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No Revival Without Repentance

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 4, 2020 4:30 pm

No Revival Without Repentance

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 4, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/04/20.

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You'll hear lots of words about a coming awakening a great awakening, but I don't hear a lot about repentance stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. I hope you have a good weekend absolutely delighted to be back with you today never call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as we talk about revival as we talk about God moving the earth today. If you are not charismatic non-Pentecostal conceives of cessation rest.

If you have a question about things I believe are things in the charismatic movement. By all means give us a call today 866-34-TRUTH gotten a lot of response to my article and video about Anderson Cooper's announcement of his baby boy and overwhelmingly positive. But, as expected, some very negative is as well some people very graciously differing. Some strongly different. But if you're one of those.

The difference with me think some bigoted or hateful. Please give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I requested is a great awakening on the horizon is God about to pour out his spirit mightily in America.

It is this a time that were coming into with real revival great harvest of souls.

When I came to faith in 1971 as a heroine shooting LSD using hippie rock from her rebel part of the counterculture revolution caught up in the spirit of the age. I didn't know but around the world that very time every year immediately before and immediately after it tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of hippies, radicals, rebels were getting radically saved encountering Jesus find new life in him. I didn't know.

Something bigger was happening but I was part of it is something bigger going on right now are we in the beginning stages of what could be a great national awakening is an article the Christian Post" from David Jeremiah and some other Christian leaders. A. David Jeremiah reveals unprecedented online revival happening amid covariate 19 and as you go through the article you see references from David Jeremiah and other stick to some of what's going on.

A. For example, some of the quotes he said his ministry is reached an unprecedented number of people with the message of the gospel, indicating an online revival may be taking place.

He says the church is alive and well and may be more responsive now than I can ever remember except for the possible exception of 9/11 we've learned from all of this is God doesn't need a building to be there for church so he saying how many more people there reaching through their messages and online use… People stay home though. Let's see a correlation of 10,000, and then let's say his online reach was another 20,000 just hypothetically right now is like 100,000 work where the extra people come from people are spending more time in their in their homes after computers, listening, watching, and they're asking deeper questions and they're asking what's the meaning of life and you think about the frailty of life or or maybe think about the uncertainty of of economics and things in their asking questions.

More and more people seem open and their examples throughout America have spoken to many pastors who were seeing the same type of thing more hunger, more thirst over Israel River interest in the health minister in Israel talk about coronavirus and why. I hope Messiah will be here before Passover and bring the cure and and many religious Jews were hoping yes let this be the year of redemption because their community was hit especially hard. So here's here's a report from one for Israel ministry dear friends of ours at it's a tumbler speaking he's with Eris, so Ralph and they're talking about what they're seeing in Israel is for spiritual hunger we've seen in a pickle, for about 40% in visit those to websites and videos and really getting a lot of messages and you know obviously becoming Hebrew but we translated them to English in his one example coming for my young lady I have spoken to in the past and I've been debating for the last three years about what Yeshua means to me right now doing the Kona I deceived Yeshua into my life and I realized that I believe in him and what he did for me. I went to investigate what a believing community looks like and why the bees like to play wheat. I don't believe it was in Yeshua in Israel. Pretty awesome stuff. It is, and is it is it absent the outstanding or is this something that we've been getting often. We are getting more and more and those kind of things.

I think the crisis is causing people to rethink the faith that I think the combination of spending a lot of time online and then thinking about existential things causes people to look more at things that would give them meaning and purpose.

