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Exposing the Militant Pro-Abortion Spirit

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 9, 2022 4:30 pm

Exposing the Militant Pro-Abortion Spirit

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 9, 2022 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/09/22.


The list keeps getting more and more extreme and comes to abortion will expose it today. It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more insanity and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown, are you when the Democratic argument was the argument from the Democrats was that abortion should be safe, legal and rare recently. Just think back to the days before the shout your abortion movement.

Things have shifted dramatically further to the left and the anger in the wrong spirit of the pro-abortion side is being revealed more and more by the hour. This is Michael Brown.

This is the line of fire. Welcome to the broadcast. Now we retirement a bunch of things today, but were starting on this subject. Starting with is the potential of the overturning of Roe V Wade draws nearer and nearer and nearer that we are seeing the extremism of the left becoming clearer and clearer and clearer and the anger and even the violence that will ensue. So we want to talk about that. We will see we can learn from it. We want to talk about some of the interesting people that are making statements that in some ways are sympathetic to the pro-life movement. People from whom you would expect it, but part of it is again as the left shifts further to the left than others you say with this too far to extreme just like the stick figure cartoon that Elon musk tweeted out it was in his healing.

He was not the one who drew it up but he tweeted out someone else drawn up his base to say I'm I've been the same.

My positions have been this the same I was originally left of center, but as the left has shifted further and further away. I'm not look that is right of center is happening in surprisingly simple talk about that. I got a bunch of clips to play for you some updates on what happened was some abortion, pro-abortion protests over the weekend. Then the phone lines are open for any and all calls on any and all subjects, 866-348-7884.

Last week's most listen to interview this for a mind from what we can tell was my interview with Prof. James Beverly after he watched the 2000 mules documentary by Dennis Desousa Dr. Beverly Prof. Beverly has been studying the question of election fraud quite intensively for many months now and said that that is research led him to think that there was some kind of fraud. He was in 100% sure but he felt there was some kind of fraud. Some things were definitely sketchy in his view, but easy studying it back and forth really analyzing these Canadian non-Americans always look at it more dispassionately, but after seeing the documentary said it is awfully certain there's no denying the evidence. Well, if you want to weigh in on that we didn't have a lot of time for people to weigh in if you are convinced that this absolutely no question is fraud for the following reasons. Now that the subject is back out and being discussed. Once again, or come already get over was a fraud move on fullness rope review as well. 866-348-7884 okay, Bill Marr famously irreligious, famously antireligious, famously liberal, famously Bible bashing Christian conservative bashing host of of real time, and before the politically incorrect he had some interesting things to say about abortion and babies in life.

Also a couple different clips of Alyssa listen to his first, Caesar just a few days ago is on the front is not really about the laws of the concert you know whenever I see a lawyer whether it's on TV near the bed under there always in a room with an entire wall of law books behind the firewall doing whatever it think what you feel the menu something in that wall the book back in that this whole argument about Willits. The wall so was segregation) Lessing versus Ferguson was settled law in 1896 and thank God somebody said let's unsettle you if you like like babies than your broke life that if you like women you're pro-choice.

I like women but I recall a domino theory of social right you. The first is abortion and that its gay-rights admin trends, rights, and then we goes gay marriage interracial marriages back when you're out here beyond privacy is abortion is is founded on is right in the constitutional rights of and so if there's a right to privacy over a woman's choice whether to continue her pregnancy. That's the same the same set of cases the same legal philosophy that said Mr. Mrs. loving had a right to get married and one was white was black or a burger fell got to get married, even though his husband was a guy or up gay people can have sex or married people can use contraception that was that was like the 1960s. That was a big case, Connecticut had outlawed contraception even for married couples. Clarence Thomas is an interracial marriage you think Clarence Thomas.

I guess what I'm saying is I really feel like abortion is unique. It is because people either in or you just have this view that it's murder. I could put the argument on the hat when people talk about a woman's right. Murder isn't a right if you think it's murder. I don't again praising me or not you are so as much as obviously going in one direction with your thinking Bill Marr is the fact that he puts abortion in a different category.

