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We Need a Fresh Pentecost

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 24, 2022 6:20 pm

We Need a Fresh Pentecost

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 24, 2022 6:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/24/22.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network board if there was ever a time with the church of America needed to get low fresh outpouring the spirit that time is now time for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice more savvy and spiritual clarity reports route to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown bad news for us today, but followed by good news because God gives grace to the humble friends welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. So please that we have this opportunity together. Here's the recall. If you like to weigh in on the subjects will be discussing today or give anything related to it. Any subject. We talked about on the air in recent days, weeks, months, years, give me a call 86 634-8784 this 866-34-TRUTH also reminder to those who are watching on YouTube. Click on the thumbs up button for the story, watching from if you're watching on Facebook click on the share button it just helps multiply our audience in a very very easy and free way. So thanks for doing that. Thanks for partnering together to help us get the message out. Okay I do have a guest at the bottom of the hour we'll talk about his new book on Pentecostal fire with your Pentecostal charismatic or not. I think you'll find the interview interesting and the book informative and stirring. But that's over starting. There is a report that is now been issued by guidepost solutions. This is a neutral third-party that was brought in by Southern Baptist leadership Southern Baptist convention, which is the nation's largest single Protestant organization, denomination, movement, whatever you want to call it because it is not just operate the way some of the denominations do, but you will know them. Talk about a thermos of the Baptists so they commission guidepost solutions to look into many allegations about sexual abuse within their movement, which is what about 15 million strong. If I'm correct, so lots of churches lots of missionaries sent out around the world, but America based and obviously to have scandals you got human beings can have scandals right in the midst of the New Testament have scandals congregations.

Paul planted you have scandals that's can happen when you have human beings involved, which was the case that's the case, God chooses Israel. You have scandals right that's the way it is.

But when sexual abuse charges or push down or hidden.

Where there isn't true repentance where the victim now becomes the guilty party where leaders conspired together to suppress negative stories or protect their own.

That's that's when it crosses a very very ugly and dangerous line we sit again. Someone can fall they can repent they can humble themselves, they can make things right. There can be a path for restoration that can happen. And sadly to say again when you have human beings you have scandals you have abuse you have problems. That is the reality of life, even in new covenant life even with the Holy Spirit indwelling us. We are still in this flesh in this body that I don't say anything in a self-righteous way.

My whole posture is there I go, but by the grace of God when you know your own weakness when you know your own potential failings and one the first things always teach what I teach on the subject as you have the any of us.

You get low you know in a walk with the strut you walk with a limp. That being said, according to this lengthy report, several hundred pages.

What SBC leaders conspired to get it to do is absolutely horrific. So you've got these women who came with with charges of sexual abuse they were raped they were abused by pastor were just talking about a pastor who may be complements someone on staff hey that's a beautiful dress and she feels little uncomfortable notable talk about physical, sexual abuse, and in some cases involving children and according to the report. These things were swept under the rug. The women were basically silenced of the families were silenced the leaders the men were protected. There was a database that was kept to basically keep this thing and check rather than to deal with it effectively. So I mean this is really serious and the SBC leaders that commissioned this report and funded it or just humbling themselves and asking forgiveness in trying to do what they can to make things right with the victims. As I understand what I bring this up will it's all over the news. It's another scandal and you think boy that that's all there seems to be happening left and right think of hill sawing out you think scandal you know from a beloved apologist like Ravi Zacharias you think scandal from the former president would be universally careful Junior think scandal just goes on and on again. I don't say this to throw stones utterances to say all I am a holy and righteous and these terrible people.I'm send this.

This is us. This is the family. This is this is the body and you say well that's just his promises older haven't been years, decades of sex scandals in the Catholic Church soul. The pointing fingers goes in all different directions and is ongoing.

It never seems to stop and it seems to be going from bad to worse in certain ways. That's bad because it brings a lot of reproach to the name of Jesus. That's bad because you think of all these victims, especially these women and young people that were abuse that's bad enough, were seduced. That's bad enough, then you add in on top of it that they were silenced or made to feel guilty, demonized that's even worse so the victims and then just the rot that creeps them when you've got people living in hypocrisy. You can have the full blessing of God.

