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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 20, 2022 6:00 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 20, 2022 6:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/20/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are wide open questions. We've got answers for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown questions we've got answers any subject of any kind that relates in any way to the line of fire anything having to do with Bible theology, politics, culture, Israel, anything's River talk about on the broadcast anything as a guest has ever talked about everything I've written about is you want to challenge me on probably on something you've heard you want to verify. Give me a call 866-348-7884 that is number call by the way.

Sometimes when we start the broadcast Anna on a Friday on the end of the week. Sometimes when we start right at the outset, all the phone lines or fill in their fill the whole show. The moment one phone line opens the next one is filled is likely for the whole show since is very challenging to get through. Other times we have some openings right at the beginning, especially so this is a great time to call now 866-3478 84. Great time to call because for whatever reason.

Today we've got some open lines.

This will be able to get to more of you more quickly.

Okay, just of got somebody on hold. Okay. Just try to find out what that's about.

Okay, a couple things before we get to your calls today when I feel burdened about something. I will address it as I feel led to do something I see in the news I feel to comment on some fancy happening in the church. I do not sit around as the spiritual police chief II do not sit around and my whole purpose is to just okay.

Look at what's wrong here, look what's wrong there and find something to to write about, or find something to attack this not my mindset. It is not my mentality right my mentality is Lord of your servant of your son. I'm here to do your will and to honor you.

How can I serve my supposed to write something in my supposed address of the and when I feel led to do it burden to do it directed to do I do it I never do something just to stir controversy ever. I never ever do something just to stir controversy that's completely immature that's carnal and what kind of fruit does that produce we live in a society filled with controversy. We live in a society filled with confusion. Why on earth would I just want to stir up more controversy usually gets more views that who's ever about that. Why would I be serving the Lord is seeking to honor him and the whole goal is to get more views book.

Maybe the calling is your calling is to train five people in secret and those five people will change your generation, rather than someone who's a social media influence with 50 million followers right, but many things that I do address draw all kinds of controversy. So be it. We will wait to the controversy but will do so in a way that is constructive okay with that. We go to the phones starting with Stephen in central New York. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown at night talking to you again. Great yeah I hope you're doing well.

I just have a quick comment and then I have a question kind of an unrelated question that comment is that him here. You often mention on the air that trump provoked the January fix insurrection, but the truth is that there was a video that I believe it was project Veritas did and it was they showed it right on Fox news on Tucker Carlson where New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg says right in the video day honey trap them. He didn't know he was being recorded he was quoted as saying there were a time of FBI informant among the people that let me just say I'm fully aware of all the charges. Chiefly did it. That's all like to be true or false, is completely unrelated to my comments.

Pres. trump for Michael twice president trumps irresponsible rhetoric definitely tied in to what happens: insurrection Michael with the storming of the capital, but when you are the most powerful man on the planet.

And when you are telling people you gotta take this speculation was stolen were going to fight like hell when you're when you're using terms like that with the power that you have when he gets up after other speakers that day who were even more irresponsible and doesn't put a proper lid on it. You're going to get crazy people doing crazy things so you don't know what you don't know what these these informant were were being paid to do. Being told to do. Stephen date but here's the deal, they were multiplied tens of thousands of people there and there were thousands and thousands of them stored in the capital.

Most were horrified. All my friends that were there were were shocked by what happened in look. There is narratives and counter narratives are seen videos arguing for this RCV is owing to some else, but I have seen with my own eyes the videos of many thousands of angry people and they were absolutely not FBI informant's warranty for etc. so either.

Either way, I stand by my comments about president trumps a response really cook. I have compared to him. I'm a tiny audience. I am suitable if I'm preaching to church and only 100 people there. The tiniest of audiences right arm sitting with a group with 12 students on mentoring I way every word thinking of the consequences of what I say how much more when you're the most powerful person on the planet anyway. From that your your question, go ahead please yeah my yeah my question payment quote that you meant that been quoted many times soon this life will pass only what Don Loke with for Christ will last.

