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Target Celebrates Queer

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 11, 2022 5:51 pm

Target Celebrates Queer

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 11, 2022 5:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/11/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network about queer activism target is leading the way for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH, one of our ML dinners. Your host Dr. Michael Brown. I with the music that leads in the show every day from our friends at skillet by John Cooper there on the front lines using their music to bring a similar message to what we bring John and I are often in touch, ensuring hearts and sharing notes because they burn the same way to impact this world with the truth of the gospel to swim against the tide to go against the grain to lift Jesus up this were your friends confusion with faith and truth encourage and help you stand by your side. Take your hands and say come on, let's stand strong together in God and boy what a day to be on the frontlines. 866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast.

We are going to dive into a number of highly controversial subjects, but they relate to the world that we live in when registering up trouble registering up controversy. This is the world that we live in. This is the world that your kids live in your grandkids live in.

This is the world that is being experienced in school on the University campus in the workplace.

This is the world that is being experienced on intranet second by second, all around us, and therefore we were called to shine like lights in the darkness is what Paul writes in Philippians 2. It's not just the words of Jesus in Matthew five you like the world but Paul writes that we shine like lights like stars in the midst of this dark world.

So when to help you shine better but still we can to get our lamps burning brighter and brighter. If you have a question that relates in any way to what were talking about today on the line of argument you call 866348784 so once I hit on a topic. If you want to weigh in with you.

Differ with me if your listener with you identifies Christian or not, and you differ with me super friendly discussion. Silently friendly with. You will find you not to be friendly but I'll be friendly, 866-348-7884 and as always, as we have time. If you have a question on any subject under the sun that you want to ask me about completely off topic. If we have time to take your call. By all means we will 866-34-TRUTH before we talk about target want to talk about something very sad to see but inevitable. Not surprising at all in the life of Jen hat maker. I was not familiar with Jen at all. She was a best-selling Christian author large online following very popular blogger, but I was completely unfamiliar with her, not because she wasn't that popular, but just because I did no work there a lot of fine people out there doing fine things I did know about at all. Well in 2016, she and husband Brandon put out a video and in this video.

They talked about their shifting views now on LGBT issues. They spoke in a compassionate way of brand didn't seem full of love and what he said they really wrestled with these issues. A rated number of books, reference mind can you be gay and Christian.

But now they shifted their views to accept same-sex relations and then so I doubt I'll come to the moment I wrote an open letter to them, especially because they reference my booking reference my book. Then the next year.

The natural statement on on sexuality was released just reaffirming simple things that the Bible said was call the natural statement because the drafters of the statement dated in Nashville and when that was released she reacted against it in very strong terms. So I wrote another letter than will haven't really heard much about the movie are sadly they divorced their oldest daughter came out as lesbian, so these are some of the things that transpired in the years that that followed. Sadly, of but now, most recently, she was back in the news saying that she supported Roe V Wade. She supported abortion and all the standard talking points. Even the words reproductive rights were in her text and in her blog.

In fact the blog is called my thoughts on hang on to Scott the block here for secondary gulp. My thoughts on the role V Wade reversal.

This came out May 4.

So I wrote another article following up I'm going to interact with some of her words in a moment.

But let me say again, this was no surprise.

Why because you're on a trajectory here by me ask you question. Let's say you live in Charlotte North Carolina that were not that far from Charlotte but say you live in Charlotte North Carolina and you start driving 30 miles an hour on the highway on Interstate 85 you start driving 30 miles an hour straight south away from Charlotte left an hour you'll be 60 miles away right and and and after 10 hours you'll be or excuse me if you go 30 miles an hour ago. You be 30 miles away. After 10 hours will be 300 miles away is it just went straight south of further and further and further when there is no mystery there is no like how Dr. Brown did you figure that no it's just going certain direction right. If you're overeating and gaining a pound a week and you keep overeating steadily you keep getting a pound a week work the end of the year, you gain over 50 pounds. Dr. Brodeur did know you don't need to be a genius you can see it, so there is a spiritual trajectory away from the authority of Scripture away from the plain teaching of the word away from values that have been held almost universally by Christians for millennia.

