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Getting Israel Right in Endtime Prophecy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 23, 2020 4:50 pm

Getting Israel Right in Endtime Prophecy

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 23, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/23/20.

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I will explain to you today why it's so important we get Israel right when it comes to the events at the end of the age stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown was welcome friends to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. What a privilege to come your way. During these times of upheaval. These unprecedented times for me like I was on the way it has for many years and that we do a radio show right. We seek to communicate ministry to in many other ways it changes no travel. I was on the road maybe 200 days last year so I'm home getting to pour into a more people in more different ways without leaving the house or leaving the studio but I know for many others it's a time of massive upheaval and real challenge. So I'm blessed to have this time with you. Thank you for letting me come into your homes into your ear is really listening podcast watching radio. Thanks for joining us. 866-34-TRUTH any Jewish related question you got will get to his many calls as we can. Today, but we've got a lot of other ground to cover. I do want to talk about Israel in prophecy. I do want to talk about speculation about the antichrist which are meaningless and most serious way, not some conspiratorial silly stuff but what people are saying that just remind you of how this can happen one day we'll talk about that. But first in Israel there is a very difficult situation with the ultra-Orthodox Jews called the Curry team card game that's literally those who tremble and those who tremble at God's word God fears. So there ultra-Orthodox Jews, many of them hostile to the modern state of Israel, but they live in Israel they don't recognize the modern state of Israel as authentic because they believe the Messiah has to establish it. The there are different groups among them, and then you have what are called Hasidic Jews and the nonspecific use when we just refer to the Curry Demon general were normally referring to the nonspecific community and they will have a primary leader that they look to so this is several hundred thousand people of maybe a vermilion at this point in exactly how many would fit right in the scattergram to phonic abuse has a million 1/2, but they have large families. 1012 kids are more not uncommon a man's and very poor because the men spend most of their day in and study of rabbinic texts so earning a living as is kind of a secondary thing.

This is not the higher calling of the they live in close proximity to one another. They are very very communal, so the men praying together daily and studying together in and the kids and's large school classes to get some very, very communal. The mothers with children in close proximity, one with another, because of which the spread of the coronavirus is been much more extreme in their midst.

As we reported some weeks ago that even though they made up about 12% of Israel's population, they actually made up 40 to 50% of those infected with the disease and also some of their leading rabbis initially were slow to comply with regulations feeling hey, this is the stuff. The time to tell us to stop doing what we do we we fear God, we honor God.

We pray we study that's the greatest thing we can do to protect the nation and and then there's the skepticism of Israeli authorities to start so because of that the infections have been higher. So there's a story.

Now, the Jerusalem Post that there is a conflict between the two most senior ultra-Orthodox rabbis so the RAD rabbis one of firm in his early 90s I think Rob Rabbi Chaim a Connie ASCII. He is normally considered to be the most senior there was one that just died ran 100 years old or older. He was looked at as that the number one and Connie ASCII number two but these men are highly revered.

These men when they speak their community, Texas.

If you're speaking from God and every day people come to the morning legal advice.

Meaning according to rabbinic laws is from this what about this situation. This come up. How should we decide this what's right what's wrong and the listen and no give their input may do it. That's it. It's as if God said it, you know it's it's sacrosanct for them so.

According to the story of a rock.

Connie ASCII said time to go back to school open up the schools, but everyone study and learn together. Gobble protect us. This is the most important thing we can be doing in this was supposed to be published in the May newspaper that is read in the ultra-Orthodox community. According to the story in the Jerusalem Post this the.

The man that would become of that. The next highest authority would probably is lady something like that that he said no, no, don't print it. Don't publish it because he thought it would be unwise. Apparently now the two men have a good relationship. What we understand and refer people one to another, you go to him for this. You go to him for this but as it turns out they publicly said no. This is all lies. Everything's fine refueling statement together obviously don't know what's happening behind the scenes, but for sure for sure. There is a major conflict right now. A major conflict in terms of should the ultra-Orthodox comply with the government guidelines or should they go on with their normal life. It looks very similar situation, the church assembled we come together and trust God or is it foolish. This is a presumption, so there is a leading modern Orthodox rabbi, so he's not ultra-Orthodox he's not Curry D. He would not be respected by the car you community but widely respected and a lot of the rest of the Jewish world a Rabbi Irving Olson is gets Greenberg benefits Greenberg so Rabbi Greenberg posted an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post and its compassionate and and in this op-ed this one out. Pull it up here, here you go coronavirus in the Curry Dean Innes's proper understanding of the authority situation includes acknowledging the legitimate factors that increase their vulnerability to the pandemic and and here's here's what he says. He says in in Nazi Europe that the RAD community was very slow to act and move number 1000 protect us. Number two. We Moved Israel to the Messiah comes yes to establish Israel.

