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Confronting the Growing Plague of Baseless Hatred

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
The Truth Network Radio
May 18, 2022 5:50 pm

Confronting the Growing Plague of Baseless Hatred

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 18, 2022 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/18/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

What can we do to combat the baseless hatred that is rising in America for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. 66343105 ML dear Sir host Dr. Michael Brown. There fast in the Talmud that asked the question why was the first Temple in Jerusalem destroyed in 586 BC, the top of the that day but it's asking why was the first Temple destroyed it says will these three sins were there. There was idolatry there was sexual immorality. There was the shedding of innocent blood in the question is asked why was the second Temple destroyed when the people were not worshiping idols when they are engaged in Torah study and good deeds etc. the answer is because of baseless hatred in Hebrew see nothing on and the Talmud then deduces from this.

This is in Yoma 9B Tom deduces from this that baseless hatred is equal to idolatry, sexual morality, the shedding of innocent blood. This is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire. Here's the recall to weigh in.

But the phone lines are open for anything you want to talk to me about 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 may want to weigh in on the hatred that's in America and and who is most responsible for spreading it. Is it the media is it politicians is a social media is a just grassroots demonic is a combination of all of the above. Who or what is responsible for fueling the flyers fanning the flames of this hatred that is growing whites against black slacks against Jews different groups against Asians whites against Hispanics, etc. who is fueling this fire. Blacks against whites whose fueling the fire. Why is it on the increase. Why are we seeing more atrocious shootings and killings in all different directions based on ethnic or racial hatred yesterday Monday. Excuse me, what I was talking about the tragic shootings over the weekend. I mentioned that that time initially with the information we had was that an Asian American going to church the Sunday shooting. We had the clear information about a white supremacist targeting Blacks on on Saturday in Buffalo, but it seemed there was an Asian American Asian American church… It doesn't seem to be at an ethnic or racial issue there. It would seem that there may have been some internal dispute or something like that as as as happens you're mad at someone in the church. Her ex-wife goes there your crazed and one attacking you do this demented thing. But it turns out that the shooter was shooting over racial issues. These were Taiwanese Christians and according to what I'd read, this man had to go to Taiwan from mainland China and resented the way he was treated in Taiwan therefore have an ax to grind against Taiwanese Chinese even though he himself was Chinese so that the racial hatred of the ethnic hatred is there as well. So I want to talk a little bit more about what we must do as followers of Jesus to swim against this ugly time also if you want to weigh in at all on the show yesterday was RT Kendall Dr. RT Kendall's brand-new book, prophetic integrity and some of the issues we were discussing some points that were raised that you may want to weigh in on film is open for that as well. Plus I been talked about this at all on the air but Todd White reached out to me a few weeks back and said can I do a video with him talking about the meaning of second Corinthians 521 he had made some comments that got people very upset and I didn't watch the video, but I saw I saw quotes of the specific comments and he was trying to explain second Corinthians 521 that Jesus became sin for us, so that in God's sight, he would have become the worst of sinners guilty of the worst of crimes. Any any said certain things that disturb people. Understandably he with you. We talk by phone is will this documents what I'm trying to convey innocently what you're trying to convey is right. If you say the certain way it can easily be misunderstood. So we talked about it I sent to more material from a commentary that had the discussion of this, he then got on with me and said, okay, here's what I understand to be saying is a great that's that's take that will deeper fine-tune that a little bit more.

So we posted that video. And that's that's got a lot of interaction on YouTube. Some people really pleased that I have that relationship to speak into his life of sin. This is wonderful to see two brothers children his things together of the same.

What you give the time of day. He's a heretic so feel free to way and I've got a fascinating quote from Martin Luther that one of our YouTube viewers posted I found the fuller quote here and interact with that as well.

866-348-7884 so we have this terrible social madness. We have mass shootings in America, unlike what most of the rest of the world experiences in terms of violent attacks. We have the mass shootings we've had car attacks we've had other types of attacks knives use but not as commonly for mass attacks because the availability of guns and having China mass knife attacks because guns are less available to human beings are commit atrocities but it's been for many years now. In my book revolution which came out and the first edition the year 2000. I have list after list after list from 1999 of mass shootings, just that year, I mean mind-boggling, agonizing, horrifying reforms become used to them.

But now, so many are being tied in with race issues, ethnicity issues of the slaughter in El Paso a Walmart in El Paso that was aimed against Hispanic Americans. The buffalo shooting is reset and against black Americans and of the.

