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Why the Buffalo Shooter Targeted Blacks and Jews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 16, 2022 4:50 pm

Why the Buffalo Shooter Targeted Blacks and Jews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 16, 2022 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/16/22.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network response to the tragic massacre in Buffalo this weekend for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown place for joining us, one afar radio broadcast. There are people morning. Right now there are people in shock. There are families that have been torn apart their people whose lives have been forever changed the want to ignore that we want to start with human suffering. Want to start with compassion for those hurting as we talk about issues today. Welcome to the broadcasts. This is Michael Brown here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 as the show goes on will take calls on all manner of subjects. You can weigh in on anything you want to ask me any question you want to 866-34-TRUTH but I want to focus first a very sensitive difficult issues. I want to get input from as many of you as I can and be interactive as I share what I understand to be going on in our society. What are some of the big problems. What we can do to bring about positive change. Let me say first that when I modify got hit with cold. If you're not suffering with it at all until right after Christmas day after Christmas of last year and first week real mild thought of the spillover things in a few days and then the second week is when I got much worse.

So in a laying in bed and then spending the day in the hospital. You really can't do anything much to cannot healthy all of you asleep if I if I was up I didn't have energy rejoicing instructor meant every so often I wrote a little bit. That was it… Want to sleep and and do nothing of sports are just watching them fall back asleep. There's no energy to do anything because I wasn't healthy so the first thing was to get my health back. You really spent about a week and then bounce back to normal so three weeks really total, but then getting back to full strength but it's the same spiritual if we're not spiritually healthy when I could be able to bring about positive change in the world around us. If we are not spiritual health, spiritually healthy. Even if we can recognize the problems and see what's wrong we are too weak. Richard beaten down with struggling too much to be able to bring positive help.

It's like we see the darkness, but our light is not shining so we're here every day, five days a week and then through our articles and videos and post seven days a week 24 hours a day. We are here to serve you to minister to you to help you get healthier and stronger, healthier and stronger than those who are thriving were here to help equip you to be world changes, even a more effective way to infuse everyone with faith and truth and courage. That's my goal here if we talk about controversial issues. The goal is not to stir controversy. I have no desire to provoke people. I have no desire to push buttons God for bid that is contrary to our calling as follows you. Be sure to be peacemakers, not troublemakers.

At the same time I'm committed to truth. At the same time I'm committed to walk through a minefield whether all types of traps and explosives they could be dangerous with the goal of helping us get where we need to be as a body I'm going to talk more directly about Buffalo in a moment in the argument talk about some controversial issues but let me first share something I learned during the presidency of Barack Obama. I had been on the air beginning when he was a senator campaigning for the Democratic nomination than one and then became the president for eight years. Our first black president so during that time we talk through a lot of race related issues because these things were in the news want to process them together and get different perspectives black, white, Hispanic, Asian Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, interact, test everything by the word we we were we were doing and where great conversations on the radio and people coming calling in from all backgrounds and him and we talked through difficult things like the, the coming of Treva Martin by George Zimmerman was it was it murder homicide. The level of the guilt I mean really difficult race issues and and we did in the way that built relationship deepened our understanding of one another deepened our ability to communicate and I say let's just make it the rule here you could offend me. You tell me the truth.

If you think I'm missing some have a blind spot you go ahead I'm asking you for the right to speak truth with you, but you start speaking truthfully, to me, I give you that right so we developed a relationship and then I wrote an article and it was addressing Christians who voted for Pres. Obama and who voted with the real desire as African-Americans to see African-American president and and and so on a black president, and I asked what about issues like abortion what about this. What about the subject of written of things.

Addressing Jews addressing whites right addressing man.

I mean all of them.

All three of those things right always addressing fellow believers, but I noticed in the comment section, which I read to that article. There are a lot of black leaders offended with me, like who gave you the right to write this article arose and I have built relationship we have an experience we have established trust like we have on the radio going back and forth for years and years and years and some of you listening to me for 1314 years or 10 years and you build a relationship. So if you've called answer you've written to us so there's there's that mutual respect, even in the midst of our differences there as I hadn't built that in the same way with many of these readers who were new to me and therefore they took offense like for you instead still there coming from so hopefully if you're brand-new that you'll put this in the context of the fact we've been building relationship for years with our listening audience knows that a been with us for a while. You know me well enough so we look at this tragic shooting in Buffalo. Yes, there was a church shooting is well over the weekend and another shocker what we can tell, thus far, this was it. Tommy's Presbyterian Church so Asian Americans and the shooter himself as Asian American, so it from what we know it did not seem to be someone attacking Asian Americans because there were Asian Americans. It could have been some internal issue within the church and sometimes have an estranged husband comes in violently. Who knows the terrible tragedy terrible tragedy for short.

