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Dr. Brown Speaks with Prof. Jay Richards about the Virus, the Economy, and Science

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 24, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Speaks with Prof. Jay Richards about the Virus, the Economy, and Science

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 24, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/24/20.

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About to speak with Prof. Jay Richards will talk about the coronavirus how it impacts the economy. What is science say how should we be responding as government stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire number to call 866-34-TRUTH 8663 for 87884. Our friends as we look at the unprecedented times in which reliving we look at the crisis with the virus and so many questions there questions we all have their their areas right can answer. I been writing about this addressing this from day one.

Try to put out words of wisdom and comfort in faith and guidance but I'm not an economist. I'm not a scientist I'm not a medical doctor.

I don't understand how a lot of these things work.

So that's what we rely on the wisdom and counsel of others. So I've reached out to Prof. Jay Richards. He is professor Catholic University in economics and business. He is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute.

He is the senior editor for the stream right right on just a daily basis. So he's an economist is a philosopher, theologian, scientist, and just the man I want to talk to with a bunch of questions I have and I trust you have some as well. So if you have a question for Prof. Richards member call 866-34-TRUTH for truth J thanks so much for joining us on the live fire today hope you're doing well now doing very well. It's kind of funny I was. As I reached out to folks to do Skype interviews and zoom interviews and the on the air since people have more free time than normal. Like a lot of that anyway order our room type, actually. But I don't have to wait yet look right now. I should be on my way to Nigeria so this is a yeah definitely quite a difference.

It is same here and I'm used to doing stuff via Skype zoom radio and then writing so we're busy. But yes, so glad so that you could you could join us ought I got a bunch of questions.

Some are really simple, economically some really are or are more focused on what's happening now scientifically but first and foremost when you hear president from speaking now talking about. Try to get business back as usual within weeks not months, VP Pentz was on a conference call earlier today with conservative leaders said the same thing when you hear that, do you think that that he knows things we don't know you feel he's being reckless responsible. What's your take.

Now I think what you trying to do it who's trying to balance side… Computing type people without different opinion. When ever you make Apollo Michael most important thing people could remember that it's not a one sided rift so if you do one thing you might want to benefit your policy to outweigh the right now on social media and you know people are saying well. The trade-off is between people.

Why in Wall Street and the Dow Jones industrial average that it absolutely incorrect because the economy is about the wind up with 20 or 30% unemployment that's going to be live, the people and president from you understood this from the beginning. He knew perfectly well if you look we want to keep Americans safe.

But we also know that if we devastate the economy that's going to hurt people is going to kill people and so what are you trying to do if you trying to balance the reperfusion leaves on the epidemiological model try to figure out how bad the virus can be how health catchy is it that it is not deadly is the people in the balance that against really shutting down the economy effectively and the definite affair that that will cause that I think he's trying to find a happy medium. I do think the matter who the president were present proper work. Wonder whomever we do need to be forgiving because the president the commander-in-chief of having to make vision in which you way live on all sides of the equation going on. Yeah, right. So there are different approaches that have been taken to the virus. You have a collectivist society like China. They can just clamp down the can even suppress information getting into rapid things clamp down and, order everything yes South Korea which is democratic and yet they can have more intrusive control over people in the society was maybe less objection then you have the way things have been handled say in Italy and then Germany and America should get all these different models out we we didn't react exactly the same with South Korea during testing people as quickly as South Korea was for example, but there quarantining certain people, and otherwise try to let life go on as normal. It is it too late for America to follow the South Korean model well lately. The kind of effect of this shutdown. R week that can have an economic back about what we do. I still think the president died, look a bit and right of putting all of our report. Basically every every party practically sheltering in place where to focus on the people that we know are high risk catching it, and of dying from it or dying from an associated illness. Focus on that and then make have the rest of it being much more careful day out of crowd where math whatever you're in public and things like that. The people that were otherwise productive and are not part of the high risk category.

Let us get back to work.

