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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 6, 2022 5:50 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 6, 2022 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/06/22.

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Line of Fire
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network was doing phone lines are open to questions we got answers for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity, reports Ruth to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown back in our home studio in North Carolina. Broadcasting live as always 866-34-TRUTH it.

We do on this day. Any question of any kind that relates in any way to subject matter. We cover on the line of fire anything I've written or said in any setting or context, by all means give us a call 866-348-7884 regressive phone lines open, which often we don't. At the beginning of the show often is completely filled before we even start. So now is a perfect time to call 866-348-7884. We will start with Caleb in Canton, Ohio.

Welcome to light a fire.

You are very welcome, where you will or look by Kevin.

I called the mystery of the power and God, I have grave concern for why or to that book and I was wondering how you can want, how you can you such a book.

Yeah yeah great I'm very happy to touch about it.

How familiar are you with with my ministry hello if you listen to the broadcast summary of my books of February just a curiosity, how you learned I okay so you really don't know. Okay, so you never read one of my books cover to cover never covered yet and I'm not accusing I'm just trying to context and I write normally five articles a week. How many of those would you say that you read long okay right that was that was my so that was my assumption does my assumption only because the people that her father ministry for years and not the ones asking this question because they know me then know what I stand for the know my message, etc. so let's focus on the book then specifically you read the book you read his book cover to cover correct book, and you you at least read my fourth yeah okay so you read the forward and the caveats and all that okay great so please tell me within the book what you found wrong or indifferent indefensible well go. I Kevin I when Jesus told him Jesus suffered in hell and that he had phoned him to keep all his believing, and it is in contact you is more yeah that's that's my that's that's my view as well. Caleb. So what I could about it right agreement.

Yeah so here's what here's what I wrote.

As for the controversial subject of Jesus's descent into hell which Kevin discusses in the chapter on resurrection power. It is interesting to compare what he writes to the treatment of this subject in the early church fathers, as well as various church traditions, including Eastern Orthodox and is always everything must be examined through the lens of the Scriptures. What did happen between the cross and the resurrection. And I also say that anything that Kevin claims that Jesus told him, must be tested by Scripture. So that's that's how I dress that there are very useful if you Have the same in church history. If you look at church fathers that are coded through the centuries that are respected, they had different views about Jesus quote suffering in hell totally different from the. The weekend Copan is taught in the past that Jesus died in hell became demonized and was resurrected as a born-again man. Quite apart from that heretical teaching there is different teaching about did he suffer in hell.

And if so, what did it mean and that's discussed in the church tradition so his view Kevin's view is not my view, there right of taught that for decades exactly the same way you teach it. First Peter three exactly semi for decades quite openly. So that's why said must be tested by Scripture in a and I reiterate that no elsewhere in the book. Kevin says Jesus told him XYZ must be tested by Scripture and I've I've no issue with Jesus appearing to someone in speaking of zero issue with that scriptural.

I believe it happens is happened to colleagues of mine, but everything must be tested by Scripture will also be a believer. I'm not aware of that.

Never discussed in the same way to start the #2020 election.I know a lot of you and I talked and I talked to Kevin yeah I talked to Kevin about it face to face an interest in certain specific questions about it.

He said he'd he never wanted to talk about those things publicly was was asked to to do it on Christian TV and did he believe God showed him what he desired to do than this. It was going to happen. We have a discussion, but here Caleb, your questions are totally fair. 100% fair and I recognize when you have them. So here here's my side right and then you can evaluate you think I did the right thing at the wrong thing, but I'm just gonna tell you exactly what happened right.

My son-in-law Ryan works very closely with Kevin spends weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks out of the year with them is been traveling with him now probably the last year and 1/2 to 2 years knows him very closely tells me he's the real deal that is not in this for money that is in is for ministry that he really loves the Lord. He told me that Kevin wrote a book that I would really appreciate emphasizing repentance, holiness, things like that and it Kevin asked me to write forward Fort sill based on my son-in-law's endorsement of Kevin as a person assembles a real man of God is this one Pike close friends of this world married to her younger daughter was amazing to kids of so I didn't not aware of what Kevin had claimed to not claim to tetracycline.