The shooter also hated Jews and wanted to target Jews if if you look at the black shooter in Louisiana white sugar and Buffalo white shooter in Texas then you have a black shooter in the subways of New York City, wounding 29 and he was known for his black nationalist by supremacist writings. You have the Lakisha parade massacre where you where you got there. A black man slaughtering white men and women a child and in cold blood and he had his own BLM sentiments that were posted white man walking into a church in Charleston South Carolina and slaughtering in cold blood, black men and women are there and worship the Lord and and and warmly welcome this fellow in their midst. It is, it is so much on the increase so many ongoing violent crimes against Jews because they are Jews in New Jersey through the Jersey City shooting a couple years ago targeting Jews as Jews by black supremacist, so you've got it in all directions. Another way the mainstream media often talks about it. It is just a measure of white supremacy and it ties in with January 6. If you're Republican or white supremacist of Republican if you voted for Donald Trump your insurrectionist that is irresponsible rhetoric very irresponsible rhetoric to group all these people together and in fact we can an article on Newsweek posted on Newsweek by let's see by its Angie speaks the left issues in the buffalo shooting to demonize his political opponents fuses African-American or Hispanic American looking at the picture and she said the white supremacist arrested for killing 10 people Buffalo supermarket on Sunday did not leave much room for doubt as to why he allegedly carried out such a heinous and horrific act in a lengthy and on his manifesto. He made reference to the code. Great replacement theory, a racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that accuses Jews of importing black and brown immigrants to replace the nation's nativeborn whites.

Then she says, rather than taking this for a horrifying incident as an opportunity to unite against such an ugly friends view the left and said seized on the tragedy as an opportunity to blame their political opponents and liking them all to the buffalo shooter of and just again. One example of this.

After another may be the most glaring Rolling Stone magazine published a piece titled the buffalo shooter is the low move wolf. He's a mainstream Republican, you might as well say well the the shooter of Steve Scalise, Congressman Steve Scalise and other Republicans in a baseball game they used. He's just a typical Democrat and him and on and on with this type of of rhetoric.

Here's an article on Fox buffalo shooting MSNBC, ABC Rolling Stone notice exploiting pain is an tragedy trash opponents Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke up with his wife and directly to structure Carlson and dilemma here to defense or Carlson or Fox news is this really none of my mind whatsoever, but that the shooter. Although he held to this great replacement theory. This demented at the anti-immigrant antiblack anti-Brown anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, which is vile only held to that he hated Fox news. He considered himself to the left of authoritarian but left this soul that temperature paint with these broad brushes is destructed with the reason I bring it up is to say that political leaders are being irresponsible in further inflaming tensions. Others in the media are being irresponsible. Talking heads being irresponsible in all it's doing is provoking more hatred marginalizing more and more people and then when you have these really evil people or these mentally ill people or combination of both.

It doesn't take much to to push them over doesn't take much to push them over to a point where they are now committing these horrific acts.

This, each shooter, each one and ask each murderer is responsible alone for his or her actions almost always his when it comes these mass killings but but each one is responsible for their own actions, but we who are communicators, we must think through the implications of what we say we must think through.

If we speak on the platforms that we have of your pastor, preaching from behind the pulpit with your schoolteacher with a school full of children if if you are if you are speaking on the radio.

If your social media influencer of your political leader of you are you have an audience that your influence you need to think through the implications of your words is what I had Kathy Scully Michael Jones on a show a few years ago not to debate, but have a discussion and and I said to him your words could lead to violence. So how can that be because I hold to the do no harm view of the of the Catholic Church. So while he has all these anti-Jewish reason, my views lately anti-Semitic views. He said I absolutely say do no harm of the words are speaking or irresponsible.

It was long after that that there was that the Pali synagogue shooting and even though there's no connection that is known between a Michael Jones and the shooter to the talking points with the same major talking points, many of them. Many of of course the shuttle is responsible, but we give these warnings, reason, and now things are getting more and more and more inflamed intentions rising friends. You and I followers of Jesus. Let's be peacemakers. What can we do to overcome hatred with love to overcome evil with good.

