In other words, I believe that being clothed and empowered with the spirit that they could speak in tongues if they understood that and believe that. But no, I don't see it is absolutely necessary that someone speaks in tongues as a result of the baptism in the spirit not let me say few things in this answer some of the questions that the folks have asked about my views of the baptism of the Spirit of a few distinctives number one I hold to Pentecostal beliefs that the baptism of the Spirit is an empowerment subsequent to salvation. So at the moment of salvation. The Holy Spirit comes to live within us. The Holy Spirit baptizes us into the body of Christ. We are now led by the Holy Spirit to turn away from sin and obey the will of God the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. Our bodies become the temple of the spirit. This is upon salvation, but I understand there to be something subsequent empowerment call the baptism of the Spirit, which takes place after salvation or it could take place at the same time, but normally takes place afterwards.

Now that statistically Pentecostal belief that many of my friends and colleagues would reject and they would say you're baptized in the Spirit upon salvation that the indwelling of the Spirit is, is the same as the baptism of the spirit in terms of timing. It all happens when you're saved and everything is there.

We just have to grow into it. I'm not going to quibble over that. And I fully respect that difference right I would simply say if you receive the fullness of the Spirit in terms of the baptism of the Spirit, the empowering of the spirit, then show it when of the fullness of the spirit, the week Jesus at the fullness of the Spirit.

Obviously, we were all individuals are right. He operated the fullness of the Spirit's power in every way, but if you believe you receive the baptism of the Spirit on salvation. Great, just demonstrated. Let's see the same things that the Paul spoke about his being normative for those filled with the spirit those anointed with the Spirit empowered with the spirit. Let's just see the same things happening now.

If you believe as I do that there is a subsequent baptism in the spirit is the initial sign always speak in tongues know not to my understanding, it is the most common. It is the one spoken of repeatedly in Scripture, it is the one that has accompanied the phenomenon of the baptism of the Spirit on a very regular basis for the last hundred 50 years or so, but I don't believe you can say it is always the initial outward evidence, it seems clear that when the Holy Spirit comes on us, that we speak. The Holy Spirit comes on us and we speak we could speak prophetically we could speak and in new tongues, but there will be utterance there will be a speaking of the spirit of the Lord's army because he's annoyed to be to preach. This is something very common. Spirit came on the prophet in the spokes of the spirit comes on us were empowered, there is that initial speaking out, but it could be prophetic words could be expressed in other ways and in acts two. When the Holy Spirit falls on the disciples they speak in new languages in acts eight something tangible happens were not told what and extend. They speak in tongues in acts 19 they speak in tongues and they prophesy so the Assemblies of God for example would teach that the initial evidence of the baptism. The spirit is speak in tongues. I would say it's the most common evidence outward evidence, let's see. Okay, let's see how're no one is perfect scriptural understanding how much doctrinal error is too much goes on from there… There is nothing explicitly quantitative how much error is too much. Any error is bad. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. But what I can say is in a qualitative way when that error causes us to deny fundamental scriptural truth necessary for salvation are fundamental scriptural truths that alter our understanding of who God is fundamental scriptural truth that that lay out how we are to live in those things in our alter through error, then then that is critical life and death error have wrong the Jewish exorcist cast out demons in acts 19 verse 10 through 20.

This is proof that nonbelievers can use Jesus name is a magic spell cast out demons some cessation us reclaim the Scripture shows the limits this fake since all the scientists have ceased with the death of the apostles. Okay, it is an absolutely unsupportable completely unscriptural position that the sign gifts, tongues, prophecy by concealing ceased with the death of the apostles is 100% unsupportable scripturally and I will debate that with any qualified theologian or academic, and it is 100% false and historically we have documentation for centuries of church history of miraculous confirmations and prophecy of God were Cambrian. We have millions of confirmations around the world to this day many of them carefully documented, but as to the question of demons being driven out in Jesus name. No demons. I can leave unless the person driving them out is a right relationship with Jesus. That's what we learn from acts 19 when the Jewish exorcist tried to drive demons out in Jesus name, but they did know this is Jesus, and Paul preaches and the demon said Jesus I know, I know about Paul but who are you, so the hotel's it doesn't work like that.

This is a magic spell or charm. Now were there Jewish exorcist who are not followers of Jesus there.

There were the ancient world because of authority that they understood they had from God, but ultimately that would cease over period of time as the revelation of the gospel came those who rejected the gospel. Now would be outside of God's grace and empowerment, but at the time of Jesus.

