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Lessons from the First Century Church

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 22, 2020 4:20 pm

Lessons from the First Century Church

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 22, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/22/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So first century Christians from Rome were here will they teach us stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to today's broadcast. I believe you have a rich time in the word in culture today. Getting practical lessons growing together so glad to have you with me welcome welcome to the line of fire. I am here by God's grace to serve as your voice moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise and friends. The key issue. The key issue for the health of the nation, is the health of the church government support media is important. Education is important.

All these things are important, but the ultimate issue is can decide the well-being of a nation is the health of God's people within that nation were called to function as salt and light all right.

If you have a question, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 8784 any question of any kind ties in with our subject matter here on the light a fire in general your best to get to a number of your calls today as well. Also give an update in evaluating some prophecies that predicted certain things by mid April were little bit further out now we can better evaluate and the left's attack on Samaritan's purse want to talk with you about that as well. Okay, let's start here.

What would believers tell us from New Testament times.

If they were alive today. Obviously a whole different world to unimaginable your from then to now it's Bowman, a second okay but put that aside, put all the cultural changes in all that aside, what will they tell us as far as the gospel. They tell us as far as her faith or they tell us as far as living as believers in America slide under your watch listing from the world, but in America we have a Democratic Republic we vote were so involved in political decisions where we are hardly a day goes by with this not talk about the president and the Congress in the direction of the nation in this and added and it's something that were constantly involved with as believers is often on our minds when they teach us.

I jotted down a few things that I think would be helpful in my new book that just came out when the world stops words of faith, hope and wisdom in the midst of crisis.

I have a whole chapter titled what is church and how should we do it because right now with the inability to gather together publicly. We do gather has to be very small numbers of people I'm hearing from pastors in different states in terms of the onerous restrictions that are being put on public meetings in the cleaning of the building in the amount of people in and all this is what has to be done for health purposes and end.

So where the situation would never been in before that for us is as 21st-century believers were weak we can gather together we can have our large meetings we can do a lot of that were used to doing so what would first century Christians teaches one things. This I believe they would tell us that the gospel can spread and strive regardless of leadership in the nation. In other words, that the Christians in the first century were under tyrannical Roman rule. They were often persecuted for their faith and even killed for their faith because they would not acknowledge Caesar as Lord. They they didn't have the ability to vote or to petition the government.

You had an absolute tyrannical leader who fashioned himself to be a God. And if you want to guess that you could pay with your life and yet that environment without agave president without a godly Congress with a godly Supreme Court without any of that. All right without God fearing people in leadership as governors and entities as leaders and in the military and then of course that this the Caesar Nero whoever was in at that time. Despite all that the gospel grew and abounded in the gospel thrived in so many ways and spread like holy fire through the Roman Empire, so I want to encourage all of you don't get caught up in election fever.

Yes, voting is important.

Yes, we should be jealous of preserving our liberties, but I hope to be a broken record about this. Just like I was during the impeachment don't get caught up with impeachment fever but let's focus on what really matters is be informed. Let's vote the sick advantage of the liberties we have, but let us keep it in proper perspective the gospel can thrive in every setting. It has in communist China under the oppressive regime there.

It has, in a country like Iran under oppressive Islamic regime there. The gospel can thrive in any vibe that's one thing I believe research which Christians would teach us. Another is this persecution as painful as it can be as difficult as it can be can also be a great blessing. Not just that we grow as individuals when we suffer for the gospel, not just that we develop character and perseverance as we suffer for the gospel. But God can use it to spread the gospel. For example, in acts eight, it says that there was a great persecution arose. This is after the martyrdom of Steven and and Saul of Tarsus spring this on a great persecution arose in the believers scattered from Jerusalem to have the apostles who stayed in Jerusalem and in and others believers. They scattered through the region and they went out preaching and X11 indicates that most without preaching. They were Jews.

They went out preaching the fellow Jews within others preach to Gentiles, also was a way of getting the message out to the rest of the world. So even though persecution is unpleasant and in and of itself.