Actually think that the thing that I think that is probably where the president will adopt. But honestly, I think that only that we can compare country a Korea renal event in terms of the population. Huge number the population right around right around: belfry of United States is very diverse, geographically diverse other places and what you got farmers living really far apart from each other different Manhattan or something like that and I think I can a 150 strategy is not the greatest thing.

Fortunately there's reality of the certain things the present Power usually do were state governors. You have authority within a jurisdiction to do certain things and so that's why were seeing a bit of a patchwork response. That's actually the federal constitutional order. Alright so we look at the different potential responses and no questions why is Germany keeping the death rate lower license so high in Italy and and and obviously lots of different factors. Time that's what's is it so complex and so difficult for it. For average person's inner China to make sense out of all this, but you have an article co-authored today.

That's up on the screen. saying that that the mortality rate may not be as bad as expected. I saw an article think intrusive post yesterday but Phyllis is like I'm not a doctor but I sell medical supplies. That's what we do and I'm tracking these curves and seem to have similar data. The things are peaking at a certain point in going down. So please explain what you wrote about in the article. Absolutely I should get credit Doug Dr. biologist William Rick worked on with what we noticed a few days ago that according to some of the model that were hearing about there continues to be the exponential growth both in the number of people and a number people die as a result of culvert 19 of the coronavirus, we noticed that if you look at Italy were probably personal and will respond in the probably two weeks ahead about in terms of the progress of the population is the number of deaths in the number total starting to level off and that whole thing really know this week. One or the other level, the daily death daily… Going down. What that means is that this virus is acting very much like other new viruses are not usually destructive, expect a lot of people, but in a huge exponential spike at the beginning and that it leveled off the population to kill the people that are most vulnerable and then you get it almost equally precipitate drop in the number of daily death. On the other side in hearing about a week wrote in death, but it possible that that will be on the other side to effect true if the court declined start Italy did not a really good time for ability to respond better.

What that means is we could probably predict that what we should be how we might think growth the number of cases and deaths from you, but it will level off at about two weeks in the background that had huge human implications of that human education for how we respond to all. So in terms of the potential exponential growth in the concerns and Bill Gates early on late February saying this could be the pandemic that once an Sentry pandemic that we've addicted and then you had different models were half of Americans could be affected. So if one of the hundred died.

That would be like 15 million deaths overseas apocalyptic type numbers as you're looking at things with your scientific background.

Do you think that there is not fear mongering. I'm people doing their best to predict and things like that but but are things being overstated or is it too early to tell. I think that there is even here, but that Spanish flu which is black centered hundred years ago catastrophe even during the Spanish flu. The response or the like, that the global economy did not shutdown the problem with the response we have right now that you got rid have many death of our lawn effect, but were also going to have death because of the drastic lowdown in the global economy and that's what I'm worried about that thing look like it's not that we thought, that doesn't mean don't do anything. This means that look at the danger of overreacting people die as a result of our response to the result of you having been exposed to the virus and that's what I'm worried about the second you say something certainly online that oh it looks like maybe level off that it people usually wanting to kill the elderly and extremely unhelpful. We need to figure out exactly what's going on and make sure that our spot rational and that it calibrated to the real risk so so with a best case scenario just again EE you can only predict to certain level but just you and your from your understanding looking things Americans when they okay best case and maybe maybe we can Phyllis be back to working on the schedules in a few weeks maybe schools open but life is we were use to it. You know, people gonna stadium events in movie theaters and packing restaurants and things like that.

How long do you think with a best case scenario would be before that type of life is normal. I think that's going to be a few months. I do think the president today is talking about many in opening back up in getting back to normal in future.

I certainly hope that happened we can't do this for several months. That would just be economically catastrophic.

I do think it take a while just discounting the economic effect. Get back to normal in part because you're the mom and Michael were not hundred percent sure how much immunity you got the letter that you're healthy and you're a symptomatic post virus got antibody that help that allow you to be permanently immune to them in your meal for six months or year. We don't know that what I'm hoping is that it actually most people really not affect the other. A lot of people to get likely fit build up an immunity and egotistical herd immunity where the population in general has an immunity to indoor not wearing it around and posing it you causing other people that are in high risk category.