Very interesting isn't the fact that he says look if you look at it as murder, to save some looking like that because it's a baby and will and if you like babies and be pro-life and different categories and really, you can't argue hard and fast legal case. Make a hard and fast legal case that would have a right to abortion. So the point that was made. Guess it's under the right to privacy, which should be fourth amendment there so many counter arguments for that and only think privacy is foundered fourth amendment, and in that way. So the unrelated to abortion in the time of the fourth amendment, abortion was pretty much outlawed all states across America so that's obviously not with they were thinking when they mentioned and they just want take the argument endlessly right to privacy will then why not two gay brothers that love each other. Why can't they get married. What about a father and a grown daughter. Why can't that it is always it is an endless thing you can just keep going further further further with that which is not what was intended but it's just interesting to hear someone as to the left is Bill Moore make his comments. One other thing he said, which is also interesting, let's listen to this I learned things this week because this put it on the front page that are pretty basic things that I did not know about abortion like in Europe. The modern countries of Europe way more restrictive than we are or what their even proposing if you're pro-choice you would like it a lot less than Germany and Italy and France and Spain and Switzerland. Did you know that I did not. I didn't know that right okay I learned most people who are pro-life are women did not know that so my colleagues pointed out to me. If Bill Marr didn't know that and he's pretty alert and aware of a lot of things happening in society and and laws. Moral issues and things like that obviously but strongly disagree with many of the conclusions which he comes, but if you know that then your average Americans think they know that when polling is done and Americans are asked to believe Roe should be overturned and over 60% said no. I think they're answering the questions you think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances across America is settled overturning Roe thoughts overturning Roe does is puts it back in the hands of the states and then the people it elected legislators and the legislators and set up the laws for the states well at the people decide that's what happens when Rose overturned than the people get to decide that's what it comes down to hopefully they make the right decision for the good of the babies for the good of the mothers in the nation was also interesting is that in many cases, the women are pressured to have an abortion by the man that the that in many cases the woman doesn't want to have an abortion but is pressured by the man so the so ideal. Abortion is just about manual control what you do with the fact that so many prominent pro-life leaders are women that so many people at the forefront of the movement are women that in many cases the men pressing for abortion. Okay. One other surprising voice is Joe Rogan and if you want some of these clips in writing idea with some of them in my latest article, which is about the means get the exact title when Bill Marr and Joe Rogan make the pro-life case soldier Rogan you can say libertarian pot smoking Bernie Sanders supporter in the last presidential elections of but good outcomes, interesting conclusions, as he thinks things through because it's like it's based on the Bible abusively against the Bible. So he's having a discussion with the comedian Gaston Stanhope and listen to their interaction again just very interesting analysis. I just don't like you know I don't like people telling other people with the can and can't do.

But it gets weird when the baby gets like six months old.

Bill gets weird when the really really pregnant because some states for the lungs. I don't know the rules are now, but I know that some states of late-term abortions sometimes need one for medical reasons right, but the woman could die if she gives birth, but it's a decision. The people of the bank will if you look back. What was your favorite part of being a fetus well was your favorite part B and three now should the bill Street unit three because I don't want to carry more. It's one of those things. It's like I am 100% for woman's right to choose, but as a human being, just as just a person observing things. There's a big difference between a glue clump of cells in a fetus with eyeball and the beating heart and for anybody to pretend is not as it's you not doing any already draw the line right where to draw that's the question and it's of critical what I it's what I call human issue. It's a very complicated issue. So if fraught with emotion and so political yet so again very very interesting discussion. There and bundling to Rogan said your late-term abortion assessor to save life of the mother's late-term deliver the baby deliver the baby if it's a process of eyes deliver the baby and kill the baby to save the mother. I don't know of cases where that would not be a viable solution in such a situation, but here even to Rogan okay because the cells of the company sells really has DNA and is a ready it's an embryonic human being. But hey heartbeat eyes doesn't take too long for that they would have thankful heart and eyes and collateral. So even those that are not in our conservative Bible believing They get some interesting comments about abortion. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is 348-7884 will be taking some questions little later in the broadcast about any subject you want to ask me about talk to me about on-topic off-topic, no problem. But if you want to weigh in on the abortion subject if your own views have shifted over the years. I would love to hear from you whether 80 or 18 if your own views have shifted pro-life or pro-abortion.