So these are major major issues and then you think of how fleshly many of us have gotten when it comes to politics. How much we became better known as members of a political party or followers of a political leader rather than followers of Jesus that we seem to be more vocal about politics and about the Lord and that we mingled everything in such a way that people felt unless they agree with everyone of our political stances that are both mentor churches. There's a lot of egg on her face, then you've got the well-known leaders who have co-deconstructed or de-converted. That is not denied the faith.

There is a lot of egg on her face and sadly we have brought reproach to the name of Jesus I wrote about this last night. You can read the article on the website* a SKU or brown total just for the lead article.

The article right before it which is what we talked about yesterday that the compromise stated many of our pulpits also ties in with this so we we got acknowledge this the children of Israel were in exile. Here it is the people of Yahweh there in exile, the temple of Yahweh is in ruins made him look bad. It made him look as if he was defeated and made it look as if he couldn't take care of his own will, God is that in the other gods. Now they are triumphant. So our sin brings reproach to limit Lord Isaiah 52, he says that his name was continually blasting.

Ezekiel 36 is his name was now defiled because of the defilement of his people and the sin of his people so that's what's happened now the beautiful precious glorious name of Jesus, you sure are spotless Savior or perfect Lord.

His name has been solidly because of our sin, you say Mike that that's not entirely fair because for every one that blew it there five or 10 or 20 or 30 who didn't Lord. I understand that and I believe that was talking to Nancy today about the many fine people that we work with for so many years and and have lived without scandal marital sexual financial and and people work with her on the world for many many years according everything I know they print them godly people and good people. And I'm I feel very confident that the great majority of of Southern Baptist pastors are not engaging in sexual abuse. I feel confident that there there many find levers within hill sawing that love Jesus and pastors that that are not committing adultery. I don't question that and and and on and on it goes. So Robbie's name is been tainted with their somebody fine apologist that I know the problem is a few bad apples give all the apples bad reputation, and right now for me the posture to take before America's we have sinned, and we have brought reproach to the name of the Lord and we ask you to forgive us for a poor example when I debated a gay activist in 2008 the claim to be born-again Christian minister of the gospel in gay with his partner. So of course we had a very open deep disagreement over that based on the Bible, but I did say publicly because the audience was was half with me in half with him. We divided up the tickets for the event equally between us so that we could have a mixed audience. Our goal was to not just be preaching to the choir, respectively, but the to speak to the other audiences up. I got up and confess the sin of the evangelical church that the the sin of no-fault divorce. The sin of immorality own midst and said that we have set a bad example as well as are often lack of love and grace towards those identifies as gay. We can feel as if they are the worst sinners on the planet, not welcome in our in our place so I I'm always going to take the low road in that regard. Not to say they die, but we that's that's our family. I can conveniently step away though. I I don't simply identify as a Christian because there's so much misunderstanding with that. And I'll tell people a messianic Jew or Jewish follower of Jesus is often true Jewish person is a Christian means are no longer Jewish men should cut off in connection with the Jewish people. They think the Crusades inquisitions, etc. but on the other hand I'm very happy to seven evangelical Christian meaning. Yes, part of the body and and holding to these fundamental biblical beliefs.

So I remember when when Jim Baker than Jimmy Swaggart felt in the late 80s. The feeling I had was we have said no I wasn't a TV preacher, but the feeling I had was we have sinned, that's I feel now that's the bad news is egg on her face.

We brought reproach to name Jesus, the good news is judgment begins with the house of God, and God intends to bless if we will get low and this could be the very precursor for revival that we need.

This could be the final spark that gets us on our faces repenting, seeking God getting low because it's out of the dust of humiliation of repentance that God pours out supernatural grace and it's in that environment. That revival is often birthed Lord bring us to real repentance.

Do it Lord for us to screw the flesh to sustain USS the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a quick update been in private communication with pastor Greg Locke diverse drawing of six exception to some comments he had made last weekend, so they believed could easily incite people to physical violence and he has subsequently said that was not his intent. Says he was taken out of context we been private contact and he's planning to come on the show soon as we can set up it looks like it's going to be next week. This were hoping for is eager to come on answer questions honestly and have a candid discussion of debate, not an attack. Either way, but a candid discussion to try to clarify things for the almonds Lord and the good of the bodysuits can be very important interview for quite a few reasons, and we will keep you posted on that 866-348-7884 I did. I believe personally that the scandals of the late 80s and here we had to our two biggest TV preachers involved in scandals that those scandals help to bring us to a deeper place of humility is a church in America, especially charismatics into a deeper place of leaning on the Lord into a deeper place of crying out to him and that of that brokenness, God poured out his spirit.

