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Dr. Brown Discusses Prophetic Integrity with Dr. R. T. Kendall

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 17, 2022 5:30 pm

Dr. Brown Discusses Prophetic Integrity with Dr. R. T. Kendall

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 17, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/17/22.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network prophetic integrity boy. We need that today it's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown absolutely. We need to speak loyally and faithfully for the Lord and not with two tongues and not with wavering and not with all kinds of excuses either. There is prophetic ministry today or there isn't.

If there is, let it be with integrity and the fear of the Lord Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcasters of the call to way and I'm about to play a very intense controversial clip you may want to comment on that. But here's number to call to talk about prophetic ministry today 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 8784 couple weeks back I did a show about the purpose of New Testament prophecy retracted with that in terms of its relevance for today and this day the bottom of the all be joined by well-known and respected theologian RT Kendall. Formally, pastor of Westminster Chapel in England got a brand-new book out prophetic integrity. I wrote the forward to the book, so I'm quite acquainted with the contents of it.

We have a fascinating discussion together with my guest. In just a few minutes a lot of ground to cover before then, as I've been interacting in recent months with some brothers in the Lord who do not believe that the prophetic gifts are for today.

The sign gifts are for today. David asked me doesn't concern that their people claim to speak in the name of the Lord and they are speaking falsely for him and for example let's just say would take an extreme rejection ridiculous example a man leaves his wife is living in adultery with another woman in the so-called prophet says the Lord saw your need and called you into the strong relationship, but will that's that's terrific. That's blasphemous right that that's claiming to speak for God when you are speaking in direct violation of the word of God.

But in the same way.

If it's something lesser if it's not so blatant a contradiction, but simply false. If I say the Lord told me to tell you that in three days thus and such will happen and so on and you worship the Lord drawing the Lord during his days and three days later zero what I said happen will that's very serious. Also present misrepresent of the Lord and I said to these brothers. I was in trust with yes that does concern absolutely and it's one thing to say. I sense the Lord speaking. This would you pray about, or really believe the Lord wants me to share this with you. Praise and see if you bear witness test everything by the word. That of course is quite different than saying, thus saith the Lord God didn't saith it okay to mix in a little King James on grammatically their soul. These are important issues. Of course I I assured assured with shared with my buddies brothers. I was dialoguing with my concern doesn't concern you. When you bear false witness against brother. I mean, that's also in the 10 Commandments and they were saying taken the name of the Lord in vain. One way to do that is to claim to speak for when you're not actually speaking for him right. But but it's another send to bear false witness, and to speak falsely about brothers and sisters in the Lord's misrepresent him. They agreed that's wrong as well. So we all have to walk in the fear of the Lord will have to honor the Lord when there were different believers, claiming that Donald Trump would serve a consecutive years in the White House, not something he would quote when the election 11 be stolen without the same profits being told it would be stolen, not just that by guaranteeing Joe Biden will not serve a day in the White House. Donald Trump will be in for a consecutive years, and when some of them made these claims in the strongest possible terms, I mean the absolute strongest possible terms imaginable guaranteeing guaranteeing it and then when it didn't happen back down didn't apologize this guy like she was still on apologizing for anything so obviously they they lose all credibility.

At that point it's it's as plain and simple. To me, and if you go along with them always going to follow whatever they say and affirm whatever they say is is really Matt will they'll you lost credibility as as well were supposed to test everything prescriptive is 14 says two or three prophets speak and the others weigh carefully what's being said.

First Thessalonians 5 despise prophecy.

Don't put out the spirits fire test everything.

Hold to the good. These are principles fun of the principles one pastor does have a large interrogation is a large online following millions of this is bittersweet. Millions of views. Pastor Greg Locke did not simply guarantee Trump's reelection, but guaranteed 100% that Joe Biden would not sit one day in the White House as Pres. and then he was one that didn't back down. Didn't apologize after that he's known for making controversial statements and he is quite bold about it and unapologetic about it, but he said something recently will exact date of the clip was just sent to me today, but one plate for your and I want to tell you what really really deeply concerns me about this. Let's listen to a place right now.