Yes, there were exorcist, a Jewish exorcist who were not yet followers of Jesus, but once you come to the point of rejecting him then that divine authority would cease. Let's see, Mike was a band from your YouTube comments irrelevant hate Mike. If you are wrongly band please write to us in and let us know normally so would be banned if the slander of the people if they of posts like blatant anti-Semitic stuff wearing a racist of something like that or if they just took over threads with hundreds and hundreds of the same posts and things like that but otherwise we welcome different opinions.

So if you think you been wrongly band.

Please let us know the main question how can Pat Pentecostalism have the Holy Spirit and its founder Charles Fox Parham was a Klansman asked to sit with one accord told apart until the black went to sit outside. See the book of James, in turn putting stumbling block for the physically bind his credit stenosis tractor can use. How can you assert that there one and the same will first part hymns, not the founder Pentecostalism.

The Holy Spirit is and we take things from the word of God and secondly there were people in modern times filled with the spirit speak in tongues long before Charles Barham came on the scene just was not as widely reported and thirdly a part hymns going against the racism of his day by even letting a black man says, sit outside his doors for class but did reflect the racism of the day for sure. And the less they want to do is defend anything about Barham go back to the Bible for Pentecost and Pentecost. In modern times. Creates trust financial easy answer to that question right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown extra much for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown my joy and honor to spend this time together with you. Thank you so much. Those of you who listen watch on a regular basis deeply deeply appreciated. It's it's my joy that to be of service and the many kind comments you send in the many notes of appreciation we appreciated. Pray for us stand with us, support us, help us to reach many, many more people I burn every day of my life to see God glorified and see more lives touched and changed in an what would have been something very gratifying years ago would've been kind of the ceiling just becomes like the floor for the next level work were hungry to see God do more so pray for us stand with us and joining together on the taking calls today. I'm answering questions that are solicited a few days ago on Facebook, so sit back and enjoy the broadcast I asked specifically if our listeners viewers friends had questions about the ministry of the Holy Spirit today so those are the questions that I am focused on John general thoughts of the Catholic Church and on the charismatic Catholic renewal all right. I've I've addressed questions in general about Catholicism in the past. Obviously I do not believe in distinctives. That said, Catholicism aside, say from Protestant evangelicalism.

I believe that there are major major errors within key teachings of the Catholic Church.

Nonetheless, I believe that there are born-again safe Catholics who do hold to the true gospel in the midst of Catholic traditions that would go in another direction.

What about the Catholic charismatic renewal. Let me just be absolutely candid. I do believe that there are many who have been powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit and the true believers within the Catholic Church have come to to receive the spirit and speak in tongues and that for many of them. It's genuine and beautiful but I have many questions about the larger Catholic charismatic renewal because in my mind that renewal will also lead someone out of Catholicism in particular out of the errors of Catholicism. So I welcome my born-again Catholic charismatic brothers and sisters, and you, you may be sitting there frowning as you listening to me but that's why my Catholic all right, let's see, Steve. I answered this previously but just to state again to hold to the pet Pentecostal distinctive that speak in other tongues as the initial evidence of the baptism of the Spirit. I say it's the most common evidence and I do hold to the Pentecostal distinctive of a subsequent baptism in the spirit of subsequent empowering after salvation, but I do not hold to the strict Pentecostal view that tongues is the only initial evidence of the baptism in the spirit of theme. I still do not understand the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit, God, yes Jesus yes Holy Ghost not really. He doesn't speak to us gives teachings. Laura can you please really give us who the spirit is thank you brother what he does teach us.

He does direct us. He does guide us according to the Scripture that the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God according to the holy Scriptures that the spirit leads us into all truth. According to the Scripture, we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Every think of it intimate communion with the Holy Spirit. So the easiest way to speak of these things and there's always mystery and majesty in God, but to be the easiest way to speak of them would be this, that the father is the source of all things.

The one from whom all things come, but he is hidden in his glory. He works everything through the son who reveals him to us. Ultimately, in bodily form and then he works among us invisibly by the Spirit who points to Jesus who then glorifies the father so were speaking of God in each case, the father, son, and the spirit, but each with specific aspects and functions and attributes, but the spirit hidden in his work in terms of not visible and you can have a manifestation of the spirit. The Old Testament like a cloud of glory or something like that, but the spirit is not revealing God in visible form as the sun is ultimately through Jesus, but he is working among us is leaving us is guiding us if if I was in prayer and felt a distinct word from the Lord, you know, for example, the Lord saying to go to this country and minister to these people that I would say the spirit led me the spirit spoke to me and and when I have the deep sense of communion with God's communion with the spirit civil do I not say Jesus and just talk to Jesus. Of course the Dragon of the father in this lien on the father of course I do. And yet there is a unique aspect of that Spirit's presence.