I was wondering if you could explain that how it pertains to the entertainment industry, particularly the music industry different music artist or even the entertainment industry so let me address that from the perspective of a believer.

So for me what I do in the course of my life has to make sense in the light of eternity. If, for example, I was being dropped off in a particular city and I had one hour to be there and during that one hour.

I was told preach the gospel to as many people as you can listen to for that one hour is always there for one week won't know anything about sleeping in the thing about eating and be there for year after thing about working if women be raising a family. There have to say about other things to be on my knees with my little toddler playing in and having fun and having a date night with my wife, etc. so we don't live every second of every day just praying fervently and just preaching the gospel because we have to live our lives we sleep each have fellowship. We have friends we need rest, time, etc. so what we do should make sense in the light of eternity.

So there can be wholesome entertainment.

This part of life you push hard with your job busy with other things in ministry now okay just going to chill for little while with the family or could be watching sports something like that. However, if we come become obsessed with things if this become idols in our lives if we end up spending hour upon hour upon hour wasting our time.

That's a problem as it was our music if I'm going to listen to a lot of music. Then I want that music to either directly glorify the Lord or bring a message that turns my heart to the Lord, or that is something edifying and constructive as opposed to just being absorbed with it simply for the sake of stewarding time.

So that's the question I asked what makes sense in light of eternity. I had to discipline myself to slow down and to chill. I have to discipline myself are going to take a family vacation to get extra articles written extra shows record and then just focus on having fun with the family was that I will really do, but otherwise I'm always distracted by other things so in the course of a life with the rear 70, 80, 90 years. What makes sense in the light of eternity. That's how I want to live and that's I want to incorporate these other things and ultimately to the extent that the entertainment industry.

Music could have a God centered mentality them what they produce could be much more edifying and for good.

I thank you for the call and the comment and we may differ on our perspectives. That's fine that's obsolete, fun, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Kathleen and Duncan, South Carolina. Welcome to the modifier. Kathleen you there all right, go ahead. Please hurt) on their air. Very bright girl to come back to the Lord our walking with the Lord's prayer and an really brought brought. Some testing you got a bunch of folks listening to what you were prayer warriors and they will they will pray for your niece absolutely do so, go ahead. Then, with your question. I like tile really I want to know how I can handle it right got down I just don't handle it very well. Like my now does she claim to be a follower of Jesus. Now right so suggesting that's her whole issue whether she's lesbian, whether she's a nun in a convent whether she is sleeping with three different men, whether she's never had sex in her life. She needs Jesus. That's the only focus she needs the Lord.

She needs to come to the Lord's will pray for her salvation and she's she's a lost person and she may really care about the galaxies with their loss. The need the Lord were all lost in different ways and we expressed our lostness in different ways.

This is just a manifestation of the effect if you refuse explicitly or only focus and gobble because of the things to fall into place when she comes to him hey thank you for your love and concern for both your nieces for the Lord touch them to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire, be sure to visit vitamin vitamin find out about the great health supplements that I take my friend Dr. Mark Spengler brilliant and always on top.

The latest research try to get the best products to you and again our goal is to see a healthy and thriving spiritually. First and foremost with physically as well to go to vitamin Be sure use the special discount. You'll find there as a listener to the line of fire. Go back to the phones. An anonymous caller from somewhere.

Welcome to the modifier by Dr. Brown. Hey, long for how you would recommend consoling someone who's partner, spouse died, and the remaining spouse have prayed for the salvation of that other one for over a decade of 40 years and the person died denying Christ and of course that breaking the heart of the other spouse remaining spouse and that was their number one prayer I do console bank you will never obviously coming chill never see that there spouse again and another. I've been trying to wrestle with it to see what I am there. You know it's interesting because I have no idea what happened to the apostle Paul's parents or family, loved ones nor the other debacle. You know, I know a little bit. Peter's wife obviously was in the Facebook and just you know Jesus said now talk about who is my brother and my mother and I will make transforming those who do all those things don't they seem empty console someone notices so I want to get your bike is not an easy answer to such a painful question. I will share a couple things with you but there's no easy answer or magic bullet here. This can solve everything in the pain and grief. Paul said in Romans nine that he was in continual sorrow for his own people.

