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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 13, 2020 7:21 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 13, 2020 7:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/13/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are wide open and ready for your calls.

You've got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire, your host, activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire. Michael Brown blessed to be you the questions we got answers when we do it on every Friday any question you have that relates to anything we've ever talked about a lot of fire any area of expertise I have whatsoever is what my opinion on something. I think I could be helpful. 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 80 4M is always very little success, but as always, I give the invitation to skeptics, critics, mockers to call and share your differences with me, but very few do.

But this try again anyway tonight doubling 9 o'clock Eastern time since about six hours from now. I plan to do a talk on our Facebook page ASCII dear Brown, asked her to Brown Facebook page. I plan to do a talk about coronavirus, the Bible and times where attitude should be.

I think you'll find it helpful.

I've written on it as well than yesterday's broadcast went through Psalm 91 in Hebrew is to encourage us that there is a place of refuge in him in the midst of the storms of life. All right, 86684 truth to the phones we start with Robert in Sanford, North Carolina.

Welcome to life. I thanks for calling.

Good afternoon.

I want to do exclaim all interpretation all know that Daniel's underweight date. It has a way of interpreting the verse 25. There were three storm builder Lieut. Thomas, the print shall be so bored with it and I agree with you that the event the seven weeks report of the second coming of God, and afflicted. The birth of his mother affecting the next verse tells us that after the 62 week follow the cut off will not distinguish which one which will in retrospect deny him, but I could stick doing it could all send you the year that the problems there was was reading it like that is its with all respect to the genius of Isaac Newton. It's a completely unnatural way to to read the Hebrew text that's the first thing the second thing is that the recently consecutive that you have.

Seven weeks versus two weeks. One becomes the weeks of years and that this is what's going to happen during the days of the second Temple, so the text. Second Temple is going to be built and then. So after prayer Thomas for the period of several weeks, then the coming of the Messiah's death payment for our sins and the destruction of the temple. So that's all chronologically what happens. 927 ends with the destruction of the second Temple so it's it's a highly unlikely reading and especially to to put things in that they differ in order to separate the seven weeks from the 62 in that regard, they have to wait instead of showing that it is the temple and earlier in the first century one step, Mitchell Zywicki use the term aptly and happier. What is he say happens in the second half of the week is not a speck in half awake if all you have to wait a bit.

At this is 70 weeks are determined not 69 1/2. We explained that despite the dead of the 70 week lecture up to one year and seven your golf when the God lift video in which you didn't go right yet again. The biggest issue I have is the separating of the seven weeks from from this 62.

Not to say it's seven, followed by 62 and that that's why it would not be an opinion that would be largely followed by the scholars so the passage we agree has mystery and in symbolism in it. In terms of the language, but the chronological order that some of the rebuilding of the temple, the coming of the Messiah.

His death for our sins, and then the destruction of the temple which takes place in your 70 that this this is that's the parameter with which everything unfold. So with all respect Isaac Newton don't see it so less than what you find compelling Wi-Fi compelling to to separate the seven weeks from the 62 and put it in a totally different time. One thing the building domestic law in 1980, declared the capital of Israel that the Supreme Court left it. The government and not all the government of Apple McKnight but would begin delete and seven, which would be up there and outmaneuvered coming out, not yet.

You know, basically I do basically what you're doing is saying that ABC comes after XYZ 123 comes after 98 9900 system doesn't work like that. There is there is an order and if you pull those seven weeks output of the future meets its complete backend way of reading it is impossibly reading it. To be frank and Jerusalem was to clear the capital of it doesn't. It's interesting to be declared the capital's gonna do that since the 1980 date is this it's off. I do not mean to be insulting but it's the psalmist document. It's certainly not from being rebuilt, being rebuilt Temple be rebuilt. That's what was talked about, not Jerusalem. The wreck that is the capital and that happened long before 1980.

In any case, but thank you for the call sir.

I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH we go to Chattanooga, Tennessee Bob, welcome to the line of fire] Michael, my question is about.