You don't welcome it. You realize it can be used for good. It gets us more dependent on the Lord.

It it gets us living in in reality to a godless world that were here to serve with the gospel. Another thing that early Christians could teach us is that every member of the body counts and that there is no such thing as biblically-based spectator Christianity know it's true that when the believers in Jerusalem could meet in the temple that that they could meet sometimes in large numbers and they could listen to Peter teacher of his teach, but for the most part, the vast majority of their meetings were were in houses right you had a house big enough maybe to get 2030 people and you do that, maybe, five, six people can meet. They met in different settings. They did not have anything called church buildings. They didn't even have their own messianic synagogues. At that time. From what we can tell, so they had their meeting places their places for gathering together generally in home so Paul writes in Romans 16 did to the church in someone's home to the church of the home. Have you get a building at home for the church is not a building so the whole spectator Christianity were were the main expression of your spiritual devotion. Each week is to go to a building to hear a worship team saying to the central pastor preach and you go home.

That's the main expression of your of your your weak spiritually. The main spiritual expression that sadly lacking. I love big meetings.

Love them I love preaching the large crowds of people I love it I love the presence of God in worship as you worship with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. It's wonderful. It's glorious, it's awesome. I love how and when one moment you could you could like spark a movement near it's only people in place of fasting, praying, crying out, you speak a word, they go out with that slayer lies down for dying world is beautiful is powerful, but when it's our main weekly expression as opposed to the main focus being being the body and every member of the body being important. Thank God for pastors, thank God for anointed teachers.

Thank God for anointed worship teams. This will just watch them sing on some places we do, but properly we enter in with them. They help lead us into the presence of God in worship. Wonderful, beautiful, but that's only a little portion every week right. How many hours in a week at 77󬱚4 Sosa was 168 hours in a week so two hours out of that.

Maybe or are spent going to a church service. You know there and back and go to the service and that's the main spiritual expression. No, it's living our faith out in everyday life and in the reminder that the church is the people not the building that I believe before saying that they would tell us we need the power of the spirit we need the power of the Spirit for the early church to function without the power the spirit with a been utterly unthinkable to them. He was such an active part of everything that they did played such an important role in their personal lives reach of the book of acts read read through the epistles.

It's the presence of the spirit importance of the spirit is everywhere. Everywhere AW toes years ago said that if that the Holy Spirit let the earth and in the days of the early church.

95% of the work would stop and everyone would notice it. Notice the absence of the spirit is that of the Holy Spirit left the church today speak in particular I would say now the church in the West, 95% of work would continue unaffected. Nobody would notice the early church would remind us we need the power of the spirit for going to see the advance of the gospel is 6634 original article last night. It's getting a lot of attention on different websites about Samaritan's purse Samaritan's purse. The left's message to Samaritan's purse. You cannot be Christian. So this is picograms organization Frank Granderson to Billy Graham. Picograms outspoken evangelist and preacher of the gospel, who also ran political things as well. Somewhere she wouldn't. Some think it's important to put that aside, but is made clear that he and his organization hold to biblical values concerning marriage and sexuality is a pretty foundational Samaritan's purse is his humanitarian Christian doctors, nurses, health caregivers, volunteer their time give their services.

They became best known for helping Ebola victims in Africa some years back so they set up an emergency camp in New York because New York City was overwhelmed and there to be able to treat with 68 beds, 60 people and and again there risking all the work is there risking getting infected themselves risking getting sick, risking death okay so they're getting protested for 33 getting protested.

You got gay activist groups protesting that protesting them why because their hateful major Brazzaville.

We need to find out what these are exactly what these people do or who they are with some it's a mystery to you.

Franklin Graham is in Samaritan's purse really seriously sir. With all respect, it's a big world out there, but Frank Graham pretty well known. What's issue with a high Christians and have a statement of faith say marriage is the union of a man and woman, this is in the serve they serve every month. Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody, without discrimination with the world saying is can be Christian.