That's what I'm really hoping for but a moment. Unfortunately, those are open questions. I will say based on the early thought very much more on the optimistic side than a lot of people that were hearing from unfortunately the ball I you will be right back with professions in which stem I asked him to be on the air to speak with wisdom and expertise to seriously come back.

I got bunch of economic questions from somebody is not understandably not economics well uncut simple questions to ask if you like that incident right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us in on the fire.

If you have a question for me or for Prof. Jay Richards, 866-34-TRUTH, right J I have to apologize for the basic nature of a couple of my questions. Growing up my dad was really into the stock market and I would ask them to explain how it worked to me and within a few seconds he would go too deep and I would like eyes would glaze over and he taught listen to them for minutes but really not hear a word of it and it's just one of these things come like a black hole with me, but here's my mentality in my ignorance right yet. The stock market. They understand what's healthy was not healthy. They understand there's a storm we have to write out here. Why does it seem that there are six constant reaction to the news like what again.

Forgive the ignorance of this question. Why can't the powers that be in the major players to say hey we just can stay calm during this income to get through the storm why the ups and downs and and it seems as if it's creating its own problem so please help us understand that absolutely I think the important thing to realize about the stock market is a collective thing and so there is no one person you might imagine the fiber player but the reaction of millions of people in the third average of the Dow Jones average stock is thought to be representative of the American economy and felt the human right. You know the economist John Maynard Keynes talk about animal what he meant is that it ultimately we have a motion we get mad we get right and that's true. People that have large portfolio well and so the other thing the people there with Dr. during the third trying to enter what other people think right you might think I got the company I think is really helping company that would be great, but bad news came out about the court.

The PO dieter committed a crime to everybody you want to sell and so I want to sell because I don't want to get stuck when the price goes to the basement and I'm stuck with the stock that I bought in the high prices that are comfortable reacting emotionally and then everyone also trying to help other overreacting and of course with them. Everybody else is acting emotionally yet. Like it or not, the stock market lack public mood. I met most telling people that the most important things I think Pres. Trump doesn't comes the economy.

I don't agree with everything from the dedicated policy but just the kind of psychological effect to the outer people in which they feel good about the economy that matter. Economically people feel good about things, the more likely to take risk, make them more likely to go out try to find a job and still feel it bottomed you're dealing with psychological reality stock market like the fact that you might imagine that there's some kind of mathematical algorithm interesting and that that absolutely explains it. I recognize last week I heard a snippet of the press conference and the president was touting this malaria drug and saying hey I feel good about this.

This could really work okay. And then of course not. Kathy Faust is coming up with scientific cautions, caveats, etc. will I'm an optimistic person by nature faced person by nature so I I realize later that day that I was thinking I will get through this quickly and which can be over sooner rather than later and I asked myself was that from the Lord, something he was showing me putting in my heart was that despite human optimism, or was I influenced by the president and it could've been a little of all the above, but certainly when he's talking about Haywood and make it your gonna come back big bed and ever.

Okay that's that's Trump that's being who he is. That confidence but you are saying with some consistently think about that.

He's trying to encourage these people like a Stratus psych up these people.

I can't begin to make it… Don't do the wrong thing to do since that's what he's doing in these and these oppressed press conferences right absolutely not. Think about people that have large, the average American who may not know who that might be a Donald Trump understood that they understood this for decades. He can communicate in a kind job local level about the people that you Dilbert cartoon guy got out of early on part of the election in 2000 2000 Donald Trump as a tangible way of communicating over social media over television.