He was seeking to become law for the Messiah for them to be safe so it it elsewhere. He writes the Corinthian's and said that he was sorrowful, yet always rejoicing that when I read that I thought I probably sorrowful because of his Jewish people.

Nothing since it was a wound was a burden that he carries.

There's always the temptation to try to find some ray of hope somewhere, but if the person dies denying the Lord, we don't have that ray of hope when I could create a new theology were there. Get another chance of the world to call more will eventually everyone will be saved and we can't rewrite the Bible because the pain that were in an the closest I can come to this personally was when my dad died suddenly and 77. He had started reading the New Testament. He and Mr. 63 years old. He started reading the New Testament member him saying what am I gonna feel something. He was open he would come hear me preach pretty clearly wasn't a believer. At that point was open seeking fully receive me as a believer in the died suddenly because I thought praying progress is being made and then is gone so I don't know what happened. This final medicine. What happened between him and God before he left this world, so I have had to leave us? Within the agony as he lost forever.

Why never see him again and it so all the more. What I be feeling this is if it's it is my spouse and I was praying for my spouse for 40 years and then they die rejecting the Lord that you number one prayer I mean, obviously terribly, terribly painful. The only thing that that I would say is that I learned to trust that whatever God does is good. I don't mean that God damn sure husband to hell and that's why her prayers didn't avail. Chris didn't avail because he refused to bend the knee, and humble himself before the Lord, and believe for whatever reason you he rejected God's grace which God made available to him. But what's God going to do and how will God treat him and what will the sentence be and what will happen. So what I would just encourage her in the midst of the pain. Specifically, just like the loss is painful and is gone. There's that agony right another double agony. What happens to him.

So it it is agonizing, but I was just encourage you to say number one. How has the father treated you all these years how merciful has he been how long-suffering, how compassionate, how kind help patient that's who he is so you can trust whatever he does is right and good. I determined that when I stand before God and see his the final destiny of my dad that I would know whatever God does is good and right, of course, deeply hoping that I'll see him and be with him forever. But that's one thing.

The other thing is that you you have to tell her more than ever know God says that he is the husband of the widow and that her all in all has to be found in him that whatever comfort she had her husband is gone. Whatever camaraderie fellowship is gone and that she has to get to the place of God, you have to help me because the pain is too deep. The grief is too much. You have to be my all and all and and he can be that in will be there again if if I held to a theology that God predestined my spouse to damnation and therefore all my decades of prayer did nothing to change that. That would be very troubling to me. And of course I will see that scripturally will respect my Calvinist friends, but believing that it was ultimately his choice her prayers obviously made an impact of softening his heart of of bringing the gospel to him in different ways.

You just assume of someone's praying all those years that you're praying according to the will of God. He commands us to pray for everyone to be saved, especially those close to us so people still make their choices tragically, so those are the only things I say number one. The character of God to focus on that because surely whatever he does is good and right in Judaism when someone dies your first word is proof that met Blessed is that the righteous judge with a truthful judge and then may she find her. All in all, in the Lord.

He can give supernatural comfort even when our minds can't conceive it. Hey, thank you for the call may cause grace prevail. By the way many of us saved in Jewish homes are Muslim homes were there's not a history of believers before she will move you will have the previous generations.

These weighty questions that we wrestle with 866-348-7884 of its go to Rick and all the mall North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire around really enjoy ligament. The daily if I don't get that list or Monday but anyway I'll talk would like another day in the them is quite likely she wouldn't bother once saved always saved proud that I've grown up around but I forgot the talk, and she was making about for quite been closed on Saturday the number five asleep in the Bible college in and then you know she thinks she needs to observe the Sabbath eventually got talk about how she does love the law and is almost like you, I love the loan. I just didn't really and I read some of the pages this morning that, back in about observing the days and long years never going, but what's your point about other unknown will not honor the Sabbath anymore, but she just was not. She was little too much into the law all over the look her in the wrong way. God knows your heart right you may have right yeah yeah yeah she's a believer you know when I'm found out a bit of right right know what I meant was you may have rightly discerned that she is putting along the wrong place in an unhealthy way.