Right couple millennia and it is ultimately an identifying more with the human cause and saying this is the solution as opposed to identify more with the Lord who made humans and say we believe God's solution is best. Being so I wrote an open letter to Brandon and Jen hat maker on homosexuality and the Bible. This was posted November 5, 2016 November 5, 2016 an open letter to Brandon and Jen hat maker on homosexuality and the Bible and I appreciate their their heart and tell them that you could see that there full of love and in what they had said and read Brandon's lengthy post on Facebook explain how he came to his beliefs. So in my article, I'm going to refute point by point the wrong points that they raise but II also raise this made these points to them. Okay just gonna come towards the end of my article and inheres. Here's what I said and it's it's it's probably fairly lengthy in-depth interacting and and I wrote this, it won't surprise me in the days to come. That number is November 2016. If one in times of conflict between the church and LGBT community you consistently take the side of LGBT's evening siding against your brothers and sisters in the Lord to you embrace more and more aspects of gay activism, including transgender activism. Three. You begin to broaden your circles of fellowship embrace a more liberal co-Christians who deny key aspects of the historic faith for right about the first three after a number of years, perhaps even a decade or more in the name of quote grace will begin to industry as a form of universalism the released in the name of grace or congregational standards of holiness will soon be compromised. Going in the direction and it's it's as inevitable as driving away from a certain city each hour you drive you getting further away.

It's just that inevitable. You are going and this direction as I've watched this for decades I have seen a denomination that started off believing the Bible start off strongly committed to high standards of holiness, affirmed the clear teaching on sexuality and things like that so they were strongly profamily, of course, affirming marriages near the minimum of wasn't debated.

They were pro-life. The recognize the value of the baby in the womb and saw how abortion broke with the larger culture of death and because the promises of the word were clear. They stood with Israel as the years go on its I've watched it time after time after time with groups, denominations, individuals you see them shift their views on all three, they become pro-gay activists they become pro-abortion they become so strongly pro-Palestinian, that they become anti-Israel. It's it's a trajectory and it's getting away from God's perspective and going to a human perspective, assessing God's perspective is best for everyone. So then the next year. This is now August 2017. I wrote an article entitled Jen hat makers a rational response to a Christian manifesto on sexuality Jen hat makers a rational response to Christian manifesto on sexuality and I mean it's it's a statement they could be is as basic as could be in her. She tweeted response of the fruit of doctrine regularly and consistently create shame, self-harm, suicide, broken hearts, families and churches we should listen and the fruit of the national statement. She said is suffering, rejection, shame and despair in the timing is callous beyond words. Will she was trying to tie them with Charlottesville. All right there was was 1000 million percent unrelated, completely unrelated and it was after members is that the statement is as basic as could be. I mean as basic and fundamental affirming male and female identity affirming marriages near the man, a woman affirming sexual purity outside of marriage within marriage, etc. so I I wrote this a warning.

At the end said the very sad fall of Jen hat maker, for whom we pray is a striking illustration of the power of spiritual deception. Once you embrace the first lie. It's much easier to embrace the other laws which could bigger and uglier by the day begun awaken those deceived by LGBT theology may strengthen those who are taking a stand for biblical truth to repeat. Is it any surprise now that she's pro-abortion unless it is to condemn her. We still pray for her repentance and return to the Lord all last year. She said have quick church. You should also going to church and interestingly the search in the blog she wrote about why she supports abortion search for the word Bible Christian God. Jesus, none of them there is that any surprise know very sad very sad she still has a good following and enough say in every way. She's an evil woman.

She may be thinking she's on the side of compassion.

The boy boy is she missing God here deeply, deeply siding with the killing of the unborn and while everything I light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown the light a fire great to be with you. Thanks for joining us on the broadcast today, 866-34-TRUTH. Let me address something very important that I will be talking about a lot in the days ahead. There are some ex-gay Christians that I know and they talked about during the time of of AIDS that gay men were absolutely terrified sure you have this plague and what they're just dying and its mysterious disease and it's of primarily affecting gay men are dying these horrible deaths, they were terrified.

They they were staring death in the face of an epidemic level and what were they hearing from the church at the time this is judgment on you for being homosexual. This is judgment on you for your perverted sexual practices now at the moment that it was happening. It seems so obvious like. Of course that's what's happening and obviously it was a fruit of their promiscuity and the fact that God did not make meant to be with men that's white space spread spread specially among gay men so I remembers this was happening. It seems so obvious that this was a divine judgment on game and how are you not going to sit it seems so obvious and clear. The question was where they hearing a message of the love of God for them that Jesus died for them that they can get right with God before they die, that perhaps they could even be healed. The God was reaching out to them.