That is what give him his power, I think, and compelling nature for so many people. I think that exactly what he is trying to do that. Why is Rockport but you can comfort their talking about the thing please also kind of giving is on his own take on things. Even in real time actually think this is a good thing. I think the long run we will be thankful that he did that because the reality that most people can't follow epidemiological right or do I need to prepare and hope about what the president wants us to do is prepare. Be careful what why still hope for the best because they're not the countries not going right so that 22 last questions relating to the economy again.

Based on my ignorance of how these larger things run I'm thinking okay whenever we restart we just restart and people you got kind of crazy buying doing things you know pumping things out. The economy can get going quickly again but obviously there there points from which it's difficult to return.

There's there's damage that's done that it's hard to repair. So where are we at in that in that balance right now I would say were frankly Michael were a couple week away from catastrophe, we can get the government on her.

Everybody given a check for $2000 from the government anything by factory problem for not producing anything by an extra money for actually going to create inflation, not on so that's what I'm worried about productive capacity of the country going on hold for several weeks that you take the time to get that back up and running but you feel though that Mason with the president. This is hoping to do that that that can be turned around, and that some of the optimism and that is portraying. This is not just empty words with your substance that we can really bounce back strongly absolutely everywhere. Still more powerful country were highly productive. We are build your center of innovation on the planet. We worry about the dollar, but it still uses the reserve for the secure than any other, so I don't have any doubts about the fundamental strength of our economy and a basic reality you got 20% of the population suddenly on unemployment and without a job. We haven't been producing them. Imagine you're an accounting measure gives everybody $10,000 by yourself or help dollars, but if the same number cards that we were there the day before you part what you have is more money chasing things all the cost of the good. Still, there was one is not just people having been but products that have actually been produced.

Economy comes from productivity and from creating well and people having wealth available to purchase that it doesn't come just from a seven money to spend. All we have is a lot of money to spend in the same number of good that you create inflation. Unfortunately, I last last question and so that that second follow-up to the first is to be technically right. So here's the way I think you asked him why did you vote for Pres. Trump. They say well because of his pro-life stance. Is it okay that was that was moral.

I wanted you vote for Pres. Trump. I thought it be good for the economy unthinkable. You vote your pocketbook. In other words, what one thing is more selfish. The other thing is more spiritual.

What one thing is more think about others.

That is think about our system many do vote your pocketbook in a superficial way. Just thinking about more money in my pocket and I want to do better than than ever. You know the American dream bigger and better, but you're saying that there's a real connection between economics and morality and that lives are really at stake. So just open it up for us absolutely.

In fact, they think that that's the most important thing I think people need to remember that the president not thing well how many elderly people and I willing to let die in order to improve the stock market that is not the calculation well-being of the economy is the well-being of people and especially the well-being of the people that are the very bottom rung of the economic ladder. And so what happens in the economy has a real human cost that we actually know from studies we all imagine that everybody else pocketbook. Think about the 500th about the reality of that. Actually, most people vote for good or for ill.

They think they're voting for the candidate best one for the common good the not just the best for them, but the best.

Other people think you're really not that often Americans are hoping to do for the economy or the body. They did misunderstand or get the really about what the best policy are. That's why I think Michael did economic important because it's only with economics that we can learn to distinguish between meaning to do well and actually doing well that is advocating policy now knife people and advocating policy bill actually improve thing in the long so just follow through on on that. I can understand now were economic issues could be a matter of life and death that if you can produce certain things or get some medicine out of insulators or whatever it is, or that certain people that are more impoverished won't get care but just in one minute in everyday life. If the country is more prosperous. How does that actually save lives.

Think in terms of healthcare actually were spending less money on their total income on ludicrous billing.

What there are total income on the real estate and all the things that have more money actually healthcare and dock care research so that the very direct way of thinking about it, but in a more practical way. Look at your retired your limited income. Suddenly her 401(k) drop you have left money.

Now you're making compromises which are not going to the doctor when you should you're more likely to actually die hard. Realize that not direct situation for one person killed another person. It's just a result of knock on effects from that economic guy that wouldn't guide a lot yeah well will put Jay a thank you so much, not just for having the knowledge but for breaking it down for people like me and some of these areas much appreciated and keep up the awesome my friends read Jay Richardson screamed our check out his books right, stay busy, say say states in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire if you're just tuning in and joining us now.