You might have misjudged her, so I appreciate your humility in and asking the question, but the Sabbath given by God seventh day of the week as assigned. Covenants assigned to Israel that never changed, but God never commanded the New Testament church to observe the seventh day Sabbath is obviously flexibility with different cultures different work situations and settings and ultimately we find her Sabbath rest in the Messiah. That's what there's no problem with Gentile Christian said hey Sunday is when we worship and gather and it's her day off from work. I don't believe God looks that says that's no good. That's the wrong day of the week.

What are you doing because as you said God God speaks other things to us in the New Testament were not under that obligation even cautions to pull Warren's people about being under the obligation to keep the Sabbath.

Many people Rick when they rediscover the beauty and importance of Cheraw and the fact that this is not just negative burden bad and that you know the feast of holy days God scissor his holy days appointed time so that they very much get into that and enjoy it. But then our identity can often shift from being appreciative of the torts and well-being under the Torah and our primary identity is found in observing Tory commandments, as opposed to being in Messiah and being forgiven by his blood, and living a new life in the new covenant by the spirit and that's what it can become dangerous. I've seen it now for decades, especially in the messianic movement for so many years that you will see Gentile Christians to get so excited about the law.

The next thing to try to live like Jews and they hardly share Jesus anymore. They they won't even say Jesus I praise you because this does to direct and I can so like idolatry and and they can fall into error so there's a healthy appreciation of the beauty of God's commandments. There's a healthy appreciation of how this all points to Yeshua the Messiah is a healthy appreciation of how we now live it out in the newness of the Spirit, but there are other things that can be unhealthy and that would certainly be the concern that the pendulum sink swings from throwing out the law to make in the law central rather than Jesus central hey thank you for the call appreciate it. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed listening to the broadcast okay were gonna go right back to England on the inside of the breakup but once again got some phone lines open if you'd like to call 866-34-TRUTH. Now is the perfect time will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown late afternoon, I got an email from my own ministry announcing video premiere of the great interview I done with Dr. Bob Gladstone, longtime colleague of mine tremendous insight into the things of the spirit and the things the word and I found out that the video was about to premiere because I got the email so even though I leave the ministry. I don't know every detail of what everything is going to be posted so you get those emails do a favor for me.

They'll inform you ask Dr. ASK GR and when you go to some of the emails also to everyone listening. If you just started listening now that it was you get the second half hour of our broadcast CK DTR in in the DFW area. There really be some programming changes on Kd KR that that impact when you hear the show but fear not. You can listen to the whole hour on podcast on your cell phone live when anytime just get the line of fire app is android or Apple modifier right and you can even just press one button to call in during that so that's available to you or you can watch live soon-to-be to the three central standard time.

You can watch live the entire hour at Esther to run on YouTube or Esther Karen on Facebook so you don't have to miss a moment. Even if our programming time changes on your channel with that 866-34-TRUTH any question of any kind that you want to ask me some controversies I'm involved with.

If you want to ask me Pro find out. By all means give me a call. 866-34-TRUTH we go to London Mary oh thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire on the go. I did my boy child. The boy go to. Do I need to get value for young David. Yeah hello my life not beloved wonderful will rejoice with you. That's you know we've gotten thousands of calls over the years but remember everyone anywhere ever calling and saying they just have a firstborn the day before your your your wife doing well baby mama yet. Very goodbye like a probably need a mom and you know you live like a male friend.

You know you really love your show and without you without all yeah and why I am thrilled to hear that gray brings me great joy for all of you. Thank you. I think about my question and difficult, though.

Wait about the Bible be a form of even public about the Messiah one.