I truly believe that it is as someone who lived through it with a passion and hunger for revival. The entire time. As someone who lived through it with great expectation of what God was going to do with outpouring of the Spirit.

Some understands revival history and God's workings and revival that that to me was a natural pattern.

God is not so revival to those who boast God's thoughts and revival to those who pat themselves on the back.

God is not sin revival to those who say look, we've arrived. God sends revival to those who broken God sends revival to those who recognize their need, God sends revival to those who confess their sin. In fact, when revival begins, it often begins with a deepening of that confession. The deepening of recognition of sin and guilt out of which there is a fresh and supernatural outpouring of grace really diverse to you than to go to the phones. Hang on, where where is there there we go K Isaiah chapter 57 verse 15 a verse that many of you know and it's it's been a favorite of mine for many many years within Isaiah so the city who high aloft forever dwells, whose name is holy, so this is the eternal holy God look what he says.

I dwell on high in holiness, yet with a contrite and the lowly in spirit reviving the spirits of the lowly reviving the hearts of the contrite role in this next responder not always contend I will not be angry forever. No I who make spirits flag will secrete the breath of life, and then the verse before the Lord says build up build up the highway clear road. Remove all obstacles from the road of my people now spiritually speaking, how those obstacles remove this we humble ourselves as we get low in repentance.

Repentance prepares the way for the coming of the Lord believe was Frank Parliament who journaled what happened in the Azusa Street revival help get word out around the world. We was Frank Parliament who said that the depth of any revival be determined by the spirit of repentance that is obtained of God puts his finger on you and me rather than make excuses.

Residents blame others, which is what human nature does Sue begin on her face as we say Lord guilty as charged of send, we make things right with people were that's applicable and we confess and we receive cleansing and grace. And remember God is delighted to preserve the honor of his son's name and things that are done in private that don't cross certain lines can be fixed in private, noticing, for example, if if I was rude to someone on our ministry team one day government that would happen but if I was rude to someone on the ministry team one day and happen in private. I was also the person I'm so sorry I was rude but feels inconsiderate.

Please forgive me and you get fixed and you move on. You don't need the world to know that you don't need to step down for ministry for 10 years, right.

So wherever possible, were honored to be preserved with things we dealt with in private.

They are there other things, across certain lines that you need to bring more people into their other things that bring defilement situated you have to step down for ministry or you have to go through certain restoration season, but God's desire is not to expose or sing God's desire is to forgive us and cleanse us and cover sin.

But when others are hurt and it's not dealt with. You have these victims who been abused and taken advantage of, and there hasn't been repentance and they been now demonized and that there is not been proper restoration, etc. will lose those things and come back to haunt us. So let's humble ourselves before the Lord because he wants to he wants to pour out his grace, fresh white one other thing and then we change topics entirely.

I tweeted this out last night after I saw some headline about another thing about pregnant man. It is some latest advertising campaign effort which the company was in there celebrating all the pregnant people. Mannan, a kind of nonsense. I tweeted this out. Curious to see how long it would stay on right now. 17 hours and still up which either means Twitter with the looming Elon musk purchase is not cracking down on these things is much as they did before or someone on the left with a big following has not reported it yet is offensive in the way. 17 hours were still up, just a reminder for everyone brought to my by recent headlines feel free to repeat the sellout. There's no such thing as a pregnant man. There's no such thing as a pregnant man.

There's no such thing as a pregnant man. There is no such thing as a pregnant man is still up on twitter is not something account has been bogged out was looking for trouble. I just wanted to state that and if that was good to get in trouble then let twitter be exposed once again for the hypocrisy in their double standards right let us go to the phones of the start in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Jerome, welcome to the line of fire. Well I got for you. All you've met a lot of really do you want to do it. Open yard will be remarkable about jerking that you give to your puncture. Most of the money that you spent goes to administrative people. Whatever. And I don't follow contribute to go but I will try to find out which are new to all that I could yet so there are many, many fine charitable organizations, and it's not that most of the money goes to administration, but it varies from one to another, and some are really really good and frugal, so I give the vast majority of of of my charitable giving into our ministry to fire international. This is our missions organization that supports our missionaries around the world, many of whom are doing extraordinary work feeding feeding the poor, educating the needy of fighting human trafficking. Those kinds of things and I know the people personally work with them for many many years.