Please go to our YouTube channel and start to Brown is Kadir Brown and later today go back and listen to my half-hour interview with Prof. Jay Richards breaking down things for a scientifically economically free so so helpful in so many ways is a brilliant guy well learned in the number feels real polymath but able to break things down with real simplicity so that anyone can follow. 866-34-TRUTH usually do. I do have a few things I want to share with you in terms of what I believe God is saying to us.

I knew better job on the theological and biblical and that I can on the economic and scientific and obviously something away and with some thoughts I think are important to take your calls relative to the times in which we living but if you have a question of any kind for me completely totally unrelated to coronavirus and everything else phone lines are open 866342. So Howard, you don't have to be careful in terms of who you let on his longest connection is good and the question is relevant will take calls 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Joe in Virginia. Answer: the line of fire Dr. Brown are you doing today I'm doing very well thank you all right.

I had a question I would walk in the Robertson report on TV last night hosted the Robertson and he had a Dr. Matthew Carano on and he recently did a study about how music can help in this time of isolation with everybody being in the home that music can help relieve stress and limits identify with all aboard with this study of Dr. Matthew chronicled. However, when he met the news that the hope the Robertson he was making in absolute parity of the guy usually called the troop guy, but when I think that Steve Steve the liar guy in Wayne for making a parity at a Dr. Matthew Carano and I just think that music can really help in this time of need. Wondering if it takes on that but I think that we really need to find that Goldilocks zone between being going crazy and is not taking it seriously enough. The family we all need to be in or how to give us isolation and in all this stuff.

Please delete it back and I realize that things take time, but what is your your opinion on yeah I can actually weigh in on this with some degree of expertise having written a book on the power of music God's call to change the world one song at a time and then having devoted a specific chapter in the book to how music affects the brain. I also talk about how music is being used as a means of torture.

You know this is this is the repetitive playing of loud music and what's that Don and so positive effects.

Negative effects so first there is no debate. There is no denying that music does affect the brain in unique ways it affects all of the brain in ways that very few other things do.

So we know that just common sense tells you that you're watching a movie right and I and you and you know here's here's here's what's going on, you've got a mom written plan on playing with her.

Her couple little kids in the backyard. Okay and everything seems fine, but suddenly the music is like this tense encyclical quick but if you turn the sound out everything seems fine but but suddenly it was good it's it's the music that it and you Joyful music has a certain effect on you. You got some weightlifter he's about to try to set a world record as every mouth girl and echoed my duty to end and then you've arrived a lot like the day and they had yes so so it in any case, it has II looked at books like music, the brain in ecstasy how music captures our imagination music in the mind. This is your brain on music. The science of human obsession the world in six songs how the musical brain created human nature and not on all these books that I that I bought and looked at him in writing my book on the power of music it it hears from one book club music in the mind by store music stimulates the mind captivates the heart, nurtures the soul distinguished psychiatrist ponders why so here is looking at it from a psychiatric or psychological viewpoint. But basically, studies have been done say with kids at home with classical music in the background and how that affects their performance.

Other musics have been tried out people say elderly people with Alzheimer's, different things like that and the music is had a positive effect to help restore brain activity so Joe in in obviously I haven't the slightest clue in terms of how music could affect someone in ICU dying of of covered 19 of course, but those in the shed and in our homes. Those of us disrupted from a normal schedule. Those of us with kids running around music makes a massive difference, emotionally, psychologically, and if there's an emotional and psychological effect that has a physical effect as well.

These things are all related. And we know in the Bible the importance of music in terms of worship and connecting with God.