You will democratically mulch around his shirt didn't get out to demon to baby butchering collection fee. You cannot be interesting about it is nice to make you think you get to stop as you will do for you cannot be a Christian is naked… David, but your baby is naked, a designation didn't matter how you will get used to my display got a microphone up at his house getting my dirty socket cannot be identified and I twisted that you cannot summarize Damien Perez to get get out out like a death I plan your stupid games devils I'm sick of I want about insurrection to you some UA scene insurrection, yet you keep on pushing our buttons, you go down sorry compromisers, God hated communism or you will find out what it insurrection if we play no garbage we a plan, your mathematic battles at the start of the living God is an institution that the gates of hell shall not put out against it in the Bible that will take it as what the Bible say is don't get why that's that's really dangerous stuff really, really dangerous stuff for some people.

When you yell and shout like that they think that's the anointing there's some church circles review saith the right way people get worked up about what you say but there are people that listen to that and say amen that's really dangerous stuff. In particular, closing part about insurrection and the violence is really dangerous and this is what happens when the church gets overly politicized. This is what happens when the church loses its divine purpose and takes on a carnal purpose knelt. As for the first part so you can't be Christian vote Democrat I have said very plainly. I do not understand how a follower of Jesus can possibly vote for a pro-abortion candidate I've had shows were people called in and try to explain XYZ reasons I can't see it on the other hand, suffer me to tell you you're not a follower of Jesus.

If you vote Democrat.

I've interacted with Christians who say you're not a follower of Jesus. If you vote Republican.

That type of rhetoric is unhealthy.

I'll say this plainly if you said there is no way I could vote for Donald Trump and conscience for XYZ reasons will find just don't vote for Joe Biden because vertebrae Joe Biden you were voting for a radical pro-abortion candidate, you were voting for radical pro-abortion platform you were voting for what would be an attack on a religious freedoms through things like Caltrans rights, etc. so you're doing that to me you just use it out. You don't vote for either for those who say Nono abortion.

Those things will not be changed in vote as well that this totally false.

We see the Supreme Court justices appointed under Donald Trump. That could well be pivotable pivotal in overturning Roe V Wade is everything goes where were expecting to in the next month or two and then it would fall back in the states for the states have pro-life or pro-abortion bills, and that means your elected officials are gonna make a difference there and and even the recent vote in the Senate, where Chuck Schumer wanted to codify radical abortion laws that went beyond Roby with Joe mansion was the only Democrat to not vote for this. The other 49 voted for a radical abortion bill. He said if this was to codify Roe, I would vote for. That's what he said. He said, but this goes beyond row. So even though that's how radical the bill was so you vote for that. In my view of the plot undressed just like the blood of the aborted babies just like if you voted for proslavery candidate in the days of slavery.

You've got to the shackles of the slaves of the blood of the slaves on your hands. Nonetheless, I understand that nothing was clean and simple when it comes to politics. Nonetheless, I understand that there are many other issues that factor in so I am not going to say you can't be a follower of Jesus, you can't be born again. If you vote this way or that way I will say I find it contradictory and troubling right so Greg Locke's comments go further in a radical way, and I've heard again. Others say the same thing about Republicans for different reasons. I'm not making that statement either way. Okay, although I understand the sentiments behind which concerns me.

Aside from the tone and all that. What concerns me is this a flat out talk this blatant talk about a violent uprising, you don't provoke us anymore. It's really going to get back that is deeply concerned that has nothing nothing nothing to do with the gospel.

Zero. As for Matthew 1112 the kingdom of God's of responsive bonds taken by force.

Aside from discussing with that verse means in detail. I can say for sure it is not calling for Christians to have a violent uprising against the government.

America if you chime up the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is on America and if it's the violent take it by force is talking about spiritually holding on is not so much take up sword against someone else know the people at spiritually push forward with the kingdom of God were the ones against whom violence was carried out. They were the ones getting killed for the gospel of the ones killing others is rescinded gates of hell will not prevail against the church.

That means death itself does maybe kill people in his death itself gates of Hades will not prevail. That note no weapon formed against us will succeed.

Other we take up weapons.

This is really dangerous rhetoric needs to be called out, it needs to be rebuked needs to be repudiated with every person of conscience.