One time he spent a couple hours together talking face-to-face and I told in a loose wonderful fellowship around the things of the Lord and up so I read the book and I really, it was very challenging. It really was Jesus centered and it really was about repentance and holiness in walking with the Lord and being consecrated and not being worldly. In fact it to challenge me in certain ways to draw closer to the Lord and then he had a couple things about you know because provision and healing and I said okay if if you think he meant it in the Word of Faith name the claimant way that's not what this book is about. I absolutely reject that I understood this and hear the controversial parts that you have to test the Scripture so you may think that if I knew more about his ministry or heard more claims that I would be that I wouldn't have done this. If not for my son-in-law Ryan recommending Kevin to me and mentioned that I really like the book that that I wouldn't have done it. Just because we get asked to do this all the time and most of the time have to decline so since then one individual reached out to me and individuals posted many false things about me over the years misleading false and said he'd like to interact with me and and call me to retract the forward is that if you're willing to retract all the false things you posted about me. I'm going to have a conversation.

So instead he just went public with a video that's that's the history there.

So I saw massive lack of integrity on that side. If I want to call this individual out and post falsehoods and misleading things. It would be hard for me to do. But that's that's on purpose but anyway that's that's history. Caleb, if you think I made a mistake. That's, that's your call and you're totally entitled to that. I take it on the chin told entitled to what I meant one point. Please go ahead with you now. I got it out publicly are repented, but I could give great before they fail. I thought, talk you got bought mixed up in my head concocted my own mind, but I mixed it with interpreting it for God, but the guy goes on that claim that God told him promptly went brick green revision or through mental picture. He claimed that Jesus told him those things in heaven. Faith bait and for me, at least me personally it's a lot harder to give great that not a lot.

I truly will, and that we then called like that would call into question everything else that Jesus allegedly told someone right you see the point I'm trying to hundred percent 100%. So here's the deal. I did talk to Kevin face-to-face about that move last year right after the elections. I think what I understood was. He said that that God was sharing his desire what you want to see happen, but if we didn't pray or whatever it was like it happened so it was conditional. That's what understood now you're telling me and someone else recently said that he said Jesus told the face-to-face the trumpet when the election okay so my place to Caleb as I will follow up directly with Kevin because when I spoke with him and asked the wrong questions okay. He said he did not want to talk about it publicly before. He did not want to be airing stuff about Trumper prophecies he did because he was asked but didn't want to do, but either way if he said Jesus told him face-to-face crumpled when right is there really did when it was stolen as a battery because the fact is, he's not the White House now by this and that's all we cared about right, not the theoretical writer and if Jesus showed you who's gonna win then let them show you it's gonna be stolen as you happen. So here's my pledge. Caleb I will reach out to Caleb through my son-in-law Anat out suited to a Kevin and ask him directly. Are you on record for saying Jesus told you face-to-face that Trump would win, and that you did not give conditions with it, etc. and based on what he says I will follow up accordingly.

I will absolutely do that. I 100% agree that if someone says that they have to completely very strongly. Repent publicly and it now calls into question other things that you say Jesus told you face-to-face on the hundred percent with you on that check her right arm mono not for split-second why do you not believe in character, but believing that I okay so today what I mean answer your question on this of the break. I really don't take this time much someone called, but because the importance of the salinity itself from Mexico really quickly on this other break and then everyone else holding so patiently I'm coming regularly.

Thank you for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH very good is Dr. Michael Brown is looking back the line of fire broadcast 866-34-TRUTH okay Caleb limit his response. One last question, and in fairness want to get over to other callers. Why do I so strongly reject the ministry of Kat Kerr. I don't know her personally. I do not know anyone close to her that can tell me more about her personally but every thing I've seen her say has been wacky has been unscriptural has been false so the clips that I have actually seen in context the interviews in context which I never, he would've known about her ministry is not for other things that that happened with the failed come prophecies has been false.

Therefore, I rejected. In contrast, my son-in-law Ryan who is a real man of God spends probably 150 days a year with Kevin has spoken to me by the sold walk. The face-to-face time that I had with Kevin was timeless. Some of it seemed very very devoted to Jesus very much in love with the word and everything we talked about these things dear to my heart and reading his book so if if if you read if you read this one book. In any case and go through it. I think you'll find yourself saying Amen amen amen that's good that's strong that's scriptural that doesn't justify submits unscriptural right but that's that's why made a distinction here is to other charges that he said this or this or this amount aware that if so get out a follow-up visit.