They stayed where they were and in some cases, 90% of their communities wiped out 90% wiped out, and he says before the Holocaust. Many Hasidic leaders told her followers not to go to Israel or America is your specific acidic during the catastrophe.

Many advise strongly against flight, especially with in cooperation with sinus and strongly oppose resistance. The outcome is a much higher percentage of deaths among Curry Dean approaching 90% average nobody would think of condemning the victims for following bad advice and policies that judgment does not justify rejection or hatred of innocent victims Redeemer flesh of my flesh and blood by mode of the Jewish people.

They deserve compassion and care at this time of their troubles, but then Rabbi Greenberg says but but look, you cannot just look at everything is supernatural. He quotes rabbinic sources that say that the world the natural world operates based on natural order and and that rather than just looking. This is a plague or records.

Rough Connie ASCII for saying that this is judgment coronavirus misjudgment because of gossip and if and if the Jews will repent of gossip than the plague will leave his and you've got to be practical. Susan don't don't hate these people don't be angry at them for doing what they're doing but but but he says look you got a look at this terribly silly. He notes that currency theology they seasickness and natural catastrophes as divine punishment for the sins rather as natural phenomena as everything that happens is is sent by God for one reason or another in their thinking.

So he quotes the Talmud, the natural order operates objectively. He explains that the book of Job is in the Bible to teach us the calamity and hardship can come on the righteous as well as on the unrighteous and he says of the flipside of punishment for sin is the Curry teaching that if you're doing a religious act. Gobble keep you safe.

Going from its home of those who are agents during a mitzvah will not be harm so in other words, in other words, if we doing God's work for following total riff for studying tower for praying and gobble protect us. Therefore we should come together so the ultra-Orthodox community. Israel is facing something similar to what many Christians in America face, especially those who believe in healing the power of God, he will come together and trust God so said the very thing and since died.

So, his appeal is don't hate them don't hate the card game understand their background understand how they look at government authority understand how they look at everything through certain spiritual lens but they need to act with wisdom here same counselor I'm giving my Christian brothers and sisters act with wisdom and heed these guidelines. Otherwise you can get sick like everybody else I I heard this probably during one of the breaks here on the radio so every single day. We have a couple minutes breaks through the show right and if you're listening on your local radio station. Your hearing and add that comes on from your local station to be local car dealer. It could be some church advertising something you hear that, I hear feed that goes out to everyone that's listening online so it could be Chuck Swindoll with the word for today are John MacArthur with a word for today or something else so there is one clip I've heard many a time I don't even know who the person is and I think of it, because I'm really busy during the break. I'm checking notes with our team rub online looking something up replying to something time sensitive. During that the two or three minute breaks. We have, but I've heard this one. Many a time I just don't know who said it, but the story is told that a boy is watching a boxing match with his dad on TV and he notices that before the. The fight starts that one of the boxers crosses himself in the often see that with an athlete with Catholic background specially your boxer Chris is dangerous with your bow to the cross themselves and he said to his dad does that help and the father said only if he can punch yet so I I am sure that recently the say yes we invoke God. Yes, we pray. Yes, we look to the Lord and in many situations. He is our only hope it's God or it were done.

It's a miracle or it's all over right that that we understand, but we don't put ourselves in harms way, as we been talking about through the week and through the weeks will put the Lord your God to the test we don't knowingly and needlessly.