We speak of the communion of the spirit, all right. Let's see what is the place of apostles and prophets post the apostolic age. These offices continue right so this is always a very controversial question. So, according to the New Testament, there are the 12 apostles. They are distinct and to be an apostle. Among the first 12 you had to be an eyewitness to the death and resurrection of Jesus, and you played a unique role so unique that the names of the 12 apostles of the names of the 12 foundations of the new Jerusalem there will never be others like the 12 apostles and you can add Paul and who speaks of himself as as an unexpected addition to the group or some would argue that he was God's intended 12 apostles, that of Matthias who is designated apostle asked Robert. Either way, you have these unique ministries.

Paul did not see that the death and resurrection of Jesus wasn't with him the entire time of his ministry as the other apostles were so he's unique in that regard as well, but the New Testament also calls others apostles.

For example, Barnabas enacts the 14th chapter I things X 1414. Just as Barnabas and Paul, themselves apostles, and then it speaks of a Pepperdine us in Philippians 225 as your apostle under some others in the New Testament who were referenced as apostles. So based on that. I say yeah. It's not just the 12 or the 12 and Paul that are called apostles there are others who are called apostles in the New Testament, and according to Ephesians 4, the risen Jesus is appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, for the work of the ministry. The edification of the body until we come into the unity of the faith and into becoming to fall maturity in the son of God that has not yet happened.

So I see apostles and prophets are something that are ongoing through church history, right up until today I don't see that they were always recognized as such but I see them functioning in that way. So apostles function in a pioneering way, a planting way foundation laying way off in the fathering way I look at people that started church movements missions movements the John Wesley's the Hudson Taylor's of the world, preferring a soup Ottoman India with loving care ministries, which is planted thousands of churches in tribal regions and started ministries powerful life-changing ministries and numerous other countries. I look at him as an apostolic leader of so many would just not have that name or title, but they function in that regard, they may be city fathers where were others.

Leaders in the city recognize them as a pioneer, a planter, a father, and prophets are not bringing additional Scripture. But remember there were New Testament prophets operating in the gift of prophecy operating in writing and references to the prophets after the after the days of the apostles for centuries and prophecies, church leaders, speaking about that if they weren't adding to the Bible so prophecy is a word from the Lord with specific application, time, place that must be tested by Scripture and tested by other prophetic people. The Bible is the eternal infallible once for all word of God that is binding on all people below.

Test the Bible. The Bible tests us what is declaring is it commanding God and is it okay that we don't command God. There is a verse in the book of Isaiah that is sometimes interpreted as if we are to command God and that God is hate. You tell me what to do and all I'll do it. Nono absolutely not.

We do not command God, we submit to God referenced all the honor God. We obey God we bow down to God, he commands we obey. Can we declare all yes absolutely of the Scriptures are filled with declaration declaration of the faithfulness of God. Declaration of the goodness of God.

Declaration of the promises of God and and and prophetic declaration that thus and such will happen. So I'm all for that. I'm all for systematic declaring of the truth of the word of God.

So on a daily basis.

We confess truth about who God is truth about what he has promised us. I'm I'm all for making faith declarations as we feel moved on. For example, if if I was in a situation and and it was kind of a life-and-death situation and it was very difficult and I just felt absolutely sure that that victory was good, I declare it I I am declaring now in Jesus name that victory will come in the situation. Or, you know times praying over over a couples that couldn't have children and and and knowing this faith was a feeling faith as I prayed and said you have a child within a year from now your things like that but yellow if if if we are convinced that the Holy Spirit is given us. That witness then we speak those things. Otherwise, we must be very careful lest we we trivialize God we trivialize faith in the eyes of other people. We we make a mockery of God and his truth all right, but we do not command God Waldemar why did you visit Betty hand you agree with this ministry. I was asked to be on show years ago and took the invitation to reach his audience and talk about the real Messiah and talk about hyper grace of unfortunately the show I get on hyper grace never aired. If I'd known that would be the case. I made of going on in the first place, but it it may have been a mistake. Anyway, going on the show raised many questions among many fine people, along with give a lot of fuel to the critic so I made a judgment call.