I want to focus in the loss of life.

There is equally tragic.

I want to focus on Buffalo in that there were more people involved were more casualties and the killer himself left behind a manifesto. He published that online and work were in a day and age, with it's not just that you have people who hate black people who ate whites, people who may choose people who ate this group and that group now this. And we have to exterminate them. We have to wipe them out. We have to take up arms to start killing them.

So obviously there are more and more people in our society. Given over to this kind of evil either through mental illness through familial breakups of breakups in the home or just giving themselves to demonic power or drug-related or perhaps during the the line between fantasy and reality with videogames and those because it is whatever it is these types of horrific shootings going on, more and more for years now in America, but this is is all the more shocking when we still have so much racial tension going on in America becoming of George Floyd being a key event in a recent history, and then often the media fueling the fires more deeply into the fires of distrust and political leaders fueling the fires of distrust so wall all that is is happening, then you have these horrific acts like this so initially what we knew was simply that this is a white teenager who wanted the complex. That's true everything we know the alleged shooter in his manifesto lengthy, manifestly posted online. So he's home during the pandemic youth is online research.

She becomes convinced of all of their sin and the white population is being replaced, etc. is going to do something about it. So you drive three hours to this market. Apparently the day before scopes about Chris like a homeless person scopes the place out before the shooting, and then goes in both body armor start shooting.

10 people killed three others injured again. You just sponsor the mark to market so as do that every week every day is going to the market with your family, husband and wife together… Go shopping, pick up some things so but hey I'll be home in our mom never come home so I know there's loss of life every single day.

It is a car accident or sudden death and people expecting it. It's it's all the more exaggerated when someone takes it into their own hands to cut people down so is the narrative true that the shooter was a white supremacist who wanted to kill wax yes absolutely true.

Sure was also a white supremacist who was an anti-Semite. Always almost always goes hand-in-hand. I I've never read the writings of a white supremacist who was and also an anti-Semite. So let me just share a little bit more with you have an article on the website. The Buffalo shooter wanted to murder Blacks and Jews, especially Jews so so this is this is from his online manifesto right in his own words according killer the real war. I'm advocating for is the Gentiles versus the Jews. We outnumber them 100 times and they are not strong by themselves by their Jewish ways they turn us against each other. When you realize this you will know that the Jews are the biggest problem the Western world is ever had.

They must be called out and killed John. Ernest was 19, professing presbyterian Christian when he went to synagogue Impala California Passover and began shooting. When this is what he told a 911 emergency line dispatcher quote. I just shot up a synagogue because Jewish people are destroying white race New York Post reported through his current research self-described white supremacists and anti-Semites came to see how the white birthrates around the world.

So there is a crisis that will call ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the European people switch on Ernest the synagogue shooter said is a lawful and cowardly to stand on the sidelines as the European people are genocide of his word around you. I did not want to have to kill Jews, but they have given us no other option is a very very evil ideology that targets black Americans Jewish Americans and others. It must be confronted must be confronted. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true beer again is Dr. Michael Brown makes friends for joining us on the line of fire each 6634 truth again as we talk about ideology as we talk about the motivations of the Buffalo shooter God bring him to repentance. Insanity and whatever years he has ahead. May he spend them trying to make right the wrongs committed. Fact is, you cannot give back a life you have taken you.

You cannot ever fix that. So don't want to take away from the human suffering don't want to take away from the human grief going to take away from the, that many black Americans feel right now thinking how many people like this are out there many more white supremacists are out there.

This is how many juice relative to the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh were 11 Jews were slaughtered, when in the manual valve white man himself and all Jews must die is traumatizing to communities that have a history of suffering traumatizing to communities that look back in their history is not that far.

They have to look back, there is a pattern of these things happening, I was just the norm. So I do not for a moment want to detract from the human suffering and pain involved at all, simply, there's nothing I can do about that.

Beyoncé and pray for the families of the victims in and for the survivors, but we need to understand this ideology. We need to understand its roots and we also need to know how this is going to be exploited by the secular left-leaning media. Okay, very, very important that we understand how this is going to be exploited friend.

Don't let someone else. Set your emotional tone.