That's a key thing knowingly and needlessly put ourselves in harms way and asked for miracle and that will also be atomic mentalities. We've we've talked about during this week. Don't depend on the miracle meaning. Don't put yourself in the situation need a miracle. Then, depending on God for America if you need one legitimately that's a different situation. So pray pray for the ultra-Orthodox community pray that God would open the hearts and minds crated in the midst of the suffering the loss and in the questions about life and reality in God as their eyes from suffering massage place error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome a lot of news to cover some fascinating things going on in Israel Scripture, we want to look at versus grab a few calls will story in Pennsylvania with Michael walking to the line of fire over a I've a question about her lexicon buddy Grupo doctor. I have you heard of and what you think about what Peter and how do lexicon to the Old Testament Scripture, particularly one translated by William turned out, yet similar to ghost me yet. Yeah, that was a foundational work in the 1800s, but it's been improved on massively massively massively for many decades now. So is there. Of course I own that. But that was that was in early one then it was displaced by the addition by Brown driver and Briggs which is still standing when that was around 1906 okay so that's still worth getting to ghost one that's that's completely outdated so the Brown driver Briggs. That's an important one, then what happened is a brand-new project was launched by by Kohler and Baumgartner would recall her and and and Walter Baumgartner, and that story that came out in the 50s and then that's been updated and become a major standard work.

So that's the Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon Kohler Baumgartner and others that's available in English, but that's expensive. And then David Clines started a whole new endeavor and an eight volume dictionary of classical Hebrew, which expands on anything that's been done before and that's a great great value so I own those points plus a bunch of others. What I would encourage you to get though if you're if you're wanting to send exam is tradition and get something that's inexpensive is just get the Brown driver Briggs lexicon. If you have online if you have Bible software like accordance her Bible works or logos. It's pretty standard to have that lexicon.

The Brown driver Briggs you can get it. Hendrickson has a nice addition of it that's what you want to get the true ghost one like us.

It is completely outdated and then there is an excellent one by Franz Boole the came out maybe 1917 and remember that you have to be German for that one. And that's expensive so if you want to stay with the Gazette is tradition than the Brown driver Briggs but it's over hundred years old, but still a value mammogram or not occurred. DeSantis that the address in German. Is this is a C a in sounds a good artists yeah I heard everyone on the unlock button. I would like to think the word definition and hit diode has been argued that the word definition are good. He talked about work word Adam means that in other Hebrew word me you think those are good and that if Micah yet so number one. The definitions are for the most part excellent, but entomology trying to determine the background of the word where it came from, and other Semitic languages of the study of what's called the Syria knowledge. He was much newer than so there's been so much advance of that study of ancient Babylonian, Assyrian and Akkadian language. Hugo Riddick was not yet discovered that was discovered in the late 1920s and that of course has enhanced our understanding of light came after that. So there's so much more that we understand in terms of background of the Semitic languages more theories about entomology and how things develop.

So you don't want to take everything in there is absolutely authoritative and is and if your trauma Gazette history gals, that's even earlier. So Brown driver Briggs and after yeah that the main definitions of the words are excellent Brown driver Briggs will cite so many examples look him up. Look up each of the examples and see how the word is actually used in context. That's the key thing hate. Keep studying math, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Adelphia in Kansas.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown. I also know first Dahlia because you're 12 years old you get to ask a question on thoroughly Jewish Thursday even if it's not until the Jewish? Alright so and it sounds like your dog in the back is a question to yeah okay note know if demons would not die, they would go to a place of torment until God destroyed them. So the whole thing is they didn't want to be cast into the pit. In other words, that would be like being thrown in prison and they would wait there until Jesus returns and then cast them into a lake of fire. They still wanted to be active and Jesus obviously wanted to make a point and and demonstrate how how destructive these were so he cast them into the pigs.

The pigs died, but now those demons would be free to roam around and try to find somewhere else to live, meaning find some person that they could live in. But Jesus demonstrated how evil they were, how powerful they were how destructive they were and they were all inside of of one Mansell something Jesus was demonstrating through this, but know the demons didn't die because you can't drown a spirit or choke a spirit.

The physical body dies with the spirit lives on in this case, the demonic spirit lives on. So they would go there. In other words, unless they been cast into the pit.

There still around somewhere today.

The same demons that were in those pigs are around doing some wicked evening today.