We must find a way to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on anything I've said you can take issue with me, you can probe more deeply, or any other question on any subject that touches on our modifier broadcast by all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 to be going to the phones pretty soon. Today, 866-34-TRUTH before I do that. Just hearing the ad recommending the vitamin supplements of Dr. Marks thing it those of you listening on radio or elicit a rating from her the same ad you may have heard something else. If you listen to my podcast are watching live stream. In any case it Dr. Spangler's. It is my personal physician. He was voted last year year before Dr. of the decade in terms of the top natural path of doctors in the country, always on the cutting edge of research in the supplements really really are good to take them on a regular basis to suffer my healthy lifestyle and found a really excellent so check that out. We have a special arrangement with Dr. Spangler where he blesses all of you as our listeners and viewers with a 10% discount. Then in turn gives a discount back to a donation back to our ministry to help us reach more people to get out more free material.

So that's vitamin okay there's an article that was posted by Glenn Greenwald, Glenn Greenwald and it is called the diminutive demented and selective game of instantly blaming political opponents for mass shootings and he said all ideology sponsored psychopaths who kill innocence in its name it only some of blame for the Roman appearance by opportunities craving the exploding corpses while they still lie on the ground and what he does is he gets into it's a lengthy article is well documented. Glenn Greenwald is known for it for doing that in his work as a journalist and he goes through all these attacks that may not get as much media attention or where blame is not as quickly ascribed an entry show one example after another after another. For example, they don't fit into the white nationalist white supremacist viewpoint, they don't fit into the antiblack anti-Hispanic viewpoint and he got lists all the other maids one after another after another major, major events, but you don't hear well this is all because of black nationalism or this is all because of left out.

You might hear it from some there may be some fanning the flames in the other direction. For sure there are at it in terms of of the white supremacist that are fanning the flames of overreacted like violence, etc. some quite aware that I was in the mainstream media politically should not hearing it is much the fact is we could sit around all day please him. We can sit around all day blaming everybody. We could focus on the real issues.

Try to get to the root of these mass killings try to see what triggers people to do what they do and try to to look more deeply and for larger healthcare systems or larger family structure alerter educational system what what whatever is going on that is fueling the fires of people helping them crossover these lines. These horrific murders lives, which we look at those things, rather than display at the Democrats reported the Republicans reported the whites reporting at the box reported issues regarding this price. What good does that do has that help anything. All it does is just gets people matter and I know some people that's their niche. They just get you madder and madder they get you more worked up within your little group I may offend everybody in the process unless a little group I'm trying to build year or to try the following electronic gather. My goal is to gather us around Jesus regardless of our ethnicity or a race, or our background.

As followers of Jesus to submit all of our lives to God. My goal is to infuse with faith and truth incurred so you can stand strong for the Lord to help us. Although all of us grow into the fullness of of our calling in God to learn from each other to sharpen one another and then to unite to reach a dying sinful world to say we're when I can be part of the problem.

United find this anger in us you find this hatred in us like to find this sectarianism in us were part of the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God transcends Republican or Democrat or libertarian. The kingdom of God transcends race and ethnicity. That's the kingdom to which recall and therefore when confronted with evil was falsely don't be overcome by evil reason to get overcome good, but don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Right. And how do we respond to hate with love Henry respond to lies with truth at every response it to insult and attack with patients with grace. We bless those who curse us.

We pray for those who persecute us and despitefully use us. That's the Jesus method friends. Let's step higher political tensions are only arise in the days ahead. National divisions only arise in the days ahead. I'm appealing to you my brother, my sister let's step higher. If you say might brand you just don't get it.

You don't see some of the real issues are your calling for something good.

But you will see the deeper issues will please share them with me to share with you up again example and then I'm going I'm going to the phones are. I tweeted the other day. Let's just see here.

I tweeted this is a very simple I said when it comes to the demographics of our country. Skin color and ethnic origin of no concern to middle oversight of no desire to see America must be a white nation worked the cement only material to color the skin of the people live here and ethnic background is immaterial to when comes the demographics of our country skin color and ethnic origin of no concerns middle was important to me is that the people who live and move here share the best of our American values and want to work together for the common good. That's what that's what matters to me so so uncivil. What exactly are the best of American values. Are they different from the best device displayed by people from other countries and I said it the best of them would be the loftiest moral values of the founders that the things that we all agree on board. These are important. These are good and and then sometimes people moving from other countries bring something very good. Sometimes they leave the bed behind so II explained that in and then one brother responded. Dr. Brown lost her statement is commendable.