I took the invitation thinking that it would be a good thing to do but I said subsequently but perhaps it wasn't but with with life in general. Sometimes you make the good decision. Sometimes you don't vetting said another. Many things in his ministry. Over the years that I would not agree with the to the prosperity gospel of false prophecies that were given things like that now. Hopefully he's repented of some of that era, in which case I rejoice, that's that's good news that's wonderful news and I know there are errors he taught in the past that he did repent of. That's good news as well all right well enough time to get to another question, but there's a fast anyone from the event that will do on the other side of the break will encourage your friends to join our support team with your help, just a dollar a day a dollar a day or more, not only to be pour back into with free resources, free classes, three videos on demand. I mean a ton of stuff discounts in our online book store discounts in the Israel trip back into many many different ways but you have the joy of knowing that you are storing up treasure in heaven and helping us reach all range of people would not be able to reach without your help. Go to asked Dr. Brown, the Lord asked that your brother or click on donate monthly support. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire Michael Brown coming audio only today am answering your Facebook questions that were submitted a few days back. Several submit new ones now not answer new questions coming in, but questions that were submitted. Some days ago, specifically regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Today, and what I believe. In terms of that.

By the way, by the way, you can join me on Monday, God willing, worldly, opening up the Scriptures on the subject of solar script Torah and therefore charismatic. I think you will enjoy the hope you been enjoying the guest hosting through this week. All right, here's a question from Yvette how do you see Donatism active in the acceptance or rejection of the Pentecostal charismatic movement, along with the Toronto Blessing and the Browns revival. I'm curious about your views both on the critics and supporters of Pentecostal charismatic Christianity and the revival movements and Donatist leanings.

Okay, so Donatism if you go to got which is a great website. By the way, for biblical questions, although I find it week on charismatic Pentecostal issues but great in many other ways. The question what is Donatism answer Donatism was a heretical sect of Christianity that challenge the established church in the fourth century as Catholicism was on the rise Donatism, which began in North Africa, taught the Christians were called to asceticism, personal purity and holiness was proven once faithfulness and enduring persecution. Those his faith waiver under threat of death were impure, not really being members of the church. The Donatist considered theirs is the only true church refused to acknowledge ordinances administered in other churches. All right, so how I see it in terms of acceptance or rejection of the Pentecostal charismatic movement of all right is as best as I understand the question, let me say that on the one hand, there can often be an extreme reaction when the Holy Spirit moves in renewal, and reformation. So for example you may be part of a Lutheran church that still preaches the gospel know some of going apostate and and there's a renewal movement within the church and then as a result of that renewal movement you you reject their Lutheran churches in general selects the organized church that's organized religion and we are part of the new thing that we understand that the Reformation movement originally was to reform Catholicism and then broke away something new saying that Catholicism the going apostate broke away with something new, but it often happens during times of renewal that you reject quote establishment or the traditional church or organized religion that can be very dangerous.

Just because you been renewed. Just because you been touched just because you been filled doesn't mean that the rest of the bodies apostate. This may mean that you need renewal or it may mean that other parts need renewal but there still parts of the body and when he came to Toronto Blessing and Browns revival both operated in a wide sense within the wider body. In other words, neither one said that they were the true church of the only movement or anything like that and even though the Toronto Blessing a deterrent out of the vineyard church. The work widely with pastors and churches in Canada and abroad, and the Brownsville assembly remained Assembly of God Church so that it it still worked within the larger Pentecostal charismatic movement and welcome believers from churches all around the world in different denominations.

There were born again.

They were they were part of the body.

Yes, there were a strong emphasis is emphasis on personal holiness and often with renewal movements.

There's prayer and fasting, but was never viewed as that the proof of salvation in terms of asceticism terms of fasting or something like that. On the other hand, putting emphasis on holiness is in that holy living will be true for the gospel get you better believe that was a major emphasis Brownsville is so I can speak to having been there and that would be in keeping with biblical renewal movements throughout history, girls can emphasize holiness because God calls us to holiness. As far as the critics I would not look at is a Donatist type thing but the critics that rejected what was happening same Brownsville and said it wasn't the true church. There were just ignorant ignorance of what God is really doing ignorant of what the Scripture said about the work of the spirit ignorance of church history and how God moved in renewal some very sincere love the Lord but were misguided in their criticism and others whose criticism was anything but ethical. Let's see Larry to believe that the FIFO minister is still active and applicable in our present times, until the Lord comes.

Yes, as I answered earlier in the broadcasts.