You are very welcome, hey, how do you come to listen to the broadcast well gardening all in in in Pensacola or North Carolina, alright so this thumbs up here is just for you and for your aunt. Hey, thanks for calling and God bless you both died, 866-34-TRUTH, but I was very sweet of let's go to Neil in Wisconsin. Thanks for: I light a fire hey are you doing well. Thanks in 2000, two hours, but fear and panic were Rita, I like you Emma Jewish male who in 2002, God was pleased to crush me interview unto me in any and one of my first hearts was after revival.

Don't know why and maps I got on the web and your name came up in the very first sermon I relisten not to commend you for besides my home pastor was a holy desperation can't tell you how many times I've listened to that song.

The reason I'm calling is in January. God led me to Jeremiah Jeremiah and then at the beginning of this month. I started again to walk through it many ways it's like walking barefoot through ground glass and am also pleased to have your wonderful commentary and from your commentary. I just read just this morning you sick God's chief complaint against the nation Israel was idolatry, and I'm not going to be very helpful in August. Current crisis plan.

I read through Jeremiah and my heart breaks. I can only make it through to chapters a morning meeting on the word and could it be that were being punished and how long will God put up with 60 million souls being wiped from the earth or maybe our lesions going through the world and killing innocents and I met you know I don't want to get to know that although not nearly.

I hear you and first I understand the burden the intensity of my brother writing that the Comintern Jeremiah and spending years intimate with the book you feel the pain you feel the trauma of it, the horror, the sense of national guilt, sense of judgment being at the door and we could easily make a case for any terrible thing that happens being divine judgment that we deserve. Another words, be a hurricane tsunami. A virus a pandemic, anything that happens there's so much guilt on the planet so much guilt in the human race would be very easy for us to interpret all of them as divine judgments and some would say hey nothing is going to happen without God's will, and therefore this is all something that he's willing and bringing I would say this though in in all candor, I don't know that I can say that the viruses a specific divine judgment. In other words, many things happen in this world are not specific divine judgments. Jesus is Luke 13.

Unless you repent you will perish not in the words bad things happen, but we all deserve bad things outside of God's grace and mercy. So I don't believe that we had a sufficient word from God to tell the world judgments, just think of this. Thank you for one year around the world. Christian leaders had been standing up saying we need to repent of some specific bloodshed, human trafficking, abortion, whatever okay idolatry.

We need to repent or judgments come cousins in a plague and skill paralyze the world right think if we had been doing that for years solid and then this came the whole world would then know this was judgment that he still rejected, they would know it.

Never. Jeremiah prophesied for years and years and years and years before the specifics came so that's why I don't see this primarily as a judgment from God. Recently working through it, but I see it as a wake-up call. I see God waking us up through this and I am desperate in my heart to see that we get this right because if we do not get it right. It could be real real calamity in the days ahead. More satisfied number five.

Snow light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right music play there all right welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday with take a break from phones and Israeli news and things like that and speak to some dear friends Marty gets and his daughter Misha. I've had the joy of being worship services with them over the years and many years before Misha participated with her dad and there's a wonderful anointing on their lives. They are modern-day psalmists in terms of this bring us into the presence of God with anointed words and music in the something special going on. We just want to share with all of you watching and listening.

Samadhi Nisha, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown. Hey, you sound like you're right next door to me.

I know yeah silt limit. Let me just ask you this question. First, Marty Laing, did you realize the power of music in in the context of worship and connecting people with God, wow. That's a great question. You know that as to realizing the power of it, you know, I have to admit that it is one of doesn't it. I'm I think my eyes are a bit maybe failed to that but I write much. You know your your your the scholar and you've really studied is more than I have, but I I think probably write out rights when I became first became a believer and it was at a place called the vineyard in in Southern California and I remember walking into that congregation. It was what it was the first vineyard, which actually was a Calvary Chapel, led by a guy named Ken Gullickson and he had written a song called charity, which is a big big song way back in the 70s and then he had and I was him I was a brand-new believer and they they lifted up their hands and saying the logistical choruses and this the whole room filled with just the way up, but you said that word anointing you could feel you are walking into someplace that would different than anything you'd ever experienced. And you know people like you and me.