Yet exactly so this is taking place in different parts of the world makes sense that that would be the case of Mike Evans known for his strong ministry standing with Israel Mike Evans is just released a book that has jumped immediately to the top of of Amazon charts is a best-selling book and and the title of the book is a great awakening this coming great awakening is coming just came out and and he's confident that something is a hand something is near. But what I want to say is this, which is so so important to understand awakening is really something that happens in the world around us. And revival is something that happens in the church that there's awakening within the church when revival comes, but revival comes among God's people, and then from there it spreads out to the world and that's what brings awakening. But if it's gonna spread to God's if it can spread to the will and start with us. That means the same as ours, that that that means repentance begins with us and what I'm not hearing a lot of is the message of repentance I'm hearing about all these great amazing things and it happened that that I believe and pray and trust and hope will, but I'm not hearing about what's going to prepare the way which is repentance. Repentance begins with us God's people. Judgment begins with the house of God reported finger at ourselves first, or shortcomings are lacks our sin, our disobedience, our lack of compassion. Our lack of love. Our lack of zeal, our compromise our worldliness. God forgive us and then is repentance comes lesson spreads to the world that's been a major message that Mike Evans is been bringing he's been in constant contact with me in recent weeks and saying he's on his face, repenting before God, they, like God revealing idols in his own life and I was just preaching on at that broken this to others.

Frank Parliament who was greatly used by God in the Azusa Street revival so Frank Parliament was a journalist and help spread the message of what God was doing there. He said this, the depth of any revival will be determined exactly by the spirit of repentance that is obtained. In fact, this is the key to every true revival born of God. Friends is a very very simple principle which is this we don't need revival. If we are fully alive fully committed, fully passionate, fully biblical full of fire, faith, zeal we don't need to be revived, to be revived is to be brought back to life. So if we need revival that means something is wrong, starting with us during the browser revival from 95 to 2000 heard from so many pastors of an endless line of pastors who would sear the same story with me.

I came here for my people. I brought my people here. We came 50 bus on the bus traveled across the country, wherever it was, we flew over here. I want my people to be touched. He said I realize I needed to be touched by content. How many pastors told the same thing is that I felt like I got born again all over again. They were concerned with everyone else and Gus are similar but you. What about you as as I pray for God's fire to fall as I pray for revival.

There is a holy uneasiness I have, because I realize how unsettling it can be. I realize how deep the repentance is realize what it's like to be on your face weeping before God, recognizing sin, uncleanness, like Isaiah did when he came into the presence of God.

Isaiah 6 is woe is me.

I'm a man of unclean lips, maybe a moment before he felt fine about himself.

Maybe a moment before he thought it was a pretty good guy. Now the presence of God. He is undone.

And of course God and comes to cleanse and restore and and and and deliver and transform and become out of it, shining for the glory of God. Here's what Charles Finney said in his lectures on revival of religion. Charles Finney said a revival of religion being revival in the church presupposes its conscience before he can be made back alive. It is presupposing some drawing.

There's been backsliding revival. True religion presupposes that the conscience it presupposes that the church is sunk down in a backslidden state and revival consists in the return of the church from her backsliding's and in the conversion of sinners. That is its essentially real revival will mean the church returning from his back songs that would be many leaders, many of us. Many individuals feel were doing so well. Look at our ministry. Look at our church. Look at our life. And then we get deeper into God. Realism compromised here with my first love. Here again with her worldliness here. I'm working the fear of man.

There of of departed for my calling and try to do things on strength God brings it. Repentance, not because he hates us, but because he loves us. He works deeply with conviction of sin not to hurt us but to help us so will know that we getting closer to awakening. Getting closer to revival when the message of repentance sounded out more and more more and more deeply, more and more preferably not in a condemning angry way but for the love of God, full of the mercy of God, full of the compassion of God, the one who comes to reveal our sin, not to condemn us, but to save us to help us to transform us.