It is at the same time, the epitome of white privilege sought. I wrote back and sit in candor's are, that sounds like a blatantly racist statement on your part, but since I don't believe that your intent, please be kind enough to explain your point. And he said my intent was to highlight how white privilege would enable you to make such a declaration. But because the impact my statement was really considered racist.

I apologize response to question consider jet reading cast by so-and-so, both describe her skin color and ethnicity should matter to you.

Okay, so I appreciate his humility and apologizing but I understand now. I get his pride rejected as not to do with white privilege them as I could be a tiny minority here. I could be in the majority and is a Jewish follower of Jesus. I'm in the tiny minority. Okay for the very very small minority in America.

Maybe 100,000. Most of the whole country under 50,000. So in any case. In any case, I only speak from the viewpoint that this is a white American by the messianic Jew and a charismatic ensemble so it is a real real small circle that I'm ultimately part of but my sentiments are what they are.

My sentiments are what they are the to me the issue is not what countries are coming from to be part of America it's that you want to be part of America you want to help make America better you hold to the most important values in our culture are let me go to the phones and announcing a bunch more calls.

The rest of the show start with Charles in Raleigh, North Carolina you what your thoughts on on all this brought about a minor quibble with your characterization of the media responsible and reported about the white supremacy and trying trying to shoot or to promptly over to Republicans or the people who were January the optical.

It would be intentional. God really low of political craft, you to smear and guide the guy was in future election. You alienate people from other it was big. The result may be irresponsible in its impact but be regarding responsibility, not absolute part.II grief, it's intentional unalloyed you at all.

My guts were used were printed out little bit active while I built home so I don't know know know that the fact is I appreciate the call to clarify that when I say responsible.

It can be intentional but is quite irresponsible. In other words, you may be trying to get political gains.

You may be playing this reason that now some some genuinely believe there is some generally think this is the case, there their mindset is such the circle of people with whom they associate. As such, they are so out of touch with with people in other groups and things like that that they absolutely believe this to be true and and what they are saying is with a sincere but deluded heart. In other cases, there is no question that people are intentionally pushing buttons that there is a a well oiled machine that says we play it like this, we get these reactions we get these results when you think of the and implications of that when you think of where that could go. That's the part that's utterly irresponsible but yeah Charles for the most part I absolutely agree with you.

Thanks for calling and clarifying that right where you get your calls. On the other side of the break. If you'd like to talk to me that's a good time to call because will deftly have time to get to a bunch more calls over the course of the rest of the broadcast.

This in skillet. Lead us how this segment is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown strengthen you, help you be a resource to you. Be sure to get my emails on a weekly basis. This way you won't miss an article you won't miss a video the controversial world in which we live.

We are here to give you the resources will do the hard work will do the digging and and the plowing through the rough stuff in the and in the getting attacked for that sort calling that's our joy then provided for you because you gotta live it out in your house you live out your neighborhood in the workplace in school and you get those challenges run a list be a resource to go to ask Dr. Brown SK DR sign up for emails will also send you a free mini book and e-book how to pray for America. Talk about overcoming evil with good. Talking about the rising tensions in America and asking the question what can we do to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem before we switch subjects going to some other subjects, but set let's talk to Bill in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello there, what equipment Dr. Lana got a quick little bit of a long one, quite. You believe that young Christian messianic use could be incurred to enter into careers in civil service mental health education Child protective services and law enforcement to counter the hatred and violence.

Some of these potential builders so that we can catch them before they go on the ramp yeah I would say yes to that that even larger level. In other words, these are front-line assignments where you're helping people in real need. You are helping stop the crisis before it happens.

In other cases you're dealing with the crisis as is happening but in all of these different careers that you just referenced lives are being affected and the more believers we can have in the education system in the mental health system and child protective service protective services. The more believers we could have involved in the foster care system more believers we can have a law enforcement, these types of areas, even the more believers that we can have within the judicial system within the prison system absolutely for sure we can make a positive difference built. One thing I've noticed over the years is the high percentage of believers who are nurses and hospitals and is as well. When my mom was with sick a number of times before she passed away at 94 a few years back and just seeing some of the nurses of the commander care for my mom negotiate. You don't know her at all. She she's weak she's frail, you've got a washer clean or whatever in an you're doing that because it is not just your job you chose this job and many of them were believers of a good percentage of them and noticing that over the years, interacting, or Armageddon you know my annual physical get my blood tested and to start chatting with the nurse taken my blood and a higher percentage of them seem to be believers than other professions, but obviously it's a way of them caring for people Israel and getting involved.