Even if this was the fruit of the luster which it undoubtedly was. And even if there was divine judgment in it with a hearing a message of the love of God at this time that they were very vulnerable and and very fearful and very much thinking about death and eternity so one ex-gay friend said that the church missed an incredible opportunity that to reach out and you are thinking back, it's like you have but it just seems so clear. This is judgment so wanted you. But in the midst of that you come with a message to individuals speak of the love of God in the goodness of God and in the fact that this is not his goal or desire intent for you that there is forgiveness and mercy to be had at the cross, the matter what's happened and that you could die and be right with God and receive forgiveness before you leave this world or as you live on with a right relationship with him and in repentance, so I've been thinking about that in terms of Roe V Wade now so we are countering the talking points of pro-choice, pro-abortion people we are pushing back against some of the extreme policies that the by the administration wants to push on the nation was progressively codified.

Roe V Wade and make it the law of the land by Congress. All right, so Supreme Court could overrule does not.

It's the law of the land by Congress.

So, in and by the way, you should you should not be surprised that Pres. Biden is doing this because he said he would fall you Ceylon pro-life. I voted for him. I can only tell you if you believed they would be different.

You've been duped, duped, duped, he made clear where he was going with this, he made clear that he was shifting further to the left. Even during the presidential primary debates. He made his views absolutely claim that and and I wrote open letters challenging those who said we are pro-life Christian leaders voting for Joe Biden so that's completely bogus bogus and then there was a process and were so surprised by what is what know there's no reason to be surprised that would be like. I voted for Donald Trump and I was surprised that he sent out nasty tweets.

I thought he would change know this really is Mr. Pres. Biden is so we are still actively pushing against this that we forget how many women are terribly fearful. How many women in America or think you all know what's going to happen to me. What if what if I get pregnant out unintentionally in old with my boyfriend and the war my husband you know when and though I would've got drive for hours for the state or maybe get some back alley abortion with her with ill of hanger or something like that or in a metal hanger at his own. After delight, and there's a lot of fear and what's going to happen next to Sowell just don't get pray will does this is a it's a baby it's a gift that okay okay I know we have answers, but let's remember to look for opportunities to reach out with compassion, especially of the women to take other women by the hand, say hey, understand this is very disconcerting to but can we just talk about what happens with pregnancy. We just talk about that we talked about the baby in the womb and thought of a complete look at some ultrasound pictures together and can you understand why some people really believe about.

We would gonna prioritize the well-being of that baby and I know your body, your choice. But there's a body inside your body what it what about about that little one, and then to say hey look there so many organizations that want to help you and the people fees they would love to find a home for your for your child or provide a home and look if you will have the baby but you are unstable in your finances there some organizations that work with you but let's either just in either way either case, just reach out to some of the love of God because many are concerned. And then things are or equal to a fever pitch, a fever pitch.

I so a jet hat maker uses some of these arguments her thoughts on the Roe V Wade reversal set quietly with the league news of Roe V Wade reversal today. Spent some time in panic group texts with my closest women and calling so obviously the people she's with you.

As I said in the earlier article can be more and more and more with those with liberal viewpoints.

More and more with those who don't share fundamental biblical values. All right said, listen and watch and try to get centered before offering. I think my clinic is my first reaction to something as big as generally emotional, half-baked there. A dozen terrifying applications through the destabilization and politicization politicization of the Supreme Court overturning settled law with double president stands out, etc. but what I want to focus on is the immediate disproportion harmless because women are not just emotional and physical and legal and and she goes through, you know, the standard talking points. No women or are having abortions because of rape women are having abortions because of incest women having abortions because the viability of the baby favorite were having abortions because of of threats and own health.

That's true but that's the tiniest percentage of abortions that the tiniest percentage.

Some would say up to 2% or abortions because of rape or incest. Most surveys that I've studied or or data that's been compiled on this suggest it's less than 1% was important 1% that's that's incredibly difficult issue and I don't claim to put myself in the shoes of a woman on any of these in any of these cases and I let pro-life women do the talking on this. I let them express their voices I can quote them and share their thoughts.

The reality is abortions due to rape and incest. Basically, or less than 1% abortions to save the health of the mother or the tiniest part of 1% and many would say it's never necessary that that which you do is you deliver the baby if the baby is delivered prematurely try to fight for the lives of both right and if you have to deliver the baby to save the life of the mother. If it's premature that baby's life may be lost, but you never just abort to save the life of the mother it. In any case, even if you admit that there some cases like that you're talking you're talking less than 1% there a fraction of 1% and then abortions because the babies neck in a make it. Well here's the question again.