If you want us if you serve everybody don't discriminate against everybody that's not enough, you can hold to Christian values friends we been warning for years for reason a similar gentleman named Philip tweeted out in response to my article, he tweeted to stay a word of of thanks to me and said that Karen, thank you for your voice on these issues.

Wake up calls her to Philip thanking us get appreciation like that day as I was his view friends on seeking, let us not be asleep in the light for her plan is a plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 884 littering the broadcast I want to get into a just released eschatology serve were my friends Mitch Glaser and some colleagues. Joe chosen people ministry. Some others sponsor the survey of evangelical and historically black denominations in America believe they serving that a thousand pastors so that was just released today I want to share some of that with you little later in the broadcast again.

If you have a question for me if you differ with me on some outcome.

Almost somebody differs with me call one of the critics who attacks me online or the people that know posting attacking sniper call me Izzy see one online 99% of the time is that 90.9% of the time I don't have the time to engage in a back-and-forth debate or dialogue and assess the best setting for you know the embassy tweaked back and forth but I would love to. I would love to. I love to debate and dialogue and discuss it when I see things posters that are false. My desire is to immediately correct them.

Okay, but is not the time and the place and with that the good social media. Following that we have, by God's grace that we try to steward well and serve well that you not be buried for decades. You wouldn't hear from me again, except for been buried in some social media disputes and discussions in the midst of the hundreds of thousands of of comments that come in over reputed weeks and months so but my height is hawkish that trusts me is to rebut and correct and set the record straight, not for pride sake, but for true sick but I've had whole shows from invited Chris to call a whole given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. Weeks and weeks on end and it doesn't happen so anyway II give the opportunity of fresh 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones. Let me address this issue in the New Testament, a false prophet is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Jesus in Matthew seven warns about them. He says in Matthew seven. Beware of false prophets. Here they come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they they are dangerous, they are they are they are ravenous wolves right he gives that warning that they are not sincere people who made a mistake they they are not sincere leaders, godly leaders made a mistake somewhere they are wolves in sheep's clothing, not what about someone who claims to be a prophet and prophesies falsely do we call that person a false prophet will if they in fact are not believers if they in fact are wolves in sheep's clothing, then yes we identify them as such. But otherwise we simply say you are falsely calling yourself a prophet argument example someone says God's called me to teach and and their opening up the Scriptures in their butchering the Bible another person is a believer right there believer with a saying of the Lord's anointed me to teach is called me to teach and in their butchering the Scripture July call a person a false teacher. Not if there believer.

As I understand, a false teacher second Timothy two is a nonbeliever who leads people into condemnation with their false doctrine right, somebody just not interpreting the Bible.

Well, not using right principles of teaching and their falsely: Sosa, Tito, so you're not a teacher you're falsely calling yourself a teacher, but you're not a teacher but if they teach heresy you like Mormonism or something like that or some blatant denial of the gospel. Then I see you are a false teacher the same way of someone's claiming prophetic gifting and prophetic power and is a deceiver and a charlatan and a fraud, then I would call that person a false prophet, but if someone says the Lord gave me this word and and and he showed me that aunt then on Sunday. This can be a rainbow over the entire United States and that rainbows can signify peace between the Democrats and Republicans will Sunday happens and is the rainbow over the entire United States and is no peace between Democrats and Republicans. I won't call that person a false prophet was. I know for sure that they are not believers there wolves in sheep's clothing, but I would say your your and you're not a prophet or you're falsely claiming to be a prophet or your prophesying falsely this. This is one of my major grievances with with critics and hyper critics. By critics I mean people I find to be honest and with integrity in their differences of hyper critics, those that I find to be dishonest or deceptive or lacking in integrity so this is where my great issues with in the New Testament it says that we should not put out the spirits far. We should not despise prophecies, but we should test everything and hold to the good and and that's recess on five first Corinthians 14 says two or three prophets should speak the other should weigh carefully what is said, that means it's said and some might say we we affirm this is what the Lord is saying or maybe that three prophets have the same word in this deviation on one part cycle we we feel sure. Three. Three of us all heard the same word simultaneously. We we believe the Lord speaking this, but we have to pray more about these other parts of it.