I get done by we talked about that you think the names of your analogy between Adam not you can render the kind of the meaning of the name that that God would come down to the future that we bring to spending feet so you what you think about the argument that the anti-standby document. Glad they're not using apologetic me because you spent to be very public log and yet so Mario you still love me even if I diverse this bubble and disappoint you write one event okay yeah it's it's not true it's it's not accurate that's what you don't see it used in in serious academic apologetics and messianic prophecies are it's more a pop thing you'll hear Pastor say from the pulpit. He read it on online. First you have to read a lot into the meaning of the names another. If you could. You can read this genealogy a thousand times over in Genesis 5 and it wouldn't dawn on you it wouldn't dawn on you that there is some kind of secret gospel message of being found that you really have to read a lot into it. But then when you break it down one of the one of the key names is Methuselah right so submit to Shylock and in Hebrew. That's one of the key names there and in and point of fact, it doesn't mean was supposed to mean it. Yeah, I'm just look at one website that presents it death shall send forth no that the mates part is not death there before everything we can tell from comparative Semitic names. It's man many men of the mates can be dead or death in Hebrew or a mates can be man goes to another route.

It's probably man of the spear man of the sword. That's what it means. So just that one breaks everything down the supposedly debts and for this had nothing to do with that. So and then some of the others are all really forced along the way so as much as it sounds cool. I make a confession to you. I was sitting with the pastor of a good size church. I will even say where in America some years ago and he just happened to reference this how excited he was about this and just in passing and I didn't have the opportunity than to tell him it wasn't true and I just let it go past but no it's it's it's not a hidden preaching of the gospel. That's what you know, since there is apologetics and ultimately some of the names just break down. They don't they don't mean with their supposed to mean. So sorry about that one, but having been studying Scripture 50+ years. I keep seeing more amazing things that are there.

So even though some of these are real the real ones are amazing.

So keep thinking you keep finding more okay I will figure out the more the better. Get ended up it would become exactly I got bless you.

Thank you sir. Blessings of this wonderful family all what us once we call my heart is warmed by all that, by the way, you have no idea what happens when I'll shoot down one of these myths not this one in particular but say that that the Hebrew letters actually have hidden pictographic meanings that we can find. To this day, and that that expands the meaning of the word and opens mom and refute as it is bogus. It's is bogus is that I'm Elvis Presley. It's that bogus.

And there's not a legitimate Hebrew scholar in the world that would argue for that.

In any case we you have no idea the way I got attacked for putting out a video and then unwind us this big boy is a problem, but you sometimes you shoot down people's pet peeves and their theories and Andy they call you heretics like a heretic. First have to take Fratelli with the Hebrew words mean so anyway. Thankfully, those who want truth welcome it. Sick. Not that's this that I could but their beautiful aqua things even more powerful. But let us go to SJ and Tampa Bay, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. I think you and I you I you and I tell before Dr. Brown.

You know who I am okay work.

Thank you. Love the work that you do and I wanted to ask you.

I have over the years a lot of atheists have gotten on Twitter and they asked me the same question that they think is the got your question based on Abraham and his son anything. What would you do if God commanded you to sacrifice your only son, or your one of your funds what you do in a stable of course I stable God would never ask you that that's not there.

They think that's not a very good answer. So I'm wondering how you would answer the question. You are right in and answering it in the woods. God has revealed plainly that he does not want us to do that and that he forbade Israel from sacrificing their children and that he even brought heavy judgment on Israel when they did sacrifice their children and even made provisions of the law, since he said the firstborn belongs to me that when it comes to a child. The child is not sacrifice rather you sacrifice an animal in their behalf. So by Abraham, doing what he did and then by laws being established Gov. have to contradict himself. He has given all the laws he has given his ethical commands. He has said throughout the Bible, various things against this was that the got exist in Abraham's day. Abraham did not have that information that we have, you know it's it's just like if there's a road you pass by, and there is no stoplight there you drive a certain speed with there's a stoplight in his red okay now you know. So these things were given subsequently to Israel and therefore we we have the revelation so the very Bible that tells us about God's existence tells us was simply that were not to murder so it would be the same as what if I felt God told me to commit adultery but if God told me the murder would've called home still no to all of them.

She's ready spoke it and it is for is Abraham's concern was it's a God tested him because it was never his desire and Abraham was sure that one way or another, he was coming back with Isaac so you just have to say, or using the Bible to raise the argument yes. Will the Bible answers that argument so they can either accept it or not, they if they reject the Bible. It's fine there.