Over the years.

I love to hear from you. I love to know why and how that shift came about. So by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH and just to give you an opportunity to respond to my interview from one week ago with Prof. James Beverly when he feels the evidence is irrefutable that there was serious fraud in the 2020 election began the topic has been brought up refreshed by the Dennis Desousa documentary 2000 mules give us a call and weigh in either way with your own viewpoint when able to do so we can go and we did the interview I have seen some comments on YouTube say will Prof. Beverly didn't go far enough. He said it was it was local political leaders, local Democratic leaders who were behind this that he is the thinking goes all the way to the top and on the way back to buy those that of course this is national he's just looking at the evidence presented. That's what he's basing his conclusions on not an inevitable theoretical Domino chain where it goes boo-boo boo-boo. "That that you can trace it theoretically. He wants the hard evidence trace. If that's the way he's going to do his research and out. I'll share my own view in a moment, all also the question that I've been asked that if in fact it could be demonstrated that there was fraud in the Trump actually won the election and this is gonna come up a lot with upcoming elections and if Trump decides to run again in 2024. Yes, let this be hyper split-second out the documentary did a massive thing understand it more Lago so my colleagues were there to see the opening public opening of 2000 mules therein, etc. so is only adding fuel to his fire to keep saying of stolen stolen stolen stolen Cisco come up again so I've been asked the question, do I have to apologize to those who prophesied Trump's reelection if you like from stolen.

Of course not.

Doesn't change anything doesn't change anything as we called out those who guarantee the Trump would be in the White House again and said that he would be reelected, and that he would serve eight straight years and we call them out those who would not repent of that and acknowledge their error of note doesn't change anything. And that's what so I'll come back to that in a little while. I will come back to that shortly. But some headlines from over the weekend, but this one and chief lagoons chrome Molotov cocktail cocktail into offices of Wisconsin antiabortion group is known as pro-life group and spray chilling message saying if abortions aren't safe. You aren't either sets and chief of that's their message that was refusing to stop the killing of babies in the womb through a righteous legal process and by means of the intervention of the Supreme Court. Then we can hurt you. Think of it, thinking it and that's what you call satanic logic. How about this headline. Liberals celebrate protests outside Scotus justices, homes, churches calling it mass resistance that there is a strongly pro-life, profamily organization called mass resistance.

They probably won't be pleased with their name being used in the opposite opposite way.

Could you got people cheering them on and have you thought of the irony of the fact that they call for protests on Mother's Day, mother's day. That's when you celebrate the women who brought you into this world not terminating you in the in the womb. This is when you celebrate the women who cared for you as a child growing up in who were there in ways that only mothers can be there. Why on earth have abortion protest pro-abortion protests on Mother's Day and I'm aware that many women that have abortions are mothers, and for whatever reason, feel they cannot or do not want to bring another child will understand what you celebrate motherhood, abortion, and then others weighing in online comedian John Rosenberg would not hurt her before she responds to a tweet from Bill Kristol. Please don't protested people's homes.

Please don't true the people attending their houses of worship organize politically be civil specifically so Rosenberg replies no expletive this poor people's homes go to the places of worship, make them as uncomfortable as they are try to make you is not time for stability is the time for mass resistance and demonstration. I even saw this headline today daily wine that Nancy Pelosi applauds applause, righteous anger of abortion rights activists in letter to fellow Democrats.

That word is words righteous anger" so the White House press secretary Jen Saki was asked about this directly listen to her response very interesting time you thought about what you doing extreme wings of party do you think this is peaceful protest is not extra. Here is a pretty poor outside. Some of us I don't have an official US government position on where people protest I wanted. We we wanted of course to the peaceful and certainly the president would want people's privacy to be respected. Why not emphatically categorically say, under no circumstances does the White House does this present ministration support protests, even peaceful protest in front of the homes of the justices wanted just make a categorical statement.