God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. Same with revival and without point of this and send it to condemn but to transform to deliver to set free. May we see great awakening but may we be people who prepare the way with the preaching of repentance with the living of repentance again. How deep of the revival be how deep is the repentance. Think of it as digging ditches to to receive the outpouring that comes the deeper they are, the more room there is to receive how hungry, how thirsty are you for God that helps determine how much God will pour out into your life right 86634. We have a break but I want to go as soon as we come back to Chelsea in Kansas that a bunch of folks on the talk to got a whole lot of things to cover today, but I wanted to lay this out first. No real revival without the preaching of repentance turn away from your sin turn back to God who have mercy on you. 86634. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends for running us 148664 truth phone lines are open. Let's go over to Kansas Chelsea. Thanks Rick: on fire okay yes I can make her know I would calling because I report your article about Anderson Cooper and about how your bad that he went up another and I agree that I like that little boy on about the article is really well done and great all that I had a friend you are not believing radical left and I guess and he commented her views which were in a radically different than our and we had a little back-and-forth about the article economy is really bad about love is written and in saying that your homophobic and that he heard that you believe in conversion therapy and I think that was true and that I wanted to call and get your take on whether you care in any way homophobic or muddy or conversion therapy yet was. I still see first how would you define homophobic, well I mean I don't think about you and I for her I would get. He nicknamed hatred of gay community or lack of board I find that I'm so pumped and arrived at the credit when you are sure yeah so there's not an ounce of hatred in my heart for those who difference LGBT to whatever initially would use of love for them to decide God's best for them.

I don't believe God desires for men to be with minimum to be with women who believe that God intended marriage to be the union of two men or two women.

I do believe homosexual practices sin in her eyes it makes me homophobic in God's eyes. That makes me some who loves the homosexual community but homophobia would be an irrational fear of homosexuals or something like that, or hatred, God forbid if you come and bleed love and that's when my article was not an attack on Anderson Cooper.

It was expressing sadness. In fact, before I wrote it boasted is my wife Nancy. She said you know when you write this.

This make us if you have a conversation just talking him.

The two of you and that's really what I sought to do and it just to reach out and that way but as far as conversion therapy. Do I believe that everyone should have the right of self-determination. In other words, if someone is uncomfortable with homosexual desires and they want to get counseling to get to the root of them should they be able to make that choice absolutely. They should have freedom of determinate self-determination.

Now the problem is Chelsea that the critics those on the other side have this bizarre view of code conversion therapy is as if you kidnap some child and send them off to a camp and torture him to get the gay out of him.

That's what they associate with someone you know some gay website attacked me the other day, gay Web server.

Atheist websites and I believe in conversion portraits like what in the world you talk about, I believe that if someone is unhappy with their same-sex attraction and wants to get professional counsel to help them deal with unwanted attractions they should have the right to do that. So what I would ask your friend is do you support a gay or straight person's right to self-determination today have the right to get counseling may be straight person is unhappy being straight in and wants to find out about same-sex attractions. They have the right after high turf.

They want to and if someone is not happy being same-sex attracted book. I know many many people that used to be homosexual and are not that they used to be, practicing homosexuals they thought they were born that way.

And he did through being born again she sustains them or some through professional counseling. God help and they're thrilled they're very happy with some of them today are professional counselors, themselves, so I would ask your friend does a does a gay person of the right to find out why their same-sex attracted of sin unhappy with or what if they were sexually abused as a minor and they feel it's contributed to their friends. Do they have the right to exploit. That's what I believe and I believe in their right, get professional counseling if they desire.

The other thing is the other thing is, do you believe Jesus can change anybody. We do people think that we get saved it's not just outward behavior.

The changes, but we change to the core of our being, who was the person who used to be where not anymore so your friend obviously is seeing me in you through certain lands and has certain negative conceptions and caricatures sifting through the just by asking items I really try and I grab at her with her about meowing on different I know I try to write a friend to block me for trying to hurt her daughter and that ally in community know I really try to recount the people I try to follow your example and really getting bald by it hardhearted her. Yet this we know that will be rejected over this.

I was fully expecting the people to attack me for writing the Anderson Cooper and Oracle Trussell thought about should I write it is the reason it is constructive and I felt it was important and I knew what many were sinking there for one to articulate their thoughts is as well, but if you ask questions very politely you know and and get someone to think it normally reveals either anger or their hurt. You know sometimes it's a matter of their taking up the offense of others. Sometimes people been legitimately hurt so you know, keep praying and see and know and then the other thing is to say, hate listening to talk about homosexuality or LGBT. This is from a Jesus was free from these other things.