Here are the only age of the earth of the old age and I to stumble, and my Bible reading today I want to bring it up to St. Petersburg guys named Dr. I could hear all this is the creation of man occurred 13.6 billion years ago and it male and female mankind was created that will depict thousand years ago but archery and market day. In the beginning of creation God created male and female, and honest. If I cannot cross reference an idea in Matthew 19 for right heel. In the beginning of the God Nero in the beginning so that only one beginning and I know it's not a salvific question, but doesn't this give her some credence to the younger because if you've got 13.6 billion years and then man comes along only 50,000 years ago and that were beginning as I think are they in the Greek.

This time Gordon John one 140 that it all yeah it's a good argument to make sure the oldest creationists have an answer for, and she mentioned that this is not a salvific issue of I got a video Q&A video out cold why I'm not dogmatic on the creation account and in terms of youngers were soldiers but yes, your argument is is a sound argument. Your argument makes sense that it would seem that the creation of the universe to the creation of human beings took place shortly after the creation of the universe, all of which could be called in the beginning of the others would say in the beginning. This means the beginning of the creation of the human race in your reading too much into it but putting it together what you did, the Septuagint for Genesis 11 uses RK and then you mention John 11 using RK and the same thing here yet it's it's a good argument you it's it's a fair want to present to make your point and see.

Isn't that the most natural reading of the text that human beings were created in the beginning, along with the rest of the heavens and the earth, so you're not reading too much into it to make that point again oldest creationists would have an answer but you make a great point and it soundly argued so well done.

I cannot, you're very welcome right 866348. One quick thing I just want to mention to you is that with all of the fear right now and concern with a one act in fear with the virus or anything and in the consistent message of safer Christian leader of Christian leaders don't fear don't fear don't fear, don't panic if we know the Lord for right relationship with God. We don't panic all right.

We know there may be some situations a fire everybody get out quick, quick, hurry, hurry okay, but our lifestyle is not one of no will work piece before God in the midst of the storm and the mystic calamity in the midst of chaos. But we use wisdom right. I had a meeting tonight canceled the meeting next Saturday canceled California be conference cancel and the lecture series. New York canceled suit of one ready in March 3 and April thus far is interesting in California.

Big conference pastor on Sunday morning. Since Alma going ahead with the conference, but the mayor of his city main Executive Order no large gatherings, so we really use old wisdom. We can use we live by that, but we don't panic. We don't fear the same time everything we're doing right now. You can pick up the phone call without fear of virus eat.

We can do everything redoing and video get our message out. Try to bring encouragement hope strength so taking the edge of this opportunity may not be able to get all the meetings you want to but you can interact here on live radio and Internet TV 866-34-TRUTH we go to David in Southern California. Welcome to the line of fire. Sure thing that quickened by boat right now I'm kind of torn between two different. On the one hand I feel as though I should now go to trade goal and note report my family by doing the career thing right. But on the other hand, I really feel my heart got a call me but I managed they do go study biblical literature and had you, stuff to live. You're doing right now mission work in terms of your podcast and radio… And also building a house church networking and I think I but I'm trying to reconcile how I just dump into that and read the financial burden going out on my wife and newly married about your event but really wanting to start a family in my court, my family, but also recognizing that academic study thing is it an immediate return when I ask your advice on how I should approach that you forgot about, like I believe that you can provide for me. I believe that you can open up the door yoga but also wanting to have practical wisdom in approaching you to think so. I would encourage you to do it. I would encourage you to wait a second, because Embry coming up in this life rather than give you a 10 second answer I can answer in a little more depth, but also read an interesting verse two from the end of Proverbs 27 so stay right there right to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown questions and answers 866 the word truth that is number to call. Remember tonight 9 o'clock start right around 9 PM Eastern time on her Facebook page Esther to bring a skid your brand of this be doing a talk specifically about coronavirus Bible or attitude or thoughts on a field some questions then as well right so David back to you what, I'd encourage you first and foremost to do is provide for your family right.

And if you remember the apostles were had jobs.

When Jesus called them and seemed that they were still doing work at different times of the Paul that is a lifestyle, but I was so in college. Then we got married that out.