I've done a lot of interaction references Roth is because I don't watch the show I watch Christian to be having for years and years and years of people sent me various concerns of one gentleman put out an entire video same Dr. Brown McGinnis for maybe some of the content assented over since folks we had serious talks about better vetting processes with with average that on on them and you go do this and do this and do this and and claims were people connect Revelation all the mortars every have to be tested by Scripture etc. etc. etc. but no soup for years. I know his love for the Lord and was devotion to the word II know his witness to the lost of known watch them consistently. I know how is not in this for the money is in the life and lifestyle so that that this color.

My thinking what the concerns are totally valid. They are 100% valid to raise these. I'm not downplaying them whatsoever and I will I will follow-up Caleb right in terms of the current prophecy question. Thank you for the call and for pressing issues. I really appreciate 866-34-TRUTH of this, go to Eugene and you tell me how to pronounce where you live, you or what you get there for okay but I never got that from the way it's spelled.

Thank you all right yeah I know I felt that way either. Not at us right but walking to forecast it. Thank you. Just a quick question Therrien I I will have to go after active question is dealing with something at work right now I question their eye. I've been studying theology now for about five years on my own been a dedicated student and fan and I know lie.

I've learned a lot. Gotta show me a lot of stuff before in his word and so I don't I don't believe knowledge is the issue my situation by I developed a to keep it short. A mental pattern way of thinking when I was younger to cope with some of the issues of my childhood that I don't think are exactly sinful, but I do think that they are being thank God wants me to be done away with on he wants me to grow out of this way that I thought is my childhood and I believe I have been knowledge that if I applied beat vehicle principles taught in the Bible. I can walk away from it, even though there might be a struggle in dealing with I in other words I don't like knowledge of the situation again. But I do believe I lack faith. There I've been dealing with this issue for so long that it coming because habitual is an understatement, and I'm just wondering if there if I can I do have to go after active law come back to me about your answer, but is there anywhere in the Bible where someone in my situation and my way of thinking to just build definitely bound by something that he done it all by it may be reading to think of encouragement because again I know what the Bible says I know how to apply biblical principles. I do have a prayer life and and I believe I applied to think that I know I can win, but it kinda like the imagery of an elephant to hide buyer wrote. She stopped even though he has more than the Cape villages to break free from that rope because he was eventually found what he was younger he doesn't apply what and fill you down by something that is not really that significant. I believe that the idea of the go, but thank you for your ministry. Dr. Brown ugly think your response give a blessed day. I thank you very much Eugene thank you for the call. Okay, so obviously, as you're watching this later listening to it later you will be able interact with my answers so I am going to lay out all the various possibilities that come to mind as you are speaking.

Number one. Sometimes it is a matter of just doing the same thing over and over and over your daily time with God or time in the word, renewing your mind praying about these things asking for help and little by little, the change or suddenly a breakthrough seems to come out of nowhere, but really you been getting healthier, stronger, healthier, stronger, healthier, stronger and more built-up, more built up more built up and then the breakthrough comes as we talk about often here. Isaiah 1027 that the yoke breaks because you've gotten so fat that the UK meant animal breaks because of that spiritual health. This part we try to do day in day out here on the line of fire so that's one thing you may say it's been years and years. It's hard for me to think the breakthrough come that we could well be second thing sometimes you have to get to the point of desperation which is that you just shut yourself and over weekend you cancel nonessential appointments and get on your knees going to face your fast is a God, I need to change your this is a destructive negative hurtful pattern. I need to check and you just you go after him to the breakthrough comes. Or you fast once a week or you do so that that's another thing. The third thing is to to read things that will build your faith as you said, faith seems to be the issue. I don't know if the famous book by Neil Anderson bondage breaker is applicable in your case I know more about that book then then first and having gone through it carefully. But I know so many work help by books like that that there may be something to build your faith, and that may be the key, so taking and faith building testimonies material and then liberty coming out of that war last option is that you sit with godly gifted counselors could be pastoral leadership in the church. It could be people that that do this is their service to the body or their employment in service to the body and you pray together with them and talk these things through and they help you get down to the roots.

Get back to patterns that were established in your childhood not through some spiritual abracadabra kind of thing but through real spiritual insight and help and you will a smile. This is been. It does this, the knowledge which you said you have but with the spiritual revelation that then helps pull the thing up from the roots and then from there from there.