So yeah I I have no idea what this gentleman would pooh-pooh this my book the power of music. I really lay it out documented. Let's prayerfully and carefully use music now with wisdom in our homes with our families with their children us alone. It'll it'll make a massive difference in the atmosphere so Joe, thank you so much about the call for your call 866-34-TRUTH will go over to Canada with Danny, thanks for calling the line of fire around are you doing well.

Thank you. Great question by Rick though. I've been getting private met Ren one in particular if anything like the RFID chip market. The coronavirus government made for martial law. That's not complete nonsense. I think by whatever bona fide give. I get no laugh out loud your brain washed. It was coming to me yeah yeah and I mean that you know the doing that their lot doing it. I love new friend. Having a hard time and where you and I would try to help them when the ministry find a benefit or die. But now we think and were all the and how would you find Christian in particular that come out with the real parts that you yes effectively thank thank you for asking Danny and be assured that I get the same stuff said to me, but on steroids. This because of our public platform. So whether it's a warning from a pastor with a good track record saying he has scientific information and information from high sources in the government. If vaccine comes out.

Don't take it as is. That's not just a rumor.

That's actually telling you don't take the vaccine is vexing to save your life or kill you. And isn't this big questions and then the mark of the beast and then place a revelation and then various things I've heard. I just read an article. Here's what we know for sure that this was not manufactured in the lab. I've heard from others note was manufactured in a lab and I'm how we get how in the world.

How can we possibly you and I know right so here's the way I would respond to someone Behrmann a been around long enough that this is like the 30th time I've heard about the mark of the beast and the chip and the implant in and this is gonna be the key for it or the international currency so far none of them have have come true yet so what I might do is do a little research. Let's am really trying to help people here okay to say hey please help me understand something, you know, and in 1971. We were told us that in 1983 we were to know and like the exact same warning exists is the art and that the chip the market a bit.

Whatever this is, it is St. so this true. How you know those didn't pan out why you so sure this codependent, let's just get the person starts thinking rationally or I would. This is one technique to try to get them to to really say this is this not the first time we been through this okay. This will different but this not the first time we been through certain crisis and you know within time prophecy their books written that show how Christians were saying. That's it.

It's this is this is the end of World War II, and Mussolini was that was the get to be the head of the false Roman Empire and Hitler. The false prophet and you know all this stuff. It's like when I was a terrible time but it wasn't the end of the world sets once and get them to think like this.

The other is to play the same game to have some other equally extreme theory, but that's the opposite say man that's scary, but I also I just heard this Smith and then this again with the goal being to try to wake the person up to realize okay hang on. This is just theory that's out there and with something this volatile. There's going to be every conspiracy theory from the Jews are behind it to. This was a weapon of mass destruction from China.

This was a Democrat plot to take down the president. This is the secret cabal of generals that have been working on this for years. I mean there's endless, endless theory and speculation and and if it's someone that that is more rational in their approach right I just say yeah I'm hearing a lot of different things on just praying for wisdom doing what I know is right to do here. Let let's really pray that this will flush out you know that if the person is more rational. I'd approach it and that we so one way is given information getting to realize that we've heard these theories before another is to hit them with equally wacky theories and another is to say, you know this is really serious stuff some really praying and but here's what I know, here's where I'm living my family's living. This is this is wisdom and wearing faith and were gonna keep an eye on all these things and just try to calm it down a little beyond that, you know it's it's like trying to put out 100 fires once it's in the heart to do. Thank you Mike that but you you you bet you bet. And by the way, just in announcement I I'm actually writing a book. Hope to finish it by the end of this week and haven't out at least any form with in the next week or 10 days on the virus on the Bible on the end of the world and how we should live on faith versus fear wisdom. Yeah, I'm not traveling over the believing for Legos Nigeria today or tomorrow. Something like that. So I'm I've got young busy core super busy but I'm not traveling so I got a bit more time than normal so I'm hoping to put out a whole book and and get it out very very quick in writing articles talking about things so right really come back and get your calls and I want to lay out just a few thoughts on what we need to grab in this moment been talking about a lot.don't just count when can we get back to life is normal.