I worked part-time than I work full time and work my way through grad school and then when I was getting my doctorate of finishing up my doctoral dissertation work in my doctoral dissertation. That's when I got called to to leave my job and begin to teach a Bible school but nothing to then I was working a job.

Different sales jobs. Things like that to provide for our family, a wife and children and then ministry is done outside of the paycheck for years. In other words, your your praying your witness saying you're doing but you know how to do your serving in different ways and then if there is a vocational calling that requires further training. Gobble up the doors for that will either bring you into someone's life.

We can be mentored by someone or he'll open up the door for online classes, real help provide for you to go to to full-time school and some other settings but there's an interesting verse in Proverbs 27 and it says to be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds, for riches and on forever in order to crown endure to all generations. When the hay is removed and the tundra shows itself in the herbs of the mountain together. Then Lance will provide your clothing and the goats. The price for field love enough goat smoke for your food for the for your household. The nourishment of your maidservants out. I know it's it's a different proverb proverbial saying about something on another subject level but it just comes to mind in terms of put first things first, and care for your family meet those needs and do whatever ministry you know how to do in the meantime, I wish I was preaching on street corners and sharing the gospel with people long before preach from the pulpit. You know I was I was teaching the Bible and church settings many years before I was I was paid to teach a Bible school, and similar to what I do to this day I don't get paid to do I do it out of love for the Lord not of a burden. So you put those things first and gobble because of the 64th Pl. citizen as you make it so intensely burdened and broken hearted, to see God working to touch a dying world.

But the it creates a deeper prayer desperation out of which gobble birth things you do that, provide the rest right thank you so much talk about it. Actually auto enrolled an article fostering applicant yeah luckily can you get the transcript altogether.making up that part out what… Yeah yeah that's an ideal thing to do with with online school because you can do things were your pace and and fit into your schedule. You don't have to be at a certain place ago I was in grad school like I work for 1/2 days a week because one afternoon I have to leave early to go to grad school to take a late afternoon and early evening class and that was the way how to do if it was online situation.

I could've done it just in the evening or something else so great will be glad to have you student David God blessed. All right 866-34-TRUTH hate friends find out about a school of ministry.

It's incredibly study online full two-year program. If you want to go on for further studies, bachelors, masters, the credits can be transferred the transfer to other schools that will recognize them, most notably the Kings University in Dallas and you can continue studies online there but you get blessed you get stirred or you can just take some of our poor popular video classes we just released a new class on Hebrews than anyone could take draft of transcript supply the school just anyone to take that superiority of Jesus in Hebrews 13.

Studies of take advantage of it. Fire school of five school of all right. We go to Goss Guston, San Diego, California.

Welcome to the line of fire hi Dr. hey government I get so broke. Hey, go ahead okay so I knew Mr. Mario Cohan, Laura website because facing each other. I know he is going into each other at random. Once in Jerusalem okay okay yeah I had a chance meeting him up in Jerusalem at first get the body with painting night to make a lot of fans. I was really excited about it till I spoke to him personally and there was one thing that came up to my attention and I want to know what what's your take on you is what what was it that concerns you will lose 1.0." He believed that his Rabbi told him that he has to have a backup a community defect, primarily Christian Jews to back up to for him to be able to organize that the debate in Iraq like to recognize that Jesus is sure I however, what kind of medication is that he he will have an active computer cart. You need to do it right so severe, so I look at it and of those who are not familiar with this gentleman he's an Orthodox Jew in Jerusalem and he wants the Jewish community to reverse its verdict against Jesus. Going back to New Testament times reverse its historic rejection of him as the Messiah and to suggest that he could be Mysia in your safe Messiah who comes and suffers and dies and prepares the way for Mysia-David the true and real Messiah, and he feels that this is a redemptive thing that can be done to me because I look at this as a step. I look at this is something that God is doing in the Jewish community to further open the hearts and minds to who the issue is the fact that it's an Orthodox Jew saying it is significant that means all the way. They are that he's a believer himself know doesn't. But God can work in these ways, I expect God to work in ways that would be unconventional to us to get Jewish people to begin to reconsider who Jesus is my new book resurrection, does that very thing. Try to get traditional Jews to to look at will most famous rabbis of the last generation were the most influential Jewish leaders in in modern history.