Don't let the media set your emotional attitude. Let us set it based on who God is and what his word says and eternal realities we can be so inflamed by the left by the right. We can be so inflamed in a carnal way we can be so inflamed, politically we can react so much to rhetoric and propaganda that we lose God's perspective and and rather than us functioning as the salt of the earth is, as Martin Luther King said being thermostats more than thermometers. We just become thermometers we just reflect the temperature in the climate around spell.

Be very careful these days things are posted in subtle ways and headlines in it when you actually dig deeper you find a lot of is very famously very misleading. You can watch a video and it's there is there is the evidence then you find out all the story behind David Moore. The story let's let's not let the media player's like a drum write this onto it. So there's an article on the Jewish news website, which you need to know about the anti-Semitic ideology behind the Buffalo shooting civil with your Blacks that were killed, not whites but not Jews understand understand that there are larger issues were looking right now I want to tie these together in a moment.

So the article posted from Jewish telegraph telegraphic agency.

A manifest attributed what shooter outlines widely held conspiracy theories about Jews, and immigrants also cited the house synagogue attack is a reason to stream on twitch. I mean, world we live in Jerusalem live stream single massacre people kill people in cold blood. People never met and the live streams work in a sick world of living of the men charged with killing 10 people both on your supermarket. Sadly, allegedly, was motivated by conspiracy theory that spurred recent of the attacks on Jews, among others, in online manifesto attributed to Peyton Gendron 18 explains that the attack was further the theory that a tide of immigrants is crowding out white populations.

Muslim countries manifest processes.

The Jews are the real problem with. They can be dealt with in time the top supermarket located just a few miles the Canadian border was chosen because is an area with many black residents manifesto says 11 of the 13 people there shot were black or enforcement official said law enforcement authorities working to verify the manifesto was written by Gendron etc. the baseless theory outline outlined in the manifesto is known as great replacement. Of course the left is a Tucker Carlson endorses that theory therefore took Carlson as part of the bloodshed is not the subject will get it has united white supremacists accord across borders and the hatred of Jews and immigrants replacement theory has inspired multiple anti-Semitic and extremist attacks, including the 2018 Pittsburgh shooting in which 11 Jews were murdered 2019 attack on New Zealand Moscatello 51 and 2019 master Texas Walmart that targeted Hispanic immigrants in 2017 white supremacist marching in Charlottesville Virginia infamously Catholic Jews will not replace us manifesto cites the perpetrator of moving New Zealand benefit massacre is the chief inspiration and says that its author learned about the dangers of immigration from online research, including on four channel website popular among right-wing trolls.

The theory has gained significant traction in right-wing media and politics took Carlson the top rated Fox News Channel opinion Hostess traffic for more than a year in replacement rhetoric in one passage in the manifest allegedly written by Gendron. The writer echoes Carlson's phrasing in the notorious September 2013 segment which began how precisely as diversity or strength manifesto launches a similar salvo wise diversity said to be her greatest strength cake goes on from there. He claims this this mindset. This replacement theory is gaining currency among some Republican officials, etc. the author scrolling down this article, the author says he departs from anyone supremacists including the Jews are for the most part, white precise pages of quotations from the Talmud basis. Jews are political in their God's chosen people are permitted to hate and exploit the gleam of non-Jews and to engage in pedophilia.

Are you an anti-Semite. Yes manifest a reasonable place later.

The author answers the question why attack immigrants when the Jews of the issue the answer reads in part, they can be dealt with in time right frightening stuff to read what took Carlson address these on his own because I have not followed his broadcast or the comments that he is allegedly made on this I say allegedly as coaches to say was the larger context to look at that only glass that this would be fair where thinkers criticism deserved or think their criticism is unfair. I need to look at it more than he really has to say in response.


That being said, we we are ready know where this is going. Please. On January 6 because of the actions of a tiny group of people compared to the massive crowd that was there right massive crowd that was at the rally in DC honestly thought that there was election fraud and they were calling on Congress to to write this not certify the elections and do an investigation. Pres. Trump was totally unwise in his rhetoric. Pres. Trump provoke things by look cute.

You believe our government is been taken from us, you believe this is it you believe that will never have fair elections again and and the president is stoking fires even if he says with a walk peacefully to the ill do it was irresponsible. It was foolish right absolutely foolish and irresponsible.

In the days leading up to his rhetoric as the most powerful man on the planet was foolish and responsible.

Those my views which have made public since that day.

However, the vast majority of the vast, vast, vast majority people that were there were not there for an insurrection of the government were not planning to overthrow the government, let alone to overthrow it violently, but on that day. The left got its narrative confirmed. You see, all you Trump voters are white supremacists.