Let's seize the moment in this abnormal time to live differently.

That's a and B. Let's seize the moment to learn what we can to live differently when life goes back to quote normal right that it's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on one of our circle. By God's grace to be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of society and Catholic Church. All too often in compromise. So pray with us if you're able to stand with us. I know many are under economic pressure and challenge.

Right now, some or all in this together. If you can stand with us to help us continue what we're doing and in supporting our workers, missionaries, and others work around the world and sacrificially making a real impact stand with us makes a massive difference of pray for able to stand with us could ask Dr. Brown, the Lord SK DR Click on donate and every dollar will be used. The glory of God and to advance the kingdom and to continue to be your voice of both cultural and spiritual revolution.

All right, I was say this again some of us kids at home not working. Schedules upside down were just counting the minutes for life to get back to normal and and I do understand that and someone very difficult, challenging situations, but I want to encourage you in these unusual times to seize the moment.

Maybe watch a lot of sports maybe went to the movies a lot. Maybe spend a lot of time at restaurants. Maybe there lots of things you did that that were secondary were not necessary to the staining of your own life. Now you have more time on your hands.

We have a situation where your spirit stuck around each of the Morris family seize the moment use the time to get with the Lord. Use the time to to stop and slow I can think about what really matters before the right restarts again use the time to make quality investments in relationships and family and the time you have. Also for pastors and leaders. The understand these are challenging times. We have church lives in and our buildings are often busy day and night things going on and and now those aren't going on so it's challenging and manager say were using Lifestream or networking different ways. Wonderful doing. I'm using Lifestream even more movies at all the time anyway, but using it even more to communicate even more with people home or and and and try to minister more and give more in servo. These capacities, but it's also good to ask questions about who what's the church really supposed to be. Who are we, really, I just wrote a chapter about that last night to put in this book that I'm I'm I'm writing to come out immediately on on the virus. In response to his believers. What is energy voice to do things.

Should we put more emphasis on a meetings at home should be put more emphasis on being in our community should be put more emphasis on being the church than simply gathering together.

Please understand I love gathering together I'm I'm all for gather at a low public evidence of the preaching of the churches of a preach and some of the finest mega churches around the world with fine leaders doing a fine work in reaching the lost and making disciples and helping communities in doing wonderfully and I work closely with leaders in house church networks so I'm I'm all for working as many different places settings as possible. I will I love coming together with a gifted worshiping that loves the Lord's anointed worshiping with thousands of people fight find speed to 10,000 people in one shot is supposed to go from city to city, city, city, speak to 200 top awesome wonderful I love it. But also know that's not all there is to church. I also know fact that most of what church is is lived out outside of the four walls of the building that while gathering together is important. We can gather together in many different ways as well to look.

I have a radio show. We have an online show. I have TV shows so I have no problem with saying he hears someone speaking to thousands or millions of people with the same time of God's raised you up as a leader is a pastor and you have campuses to where you where between your physical meetings and satellite your speaking 50,000 people week awesome deliver the word the Lord gives you making you shoot, you build up the people of God to reach the lost. 04 Absalom I'm sure you want, but I'm also saying that a lot of the way we do church and sipping some superficial that a lot of the way that we do church ends up not really making disciples in the most quality way and that this is a great time for pastors and leaders not just to figure out how to make two at the moment and how to serve your people in your communities. At the moment. Which of the big questions, but also to ask, how can we grow how how can we be the church more effectively. What if God you shut down the big meetings entirely. What if we could Lifestream, but we do, how is it the church has grown for centuries without live streaming without big buildings. Many parts the world to this day that's how it's going to just questions to ask so that we can come out of this better than when we went into all right, 86634. Let's see, let us go to Susan in California.