Atheists use the Bible to raise an argument than in the same way they can't reject the answer that's found within the Bible. The other thing is this. I had a guide atheist. Those debating the TV show last year and he said God told the children of Israel to kill the Canaanites.

What if God told you to kill me. I said what he wouldn't because you're not like the Canaanites, you're not doing what they did. God waited 400 years until their transgressions reached a certain point I said if I was a soldier in the Army and you are the nicest terrorist about to kill someone, and God told me to kill you as a soldier in the Army that would be a righteous good thing to do your about to kill innocent children and I'm a sniper and I can take you out. It's a good and righteous thing to do, but God would never tell us to murder someone sometimes is just a flippant argument and the answer is is very simple and straightforward, and if they rejected they reject it does not do so you can convince them but the same Bible tells us that story tells us it was a test and then God subsequently makes clear, under no circumstances that he does. He wants to do that so we have his answer already.

Perfect answer. I really appreciate it.

Sure thing and you like. Often we know the answer and we give it when someone pushes back looking for betterment sometimes assist the same simple truth. Hey listen friends if you're watching on YouTube or Facebook.

Would you take a moment click like thumbs up on YouTube on Facebook click share right.

This helps us to reach even more people should mention that the outside but I'm gonna try to grab some questions from social media Facebook features or if you have a question for me in the last segment of it to see if I can grab some of your social media question supposed him right now is time Israel short on YouTube or Facebook and see if I can grab a few in the next segment. All right, let's go to Angela in Alexandria, Virginia. Welcome to the light a fire. Thank you for taking my call. You know what, hang on. This is really rude but I got a break coming up in a few seconds and 10 seconds so if you don't mind please stay right there I went to get the Scripture verse ready that you want to talk about and as soon as we come back.

I apologize for bringing you on record for the break. As soon as we come back. I go straight to you. Thanks for your patience and I'll be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown far, you've got questions, we've got answers.

Let's go over to Angela in Alexandria all right.

Thanks so much. Looking to the line of fire. Everything Scripture I'm using it in regard to I have and often with me in the life of the believer dealing with trout birth and quite you know.

I About now.

I get believer and spiritual battle that nowhere in and so this Scripture thing to be something about me want to apply to their own life because you know happen with Donna. Why can't they experience a life without adversity. Being a believer so I wondering how how would you know answered it. Is it any downpipe I live in the now or Now or two. I do right thing right so number one diverse in first Chronicles 22, number two reference God telling Dave you have a son will be a minute rest for given restrooms on a reasonable side, Solomon will be as nameless. You can also confer peace and quiet on Israel in this time. Yes, Solomon's kingdom was so powerful that he didn't have to do more with his enemies until later when he was really a bad spiritual condition but he had all kinds of personal adversity.

He had all kinds of personal issues, no and ended up following idols in and sitting sexually, etc. so, and obviously discovery pride behind that Jesus tells us plainly.

In John 1633 to his disciples, but certainly applicable to us. He tells us plainly in this world you will have trouble would be of good cheer and be encouraged of overcome the world. That's just reality of Paul says in and ask 14 we must pass through many tribulations to enter the kingdom of God. Jacob James I chapter of first Peter. They talk about the trying of our faith.

The testing of our faith and have to we have to go through that to mature and grow. Romans five says that going through difficult times produces perseverance and perseverance produces character, and character produces hope so for sure in this world we will have trouble difficulty now, it could well be that one generation experience things different than another right that you know for me.

For example, part of my calling is to be engaged in 24 seven controversy and polemics in all of that and that hasn't been the calling for my daughter's zero that has been Nancy's main calling his mind so it alerts everyone has their own journey, but a life without conflict. Life without warfare is a life that we are ready deceased to Peter, we are not in this world and and if she could just understand okay there were hellish seasons. We pass through and we hope to never go through them again and we learn what we can from them to grow but there are things I've been through.