But if you go to fire fire fire we can put all the missionaries up there because summer in very sensitive countries, and it's it's dangerous to make it known. But if if you start to look you look at what Joanne is doing in Nigeria look at with some of our folks are doing and in India that the bandy family in India or some folks doing the Philippines different countries and we got missionaries in Ukraine that had to flee the country right now, but they work with orphans and in others over the years so and in and in fire international only takes 10% of everything that comes in for ministry.

Please note we can operate on that the team cannot print out so we have to raise extra money to support the workers to support the missionaries but that's just our commitment to only take 10% silk.

Check that out fire Sir, when you do, I can vouch for everyone that's out there on the field you want to. In particular, get the ones that are overseas active right now we have some folks back in the states in between serving in different places. Those are out on the field.

Active and then whatever your area is a real interest in it, whether it's education with its feeding. Whether it's it's planting churches we got folks doing those things.

Some of them doing all of the above amount with one of the ministries in the Philippines takes an orphan children, some as young as three have already been sold into human trafficking have already been sold into sex trafficking. If you can imagine that at at 23 years old and then given over after that. And then there rescued by our people and and raised in agave environment coming. It's quite extraordinary anyway.

Fire international anchorage.

Everyone to check that out. These are people worthy of support and they live simply, the lid frugally, so the monies will invest thank you sir, and thank you Jerome for the kind words.

I really appreciate it that we been a blessing to you.

All right, 866-348-7884 will get some more calls. A little later in the broadcast. So if you're holding hang on and will get you little later in the show we come back. I want to speak with my friend Larry Sparks is real important book of Pentecostal fire. Boy we need to fire the spirit today. Will you consider yourself Pentecostal not think we agree we need the fire. The spirit to pronounce in our midst and to create a deeper passion, hunger for the Lord for the word for the lost Jesus. We glorify Thanatos nobody John Cooper skillet will take us out of the bottom of the Alberta line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire.

When you read the book of acts. Suddenly, we are confronted with this holy glorious moment asked the second chapter when the Holy Spirit is poured out when tongues of fire, the hundred 20 would begin to speak new languages praising God in foreign tongues. When Peter gets up and preaches in the fullness of the spirit message that bring such deep conviction to his Jewish audience. The 3000 fellow Jews hear the message. Repent and are immersed in.

She was named that very day. We think of that is Pentecost. Pentecost is coming up again on the calendar, the feast of weeks shoveled such a savanna calendar something in our history from those of us who were Pentecostal charismatic, it remains an important part of our history, believing the far the Holy Spirit is supposed to burn brightly today and even if you're not Pentecostal charismatic think you'll agree that something great is missing much of the American church today that we need a fresh moving of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

I guess Larry Sparks is had a passion for revival for many many years. He's an editor at this image publishers they publish my book last year.

Revival we die. They published I think every book ever written on revival destiny image has publish the weeping coworkers this for many many years now going back to 1989 and Larry's heartbeats were Pentecostal fire in an unashamed way out Larry welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us is effective joy and an honor to be with you.

Dr. Brown looking at my special bookshelf arrival of my favorite books of one of those that always staring at me is whatever happened to the power God felt that dealt with by the look at. Thanks for going back to 1991, but still relevant today. Larry this Pentecostal fire, and in many ways represents your life message. Why is that the case well and I was 16 years old, backtracked all the way to growing up I was brought up nominal Catholic household. I never did believe in Jesus. I would believe that there was a God. I believe that the Jesus did have a real vibrant relationship with. I went to evangelical rule.

I got a lot of rules and regulations don't do this do that. I got a lot of Bible information that was great, but I never really had a dynamic relationship works. With the living God until I was 16 years old at a church in South Florida in the middle of praise and worship. I'll never forget it.

I felt I just got a share with.