What is it you know what about your own life and just move away from that sometimes is what we need to do will may the Lord give you grace. Chelsea godless all right 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Jeanette and Durham North Carolina.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. You are on the air got us here, there you have very loudly and clearly I can go ahead I want. I enjoy listening to what the specific memory formats really can. I know people and that might my thing was I went home at night and in my guide to truth radio show and everything from. I want you to name there on the Truth Network at night.

About the thing about the church be a rapture out and that I might my opinion I been in the kingdom of God follow a long time and I articulated a legitimate science thing about I know you look out about about the rapture not being rented out the bonhomie that the church's ability to spot the punter be a light to the world and invite all I hear from these so-called conquests and our evangel evangelistic talk and have air being rapture out rapture now like can you teach us or with everything going on now. The world is really looking at and I just painted my mate I think is just wrong. Always have the webinar be rapture out rapture out and all I had to say, be quiet and let you comments on your box, your book, I will tell you to Jeanette, you stay right there and since we do with this call I was going to get your address and will send you the book as a gift to skew some to read during this this time to stay there when we don't call Howard will come on since he is a moment get registered will send you the book.

Not afraid of the antichrist. Okay so solicit I have no problem with my brothers and sisters different. I don't believe in the pretrip rapture.

I have it for well over 40 years based on study Scripture. Now I know others believe in the pretrip rapture based on their study of Scripture, so we can differ with that. That's fine. What concerns me now is is that this message is coming as an escapist message that it's the opposite message that we should be preaching in my humble opinion, and in my new book when the world stops words of hope, faith and wisdom in the midst of crisis. I have a whole chapter call the gospel for the hard times, are the Gospels for the hard times. The point is that were over commerce. The point is in this world were promised tribulation and listen for it.

For those that have died of the virus. That's the it's the ultimate payment in terms of a loss may be lost a family member. The last thing I want to do is diminish the depth of that loss to the reality of that loss. But what I want to emphasize this is this that by and large the consequences of this virus are our absolutely minor minor minor compared to what God's people have suffered for generations been burned alive being thrown to the lions. You know, just being buried alive being tortured to death that this unimaginable sufferings over periods of many many years and some to this very day.

As I speak these things are happening to God's people, some as a direct result of their faith in some there caught in the midst of a war like in Syria or things like that are Yemen terrible suffering terrible people and they want to live it out first. Jesus prayed for his apostles in John 1715 said, I don't print will take them out of the world that you keep them from the evil one so we can debate in time. Wrath of God rapture all that and can be brothers and sisters over and have friendly debates great. Let's learn from each other listen to each other and appreciate each other but now we should be preaching the gospel for the hard times because this is nothing compared to what others have experienced this is nothing compared to what's coming, so let's be people of faith the people of confidence let us have an attitude of over comers in Jesus he's with us no matter what, 86634. Truth is on the call so Jeanette stay there as soon as Howard has a moment he'll get your address I will send you free book regularly huddling since we get a lot more attention these days as people are saying about these questions if you don't have is because not afraid of the antichrist cleansing and Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown a reminder in case you didn't know my brand-new book, which is when the world stops words of hope, faith and wisdom in the midst of crisis is available to e-book for this for 99 semi 5099 on Kindle and if you don't have a Kindle reader e-book just download the free app whatever system you have a run phone for your tab. Free computers take advantage that tell a friend. I believe you'll find the book very, very relevant very very helpful. Welcome welcome to the broadcast great to be with you. 866-348-7884. This article up on CBN's website Christian broadcasting network single revival is coming, that the whole world can witness and be swept up in at once and in the article there quotes from different leaders. For example, evangelist Daniel Calandra press relations when the grounds for ministry school. He said are now in a whole different error were literally millions of people can watch this happening live online. I remember reading the Bible as a kid, which is when Jesus returns. Every eye will see him, I thought, how is it possible that's very easy thing to understand John Kilpatrick, the pastor led Brown's revival stated today with instant media, there's no telling what God can do in real time all around the world and he pointed out, the Internet is a net God said, I use nets to pull men in. So one leader after another saying hey we just get the message out Heidi Baker Mozambique singing some of the poorest nations people getting cell phones and and this way can access things are have a chip or they can just read the Bible or something like that.