All you Trump voters are Christian nationalist, all you Trump voters are insurrections. The left-handed sergeant and it has been beating that narrative like a drum ever since. It is, is one of the downfalls of Pres. Trump that with all the good he did with the justices appointed and in so many positive reforms and the Abraham accords with all the good he did that as a responsible rhetoric open the door to that type of madness, which then led to the rhetoric being confirm that if you voted for Trump are white supremacist Christian nationalist insurrectionist now, the left has its new narrative that this is the Buffalo shooter is just a mainstream Republican look at this this headline from Rolling Stone magazine. This is just from yesterday, May 15, Battalion living the Buffalo shooter isn't a lone wolf he's a mainstream Republican the right string right-wing extremists who control the modern GOP are all gripped by racist, a racist illusion shooter is just the latest to act on it.

That's the allegation well if that's the case payout. What happened just a few months back that the the parade massacre, a black man in in Lakisha's nose going to to avenge become Kyle Rittenhouse is judging and jury now pronounce judgment on on the people of the parade. He goes and and most through the crowd, killing many white people. Many elderly among them children hit terribly injured.

So here's an article on FrontPage mag was what piece of Christmas parade car massacre of BLM black Christmas terror attack, I might as well say because of the BLM ideology what he is just a mainstream Democrat as your Democrat, you stand for that friends. This is the type of irresponsible rhetoric. I don't mean the FrontPage mag headline which identifies us with BLM and not with the Democratic Party as a whole, etc. liberals as a whole and and we rightly identify the Buffalo shooter with white supremacy, not with whites as a whole that was Republicans is all just like the parade massacre does not reflect Blacks as a whole. Democrats is all liberals as a whole, but it's this type of irresponsible or he's just mainstream Republican when you do that you provoke further anger you provoke further division and it's happening on both sides rent is happening on both sides and we had better be very careful 866-34-TRUTH you can say preach it brother tell me I'm crazy. Phone lines are open to either of you will be like that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown according to the manifest of the now been walked on wine Buffalo shooter identified himself as an authoritarian left this who hates Fox news soul began to put someone in simple categories such as problematic, it is destructive. I tweeted this out old maybe an hour ago. The new narrative from the left is that the Buffalo shooter was a typical Republican that's the case in the Lakisha breaker was a typical Democrat enough already discounted rhetoric only leads to more anger and violence, 866-3487 84. Welcome to the line of fire. Why do I talk about things that are so provocative. Is it because all that draws eyes are like its people listening or no. That's a mature, fleshly, carnal reason to talk about is the world we live in is God's people is as follows of Jesus. We cannot just be moved by the media by reporting by the latest social trends I was interacting with a colleague of mine at a dear brother black Jewish brother believer in Yeshua. We were interacting and I was. I said I posted something a few years ago that that black Americans did not find racially offensive it when it was an abortion comparison and talk about the humanity of the slave in the past. He many of the baby in the womb today and I said when I posted it recently got pushed back the basis of the climate change it in America and I said I'm in heat. He had some of the good input from you as always. But I said to let me assist the is is the climate change positive which are about the moral climate were talking about the emotional climate was as a lot of the change in the emotions of Americans been provoked by the media on left and the right.

Those are questions we have to ask how we being influenced by isosorbide. Dear friends, colleagues during that the 2020 elections and and Nancy.

It was we were literally weeping over this lease are friends of ours become so politically caught up and cement is just that there is anger there is deficient and there is is listen talk is a conspiracy theories without what what happened with foster bearings so if I can help if I can be a voice say let's let's walk through the minefield together where there can be a lot of potential misunderstanding and let's let's talk together as we do and listen to each other, and above all, listen to the Lord and calm our hearts. Let's be part of the solution for the nation, wrote an article you can find a website asked her to Brown the Lord asking your brown garlic say saying that the revolution is here we been talking about for over 20 years. A moral and cultural pushback against the radical left missing for years.

It's coming it. It's here, not fully but it's here. But… Gospel base still fail… Gospel based in Jesus center found in the word power by the Spirit. It's gonna fail 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Troy and Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire, look at it? Going on with holding alike the young people include bipolar. I like the letter. Our young people are really a desire to change change. I think I could BLM movement was a chance for them to know John the 500th. After fighting for like a moral right. So my question would be the opposite of it and it would be removed by light, young person I have energy you have passion. I want to serve the Lord and I want to get in the five agreement sort of young people going to Ukraine because they want in order to get involved with something okay how to re-create our excitement and pumping practical for prayer in you doing bring your Bible and going to hurt like what how can we come together really affect changes in our world with such a climate.