Jesus lover say no way that I kind of rhetoric friends will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking under fire broadcast just sent out just posted a video on YouTube. I sat down with Todd White.

He asked me to join him on the soon call to talk through the meaning of second Corinthians 521 second Corinthians 521 that God made him who knew no sin to become sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him and he had made comments about the trying to explain in what sense Jesus became sin for us, there was an outcry heresy.

What are you saying that he does know why I don't mean this or that is misunderstood so immediately contacted me to talk through meaning of the verse assembled commentary set on it as well.

They asked me if I do this soon call so we just posted it on our YouTube channel is Kd or Brown on YouTube.

But remember, if you want to know when we post new videos will be post new articles will make sure each week you don't miss anything. Go to my website ask Dr. SK your sign up for these emails when you do really share more of my own story with you from LSD the PhD to you more of why we do what we do when and how we can be of help to you. That's why we're here to be of help and service to you, so be sure to get our emails Esther and when you do this weight you will miss anything you won't miss a beat. And for those that that want to know how to the conversation go watch the video it's it's tile these things out at some length and asked for my input and we interact so that's over the YouTube channel a SK DR Brown on YouTube before my guest.

RT Kendall comes on to join us at the bottom of the hour. I fully understand that there are abuses in all different circles. There are abuses, and charismatic churches, there are abuses in non-charismatic churches there are leaders who abuse their power. There are leaders who abuse the their calling their anointing very gifted, whatever it may be there charisma. This happens all over this happens in the business world.

It happens in the church world that people who have a position of authority, are people who are revered or people who are admired people who have financial power.

Whatever it is that they can abuse their place so I fully understand that that happens in all different circles. There is a unique way it can happen carpet, charismatic Pentecostal circles where there is the appeal to the anointing of the Spirit and how dear you differ with the man of God, not now, again, that can happen in a noncharismatic setting all these types of abuses happen. Sexual abuse is financial abuses of intimidation manipulation. I'm fully aware that, but there is the added element and charismatic Pentecostal circles where you have the anointed man of God and I'm a prophet of God or I have a special anointing on my life.

Regards, gifted me to heal and who you target with me, then I think it is. Think of this from it.

It's one thing when you've got the pastor really knows the Scriptures well is a big following very charismatic Nunc it is so he's charismatic meaning he's got a great personality and all that but is not charismatic in terms of tongues and prophecy and all that right and and he's teaching and you just about this is off. This is not with the Bible says you're bringing weird ideas. It's intimidating enough to deal with that person just because they're the senior leader because they know the Bible well because they got this charismatic personality because they got a big following suit to write a letter to the pastor say I really believe you're an error here or test to make an appointment was one of the other pastors the set I have real concerns.

That's hard enough right.

But if you add in that that the person you're about to speak to has all kinds of prophetic words. If you add the end that you've watched them read the mail. So to save people of coming to the service that we complete strangers in here.

The pastor that has us for specific word and you've you've watched it happen with your own eyes will who you did argue with them.

What if they quote from Psalm 10 515 out of context. Of course, touch my anointed touch God's, and touch not mine anointed on the anointing of the Lord. That's why in my book, playing with holy fire. Wake up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church which came out in 2018.

That's why have one whole chapter on unaccountable prophecy, and one whole chapter on abusive leaders and one whole chapter on mercenary profits moods. These are all things that come up specially in charismatic Pentecostal circles since it was more that can be abusive leadership in any setting, but there is unique element to the way it can be empowered in Pentecostal charismatic circles. Hey, let's say I'm laying hands on people and services and I do you can sense the Holy Spirit moving powerfully in the room.

You can sense the worship intensify and now people are being dramatically healed. Isn't it easy to think I must be right about everything, because the Holy Spirit works through me. Therefore when I get up and proclaim this or take this kind of offering or give a deviant teaching from Scripture. Who are you to argue with you anointed and anointed woman of God, it becomes more difficult and is more intimidating than what you have to do a separate okay. Maybe this person does have a grace on his life.

Maybe this woman does have anointing on her life. Maybe the Lord is working through them supernatural with these gifts but it doesn't mean that everything that comes out… Therefore gospel truth doesn't mean this because they seem to have the power of God working through them that their interpretation of Scripture is correct here. But to make it really simple.