I felt electricity in my hand I felt like burning in my heart dramatic And I didn't fall down or shake all that I've done that. I believe that that but just out one touch of the holy spirit make G no real that everything that I had studied about God. Everything my Bible teachers that taught me about God is now one of the holy. I realized that God is real, you got an idea that a current that is not like Santa Claus did not out outer space number either real God touches people and but that demand my lot though that happened in 1999 really did. Then the content of this book is been formulated and it was only the last year I felt the Holy Spirit could be a really right. So interesting, Larry. I was doing a friendly debate with a non-charismatic pastor and I asked him do we have a relationship with the Bible with the God of the Bible, so he was very clear that we have a relationship with the God of the Bible suits through the Bible, but with the God of the Bible and that means that in relationship you experience relationship you experience communion you experience intimacy and the whole the whole anti-experience idea that many of us have is really far to the bar because the Bible tells us about powerful experiences that men and women of God had throughout history and in church history is filled with people's radical experiences radical expressive conversion for the fire of God falling in in their lives. Still, people like like Finian Moody and others talked about these these things so sometimes were afraid of emotionalism or extremism or an experience-based faith. But if you have a Bible-based faith. You should experience God correct that diatribe wrote into her captor. The title of the capital.

We need Pentecost bye-bye I wrote that the study of God. Theology should be the invitation to enter an intimate experiential relationship with God hundred percent right in that I love theology, I write solid biblical theology I got but not due to divinity from Regent University. My advisor was Dr. Vincent died in at about century of the Holy Spirit what one of the great charismatic Pentecostal historian Delilah theology parameter in which I can safely and legally encounter the holy. I don't want to go. I don't want to go outside of what the Bible clearly available but everything I read the Scripture tells me about God is a real person and he invites me to know him experientially. Vertebrae will set a lovely frame that in your book, Pentecostal fire, so if someone says to you, what exactly is Pentecostal fire been to Pentecostal churches. I know some of the practices of read the Bible. What is Pentecostal fire requested. What did I tell people what I wrote the book and even with the title.

I went back in my report honestly with my wife and I okay I get where you're coming from people you look at that reading some of the baggage that they've had from you Pentecostal denomination or tradition and I got that at the same time there praise and worship both coming out right now I'm kind of cool energy worship team with the phrase Pentecostal fire and it got but them I thought I Lord when I introduced the message. What is your about the book I tell people immediately.

If not about a tradition that about a denomination that about a style of church Pentecostal fire.

Very simply put is what we be starting in acts chapter 2, starting with that initial outpouring of the holy.

Work God demonstratively moving in bit people. Pentecostal fire three speaker signs, wonders and miracles as a normative expression of the Christian faith because a baptism or immersion with the holy. Some people think elected to Pentecostal doctrine, but you referenced people like Benny, I think of people like Ian bound. I think of 80. I think of many even prior to the night creeper Bible really started to put together Pentecostal theology who spoke of any merchant or baptism in the Holy Spirit to meet Pentecostal fire is the Bible blueprint that New Testament standard that we be inaugurated in acts chapter 2 where the disciples of Jesus walked in supernatural power and that was the norm not the exception. Do you think that we become ashamed of this that we we want to appear sophisticated before the world war, but we wanted to show off or brilliant theological credentials are through our relevance, and in some ways were ashamed of the fire of the spirit. I think I heard it, particularly in relevant many cool churches where people are even daughter of those who grew up in the charismatic renewal or the Pentecostal movement facilities and listen. I'm very grateful to all the good faith you. I don't ever want to be a critic for our book about the death but I heard even people that we don't want that Pentecostal or we don't want that holy. What I felt before. That little bit controversial but I think it will get a reactive lifted. I do not tolerate the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I celebrate because sometimes people are like now I get to that first to get cut it to get a victim of that weeping work prevailing prayer or shaking looked friendly that that people still consider controversial manifestations of the spirit, like, well, we don't want that I get will deal with difficult put in the back room and but I don't we make a show either that we currently don't do that when I see that happening genuinely where there is a purity about genuinely granting the Holy Spirit as I get a good 15-year-old teenager.

I think that myself. You know what we will make room for the Holy Spirit to do what he wants to do.

I want to teach it as a distraction because those things are only acting to the degree that we teach that their distracting otherwise I like to teach that the real genuine manifestations of the current are signposted in the presence of God in our midst. Don't get distracted by the person weeping don't get this back by the person shaking her crying. Her baby delivered her guilt looked to Jeter, but recognize is that our bit that it is the editor that holy tribal job.

I was teaching ministry school students recently on revival and then played a clip from a previous revival of very very powerful testimony, which then led to prayer and intercession. Breaking out and as that happened and people began to pray and people began to weep. That was a very sacred thing to me that was was now taking away from the class that was okay this is what were talking about you when Jonathan Edwards had to defend things in the great awakening the 1740s in both his his treatise on religious affections and then another book of the distinguishing marks of of move the spirit. This, it makes perfect sense that these things whether this improvements the Holy Spirit, but it makes perfect sense that when people are deeply touched and confronted by God's holiness are confronted by God's love. They will respond. Larry, what are you hoping that readers of Pentecostal fire will get out of your book.