Okay, how do I move forward how I renew my mind in a positive way. Now that I've recognized this with spiritual anointing to turn the tide. Now how I build from there. That would be another thing and and eat each of the things I mentioned. These are all things in my own life at one point or another have help me gain real freedom and liberty before the Lord, let us go to Al and San Lorenzo, California. Welcome to the line of fire is her only question is about the book of Yona Jonah and where he was swallowed by the great fish and was in the belly every day and three night three days and three nights is been used several times in the Bible. And I'm curious somebody else mentioned to me about the word. She'll curious what your definition is and how does that relate to the story of Jonah's right so sure all is the place of the dead right is the netherworld. It can refer to the physical grave, but it's it's really where the dead go after they die.

It doesn't have to be a place of consciousness, though, is that the definition shoulder itself doesn't tell you whether it's a place of consciousness or not but it is the netherworld. It's the place of the dead.

So it's more than just the physical grave site is the place of the dead, so Jonah to incorporates a Psalm which is really a Psalm from someone that that is is got 1 foot over on the other side.

You know, we recently got 1 foot in the grave element when people in the ancient restart documented this my doctoral dissertation when they were healed from a deadly disease. They said they were raised from the dead. That's the way it was actually said. So he's writing as if he's in the place of the dead, as if he's in the netherworld as if it's all over and it's either his own words that are being prayed there in that metaphorical way or it's another Psalm. It's being adopted for that purpose. You maybe was a Psalm that was known in his day, a Psalm of an old cry out from the depths of hell. So to say, and he now adopts it or the author of Jonah adopts that to to fill that it sold.

That's the imagery there. The deliverance after three days, something that you do find a number of times in Scripture. So when Paul says in first Corinthians 15 that Jesus was raised after three days. According to the Scriptures is not quoting one verse of this essay, as the Scripture says, but the Scriptures because this theme of deliverance on the third day, or after the third day occurs a number of times but you know you got the psalmists and let the waters of come right up to my neck. And here is like yeah literally literally in my case that's my situation.

So it's taking so that's the only metaphorical language and using it in a very vivid way as he finds himself in the belly of the fish which becomes a living picture of shoulder. I thank you sir for the college appreciated that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again, Dr. Michael Brown just put out another video in or series of countering the counter missionaries answering the rabbis. These are some of the most in-depth, insightful videos you get and we getting responses folks saying this is saving people's faith.

Dr. Brown you are the person to be doing this so we know this is hitting imports. But what I tell you that because many don't know about it because you don't get your email updates. I knew it was being released.

We did all the recording and editing and putting everything together.

I knew it was being released because I got the email saying now is the day that is actually coming out I was on the road ministry and thought, sweet love to Cecil, make sure Gary E email updates you don't want to miss a single resource for providing especially now with the potential overturning of Roe V Wade with moral cultural issues in in the news tonight. Let us be there to equip you, help you sue go to ask Dr. a.s. K dear brother and make sure you sign up for our emails and all of our new listeners in Ohio station are our Lynchburg Virginia station that are just joining us for the first time.

Make sure you get in touch with us so that we can pour into asked Dr. just click to get our email updates, 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers. Let's go to Jesse in Twin City Minnesota. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for taking my call. Dr. Brown you welcome so I contacted you about two minutes okay go for right so first I apologize for belaboring the point, so much but it necessary for me not into and out topic because it to make a reasonable conclusion on it and at the topic of free well and how much we have it.

I've been involved with the topic for a while. I've read a good deal of this from John Piper book Provident John Piper is only one person so I want to A bit wider net with. I've asked you several times but as you went to Richard.

Proverbs 21, 19 now the reformed view on this is that they do not believe that, do you want the repentant not because God damns them, which not all just one believe in pita double predestination. I don't, they would say God does something in the person that makes him want to repent. They would use effusion that talks about being dead in and then being made alive by God alone where you would differ, I assume, is that this caught the cause of repentant despond.

An individual choosing it and giving given that they have a choice to other farmers what the passage is where it is clear that God caused the action the go to passage for them is Jan each one.

He asked you, you meant it for evil against me, but God meant it for good to bring about that many people should be kept alive as they are today. So I ask your humility.