That's a small percent. The vast majority are just choices that are made economic choices, career choices, convenience choices, emotional choices, but either way choices that are made based on just don't want to have another baby now right can see having another baby we can afford another baby or like it's too much emotional stress me to have another baby, not rape, incest or the health of the mother or even the viability of the baby and when you go a little further that the viability issues have changed dramatically since the days of Roe V Wade, 73, so the babies are viable at younger ages now because of medical advances and then on top of that if you say no, I'm talking about a baby that severely disabled and you can tell by by all the sonograms and ultrasounds and everything that this baby is severely disabled and if this baby lives in the live maybe a year and then even at that will will suffer greatly and will will you know be in agony and massive medical bills. All right, so you want to save the baby from pain in the parents from the agony of watching their child suffer. Why is it okay to terminate that baby seat eight months and was totally clear. This is what's going on late-term pregnancy it later abortion. This is one is justified. A case like this, why not terminate the baby wants one day old. Now it's it's out of the womb by that same logic God for bid God for bid God forbid, but by that same logic. Why not say well look after 30 days.

It's hopeless this baby is going to suffer terribly going to be $1 million in medical bills just to keep alive for six months or eight months. This will die a painful death. One is because we don't do that because we don't simply say only the healthy and the strong have a right to be here or right to survive. So in the same way we don't do it outside the womb.

We don't do it inside the room.

In any case all the standard talking points engine hat makers article and nothing that even deals with the reality of that life in the womb precious in God's sight. A written article and response. Check it out and ask Dr. Brown felt were horrific to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown the fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you some years ago I had a colleague on the air, who has been sacrificially standing against wrong trends in our society for many years he's been maligned for it. He's been libeled for.

He's had a sacrifice money for just is almost like a fruitless battle. I said to him one. Now I think you should stop but is it too much to stop and he said he said I'll stop when they stop it.

In other words, we are responding to activist agenda coming against us, which has massively affected our kids and our grandkids and it behooves us to speak and to address these things and that's our goal is your voice from all sanity and spiritual clarity hears him to call on any subject.

We talk about today or anything you want to talk to me about 866-348-7884 before I go to the phones. Remember a few years back. There was a big outcry with toys or Ross which was the biggest toy stores at that time as they decided they were going to go gender-neutral right. So rather than having here is boys toys and girls toys know you just mingle them in together and target did a similar thing in their stores there going to be gender-neutral and then then they said they going to make their bathrooms gender-neutral. Remember this so there it is, leading the way and gay activism. Somehow the Wolk agenda gets in there somehow people leadership think this is the way to go. I mean Disney's learning the hard way. This is not the way to go. Don't don't don't cater to the friends radical perspective and and stay out of the political fray and just entertain children, but no they had to buy into the talking points and activist goals of LGBT Q activism it now. It's hard to see a movie without this can be some innuendo some message put forth another B. This is very clear where they stand on Florida's education bill. I was think of the wall. Disney Corporation.

Think of this massive company in which were so many years put out so so many beloved movies and classics in great clean, beautiful entertainment for children, sometimes with good moral lessons, etc. that they are up in arms over the thought that in Florida from grades kindergarten to third grade that you cannot talk about sexuality or gender identity. Very up and arms over this.

Who can imagine so target just in keeping with who they've been for years is now say hey Gay pride month coming next month and we have a lot of queer celebration so just just check this out here for second right all would see here target store gender-neutral pride.

These are shirts that they have is the pride adult queer short-sleeved T-shirt is the prodigal busy think about girls. This is a girl. Where's this is a lesbian shirt and will just have a bunch images running as I'm talking for those watching pride short-sleeved T-shirt.

Let's see, you got me got different ones with with two women and stuff like that about this one pride adult Bob, the drag queen.

All is not sweet. Oh, and now you've got for little children. Here's a toddler pride toddler trans rights yeah and and and on and on. How about this one.

The pride pronouns collection makes it easy for all ages to express the solidarity of the LGBT Q IA plus community cushion feels features pride inspired clothing in both adult and kid sizes such as T-shirts got T-shirts for kids she he, they, them near the multiple pronouns and on and on it goes on and on it goes. Now, tell me what to do with target this between you and God nor do I think that I had the power to hurt target no drive any desired target.