It has to be discerned like that right and in even Old Testament prophecy I give you examples were doesn't come to pass. Mathematically regard blatantly says ABC in a happens part of the happens not to see and in many, many years later part of B&C still hasn't. But the people were known to be true prophets of the words are preserved for us. Okay, this is not just some simple 2+2 = 4. In every case, and sometimes it is that simple.

Other times it's not. So there were prophetic words that we highlighted some weeks back saying that commit April April 15 16th the end of Passover that there would be a clear shift that we we go to another phase with the virus that there would be a diminishing of the virus. While on the one hand on those very days. April 16 or announcements about plans to reopen the country. People talk about the next phase right so there seem to be some truth to that, but what about that there would be a diminishing of the virus. Beginning mid April with a passive residual I just saw a headline today, and this headline said US coronavirus deaths top 45,000. Doubling in a little over week and and then the article says at the beginning that that the numbers were the highest. We just go down US deaths increased by more than 2750 on Tuesday along just shy of a peak of 2800 deaths in a single day on April 15, so April 15, the highest date now were right behind it and and here we are today, April 22 so that did not happen, that did not happen. There is not been a diminishing that began on that day, nor my surprises and that I hoped it would limit we all want to see the virus diminished. We won't see people getting back to jobs getting back to health and things like that course but didn't happen while their false prophet know that this makes him a false prophet. If someone is a servant of the Lord, a lover of Jesus, a born-again person and they prophesy something falsely we hold them accountable for that we don't stone them when I'm in the Old Testament.

Okay, this is different now New Testament everyone can potentially prophesy and will have the Holy Spirit living within us, to bear witness or not to prophetic words support. We understand this so I will question another word from that person. Another was there their credibility go down and I will say that prophecy that part of it.

At least, if not all that but that part of it was false to maybe other parts of it that were true, but I can rebrand the person a false prophet if their brother or sister in Jesus.

I'm just trying to use biblical terminology friends.

I'm try to be a word person I try to be faithful to Scripture in the Old Testament, false prophets either prophesied in the name of another God. That's pretty serious or they prophesy falsely in the name of the true God to encourage people to continue to sin rhythms extensively my Jeremiah commentary in the 20s are chaptered and elsewhere got into extensively taught lengthy classes on the prophets in the at and I've gotten into these things in depth. That's what false prophets, do they lead you to follow another God or they encourage you to practice said and say that God is fine with it.

There wolves in sheep's clothing, but you can be a true believer and get something wrong prophetic.

It was pulsing first with his 13th. We prophesy in part.

He also says we know in part cyber question for you is the Bible, God's perfect work. Yes. Is it lacking in any way. No doesn't tell us everything we need to know for life and godliness is a Scripture sufficient in that regard.

Absolutely yes. Do we all understand it perfectly. No, we have different denominations we have different groups we we argue endlessly be about the end times be at about Calvinism versus Arminianism below the gifts of the spirit for today be in arguments between Catholicism and and and Greek orthodoxy of Eastern orthodoxy and Protestantism and the Jewish roots and vice a baptism in we have the perfect we have the perfect word of God we have the Holy Spirit living within us as our teacher and yet we still differ in some of us over the course of a lifetime lotion I taught this for a while but I think it's wrong. I think this is the better way to understand and we make an adjustment and I think it the end yet we don't brand every teacher out there that we differ with a false teacher should I brand all non-charismatics.

False teachers because I'm charismatic. Should I brand all Calvinists. Just because among Calvinists.

Shall I brand everyone teaches infant baptism, a false teacher because I believe the believer baptism shut shall I brand everyone that doesn't believe in historic premillennialism, a false teacher because we differ there or should they.