Given I just want to understand the topic better to question. Could you give me a solid passage that talks about giving, about God giving man complete freedom for his choices separated from God and to why these passages mean God is Provident does not direct what man does in anything of his decree to well and why. This means that God does not fill up the purposes through whatever evil that is done by the means of secondary causes right so everyone the whole Bible is against the position that you're putting forward meaning from beginning 10 causes choose choose choose choose choose and then he holds us responsible for his for those choices. He commands us for the right choices, he rebukes us for the wrong choices. Now imagine that here's a man crippled from birth, unable to move. If his life depends on if he was in a house burning with fire. He could not movies crippled from birth and I tell him get up and walk in his get up and walk, and I condemn them for that.

That would be completely contradictory because he has no power to do that it would be as if I'm pulling strings of will. The puppet and then commending the puppet. When I pulled the strings of notes and overstatement covenants with objects with that. I'm just laying things out to be concise in the clearest way to cancel the whole Bible choose choose choose God being grieved over wrong choices we made, as opposed to God being grieved over wrong choices we made because he preordained those choices because we had no other choice but to do the wrong thing and that that grieves him that he regrets certain things expressly said in Scripture. So though that makes no sense with the predestinarians viewpoint as secondly there are passages were God distinctly says, for example, Ezekiel 18 have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they repent and live so turned to me and live house of Israel or Jesus in Matthew 23. How often I long to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing, so they were willing because God did not give the ability to be willing and he reached out to them.

It's like reaching out to the cripple. Please get up now and run out of the building.

I want to save you, but does not giving them power to do it, then it's it's it's all meaningless as they can only do because God given the power to do it, given the will to do with it. How can he command them for doing everything how he command them. And so you're doing what I preordained you to do and made you to do. Well done. How did he ever say well done good and faithful servant. When all we did was what he enabled us and willed us to do anything that will us to do it. We never could've done it. As for Genesis 50 they meant it for evil. They had bad intent.

They chose evil they meant it for evil but God turned it for good. He does that every second of every day. People mean thing I say save me up nice for Michael but in general they got you. God meant it got it meant right right it's intended you intended it for evil. That was their intent so and just like Victor Greco and I was going got exactly so, were they guilty of sin, yet they guilty of sin by their choice. Yet the God have another plan for yet does it say God preordained what they did, that God is that there's nothing logic here Jesse there is zero logical about what you're saying that your Genesis 20 why does not. Why does God not allow Abimelech to sleep with Sarah, what, why doesn't he allow them to do it.

Was it say he she caused them to not like that. Why, why did you control, of course, was told says it is God. So the integrity of his heart says it in the text Jesse. God saw the integrity of his heart and therefore didn't let them send because he knew Abimelech didn't mean to commit adultery. Okay, I know, I know you going to Calvin.

I thought sure you you understand the idea about secondary causes right yeah but the Jesse. Here's just my problem.

I give you Scripture. After Scripture after Scripture and reason after reason. This is, this may be our last chat on this just for welding and in fairness to others because I try not to talk to the same person about the same topic over and over just not fair to to the others and try to get through and call but bottom line. Yeah, you have response to these other verses that that's anything but.

But twisting this plan. I'm not trying to trick anything. I know you try.

I know you are trying to but I'm saying you don't have a response that's not twisting you have to bend the thing to make it work.

Just read two products. One read through Proverbs 1 and ask yourself is this is this the voice of the Lord speaking to people have been predestined one way or another who have no power to respond.

Remember, we believe improving and grace.

We believe in the power of the gospel. So a human being and of himself will not draw himself or herself to God.

But John 1232 is quite explicit.

If Jesus is lifted up. He will draw all men. Some of the same Greek is used elsewhere for forceful drawing. So since the cross.

The Holy Spirit is drawing all people to Jesus through the cross and then they can say yes or no what I say are doing is taking a verse here and there rejecting everything else in Proverbs around the verse that seems to support what you believe is the right view of right and I just cannot leave it here for now and in fairness, others rather than have a debate right this is not is not debate Friday right so just in fairness, and because this is maybe our fourth call the same subject. Right.

So in short, in short, read Proverbs start at the beginning, go to the end. What is the overwhelming impression overwhelming.