You can have all the faith in the world. If you jump out of 1/12 floor window of the building unit crashed to the ground and got die. God is not going to overturn and suspend the laws of gravity for you in the same way is I cannot overturn and suspend the laws of grammar right if if that the Bible plainly says ABC and you claim the Holy Spirit told you it's XYZ within the Holy Spirit didn't tell you it's that simple and everything is tested by the authority of the war got. I just saw a summons post on Facebook last night or earlier today was last night, so I'm not familiar with, but he talked about having to go see his parole officer. After getting another DUI conviction and the parole officer says can I tell you what the Lord showed me in the Lord showed of the sales can be wonderfully saved in preaching the gospel. He was now 10 years later, I haven't had a drink for X number of years. I'm wonderfully say the preach of the Gospels is the prophetic word came to pass and and just talking to some of my closest fellow workers. Their son had some amazing prophecy spoken over by complete stranger in the Starbucks I mean striking when we heard the prophetic words knowing it's like wow that's why out of the blue by a stranger and and now more and more of those words that were spoken have come to pass. Almost all of them.

In fact, it's quite remarkable. I mean, the, the examples that we could give of the Lord speaking and moving prophetically are are endless because their millions and millions and millions of people who have received these amazing words delivered these amazing words and when I start to think of my own life and things of see with my own eyes I said overwhelmed and I start to think now it's just amazing to see so I have no question based on the Bible the prophetic ministry is for today zero question of adjustment good preaching. I mean people hearing with the Lord is saying and delivering his message to others.

So I do not have any question whatsoever based on the Bible the prophetic ministry continues today and I don't have any question. Based on my own experience and those whom I love and know their experiences that we can confirm by experience as well as we base everything on which within the work right.

We base everything on what's written in Scripture and then if we find confirmation or experience wonderful, if not then we we look deeper to see why our experience is not lining up with what the word says wire lies in aligning up with what causes everything is tested by the word and I I think of some things that the Lord spoke to me years ago that when he spoke them to me sounded absolutely completely crazy just wild just out there just impossible but unscriptural no-no in harmony with Scripture, which is the fact that I might ever possibly see this happen is completely outlandish and yet came to pass, just as God spoke it or things God had me speak to others, it world can I say this hire. I remember this one little example, jumps to mind from many years ago, old mid 1980s as a chapel service and I have on my heart to minister to one of the students a young lady and the Spirit says to me she's been fighting suicidal thoughts. She's been fighting suicidal thoughts and disco minister to light I look over and she's got her hands raised in worship with a radiant smile on her face and I'm thinking I will share this with Herman. She looks like she's overflowing with joy and I'm supposed to minister to her about alleged suicidal thoughts.

She's having. But sure enough. Sure enough more. I went spoke to her. She broke down weeping and begin to share what was going in her life going on in her life that I meet some things like that happen for decades, and we can hear for my guest. RT Kendall momentarily about some wild unbelievable prophetic experiences his head and yet he and I and others are sounding the alarm is a real crisis and we need some real prophetic integrity. So this regal next we come back right here on the fire line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as promised time to speak with my esteemed guest and colleague RT Kendall Beard, theologian, formally passed through the famous Westminster Chapel in England succeeded the Martin Lloyd Jones there and for his book, prophetic integrity, wrote the forward to it as a started by saying that the book is as interesting as the man RT welcome back to the line of fire. Well hey let me ask you question just everybody knows how old are you right now 86, 87, July all right and and thriving in the Lord busy as ever.