It's really amazing though.

Interestingly, I noticed I was sent a link to this that I noticed an article in the article about what's ahead. The fall and rise of America and the article says is the world's economies crumble before the crime of arson for a global depression in American America falling, but this is what popular Christian radio show host and author Michael Brown told CBN news he heard I felt the Lord say to me write a book on the fall and rise of America, the rise and fall of the fall and rise Brown recall just the darkness may be about to get much darker, but Isaiah prophesied such a time much light will also show was interesting is that quotes from several years back about the book, saving a sick America that I felt this this gentle voice incising write a book on the fall and rise of American thought. No notes rise and fall. We are going down. I just felt the Lord say no fall and rise we've gone down.

We may go down further. But we can still rise and so it's interesting that that's quoted now as if that was a current work was a standby but maybe so. These things are always conditional.

This is all conditional promises of coming revival conditional. How deeply repentance BMR and how earnestly will we see God in humble ourselves in his sight as an indication of how deeply we can expect God to move right back to the phone so we go to Colombia South America Camilo, welcome to the line of fire around very well, thank you.

Okay our church danger. That's it. That's it. Now Mike returned regarding the apologetic on card my church become very pervert conversations. I delivered… But I think my church is you teach… We don't talk about or not yet. There's there's a very logical reason for which is that we are used to relying on the power of the spirit and the moving of the Holy Spirit to convert to transform to set people free so we put our emphasis there and we don't sufficiently add in a robust defense of the faith, intellectually and philosophically so we are strong in the one area and we can the other now.

Conversely, when you go over to apologetics conferences and circles. There are very few who are strong in the gifts and power of the spirit of the words of one has you could say strong arms and the other has strong legs. You know you working out the gym and you you you you your your emphasizing one party your body or or one is strong with cardio health and the other is strong with with weightlifting ability. We need to do is be strong all over. So I'm all for the charismatic emphasis leaning on the spirit looking to the spirit spinning hours in prayer and fasting and seeking God for out point along with also being able to answer solid questions of me were commanded to first Peter 315 says that that we should be ready to give an answer and a defense of Polly Ghia right so this is something we need to get stronger, but I understand why we haven't been as strong because of our emphasis on the spirit to hear here's a real negative side, the often in our history. Pentecostal charismatic history there has been an anti-intellectualism. There has been a pushing away against university or seminary as if it's all evil and it's just the way of the flesh. Human pride because of that. Sometimes we pushed away solid biblical scholarship. We pushed away solid theology. We need to do is embrace that while keeping our passion and hunger and fire and thirst deep. So let there be a merging of the two. The things of the spirit and the defense of the faith that can be very powerful together. While you're calling from South America. So go ahead real quick. Yes, yeah, what about parlor.

We do our part. No sleeping in the blowdown guard TRL are filled arm your you're not controlled. You do the following should be do what I'm I'm sorry didn't follow into the question anything you don't go so far our Lord like a storm on the problem and control. Yeah, I think we make application Camilo which is that no matter what's happening in our lives. If Jesus is with us so we need to know, but it may appear as if he doesn't care what you might be in the midst of a crisis and it might appear as if he doesn't care he's just asleep in the boat, but in point of fact, he's there in your life is not in danger. And if the storm needs to be rebuked to get you through. He's there yet we can make spiritual application from those text for sure they thank you sir for the call, keep the fire burning 86634 that we go over the Georgia Justin welcome to light a fire ground. However, I have one question couple cooked Angel 3100 Trinity and critically more than three and Angel becoming a distinct person from the other parent. Just one from and and how long people more than three is that like to be considered a favorite boiling document demand I can think of.

My own man. What we got anything along the auto diagram of the lingering fear, yet Justin first thing is Don God is one and his father son and Spirit. There is nothing to add to that would detract from that to put any other being in that category is one God, one got only the creator of all things. Everything else is great except two categories, the God category, we create a category everything outside of Godfather since spirit is created category. An angel and animal be a human being that's that's one thing that the second thing is I think you meant Genesis 32 the angel of the Lord appearing there but there are times when there is an angel sent by God is just an angel. That's it. A created being nothing more powerful.