All brand me a false teacher because I different now. In the same way. In the same way because someone maybe insincerity may be under pressure to come up with something maybe out of their own desire may be misinterpreting a dream. They come up with something that's false in a prophecy.

They should be held accountable and we should say that was false, but we don't brand them false prophets were there for wolves in sheep's clothing and charlatans and frauds and listen right there are charlatans and frogs, be they teachers, be they pastors, be they so-called prophets, be they whoever friends. Let's be applicable were destroying each other with the stuff. Let's be biblical and let's hold people accountable for public prophetic right that we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown yet another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again, Jesus is Lord and with the storm of the mud with the crisis met with craziness. Jesus is Lord always true, always true. Matter what is happening in the world around us. He is Lord we worship him as Lord. It settles our hearts.

It reminds us of what really matters reminds us of who we are and where we are going 866342 them. None of the phones momentarily, and after that regulate look at an eschatology survey that was just done thousand or so pastors interviewed about their views on the end times. We will look at that moment I was just released by some of my colleagues earlier today but before that I have been doing a series now this is week 10, going to the book of Proverbs now were doing it subject by subject. It is an amazing book Proverbs as you know it, and it is being done exclusively for monthly supporters are torchbearers and are patriotic supporters. Those helping us just with pennies a day. Literally pennies a day $10 more per month can become a patron supporter a torchbearer which comes with more benefits.

This is a dollar a day or more. But right now difficult times and it is present this to you to become a patriotic supporter you get to bonus videos weeks right now go through Proverbs we been through Hebrews you say will those willows overcome our discourses yeah they will.

His courses with study guides it the people pay for right but here you get them as your bonus each week plus a YouTube chat exclusive YouTube chat that you get each week as a patron supporter so go there if you can join our team. Our goal 7000 patron supporters that will enable us to do so much more to be a blessing and help to you were little over 200 right now, but each of you that started with us. Thank you and that we would love to get this material to you. We have thousands of hours of free resources on our site. As you know, and our daily show free for all. As you know, but we also have some special things that we make available to those who support us so DR Brown. Not only will you help us reach a whole lot of people and have treasure in heaven, but you get to bonus videos week right to the phones let us go to almost see us in New York.

Thank you for holding and welcome to the line of you doing very well thank you's are why I don't want to ask you wish your I am amounts of Bible school level something I just want to get clear I saw a debate you on Jewish Jesus guide them, you graduate debate in Isaiah 53 the Jews got told you that they meant Diana to pay by don't know.

He said that he did say the Messiah is Israel, but that Isaiah 53 speaks of Israel, not the Messiah all get exacted out. The Bible deal with the info I call Israel in the Bible. If there one that struggled with God.

So it Isaiah 53 and I don't know Israel none of Israel as a nation is not the one that struggled with God that was Israel the individual. Jacob individual who struggled with God. Israel, the nation is not known struggling with God. It's Jacob, the individual who struggled with God that it was difficult, but it didn't give them Israel requested that he wondered struggled with God.

I represents for the individual that doesn't describe the nation that describes the individual yeah because giving and patient is delighted to call in the out day didn't have a quality because it with great general anesthetic cameo for the lost children of Israel man is easily the Messiah. I look at the thin I am is the alarm if we let that loss. I don't know Dr. Whitlow's distance into extent yet it's intent to explain Jesus is an Israelite issue is and is really right. He fulfills the destiny of his people, his people were called to be a light to the world and to bring God's salvation to the ends of the earth, the nation fails the Messiah fulfills the mission, but if you look in Isaiah 49. He is called Israel as an individual but his mission is to the nation of Israel, which is in emphasize is called to the tribes of Israel to the lost sheep of us miss you. And yes, the physical nation. The place called Israel a thank you sir for the questions. I do appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH of the Skoda Isaac so in the southeast United States for strategic reasons, not telling more welcome to the broadcast. Thank you Dr. Brown record actually was calling because I'm in a bit of a situation involving my pastor my church but a member of my church for years of active deacons well but what what's going on alternative brief as I possibly can to the water. My pastor friends with a gentleman who is currently running her clinical condition and accounting global political candidate, specifically Sheriff which has a lot to do with. He was chair for many years before.