Just think you should be aware of with a push with a put forward so all I can about yourself, fine. This obviously right. If you share my conditions. I can buy it and I would say I would never ever shop at a target because store after store of the store you go to the simple things but I have avoided shopping there.

For the most part, because they've been so over about these things is, it was the begin of the big deal is that the constant bombardment has change the thinking of young people in particular, the normalization of queer when I wrote a queer thing happened to American 2011 Christian publishers like although I can't write it. We can't publish that the work queer and it's too controversial, like this is mainstream 2003 article saying queers become mainstream or Caracas Drake items ages ago, everything queer, quick work, queer children gender queer for elementary school children.

This is been normalize were like, we can't talk this.

The way this is happening in the world around us and what we say will be good. We don't want to get the controversial usages preach the Bible. While the Bible talks about sexuality in the Bible talks about the meaning of marriage in the Bible from its homosexual practice of the Bible deals with these things and then calls us the salt of the earth and part of that means being a moral conscience if years back I posted on Facebook as it hate. I know God called me to do and I'm not asking you to tell me what God called me to do, but I want to know from your perspective we helping you addressing cultural issues moral issues and political issues, though it's on that saying should I do it or not, tell me I'm saying I know the Lord is called me to do some of the 3Rs of our ministry.

The first or revival revival in the church. That's the key healthy church, thriving church. Everything flows that an enemy, healthy church, a gospel based moral and cultural revolution, secular and then thirdly, the ultimate are that we strive for redemption, Israel's salvation of the Jewish people to engage all 3Rs all the time. Skillet middle lore was focusing on and I said is this helping you. Would you rather that I continue to speak on these things as part of our Bible teaching and larger ministry was rare that I don't. I just want know your perspective. I was overwhelmed. I recently looked at some of that spread their lives over 3000 comments.

I was overwhelmed by person after person centered around please speak up. Please don't stop it's essential, hardly anyone else is doing it the way you're doing it are very few were doing it are more need to do please don't stop.

Please don't stop your voices important development. If you tell about needing affirmations once-in-a-lifetime to get that. So I didn't need it to know what God called me to do, but it was tremendously encouraging to realize that we were meeting a need we were meeting in need by God's grace and this is the world we live in. So Gallup poll says that 20% of Jens the young people identify some of the LGBT Q spectrum was my generation baby boomers is 2.8% had that happen. A barn a pole to generations agency young people 40% identify as LGBT Q some on the spec what I hear constantly from Christy because my kids come as gay, raised in the faith, my 16-year-old daughter believe she's a boy raised in the faith.

This is the world we live in Sweden to keep reminding you and really keep preaching the truth. Jesus died for every human being every human being is created an image of God. Every human being is fallen in need of redemption and whoever you are, whatever your background. Whatever your sexual identity or romantic inclinations are need to be born again, start a brand-new life of obedience to God you can do through the blood of Jesus every sin you've ever committed every wrong deed every shameful like you want anyone to know about every single one of those things has been paid for by the blood of Jesus. And if you've turned to him and start a brand-new life that is our message and we will not stop proclaiming it 6634 truth. Let us go to Jim in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the modifier. The brown good afternoon bacon last week Thursday you have someone on your show who had written the book Hollywood hero was last Tuesday, there was less to head back. I did not get to hear the entire block. I would like to submit a comment sure commented. Like many people I've being good and evil in many of the BB West on both Diane Rojas and the life different with the Hollywood hero in the Western but he rolled off the Savior moment always leave you the next to do good and by the evil wherever you find it. Got it. Got it. So Jim that the thesis of course of a Frank Truex book is not that Hollywood is the a Frank Frank inventory Did to You Are EK to You Are EK Frank and Zach to Rick. Father and Son Wrote the Book so Jim, the Thesis of Frank and Zach Was Not That Hollywood Is Trying to Glorify the Lord Lift up Jesus, but Rather That the. The Craving for Superhero.

The Craving for Supernatural the Craving to See Good Triumph over Evil. The Craving to See a Real Hero Who Will Sacrifice Himself or Herself for the Greater Good That That's What Human Beings Want and That's Ultimately What Only Jesus Can Do and Only Jesus Can Bring so Because Our Culture Is Filled with These Images Because Millions of People Watch These Movies. Spider-Man Wonder Woman and Iron Man and Others That This Is a Way for Us to Talk to People and Say Hey Watch This Movie and What It Was You like about Capt. America in a Butt but He's like He's Make-Believe Limitations.