Look at his life and meant to say okay by the founders were for short.

And now look at the one who is the Messiah Yeshua the one and only yeah so again look at it. Isaac the baby out with the bathwater and I will yeah exactly God could be working through this, even though this gentleman is not there yet fully and doesn't know the Lord himself is able why would you even want to do that. Something God could be working through it.

So it is a something pointing in the right direction, but ultimately it's going to have to be the clear gospel message of forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Yeshua the one and only Messiah hey thank you for the question.

Much appreciated 866-34-TRUTH and to be clear, Jews need Jesus to be saved just like Gentiles need Jesus to be saved, to be perfectly clear for those that are clear on all right. Let's go to Seth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Welcome to modifier a light expert a way were good. Thanks. Okay, so you know you can.

Stop charismatic and there's a lot of Tenuate.

I'd like to know is there a difference between you I did same and not or if they're the same or not, then why yet it's it's all terminology every charismatic and Pentecostal, by definition, is a continuation us in that we believe that the gifts and power. The spirit mentioned in the New Testament continue to this day. All right a Pentecost. I'm also Pentecostal Pentecostals believe in the baptism of the Spirit. Subsequent to salvation for empowerment for service with speaking in tongues being a very common evidence of that, many charismatics would not points with that experience is much saying that there are various ways those brew work through us in an tongues and such was one of them of, but a lot of is just terminology. Some some people like to use continuation us because just a theological term and it is not therefore associate you with a Pentecostal denomination or charismatic movement or particular preacher or leader on but beyond that I don't really know the difference between saying I'm continuation us in charismatic other than the association with certain people you know which you can just tell him I'm continuation us in your making a theological statement when you sent charismatic make a theological statement, but it may associate you with a TV preacher or this group or that group and many people would say I don't associate with those groups. I just believe these things are for today, so it's a nice estimate its semantics on anything. Okay, I am charismatic, I believe they get on our part a by no you know not all know the gift of being on noetic artwork give me to get on that would be awesome but BRB directed night out in Psalm 115 verse three heaven, it does whatever the right yet.

Here's what I would do Seth, I would say father give me everything that you want to give me so I can serve you most effectively.

No you most intimately declare you most powerfully to a dying world. Everything you have Lauren's love and trust is not a thank you for the call Seth appreciate the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown broadcast God answers. If you missed yesterday show we went through Psalm 91 in Hebrew constant application to the crisis were in right now the coronavirus you can get that video you can watch it on our Esther to Brown website Esther to or on the YouTube channel is K DR Brown on YouTube event tonight but 5/2 hours from now 9 o'clock Eastern time skews me be doing a talk on the coronavirus the Bible the end times when these things fit when they not fit and answering some questions as well. Over our Facebook page Esther to Brown. All right, let's go over to Duane in Cincinnati, Ohio. Walking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown I a currently pastor of a small church been here going on well spent over 10 years, starting out people very small building. This proved to 4045. At one point many reasons we've gone down to 12 we seeing outreach to those suffering with addiction, something that ministry have to stop seeing our children's ministry of nine years. We do another ministry that we do. That's really really good and it's for chopping but I struggle a lot with out struggled with a lot of things.