What will to think you know what I Brownsville gallantly. Her name is Allison Ward overcome by the holy earth and I watched it being a charismatic Pentecostal publisher. Forget watching that and I watched it carnal. I watched it in the flesh because I thought to myself how it got real, how can it if you shake it you getting an economic shaking of the power God. The whole part. But then I felt like the Holy Spirit has taught me and stifled me to look at that in the flesh, you can't look at that life okay because she is responding that way it's right or wrong.

I remember turning while she is really under the genuine influence of the power of God.

And just like you know John John Gray had to get a card for his wife who was powerfully under the influence of the holy notice.

One of the things that everyone it judges the flesh, I never want to judge it based on what makes you comfortable or just the order or judgment based on my preferences.

I would have thought you and my heart for the book is that people would read. And be provoked. Number one baby provoked that is more to it states to write their those words, there is more. I'm looking at the first chapter of the book revival reside there is more Pentecostal fires can tell you about that more.

The author Larry Sparks spirit there. Larry and John in Washington a little beyond test your question we come back to stay right here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire with my guest, Larry Sparks right before the break you were telling us what you want readers to get out of this book and what you believe the get of this book. So back to you. I direct people to read provoked them to cry out to God. I know there's more. The word made very clear on the faith Scripture alone. Lord, that I think Peter who was so saturated by the presence of God that is shadow. Now, we often make a big deal out of the fact is shadow yield which is amazing. Lord, let my field, but that tells me God. He walked saturation being filled with the Holy Spirit that level that is shadow escaping with all the handkerchief off of his body put on the back and be not that amazing. I'm amazed at the people that healed and delivered the Lord let it be, that would be no inverse in saturated by the presence of God that we would be that kind of phenomenon follow-up. We don't think it it follows that because our great quest is being filled with the spirit of God and Larry. When people say well this is the gospel enough. This is part of the gospel, God confirm his word with signs and wonders, the gospel being the power of the spirit, so it's a mistake to separate the power of the spirit from the proclamation of the gospel correct left correctly and faded because I think we are 100% agreement on you still encourage me on it that when you study the revival or old you actually study what they reach the theology of the gospel presentation at the rate you and I look at Benny a look at Edward. I look at what field I want to teleport even into William the more and those of the 20th century, the penny contemplated. They preached a gospel of repentance. They called then what it was they gave hope that there is record alleviation to a holy God do the work and blood of Jesus Christ. They preached the gospel and signs and wonders actually followed that work. They gave affect patient to the word nitrite where we are right now the 21st century. I get concerned sometime when I hear that kind of got bullet being great. I don't think sometimes that signs and wonders are compatible with what were preaching. Maybe that's why were not being as many demonstrations that had to call the day.I'm absolutely with you because I can confirm a false message or misleading message or message that bypasses the cross or compromises on sin.

Absolutely he will be still heavy on the line. Let's go over to the Everett Washington John you been wanting to ask your question so you can ask Larry and me.

Please go ahead sir yeah sure well area. Okay, first of all, oh yeah, sure, okay very good so wanted to tell you my thoughts on revival and hear your take on it now. So many think of him crying out revival for decades and decades and so many people have theories on it, but you know my basic areas just simply partners the other side all the scandals and stuff that this brings such reproach. I really see though the start of the tares among the wheat thing in my opinion the most true believers truly born again believers. It feels like there is such so very little offense in general you know when the Holy Spirit touches people know he removes the porn addiction.

He removes the bitterness and the hatred he changes them but then the kind likely to where I go from here and and a lot of people are Anthony and don't know how to to be authentic, but I'm 30 years old and I think I've had one person in my life gospel tract. I mean it just seems like a character thought Malik simply put, if the people of God would would love justice would would would love your neighbor as himself would would love to preach the gospel in would love to know do things like like pick up her unborn children and just the offense of about it might. My opinion is this is that you know I know is a context associated with this verse but I think there's a broader theme. Revelation 1215) that they overcame the Dragon by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and ineluctably about the third part but because they did not love their own lives even unto death. I think that year there that you know people know that is costly and they don't know how to get started on it so that's that's that's a key thing you just hit on John, which is many people stuck in a rut so Larry and I out. I'll come back to your question with a full response, but Larry since many are somewhat spiritually passive present when offending people would be on the offense of going forth with the gospel so because many are spiritually passive or church is just ingrown teach, teach, teach, teach this build up the believer get us healthier without realizing that health is to flow out to the world around us was just discouraged beaten-down they can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. What you say to them that will will help light a fire, an individual is what we pray for national outpouring was some abuses on this in a rut. I confess I'm in a rut where they do, I would pick you think I would be number one.