However. Many years ago 2012. This gentleman as Shira was caught taking a woman he impregnated to get an abortion and a Sheriff's vehicle cost being on the highway became big, big news everybody talked about it.

Turns out he impregnated the same woman again on his wife twice. I don't know if he ever actually had a child. I worked both of them were boarded or what happened your way. It was a big ordeal, he publicly apologized.forgiveness. Every father moved on. In that year he was elected sheriff again 2015 rolled around again, he was up for election. It came out that he has been.

These were serious accusations. The office never acknowledged it but reacted him out that he was 16, texting a woman in the Sheriff's office and again, not his wife a lot of very lewd and and very sexual text messages. The Sheriff's office never address that the sheriff himself never interested the debit card to stop talking to the press pretty much refused any comment about the matter. He then lost the election that year to a different gentleman who's been Sheriff since 2015 election coming up again. The previous guy is now running again share the one who lost in 2016 and that always issues masses election problem. It even all that my pastor is still very very publicly supporting this previous share.

He has the sign in his front yard with the department working right next to our church. He also regularly share stuff on Facebook publicly supporting him and everything usually share in the posting by the this year.

I'll write care spike public Facebook pages are the sheriff wherever the candidate since Isaac, let me just up and ask a couple questions yeah number number one does your pastor believe that this man has truly repented and shown fruits of repentance. I honestly don't know.

According to what I have talked to him in the past about it he only brings up the 2012 incident with the European caught regular woman all that and unfair that you know he publicly thought forgiveness everything. Talk to pastors about it. All this right. And then if this reseller was a church member known as a godly man. You knew his family well in the past was supporting him.

With that thought of you that the pastor was getting involved politically if you thought the sky was a solid guy to a point. Yes I okay I have a problem with the sign in the front yard because of the parsonage is no clear all clear yet sooner. Right now your situation is whether you can remain in the church with you should approach the pastor humbly, but strong lien might my issue is whether or not it should be a pertinent pastor I thought with them for many different people my life, parents, other pastors I know everything and different want of give me very very different. So different. Not my counselor if I were you.


Obviously you you honor authority be at your earthly father, be it the police officer that pulls you over. Be it the judge in the court be at the pastor, so I believe you understand that that's that's a given. But if I were you I would. After prayer I would absolutely ask for a serious one-on-one appointment. I would say no speak of your honor and appreciation from your love for the church in your desire to serve and that's where your deacon in light of love for the people out of love for the Lord.

But this is a very painful situation because according to everything you know this man is been compromised. This been a steady pattern of sin. This brought reproach to the gospel because it's now associated with this pastor and church and it makes it very difficult. You know, and it now muddies the water in terms of the gospel because this church now not only stands for Jesus, but stands for the sheriff so I would make a humble appeal for him to step back from his public support and ask explain the situation and his response should be very telling terms of how he response to should really really indicate what you need to do, Lord, I pray you give Isaac wisdom you know all the details you know the truth may make truth and wisdom, grace prevail. In Jesus name. A thank you for frisking for counsel. That's what I would tell you of hate just quickly a Michael in Arizona Mormon prophets how would I look at them I lick them as false prophets because they are in a false religion and they are claiming inspiration from God in the midst of a false religion founded by a false prophet Joseph Smith who claim revelation that did not come from God. So if they are part of the Mormon church as leaders and they understand the doctrine. Therefore, there part of a cult and if they did prophesy really had things accurate at times.