We grew up in synagogues and we we did experience a degree of power from you know hearing the cancer chapter ancient prayers and things like that. There was a degree of it, but it wasn't the kind of almost a sense of the present that was outside of yourself that accountable filled the whole room and I was really when I got the first taste the bad and then I began to sit down and put music, put music to the Scriptures. The first Scripture ever put music who was at the 23rd Psalm and I said I got a chance to sing it better at the vineyard and you could see that people just entered in to the words and the experience and to be truthful, I been doing it ever yeah and in Marty, can you think of the specific testimony among many. Where were God has used the music he's giving subsidy all to his glory is a fellow messianic to we understand this is still God's work, but a story of that. You heard Percy of how God used the solute you have written your assignment how to transform someone's life. My, my, you know I I IIII think I would say that I though I don't dreamed I can't call to mind an exact specific reference, but I have I have had myriad letter of people sent to me saying you know like well I will what they want to experience therewith because out of it came a DVD that we did arrive at the time of the videotape call.Psalm enchanted evening and it was actually been changed the title been shaped in concert with Marty But it was it was a young lady in Toronto at Jewish lady who was in severe depression and she just couldn't get out of it and I think it had to do with somebody unite. I don't want to say because I can't remember the exact circumstances but with a very personal experience that she had had in her life. I don't know if I for some reason I can't might have had something to do with a miscarriage or something like that. It was something of a doing her family life and she was severely just.Fadden it was having the physical problems and everything attached to this and she came to one of my concerts that the city of David, led by Jeff Foreman, Jeff and Janet Foreman up in Toronto and she said that when she came out of that service that had completely lifted all of that depression. All of that, that she was going through. Even whatever physical manifestations that it had.

This is just one example, and then she was so moved by it.

She wanted to re-create it for broader public. Though she she actually posited the idea of our doing a concert live concert. We ended up recording it and we can it's one of the things that we carry with us when we traveled it, but in concert met one of of many letters we get in reports from people who experience a degree of healing are there have been some miraculous ones.

You know like people who are in their body that but something was healed and and this is a you know this is more than often more than not I get more than more than a few times I've gotten letters from people. It's not exactly a miracle to report, but many people have told us that they listen to our music during things like childbirth and and even seeing their loved ones going into the presence of the Lord. We get quite a few of those courts of other bringing comfort to people. Matter fact it fell off. After this, you know, you remember, of course, because you knew him well with Dr. Richard Richard one broad and who is the you know the founder of the voice of the martyr them who suffered greatly at the hands of the communist key. We got reports from him from a friend who cared for him that he received it.

Near the end of his life.

He had a lot of trauma with manifesting and kind of like anxiety and he would go into the kind of profits of of of the real anxiety and real all you know little bit out of control. Why don't you know all those years of suffering, probably coming up. And that when they played this particular video that I just mentioned he would calm down and he was very peaceful and he would and write to the day die we heard that he was listening to it, so there is a few a few reports. I don't keep it.

I don't keep good track of them as you do, but in the pew report. It's amazing to hear because God's power his word and spirit to music extraordinary Misha, when did you realize that this is not to send your dad did. This was something you were called to do as well. I grab Crane now from the time I was about five years old and now I'm I'm 29 background plane and I gripped my dad from the time I was a little girl. People asked me when I started doing that and I when I started thinking effeminate I really don't remember because I've been doing it as long as I can remember that I never thought I would and do it professionally or as my own ministry until people started in me when my album was coming out and I didn't have any plan to do an outbound death, written Don from the book of numbers. I take 24 to 26 be ironic at benediction are blacking a lot of people are familiar with, and especially Jewish people had written in melody to and began performing at an age of about 17 and and some people started asking when my leg and I do have them and fell at a couple years later I dad and I just kind of found myself in full-time ministry very similar to my aunt and what's it like for you is usually a dead ministering together your ministry on your own stream music and you see people connecting with God. Are you looking around or you just focused on the Lord yourself well meant right of my bag and were separating told me that and to keep one eye on God and one eye on the rail when you're reading and music ministry that you can. Thanks for the Holy Spirit integrating and follow that back, but you can also be sensitive to what's going on in the RAM you know if you need to change campaigner customer health and when I'm reading. I definitely am engaged with what I feel like the place.

Speaking that you also you know you want to balance that as well and the people on the ground and when we thing and we play our song they think is great because most of them are from Scripture day and I'm grateful that they really do speak to people and live on their heart so sinful she might save one.