I'm sure wonderful to to have you with us. He can impart the wisdom you've learned over the years but yes this first for those who don't know you don't know your theological background you earned her doctorate at Oxford University what you what you write about what was your thesis on it was on the nature of saving faith from William Parton who thousand head of thinking to the Westminster assembly and I show that the Puritans who supposedly followed John Calvin actually did not they followed Calvin's successor, Theodore Baeza, and it sparked a controversy among the on people who have never forgiven me, showed Don John Calvin did not believe in limited atonement Puritans. Following Baeza that I doubt you're interested in that but that by stable you could say this so you you are a respected theologian and you you read the Scripture through theological lenses such as haphazard for you at the same time gone over the years is really brought you into the things of the spirit and the affirmation that the gifts and power of the Spirit are for today and for the gift of prophecy. Hence, your book prophetic integrity. By the way, I was so impressed with the endorsements to it, Esther Carter, from Times Square church and other soup so pleased to see the affirmation of the book, but could you tell us a little about the journey. Or maybe some of the unusual supernatural things that you've witnessed yourself in prophetic ministry. Well, we go way back. I was brought up in the Church of the Nazarene and the wild student here in Nashville. We now live in Nashville at Rebecca Nazarene College is also given a pastorate although was only 19 years old I pastored a church while attending Rebecca one Monday morning driving in my car from Palmer, Tennessee to Nashville on US 41, I had what I call a Damascus Road experience. It was not my conversion or that, but to fast-forward because that the volume up on you, but they'll the glory of the Lord build the car and there to my right is real and anything ever happened in my life. Jesus at the right hand of the father interceding for me.

I never felt so loved and cared for in all my life and the experience lasted about an hour and 1/2 and then it culminated in my entering at the wonderful rest of so I didn't know you could have peace like this. All this are and I solve basic G if I were an artist with perfect recall I could draw exactly what he looked like and go change my lot also changed by theology and have never been the same defense that was a long time ago eventually left the Church of the Nazarene but not in any protester anger. Have a great relationship with Nasrin back Rebecca recently gave me a DVD of the lot and I look back at what is right church that morning. Although I'm not a member there.

Have a good relationship that Rick gone and so see you have this incredible experience with the glory of the Lord.

A fresh revelation of Jesus that made you understand that certain aspects of the Spirit's work remain for today and then some years back. Not as far back you had some encounters with different alleged profits is a note to make you tell the stories beautiful in your books of friends. The book prophetic integrity. RT Kendall, you get all the stories in the book from that to be Yasser Arafat and all kinds of things but tell us whether there's one guy you're meeting with this post be a prophet but you're not sure.

So your pleading the blood of Jesus over the meeting what what happened well the people that I mentioned her name in the book are all dead. There are some alive today. I don't mention that I think need to be rebuked the polished, but you bet you're talking about. Back in 1991 when I went to California at the gracious invitation of John Weber and across the table from me is the what is famous prophet and Bob Jones name and I didn't know what to think of the friendly old man that old and I began to pray Lord frequently with the blood of Jesus. Sprinkle me with the blood of Jesus pick up the be sure I was say anything that was not God (across the table start date.

Sprinkle me with the blood of Jesus. Sprinkle me with the blood of Jesus. He said that's good that's good that you prayed that I were to convert about my aunt and while I was there I was really not been examined, but I was all came and Paul came and I became very good friends. I won't. That was the best friend. Okay, but I was pretty close to it.

We went on vacations together to give fishing I asked to be a member of Westminster Chapel and I had to bend the rules we took a man and the bill these people I got to know very well and this is another one.

John Paul Jackson, who died about eight or nine years ago I got to know him very well with Ali's board I got right in the billable.

I know what I'm talking about you. So the good the bad and the ugly, especially with cocaine so there was there was no question that something supernatural was happening. A gift was operating, then you also saw particular say was similar called the very human flaws and and it it's it's that which really concentrating on in your book prophetic integrity what you feel such a burden to write that now you don't need a controversy at this stage of life, what you feel so burden to write this fair question activate presidential election, a close friend of mine in London who was a member that you got wet Chapel is high profile man in England, and RT you need to write a book on all the prophet got it wrong. Well somebody on the right of me and sometime later he said he writing the book that no heated RT if you don't write it. No one will. I finally thought yes I will and I try to be as honest as I know how I don't mention name or location. Only very few would know mom talked about not wanting to make anybody look bad, but I could tell you there. I am wanting though.

What I would regarding blog something wrong you don't. People are dazzled by a man who can call out a name thousand people who never met all I held wonderful that they man how come he doesn't know about covert coming out, he doesn't know about Violet Creek to go on and on and again Gagan Annette swallow a camel in the world just loves to be collected and I think Michael that if the cake at the one Kings 17 situation all over again in the days of Elisha but God that I will grab a lying spirit.