Pray number two I would be tainted. Mike Bell, we need to share and preach the gospel will more often.

My friend Jeff Tigre infected that way we will see more people respond to the gospel. If we opened up our now and actually share the gospel. Allen encouraged the brother to death? I get where you're coming from. I do have good news though God is on the move with them. People Jeff Tigre and Parker green of a ministry called saturate global and they are literally mobilizing people about the street preach the gospel think people, water baptized, filled with the holy. Frequent demonic torment. I think a movement even now, California: California will be Dave don't there is more and more outside of the wall of the church happening while I agree I will ship actually raising up authentic to the believers who are advanced Bing not just just trying to hold ground I'm aimed at churches in Peoria, Arizona. Dr. Bill Georgia were there's a real effort on training and discipleship. The good news is that happening otherwise we need to keep in prayer we need is not respected as deadly as a brother and I let that I think the more we share the gospel share our faith and actually take the message of Jesus into the highways and byways week we will actually be result everything it right now with really Larry and John, one of the things I have to say which is positive is that most of the people I work with a zealous and passionate and going forward and on the front lines and sharing the gospel and and fighting for the lives of the unborn and taking the gospel to the nations in praying and fasting so around so many quality people so many times that they can they can give a false impression what's out there, but for sure.

If we do what we can do, which is a God I'm dead.

I'm dry. I need help and then even take those steps okay. I'm going to do what my flesh doesn't want to go to find someone to share the gospel with sometimes those little things.

Those little steps of obedience that that that little act of faith is enough to trigger something and then John we just get on our faces and say something's missing. There is more God touch us and then I pray positive prayers for a leaders Lord put a fresh fire, hunger, desire, and in in the heart of of these leaders and renew them and refresh them because many times their burnt out through the weight of ministry in the palms of his life. Hey John, thank you for the call.

I appreciated hey Larry, we've got one minute left. What would you say to our listening and viewing audience right now if you could just preach a mini sermon about 60 to 90 seconds.

Just pour your heart out. I dictated the middle of all the crazy dark bit chaotic right that is out there and it only increasing. I do want to encourage you. Look forward God is moving he is moving. I would encourage you just like Dr. Brown that I was reading an account of the Welsh revival last night. It was interesting to talk about how one of the things that would catalyze revival in different regions with people actually going preaching the gospel of one person getting one person getting one person.

Think power of Pentecost actually had the potential to ignite the whole region or city don't don't devalue the potential one person having that encounter with God is that happened to me 15 years old I have one withholding and here I am all those years later I'm doing what I can to help other people threaten the folder.just to be touched. The changes us forever.

The book of Pentecost, for he, Larry, always great working together with you. Look forward to seeing you face-to-face compass you to Dr. Brown thank you all right friends at actual actually is. Look at the clock you have a few seconds left. So let me let me have my word of encouragement and to say if we humble ourselves before God. Recognizer center shortcoming or failing were simply to discourage state that ran with beaten-down state that were in, or the worldly state that were in its economy help. I don't know how to get out of this rut. I don't know how to pull myself up on own bootstraps, I'm asking to help. You might say God I know I'm not. I'm supposed to be, but I don't feel like even have a desire to get the right place. Humble yourself.

Start right where you are. God gives grace to the humble. Don't make excuses point the finger at anyone else. Ultimately our lives are our responsibility before God we get low we humble ourselves and God pours out his grace and mercy before you know it used to be changed and then what you do build on each day build on. You mess up you fall short. Back to the basics, build on it build on it before you know it, you won't recognize yourself.

That's our heart that's our cry to be sure to get my emails asked her to SK GR Brown double regrets of special resource packages were putting together for you some special announcements you don't want to miss so SK dear Brenda look sign up for the emails and when you do will send you a free many e-books super relevant how, pray for America all yeah it's not too late, but it's an urgent time for sure. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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