I've never been one of their meetings. I would love to be. But here's the good news you can write in your own home so so Marty tell the folks what's happening every week and how they can participate. We got two minutes to do it. Thank you Dr. Bottomley gave a shout out to your folks 300 been other night but I did a quick, do you mind if I defer to Misha he said or did not help support Delphi content.

II felt that coming. Don't happen we are doing our house of worship from my living room to your and and tell where on the road again which might be a while know where doing it on Q and Friday night at 7 PM central and Friday 7 PM central for about an hour but Tuesday and Friday medicated and Friday 7 PM central. And you can watch on Facebook mighty and you can visit mighty and get the link to faith that you can order Instagram failure social media platform of choice. Just look at mighty gap. Find page and you can join every week twice a week. So, that is, gets, as in GOECCI, Marty so friends join in Tuesday night's Friday night so 8 o'clock Eastern time 7 o'clock central time working out around the rest of the country. I plan to check it out. One of these nights and outlets. Let's join together and encounter God by the thousands. The tens of thousands. The millions and let's be changed and go out and change the world around the state can't wait to see you both administered together side-by-side in the days ahead. God bless you, and you shall sell all it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown mean and use in the system.

Beautiful stuff. Marty and Misha gets that's from one of the worst nights you can join them as they shared Tuesday and Friday nights 7 PM central time. Marty gets GOE and check out all the other resources of Marty and Misha there, but I do want to go back to the phones.

I will respond to one of the question that was called in, as well as posted on Facebook and fastening story want to look at as well, but I will give you a sign. When given an assignment. Okay, I know that if if you watch online. There's a caption about today shows we focus on why it's so important to understand Israel's role in prophecy, and if you listen right from the beginning if it the top of the hour. That's how we started things off talking about that but I get a given assignment on the come back to this in more depth next week. Okay alright so I'm giving you an assignment to study assignment.

I want you to study Zechariah chapter 12 and Zechariah chapter 14 Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14. I am telling you my position that the only legitimate way to understand these passages is referring them to the end of the age that they have not yet come to pass them quite aware. Zechariah 1210 is quoted in a John XIX chapter, but they look to the one they pierced and I can explain why this quoted how that's quoted, but my contention is that you must rewrite these passages that you must change them into something that the plain sense is not agree with that. You have to overly spiritualize them in a way that the Bible does not allow in order to say that they are ready to place and that therefore when you have these detailed future prophecies with Israel in the center.

If you get that wrong. Everything else can be wrong of often mentioned this but I heard from Derek Prince's grandson that Derek Prince said that Israel and the Bible Israel's like. The first button on a shirt and if you get that wrong.

He actually button the first hole in the second hole than all the other buttons will be off and everything else will be off so that your son if you believe Zechariah 12 and 14 have already been fulfilled and do not speak of a yet future event. I want you to bring your argument next week to 30 juicers this year the whole week to work on that gobbling the government casinos were week will bring right to have your son is a question that was posted on Facebook and then called in by CJ when I'm debating rabbis, one on I bring up the fourth man in the fire. In Daniel, the third chapter.

In other words, one on I say look, Nebuchadnezzar said there's 1/4 one in the fire and and he looks like the son of God.

The reason is that the Aramaic phrase use there could just as well be understood, the son of the gods. In other words, Nebuchadnezzar who is not a worshiper of Yahweh. At that point, he is a deeper encounter. The fourth chapter right in and some Revelation in the second chapter but here is still a pagan king and all he could be saying was, looks like a divine being, like a son of the gods, so it is for that reason. For that reason that we we don't use that argument. In other words, this can be an immediate comeback if he had plainly said, and there was it was indisputable that one looks like the son of God, and reasonable. Who was the son of God and what if you know the center got a how could he have known, but you'll see many translations. Understanding this like a divine being meaning of some a son of one of the gods.

Some some divine being so in any case. In any case of that's why that's why don't use want to use an argument. This I can have immediate rebuttal and illegitimate potential rebuttal. Now do I read it and see that was a son of God to I read it and see yet that that's son of God that's decent what's my assumption together. He was the one in the fire with them, but can I say for sure that Nebuchadnezzar was actually saying something to that effect. No, no, that's why.

Don't use the argument in a primary way I might use it in a secular way to say hey here's a potential example right fascinating story from Israel, I just spotted this last night but it was from February 20 Ryan Jones reporting on Israel today.