So yes what whatever we can do as believers to serve in practical ways to help the society.

That's part of a spring salt and light, and in some cases we get to share our faith outwardly with words.

In other cases, we just get to live it out around people and serve them bring the wisdom and the and the. The, the, the Council and the spirit of God to people in practical service will absolutely that's deathly something we can do about friends as we switch subjects now phone lines open to anything under the sun. You want talk to me about them like us get a fastening quote from Martin Luther.

I want to share with you in a moment about substitutionary atonement before I do that. This will remind you of our resource this month and and how to be a blessing to you or the people that you love and maybe we don't have it ready. Maybe we just had a glitch and playing it for you forces give me the nod as soon as were ready with her expertly stroking your faith Jeff doubts and questions and you really don't know where to go with them.

Maybe have a friend or loved one that's completely fallen away from the Lord will friends. We've got a great resource for you has God failed you. Finding faith when you're not even sure God is real. This is the book that is a first aid kit for for seekers strugglers and doubters and ask the difficult questions. What happens when prayer doesn't seem to work. What happens when that level were praying for his and healed.

And what about those passages in the Old Testament, it looks like God is an angry, vengeful God, what do we do with those. There's even a whole chapter called permission to doubt and what can we learn from the book of Job. And what's unique about this book is we invite the questions and then we speak to the heart without bypassing the mind as you read this book. Faith will arise inside of you.

As you read this book, competence and hope will be restored. As you read this book. Questions will be answered in your mind will be at ease and this could really be the lifeline for a loved one that has fallen away from the Lord.

So order your copy of has God failed you today ask Dr. that's a SK DR order today and when you do, only to be free, instant access to a powerful video I preached on why so many Christians living in the face so order has God failed you we we want to be a safe place for you here. We want to be a safe place. You can call in if there's an anniversary person can call anonymously.

You can write to us. I remember old when was the 2002. Some months earlier, one of my colleagues had spent a week with a couple just receiving ministry opening up his heart them, probing his life and he said he said Mike you push so hard you been involved in so much we go sort.

When did you ever receive ministry like this just have some of ministry US, but haven't the soup was great if you and your wife come spend the week so we did and it was a real life-changing thing for me really to have people minister, and to for me to dig deep in my own life in and see areas where God wanted me to grow in and help me in other areas, but I remember the first night getting with this couple of good number of years older than Anthony and the first thing I thought I felt safe. Just like I know I can. I know my heart I can share freely and it wasn't we were going for marriage counseling us in our work doing wonderfully. That wasn't the issue, but it was just it was a matter just receiving ministry. We give all time just receiving ministry and we want to be a safe place for you. So is if if you need to write to us if calling and works for you.

Let us be here. You can raise your questions, you can have your doubts. You can process these things together and working to help you that that's why we exist right let's go back to the phones to Findlay and Dix, Cal New York, welcome to the line of fire debris Lord Dr. Brown.

I want to thank you for everything that you're doing for us to listen to you and your you really I agree with a lot of things that you so praise God for your life. I have a quick question for you yesterday, RT Kendall. He was talking about prophecy and was talk about why he wrote the book that he. There was one thing that he said which kind of disturbed me and I was wondering if you your view on this. He clumped two groups of people together.

Obviously what was happening with Donald Trump. I don't agree with that. You know when profits are coming at them always think before he was talking about that he said something use clunk people you want to expose the fraud because he said there are some people who go up on stage and we can call out a name, but then later they couldn't they didn't know anything about quoted or debated, and no about violence on the street. So my question is do you believe that because the prophet gets one revelation or or get but does not get another revelation or work for you that he's a fraud because it was yesterday when he was talking he was trying to giveyou know you can call somebody out by name. The book then you know the word about covert.

I don't necessarily agree with that.

I've had at Damascus Road experience myself and I surround myself with.

I had prophet speaking to my life and you know they've given me word eight names and so forth, undercutting the coin in my lifework, may I ask them questions on the you know you need to figure out you to pray when he was saying that kind of rubbed me the wrong way and I just want to know this is the thanks for the question is important question I want to answer at some length and then then we can interact okay with everyone in the book.

RT Kendall speaks about thousands of mistakes that he's made over the course of his ministry and in times when he didn't deliver something accurately or properly, so he was absolutely not saying if someone gets one thing wrong. They are necessarily a fraud that's that's the first thing so that I know from writing. The fourth was book reading every word of the book on a know his position there that's that's number one number two.