Yeah, I love you question Troy and it's something that I've talked about is well over the years. I remember back in 2020. As we were wrapping things up for this massive prayer, repentance, event called DC September 2, 2000 that drew several hundred thousand believers together from six in the morning to six in the evening prayer and fasting cry out to God for the nation to repent of our own sins.

A member the young man maybe 20th century. Give me a cause and all die for. So I I've had that in mind ever since. And it's easy for us to react outwardly to the negative things we see right you know, and chief of running down cities BLM which I separate from the important truth that every black life matters BLM and in what that was doing and and other movements that, in my view, do far more harm than good. It's easiest look at that bad evil.

What's with these people but I ask what's behind. So in the 60s during the whole counterculture revolution, which is known for sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, Eastern religion, there was a lot of rebellion that the flesh owned the day in so many ways.

However, many young people that I was one of them at the time with regarding to the whole drug scene. Many young people were looking for something more.

They said this is got me some more. The American dream there, there's gonna be more than just having a nicer house and her parents stated in a better job in getting our kids into better schools gonna be more to life than that they were asking questions and through most of America.

The church did not catch what was happening spiritually and say you're asking the right questions. You'll only find the answers in Jesus.

And here's the real purpose of life and how tears are.

Jesus is the author ultimate counterculture revolution or bring about change, but it's true love, kindness, and through self-sacrifice, etc. so the church missed a big opportunity there. Satan sees Dick and and fill that void with all these other things. So some of the lies were destroyed in the same way now. I agree many young people want to see justice and equality. Many young people want to fight for the underdog. The perceived victim. That's positive. Unfortunately, because it's not Bible-based because it's influenced by so many media lies and distortions in educational lies and distortions they end up on the wrong side of issues. Perfect example being so many of them. The college campuses, etc. are so hostile to Israel and look it Israel as a genocidal state. Compare Israel to the Nazis.

We withdrew the Palestinians they they look at the micro and AC powerful Israel impoverished Palestinians evil Israel Palestinian victims, and of course you want to see help for for everyone in the land, including positive but they don't look at the larger picture in history which puts everything in a completely different context, and you realize well and was we stand with Israel for justice with a receipt justice for the surrounding peoples so in the same way so II said that Troy not so much for you because I think you understand these things for everyone else to take to give my perspective, there so what then can young people plug into what is the pro-life movement for sure and holistic weight, not just voting in a holistic way trying to educate their generation on the humanity of the baby in the womb from every different angle, scientific angles, moral, philosophical angles, human interest story angles personal testimonies Bible so that I hang on Troy. I hope you're still able to listen. We lost her recall there so that's one big thing pro-life movement. Another thing is there are plenty of churches that are working hard for racial reconciliation and for deeper understanding of on the that's another because you get involved with the bodily pro-life is is not just the baby in the womb with the baby outside of the what can you do advocate for that where you see if you say in inner cities. Maybe educational things maybe get involved in the educational system to bring about positive change in thinking maybe to be a mentor that we know churches that work with local schools and schools. Call them in as churches as congregations they could you help us really strove and don't know through their young people so you ego it starts to hate really goes clean up the area. Here you know and hate within a get to know some of the kids and I played basketball music and plays basketball, SUV want to shoot some hoops and be a major to them. There lots of things like that that we can do that are practical that are important that we can give our energy to along with prayer and preaching the gospel to the lost of let's go over to James and make on Georgia. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire. How are you doing very well thank you sir. Glad your what he is a complete driven things are that but thought it would quote not not necessarily simply because we've had many worst evils in the past. Reno, for example, you have World War II, which results in about 20 million deaths in Nevada that was was hate driven you. You have the fact that slavery was normal way of life in much of America and that the Africans were treated as is not fully human, and that was just way of life and we had segregation in parts of America up until the 60s. So, that's worse than what we have today. So James and I live with a sense of urgency always because this is a dying messed up world and we only have one life in which we ourselves and seek to make a difference and is run hot dog used to say plunder held to populate heaven in the nick of living difference in this world and I live with an eager desire to see Jesus return, but as of offer reference. What I came to faith in 71 I was told this is it.