This are games that are being pledged is really what exactly were saving babies lives in recovering a culture of life is were talking about.

In any case, expect things to only get worse the more extreme as the extremists on the left make the real sentiments known in this I believe will play against them, not for them.

866-34-TRUTH we go to the phones Nikki and Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey, I dare you like following letter… Mike, I need to be at front life with or your company back or change my mind. It happened overnight right program. The Holy Spirit can or milk and I knew that I would.

I had been working on my way overnight change attorney and I popping up on your on that chat abortion battle had go threatening to bring under his cleansing degree that right yeah yeah the whole Papa out. I don't think I'm really really right for all buggy way down.

I'm having to go through it and look blistered argument began and really really challenging or no II don't know, other than you know.

I know abortion is wrong and I'm looking at looking like looking at slavery labor slavery was wrong, but died didn't get prove that he didn't condone it again. What will what with the word the humanitarian humanitarian laws for slavery, which of course was totally different than the African slave trade that we engaged in here in America is my contention servitude.

Then on top of that gave the pattern of Israel being delivered from slavery, as is the ideal.

And then Jesus comes to set the captives free. You know this all trickles down, which is why it was ultimately Christian leaders through the centuries that fought against slavery. Nikki, let me ask you a question you do remind me though in sharing this about something I was going to do anyway but probably right about it. Just reaching out to women who have abortions before that or they know they are forgiven, but still the grief that pain comes up, especially when things are being talked about a fresh but if you can stay stay with us to the other side of the break as vertebrae coming up want to ask you a couple of questions and thanks for being a long time viewer on our YouTube channel.

The Seminole about that we do a live stream so for those that are watching this waving at everybody. We do a simultaneous lifestream of our radio show every day on YouTube and on Facebook. It's the ask a DR Brown YouTube or Facebook page asked Dr. Brown page on Facebook asked Dr. Brown channel on YouTube so it's a live video stream as you been hearing on on radio or on podcast hearing audio clips was watching actually seeing the video clips seven citing headlines from newspapers and things like that. Those watching or seen.

Haven't you always catch the show afterwards in that form as well on our YouTube channel is kid your brow, but there is was a lively chat going on. I don't get to follow it during the show, but Nick is one of her long time viewer so thanks for being with us so we come back on ask you first why you were pro-abortion before you met the Lord and how overnight your conviction change. What was it was a just a revelation was of a supernatural logical process.

Talking with you and instead embrace the right here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and that life begins for human beings in the womb at conception. That's what we are pro-life, which means we are for the baby in the womb, and for the baby and the child outside of the womb. We are for the mother and the father during pregnancy and for the mother and father after pregnancy. That's why pro-life organizations work with pregnancy crisis centers that offer women real choices and say okay there are other alternatives to getting an abortion. Now here's alternatives for keeping the baby in her support that you can get.

If that is an impossibility to you right now. While there are those who clearly a doctor, child and plans can be made early on for that to take place there. There are options there are support groups etc. so we are not just pro-life in the womb. Pro-life outside the womb. 866-34-TRUTH eight 784. Welcome to the line of fire want to go back to Nikki and Portland Oregon. Thanks for holding through the break so it Nikki how old were you when you became a believer in Jesus. Yeshua or 54 okay so your reason is if someone said to Walt why are you pro-choice, pro-abortion is that killing a baby in the womb. Why, why did you once believe that abortion was was fun. Was abortion was acceptable on merit that I didn't really have a moral truth. Now that I look back now I get when you don't have a printer you don't have died. Come to the conclusion of what we understand about the lack that the logical conclusion only truly believe in their characters. About the only thing they strongly believe that ending special.that they don't know that there's died for I what I want you, sure, open my eyes healed me and gave me overnight. I knew what was right there now. I see what's right and electronically think of words that I have much compassion for another on the left you truly believe that because you know there is a strong delusion a lot under that and if there's no base for truth or guide looking out at what you nothing you are pro-life me proof that God's word is written on our heart rate. Yeah right me as to the sticky and thanks for being so super clear and articulate on this. There are many women may as well that really object to to the. The pro-abortion phrase. They said there will not pro-abortion pro-choice when I pro-abortion so that was that.