I would brand them absolutely as false prophets absolutely would be no question in my mind wouldn't hesitate for split-second and a Mormon teacher teaching Mormonism regiment. So when that is in the church with this understand what they believe and maybe is actually heard the true gospel elsewhere in the still the church that only understand but someone that understands some of the knows the doctrines Mormonism is a heretical cult that will not lead people to the true God to the true Savior so Mormon teachers would be false teachers among prophets and false prophets. Simple answer there. Hate Michael will make sure Dr. that for the break. Thank you for asking. You may know romance the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling downloaded for your smart phone or tablet or computer. When the world stops roots of faith, hope and wisdom in the midst of crisis. We are getting great reports, which I'm blessed and humbled by great reports from readers now were getting the manuscript in their hands of the book in their hands. God stirred me March 18 with the idea. What I wasn't sure wasn't the Lord.

Was this idea. I had a bouncer also poses a crazy idea would fill in to get a book out now the midst of the crisis was March 18. The book was published April 21 has that written and published in the months that's grace but 200 pages long to get the e-book world stops nor the paperback is can be shipped very very soon because it's happened so quickly.

The printing is just catching up with things that the audiobook should be out any day okay and I will look at this survey pastor views on the return of Jesus Christ. Biblical prophecy and end times was a survey of 1000 pastors from evangelical and historically black denominations by life weight research historically black denominations would be more conservative, but not always called evangelical silicon fitting together, sponsored by chosen People ministries lines for the peace of Jerusalem.

Richard and Judy Hastings and Hendrik century Dallas theological seminary, so this phone survey that was done.

Questions ask samples but a thousand people right and margin of error of plus or -3.2%. So 56% say their church has a stated position that scroll down a bit, 56% say their church has a stated position on the sequence of end times events such interesting. It's a little over half, but that's all you would've thought it would be higher, but maybe it's not as much of a focus in terms of a stated position on the sequence exactly on time events are going to unfold. Okay, 64% say their church does not require staff to hold specific end time beliefs so one third so they do almost 2/3 said they don't. The resist is not something we divide over now out of those surveyed, 86% attended Bible college or seminary allowing for their because I almost schools were secular right might my bachelors and Masters and PhD role of secular universities. But here, so high percentage attended Bible college or seminary that 70% of those who attended Bible college or seminary took a course on eschatology, so this was something that the large majority of the schools taught and then as far as a position on the millennial kingdom do they believe that it is a spiritual kingdom, the millennium is a spiritual kingdom between Christ's ascension in the second coming. He's honoring spirits. It's millennialism or post millennialism that the world would become more more Christian until the whole world is Christian and then at the end of that. After that, Jesus comes or the be a future literal 1000 year period during which Jesus reigns on earth following Christ second coming, often called premillennialism sewer dispensational silver preacher rapture others like me or not but we are premillennialists of 60%. So the premillennialism best represented their views.

60% 21% how it helped millennialism 9% held the post millennialism postmodernism was much more popular for some time before the wars of the 20th century, when did not quite look like the world is getting more Christian. Still, 60%, almost, almost 2/3 ultra premillennialism 83% say they hold strongly to their beliefs so 57% very strongly 26%. Some of strongly so that's interesting, but there there pretty firm on their beliefs about the millennium. 47% say the premillennialism best describes the views taught in their Bible college or seminary so this is telling us is telling us that in seminary Bible college. They did not have as much teaching on premillennialism but do hold to it now just a small difference there.

59% said their views on the end times of not change the finishing school so what 41% said they have changed that would that would give the discrepancy not as many learn premillennialism in Bible college or seminary, but more hold to it now 57% say that their current views on the end times match a majority of their congregations views so that you would expect that I would expect of them to be even higher. But if they don't emphasize that much then the congregants will have more of a diversity of views 60% believe preaching end time prophecies the book of Revelation is important so that's assuming that prophecies in the book of Revelation are all future and that a lot of it is not referring to past events, interesting right 60% believe preaching end time prophecies in the Old Testament is important think these numbers that surprise may be expected to be a little higher with some of her and time focus 57% say that spending time studying eschatology is important, though, I like to see that number higher only because there's so much in the Bible about it. Even if we are not the last generation or the generation before us was another generation before that wasn't his distilling some important understand the end times as far as living today that numbers lower than I thought it would be a but interestingly, 89% say they communicating the urgency of Christ's return is important with this thing that's important to preach but studying eschatology is not as important as interesting as Nick, 64% say very important 25% said important very, very interesting, wasn't in the urgency of Christ's return, he can come at any moment that we should be ready when he comes. 97% agree.