Jesus is coming back in a moment all the prophecies lining up the counterculture revolution of the 60s that was proof that was the final apostasy that was the great falling away so I look at things in a much bigger way. A larger picture, especially around the world and and when Paul said in the last days perilous times will come when these when his writing to Timothy in second Timothy chapter 3, he it's interesting that he goes through the list and is pretty much what you see in in every generation the things he was there and then he says avoid people like this. In other words, Timothy in these last days in which we would've been the last days since his death and resurrection of Jesus in these last days in which we are living will be perilous times. Secondly, a cakewalk.

Jesus said in John 1633 in this world you have tribulation would be encouraged of overcome the world. And we live is over, solicitors and our fellow look at it is a sign that the final generation. Hey, thank you so much for the call to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown) referencing articles of written things like that. Somerset I don't know about those. How how can I can I get them the easiest way is this go to my website.*Brown a SK your is take a moment but your email address first and last name or address if you want us to know that was your email address first and last name and let us know how you connected with this could be through the radio broadcaster podcast or social media something else. It's always helpful for us to know and in this way once a week you'll get a notice with all of her articles for the week you get a notice with all of our new videos for the week you get a notice of any new resource offers we put together or new book releases or for planning a trip to Israel or something like that so*Brown or click on email sign up there also send you free mini book an e-book on how to pray for America hate a quick reminder before I get back to the phones continue to talk about these very important issues. Quick reminder.

My book has God failed to will be of tremendous help to those of you who are struggling questions about the Bible. Maybe someone you know struggling fact limit me to share a little bit more with you about this book are you struggling your faith Jeff doubts and questions and you really don't know where to go with them. Maybe have a friend or loved one that's completely fallen away from the Lord will friends. We've got a great resource for you has God failed you. Finding faith when you're not even sure God is real. This is the book that is a first aid kit for procedures. Strugglers and doubters and ask the difficult question what happens when prayer doesn't seem to work.

What happens when that level were praying for his and healed. And what about those passages in the Old Testament, it looks like God is an angry, vengeful God, what do we do with those. There's even a whole chapter called permission to doubt and what can we learn from the book of Job and what unique about this book is we invite the questions and then we speak to the heart without bypassing the mind as you read this book, faith will rise inside of you. As you read this book, confidence and hope will be restored. As you read this book. Questions will be answered in your mind will be at ease and this could really be the lifeline for love one that has fallen away from the Lord so order your copy has God failed you today ask Dr. that's a SK GR order today and when you do or give you free instant access to a powerful video I preached on why so many Christians live in the face so order has God failed you

My friends just this moment, I noticed a new headline announcing more information about the California shooting the rest of the outset, from what we could see here you have an Asian American shooting other Asian Americans, so perhaps it was some internal church issue and it was not a matter of racial hatred.

But here's the new report from AP news hate against Taiwanese let you church attack a gunman in a deadly attack in California church was the Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese people shooting Phil Dr. John Chang, 52, and five others were wounded and attacking us in California church so or how how extraordinary and this is Dr. Chang this is your heroes that the try to stop the street in Buffalo are ran at the shooter tried to disarm him.

He got shot within pastor to the man over the head with a chair was tied with electrical cords but another form of hate is that this is that remarkable. You know there's a Talmudic tradition that asked the question why was the first Temple destroyed 586 BC and the Thompson community of the skin that that was the first Temple destroyed and the answer was we had idolatry murder you had a morality of than the XLS in seven years than the temple was rebuilt was the second Temple destroyed. This is your 70 at the time of Tom and composition seven centuries.

It still destroyed has been rebuilt and answers basis. Hatred now that basis hatred theme ties in with other tumbling stories, etc., which to me or miss the point that there is basis. Hatred was basis hatred against the Messiah, but it it it just struck me.

Now all the basis hatred went against black black against white dental against you Asian American against Asian American it's it's epidemic it's epidemic friends. We have a message they can change things. Please hear me friends you when I was followers of Jesus we have a message they can change things.

Can we set an example and step higher. Can we set an example and say in the midst of a hateful society. We will not be haters ourselves. Perez Romans 12 don't be overcome by evil overcome evil with good light switch subjects, take a couple more calls.

We have some time please hear me but I believe if this woman was that I could deposit everyone today is the last point, let us not be overcome by evil is overcome evil with good lives overcome hate with love. That's the Jesus revolution. We advocate that's where change can come up let's go to Dyersburg, Tennessee, Giuseppe, welcome to the line of fire. Hey there around good gotcha gotcha there was surprise, go answer okay I just finished last five years been researching a lot of the great speaking movement, and I've also been calling you for longer than that. Not really loved everything in the end of the great topic I like me into this confusion because I love falling a lot of your stuff. But then you wrote a book

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