Human beings make choices good or bad Proverbs saying make the right choices based on was to make the right choices based on Smith you don't your bloods on your own head if you do well done that is telling me that there is an ability to say yes or no to God choose what is it they choose, like choose like I said before letting it choose life and now those who are preordained to choose life, which is noticing what it says there's grief over those who choose wrong and commendation for those who choose right are you Jesse this, I'd encourage you to start reading Genesis to Revelation. Right get right to the end. Revelation 22 and whoever's will whoever is willing, let him come.

That's the message that's the message I simply take it in its plain sense without trying to get into a massive theological behind-the-scenes discussion and is bundling the testimony of the whole Bible that hit me. I own right between the eyes. Was it one of the deciding things that need be, abandon Calvinism in 1982, 83 hey thank you for the call. All right. Let's go over to Nick in New York City.

Welcome to the line of fire. What about our doing well.

Thanks. You know I have debate like that with my album all on how the area awful. We go back to look good. Yeah, absolutely.

You and all required all regarding that a lot of Farm Bureau béchamel and there that believe there you know I would buy 50 part of my own, what part of the lake and bombing. It was just something that I would art the Lord found 88 years ago and it came down our speaking of our beautiful feeling I've ever felt and I know my personal very fully be exactly what you talk about a couple of regarding three of the angle of understanding from you… I don't understand that where in church history.

Read your work because in an unknown man but on dog no man Albion.

This place was a superquick asset. Some said it was for the first century were saying whatever this wasn't for this missing.

Others thought it was just earthly foreign languages. John Calvin even said Paul a lot of different foreign languages more than the Corinthians, amazingly enough to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire Nick. I'm trying to see if I can get Calvin's commentaries here online quickly.

I think I got it as I remember reading it decades ago in the spring is Calvin was in no like everybody else were people of our times, and with this the first Corinthians 1419 let's see.

I would rather speak five words. This is spoken hyperbolic limits you understand five words Memphis knows Paul might otherwise have resulted lawfully in the power speak with tongues monitors things written without me shows okay.

I thought I remember him saying okay, let's see the ith. I thought he said that he spoke in more different languages than them, but in any case. Next, some just took it as having the ability to speak a foreign language either supernaturally or naturally. And that's what it applied to but yeah I'm 100% with you when you have experienced it for yourself first release 14 makes perfect sense absolutely makes perfect sense. Hey, thanks for the call. Man, I appreciate let us go to Jan in western Germany. Thanks so much for holding welcome to the line of fire around for having me.

I have a question confronting the men of crypt of the Old Testament, so I got to Moscow and Beijing utility Creek Road textbook that came up with the questioning like that that sometimes significant differences between the Hebrew mother crypt of the great men of crypt with solid and my questions. I believe in big picture in a lengthy but what do I do when I have such a case, like I love the great men of crypt theft five somewhat checked my obligor, whatever that theft of what that take if they read by the Greek letter Hebrew because sometimes I think something going with that. You have to judge case by case so but if it. I may not think that they agree except to know a bunch of text which one has the other doesn't have what is the real lot of talk right so always 100 times out of 100° is the translation in the Hebrew is not. That doesn't mean that the Hebrew always reflects the original text but 100 times out of 100, the Hebrew is not a translation. The Greek is a translation so the Greek is always secondary. All right that's that's the starting point in the vast majority of cases the Septuagint largely agrees with what we call the Masoretic text will tradition of the Masoretic text but again 100 times out of 100, the Greek is is a translation and in most cases is little bit longer than the Hebrew expense of the only difference with that is Jeremiah with the Septuagint is about 7/8. The length of of the Masoretic manuscripts okay. There's an additional Psalm there is 151st Psalm in the book of Psalms which we actually have from Qumran she could say, okay, there's one more Psalm in the Septuagint that could be an original one and the audits under 51% hundred 50.

Given the fivefold nature of the book, but in any case, you do have that you haven't in Jeremiah. It's primarily a different order of the books, the oracles against the nations or join together and put in a different part of the book, so the order is different.

The overall text otherwise is the same. Aside from that, most of the major addition subtractions can easily be understood through using the various tools of textual criticism, and that's why 99% may be more than that of all translation of the Bible into English or into German is going to be based on the Masoretic text will tradition with the Septuagint used in the secondary way, if you get support from the Septuagint where it really seems to explain the discrepancy in the Hebrew, and then his back say by the Syriac Ashita and in his back in manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls, then you would say in that case, it seems, that preserves the original reading, but that's can be the, the rarest of times a second before lengthy portions of Scripture or anything like that just here and there over the process of time in the transmission of Scripture.