Think note that I just read a book on all the audience of one. Trying to help me with that you and the so I am considering been considering leaving for a while lot of our issue started about noon seven years ago. Right now there's no problems in the church. Everyone's United great love but I have. I feel like it away with everything that happened because I do take things very deeply importantly that I have almost grown to a place where I'm I'm kind of just don't know what to expect anymore III do my best. I preached I do what I can, but the it's like the fire is gone and I mean it's it's it's on it's understandable when you serve in labor for years and then years later you have what seems to be timing tiny results and even decrease from from where you were at your at your height. So obviously you have to be obedient to the Lord first and foremost right and and if he says the psychology did you do it then. Then you remain faithful and and honor him many times we stick around out of her own tenacity and of our own refusal to quit her back down and it's not always in in obedience to God and all of the rights he may not be calling us to do a particular thing during the season. We had a situation with our or school that we had burst in the midst of the browser revival that at its height was almost 1200 full-time students and that presently has grads serving in ministry all around the world doing amazing work, but as we relocated in school of smog at 200 than lasting a small and small recapturing for years until it became clear God is not sending us new students physically at that season so we put everything in an online program in our growing the online program. But we came to the conclusion case on a failure is the end of this season so we we shut that down a because we do that we knew had a duty to bring in new people, Inc., including a list and sending them so what I'd encourage you to do is is ask yourself if it might be better for you to be serving in another setting with other leaders in the ministry that's done the plowing and is and is strong and healthy. You can then, get rebuilt wary the fervor the faith the vision comes back and you can serve in the context of of another church and then out of that as your kind of reinvigorated full of vision then you can be sent back out or be be put in the place where you can serve in leadership in other ways in which the many, many ways to fulfill a pastoral calling, along with being the senior pastor of one church and if if if you work that was an option for user and you are honestly thinking about okay. Where can I go right to throw myself and with my family and grow and just get encourage for little while and also be a blessing have opportunity to serve Juno church like that you have any colleagues that would would welcome your presence will I spoke with you sometime ago and I am I came from a very strict West Wing: the costal background okay because I have kind of left some of that I have been pretty much ostracized and pushed away.

There are places that are not real close to me that I would possibly go to in you know, but I honestly would have to say not not anywhere that I used to be affiliated with a guy I know it could be time for a brand-new beginning service. So first you know, say, Lord, if you want me here for the rest of my life. If you want here for three people. I will be in a lot of, but my sense Duane is is that almost bring you into this place of refreshing. Obviously Avenue church at 10 people is as I can pay your own personal bills.

So you have to have a work situation anyway but I will, I would. I would look for what struck me is the healthiest, most thriving church around was in our way or half hour away. I I'd look for that and and I start to visit and if I felt I I could see. I could see being part of this, then I would go and make an appointment with one of the pastors senior pastor possible. Say hi pastor the church for years.

We just just shut it down and adventure situation and and it could well be that you get strengthen their and that you find relationships you connection that God infuses life and you and that it may be hey could you be a home group for us or hate you. We need help in this area and then you begin to grow on that air could be you get strengthen and and the Lord sent out to plan something new. So we pray for Duane that you guide him that you give him wisdom. The church only bring him and his family into paths of much life joy vision faith and productivity. In Jesus name, amen.

He's faithful Duane, thank you for calling in and sharing this with us he do you remember oh couple weeks back we got a call we just put the caller on the air. Kendra believe her name was kind of an emergency of 39 weeks pregnant and so they know no heartbeat and was told she was going deliver stillborn baby I we prayed we cried out, they delivered the baby. The baby was stillborn. They pray for resurrection of an and did not receive the answer to their prayers, so we should received a follow-up email and that there really hurting. As you can imagine, so I was told you had to share these things so just just want you to be praying for this family.

The cover bring comfort to those of you who've lost children, especially in situations like that all the more. Pray this because you can relate with the mom and dad are going through right now.

Pray for grace, faith, encouragement in the midst of this terrible loss in Spain and thank you for praying for miracle along the way of right. We go to Phoenix Christian. Welcome to the line of fire about a bottom of the article, but a couple of times. I wouldn't want that). I can imagine stopping now as we about what he great all right good yeah and all I'll be I'll be doing online session with the students on the when it's on the calendar within the be coming up soon so be looking forward to meeting online sir wonderful. The other classes election excellent so so glad to have you as an online student yes I get there. My question out of nowhere for chapter 20 that over there must be above reproach. My question how do I let out with artwork are part of verse is that it benefited. Where they stop on the night of the metabolic idolatry will never leave got it yet. So the question and, in other words, in other words, that the question is if someone commits adultery or they then disqualified for life because the reproach never leaves them whereas first Timothy three says, an elder must be above reproach.

It's a great question to ask and it does talk about the weight of adultery and how it does stain one's reputation. What I would say is, is this her to be above reproach is speaking of ongoing conduct lifestyle history who you are right so if let's say your your leader and you commit adultery and you go to the other leaders and you confess what you've done. You go to your spouse you go to the Alicia confess what you've done. You step down for a period of time, both as a sign of godly discipline and for the purpose of restoration and let's say it's two years later you you been humble you been all the been working at the job, honoring your family and out little by little begin to get restored to ministry.