The article headline says Israeli Rabbi says he's ready holding meetings with Messiah Israelis biggest rabbis are all afraid to leave the country less they miss Messiah's coming and here according to the article, Rabbi Yaakov Sue Schultz on Sunday told religious broadcaster radio 2000 that Rabbi Chaim can ask. He recently told him that he can ask he is ready, indirect contact with the Messiah right now.

Rabbi Kenny Askey according to some of his father him for many years cultural effects. Rabbi told me that he would often talk about the Messiah is near the Messiah is almost here the Messiah sees coming any minute.

Alright I know is coming soon. So that's been something he said for years so things must be taken in context in terms of he said certain things that would indicate a certain timeframe before so as to be understood that he talks a certain way okay yes Tremendous Way in Israel. And remember that with the with the coronavirus pandemic in Israel and many many ultra-Orthodox Jews being affected that there is talk about Messiah's coming, or the massage can be here with a cure or bypass over us and if I was and that didn't happen, but what are we to make of this idea that he he's met with the Messiah privately now traditional Judaism believes in every generation is a potential Messiah, so there is a righteous rabbinic leader in the eyes of traditional Judaism that it is so influential in and doing social work and has God's hand on his life in such a unique way that if the generation would be worthy but that person could emerge as the Messiah sets an odd concept and see that in Scripture, I'm Stan, I agree with you but that's been something that has been held in certain traditional Jewish circles for many many years now, here's what's interesting there are articles written about Iranian leaders and others who on a regular basis have met with the Islamic modesty that the end time. Redeemer figured that they hidden a mom who's gonna be revealed that I had the idea of a hidden Messiah who is going to be revealed. Do I think that this means that there is about to be an antichrist revealed a false Messiah, a false Redeemer revealed and that the world will be duped know and I don't think it's yet but I think this is showing us how these things could happen and how with a deeper crisis and then a certain leader emerging how millions of religious people could fall say this is that the Messiah were. This is the Redeemer were member false Christ, false Messiah's false prophets will arise, so this doesn't surprise me again just another indication things getting closer but are we there yet not in my view, alright. Do I have time to get one last call it. Let's go to New York.

Josh, thanks for holding walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. I thank you for all your work.

My Joyce are going to ask you a question on Jewish apologetics. Yeah, I know you're familiar with the famous Kothari argument, and I came across the recently asked that I was on the very confusing. I get a bit not compelling yet on the coming of the resurrection of Jesus. We have borne the kind of gospel account we have the traditions of all uses of the letter. Marlowe's Moroccan Messiah working out.

Can you maybe put them in your opinion on the quiz are not yet stated as you understand it just for our listeners.

Though the bazaar is better that you can ever pass off a national revelatory history donation without them questioning it and rejecting it, the right so the claim, the claim would be that when you have the claim made in Scripture that God delivered Israel from from Egypt and then at Mount Sinai, spoke to the whole nation, and now this is considered to be truth by the rest of the nation that it therefore must've happened and that you don't have any parallel to that with any of the world religion that was before the whole nation and and that's one of the person Judaism so you're right. I agree with you as as to it in a non-compelling argument in my immediate response is actually traditions can be foisted on people here, for example, you have all the traditional Jews around the world believe that God gave an oral law to Moses on Mount Sinai. And yet there is no evidence of anyone holding to that view. Up until the last 2000 years. No evidence of it whatsoever.

So the point is you can have a tradition that then gross gross gross for example the Pharisee certain believe that they were passing on traditions from generation to generation, which the New Testament then calls the traditions of the elders, the delegates forced to back nominal, not just our fathers that their phenomenal all the way back to Moses seeking create a legend and that now at a certain point, everybody believes the legend, but let's just say it's true that, of course, we believe it's true. God revealed himself Mount Sinai so I'd add to the argument Josh that you have three years of Jesus, working miracles throughout the land of Israel, signs, wonders and miracles for three years, not just an event on Mount Sinai, but for three years demonstrating God's power, then yes, all the gospel accounts about the resurrection my book. My new book resurrection explains why those and then after that the ongoing outpouring of the Spirit in his name is this day, far more compelling to say something happen at Mount Sinai 30 something centuries

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