The Christ will literally and personally return to earth again. That's good to know the heresy that he will not return bodily the heresy that is included in full predators that there will be no future bodily return of Jesus. So glad to see that that is not taking in the body 97% agree that he will literally and personally return to earth again 90 now here's interesting what 94% feel equipped to teach on future prophecies from the Bible. I think that numbers to high is getting my opinions here on the survey. I think that was way too high because I don't believe most of really study that adequately if only 57% feel it's really important to study eschatology, then how can 94% feel equipped to teach audit all yeah this is so super interesting things. 27% agree that interpreting the end times is a divisive issue within the congregation, as is most of the people would be in basic harmony, but obviously it got diversity of using unteachable all the time. This can be disagreement.

70% agree that the modern rebirth of the state of Israel in the regathering of millions of Jewish people were fulfillments of Bible prophecy. I'm glad it 70% said it 70%, those. I'm glad that is still the clear majority view. But notice only 50% strongly agree 20% somewhat agree those and I could numbers. That means we need to do much much better job of teaching with the Scriptures say 69% agree that the modern rebirth of the state of Israel in the regathering regathering of millions of Jewish people should type Christ returns closer. This returns and closer every day for 2000 years right so significantly closer right how much closer those of the big questions. 98% agree that sharing the gospel. Jewish people is important.

Glad to see that praise God that's good to say a 57% agree that the Bible teaches that one day, most or all Jewish people Bible believing Jesus that that's interesting that this over half out of the what I would expect from a but say that Romans 1126 and other passages will be literally fulfilled with W turning of the Jewish people to Jesus at the end of the age 59% believe that Jesus will return when the Jewish people, except Jesus that would go hand in hand national turning will bring the Messiah back. I personally believe that 40% believe that the Christian churches fulfill the replace the nation of Israel God's plan and it's a shame, but it's good that's only 40% 24% strongly agree sorry to see that.

But hopefully the numbers going down not up. My concerns is going up, not down 39% agree with the establishment of the US Embassy in Jerusalem the side of the end times. Yeah, it is important, but a specific sign of the end times. I will know right get that scriptural 62% said in that attempt will be built intrusive accords with Ezekiel 42, 48, Wu the 70 millennial Temple because Ezekiel 40 through 48. Is he to be glorious temple. The second half and before Jesus returns.

So the third Temple that would be rebuilt would ultimately be one that could will be the antichrist trust to set himself up as God, or if second Thessalonians 2 is meant literally, but that's interesting that they believe I'm assuming a millennial Temple will be built. 73% believe that Christ will return and Rangers the fulfillment of God's prophecies to King David, sorry it's only 73%. If the skunk wasn't coming back to Jerusalem by Jerusalem right 56% expect Jesus to return in their lifetime. Yeah. And depending on your age you think it more when you're young and less when you're older normally. Which of the following ways, if any, does this soon return of Jesus the Messiah impact life and behavior, those expect Christ return a lifetime. 96%.

I seek to live a holy life. 93%. I pray that Jesus would return soon that you percent assure the gospel more often 80%. I pray for Israel 63%.

I give my money away. 16% I don't make long-term commitments on. I'm glad that it's not affecting long-term commitments because it's part of life here in this earth, which, if any of the following described reasons why you believe it's important to share the gospel with Jewish people.

99% support share with everybody. 89% Jesus is the Jewish Messiah 82% Jewish people, especially God's sight does it say though the Jews of Jesus were lost on the list there, but that would be the number one reason.

I guess it's it's in keeping with the first point, and anyway I go to chosen people's Facebook page ministries. Find out more about this survey.

One thing we know for sure Jesus is returning

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