Yet there is a reproach with Proverbs 6 is speaking of is true. That's always on your resume. That's part of your story, but I believe that you can be above reproach in terms of okay you handle this righteously you handle this in a godly way you handle this in a way that honors the Lord and that now you're because you handled it rightly, it makes you above reproach so that you are true at the same time that there is that stigma that this happened in the past and his party resume when you preach and say hey look I messed up and and and and here's the pain it brought out everyone and and the consequences of it that I live with.

To this day, but II know the God's merciful and gracious in the way that we handle it is such the integrity and the honor of it that it is above reproach and therefore someone can be restored to ministry.

Even who has committed adultery or committed adultery before they were ministry II believe they certainly can.

So Christian great question and keep enjoying the current class. I look forward to meeting you online and in our next farce goodness resume session. Thanks so much for the quarter. All right, 866-34-TRUTH, listen friends when we did our first in session. With our online students. I was reminded diner academic team. We are reminded of how amazing the classes are because the students is like blown away by the quality of the class and check it out today find out fire school of classes believe my colleague's life change if the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is we go to Joseph in Toccoa, Georgia. Thanks for: the line of fire.

Dr. Brown great.

Avoid and I'm so thankful to wildfire, especially in being able to connect with people in Christian fellowship together recently.

I have a question you about just neglecting meeting together a written 25 in the conduct of our facing. What are your thoughts on the church not meeting on Sunday morning going to purely online forms of meeting where your German casting and more doing those kind of thing that is a you a wise decision.

You feel like that is were lacking a do that better going out serving in hospital doing these kind of things. Yes, so she was 1025 but not assembling the forsaking of ourselves together, not forsaking excuse enough for sickness some reversals together so first that's that's a general pattern resume isolate yourself gathered together they could be house meetings, they can be small groups that could be large corporate meetings. So that's our habit and that's that's how we live and that's what we seek to do and it's important. There are times we can't their natural disasters because which you can't be together. If you're if you physically sick and you're going to get other sick if you go you don't be together. So this is just a general exhortation as opposed to an order you know if you have a few months were you were your meeting in different settings and formats so you fellowship in different ways you you gather together in different ways. That's perfectly fine I'm I'm looking at a very simple way that on the one hand, I'm trusting God and his faithfulness and his grace and then IMC seeking to act by the wisdom which is what the book of Proverbs is filled with his wisdom.

Wisdom. Wisdom how to live in and how to preserve your life, so when you see danger that you avoid right you see there is a tornado here. You don't drive into it, you drive away from it. So being pragmatically wise that's that's part of what God calls us to do so in this case, my policy has been that if the invitation is still there, like at a college event drove a couple hours for us to get to last night as long as it was still on. I went event for tonight got canceled Sunday morning I'm scheduled to speak at our home congregation fire of the event is on. I'll be there so if others make a decision. Flights are canceled, you can gather over hundred people you can't do this then I submit to the authorities and and this is new faith in mind, it's just like wearing a seatbelt. Is this the law you do it and and knowing the laws there for wise reasons, so don't look at his lack of faith. If we don't gather. I just talked to Pastor today and he plans on gather acetate was as if you feel the do it and your local government has not forbidden it fine but if you feel it's not wiser. It's just it's best. Or maybe tell older people to stay back or whatever newsletter wisdom here. This is life-and-death situation right now it seems that the virus is 10 times more deadly than the common flu with real potential of a massive outbreak across the country so we may choose a lot of wisdom but teasing is not to fall into fear in any way to to walk in faith and confidence in God, knowing that he's got back in that respect.