Michael, Gabriel, but just a created being nothing more then there is a being figure sometimes referred to as the angel of the Lord, and in numerous cases like Exodus 3, you could argue for is actually the son of God, the son of God appearing in earthly form, or the son of God appearing in angelic forms the sawn is the one who makes the father known so you have that in many cases you have that for example explicitly referenced in Genesis 48 were Jacob's blessing from the Manas of the sons of Joseph and refers to God the shepherd.

The angel said he refers to God as the angel who delivered. So when the angel of the Lord is divine and noncreative divine being. It's the sawn making the father know they thank you sir free question appreciated at an be at peace honor the triune God and be at peace. Don't elevate anyone anything within the God level except for father-son spirit and worship God and be at peace that your microphone to deception as you do that 866-34-TRUTH of an anonymous caller from Michigan. Thanks so much for calling the line of fire. What's up hi hello Arnon, I am thinking from Scripture and I had found my head and quickly hearing and learning in order and I went to church any training not lately that I recorded the local authority and I believe that I'm looking at getting on your picture and MPF might like to thank Ron you first.

I'm so terribly sorry to hear about this when when you went to the local church.

The they didn't want you to reported to the police. What did they say that we can do about because the been the reason I think all while and in the discounts of either just leave it or look the other way yeah while that's I don't want to ask too many probing questions because you don't want to reveal anymore identity was which is important. What is your will hear since the church wasn't going to do something about it and you're in this situation were that your husband and your concern with them and this is very serious violation of the law that he's involved with, and perhaps it went beyond just viewing the church took no action from my perspective had to take action just downloading porn generally idle: struggling authorities, God is not illegal to this, but stay right there.

I will talk more Expo light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire.

And if you're listening and you're minimum of prayer. Please pray for her or her friend here going through a very difficult situation did did you just going back to her: Michigan did you confront your husband yet and what is would he say monitoring account, so you the you you reported things to the police and what's happened since then, our air right in it. When you enter, and if you really need to know why I can. I can imagine this is really disturbing is an understatement. You have children of your own.

No, no, I so what is your current situation.

Have you have you been able to find another church in your area now on I'm right I'm not sure I provided my character. I don't know why I really just going all I will see what else she could have done this if it's one thing if the church said, let us deal with this.

Let us bring them to repentance. Let us find out if he had contact with any children you know and we will be rigorous with this. Will check his background.

All this when they said nothing more willing to do anything as your reporting it.

I don't know what else you could have done but reported to the authorities again. It is a serious breach of the law and and under no circumstances this is just will you know it had a weak moment and look and you have a weak moment and think of long-sought but if you have a weak moment and should someone now there consequences. You have a weak moment. Rob a bank or a weak moment and rape someone then there consequences beyond that soul. I don't see what else you could have done to stay there in that setting. I don't know how you could do that you go to print to have physical contact with the on the hike to do that and and then you don't know if there's anything more than viewing has been physical contact with the child that you don't know that. So for protect the children, and others the victims you have to present at the police did did you actually give them the data we were able to show them that I write right and I pandemic I II don't write I I'm sure that there are some online ministries that also help you be able find if you can't find anything. The I know people that help ministers help with porn and and addictions and things like that. I just don't know some of the specific situation, but I'm sure there are out there. If you are unable to find any further help. Just just shoot a note to us. Everything will be 100% in confidence with her with her team. Whoever whoever response to but there there may be other means of help. You have/question what are you doing for support.

How are you living like an I feel very how can again how could you, how could you have done anything else it's it's his sin. It's terrible that it's costing you. It's often the way things happen unfair and unjust really throw yourself on the Lord he does promise to be near us in critical times, but I would immediately reach out to another church in the area not asking for scriptural justification.