Obviously, we don't have the original text we have copies of copies, etc. but we have enough that we can say with confidence.

This is what the authors wrote the centuries ago, and here's a verse here or in order verse there will begin to question things but not a more major question that does that make sense yet think about their question by the corrected end of the month you would be teaching in Russia done correctly the download page. I found almost no must be enrolled page note B be a joy to be back in Europe. It was this a possibility that I may be in holy late August or September for my first time there. There's a possibility binge of course Holland many times in Germany many times in England many times but never to Poland, but that will be updated on our itinerary which is on the Esther to Brown website Esther Cabral double-click on itinerary so if were anywhere around the a joy to meet user… Rowan I wish you good evening.

Thank you so much right hey friends, we are going to be continuing with our YouTube chat. So for those of you who are unable to get through.

We can get your call at 415 so what 22 minutes from now Eastern time really continue on YouTube with just a Q&A chat there right so that ask a dear brother asked her to Brown channel on YouTube will be continuing the air of let us go over to Quan in McAllen Texas from Jan to Quan. Welcome to the broadcast. Hello want want okay just a typo there. It happens RR on fun Friday are call screeners are scrambling so we get there nail in it but okay one welcome. So from Jan salon. There we go for a quick euro frequently are going to going through reconstructing the reconstructing of my favorite color doggy dog. You know, just realizing that you know what all my life I really depend a lot on my preachers features and other other forms of information to get what I know what I believe in and got really really want to got for myself and what I will stop it. I've always on what a guy with a pretty deposition of what I've already been taught about the Holy Spirit is currently right, no, put away everything you ever learn to let me guide you through the Scriptures. Okay, one of the issues that I come up that I've ever had a little bit more difficulty with them and I know what I kinda believe I will. I know what I believe done. My heart but I don't know how to hide up because the bit, but it's what though but hope to date with the whole Trinity was one of the things I could get really confusing. I've secretly jerked her to be thirsty. Some of the stuff in it and recycle quite clear-cut of what where you stand on it and I want to get kind of stunned information of what where I could buy more information or how I can go about reading what God what versus what way I can read the word of God to get a better understanding this or first thing I think what you're doing is important and I've been challenged to do it since I first came to faith is a Jewish believer in virtually every major thing I hold to. I've been challenged on over and over and determine I want to do my best to follow the word wherever it leads. I want to do my best at having been convinced that God is real, that Jesus is the Savior that the word is true, but even there made each of those things has been challenged over the years right and for some it's it's difficult and you will, falls apart around you and what's real, what's not. But I'm convinced if you really see God earnestly and say Lord I want to follow you and your truth.

That's it that's all I want your attitude is right that that he will guide you into all truth.

So I would encourage you to really focus on John 1415 and 16. All right, it is a central passage. This is the longest discourse we have from Jesus, starting in the 13th chapter 14, 15, 16, then his prayer in seven cases little interaction back and forth there right to really really look at that and to see okay when he's talk about him going in the spirit coming in the spirit, testifying to him and him glorify the father, etc. but is it the way one.

This teaches it or is it that there is a distinct father-son spirit who is one God. So I emphasize, as this all Scripture, there is one God and one God only does the most fundamental revelation in the Bible you could say and this one God is clearly complex in his unity, meaning that one of the same time he can sit enthroned in heaven's presence can fill the universe. You can be working invisibly by his Spirit in the hearts of human beings while physically incarnated in a body and as we study Scripture, we see that the father is hidden in his glory. No one has ever seen him or can't see him, the son is the one who makes him known and is a spirit who works invisibly among us. And when you go through Scripture you see that the spirit teaches and leads and can be grieved and can be like to. Therefore, he has distinct personality is undeniable and is in a separate way that Jesus of course spiritually is one with the father and yet is separate and distinct from the father the son separate and distinct from the father and the father conveys things on the son and the son glorifies the father so I don't always use the word try you in a Trinitarian in Jewish ministry and outreach because people immediately hear three gods so we want to emphasize one God, one goal only who we know through Scripture is father-son spirit. Therefore, Trinitarian doctrine so you want to read more of what I've written on it. Volume 2. In answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 2. In answering Jewish objections to Jesus. God bless another program powered by the Truth Network

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