My understanding of a false prophet.

According to the words of Jesus in Matthew seven that a false prophet is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a false prophet is someone who knowingly and intentionally deceives God's people by claiming to be something that he is not that to me is totally different from a genuine believer saying the Lord showed me that you to get this raise on your job and it doesn't happen when I call that person a false prophet. I would say that they prophesied falsely or if they call themselves a prophet or getting things wrong.

Over time I will say that they falsely call themselves a prophet but if it's too genuine believer making a mistake in a repeated mistake. I do not call that person a false prophet just like someone that's a genuine believer but is wrong and some of the things that their teaching. I don't call them a false teacher because, according to second Peter to a false teacher is someone who knowingly brings in damnable heresies, or at the least, the things they are teaching or damnable heresies, so a lot of folks are upset with me that I will print this one and this one a false prophet told the same thing with your secessionists. To me that's a very serious error denying the gifts and power of the Spirit for today in certain ways, but I will call your false teacher because of that I reserve false teacher perhaps inherited the false prophet for wolf in sheep's clothing will continue to have seven breaks narrative the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown for truth is the number to call. Okay, so back to Philly in discount New York talking about the issue of false prophets also way. RT was referencing someone can call out specific words of knowledge genuine. I've I've seen it with my own eyes. You seen it genuine specific words that does not necessarily mean the person is prophetically gifted. They may have the gift of the word of knowledge is we may associate that with with being a prophet but that does not necessarily make the person a prophet could be the gift of the word of knowledge operating where I agree with RT on is something is wrong when an alleged prophet is supposed to see the major things coming in.

This is the most major things in other words, if, if that before asking someone to to run outside of their Lane someone is a gifted teacher of the word and were say. What's the Lord showing about the presidential elections will why are we asking a teacher of the word without showing about the presidential elections was the connection or someone is a healing ministry, which Lord showing about the presidential elections will why would you go to some of the healing ministry that asked the question and in the same in the same way, I'm Evans.

You have like a prophetic insight and was happy the same way someone may have a wonderful word of knowledge.

Ministry and in the Lord gives them lots of specifics about different things, but that doesn't mean necessarily that they can take it we have covert coming here and there. The problem is and is Justin peters and and other charismatic critics have rightly said that when someone is being presented as a person to whom God is showing the future. Some is being presented is someone that is receiving regular revelation from God about was coming in the future and they miss covert entirely. And then when it happens. They say it's going to dissipate by April 15 of 2020 and then they they say Trump is going to be reelected. These can serve a second consecutive term, and that doesn't happen, then you say well sums sums wrong here something very wrong here and I question the whole format of sitting around with a bunch of prophetic people and say what's the Lord showing of if the Lord wants to speak something, let him speak it them speak it but but prophets are not spiritual prognosticators and Philly are absolutely right that that we don't go to prophet to say what should I do I have to make a decision on who I should marry know that's that's our own relationship with God and and that the Council of the word of God.

The counsel of the spirit of God in our lives.

The Council of those around us, as opposed to gifting the Old Testament we didn't hear the voice of God as directly as as believers do today didn't have the indwelling spirit that we have today. So an Old Testament bully would have to go to the prophet for something like that so yeah I examine the larger context of his book. I just of the points he was making the most important points and we can speak too strongly about the terrible reports that recant came with these wrong prophecies about covert and about Pres. Trump. As I've said many times when I was interviewed by the New York Times about this at that time, say 49 years us. It's the worst deception are seen for nine years at the same time. Assume gift of prophecy and prophetic ministry powerfully for decades, beautifully, gloriously, to the honor of Jesus and and and to the edifying of the believer or the saving of the nonbeliever of single-user powerfully and to me, most importantly, that the Bible is very clear that these things are to continue for today and absolutely crystal clear to me is a redescription say thank you for the call.