Imagine strange language), the Bible, I will and a lying. And in my opinion Michael that it directly what happened to all the prophetic people were not talking about dozens or hundreds of thousands and the all your inanimate. They said Donald, one of two consecutive term, and then when it didn't happen like that all the Democrats stole the election, but Donald Trump really want.

I said to them, but wait a minute, did God know that what happened to my didn't kill you. Why didn't you know what that that the debt that election be stolen and they won't climb down, they won't admit the got it wrong and I think it shows that you're very honest in the book about lessons you've learned into living prophetic words and mistakes that you've made you not saying is if someone gets one thing wrong in this mistaken that you stone them or throw them out for life, but rather when you're so dogmatic and so blatant and so strong, and you clearly blow it and then you don't humble yourself and repent then something is is very very wrong with that with that picture again below. Please well go in the book. I shall let you take Nathan the prophet he was a valid profit at 80 David, you can build sorry. He told Solomon now told David he told David he told David he could build the temple and what they to get all tell you today that and Nathan goes back to David, sorry I made a mistake that may shows integrity. It shows goblet and an that I think it people start admitting they get it wrong humbled himself. It could be a revival of the prophetic. But I think at the moment. I think God is hiding his face. I don't say he's not showing think that some people but I do hope the book will cause people to pray for copy honest and admit that we are all human and not spit out the prophetic altogether just because people made up of a mistake.

I would urge people to know that God is the same yesterday today and forever, and the teaching of sensationalism is just wrong. God is alive. Yes, in the spirit. This jump is you can break the spirit continues to speak and act as many fun things wrong does not mean that God is not speaking and acting in the supernatural is he will be right back with our thinking is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown when you look we hot off the press prophetic integrity. RT Kendall, lots of fascinating life stories shared in the book. Lots of amazing anecdotes.

Lots of interesting statements on Scripture things I never thought about assisted with forward that got me thinking, and RT you take time in your book to talk about open theism, and why that is so dangerous. Could you break that down briefly for audience now will be hard to do it greatly. By the way the Bible today is the day that the book is published. Yes, I don't think we we knew that. Or maybe, maybe they set it up for that reason, but I didn't know until this morning. Hot off the press. Let's I said literally hot off the press exactly yeah open. Was introduced to the charismatic movement, about 40 years ago by a well-known theologian charismatic type theologian from Fuller seminary. I don't think I should mention his name but what it did with horrible open. Main God is open to us to know what to do next.

The premise of open theism that God does not know the future but it looks to us to know what to do in the future so he knows the possibilities of future but doesn't know which one you and I want you anyway to see what we choose to do and then delete and the people who like the idea of name it and claim theology just ask for anything and very garbled doing because you claim it to be your and the same kind of thinking is if you want something you just proclaim it and these people wanted dolled up to where the client all trouble went, and then it turned into a prophecy that governmental prophecy and the and I think this is the Lord and they go so far to say God told me, and this is where they cross over alive today the Lord told me made. You better get it right or otherwise you're not respecting the name of God and the daughter have a whole chapter on the dangers of open theism. I get 20 possibilities how to recognize the other people don't know the term, but when they read what what it will do this at all. I didn't realize that that was open and I considered that the most important chapter in the book, but also important is the concept of the 08 pH that God swears an oath to up and that way we know about it right. This is how I like it could do what it did God or an open gap and the these people are speaking not because they part God's swear an oath because that's what they want to believe in eternity and to a prophecy that God told him, and I think it dangerous that I think it horrible and they bring God's name down disrepute and the world laughs at. And that's what I hope will wake up people and that it would related think that this will do some good. I'm nearly 87 years old won't live long enough to know what the book to do that much good but I hope it will, and I would go to the stake, but what I wrote the book is my honor to write the scene to it because I've been so grieved and concerned over many of the same things for years as someone like you, fully believing God speaks prophetically today and that God heals today, and that these things should be normative in the body.

And yet, that the lack of accountability the. The lack of of mortification.

Just imagine if you arrived from a national platform for months and months and months proclaim something was going to happen since the Lord is the Lord is the Lord is Lord. It doesn't happen.