Those are consuls, prophets and apostles letter church. Are they real, some are some are not. But if they are not related to a local body or if they are not part inactive way of a larger church movement with accountability in their lives. Then I I question the rightness of what your preaching or teaching that the Holy Spirit can report out on every man and woman can empower them. I can stop a woman from being called by God to serve as a pastor, or other roles. While the thing is that we are still distinctive.

In other words, the Holy Spirit will never call a male to give birth to a child of the Holy Spirit does not call a Gentile to be a Jew or Jew to be a gentleman were recently still have distinctives so I believe God can use a woman as a pastor, and I believe he does in different settings, but it's not the ideal or the norm. According to Scripture of Tony I literature deeply involved in the Browns revival. So if you had to give any advice for someone looking to create a culture from the ground up in their ministry leadership team spirit, empowerment, charismatic gifts, etc. would be and why looking to avoid some unnecessary pitfalls of information on the classical Pentecostal theology summaries of God but don't often feel so in practice right number one I still make the main things the main things as with any gospel ministry so lifting up Jesus being grounded in the word of God in prayer reaching out to the lost I would always make those things foundational building community within the body. You know that you make the main things the main things, but specifically terms of spirit empowerment. I would be emphasizing the importance of that scripturally I would be making room for every service and worship having an environment were open to the movement.

The spirit always having time for prayer. Having an outlet for the gifts of the spirit. I would periodically preach on these things, so it's in front of the congregation I would stir our hearts with examples of what God's done in the past and I would remind us of our dependency. In other words, as we go out to evangelize.

As we pray for the sick to say there is more there is more that God wants to do and then use the power of testimony emphasize when God does amazing things share that it be known to others to build faith through it and of course make it foundational that you preach on the baptism of the Spirit and that you believe in it and that you pray for people to be filled with the spirit, Stephanie. I'm assuming you believe in the concept of prayer language. Holy Spirit praying through us in a private prayer. If you believe we need on a daily basis.

If we have it. I been told to practice it daily, but Ozzie don't make a gigabit and self-righteous, wafer strong internal prompting to use it. Stephanie obviously you have your own relationship with the Lord. And it's important that you walk in fellowship with God and and do what feels right in your relationship with him.

I pray in tongues a lot of theories really a day that goes by that if I spend any time in prayer of quality time at all that I like to be praying in tongues as well, but it flows very naturally. What I found and discovered as a new believer, was that when I would pray in tongues for longer periods of time that I was tremendously edified that I would come into real harmony with the Lord in in in my mind as well that meditating on Scripture I get insight that the as I would then go from there to pray in English my prayers in English are all the more effective and if there's ever a time where I'm really setting myself aside to break through these regarding certain areas then I'll be I'll be praying in the spirit to join must bring deeper communion with God and to bring my mind into a better place of submission before God and then out of that. It may be praying in tongues for an hour or two out of that. Then begin to to pray in English but yet you do what feels appropriate and good in your own heart before the Lord that if you never prayed in tongues for extended period of time.

I encourage you to do that. Let's see right.

What are my views on eternal security.

Not directly related to the question about the ministry of the Holy Spirit today so go to Esther to ASCII dear and just look up eternal security or once saved always saved, but since I just raise the question. I absolutely trust the Holy Spirit's keeping power and never ever ever worry that I'm gonna lose my salvation because God can't keep me will keep me but I do believe that many of us have the power to walk away from the Lord and we could choose to forfeit our salvation of Justin. I've now changed to believing that there is no biblical proof that the gifts of ceased good job. However, what about those who were claiming apostle, or apostolic ministry. Those were prophets in the prophecy about the chief swing and other stuff. The prophecies us in Scripture's there regarding a change in people's actions to turn to the Lord. Also discussed earlier in the broadcast about apostolate ministry, but let me just say this. Don't let anybody ever bring you under their authority because they they say I'm an apostle. You have to submit to me if if there is a relationship that develops and someone has a leadership gift that you respect.

That's one thing but don't let anyone try to manipulate you or put you under their authority by saying their apostle.

As for prophetic ministry. We have to look at is the overall fruit of that the word about the chief swing. The Super Bowl was that that would be a foretaste or portentous guy was sitting out apostolical chiefs and and that an end time revival was near right so if it's just a prophecy about who's going to game no one unless it ties in with this will be assigned a lesson such or this will happen in this way. For this purpose noted such a theory about trivial information. There must be something God glorifying life-changing coyness to the word point is that God placed repents something, having a boyfriend at a time back on Monday to time to

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