I hope to God I never ever have to live through them again. They were miserable and difficult and dark and painful at the same time. I know there's testing every day and I I learned to rejoice in it and it just like you working out no pain no gain literally the other day I was working I could get older it's hard to get muscle tone and things like that and I was a said to myself, you're not gonna make any progress in 67 unless you hurt yourself a little more here you go through little more pain to get the desired result. You get to push a little harder so yeah just just love on her patiently help her to realize in this world is trouble. Jesus said it show the verse John 1633 would be encouraged. He's overcome the world. Thank you are you are very very welcome. God bless.

Okay I will grab a couple social media questions now and still this time.

If you if you post something on on Facebook or on YouTube in our live feed right now I can get to your question was asked this. Having written an article regarding some recent comments of Pastor Greg walking and he and I are now in private communication and hopefully it will lead to broadcast together. We talked things, some through very, very honestly but he asked do I consider Greg Locke, a trumpet asked of, and one of those whose prophecies did not come true because I I can interact by phone now you know exactly what you mean by compass certainly was a strong trump supporter, but was he wrong in saying that Joe Biden would not be elected. Was he wrong in saying that you abide with never served a day in the White House was he wrong in saying that Donald Trump would be inaugurated in January of last year. Yes, he was was wrong on those points plainly flatly wrong use of the arch was stolen. Whether it was in knots not the issue here if if I guarantee you that there will be a car in your driveway of a brand-new pickup truck in your driveway tomorrow at noon. It is my gift to you and I buy it for you and I send it to you and I guarantee it. Along the way that the the driver decides to steal the car and take it for himself and there he gets to you what I intended. Well.

But what I guarantee did not happen. So in the same way with you believe the election was stolen or not.

If someone guarantees Trump will serve a consecutive years or so and guarantees Joe Biden will not serve it in the White House they got wrong.

That's at the end of the world if they got it wrong. People can get things wrong. People can really believe something is going to happen.

It doesn't you humble yourself, you get to the root of why you got it wrong you publicly apologize.

You step back for making pronouncements and into you get certain things clear and in order and trims with the area came from but of course, of course, you deal with it address so that's that's clear.

He got that wrong and rather than saying out wrong, he just said the election was stolen.

Binds a fake president which does not address whatsoever was spoken on condemning forgetting that wrong again.

People can make mistakes everyone of us. If we speak long enough will make some mistakes and and will will misrepresent something that's important to the Lord we humble ourselves. We learn from it and we go forward let's see Henry on YouTube.

The concept of Marist's IN exist in the first century. Romans 14 to the Jewish Christians avoid why because the principle of Marist's IN like Jews might today.

I just want to check one thing, as were speaking here yeah okay just just wanted to. It is you are spelling it and in Ashkenazi and I'm used to seeing and thinking of this with Sephardi pronunciation of so Marguerite IN Ben Ashkenazi's is Morris I and so give you legal definition online a concept in an helical Jewish law, which states that certain actions which might seem service to be in violation of Jewish law, but in reality are fully permissible themselves not allowed due to rabbinic enactments that were put in place to prevent onlookers from arriving at a false conclusion. For example, according to the parable, the blood of animals for big tape of the blood of fish is permissible. However, according to the principle of barista I am from our side is for been to the blowfish as an onlooker, may believe the blood being eaten is from an animal made us believe that animal blood is allowed to be eaten so it wouldn't be a direct application in that no one differed with whether you could drink wine at all. That was not a major debate in ancient Judaism, but drunkenness was forbidden, but why was part of various ritual observances like on the Passover and things like that so that that's him he would not be a direct application because it has to do with my liberty, causing someone else to stumble. So it's it's a related concept, but not the same. That being said, I know of no evidence halachic legal evidence that that principle was being taught in the first century. It's possible because we don't know how forcibly goes back in other words, the tradition may be written in the year 500 but if you don't find things contradicting it steadily if it'd been passed on early before than just not written until a certain time. If you see complete unawareness of something no evidence that anyone held to certain things then you questions okay perhaps it's a later tradition so yeah I I would say number one it's not really applicable.

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