I mean how how would you feel how I feel that would be agonizing and mortifying and we humble ourselves every way we knew how it would step back from what we were doing and reflected get you know and submit ourselves and people just keep bouncing on and then the masses is following just bounce on with them. That concerns me just as much that they are the people who blow it aren't repenting and the people who follow them by calling them to repent. That should concern you as well insured does your reader reader your writer. Sorry listener no help Brown. I am that you wrote forward.

Would you like to know my second choice. Please let me know that was no second choice. I would not have forward. If you would, and I was just so thrilled and honored that that you would write the bullet to the book. Well, it was my honor certain and in point of fact, when you said you writing it.

I said all right. The forward before I read it, and what a delight to read. What a surprise that open season chapter was a special bonus and just other things of great interest. So my last question for you folks get the book to find out what's in the prophetic integrity literally hot off the press. That's what we we timed it. I think our folks with a publisher time to specifically for this I mean yeah yeah and I did. I just saw it on the calendar, but thinking back I remember when it was set up there.

Let's let's do it to Tommy for this day, so hopefully we can give a little push as well, but use you need to succeed Dean Martin Lloyd Jones, one of the great expositors of the 20 century you see help mentor. You see, you are deeply a man of the word and amend the spirit into they go hand-in-hand. Okay, I think they do they call here and the greatest date of the day my I remarriage of the word.

People say that loaning our gospel came not in word only, are only go and much of it breaking word only and we need to rediscover the person of the Holy Spirit is immediate witness direct witness and I would think that this book although it it calls.

It come to terms with reality open also by people.

There is a genuine prophetic gift. That's why I've shared her personal my own.

I know I know because not only very much alive, but revealed the people all their heart, find out first hand how real God.

It don't need to go to another part at the body of barbecue you can know by yourself as you seek the face of the Lord how real the Holy Spirit is that's where you and I Michael are the same thing. Yes, we are my dear friend hopefully will get to see each other face-to-face again one of these days, but thanks for joining us. May we see the marriage of the word and spirit like never before. The new book brand-new prophetic integrity by RT Kendall. Thanks so much for joining us today. You automate thank you Michael Douglas. All right, what a joy. What a joy to speak with RT Kendall.

I want to do this, even though we are going to have to start this as our friend Joshua has been faithfully trying to get a question asked on the air you get the opportunity sir, that get the question out if I can finish my answer now. I will get back to it ASAP, but please lay out your question for me. I know you been patiently trying to do for some days now why I appreciate you. My question and more of a follow-up question. What you answered on Friday about the dirt normative yes or perhaps I will.

I am not restricted patient out you know, maybe I am not restricted patient of the confessional Lutheran. We are definitely not patient though when I talk about the normative I'm not talking about whether they are for today or not but I'm talking about what I'm talking about is that as we preach, teach, and fellowship in the church… And of the gift. It has been taken so much over the preaching of the gospel to the point that an and in the ring on pointing that out.

Many pastors and leaders that I know being raised in a couple they think the gospel message is only a gospel preach the law and I think that is a fundamental law that charismatic churches have nothing but that none of them are going to have an article that but the I the fact that the fact that there is not gospel preaching or the comfort of the church or unsure of their salvation deep like the experience is there a field like all of that has Berkeley at the other storm coming from yeah II just just not my experience in the circles in which I travel. In other words, the gospel truths are present a regular basis and in many Pentecostal charismatic churches, there is preaching about the love of God or or grace, and being assured the forgiveness of sins on an event that comes constant supply, how to write about hyper grace in countering were things went to extremes and there is manifestation of the gifts and you do see tongues, interpretation, prophecy, healing, but from my reading of the New Testament, we should see much more of that in a regular basis, but in no way to set for a split second.

Take the place of the preaching teaching of the word of God and the application of the message of the gospel so I can only say maybe been in certain circles where the gifts took the place of of the word of I've never lived in those circles are ministered in those circles on a regular basis, but I can't say that I hundred percent the full message of the gospel should be brought to save the lost and applied rightly and 100% should be back by the power of the spirit in 100% should be operation of the gifts of the spirit in our midst on a regular basis. That's what I see is New Testament norm may have to continue this conversation release we took another step further. Douglas, another program powered by the Truth Network

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