Someone Whose Morals or Infinitely Higher and You Sacrifice Himself for Good. That's Jesus in This Whole Harry Potter Thing and Was Dream Nono Assault Is Make-Believe and Counterfeit, but There Is a Real Power and and There Is a Real Evil. There Is a Real Devil and Jesus of Tromso Was As a Witnessing Tool so You Can Do Similar Themes from Old Westerns and Things like That except Here You Have a Superhero Casino. There's Only One Real Superhero and His Name Is Jesus a Jim, Thanks for Weighing in Again. Frank and Zach Couric. Hollywood Heroes Will Be Right Back to the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Got on the Line of Fire by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown on the Modifier Board.

We Just Sent out Some Really Neat Updates Today. Some of Our Latest Resources. Some Short Videos That We Put out.

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Faustino, PhD, and Best of All, When We Sent out.

These Updates Will Be First to Know Quite before I Go Back to the Phones Which I'm to Do Momentarily. We Are Constantly Hearing from People Struggling in Their Faith and and and Either People Themselves or Love Ones, and Even My Husband along the Police Were Used To Believe Her or My Daughters Turned Away from the Warder within the What to Do with the Question. So We've Got a Great Resource for You. Just Take a Listen and They Will Come Back and Go to Your Calls. You Struggling Your Faith Jeff Doubts and Questions and You Really Don't Know Where to Go with Them. Maybe Have a Friend or Love and That's Completely Fallen Away from the Lord Will Friends. We've Got a Great Resource for You Has God Failed You. Finding Faith When You're Not Even Sure God Is Real.

This Is the Book That Is a First Aid Kit for It for Seekers.

Strugglers and Doubters and Ask the Difficult Questions. What Happens When Processing to Work. What Happens When That Level Were Praying for His and Heal. And What about Those Passages in the Old Testament, It Looks like God Is an Angry, Vengeful God, What Do We Do with Those. There's Even a Whole Chapter Called Permission to Doubt and What Can We Learn from the Book of Job. And What's Unique about This Book Is We Invite the Questions and Then We Speak to the Heart without Bypassing the Mind As You Read This Book. Faith Will Arise inside of You. As You Read This Book, Competence and Hope Will Be Restored. As You Read This Book. Questions Will Be Answered in Your Mind Will Be at Ease and This Could Really Be the Lifeline for Love One That Has Fallen Away from the Lord. So Order Your Copy Has God Failed You Today Ask Dr. That's a SK GR Order Today and When You Do Only Give You Free Instant Access to a Powerful Video I Preached on Why so Many Christians Live in the Face so Order Has God Failed You Today and Ask Dr. and We Continue Be Blessed As Were Hearing from Readers of the Book, How It Is Ministered to Them How It's Refreshed and Renewed the House. Give Them Hope and How Their Getting the Book to Give out to Others That Are Struggling so Ask Dr. Brown to Reduce It Right on the Homepage Okay We Go Back to the Phones of Robert in Mountain Texas. Thanks for Joining the Modifier Dark Brown. I Read a Bunch of Books over Music, Including Most Recently, Your and Ultimate Question Is Topic. What Is Your Experience after Washing Your Soul for 50 Years. Italy Getting the Rock Music Out Of It.

Were You Today Is Rock Music Still Resonate the Symphonic Music Czajkowski Box Beethoven Resonate More Now That They Did before.

Could You Share Your Experience of What You're Now Sure Thing Robert and in the Book You're Referring to Is the Power of Music God's Call to Change the World One Song at a Time. A Lot Of People Are Surprised Eroded, but That's Been a Great Interest to Me for for Decades. So Let Me Say First That When I Got Saved. I Completely Separated from Rock Music from Hendrickson Zeppelin and All the Bands I Listen to. I Destroyed A Lot Of the Albums That I Had, Because for Me It Was a Direct Link to My Sinful past and It Was the Open Door to My Sinful Pastor Was Seeing Hendrickson Consulate 13 and in the Drawers Not Long after That and Just Immerse Myself in Rock Music That's Hiding Directly with Drugs, Rebellion, Etc. so for Me I Couldn't Really Listen to It Objectively or Say While That's a Beautiful Song by the Beatles or While This Is in a Good Musicianship so I Completely Separated from It for for Almost 30 Years. Actually That's That's the First Thing I Can Listen to Old Music Now in a Totally Different Way.