I believe you had no other choice, especially when the church would do nothing but again it's not just if if he was downloading adult porn it's bad, it's wrong. I can report that to the police. You know and and tragically, there's a whole Lotta junk like that going around because of access to it. But this cross is a very dangerous and serious line so I would immediately reach out to another church want you you found you feel at home online and just asked to speak to one of the pastors you know so you hate to start in this foot but you have unity just you need a family right now. You're not asking for anything except just to have some covering some pastoral covering Yell and and go from there. I pray with you all right father we pray for your daughter that you would help her in this incredibly difficult time that you surrounded with friends, with a spiritual family with people that will stand with her and help her and that she bring her husband to repentance and freedom and that this ugly despicable thing in his life might be the very thing that brings them to a place of transformation and if he's only had had knowledge of you to genuine salvation bring good out of this evil bring redemption to these children who been victimized above all in Jesus name.

All right, grace to you and feel free to follow through with our ministry writing online. If we can be of further help.

866-34-TRUTH while mother needs out there. Lotta very very serious needs make Magog near to those hurting and may God deal with the evil of child pornography. Let's go to Raleigh, North Carolina Keith, welcome to the line of fire that are drawn from. Thank you sir, I have about you all know I get your thoughts on Ryan Howard Gardner go lately, heart of variability…) Are in all 88 eight and like going gray area I live online or that I really was and really really really Richard Bullock will event thought about lately wrapped after but it what it anything in one minute thing thing for which we are what what what kind of find anything that I personally do so.

The first thing is to recognize that any group denomination can set up their own standards in terms of what is important and what is an important norm and say that for example the local church to say to be a member, you have to time to consider wanting tithing is commanded that once there, they they want to do that they needed it in order to be a member of this church, you know, yet you have to believe XYZ that's that's their choice does mean it's right or it's wrong.

So if there's denomination. Southern Baptist Assembly of God are some of the denomination they have certain distinctives they feel are important. That's up to them right and again I think we can sometimes want to emphasize her distinctives so much that we get really, really narrow and an exclusionary, but if they say we recognize the whole body of Christ. But these are distinctives that are important to us than what I would do if I if I love that denomination and appreciate all the other good but I have this difference. I would go speak with with my pastor or denominational leader and say hey I differ with you on this subject is that a problem if they say hey or statement says what it says. Then you have to decide okay am I willing to to keep that to myself and never speak publicly about it or is this is something I can't live with in good conscience, in which case there's a whole big body out there is a whole big church out there. There are a whole lot of different places where God can use us and give us a home and make us fruitful in ministry.

The last concern I would have resolved if I have to leave the denomination over this where I go.

There is a massive body and there's a needy world that will never be a problem with your call. God will open doors if if your grace to do something that that gift that anointing that grace the calling will become evident so if if senior leaders said to you. Hey, it's on paper. We do hold to it, but we know that there is difference in the body.

Now and as long as you're not divisive about her derogatory towards those who differ with. Feel free to differ.

If they give you their blessing to do it. That's one thing but if they say you can hold to it privately.

But you can't say anything publicly. Can you live with that you feel is important.

What if a question comes up.

How do you respond so that's what you have to work through there been times when I felt okay even though I have a difference with the senior leaders. I will limit to bury that difference to serve for the larger good and it was important for season but only for a season. There are other times I've had to take a stand and if it cost him everything he cost me everything so maybe God can use you as a voice to help the denomination to step back from dogmatism say we hold to this, but we don't require it. We hold to this, but recognize different views. I know in one denomination that many, many leaders don't hold to one particular point in the senior leaders know that cycling change the point that you know just this change it so that's that's how I would I would counsel you and again it's really up to the. The senior leaders to make their position clear and then you have to decide if you can live with it or not. If not, no problem, just asked the Lord what he wants you to plan a summer else there plenty of good denomination studied good independent groups. Plenty of movements plenty of house churches, mega church, all kinds of things were gifts can be manifest to friends, but it's a bunch of calls tomorrow. God willing and do an interview with Dr. Michael Heiser about his new book on demons. Remember to check out all of our resources at a website latest articles like this. Especially a more Tonya has died in asked Dr. Brown the Lord SK your brown toddler

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