They're not the one celebrating abortion in Finland, and the most radical extremist or just say no nothing. Abortion is the best thing but it's absolutely better in many cases, etc. in and you bring an unwanted child into the world and the subject into this and that the mother is emotionally unstable and in the various reasons that that are raised when you had an abortion abortions before you knew the Lord once you did it. Do you have any second thoughts. Afterwards we was there grieving process or was it a matter of did it and horrible horrible… I knew in my heart ever strong, angry yeah you is so that's that's interesting. I mean, I've heard that time and time again from women who called in some here of and let's think about this together right you are part of the culture of the day which is my body, my choice, it's just, you know, it's just removing unwanted comp of cells in etc. so you you that which is normal for you, but having done it.

There is still something deeper and you that said it was wrong. Isn't that interesting. And then got word that tomorrow I written on every yeah and then the moment that you get born again you have a new nature and immediately you realized abortion is morally wrong. So that was there was no process you went through the Bible says this and I've studied these verses and I've considered this. It was just a light went on was it is that simple. You are greatly how God works. Yeah, that's the nature the new birth Bureau the eminent.

It reminds me of a story. It's it's a very, very minor story compared to your personal story with abortion. But this this guy Jewish guy secular Jew is radically born again before that he had been a very profane character and he's working on construction job with a colleague. I heard this in the church refers got saved over 45 years ago, I heard the that the guys working on the construction site with a colleague the leeward construction worker and he he's having something in any slams his his thumbnail with a hammer and screams out how other guy said what happened to you is just southerly side of this abdomen is the next extreme illustration of the same thing but the other. The new birth is real. He, Nikki, thank you for for weighing and sharing openly and in thank you for reminding all of us that we must have compassion, and that there are many women out there who had abortions believers as well. Now that the subject's coming up a lot. It's opening old wounds. So, may we have compassion and grace are. Thank you for the call. I appreciated eight. Let me just say this to everybody listening to every woman in particular. But man, if you participated in abortion. If you have come to the Lord for forgiveness and confess your sins it's a God of guilt in your site.

Forgive me abortion would be one of many sins committed the blood of Jesus really does cleanse you from all said and God really does forgive you of all sin and in God really does not remember that sin anymore.

Meaning, hold it against you, that forgiveness is real doesn't mean there's not a pain they can come up or grief but know that the father is with you grieving with you as opposed to accusing you of guilt and that he wants to use your pain and tears of intercession for this wants to use your pain as a warning to others you want.

You sure pain to produce more compassionate to help us. Those of us who've not participate as an abortion or or males never had an abortion, then your words help us be more sensitive and more loving the more compassionate as we reach out as we address these things and if you don't know the Lord in your under this burden of guilt which is tormenting you run to him want to miss a God I'm guilty on the center to the core of my being, I'm guilty. Forgive me wash me clean.

I believe Jesus died for my sins. I believe he rose from the dead on my behalf. God, I come to wash me clean and give me that new birth, give me that new heart that Nikki talked about so I can fall you the rest of my days. If you say man I feel guilty but I'm not sure about the rest. Ascot show me the truth. Show me the truth and all following him and he'll do it, is faithful, let us go to Harlingen and Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to the light a fire, Michael Dr. Brown welcome US popular better transition interviews abortion yesteryears I was pro-life but very vaguely in weekly and have a good Management industry starting on 2007 through the influence of Al Qaeda stumbling in the lake about entered of American nightlife. I came to see it is important as an important moral issue in this for pro-life and can be categorized in terms of personal imprisonment. Now personally, whenever first and later numbers the never let him imprisonment. Now pro-lifer which is tremendous and that movement is transitioning to evolutionist movement and come to see that is much of the pro-life legislation if rovers limit over time will keep abortion become allies become exceptional and anything about an egg recommending you tomorrow so I know evolutionist. I remember we talked before the right soul loss. It adopts case in Mississippi without abortion after 15 weeks in the Texas case after six weeks, the argument should ultimately be no abortion. So doubling that is the direction we we want to move state-by-state will work out that way state-by-state in terms of the our country operates in the situation, but if if that is a living human being in the womb than any abortion anytime would be would be wrong and the whole debate about for the, the, the safety of the mother to see Everett Khufu's US Surgeon General said that that is 36 years, I think, a practice that he never had to perform an abortion to save the life of the mother you may have an extreme situation where you're trying to say both lives so you have to deliver the baby prematurely remove the baby prematurely and the baby is unable to survive but the goal is always to protect both José Harley thank you for calling in and sharing your viewpoint, let us go over to Teresa in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to light a fire.