And if we live if we die aware his so thank you for the question. I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH we go to Mike in for Vinay Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown, our doing well thank you for your help yeah by God's grace. Thank you Bill someone really directed questions possible thought that by my personal study, like when I read your book 18 years ago it was entertainment blood letter place in my life where I can no longer assert what that might pain my student is completely 100% George and it was used to love your great and you get great nation of anarchy and prior differently and it was called Christianity and turn Christianity every light. How do we reconcile that online yes so so I am often 948 order but before that was only the American was Anurag. The essence of the first homelike different first thing is that we recognize that what God did in in in Jesus, was to bring Jew and Gentile together in him without Gentiles becoming Jews and Jews becoming Gentiles, so that was God's original intent. God never called the Gentile Christian world. To convert to Judaism on Jews and he certainly did not call the Jews that follow Jesus to live his Gentiles, so the ideal is for Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus to live side-by-side. Even if you have certain practices that may be different or certain dietary customs that may be different that you can be a Jew and follow Jesus in a Gentile commute, Gentile, and follow Jesus, but that we bring the message of Yeshua the whole world because without him knowing can be saved. No Jew, no Gentile. We also recognize that yet the church definitely went in some wrong directions to develop into a new religion that cut itself off from its Jewish roots know it's not always been totally anti-Semitic so there been great lovers of God allow Jewish people through church history of but I would encourage you to to recognize that the vast majority of evangelical Christians believe in God's ongoing purposes for Israel.

Pray for the Jewish people would be saved and recognize that God is not forsaken abandon them and recognize the Jewish roots of the faith is just a matter of recovering some of the Jewish roots I I see things in a better direction now that I wrote the. The first edition of the book. On the one hand there is horrific anti-Semitism service out there in the name of Jesus. And it's it's rising again. It's ugly and it's it's must be utterly denounced but at the same time, there's much more understanding of the church today about Jewish roots of the faith about recognizing messianic Jewish congregations about seeing the prophetic significance of the biblical calendar for more of that today than when I got saved them was 50 years ago. So if you like.

Positive progress is being made and rather than writing the whole thing off. Just recognize that God is working through flawed human beings like you and me and that we don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. While we are current father strong during Eric will not American at regular 75 or 19 and Anna ducked around without Americans. Now it yesterday, but they made sounds like hundreds from what we know, the Nazarenes would be like messianic used in other words, they held some Orthodox faith.

They recognize irately who runs a shuttle letter and not well in any elegantly continued, yet they continue to live as Jews, and that was scandalous to some of the fathers that shows how far things gone from the beginning, but it doesn't it doesn't moment long that these people themselves didn't know the Lord, it just meant that they misjudged other parts of the body so we don't want to reciprocate by now misjudging the early church leaders as if they weren't Christian we want to recognize the flight by yeah first-rate person and not parents farewell post.

All nano not persecuted persecutions got worse another, but a respect for that and you know you die for that cause, which is amazing. Dear Diane, for Jill's it out going through in Israel have it in order 12gauge 12 messengers, 12 tribes of Israel you know and that's you know this is not just going with Ms. church history as it goes on, but the look. Here's his and appreciate an animal. Most of the times are appreciate the call. Look, number one, you recognize that Ignatius and Romans.

Different ones were genuine followers of Jesus and and often suffered greatly for their face to the point of martyrdom and yet separated themselves from the Jewish roots of the faith in ways that were unhealthy. That led to the ultimate persecution of the Jews in Jesus name and butchering of Jews in Jesus name that the these things. Let's result let's repudiate the wrong theology of supersession is a replacement theology. Let's repudiate that. Let's affirm God's eternal purpose is for Israel. Let's join together to say that salvation comes to doing Gentile. Only through Jesus the Messiah. There's no salvation outside of him and then let's do our best to help the church recognize word made mistakes in the past, reach out to the Jewish community with a full holistic message and say yes you're putting your faith in the was pointing the Jews dodging the Jews roasting the Jews and will return king of the Jews. Hey Mike, thank you for the call. I appreciate it I friends of we are at a time. If you don't have my book, our hands are stained with blood. The new edition came out a few months ago you find it to be one of the most eye-opening book you've ever trust me start the first chapter, you will feel the put the book on you want to put it down, which will be able to think you find incredibly eye-opening. All right, five hours from now join me for special Facebook live then asked our Facebook page, 9 PM Eastern time to talk about coronavirus, a physical

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