Thanks for calling the line of fire, thinking how much for your program, your regard spiritual warfare and I have heard from Christian minister teach on spirit of love by Heinemann, and I was wondering if Scripture really accurate yes and no. Here's the yes certainly the Old Testament knows a demonic power called Leviathan on. He's mentioned in Isaiah 27 one and the Lord defeats him he's he's represented in Canaanite mythology is as a seven headed dragon. We see images of that in the book of Job, there is a debate about exactly who Leviathan on is the end of the book of Job in earlier Job Leviathan on his mention is one of these chaos powers. These demonic powers so it would seem that in the demonic realm. There is something someone that is identified is Leviathan that's that's one thing as frequent a Python spirit. There is a Greek word that relates to that in acts 16 with a woman with the spirit of divination, but it's not is not saying that there's a street out there called the Python spirit okay so here's here's why think things can get weird and wacky and here's why think we can have spiritual insight all right. I think things get weird and wacky when we try to put a name on everything that's happening and start naming all kinds of demons and said this demon operates like this in the spirit operates like that's a before you know what you got a handbook where your your fight like 40 different demons by name gallantly which one is that before we bite, we better look that one up packets from your wacky an end to me does no good. Okay. On the flipside there's no question that Satan has an organized army and works in systematic ways. Ephesians 612 indicates really a hierarchical structure in the spiritual realm that's what were battling and when I wrote my book Jezebel's North America me clear out some of the ghost of Jessica with the same coalition of demonic forces that work through Jezebel are clearly working again today or if there was a principality or demonic stronghold call in or that were identifying as Jezebel. This is neighbor putting on it that stronghold principalities operating incident was look at the symptoms look at what's happening so someone stalks because the Python spirit.

I don't see that as a biblical concept. However, if they talk about your under this attack right and it is suffocating you and it's doing so that they give all the symptoms just like a doctor says a suffering from this this this this yes okay let's do blood test knew the you have all the symptoms let's do that.

Let's use this medicine so what's happening is people are going to be extreme with naming everything and so on which which again I think was 24. On the flipside, there are things that they're rightly identifying symptomatically and that sometimes when we now recognize what we're dealing with it and knows the reason I wrote about the whole Jezebel thing was to say connect the dots. Let's recognize what were dealing with spiritual in them and you recognize it you can more holistically fight it and oppose it instead of flailing here and flailing there and flailing there. So I think if we can demythologized a little bit not get caught up with the names in the titles and and recognize more the reality of what were battling with spiritually. Then I can derive something helpful. I heard a guy years ago preach on the Python spirit for center heard about it in the 90s, and while I rejected his ethics, exegetical and linguistic method. His overall message was great and and we were really in a very intense battle financially with our ministry and personally some some things really hit hard. That really describe this Python, things I thought okay even though the way he got to his main point you can use the Greek properly.

His overall point was accurate.

This is what were dealing with, spiritually, and we resisted it in Jesus name. So get them take the good out of it without the weird and wacky and God bless.

Thanks, 8664 truth. By the way this guy great testimony from one of our online students, and if if you have time to take classes is a great time fire school of enrolling in the program. It's an amazing program taken all of our best classes put them online for you and it's just a wonderful place to be fire school of but at one of her students 70 at her husband's early 70s had a number of respiratory prior conditions comes down with the virus.

He's got symptoms of fatigue, body ache, fever, his wife starts to get sick. Pastor calls up praise for the wife over the phone. She's instantly healed next day to set I guess. Today now husband completely healed, so that was that was good news to get right. Listen, I am going to keep taking your calls tomorrow for monster jam, but we are literally out of time so I wanted only take as many calls as I can tomorrow so just look at the board here in right get your names in my head. So if you if you call them, I'll do my best to bump you up, but very special announcement tonight 7 PM so just three hours from now on the Esther to Brown YouTube channel can be doing a live stream talk about my new book resurrection, but giving some Jewish perspectives of the resurrection of Jesus. Some Jewish traditions things you've never heard before and then using this to bring a new argument that supports the resurrection of Jesus.

7 A is 3000 7 PM Eastern time live stream on the Esther and ask Kate Brown to channel. I will see you again shortly

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