Dr. Brown hey sure and I grabbed him about conversion experience. It began my conversion experience are very radical, because the Holy Spirit appeared in my bedroom and prior to January 30, 2000 I was radically pro-choice that you say and then God showed me immediately, and 39 and showed me that the abortion that I had an IBC day were just, and to cover up the end of fornication that will he had made it will clear on life to Teresa when you say your radically pro-choice before this experience after you had abortions. Did you have any filter second thoughts are with you absolutely know this is just the right thing to do. I'm sorry started experiencing postabortion syndrome where every November.

I would go into deep depression and I like to be thinking about what my babies would look like in hell they would see three steroids. This couple minutes just to think this through before the Lord.

This was greatest fear is you would have to say present for this over and over. Here are some of the struggles Reiki pro-choice still going through the grieving process. Back then, pushing the truth to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends fire friends have been on here for years and we've taken many calls from women who have abortions.

The stories same over and over and over, even people that settled you we were pro-choice and fellows the right thing to do there still degree from the thing everyone is experience this but it's been a common experience of those who called in so so Teresa, so sorry to interrupt with a break. It was was hard for you to get the words out though but here you were radically pro-choice. Either unaware or uncaring of what the Bible said about this for God's views and yet you grieved over the abortion is from your experience talking to other women who have abortions with us a common experience I back my church ran a recovery group for people with perfect abortion and drown because there at abortion before we got saved or at as they struggled and we were able to of course receive forgiveness, repent might be forgiveness and I know that I met my babies in heaven that we really do struggle with Clara Beatty and how each of our babies. Basically we were able to have a naming ceremony and we had a funeral for little Beatty and my path that extraordinary successes this human being. There sold God guests supernaturally open your eyes to the Scriptures and you see Psalm 130 not as clear as day. K. How does that impact you. What were you thinking when that happened. Well I went back and emotionally.

Our whole salvation experience because I like better. In my bedroom. So he was showing me all kinds of fine unit little way way he gave me my first class, but Scripture which is Romans 828 which goes along with that that the same thing out of the ghetto for the good that even I kill my baby diner there in heaven. I know I'm saved. I met one day and how it scared me involved in the occult that he showed me. Deuteronomy 18 and I got rid of all my thought e-book earned them in my tarot cards and then he showed me. Psalm 139 because it because I had killed two baby process that lack going on that at first week after I got saved I would hear them constantly how long does this Teresa January 3, 2000 200 generally third 2000 extraordinary 22 years later, the still stuff that comes up in your heart like your mother. You know that's that's the way God made us in a deep down it's sweaty. He created us for into to bring children into the world he Teresa, thank you for your mother share this publicly you minister to many and in doing so, I appreciated it. Well, now my back in a chat all right awesome awesome. Thanks 866-34-TRUTH you know it's it's a reminder to me to hear this but pastors that are listening now it's important if you talk about abortion just just a reminder as I can forget right so maybe you can forget. If you talk about abortion talk about Roe V Wade talk about pro-life always remember the people in your congregation who may have had abortions sounds 30 years ago. It doesn't matter. You can come up as a fresh wound today.