I appreciate it all right one more call on this prophetic subject, let's go to Josh in Saginaw Michigan looking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown. Doing very well. Thanks. I request you yesterday. RT Kendall talked about how he believed that the Martha King 2221. 20 thirtyish that there is a lying spirit, and I was wondering kind of what you think about how is someone who believed in the prophetic and wants to move out of your voyage being subject to a lying spirit yet so I think RT reference risking 17 but him in first Kings 22 as you correctly pointed out, so there you have a lying spirit my care. The prophet says that the Lord put a lying spirit in the mouths of the false prophets and that it's terrible, terrible indictment when I saw so many people so dogmatically saying the same thing I told one of my closest colleagues ease their either is gonna come to pass like they said or gospel lying spirit and in many of their mouse. I didn't see any other alternative when there was so much unanimity from so many and the ones that have continued to pound this and yes it is true and properly did win and he's the president God situs drawing by the student to be removed and their still pounding this sort well, although he was rubs in 2024 and using comp outs. They are to me and in real serious deception and error and really deeply need to repent and step down from what they're doing those that recognized how they got things wrong. In other words, they got caught up in a political spirit. They prophesied what they wanted to happen, or because they got it right in 2016 they think they get it right again in 2020.

There are many reasons we can get things wrongly, they've humbled themselves and receive grace from God and I respect that. But in candor what we have to do is always walking humility before the Lord and others never think will because God speaks to me. I know one can correctly. We always have to be teachable and correctable. Above all, we have to be people who live in real good fellowship with the Lord. People of the word and prayer, and moral purity. We have to be accountable parts of the body.

We have to have accountable leadership around us and those are some of the safeguards and then to have others test things that we do share before we share them, especially to a national audience. Many words happen in spontaneity and when they do you say test. This test is for the word test is by your spirit. That spirit of God within you test this by by watching what happens in the days ahead. But those are some of the keys of 220, avoiding error like this and if will follow these principles carefully will make a lot less mistakes and bring a lot less reproach to the name of the Lord I thank you for calling so really quickly when Todd White was accused of heresy for saying that on the cross, Jesus became a rapist or a pedophile based on second Corinthians 521 that that God made him sin who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ. Obviously that rubs a lot of people the wrong way and he did a broadcast with me or just a circle with me where he explained what he does believe was trying to say and then I gave further depth to it was interesting as others have made similar statements trying to convey the same thing.

So we have to be very careful how we convey this a Martin Luther said this is that ministry which is rich in divine grace to sinners whereby where and by a wonderful exchange.

Our sins and on ours but Christ and in the righteousness of Christ not Christ but ours and goes on from there suffered in our sins, etc. learn Christ and him crucified.

Learn to pray to him and despairing of yourself, say, thou, Lord Jesus, are my righteousness but I am by sin goes on from there.

All the prophets. This is Martin Luther all the prophets did foresee in spirit that Christ should become the greatest transgressor murderer adulterer, Seif rebel blasphemer etc. that ever was, for he be made a sacrifice for the sins of the world is not known innocent person without sins of those merciful father sent his only son into the world and laid upon the sins of all men saying this is Martin Luther what God said to Jesus on the cross, be thou Peter that denier Paul that persecuted blasphemer and cruel oppressor David that adulterer that sinner, which did eat the apple in paradise.

That thief was hanged upon the cross and briefly be thou the person which has committed the sins of all men see therefore that they'll pay and satisfy for them an outcome of the lawn saith I find him a sinner. Therefore, let them die upon the cross is a loser said is very similar to what Todd Bentley initially said without thinking that Jesus and his innermost being ever became sinful or polluted with a Jesus in his innermost being ever ceased to be God, but you can understand if you make the statement.

Jesus became a pornographer or child proverb or something horrific like that, that this going to raise a lot of eyebrows and people think what you say is is heretical using Jesus actually became that so that's what Todd asked if he could do a video with me to clarify what he genuinely believes by the way, I spoke with him after I saw those quotes. People said. He said XYZ. I immediately texted him and said do you believe XYZ said no no one I was trying to say was this this and this. I would never buy said okay because what people heard was this what you said was this so now you're clarifying exactly what you meant, so he wasn't became mom with me.

He wasn't backpedaling he was and let me detrimentally try to explain more fully what is trying to convey. That suggests it's a mystical way. Jesus bore our sins in his body on on the cross.

Without himself becoming sinful in his nature. Without himself becoming polluted in his nature. Without himself in any way being defiled is the son of God, even as he literally took our sins on his own shoulders and bore them away and fully paid for them with the blood of the cross that we might become the righteousness of God and the Messiah that his righteousness without clothes us and the goblet pronounces not guilty based on the righteousness of the Messiah, so that is a glorious divine reality, but others have said things in ways that also sounded scandalous just like the person off on that are laid off Martin Luther's okay. What exactly did you mean is that we should do, what exactly did you mean friends will be back with you for their leaders Thursday.

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