In Other Words, I Can Appreciate the Musicianship or I Can Recognize Wow It Looks like They Run a Spiritual Search so I Can Enjoy It Musically Because I'm Detached from from the Whole Sinful Pull of It, but Loves Them. I Can Sit around and and Just Listen Told Rock Music You Know for Hours and Crank That up.

As for Classical When I Was in College I Started As a Music Major and I Was Required to Go to A Few Concerts I Was Required to Listen to Various Symphonies so My Appreciation Was Enhanced but Never Really I Never Really Became Super into Classical Music. So II Can Appreciate the Beauty and the Artistry Blend Urban into That so Primarily It's Been Worship Music That I Really Enjoy Songs That Exalt the Lord with Its Joyful Celebration.

Whether It's to Select the Revelation Song so That Some of My Favorite Music to This Moment and Then the Christians That That Played Aggressively like Keith Green and His Old Music and Phil K Get Used To Love Listening to That I Became Aware Skillet.

So They've Got the Music Coming Out Of My Show Every Day Only in the Last Couple Years so II Enjoy A Lot Of Their Songs If If There Is a Rock Sound, but It's Lifting up Jesus and and the People in the Midst of It. Love the Lord, I Can Enjoy Some of That As As Well Because Some of the Music That I Enjoyed Some of the Feel but It's Clean It's Godly It's Pointing in the Right Direction If If There's Only One Thing I Could Ever Listen to. Obviously I Would Listen to to Worship Music.

But If It's Just for like If I Just Want to Celebrate and Jump in Half and Dance around the Room. Then It's It's Got Some Driving Force and Vigor to It and You like I Can I Can Do That I Can Really Have a Blast Listening to Say Feel Invincible by Skillet Know Just like Some Multiscreen Stuff Resonates with Me in a Certain Way of but Jan That That's That's My Long Answer to Your Short Question. Okay Thank out Trying to Gauge How Strong You Are One Go. You Rock Show or Not Show Background so Song Well Ordered by Well Actually What Your Journey Was Just so Here's Here's the Thing Robert I Think You Plug in about God. Yeah, I I I Believe Honestly That We Can Step Back and Listen to It Objectively and It Does Take Us Back in Time. I Never Could Figure This out Sir, I Would. I Would Wonder Why Is It When I Hear Some Old Song from the Old Days Right Just Would Have To Be in the Store or on the Radio Is the Oldest of 4 Hour Dr. and him switch around to hear some. Also, I think it brought me back somewhere and I had a sadness with an Isaac. Why is that when I started focusing on the revolution theme in the late 90s and try and understand cultural revolutions and how they took place in society. I went back to the 60s and I realize that that so many books written on the counterculture revolution. I thought of the 66 drugs rock 'n' roll Eastern religion rebellion, and I forgot because I was so young regular boy 55 how ideologically driven much of the 60s were, you know, the antiwar movement in various things like that the sexual revolution, and I realize when I go back and listen to the sold music that it reminded me of the search that we were off and on. It reminded me of how lost this generation was in it when I went back and listened again and so the way people screw themselves into it and I thought that's the space close to three self and to God and in the things of things of the Lord.

So to this day I can put on something from the past and if the words are not sinful, and the movements are not sinful. I can appreciate it for what it was and recognize the lostness of that moment and that and the other thing is there are just some tunes that are great tunes, beautiful tunes are part of the gift of music and and there there are some lyrics that are catchy you know and and you could listen to the old Beatles ballad say well that's that's really beautiful or an old love song this mean that everything about every bit of old music from our past is sinful, but anything that gets us in the sinful frame of mind. We must avoid anything that pulls on our flesh must avoid any anything that dulls our spiritual senses we must avoid. Nestor, like a set of minor sit around just listen to rock music the way used in the past, but I could sit with musicians to say let's look at this from the past or best of all, I teach students and I teach about the shift in the 60s and the counterculture revolution and how the enemy got in. I said now let's watch it illustrated here. Music and all eyes are opened profoundly thank you sir for the call.

May the Lord continue work is grace into your life one more invitation friends as I've been doing that and to the shows most days to join our support team so together we can reach more and more people I love to share with our supporters what God is doing because to me it's a joint effort I get to be the tip of the spear, but there's a whole team taken at spear and throw it forward to further pierce the darkness so thanks for your participation.

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But as I always say before you do look at all the ways we want to pour back into you every month with a smile of God be upon you may grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. When you become more like him every day I met you make him known like never before. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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