Always remember them and if you got a good enough group of people in your church and your and Stan boiler number of women who had abortions here consider the possibility of some type of special group to minister to them because wounds do come up, and that we tend to just bury them buried them instead of deal with them and find healing in life and I'm quite sure in this day and age that there must be many good resources that are out there. It's like you have to reinvent the wheel here. Hey, before we we continue with this subject.

We have a really important resource available for you.

It's part of our whole mission to see you healthy and thriving in the Lord's as part of a whole mission confusion with faith and truth and courage so you stand strong for the Lord so just take a moment, let me share a little bit more with you about this. Are you struggling your faith Jeff doubts and questions and you really don't know where to go with them. Maybe have a friend or loved one that's completely fallen away from the Lord will friends. We've got a great resource for you has God failed you. Finding faith when you're not even sure God is real.

This is the book that is a first aid kit for for seekers strugglers and doubters and ask the difficult questions. What happens when processing to work. What happens when that level were praying for isn't healed and what about those passages in the Old Testament, it looks like God is an angry, vengeful God, what do we do with those. There's even a whole chapter called permission to doubt and what can we learn from the book of Job.

And what's unique about this book is we invite the questions and then we speak to the heart without bypassing the mind as you read this book. Faith will arise inside of you.

As you read this book, competence and hope will be restored. As you read this book. Questions will be answered in your mind will be at ease and this could really be the lifeline for love one that has fallen away from the Lord. So order your copy has God failed you today ask Dr. that's a SK GR order today and when you do want to give you free instant access to a powerful video I preached on why so many Christians live in the face so order has God failed you that you may want to get a couple copies, one for you, one for love on this for we can go on this mission together getting the body healthy back to one more call Richmond Virginia Angelo, welcome to the want to fire the dog around are very well thank you minister that I really appreciate what you going to love it.

Thank you.

Welcome is one that does make you talking about when people converted from being pro choice to be a pro-life job just real quick. I would have school and gotten a bill from pregnant and had to rush to get a last-minute abortion make sure my plans for college and what my life was supposed to be quote unquote would have been more of a coercion enough to feel really bad about think about it quite often.

But I know that is a good report and out and I've talked to the lady as well and and you become, reconcile bank there.

But when she was done with the project done it that you do change that down the cart. It was a boy, what it was aboard and immediately at that point, you know, it became real to me now and I'm gonna want to say this because you know and in the bed and stop me from a life of promiscuity that it would stop me from my life continue to be selfish but you know what, then, doesn't question start so that wasn't the only time that I had them and but I will tell you what happened really is when I did really come to know that I was out I became born-again and that was life in God.

It was life in Jesus Christ. It totally switch my perspective on everything in general you know, I bet that's when I reached out and apologized to elevated Apollo doctoral but you know a lot of people think note is activated in a tremendous way and not be limited to belittling that at all. But you know that God they looked after, that is what this Sabbath stop it all and that you know and you know what their men out there that are hurt because there are men out there who are still feeling the pain of it and you I just wanted to be the member bears to give the dealer there. You know you may not be able because the young lady at that point, but know that God loves you and you know that against you as well so if I want to say and just say thank you, thank you for being so open.

Thank you for ministering to men. Thank you for reminding me and others yes there are men hurting to another man have called in his as well and and with their own brokenness. Years later of what happened. Angelo only got a minute but how soon after you were born again.

Did you realize the sin of abortion immediately what it was like I had to be transformed that of abortion.

On occasion everything but when I was born again that I kind of know those thoughts on the back burner right but… Think about it, because in the evangelical world class support bear.

It got immediately write to you, and I committed that and you know it wasn't like I had to be coerced or gone and now I stand. I understand Angelo the new birth is real friends for those that are listening and you're not familiar with a lot of this you just kinda grew up in a church setting. The new birth is real. God really does come into our hearts and change us now is one of growing after that. Yeah the new birth is real. Angelo, thank you for the call. I'm sure God used it to speak to many. I appreciated his friends. We put out every week.

A bunch of brand-new resources, videos, articles go missing one of them may take that last call her Nikki's call and put it out as a special resource for you when you article dealing with topics could ask center for emails back with you tomorrow

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